you look like a creeper

GOT7 Reaction: Being catcalled right in front of them.

Mark: He’d be super pissed, but he’d know to stay away from confrontation, especially if he was the smaller in the fight. The two of you would be walking home from a small date, ice cream in hand, when a large man whistled at you, yelling very vulgar things at you. Mark wrapped an arm around your waist and told you to ignore the man. He would walk on the side the man came from, blocking you from the man to give you a sense of security. 

“Don’t worry, babe. He just has no decency.”

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JB: He’d probably be confrontational, but would only fight with words unless deemed appropriate. As he walked you back to his dorm after a nice night on the town, another man came and smacked your ass as he passed, winking and making vulgar gestures. Jaebum would pull you behind him and glare the man down. He’d have a few choice words to say to the man himself, shocking you with his vocabulary. 

“Don’t ever touch my girlfriend like that again, got it?”

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Jackson: His usual happiness was gone. When he walked hand in hand with you through the city as a window shopping date (those are cute ssshhhhh) and a man yelled nasty things he’d like to do with you, Jackson immediately searched out the culprit. He’d be civil at first, telling the man to apologize. If the man didn’t and the situation became worse, I think he’d straight up punch someone who disrespected his woman.

“Apologize. Or else.”

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Jinyoung: He’d be so angry about the level of disrespect you had to go through, and in a grocery store of all places. As soon as you two began loading your groceries in your car, you both heard a “DAMN LADY. YOU GOT A FAT ASS.” Jinyoung would groan loudly, glaring at the culprit. He’d ask you to wait in the car, and waited until you complied to confront him. Jinyoung would straight up roast this man until the guy was in tears.

“Why would someone of such beauty and grace even look in your direction? You OOZE desperation.”

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Youngjae: He’d feel angry and sad that you had to deal with people like this. You two were just walking through the park and spotted a dog, so you bent down to pet it. As you stroked the dog’s fluffy ears, you heard a whistling from behind you. You stood up and faced the man, who looked like a creeper. You, being shy and disturbed, hid behind Youngjae, whom glared at the man. He’d hold your hand and promptly tell off the man before scurrying off with you to the safety of your home.

“The nerve of some people!”

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(I kinda just imagine him flopping on you when you get home)

Bambam: He’d get so angry, he may bite off more than he can chew. You two were walking home late one night after a dinner date. He was a little huffy cuz he couldn’t get you two a taxi and he was worried you wouldn’t feel safe in your fancy and beautiful attire. He would have to face his fear as a dirty man shouted vulgarities at you, you gripping Bam’s arm in fear. He’d yell at the man to fuck off, hoping that would work. He’d be prepared to fight for you.

“Fuck off, man. She’s my beauty, don’t mess with her!”

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Yugyeom: He may be a small bean, but he’d defend his woman to the death. You’d be walking with him to the company building and a man would whistle at you and laugh, seeing your obvious discomfort. Yugyeom would get very angry, laughing and turning to the man. He’d hold you close to him. He’d say a few sarcastic remarks before telling the guy to apologize and fuck off.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she? Yeah, and she’s also mine. So fuck off.”

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best smile in the history of ever.

“Return to Sender” - Kurt/Blaine

Kurt’s shifts at the Spotlight Diner keep turning into complete trainwrecks, and it’s all the hot UPS guy’s fault. Sort of. (Though, in all fairness, Kurt has always had certain weakness for men in uniforms.)

Based on an adorable anon prompt <3

~3300 words | AO3

Rachel drops a pen. That’s how it starts.

Kurt’s on his way to one of his tables with a pot of hot coffee and a strawberry milkshake for the father/daughter pair seated near the front of the Spotlight Diner. The day has been steady so far, no problem customers, nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary to speak of.

Until he hears it.

It isn’t Rachel’s over-dramatically surprised, “Oh, how clumsy of me!” that catches Kurt’s attention, or even the heavy thud of a box being set on the floor. It’s the sweet laugh and rich, low, “Allow me” that does it.

Kurt glances towards the door just in time to spot a full, round ass and muscular thighs in a pair of snug brown shorts. The UPS guy, bent over in front of a very pleased-looking Rachel, has set down the heavy cardboard box he’s delivering to retrieve the stylus for his signing pad.

Kurt bangs into his intended table with a loud, metallic rattle as the table scratches a couple inches across the floor. The milkshake slips from his fingers and falls to the tabletop, splattering thick pink liquid and whipped cream all over the surface.

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"Discards" by picascribit
Present-Day Non-Magic Wolfstar Library AU

Chapters: 1/? (2300 words and counting…)
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sirius Black/Remus Lupin
Characters: Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, Lily Evans
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Non-Magical, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Romance, Angst, Getting Together, Falling In Love, Libraries, College, Trans Male Character, Gay Male Character, Latino Character, Japanese-American Character, Black Character(s), Jewish Character, POV Trans Character, Bad Parenting, Parental Rejection, Homelessness, HIV/AIDS, Drug Use, Sex Work, Seattle, Friendship, Fluff and Angst, It’s not a downer I swear!
Summary: When 21-year-old assistant librarian Sirius spots a cute hipster college student at the Seattle Public Library, he just needs to figure out a subtle way of determining whether he’s into guys. But Remus’s life is more complicated than Sirius knows.


Don’t look, he told himself firmly. If you keep looking over there, he’ll notice you staring at him.

But inevitably, his gaze was drawn back to the table by the windows, and the young man who sat hunched over a spread of open books and lined paper, pencil in hand, brown hair falling forward to almost cover his eyes.

Hi, thought Sirius. Look, I’ve been staring at you all morning like a fucking creeper, and I think you’re pretty hot. I was just wondering if you’re into guys at all. He sighed and dragged his eyes back to his book, trying to remember what was happening in the plot.

A movement out of the corner of his eye brought his head back up. The cute maybe-hipster was gathering up his books and papers, shoving them into his bag. Sirius’s eyes followed him to the row of self-checkout computers and watched him go through his pockets once, twice, an expression of growing dismay on his face.

Sirius’s heart leapt into his throat as the man approached the circulation desk. Be cool, he told himself sternly.

“I forgot my library card,” the man said apologetically. “Is there any way I can still check these out?”

“Sure,” said Sirius, trying not to think about gorgeous dark brown eyes fringed with long lashes. “W-what’s your name?”

“Remus Lupin. L-U-P-I-N.”

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what are your tips on drawing children/preteens. do you just go on google and look up references? for some reason i feel like a huge creeper when i try to look up child/preteen references

Honestly, I am the wrong person to ask because I’m not really proficient drawing them myself…… and i don’t draw them often either sweats.. what I usually do though, give em bigger eyes, make their faces rounder and heads a little bigger n stuff, but it also depends what kinda kids ur goin’ for. 

here’s an example of my “kids” when i tried to draw jon and dami:

But I don’t think you should feel like a creeper for looking up references??? There is nothing wrong with that and I always encourage references especially in a spot where you think you’re stuck!! <: 

Secret Admirer pt 5

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You had been waiting for Jungkook to text you all weekend asking how your date with Jimin went but nothing came. You were a little amused to say the least but soon your amusement turn to irritation. How long had he liked you? Why did it take someone else asking you out for him to fess up? You couldn’t really talk though, you’d had a thing for Jungkook for as long as you could remember and you’d never said a word. You stared at his contact on your phone countless times, itching to text or call him but you held back. You could let him suffer until Monday, you decided, but nerves churned in your stomach as you left your house. Jimin stood at the end of your driveway, scrolling through something on his phone. You didn’t expect to see him here but you were kind of glad he came.

“Hey!” you called to him, laughing as he looked up in surprise, “miss me?”

“Absolutely,” Jimin replied, rolling his eyes and you fell into step beside him as the two of you headed for school. You were silent, unsure as you walked. How was Jimin, did you hurt him? Did he hate you? You wanted to ask him but you weren’t sure if you should, if asking would be a bad idea. You had done the right thing, you couldn’t date someone you didn’t have clear feelings for, it wouldn’t be right so being honest was the right this to do, even if it made him hate you.

“We’re okay,” Jimin said suddenly, grinning as you blinked in surprise, “I can see you mulling about it, Y/N. Don’t worry about it,”

“Are you sure?” you asked, and Jimin nodded, he didn’t seem fazed. You pulled your bag in front of you, reaching for the earrings he had given you from the front pocket and holding it out to your friend. Jimin glanced down at them and you swore you could see him flinch ever so slightly.

“You can keep them if you want,” he said, taking the box from you and stuffing it into his pocket, “they’re a gift,”

“They’re for someone who feels the same way you do,” you replied and Jimin nodded to you, almost thankful for your words.

“Friends?” You asked as you parted ways at the school gate.

“The best of friends,” he grinned, laughing as his eyes crinkled into his trademark, cutie pie smile and it almost hurt to watch him walk away. You headed into the school building, stomach churning as you stood outside your classroom. Sighing, you opened the door hoping just a little bit that he wouldn’t be at his desk, but Jungkook was Jungkook and there he was, avoiding people like usual. He sat with his head on the desk, eyes closed and you contemplated turning and walking away, skipping class but you sucked it up and moved between the desks to sit at your table beside his.

He looked like he was sleeping, breathing deep and you felt like a creeper staring at him but you didn’t believe he was asleep. You had faked it last time and Jungkook wasn’t above doing the same thing. You didn’t know what to do, any other day you would’ve smacked him over the head but for some reason you didn’t think that would be a good idea today. Jungkook asked you to stay with him, not to go out with Jimin but he hadn’t really asked you to be his, was this a bad idea? Should you just let it be and hope the two of you could continue on to be friends like normal?

No, Jungkook was way too awkward to go back to being just friends after confessing.

A thought, an idea, flashed through your mind and you pulled out your notebook. You’d have to thank Jimin later for giving you the idea, though he mightn’t know it and you opened up to a page of notes, drawing a speech bubble next to one of Jungkook’s drawings. I like you, you wrote before mimicking Jungkook’s position and laying your head on the desk. You waited nervously, biting your lip and you had the strangest urge to laugh as you heard Jungkook move, you knew he wasn’t sleeping.

Jungkook scribbled something on the notebook before he tapped his pencil on the desk and you looked up to see him laying back down, facing away from you. You shook your head, how you had a crush on this child for so long you had no idea. You grinned as you looked down at his message, what about Jimin? it said and you sighed deeply as you replied.

We’re Just friends, you wrote, moving back into position as you tapped the desk. Jungkook moved beside you and you found the whole situation ridiculously amusing. The two of you couldn’t even seem to look at each other but it was times like these that made you realise how much you liked Jungkook, his awkwardness, his weird ass jokes and drawings, he made everything fun.

You waited for his reply but he seemed to take forever and the silence made it hard to keep in your laughter so you were thankful for the bell. Jungkook tapped the desk as your classmates filed into the room, you quickly shut your notebook, hiding the pages from their prying eyes and you glanced at Jungkook. He looked straight ahead, expression blank like normal but a light pink dusted his cheeks and your face hurt from trying to hold back your smiles.

You got a few weird looks from your friends but you ignored them, focusing on the teacher as they went through the notes from Friday. You tried to put Jungkook out of your mind, vowing to find him later and talk about it but your eyes focused on a note written on a fresh page in your notebook. A small face sat in the corner of the page, a mini Jungkook with a nervous expression on his face.

Are we just friends? it said and you sucked in a sharp breath. No, you thought but you didn’t know what to write, how to reply. Did you say no, yes, maybe, only if you want to be, there were too many options and you had no idea what to do. Jungkook kept looking straight ahead, focusing on whatever was on the board.

What the hell, you thought, trying to draw something but you weren’t like Jungkook, your drawings weren’t ironically bad, they were bad bad. You tapped the desk, Jungkook looked down, a loud snort escaping his throat and the class tuned to look at him quizzically as he covered his mouth.

“Something funny, Jungkook?” the teacher asked as your friends snickered.

“No sir,” Jungkook replied and you quickly turned the page to hide your shitty drawing and the note you’d written beside it.

Come out with me this weekend and find out? it wrote.

hii I was thinking about how Zayn would be the biggest bad boy in the hole high school, how girls would be all over him and how boys would be so jealous. and he would reject every cheerleader just because he was madly in love with y/n, a slightly overweight and not so popular girl. and how he would get all shy and cute when he’s making courage to talk to her omgggg the feels are killing me and I’m writing this to you because the stuff you write is the most amazing thing on tumblr I promise ily

Hi. So this is part two–as you all probably know, I flew off the fucking handle with this one and wrote more than I probably should have, but anyway. Enjoy. Because everyone was soooo excited about it. so here it is. And if you haven’t read part one, you may read it here: Part One

Zayn’s heart pounded every time he saw you. You did not make eye contact with him. You willed yourself to not leave him more notes even though he checked every place you left soon after. You knew he wanted to talk to you. But you knew he was too…shy. For a bad boy, he sure did defy what he was supposed to do. Perhaps that’s why you liked him more.

He went to class and didn’t take notes even though the teachers asked him too. After a while it was obvious he was going to appease them and he had a notebook flat on his desk—drawing, doodling whatever came to mind.

The cheerleaders found him gorgeous (it was one of the very few things you and the barbies agreed on). The popular guys found him intimidating even though they were mostly jealous that Zayn got all this attention from the girls they desperately wanted. Did it faze Zayn at all? Of course not. His heart belonged to the girl who continuously wrote in notebooks and scraps of paper. He was truly fascinated by you because one day you substituted a notebook for an actual book and you could read it while walking, avoid people who crossed your path and still get to class on time.

“Mr. Malik, we have a strict smoking policy,” one teacher said knowingly as they entered the school building only to find Zayn smoking just outside the door. “You cannot do it on school property.” Zayn sighed as if it was the most trying thing of the day and stubbed it out with his toe on the stone steps. Zayn had no idea that that was going to be the last cigarette he ever smoked.

He entered chemistry class, overly-aware of where you took your seat in the back of the room near the lab benches. He sat three seats over so he could admire you without looking like a creeper. But at this point he didn’t really care. Your messy scrawl, for the fourth time in one minute, resurfaced in his mind and he wished with all of his heart he could just blurt to you that he loved you and wanted to make you happy and see what the hell you were writing all the time.

“Mr. Malik, if you’ve quite finished ogling the girls in class, I would be appreciative if you could ogle me,” your teacher snapped.

Zayn smirked shyly because he felt everyone to turn to see who he was looking at—the girls anxiously hoping it was them. You knew who he was looking at. Your cheeks warmed at the thought turning a deeper red. “Sorry, sir, but you’re not my type,” he said coolly. Your teacher laughed at Zayn’s banter and saluted him playfully.

“Not to worry, Mr. Malik, you’re not mine either,” he said as the class erupted into more giggles. Zayn continued to not take notes and instead, sketched you on the inside cover of his notebook—filled to the brim of doodles that reminded him of you.

The hour was soon gone and Zayn sighed heavily as he slowly got up from his desk. Zayn never rushed to class—and if he ever did manage to find the courage to speak to you, he wondered if he would be early, or if he would make you late. He couldn’t imagine making you late; he feels that you would hate being late. So he would sacrifice his sweet old time to get you to class early. Holding your hand and listening to you chatter about the plans you had for afterschool or three weeks from now.

He almost missed it. He was grateful that he was implicitly trained to check your seat for notes—just in case. Picking up the scrap of paper he felt the familiar pounding of his heart like he had the first time. You shouldn’t smoke; it’s bad for you.

Zayn took a deep breath as he saw you at your locker sifting through your textbooks. They looked so heavy and you were so fragile. He didn’t mean you were weak—somehow he kind of figured you were the strongest girl he’d ever encountered. He wanted to know what made you so strong.

Zayn watched as three cheerleaders passed by you and you watched them walk away almost longingly. Like you were missing something that they had. He wondered what you thought you didn’t have. You were a million times more gorgeous than them, no matter what anyone secretly thought about you. Zayn couldn’t keep his mind off of you (obviously) and all he wanted to do was hold you. He knew you would hate it, but he knew you had curves. Perfect ones that would perfectly shape to his hands. He wanted to touch you and never stop touching you.

“Zayn,” your principal said. He sighed practically groaning at the tone of his voice.

“Aren’t you sick of me yet?” Zayn asked with a smirk, like he was talking to a dear old friend, and not his superior.

“Terribly,” he winked at him. “You skipped class today.”

“Yes I did,” he nodded.


“I didn’t want to go,” he shrugged casually. His principal stared at him with a straight face.

“Go to class Malik,” he shook his head. “This is your last warning or you get detention.”

Zayn walked outside heading to his bike to drive home and bit his lip when he saw you walking to your car with a stack of books that he never ever took home. His texts sat in his locker from the day they were assigned to the day they were needed back.

Zayn never did homework. If he did, he probably would make all A’s. But instead he ranged in the B minus to B area because he absorbed everything he was told in class. He wondered how you consistently did homework and still had time to write and be a person. You had a couple friends—they went to a different school and Zayn sometimes lost his breath when he spotted you in a setting other than school, your hair done just so and your head thrown back with laughter with your two friends.

He wanted to be the cause of your laughter, listen to the sound of you breathing when you watched movies curled up on the couch, and wonder if you knew you hummed sometimes while you worked. There was nothing that Zayn wanted more than to be the reason you smiled so much and showed your teeth and make your eyes water from sweet words and perhaps telling a lame joke that he learned from his friend Harry now and again. Zayn wanted to shower you with love and he didn’t know why. He couldn’t figure it out—he was only almost 18. He wasn’t supposed to fall in love? Was he? Most people never ended up with a high school boyfriend or girlfriend.

He watched you let out a yelp when you almost slipped on the ground and then giggle to yourself about it.

Zayn knew he wasn’t most people at that moment.

Sitting on his bike, he waited for you to get into your car, buckle up, and safely make your way out of the school lot.

Zayn found himself with Harry and Louis walking into the stationery store just down the road from Zayn’s house. “I’ll never understand how there is a whole store for this crap,” Niall muttered.

“It’s not crap,” Zayn said defensively. He was oddly protective about pens and paper. But he knew how much it meant to you—somewhere deep in his mind he knew it meant something to you.

“Ooh! Harry look, this one matches your shirt!” Louis shouted from across the store—a loud flamingo print.

“I’m trying to be inconspicuous,” Harry rolled his eyes dramatically at his friend.

“It’s a notebook,” Liam deadpanned at Harry. The two had a small stare off and then finally Harry added the notebook to a small basket he carried filled with a million different pens he wanted to try out.

Zayn was wondering what kind of notebook you might like. They had a million different patterns and sizes and shapes and he knew you probably had a million and still favored the ratty old composition notebook. “Hi, can I help you?” Zayn almost knocked over three hundred pens that were displayed near the front counter when he heard your voice speak to Niall.

“No, I’m good,” he promised. “Thanks, love, but I’m not much of a writer, I’m just here with my friends,” he gestured to the other boys. Zayn was the last one you saw and you almost melted to a puddle right there in the middle of the store.

The boys were well aware of how smitten Zayn was with the girl working the store here.

He should have known that you would work in a paper store.

“Alright well, let me know if you need any help,” you said kindly and fixed a nearby. Louis and Harry were conspiring near the monogrammed paper and Liam walked up to Zayn.

“Go talk to her,” he said softly. “There’s no one here but us, we’ll keep busy for a bit.”

Zayn took deep breaths scanning the shelves of the cute little paper place. He wondered how long you worked here. He took deep breaths trying to calm his nerves before he took three items to the front counter. His mouth felt dry, his throat tight. He didn’t want to blow this. “Find everything you were looking for?” You asked kindly, methodically, it was part of your job, but the line met your eyes. You were truly curious. Part of you hoped that he would say something cheesy like not quite, and ask for your number.

Zayn nodded taking another deep breath. And then, ever-so smoothly he blurted. “What are you always writing?”

He could practically hear Louis roll his eyes at the lack of suaveness his friend had.

“A story,” you answered quietly, your cheeks flushed. “It’s stupid,” you mumbled.

“No its not,” he said quickly. “What’s it about?”

“Um…that’s kind of personal.”

“Oh, right of course, I’m sorry.” Fucking idiot.

“No, it’s cool,” you shook your head. “Just…uh…it’s really lame and girly. I’ve been trying to write a story so I could have like…one of those best selling teen novels. You know?” You asked. “I figured if I start now, then in my twenties I could publish it maybe.”

“You wanna be an author?”

You laughed—like there was a joke he missed. “No, I don’t. Not at all. I just want to write one book. I’m probably going to be a chemist, actually.”

Of fucking course. Brilliant.

“What about you? Are you going to be an artist? You’re really good, your work is always hung up in the office and it’s really great,” you said sweetly.

Holy shit she likes his work. “Oh…um. Maybe. Probably an art teacher or an art consultant—it’s hard to get into that.”

“I can imagine,” you smiled softly and Zayn swore he had never fallen so hard for anyone in his life.

After paying Zayn bit his lip looking at you and you simply looked right back at him with your gorgeous eyes trying to hold his gaze without fainting. He was so beautiful and sweet. You could hardly stand it. “I might try my hand at writing,” he said softly.

“I’m sure you’ll be great at it,” you nodded with an encouraging smile.

“My friends write songs mostly so…might give it a go as well.”

You grinned. “Sounds great, Zayn.”

And first thing was first, he had to find the music that matched your voice when you spoke his name.

The next day you arrived to chemistry on time. As you always did. Zayn was already there. You found that surprising. You wanted to wave to him now that you had actually spoken to one another. As you sat down you bounced up a bit picking up the notebook Zayn had bought from you yesterday. You felt your cheeks warm and your skin prickle. Oh wow.

You opened the cover. You found a sketch of you on the first page. You looked beautiful and you were stunned that Zayn could draw you—and probably from memory at that. You were stunned he drew you at all. You flipped to the next few pages. It was filled with personal doodles and cute little quotes and things he liked that reminded him of you.

Then came the lists—a full one and a blank one. One for you to fill out and give back to Zayn. And then toward the end of the book he left a note in his perfect handwriting.

I’m not the best talker. I’m going to be a pain sometimes. I would love to take you on a date sometime, if you want.

And maybe, I was sort of hoping we could write the story of us?


You looked up immediately finding his eyes and wondering how in the world the school’s bad boy had wormed his way into your heart. The smile that spread across your lips was enough to make him pass out.

He smiled back and you flipped to the first empty list and began filling things in between taking notes. Zayn continued to watch you. His heart tumbling over itself as he fell deeper for you.

When the bell rang you left class—leaving a note of course.

It can’t be a story…stories have endings. I don’t want this to end <3

Zayn had never read such a sweet poem.

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sorry if i'm a creeper, but what do you look like?

This is a selfie I took of myself yesterday. I know I have a very oval shaped head, but when I wear my hair up, it becomes even more apparent lol!