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I think it’s real convenient that all anti-su critical people who say “gems don’t have a set height bcoz they can shapeshift” just collectively forgot about that one episode where Steven almost like. died because he tried to shapeshift like three inches taller for one day

i love how in the singalongs when the song is clearly about some girl whichever beatle who wrote it liked at the time but they always tried to make it just involve the four beatles 

and we end up with like these confusing romances between ringo and paul 

they try to make it like a little story based on the song title but the lyrics just work against it 

Y’know, as a cis dude, it’s not my place to define what particular sorts of conduct count as transmisogynistic - but I’m totally comfortable asserting that, to the extent that a given conduct is transmisogynistic, the fact that you don’t do it very often doesn’t give you a free pass.

Transmisogyny doesn’t just look like being a cackling cartoon supervillain who spends his every waking moment plotting ways to hurt trans women.

It can also look like being a faux-tolerant nerdbro who’s totally cool with trans women right up until the moment a trans woman crosses him in some way, whereupon he’ll enthusiastically wield the fact that they’re trans against them.

Strength of Spirit- Part 1

Dean Winchester walks into your laundromat looking very much like your next one night stand. Instead, tragedy strikes, and you end up in the middle of a nightmare, with only Dean (and his brother Sam) to help you navigate it.

Warning: canon-typical violence

Word Count: 1800ish

A/N: It’s been a while since I’ve done a series that wasn’t just smut. I’m hoping we’ll all have some fun with it! XOXO

There was a thunderstorm in the air. The clouds were rolling in and you could feel the heat about to break as you hauled your laundry across the street. Your apartment building really needed its own laundromat. This one was close, of course, which was nice. But if it started raining, you were stuck there until it was over.

Still, you took a deep breath and grinned. This was your favorite type of weather, gray and still, something forceful brewing, something wild and unpredictable.

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When bored, attempt to draw your MC until they end up looking like a cartoon version of yourself. Sigh. This is what happens when your boredom doodle turns into a full-on art piece.

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What kills me about Snaggleton is that he reninds me of the old hannah-barbara cartoons so i always imagine him in those scenes (like the infamous long tongued character having their tongue pulled down and it shoots up and rolls in their mouth like old-school blinds on a window scene)

excuse the crappy animation but omg this is probably my favorite message ive gotten abt snag……. wa.… ..thank you kind anon,,,

Warmth - Sherlock

GIF not mine

Ship: Sherlock Holmes (BBC) x Reader

Summary: The depressing weather of London has been taking a toll plus a broken heater that won’t work isn't the best thing so you decided to pay a certain high-functioning sociopath a visit to brighten up your mood. 

Type: Fluff

Words: 1,460

Warnings: None

Notes: Told ya I'd post more than once today.

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I see Disney/Pixar get a lot of flak for how big they make the princesses eyes because something something infantilizing something something misogyny. But like have you guys looked at a cartoon lately? When you want a character to look cute or endearing you tend to make the eyes bigger. That’s not a gendered choice. Most of the guys have larger than usual eyes too.