you look like a freaking angel



Imagine that the day Yoosung decided to return home to introduce his mother to his new girlfriend, he forgot to tell her that he injured his eye.

Imagine that his mom freaked out upon seeing his half-blind son because why didn’t you TELL ME SOMETHING HAPPENED TO YOU OMG YOU UNGRATEFUL CHILD and nearly chased his son out of the house with a slipper until MC walked in and apologized and came to Yoosung’s rescue what an angel bless u MC

Imagine Yoosung’s mom immediately freezing and looking at MC and instantly warming up to her because omg my game addicted son brought home a pretty girl!

Then when MC and Yoosung finally got engaged, Yoosung’s mom is like: WE’RE HOLDING A TRADITIONAL WEDDING. NO BUTTS. I WON’T HAVE IT IF IT’S NOT A TRADITIONAL WEDDING. 

BONUS (707)!:.

Luciel you’re going to smell like vinegar if you keep that up

For your consideration: Aziraphale is really bad at self-care, even the minimal self-care he’d have to do just having a mortal-ish physical form.  Like, he’ll just. Forget to eat or sleep just because he can scrape by by using his angelic energy, even if it’s not good for him or his physical form (re: the layer of dust that formed as he read the prophecies).  And this always freaks Crowley out to the point that he’ll drop in on his angel just to make sure that he’s okay and that he hasn’t keeled over for some reason or another, damn these human bodies.  “Angel when was the last time you even looked at your wings they’re a mess.  Will you just let me fix it.”

Meanwhile people who wander into the bookshop often get the impression that its owner is somewhat depressed:  “excuse me sir have you eaten recently?”  “I had a piece of toast last week, thank you very much.”  he doesn’t go outside.  his only company is that anxious guy in the suit.  Is he okay.

BTS Reaction - When you start talking in your sleep

Thank you @classydeerfox for your request! :)


You woke up by him laughing and falling down on the floor. 

You: Jin.. What are you doing down there?

Him: You are so cute when you talk in your sleep, i think i just cried.

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Since you were talking about him and giving him small compliments in your sleep, he was not going to miss a chance to record you so he could listen to it while on tour - or get a chance to brag to the guys that he had a girl that thought that he was so awesome.

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All he could do was just to watch you and smile like an idiot to the sound of your voice. “What did i do to deserve this angel?”

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Since he was sleeping harder then you, he would not notice.

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“Ah listen to her! She just said that she wanted a bunny! So freaking cute”

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“Alright so who made her say that Jimin was more good looking then me? I will sure find out”

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You woke up by the sound of his giggles. He just smiled and winks at you. “I never knew that you had those dirty words in you.. Don’t worry, i will not kiss and tell”

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AU where Dazai committed suicide but failed so he ended up on a hospital where Chuuya works. Dazai wakes up with a beautiful nurse taking care of him.

Chuuya: Sir you’re in the hospital
Dazai: are you sure this isnt heaven? cause you look like an angel~ *winks*

Chuuya cant believe that the first thing the shitty bandaged freak did after waking up, almost dying is to flirt with him.


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You sit in your mother’s bedoom, reading some new book which Liz gave you. It seems like you’re kinda bored. You lie on the couch with bored face and you still yawn. Maybe you are just tired, maybe you are bored. Mother’s bedroom is such a quiet place! You listen to the silence which reigns in the bedroom. 

Suddenly, someone almost breaks the door. You freak out and sit, looking at the person who came to the bedroom. And you can see there the fallen angel. His blue eyes looks at you. And there is something in his eyes. Something he probably wants to say. 

“Donovan? What’s wrong? You freaked me out so bad!” You say, putting the book on the couch next to you.
“I’m sorry, (Y/N),” Donovan apologizes. “I didn’t want to freak you out.” 
“So, what’s wrong?”
You look at him, curious what happened.
“Just… I wanted to talk with your mother, (Y/N).” 
“What? Why?”
The fear empowers your body.
“About you.”
“About… Me?” You point with your finger on yourself.
“Yes, about you, (Y/N). I just wanted to say her I love you. She should be prepared for this. Because I want you to go with me to a date, beautiful.”

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OKAY THAT WAS AMAZING HOLY SHIT! LIKE CRAZY GOOD! SO MUCH ROCKET ANGEL AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH but seriously it looks like you put a fuck ton of work into this and it reeeeaallllyyyy shows! Good freaking job dude!



Bidders reacting to MC looking like a Goddess (Request)

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Prompt:  Can I request a BMP2  KBTBB(/BMP) where MC is wearing a loose fit white sun dress and they see her outside in the garden like twirling around & giggling in the sunlight? (Basically like MC looks like a freaking goddess)


Eisuke: He smiled fondly after you, watching as you twirled and laughed, enjoying the Summer’s breeze. It was times like these, where such an aura of innocence and beauty surrounded you, that he still couldn’t believe you chose him. Silently, he made a vow to protect the angelic smile that graced your blissful face.

Soryu: He was taken aback at first. After recovering from the way you seemed to float on air, he chuckled in a deep voice, laughing at the mismatched couple you had become, thankful that the dancing goddess in front of him had found place in her heart for the dark mafia boss that he was.

Ota: “…” He stared after you, a bright smile spreading across his face as he watched you twirl, the sun bouncing off your soft locks and the satin of your dress. “Heh…I thought I was supposed to be the angelic one…”

Baba: “…” “Baba? Are you alright? You’re awfully quiet…” Snapping out of his daze at the sound of your voice, he simply offered you a bright smile and chuckled, “Oh, it’s nothing…I just didn’t realize the day would come when I would be lost for words.”

Mamoru: “Hey…kid…what are you wearing?” “Hmm? Oh…this? It’s just something I thought I’d bring out now that the weather’s better…I just love how light the material is!” As if to demonstrate, you twirled around, the skirts of your dress floating by your side. Smiling to himself, Mamoru watched you with a fond gaze. “Heh. Even when she’s this beautiful she still manages to look like a kid…”


Stay Beautiful~



For @sixpenceee

I was looking through my photos when I found this selfie from last month. In the reflection, you can see a hooded figure that looks like it’s shushing me and holding its hand out. You can distinctly see his fingers, nose, and brow line. If it’s relevant, this was taken on my birthday, and I saw a shooting star later that night; the wish I made came true. Upon description, my superstitious mother says the figure is my “guardian angel,” but my dad told me not to show it to her because it would freak her out. I thought you might like this, especially since the figure is in the mirror reflection.

dear Satan / @ofparasomnias / @igotbetter / @triskelion / etc.

my light, my love. HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY!! 

26 on the 26th, lol. Man, I am so glad that you’re out there living life and finding time for you when you’re not working. And your adventures this weekend look like so much fun and I’m definitely enjoying your instagram a lot. You deserve so many great things because you are an actual angel of a person.

You’re always so sweet and full of great advice. You’ve been my friend from the very beginning and I am so glad to have met you. 

So, happy birthday, my darling! I hope it’s as amazing as you are and as amazing as it looks!

I love you a whole heck of a lot,

Imagine spending Friday night with Jared

I ring the doorbell two times before I get my hands into my pockets, it’s and oddly cold night in Los Angeles. Jared appears in the door almost immediately and he obviously looks surprised by my presence there.

“I thought… Emma called you?”

“Yeah, and I know it’s my day off, can I come in now? I’m freezing”

“Oh, sure, sorry”

He moves away from the door to let me in and I thank how warm it feels inside. Freaking LA feels like summer all year and it had to hit a cold night when I have to take the bus to Hollywood Hills.

We walked towards Jared’s studio and it looks as messy as it did the day before. I take my jacket off and leave it with my bag in the couch. Jared still looks at me confused and I can’t bear his eyes on me.

“What happened to Emma?” He finally asks, “She was here a few hours ago and didn’t say anything about this”

“She had an emergency at home, didn’t say more” I shrug, “She called and I had the night off, so I ended up accepting. If you want me to go, say it before I miss the last bus home”

I’ve been working with Jared for a while, maybe a little less than two years, and it was all professional between us. Obviously our relationship wasn’t as close as with Emma, she was his best friend and assistant, I was just the girl who helps them with editing or whatever else Jared needs.

“Oh no, I need the help. Didn’t Emma told you anything about dinner?”

“I was supposed to bring you dinner?” I ask him surprised, does Emma do everything for him?, “She didn’t say anything about dinner”

“It’s ok” He shrugs, “I have some quesadillas left from lunch”

We spend a whole two minutes without saying a word, he plays with his hands and, call me crazy, but I could swear he’s nervous.

“So…” I start, and that brings him back to earth.

“Yeah, work”

Jared starts tidying up his desk while putting in front of me piles of paper. I watch him as he talks about having lots to do and that we might stay up all night, his hands take his hair out his eyes from time to time and I giggle inside because of this. Jared notices that I’m not paying attention and looks at me intrigued.

“You’re gonna have to give me a whole week off after this” I tease as I shake my head.

“It’s not that much work, we’ve had busier nights with Emma”

“So I’ve heard” I mumble picking some of the paper work, and I know he heard me, “When do we start then?”

“You’re not hungry?” He asks, sitting on the floor next to me.

“Nah, I’m ok”

He nods and starts showing me what to do with all the letters and random papers with parts of song lyrics on them. Jared can be a really neat guy, but when he gets in this “work bubble” he doesn’t even care about cleaning, all he sees is work and now we were organizing all his work from past weeks. I allow myself to take a peek on the new lyrics and can’t help but notice that these promise to be amazing songs in the future, but knowing Jared, most of the lyrics will end up in the trash.

An hour later I’ve stacked up every single one of the papers on his desk and I sit to take a short break. Jared spends all this time just looking at his laptop, reading emails and answering them all.

“So… You’re still going out with that English guy?” He asks after a few minutes of silence, only hearing him typing.

“Who? Alex? We broke up six months ago”

Jared gives me a surprised look and I laugh at his face.

“You seriously need to put more attention at my conversations with Emma, all this work will drive you insane” I notice how he shrugs and leads his eyes back to the laptop screen, “Seriously Jared, do you even remember how old I am?”

I stay silent waiting for an answer, but he shields himself on his concentrated face, even though I know he must be trying to remember how old I said I was in my interview two years ago.

“Young” He finally says and I burst into laugh.

“God, you need more free time, dude”, I sit next to him on the floor and take my laptop off my bag, I know we will be using them now, “By the way, I’m 20”

“Told you, young” He says with a silvery voice, concealing a smile.

I turn on my laptop and I notice by the corner of my eye that he’s looking at me. I look him back and I receive a smile in return while all I can think about is how much I want him to look away from me, that his eyes are bursting something in my chest that I shouldn’t be feeling right now.

“You need a haircut” I end up saying and the connection of our eyes is lost thanks to my stupid comment, I roll my eyes and I hear him giggle.

“Yeah, and you need a new boyfriend. It’s Friday and you have the night off”

“You’re paying me for this extra hours, if it wasn’t for that I would probably be somewhere else, believe me”

Why do I always have to act like a bitch around him? God, I hate myself. I don’t even receive an answer from him, he just gives me one last look and gets back to work.

“What else do you need me to do?” I ask to break the awkward silence in the room.

“Update this on the site, you can go home when you’re done” Jared answers handing me a paper sheet not even looking at me.

I take the paper from his hand and I start working. Great, I annoyed him.

All I have to do is delete some things out of stock from the merch and add new ones. It doesn’t even take me half an hour and when I’m finished I turn off my laptop and save it in my bag. When I check my watch I notice that the last bus home has already finished its last route here and I will have to walk and try to find a cab.

“I’ll see you tomorrow” I whisper and I’m not sure if I spoke too quietly, or he’s just ignoring me, because I don’t receive any kind of answer.

I take my jacket and head towards the front door, there’s no need to insist, if I say something else and we end up fighting I’ll probably finish my night unemployed.

When I get to the front door I hear him coming towards me, I turn around to say goodbye but I end up cornered between him and the door. His hands go straight to my face and I feel his fingers touching my skin like it is made of porcelain, my breathing is heavy and I can’t help but lay my hands on his chest. I’ve never seen his eyes this close and the usual blue is now intense and I notice his pupils dilated. I can feel his breathing on my face and the view of his eyes disappear as he close them, caressing my cheeks with his nose. I close my eyes too, hypnotized by his touch and I grin when I feel his lips leaving small kisses on my jaw.

“Jared…” I mumble grabbing his shirt to pull him closer to me.

He doesn’t say a word and keeps kissing me, making his way through my neck. Jared grabs my bag with one hand and leaves it on the floor without separating from me, I drop my jacket on the floor and I moan when he grabs me by the hips to make me wrap my legs around him, cornering me even more on the door.

“Would you stay?” I hear him ask when one of his hands grabs me by the neck to make me look at him.

“Only if you kiss me” I whisper in response.

A smirk appears on his face and a second later his hand is pushing my head to his. Our lips finally make contact and I feel like I’m in heaven. At first the kiss is gentle and I get to enjoy how soft his lips are and how caring his hand is while holding me against him. But in a second everything heats up, and It’s not only his lips that I’m tasting, his tongue starts playing in my mouth and I notice how our breathings start speeding up. I wrap my hands around his neck, not wanting to let him go, but we break the connection to catch air. His eyes lay on mine and I can sense the desire between us. I let go off the grip of my body against him and I notice how his posture changes, probably thinking that I’m leaving anyways. But I hold his hand and walk to the studio with him behind me. I’m still at the door when he grabs me again and starting kissing me while walking towards the sofa, we both fall on it and I start going all over his body with my hands. When I get to the edge of his shirt I help him take it off, our lips seal again and I giggle remembering our recent conversation.

“Wasn’t I too young?” I ask, grabbing a lock of his hair to place it behind his ear.

“Does it look like I care?” He answers and I notice how smoky his voice sounds.

Now it’s my turn to loose some clothes and help him take my shirt off. His kisses start covering my chest and all I can do is pull his hair while I feel his hands getting rid off my pants. The kisses start going up again and when he gets to my lips, Jared just leaves a small kiss and makes me look on his eyes while his right hand strokes me till he gets to my knickers, getting inside them to start rubbing me. I try to look down, to see what his hand is doing that is giving me such pleasure, but his left hand pulls my chin up.

“No peeking” He whispers and I feel my breathing getting heavy.

His hand rubs me with more intensity as my moans get louder and a permanent smirk lays on Jared’s face. I can’t help but push my hips against his hand in hope of getting more pleasure from him as I feel the orgasm closer and my whole body heating up.

“That’s right, come for me” Jared whispers again and again with his eyes glued to mine.

My eyes shut while I feel my whole body starting to shake, a last moan comes out of my lips and I’m already done under Jared’s body. I try to get my breathing back to normal, but he’s not done yet. I open my eyes to find him standing from the sofa to take off his pants. I sit taking his hands into mine to keep them from continuing and give myself some time to recover. I kiss his belly as I unzip the pants pulling them down. His hands go to my head and start pulling my hair as my kisses lower at the same time as his boxers. I’m only able to taste him a few times before he pulls me up to throw me on the couch again, this time getting rid of my wet knickers and my bra. I feel him inside within seconds and the moans start again. I wrap my legs around him to take him full length, my hands on his face and our eyes without being able to look away. His lips touch mine in short kisses and we lose contact to catch air and let little moans escape. One of his hands clears my face from my hair and then keeps it in my cheek caressing my lips and chin. Jared starts pitching faster and I feel as my heart would bumped out of my chest at any second. I bury my nails on his back and I hear him moan in response, a couple of pitches later Jared reaches climax and keeps moving inside of me till I let go of a last moan feeling his body collapse above me.

I can feel the irregular breathing on my neck, he’s still inside me and I feel whole. When he recovers himself a bit, I feel him coming out and I moan to the movement and later emptiness of my body. Jared giggles at my reaction and kisses me again, resting his hand on my cheek.

“Don’t worry” He says, holding my chin, “The night is young and there’s way more from where that came from”

“Nice way to spend this Friday night” I whisper playing with a lock of his hair, he kisses me again and smiles with his lips pressed to mine.

“You seriously don’t know how long I’ve wanted this” Jared whispers with his eyes looking at me amazed and with the now permanent smile on his face, “I felt like an idiot trying to get to you”

I’m speechless, I stop playing with his hair and he notices that my whole body is tense now.

“You’re my boss and I’m too young, you already said it” I whisper looking away, but his hand holds my chin again to make me look at him.

“Yeah, I’m your boss, and I said that I didn’t care about your age” A new kiss on my lips and I can’t help but smile, “Now stop whining about everything and start kissing me”

“As you wish, sir” I giggle, kissing him again.

Scream is so conflicting for me bc on one hand I’m like “yes it’s a slasher show let’s make it wild and dramatic af kill everyone even main characters no ones off limits everyone dies lets freaking go” and on the other hand I’m like “don’t you dare harm my sweet children these characters are my angels and so help me if you even look at them the wrong way I will come for you.”

Love in the First Degree: Part 9

Previous Parts

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: Dean Winchester is a detective on a serial killer case when something from the past comes in to evidence.

Tags: fluff, smut

Words: 1843

Note: I still want to rip this whole series apart and I still feel like I’m ruining it I’m so sorry for complaining

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Also, please please please please let me know what you like and don’t like. Feedback helps me write faster, I promise xoxo

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The Signs as Moms.
  • Aries : The childish mom, enjoys watching cartoons and playing with toys more than their children.
  • Taurus : The cool mom, cooks like a pro and always makes sure you're okay. You couldn't wish for a better mom.
  • Gemini : The super intelligent mom, she always helps you with your school homework and does your projects and essays for you
  • Cancer : The worrying mom, she always worries about you and just wants to give you all the love she has.
  • Leo : The hot mom, she's the mom that all your friends have a crush on. She looks even better than girls your age.
  • Virgo : The tidy mom, she always freaks out about every little bit of chaos you have in your room and makes you clean it all.
  • Libra : The perfect mom, she is everything you could wish for and you and her get along perfectly because she's an angel.
  • Scorpio : The "best friends" mom, she acts like your best friends which can be cool but annoying at the same time.
  • Sagittarius : The adventurous mom, she always takes you to theme parks and goes to festivals - she enjoys having fun.
  • Capricorn : The strict mom, she is very wise and gives you great advice but is also very strict.
  • Aquarius : The weird mom, she might be a little bit weird but she is still the coolest mom in your clique.
  • Pisces : The super mom, she just enjoys being a mom so much. Suprise parties for your birthday, cooking - she does all of these things just for you because she loves you with all of her heart.

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2,5,11,19 and 26

2. Favorite Music Video

Hmmm…I’ll have to say Badman yaah yaah xD

5. Favorite album

Omgosh definitely NOIR! I mean can we just take a moment here. It’s the best they have ever done in my opinion. They totally outdid themselves. AMAZING.

11. Bias Wrecker

Junhong omg. This boy has the power over me and I’m not even joking.

19. Favorite Variety show they’ve been on

Weekly idol and One fine day (if that’s considered a variety show lol)

26. Least favorite outfit on your bias 

Omg nothing. He looks smoking in everything. They all do. ESPIECALLY IN WHITE OMG I COULD DIIIIE! They look like freaking angels ahhh. Ups I just answered question 25 didn’t I? Lol forgive me ^^


b.a.p asks just because

Request: Prank Wars

Request: Hi hun! Could you pretty plz do a one shot where the reader gets scared rlly easy and the guys play a hardcore prank but don’t realize that it freaked out the reader A LOT. I just rlly hate pranks,they scare me :0

Request: Hi can you do a reader x cas where Sam and Dean tease him about liking the reader but at the same time are trying to help him tell the reader how he feels

Word Count: 980

I thought these two could fit well together, so… yeah. I hope you like it, thank you so much!<333

The two brothers share a look of disbelief, before breaking into synced, identical grins.

“Y/N?” They say in unison, their gazes moving back to the angel before them.

“You like Y/N?” Dean asks, grinning away like a loon. Cas shifts uncomfortably, his cheeks brushed over with pink.

“She’s…” He pauses, a slight smile changing his face entirely at the thought of you, “Beautiful. And… smart. Funny; kind; gentle; wise…” He lists, his face lighting up with each word. Sam and Dean share a look once more, and Sam chuckles.

“Angel’s got it bad.”

“Not that we blame you,” Dean adds, “Y/N’s definitely a catch. Not to us. More like a sister on our side of things, don’t worry!” He assures the angel, watching his facial expression darken slightly. Dean claps Cas on the shoulder.

“I think you’d be cute together.”

“Imagine it, though,” Sam grins, “Little Y/N and Cas babies running around.”

Dean laughs aloud, tossing his head back, “We’ll never get a full night’s sleep again with those two around here, if you know what I mean.” He teases, nudging his brother. Cas’ brows furrow at the pair, who seem to find such glee in tormenting him.

When the laughter dies down, the brothers fix their eyes on Cas.

“When are you going to tell her?”

“How are you going to do it?”

“I… don’t know.”


“Hey, guys! I’m back!” You call, struggling down the stairs with the giant-ass box the guy at the store gave you, because ‘it’s not safe to carry guns in bags’. You’re pretty sure he was stoned.

Upon making it to the bottom of the stairs, you place the box down, shaking out your achy arms. The hallway is empty, and so is the library.

“Guys?!” You call suspiciously, your hand automatically going to the gun at your hip. There’s an eerie silence echoing throughout the bunker, and no note on the table. Frowning, you make your way down the corridor; gun out in front of you.

Something isn’t right here.

You hesitate for a moment outside Dean’s bedroom door, checking behind you and listening at the door. When you’re met with silence, you push the door open a little – empty. Your heart is beginning to race and you take a deep breath, steadying yourself.

You advance down the corridor, your stomach turning with each step, until something squelches underfoot. When you look down, your boot has landed in something red, and sticky. You cry out – and in response, there’s a yell from across the bunker. You take off, hurtling towards the dungeon with little heed for the things around you.

“Cas!? Sam!? Dean!?” You yell, shoving the door open in panic. It’s heavy, but the adrenaline in your veins pushes you on.

“Y/N?” Cas frowns, staring at you. He’s.. unharmed. Stood by the wall, while Sam and Dean play with the shackles; carving something into the metal. You could burst into tears. They’re fine.

“G-guys?” You ask, voice suddenly small, “What happened?”

“Surprise!” Dean offers, dropping the chains, “We thought we’d play a joke.”

A joke? This is a joke?

You don’t like jokes. Not like this. Not pranks that make you think that the people you love most in the world are dead. You hate pranks full stop, but this…

“A joke?” You snap, “You scared me shitless!” Shoving the gun back into your jeans, you rake your hand through your hair, “I thought you were dead or worse!” You turn away from the three of them in anger and distress, and walk back up the stairs with tears burning your eyes.


“Y/N, wait!” Cas jogs up behind you, choosing not to zap in front of you. You don’t stop completely, but slow down and let him catch up. He walks alongside you in silence until you reach the kitchen.

You swallow back your anger and tears, furiously wiping at your eyes.

“Y/N… I’m so sorry.” The angel says softly, his voice soothing and gentle, “Sam and Dean thought it would be funny. I should have… I should have stopped them.”

“S'not your fault.” You mumble, shaking your head, “They think they’re funny.”

“They’re not.” Cas says firmly, “I shouldn’t have ever let them hurt you.”

“I’m not hurt.” You shake your head, “I just got scared. I don’t want to… don’t want to lose you. Any of you. But when I thought you’d be gone and I’d be alone and…” You laugh humourlessly, “Ketchup blood stops being quite so hilarious.”

“This is my fault.” Cas says suddenly, “Y/N, they-”

“It’s not your fault, Cas!”

“It is!” He raises his voice slightly, “Y/N, they devised that… that plan, because of me. I needed a way to get your attention, and they thought that would work. They thought that if you thought I was endangered, you’d be more likely to…”


“Admit your feelings?”

You laugh, “That’s what they thought?”

Cas nods, “They were wrong.”

“Sure they were. But that doesn’t mean you failed at getting my attention.” You say softly, moving a half-step closer to the angel, “Cas…”

“No, wait. Y/N.” He shakes his head, coming even closer, “I shouldn’t feel love, or even like, as humans put it. But at the same time, you… you showed me what love means.”

You smile slightly, shaking your head, “I’m not one for heartfelt confessions, Cas. You know that. But you… you’re different.” You grin, reaching out and taking the lapel of his coat between your fingers; pulling him in closer. He smiles, his blue eyes twinkling even in the industrial-style lights of the bunker’s kitchen. Slowly – almost painfully so – he leans in and closes the gap between you.

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Adult!GOM telling their child «how they met Mommy» :> btw you’re amazing!

Omg, I don’t know what you want me to do with this???? But I’ll just kind of wing it.

AKASHI: “She’s been lovely from the start.” He tugged you close and kissed the top of your head as his kid scrunched up their nose. “Met her in a coffee shop and she looked like an absolute angel, just sitting there and sipping her drink. Maybe it was love at first sight.”

AOMINE: He raised an eyebrow at you, “Do you really want me to tell this story?” You shrugged. “Okay, well, your mom was and still is freaking hot so we chatted up each other at a party and then things happened and in the room—ouch!” You had elbowed him. “Not that part!” You hissed.

KISE: Practically bouncing on his seat, Kise could barely sit still as he began to relay the story to your kid. “Okay, okay. So your mom is the cutest, she was so cute back then. I was so happy when I met her because she’s so cute.” The rest of the night consisted of him reminding your kid of how ‘cute’ you were.

KUROKO: His expression visibly softened as he glanced towards you. “Your mom has been wonderful from the beginning and I just instantly took a liking towards her. We went through ups and downs but we made it through.” He tugged you closer and kissed the top of your head. “I couldn’t be luckier.”

MIDORIMA: Midorima’s face flushed at the thought of re-explaining the day you both first met to his kid. He cleared his throat, “Your mom had been very helpful, as usual. I was going through a rough time and your mom helped me through that.” He looked at you with appreciation in his eyes. “I adore your mother.”

MURASAKIBARA: His eyes lit up as his mind travelled back to the time when you offered him sweets. It had been a rough day and you came swooping in like an angel and gave him the treats to revive his energy. He never ended up telling the story and instead got hungry so he raided the fridge.

You have that feeling that Misha’s Lucifer is way more scary than Mark’s? Like Mark’s so alpha and angry even irl, we’re used to Lucifer looking like him. And then there’s our sweet little Misha, all rainbow and butterflies, our beloved angel Castiel, the self-sacrificing adorable weirdo, looking at him playing the Devil is just really freaking creepy AF.

A birthday fic for Bookkbaby (whom everyone should follow)

Dean stood in front of Cas, his nerves bouncing around in his stomach. Castiel’s shirt was off, and his skin was radiating heat. 

Dean looked fragile, exposed. His teeth worried at his lip, and that worried Castiel. “Are you certain you want to do this?” 

His voice sounded a little too loud in the small room. Dean looked up, eyes meeting Castiel’s steadily. “I don’t think you understand how much I want this. That’s why I’m nervous.” 

“What do you mean?” Castiel asked. He shifted, his feathers moving alongside his body and brushing against his skin. Dean couldn’t see, but his wings were wrapped around the both of them, further separating them from the world. He liked to imagine that somehow, Dean still knew.

“You’re everything, Cas. You’re an angel of the freaking Lord. You’re devoted to me beyond anything anyone’s ever shown me. I don’t feel like I deserve this.” Dean said, shaking his head. Castiel almost pulled back in surprise.

“Dean Winchester,” He scolded, “Don’t ever say that. You’re a beacon to me. You’re one of the few people I can say I have truly cared for, and the only one I’ve ever loved. Tying myself to you and having you tied to me in return is one of the best things I could hope for. If anything, I should be the one feeling as though-”

Dean cut him off, abruptly, “Don’t, man. You know how I feel about you, and that aint gonna change. You’re one of the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Heck, you might be the best thing. I’m… I’m sorry I haven’t done more to show you that.”

“Likewise.” Castiel said, blushing. His stomach was full of a warm, pleasant buzzing sensation, and he knew that now would be the perfect time. “Dean?”

“Hm?” Dean questioned.

“If you want to do this, take off your shirt.” Castiel requested, gently. Dean reached down and immediately grasped the bottom of his pull-over, taking it off and letting it fall to the floor. He looked determined, excited, and his eyes were glazed over with a kind of love and affection Castiel would fight a hundred battles, no, a hundred wars for. 

“”Are you sure?” Dean asked, once again. His voice was teasing this time, but Castiel knew that he was serious. 

He leaned forward and captured Dean’s lips in a kiss, gripping Dean’s wrist as Dean let out a small noise of pleasure. Castiel’s hand worked its way up Dean’s arm, slowly, as their lips worked on each other’s. 

Finally, it was in the agreed upon position. He pulled away, placing his forehead against Dean’s and looking deep into his eyes. 

“Now?” He whispered.

“Now.” Dean said back, the sound quiet, and almost holy, between them. 

Castiel reached out with his grace, with everything he had, pouring energy into his hand. Dean let out a noise, a small gasp, once the grace twined and twirled around his soul. It caressed, soaked, lavished, both of them becoming so wrapped up in each other it would never be reversible. A soul bond. 

Castiel’s hand broke away of its own accord, and Dean’s lips found his again. He could feel the other’s happiness through the bond, and Dean smiled against his lips.

Never again would either of them doubt the other’s feelings for each other. 

Castiel broke away, panting. He asked, against Dean’s lips, “Forever?”

Dean chuckled, a warm, tingling happiness flowing to Castiel through the connection. “And Always.”

So, Misha photo op happened really fast.

It was Sunday afternoon, last day of the con.. Jensen had panel, and me and my friend basically ran out of the panel room and took a picture with him. It was the last call for Misha photo op. We had no time to react properly like we did when we were waiting for Jensen photo op, and dying waiting in line for so long…. I guess that’s why it hit us so hard when we picked up these photos and realized THIS REALLY HAPPENED, WE HUGGED FREAKING MISHA COLLINS. T_T Just look at that adorable face, and those bluest of the blue eyes. He really is a huggy bear. DAHFJKSFLSFLRFALFGKL

I probably just made myself cry again. Oh what have you done to me.