you look like a duck xd

“Poppy, with parted lips and eyes like saucers, looked at the goddamn ducks.”

This line makes me laugh every time I read it xD

I recently started reading this wonderful Broppy fanfiction by bubb, and I felt inspired to draw some fan art of the 11th chapter. If you like these two nerds I highly recommend reading this. There are some really adorable moments, with a good helping of angst lol.

*cannot think of a title*

goldenheart3 asked:

Can it be one when both the Weasley twins let the reader / Coraline be their stockers and she decides to stock muggle things (like snow globes, tennis balls, rubber ducks, etc.) and some boys were interested in some but start to flirt with the reader only to be stared down at by the protective Weasley twins

:)) I just felt like it and added a liiittle smut (tell me if you like it, I don’t really know how to write it as my sexual life isn’t alive), I hope you like it!


“Y/n, what’s this?” A voice emerged from behind you. You were standing in a lonely passage in the back of the store.

“Umm… It’s a duck. A rubber duck…” You answered, looking at a yellow thingy in your hand.

“And why are you stocking rubber ducks in our shop?” Another voice was behind you.

“I don’t know. I told you I do such things when you let me be your stocker!” You said, facing the twins. They were grinning at you.

“Yeah, we know,” they said at the same time. In that moment, Fred lifted you up so you were facing his back. You screamed in surprise and tried to hold onto George’s shoulders, but he just full mouth kissed you and didn’t let go. Not that you wanted him to, your boyfriends were the best. Just as you were passionately making out with George, Fred (who still got you on his shoulder) started exploring your inner thigh and panties.

“Whoa, y/n!” He exclaimed and entered you with his finger. You moaned in pure pleasure.

Just a minute later a voice from the door, that led to the shop shouted: “Fred! George! We need you like right now!”

George pulled away and looked at Fred. They had to go, it was their shop! But you weren’t ready to stand on your own…

“Y/n, you just sit here and wait, okay? We’ll be back,” they said with a cheeky wink and in the next moment, they were gone.

But you knew you had to go back to the store and help out, it was the busiest time of the day. You stood up, straightened your clothes and thought of a dead puppy. Maybe this will dry you up…

After about an hour, you were okay. You were standing in the passage in the front and stacked some stuff on their place. You didn’t really know what you were doing, your nipples were still a bit tingly just at the thought of the twins. In that moment, three handsome boys turned into your passage.

“Hey, can you help us? We’re looking for … Heeey, gorgeous,” one started, but soon just looked at you with that boy-I-want-you look. He looked like the leader, so you replied to him.

“Hi, what are you looking for?” You said, ignoring the last bit.

“You and your beauty,” he answered and his friends chuckled.

“Umm I …” you started but guys went pale like they saw a ghost behind you and almost ran away. You turned around and faced the twins, still staring angrily at the spot where those guys stood.

“What did you want to say?” George asked, finally looking at you.

“I wanted to tell them that I have two very unfair boyfriends who wet me up and start the job but leave in the middle of it!” You told them, trying not to laugh.

“Hey, it’s not our fault that the shop-crisis happened just then! And we could repay you, you know …” Fred said with that special twinkle in his eye as they both got closer to you. Even after so much time, your nipples woke up again just in their presence.

“Hmm that sounds interesting… A bit more fair, too,” you replied, fighting the urge to just jump onto them.

“We could go close the shop and go upstairs to pay up our bills, if you know what I mean,” George said, his hand slowly travelling from your inner thigh to your already a bit wet underwear.

“Ohh yeah, let’s go,” you breathed.

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“HEY THERE. Do you want some beer? Some goose beer or some duck beer….” hahahaha…. I LOVE when the whole of AOMG Hang together cos you’ll get even wackier shenanigans like this… xD. Plus Gray chuckling at the back….

THE PRESIDENT OF AOMG moonlighting as the perkiest “Fowl” bartender ever…. 

and of course the other CEO Ssamd playing along to his antics

Jay Park utilising his snapchat…looking slick with the blue hair and chains…

“Chillin. Like gentlemen. Muhf…” like i said, fowl. xD

So much good loooking in a vid….xD Gray with the high pitched “Sajangniiiimmm….” with Loco and Jay with the guns with SsamD…. and there’s hella more footages whenever they hang together… IF YOU HAVEN’T FOLLOWED THEIR SNAPCHATS BY NOW….

Izawa Yuuki 180217

Thank you for coming to watch.

Okki who is loved by everyone.

We haven’t done it, but I think he can easily rank #1 in the ‘among the cast, if you are a girl, who would you want to date?’ championship.


EDIT: Okki’s reply

There’s no such thing! But I’m happy that Yuki says so ^_^
It’s completely out of topic, but don’t I look like a duck that suddenly went 'poof’? lol