you look great in this movie mr. johnson

Heart to toe


“I really need some Johnson fluff, I don’t even care about what”

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“Jack?” I was laying on our couch, fans blowing on me. It was hot, mid-June in SanFrancisco and I was 7 months pregnant with twins. 

“Yeah, beautiful?” He peaks his head out of the studio, getting up to come see me. “Do you need water? You have to stay hydrated.” I nod at the 3 glasses of water he brought me an hour ago. 

“Still working on those, but thanks, babe.” I laugh. Since the day I met him, my husband has been obsessed with hydration. “I was actually wondering if you could paint my toenails. I would do it myself, but I can’t reach my feet at this point” I smile up at him. “I want them looking nice for dinner with your family tomorrow night.” 

“Of course, Mama” He sits at the end of the couch and puts my feet in his lap. He rubs them for a while, knowing how sore I am all the time. He looks around. “Now, where is the nail polish and stuff.” I give him directions and it takes a while, but he eventually comes back out with the bag. “Can I pick the color?” he raises his eyebrows up and down and I laugh.

“Sure” I wiggle my toes. He digs around for a while, humming. He is still the most adorable thing in the whole world. He holds up my favorite deep magenta red color.

“We’re going with ‘Overexposed in South Beach’,” he says doing a QVC style modeling of the bottle. I laugh and sip my water. “Hold still so I don’t mess this up.” I nod and slowly he paints a clear coat on each nail, then blows on them so they dry. Then he takes each foot carefully and puts on the color. It is too funny and so sweet how seriously he takes the things he does for me. When it is all done he smiles at me, putting the bottles back in the bag. “How does it look Mama” he shows me my feet. 

“Now I know why I married you” I grin and he comes over and kisses me. “I love you, Mr. Johnson”

“I love you, Mrs. Johnson” He smirks and heads to the kitchen with my empty water glasses. “I’m gonna refill these and then we’ll watch a movie” 

“Sounds great!” I smile to myself, he could be a dork about the water thing, but I could not be happier. 

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That is about as fluffy as they come!

Hope it filled your need!

xo Jess


“ Are you hungry?”

Very,” he says with an intense look, and I don’t think he’s referring to food.

“ Pancakes, bacon, and eggs?”

Sounds great.”