you look like a farmer in those clothes


Member: Woozi // SEVENTEEN

Genre: Romance, Angst, Prince!AU

Words: 1.1k

Working in the comforts of a pleasure house had not once been a job she sought after, but life had landed her into the `Black Cat` house, where woman of thin shapes and sharp eyes were playing around, and playing out the money from their clients. Then there was she, a curvy little thing with wisdom of a five-year-old and naiveté of a baby.

She was not the woman who brought money to her house, she was simply there as a decoration, one of the many women who worked for the boss. Not a single client paid her any attention, and she guessed she was thankful for that. So very thankful that her body had not yet been sold, had been entirely hers and no-one’s for the taking.

Until the man of short height came into the house once. It was at the early hours of the morning, just near the time when their little house of pleasure was about to close, and he looked at her almost instantly, his eyes as if drawn to her bigger figure amidst the shadows of the early morning.

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