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just out of curiousity... what do you think would happen if one of Big Mom's younger kids (like Anglais or Anana) walks around and asks their siblings/mother where babies come from xD? How would they react?


Big Mom: *makes the face she made to Judge when he asked about giants*

Smoothie: “Mother dick…” *opens bottle of wine*

Cracker: “Alright, story time kiddos.”

Brulee: *sweats and looks for an emergency exit*

Mont d’Or: *handles this like an actual adult and tells them about birds and bees in a kid friendly way*

Perospero: *chokes on his tea*

Pudding: *makes a puppet theatre for better visuals*

The Signs as Clone Wars Quotes
  • Aries: "unHAND ME BRIGGAND"
  • Taurus: "It was a GIANT. TOWER. of course i saw it"
  • Gemini: "Why do you even ask for my opinion? We never do things my way" "We crashed the ship your way"
  • Cancer: "Hellooo ugly"
  • Leo: "So I said to her: 'Baby, you and me could really-'" "You never even met a girl"
  • Virgo: "Ugh. Well it seems boys are the same whether they're republic or separatist"
  • Libra: "Study the bottom of my boot!"
  • Scorpio: "I like your new legs. They make you look taller"
  • Sagittarius: "I don't think Luminara wants to see how it works" "No. I don't"
  • Capricorn: "Be careful not to choke on your stupidity"
  • Aquarius: "Well. You want the bad news? Or the really bad news."
  • Pisces: "We have to stand and fight. Or in your case just stand"
Stealing/Wearing KNK’s clothes

these are the things i ponder about in english whoops

i actually wrote these in my agenda but yeah hope you tinkerbells enjoy :)


  • prob doesn’t even realize that you’re wearing his shirt at first
  • “hey, where’d you get that shirt?”
  • “your closet”
  • “oh ok” then he’d just go back doing what he was doing before
  • would then backtrack back to you
  • “waIT so that’s mY shirt??”
  • “yeah do you want me to put it back?”
  • “nO you can keep it, you look cute in it anyway…”
  • prob kinda has this cute blushy face like this : -//3//-
  • unintentionally gives you his entire wardrobe 


  • ok let’s be real, his shirt is gonna be hella long on you cuz he’s a freaking giant even compared to me and im like 5′7″ /171cm
  • you’d prob be walking around in just his shirt and it looks like a dress
  • would get all blushy when he sees you wearing his shirt cuz he’s just a baby and his heart wouldn’t be able to take it
  • him hiding his hella red face in his hands but peeking through his fingers because he still wants to see
  • you’ll be the end of him cuz he’s gonna think it’s absolutely ADORABLE
  • it’s simply too much for his innocent heart
  • “Seungjun i see you staring at me”
  • “no you don’t” he’s just a child plz protect him
  • would def take a picture, frame it and put it with other framed pictures on his shelf cuz those pictures are of his loved ones (i.e his little bro and the other members)


  • the one putting his clothes in your closet so you wear them
  • might take your clothes so you can only wear his
  • when he sees in his clothes, he’ll run up to you, engulf you in a bear hug and smother your faces with kisses cuz you look cute af
  • “Inseong, as much as i love wearing your clothes, i can’t wear the coat you wore for performances to work”
  • “why not??”
  • “it’s dragging on the floor, people will step on it and it’ll get dirty. How about i tuck one of your dress shirts into my pants ok?”
  • “dEAL YES take my clothes take them all!!1!”


  • probably doesn’t notice at first like youjin
  • but when he does, he’s gonna be really casual about it
  • “hey is that my shirt”
  • “yeah”
  • “oh ok”
  • would actually really enjoy it but he wouldn’t let it show
  • would def sneak a picture and set it as his homescreen but doesn’t tell you
  • you would later hear about it from like Inseong
  • “you know that he looks at that picture before he performs?”
  • “what picture?”
  • “the one of you in his flannel” does jihun even wear flannel idk i just think he’d look cute in flannel
  • “when did he get a picture of that??”
  • you’d go to confront him and he’d get all blushy like his boyfriend seungjun


  • he could be a bit irritated at first because i feel like he doesn’t like it when people take his stuff especially without his permission
  • but he’d get used to it since you’d be wearing a real “boyfriend look”
  • would def share accessories tho like you need a hat? necklace? bracelet? he’s got you
  • couple hats ftw
  • would tell you how to style your outfit with his clothes cuz he’s a fashionista
  • there’s gonna be a lot of “who wore it better”
  • EVENTUALLY really likes you wearing his clothes cuz you look hella cute
  • would take a picture of you together in a really trendy looking couple outfit and then set it as his lockscreen
  • “where do you think you’re going”
  • “going to school/work”
  • “not in that outfit”
  • “why not”
  • “tuck the front it and here’s a hat”

i tried to keep them all the same length but some are a bit longer than others :’( 

Hope you enjoyed cuz this is my first time doing something like this!


Kentarou’s donut conference is all wrapped up!  He had many friends as guests including Justin, who happily ate donuts with him on stage and who now apparently looks like a baby to Kentarou because he cut his hair.  A giant baby.  

Can we ~milennials~ start a trend that helps retail workers please??

Like, if youre at the store and see an item on the floor while youre shopping, or you see something thats CLEARLY
misplaced, please do your very best to pick it up and get it back to the right area, or close to it at least.

Pick something up you realize you dont want to buy? Try to put it back in the spot you found it.

See a kid knock something onto the floor or another fully functioning adult making a goddamn mess? Put one or a couple things back up where they go.

Lets work to make ~us darn milennials~ an even more considerate, helpful, and empathetic generation in our everyday lives. Even if you just help a tiny bit, youre genuinely helping make a retail worker’s life a little easier.

Imagine Eren seeing all these new animals for the first time okay, and for some reason every animal he meets just LOVES him
  • Eren petting a mountain lion: OHMYGOD LEVI IT'S PURRING LIKE A CAT. CAN WE KEEP IT?!?!?!
  • Eren hugging a bear: HE'S SO SOFT, LEVI FEEL IT!!!!!
  • Eren squishing a manatee face: OHMYGOD LEVI IT'S LIKE A COW, IT'S A SEA COW, LEVI LOOK!!!!
  • Eren cuddling with a mama bison and her baby: THEY'RE SO SOFT AND CUDDLY LIKE GIANT PILLOWS, LEVI YOU NEED TO COME AND PET THEM!!!!
  • Levi at least 100 yards away in a tree, swords drawn surrounded by a moat of fire to keep the animals away: No

@meliss-cake made me want to draw some Kakasaku babbies ;) 

In my mind, they have a girl first(she is top right) She is ALL Kakashi. Very similar features, has his personality and his smarts. Very much a Daddy’s girl. Looks sweet but will kill you.

Then a boy(bottom right). His hair is lavender tinted and has his mom’s eyes. He’s very reserved and timid. Wants to become a healer like his mom. Looks like he can kill you but is a giant teddy bear. 

and then the twins(boy/girl)! Pink hair and they have Heterochromia(one green eye and one grey one). They are identical and use that to their advantage. Only difference is their beauty mark. They’re mischievous but they know that mommy is the law. 

Their ages are pretty jumbled here but the first two are only a year apart and the twins came around 3 years later.


Can I request #1 (“The doctor said it’s normal” - “Well that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.”) with Negan and anyone you’d like to pair him with? I love the idea of him being a big baby when he’s sick or hurt! 

Drabble request for @ladylorelitany <3

Tags for others who might be interested: @negans-network @ofdragonsanddreams16 @miss-nori85

Warnings: Language

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“Negan,” you say, struggling to keep the amusement from your voice. Judging by the way he narrows his eyes at you, you assume that you fail. “You’ll be better in no time. You’re not dying.”

He’s sprawled on the large king sized mattress, sheets and blankets piled atop his imposing form, with just his face peaking from beneath. He looks like a giant burrito, and you struggle not to let a giggle escape from between your lips.

“It’s swollen as shit still,” he protests, wriggling partially from beneath the covers to reveal his right arm, nestled safely in a sling with a bag of half-frozen peas from the kitchen atop it. “And it hurts like a fucking fucker.”

You sigh, placing the clean laundry you’d been folding on top of the dresser, before turning and padding on sock-clad feet towards the edge of the bed. You nestle onto the mattress beside him, silk sheets brushing the backs of your thighs as you observe him. “Well, maybe someone shouldn’t have swung Lucille so hard. Then your shoulder wouldn’t be dislocated, you wouldn’t be in pain, and you wouldn’t be laying here moping like a giant baby.”

He scowls at you, eyes darkening, but you only bat your eyes in response. You’ve been one of his wives long enough to know that his snapping and snarling in nothing to worry about; not when you’ve been his favorite for months (probably because you’re the only damn one to not cower at the sight of him), and not when he’s allowed you to see him in such a vulnerable position.

“Well excuse the fuck out of me, but I had to make an example out of those goddamn idiots at Alexandria,” he insists, rolling away from you to tug the blankets back up over his shoulder. If you’re not mistaken, you think you hear him murmur a soft “women” under his breath.

“Either way. Doctor Carson said it’s normal –“

“Well that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt,” he says mulishly.

“Poor baby,” you coo, burrowing your way under the blankets with him despite the way he tries to scoot away from you. Your arms wind around his waist as you cling to him like a loving parasite, your forehead resting between his shoulders. “You can have your Ibuprofen again in an hour. I’ll get you another pack of peas then, too, though the kitchen crew might throttle me for it. And I’ll even be extra nice – I won’t gossip with the other wives about this.”

“Fucking right you won’t,” he says, rolling over with a scowl on his face, though you don’t miss the way his pupils have dilated. He reaches for you now as you try to scoot away, but he pulls you back effortlessly – even with only one functioning arm. “Know what else you could do to make me feel better, doll?”

“Tell you a bedtime story, since the doctor said to rest?”

He huffs out a growl of laughter, pulling you further into him as he nips at your collarbone. “No. I’ll even be a good patient and let you do all of the work.”

“Oh, my. Lucky me,” you say, pretending to swoon.

But still, you and Negan spend the rest of the day in that bed – and you find that doing all of the work isn’t so bad.

If Voltron season 3 finnally does show us what child/baby galra look like, i kind of want an episode where the paladans come accross the Galra equivelent of a pre-school/nursery and stumble accross Galra babies/toddlers, which gives the paladans both feels of “aww babies!” and “aww kittens!”.

Hunk picks up a grouchy Galra kid and  asks Keith if this one is related to him. Keith scowls. The paladans coo alot over the kids and there is probably some tension when the adult galra show up and are worried about the kid’s safety. 

Look, I just want to see purple fluffy cat-people babies, okay?

Emo Corner

Pairing: Phillip Hamilton x Reader

Prompt: #18 “Stop sitting in the emo corner”

Words: 437 


Dating Philip Hamilton was adventurous. Just being associated with the Hamilton family was adventurous. He was always getting into some sort of trouble, and like his father, he always got whatever he wanted. Except for this time.

You didn’t know what it was that he didn’t get though, he wouldn’t tell you.

“Phillip please get up and come talk me.”

He was currently sitting in the corner like a little baby. He was pouting and had a giant scowl on his face.

“Phillip come on, you can’t sulk in the corner forever. Please tell me what’s going on.”

He still wouldn’t move from his spot. He just sat there. The scowl was still on his face but his eyes looked sad. You were getting a bit concerned.

“Phillip please tell me what is going on. You’re scaring me a little.”

He put his head down on knees. That was it.


His head shot up from his knees a shocked look on his face. A small grin made its way onto his lips. You walked over and sat in front of him.

“Phillip what is going on?”

He took your hand and gave your knuckles a kiss.

“Our first anniversary is coming up. I wanted to make reservations for that night at your favorite restaurant, but I couldn’t get anything. I didn’t want to let you down so I’ve just been sitting here trying to come up with something that would make you happy,” he told you, rubbing circles on the back of your hand.

Your heart melted. He looked like a little kicked puppy. All he wanted to do was surprise you with a nice outing for your anniversary.

“Oh Phillip. You don’t need to worry yourself so much. I will be happy with whatever you come up with. We can always go to that restaurant some other time. I just want to spend time with you, you little puppy,” you told him.

He laughed and pulled you into his arms. He was silent for a minute, rocking you back and forth, giving you a kiss on the forehead.

“Thank you my darling. I just hate to disappoint you.”

“Oh you are such a teddy bear. Why don’t we go watch a movie now? With popcorn and cuddles. Doesn’t that sound good?” you asked him, kissing his nose.

He nodded and kissed you quickly on your lips. Picking you up, he carried you to the couch, never letting you go.

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too.” 

Dating Wu Yifan (Kris) Would Include:

Other Members: Baekhyun | Chanyeol | Chen | Kyungsoo | Kai | Lay | Luhan |Sehun | Suho | Tao | Xiumin

• him calling you simple, but effective pet names

• “babe,” “baby,” “babygirrrrrl”

• constantly bugging him for piggyback rides, ‘cause you want to know what it’s like to be taller than him

• and like, he’d refuse, just to tease you, so you’d be forced to execute a surprise attack on the poor guy

• but, don’t worry, 'cause this kid will always catch you, without fail. He’s never gonna let you fall, honey

• playfighting/wrestling/roughhousing

• him trying to act super cool and badass in public, especially when other men come around you

• but you’ll just have to look at him with your brows raised, like “wtf are you trying to do, we both know you’re just a giant dork”

• him being such a massive baby whenever he gets sick, and you’re going to have to take absolute care of him

• but he’ll just adore the affection and attention that you’re giving him, so he’ll probably try to trick you into thinking he’s still sick long after he has recovered

• him constantly teasing you about your height, since you’re likely shorter than him, but he secretly loves that you’re the size you are, fitting so perfectly in his arms

• your heart absolutely melting whenever you see him with children, 'cause seriously, it’s enough to melt even the coldest heart

• he’d be a friggin’ sucker for your aegyo

• like, he’d deny it through and through whenever you tried to accuse him of such things, but as soon as you whip your aegyo out, whatever you want is totally yours

• and he’d try to get back at you with his own attempt at it, but it would just result in embarrassment for him and massive amounts of laughter for you

• he’d love to hug you, it’s honestly just his favourite thing, feeling your smaller body against his

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This is just the best though? Like, Bruce is this huge, buff, ultra-manly, competitive alpha male, you know? But he just doesn’t get sports. At all. It all seems pretty arbitrary, especially if you’re not even playing. He pretty much thinks everybody should calm down, the stakes are really not very high.

And then you’ve got Tim, who wears the grossest seven-year-old jersey (that used to hang almost down to his knees, but he grew into it) that is literally falling apart because he’s got spirit, and he talks about stats and different plays and how maybe, for the first time in nine years, Gotham might make it to the playoffs. And he’s not delusional, Bruce, he gets that they won’t win, but it would be so nice to not finish at the bottom of the league this year! Right?? And!! Tim could wear a Gotham jersey– wait for it– outside of Gotham, Bruce!! Proudly.

And Tim, cool and collected Tim, YELLS AT THE TV IN THE MANOR when games are on, wearing his falling-apart clothes and four-day scruff and he’s throwing his arms and too worked up to even sit, and citing like. Obscure as shit rules and violations while he paces, and the TV is blaring at full volume and Tim, also blaring at full volume, is shouting back at the commentators and every ref’s decision. 


lmao can u imagine Dante getting a motorcycle and showing up @ Ari’s like “do you wanna take a ride” and Ari just can’t stop laughing