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Jerome Valeska x Reader: Daddy’s Little Doctor - Part Two

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thanks so much to everyone being so nice with me! i’m glad you enjoyed daddy’s little doctor so much! here’s a part two just for you!



‘Oh my God. What the hell am I doing?’ [Y/N] kept asking herself as she ran hand by hand with Jerome.

‘This is so crazy.’

“Ha! Do you see what I see, Baby Cakes? We’re just like Bonnie and Clyde!”

[Y/N] didn’t have enough time to answer, she gasped loudly at Jerome who just shot a random guy who was about to get into his car.

Jerome laughed. “We have our own vehicle now.” He took a driver’s seat and waited for [Y/N].

She sat beside him and as his hand moved to reach her thigh she took it like she wanted to hold it.

‘Shit. Don’t you dare to blush!’

He only smirked at the situation, not letting go of her hand. Both of them didn’t say anything about it. What if he didn’t really wanted to reach her thigh?

She could feel how awkward it was, at least for her, that’s why she decided to say something.

“So.. Where are we going anyway?”

“We’re.. going to get my face back, [Y/N].” He giggled.

She liked his giggle, it was adorable.

She turned to look at him. “Why do you want your face back though? I kinda like the new look.” She said with a smirk.

He chuckled. “Oh Darling, you never fail to make me smile. I know I still look hella fine but you should’ve seen me with my face on.”

“Well, I’ve seen you.. that day when they found out you killed your mother..”

“Ah good ol’ days!” He said happily. “So tell me Gorgeous, what did you think of me?”

“Nothing!” She said a little too fast. “I mean yeah, uh, nothing.”

Normally, [Y/N] wouldn’t have a problem with lying but Jerome really made her nervous at the moment!

“Awww, c’mon, you gotta tell me.” He looked at her with puppy eyes, not caring about the road, wheels of the car meeting an innocent man because of it.

“Sorry! Didn’t see ya!” [Y/N] looked at the scene with wide eyes.

“Okay now, where were we? Oh right, answer my question, Toots.”

‘He really enjoys giving nicknames… Anyway, I guess I have nothing to lose.’

“Well.. I thought you were kinda.. cute?” She couldn’t help but looked down at her hands and blushed. She felt bad for feeling like this because of a sociopath. But he was really sweet to her, ya know?

She could feel like.. herself with him. Everybody always expected her to be perfect. She was so tired of this.  She was only a human being.

He smirked still gazing at the road.. “Don’t cha too sweet for me, Baby?”

“What do you mean she left with him?!”

“Look, Jim, I couldn’t stop them. I already told you, she just left.. like that. She didn’t even protest.”

Jim made a weird face at her words so she added “That’s probably because she was too scared..”

Inside she knew she was wrong. [Y/N] looked shocked, then shy but definitely not scared. Lee had no idea what to think.

“We need to find her. We need to find them.

[Y/N] sat on a table where Jerome was lying 3 hours ago, when Dwight was trying to bring him back from the dead. She was looking at Jerome’s back for 5 minutes as he moaned in pain. He was “putting” his face back on and he was almost finished. [Y/N] felt bad for him, she didn’t like him being in pain. He was handsome in her opinion when he had no face, so she was 1000%  sure he’d be still handsome with staples.

Finally he finished his work and looked at Dwight.

“So, how’s the look?”

Dwight was really nervous. He was praying Jerome’s not mad but he noticed that [Y/N] was. 

“It looks good..” He wasn’t very persuasive, was he?

“You wouldn’t.. lie to me.. Right, Dwight?”

He shook his head. “N-no. I-it looks good.” Jerome was smiling the whole time. 

He looked like an angel in [Y/N]’s eyes.

Jerome noticed a gentle smile on her face and returned it.

“Now Dwight, would you stand over there? Me and Sweet Cheeks need to talk about something.” Dwight nodded quickly and almost ran to the place Jerome pointed out.

Jerome and [Y/N] moved aside and he explained, what he wanted to do. He wanted to leave a message for Gotham.

[Y/N] couldn’t be more excited.

“Testing, testing… Are we live? Are we on air?”

In the background you were able see Dwight, tied up to incendiary bombs.

“C’mere, Gorgeous, no need to be shy, you’re too pretty for that.”

She skipped to Jerome. “Hiya everyone!” She waved, giggled and kissed Jerome on the cheek. She was way more confident by now, thanks to her Puddin telling her not to worry.

“Some of you may know I died. Take it from me - death is dull! But coming back… that is something. Leave it to dying to give you a whole new perspective on life and I would like to share that with you.” He looked over at [Y/N] and blew her a kiss.

“Tonight, Gotham - in the darkness - there are no rules! So tonight, Gotham, do what you want, kill who you want. And when morning comes you too shall be reborn!” He took [Y/N]’s hand and fired an explosive.

“And, uh..”


“.. I don’t forgive you for my face.”

They started laughing like maniacs. ([Y/N]’s favourite kind of laugh) And left. Just like that. Again.

On daily basis, [Y/N] would feel bad. It wasn’t normal anymore, but on the other hand, she couldn’t be more happy to be with Jerome. They were in love! It felt like magic.

Like he was a Clyde to her, and she was a Bonnie to him!

You may wonder, why all of this had to happen?

I guess we will never really know. Maybe it happened because she was too tired of being a perfect child?

Too tired of having straight A’s?

Or too tired of rules?

Or maybe tired of always having to speak with respect?

She was too tired of one thing, she always had to be.

 She was tired of being Daddy’s Little Doctor.


ok bradley but a) who gave you the right and b) who gave you the damn right?

a comprehensive list of my favorite things abt the update

-my doofus son derek nurse handing out fliers to “managerial” types
-william j. “soft same” poindexter
-um, you don’t go to Samwell????? (she doesn’t even go here 2.0)
-hell fuckin yea a brand new gorgeous funny female character of color LIKE sign me the fuck up
-lardo. lardo listen to me. im you. im you.
-ransom and holster aka my Large and Loving boys
-chowder, less commonly known as my Aesthetic (he’s my sweet sunshine smiley boy and i lov him)
-i just really loved this update and HOLY the panels were all so busy?!!! imagine the effort all hail literal goddess ngozi

I’m Going To Be A Dad?!

Pairing: Dylan x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2565

Authors Note: Here is the next part to my pregnancy series I’ve got going on. Thanks to @rememberstilinski @sarcasticallystilinski and @smutandahalf for looking at this and letting me know how it is. I hope you guys enjoy this, it was quite fun to write. Also, I got really excited writing the reveal. Don’t know why exactly.

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Happy Birthday Sakamaki Triplets

It is March 20th and thus the day the three Sakamaki triplets were born!! Please enjoy a birthday drabble.

Anime: Diabolik Lovers

Character(s): Sakamaki Triplits

Words: 769

Ayato- He loved to be the centre of attention which is why you cooked him breakfast in bed and planned everything perfectly for him. However, Ayato also enjoys getting his own way, so when he decided he wanted to spend his day playing video games and drinking the blood out of recently lured victims, you let him be. You tried telling him that you had other plans but the vampire seemed to be having so much fun. At 10 o’clock, you were done; you cancelled your dinner reservations at his favourite restaurant, you previously called the water sports people and cancelled, and you stared forlornly at the beautiful outfit you bought that you thought he might like (as well as you knowing you look hella fine in it). Your vampire boyfriend -seeming to pick up on your sour mood- slung an arm around your shoulders and proceeded to kiss your shoulders, then neck, then cheek, until you denied him access to your lips. He frowned and tried again but you simply moved away from him. Before you moved to far, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you to look at him in the eye.

“What’s wrong?” 

“Did you enjoy your birthday?”

Ayato was taken aback but he pulled you close to his body, lips at your ear.

“Of course I did, but you haven’t.”

You tried not to let him notice how upset you actually were, it was his day after all. He pulled you flush against him and forces you to look at him.

“I had so much planned, I’m just upset that we couldn’t do them together.”

Ayato couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled from his chest but the way you pouted made a smile adorn his face. Instead of apologising or asking what you had planned like any normal person would, he smashed his lips to yours. You struggled at first but you soon melted into him, your chest lightening.

“Can I open my present now?” 

Laito- This vamp loved nothing more than to love you on his birthday. You awoke him by dotting kisses down his chest and neck, humming when he woke up with a chuckle. The two of you spent the rest of the morning rolling in bed… then in the shower before you actually did something productive. By the time the two of you emerged from your private quarters it was time for the dinner you booked. Laito was so surprised when you led him to a rooftop restaurant where the entire town could be seen. He was a romantic but you took that evening to a whole new level. You wooed him beyond belief and flirted with him like it was your job. When the dessert came he was already in a trance. The two of you shared the chocolate lava cake. Un-known to you, a drop of chocolate remained on your face and Laito couldn’t help but grin. He finally found his chance to woo you: his favourite past time, so he leaned across the table and licked the small drop of chocolate off your face. However, he didn’t stop there, he proceeded to kiss you softly, thanking you for the amazing dinner.

“So, babe, how can I repay you?”

You giggled, “It’s your birthday, Laito, you don’t have to repay me. I’m just glad you’re happy.”

As you smiled at him, the hat-wearing vampire felt his heart thud in his chest and his face heat up. He was glad to have spent his birthday with you.

Kanato- You knew his mood tended to switch from sweet to down-right murderous so you tried to keep it light and simple for his birthday. You simply planned to spend time with the purple haired vampire and tended to whatever he asked; you most definitely didn’t want to upset him on his birthday. However -and you don’t know how it happened- he turned. He began wrecking his room, yelling about his brothers and his mother and everything wrong with his birthday. It took all you had not to wrap your arms around him but if you got any closer you were probably going to get hurt. Once he calmed down he walked over to you and sat down. He then rested his head on your shoulder, tugging Teddy to his chest with his knees up.

“I’m sorry this birthday was so bad for you, Kanato,” you whispered.

“It wasn’t bad, I had you here after all Y/N.”

You smiled down at him as you stroked the hair from his eyes, kissed the top of his head, and watched as he shut his eyes.

Coffee taste (m)

Characters: Min Yoongi & You

Genre: fluff, smut (just a prolonged foreplay though)

Summary:  As in what happens when you disturb your boyfriend late at night in his studio uninvited and try to lure him home.

Warnings: mild dirty talk and light sexual content

Words: 2963

I blame my late night conversation with @taetaeby about sweets, coffee and Yoongi.

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[ 3/100 ]

but can you imagine peter falling in love with someone taller than him?

also tall.fem!readers REPRESENT! (Even tho I’m not tall at all and am merely standing at 5'3" lmao)

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Google Doc - E.D. - Pt. 3

“Summary - You have an 8 AM lecture with a guy who also has no idea what’s going on. You agree to make a Google Doc together to try to make some sense of the class but end up flirting with each other more than comparing notes.

Warnings - I’m posting this from my hotel room so sorry if something is messed up I’m doing this from my mobile app

Word Count - 840  

“It’s 6:55. I bet he forgot,” you say to your roommate. She’s on the edge of her bed, painting her toenails, while you’re pacing around the room.

“No, he didn’t. He’s just trying not to look over eager,” She says, still focused on her pedicure.

You sigh dramatically, plopping down on your bed and scrolling through Instagram. You’d been ready since about 6:30, so your roommate has heard your concern countless times. You start scrolling through Intstagram to pass the time until you hear a knock on your door.

“One sec!” you yell, shutting off your phone and flashing a nervous smile at your roommate.

“Hey,” you greet Ethan as you slip out the door.

“Hey, what’s up?” he asks. 

“Not much. Where do you wanna study?” you question.

“Library?” he suggests, and you agree.

You and Ethan make small talk as he leads you across campus. When you get there, you find a secluded corner in the basement where the two of you can talk without being interrupted.

Dropping his backpack on the floor, he asks, “Okay, so what should we start with?”

“Oh, can we check the differences between multivariate distributions? I can’t seem to figure them out,” you say as you take a seat next to him. You’re trying hard to stay cool, but you’re freaking out a little on the inside. He’s just so damn cute.

“Oh, yeah, I remember being confused by that, too. Do you wanna look in the book while I check the Google Doc?” he asks. You nod in reply, pulling your textbook out of your bag as he retrieves his laptop.

By the time the two of you finish studying, it’s past nine o’clock.

“Oh my God, have we really been studying for two hours?” You ask Ethan incredulously.

“Yeah, I guess so. I say we wrap it up for the night. Not much else we can do besides hope and pray,” he responds, and you chuckle. You gather your things and head out the door. As you’re walking home, you pass Ethan’s dorm hall. You slow down, expecting him to part ways with you, but he doesn’t.

“Aren’t you going home?” you ask him.

“No, I’m walking you home,” he declares, briefly glancing at you before looking ahead.

“You don’t have to-” you start, but Ethan cuts you off.

“I want to. Besides, it’s already pretty dark out. Kinda spooky,” he smirks. You can feel your heart flutter.

“Thanks, Ethan,” you say and he just shrugs. While you walk, you talk to him about college, mostly about classes. You find out that he’s a digital media major.

“I dunno, I just really like making videos,” he says.

“What do you like about it?”

“I just think it’s a really cool way to convey ideas and emotions and stuff, you know? Like, you can say so much in just a five minute video. It would be really cool to make full-length films one day, but I’m not even close - I’m sorry, this must be so boring,” he laughs, looking down.

“No, it’s really cool. I feel the same way, to be honest. I’ve just never gotten into it,” you confess.

“Thanks,” he smiles, “I could teach you some basic stuff, if you want.”

“I’d love that,” you respond, trying not to grin from ear-to-ear.

Soon, you reach the door to your building. You turn to Ethan, smiling. “Thanks again for walking me back,” you say.

“It’s not a problem, really,” he insists. “You’re good from here, right?” You nod, and he says, “Okay, goodnight, Y/N.” He leans in, placing a quick kiss on your cheek, and before you can respond, he turns and walks away, leaving you to wonder what the hell that meant.

Test day came and went. You and Ethan both got A’s on the test, which meant that your joint study effort was paying off. However, it didn’t last for long.

Once the two of you became more comfortable around each other, you found yourselves becoming more easily distracted when trying to take notes together . Thanks to the chat option, Ethan found a way to discreetly joke around with you during class. The first time he messaged you in class, you weren’t expecting it. You looked at Ethan confusedly when you saw the notification on your screen, wondering why he didn’t just lean over and talk to you in person. Open it, he mouthed, so you did.

Dr. Morgan is looking hella fine in that sweater vest amirite

You had to clap a hand over your mouth to refrain from laughing out loud. You look over at him helplessly, and quickly tap out a response:

I’m more distracted by his pants. His ass is looking tight in those khakis

This time, Ethan is the one struggling to contain his laughter.

The two of you spent the rest of the class messaging each other, not only joking around but even getting to know each other. No matter how much you tried to deny it, you knew you were developing serious feelings for this boy.

strawberrycat101  asked:

How would the 2ps react to finding out their crush worked in a maid cafe?

2P!America: *cHOKES* whoa whoa whoa, back the fuck up, what did ya just say??? ….aHAHA, babe I bet you look hella fine ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

2P!China: *nosebleeds* Did you just say… m-maid cafe… *bLUSHES* yOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I NEED TO SEE THIS

2P!England: Awwwh dearie I bet you look absolutely precious in a maid dress! ♥ How are the clients? Do they treat a lovely lady like yourself with the type of respect that you deserve??

2P!France: oh, sounds hot.

2P!Russia: *grimaces* What type of cafe is that? It sounds ridiculous.

2P!Italy: *chuckles lowly* didn’t know you were into that kind of thing.

2P!Germany: No way, what’s that? *after being told* hOLY SHIT IT SOUNDS LIKE FUCKIN’ PARADISE

2P!Japan: *scowls* I never would have suspected that of you…

2P!Canada: uh, i don’t think i like the way that sounds?

2P!Romano: You’re telling me you get paid to??? Dress up as a maid?? And serve people????? and yOU CALL THEM ‘MASTER’ EXCUSE ME WHERE DO I SIGN UP FOR THIS SHIT

2P!Austria: Ooh, is that so? Perhaps I’ll drop in for a visit one of these days~

2P!Prussia: Ah… that sounds a little scary… Do you like it? I-I mean… I bet you lookadorabledressedasamaid … .⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

What I Love about You ~ Jonah Marais

Summary: You and Jonah are having a cozy day and he wonders what you love about him. 

Word count: 1019

Author’s Note: This is my first time ever posting an imagine or any fan fiction in general so, all I ask is that you tell me your thoughts and if you have any ideas on making my writing better. Oh, I got the idea by having a cozy day, thinking about the cozy season coming up, and just remembered that Jonah looks hella fine in a hoodie. Thank you! And I suggest listening to The Only One by Corbean Besson, it just goes with the mood and it makes me happy and I just love it. 

Warnings: Fluff x fluff = FLUFF and I say tit. If you don’t like that word, replace it with a synonym. 

This winter season is unforgiving, no mercy, just straight up brutal. There is no other way to sugar coat it except that it’s colder than a witch’s tit. Thick, wet, heavy snow has been falling nonstop since yesterday afternoon and by the looks of it, there is nothing holding Mother Nature back. 

Since the weather is too treacherous to venture outside, Jonah and I decided to stay in and have a cozy day. Cozy weather, cozy clothes, cozy blankets, cozy boyfriend. We’re currently sitting on the couch cuddled up in our hoodies and sweatpants, underneath huge, fuzzy blankets, trying to keep the storm from chilling our bones.

Everything is quiet except for the sound of the occasional car passing by, the heater blasting its warmth from the vents, and reruns of Friends on the television. I lost interest about two episodes ago and I have been playing with Jonah’s hands to keep me occupied. Something funny must’ve happened because I could hear and feel his laughter rolling through my body. I look up to see his gorgeous face break into a smile. That smile, his smile, Jonah’s smile. It just lights up the room. It makes knees weak. His smile has the power to melt all the snow and bring back summer. I smile up at him. This boy, he makes me so happy. Nothing can ever make me stop loving him. Suddenly, I am pulled from my thoughts by Jonah looking back down at me.

“What? Is there something on my face,” he asks, removing his hand from mine to wipe around his mouth.

“No, there’s nothing,” I sigh, snuggling my head deep into his chest. 

“No,” his arm around my hip squeezes tighter,” tell me what’s wrong.”

“I-it’s just I…,” I glance up again into this eyes. Oh, his eyes, for I could swim in those ocean blue orbs for the rest of my life. “I love you.” This isn’t the first time Jonah and I have verbally expressed out love, but there is something about our surrounding atmosphere that took me back you to when we first said “I love you”. Embarrassed, because I suddenly blurted out my true feeling for him, I hide my face in his chest. I get nervous, does he fell the same way about me?

“Y/N,” Jonah replies, sliding his hand away form mine and gently presses it under my chin, moving my head to look up at him, “what do you love about me?”

A giggle erupts from my stomach along with a grin that spreads from ear to ear. I leaned in closer, pressing a soft, but passionate kiss to his lips. “Well, Mr. Jonah, I have to think about that one for a bit,” I say, changing up my positon by straddling his lap and wrapping my arms around this neck, my fingers twirling his soft brown hair, and his massive hands found there way back to my waist. “What do I love about you,” I repeat the phrase a few times, pretending that I really had to think about the topic, earning a laugh from him. I gaze into those famous blue eyes and begin to list off all the things I love about him.

“I love Jonah. I love how you are passionate about your career, that you followed your dreams, and worked hard to get there. I love how you’re devoted to your fans. I love how you take care of all the other boys. I love that you are always looking at the bright side of situations, never the negative. How you are family orientated, how you unconditionally love them for who they are. You are self-less, down to Earth, and care about everyone you meet. You’re quiet, but you are the weirdest dork I have ever met.” The last statement made him lean this head back in laughter making me laugh as well. “It’s true,” I reassured him and continued to laugh.  

After laughing for several more minutes, we composed ourselves again and he puts on his fake serious face, “Tell me more.”

His actions makes me giggle once again. How can one human contain so much cuteness. “I love your smile,” I kiss him. “I love your eyes,” I kiss him again. “I love your nose,” again. “The two moles on your neck,” again. Feature after feature I list off and complimenting them with a kiss. Skin, cheeks, his soft hair, his hands, the lines under his eyes that he gets when he smiles. All of him. Everything that he stands for, everything that he does. The way he knows how to cheer me up when I’m upset. The way he makes my heart melt to nothing when he says my name. The way he is so damn attractive and I can handle it, which grants me another award winning smile. The way he gives me his all. The way he makes me feel like I’m the only one. (See what I did there. *wink wink*)

When I’m finished, I look back into his eyes. Oh, those eyes, for I can stare at them for the rest of my life. I wait, I wait for him to respond. I get nervous, does he love me the way I love him? What will he say? Have I scared him away? What if he doesn’t return the same emotions? Jonah must have noticed the worried look in my eyes because he pulled me in for a kiss. Not just any kiss. This kiss was beyond passionate, if there is even a word for that. Fireworks, butterflies, canons, nuclear bombs when off. Not just in my stomach, but my whole body, head to toe, no where was safe from this feeling. This feeling of true love. 

We unwillingly pull away, not wanting the moment to end, but apparently breathing is important. Some how embarrassed by the intimate moment we shared, I laugh and hide my face in his neck, consuming his sweet smell.

“Y/N,” Jonah softly whispers in my ear, grabbing my hands from around his neck.

“Yes, Jonah?”

“I love you, too.” 

 Authors Note: So, that happened in my brain then I wrote in down and going to post so the internet can see it forever. Um, I hope you enjoyed it. I love writing so, so much, I don’t know why I stopped, but I want to write more, and I will be. I have several ideas that I will be posting soon. Also, if you have a idea that you want to see my spin on it, don’t be afraid to hit me up. I’ll gladly write it. So, again, I hope you liked it and you hearts have melted away.  

gayydva  asked:

Dude I sent you an ask a while ago on anon talking about training to be a female firefighter, and I wanted to tell you that I just got back from a four day training trip and I kicked ass! I went through six live fires, and I also stepped up to be officer of my peers. It was pretty awesome to have a bunch of boys (most of whom have been on the post longer than me) looking to me for orders in a life/death situation. Plus, my arms look hella fine after training 👌🏻

Yooo that’s so badass!! You were literally 🔥🔥 ahaha

Morgan Rielly - Part 24

As I said in a recent ask, if you listen to the song “Your Song” byt Rita Roa you can get a feel for where this story is going to start to turn! I love you all very much and while I might know how to place a lot of words in a pleasing manner, I can’t find any to describe how much I appreciate every single of you who read my stories and like them for some reason.

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