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@greyspaace tagged me in a selfie post like almost a week ago, but I wanted to hold off since I was going to get my new phone with a fancy camera I wanted to try out. So here is my plain mug for all you to enjoy.

Tagging @awesomenotawesome, @mccoonypomkins, @ursulaismymiddlename, @hanzo-motivates, @medic-0001, and @motivational-cowboy. No pressure to actually do it, but I would love to see y'alls beautiful faces.


‘Tumein tumhari zindagi mubarak ho, Asfand Yar.’


Tagged by dear Upama @143jikook (thank you babe, you look damn gorgeous btw ♥♥) for the bias selfie tag.

I’m tagging pretty much the same people cause I too would love to see their beautiful faces <3 @tanktoptiger, @jikook-love, @yahjiminie, @harunyany, @jikookdetails, @shyjimins, @astro-child @caughtinjimin @apgujeon @pjmjjk @lesbianblossomjimin @kookmint @mimibtsghost and I know you did it already, but you’re cute so don’t blame for wanting to see your face again @pjungkook only if you want ofc :)

Just A Kiss

Chris Evans x reader
Imagine: Having a cute date with Chris

Genre: Romance, Humor, Fluff
Rated: Everyone

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

“I’ll pick you up at seven!”
“Ok, Chris. See ya at seven.”
“By the way, wear something cute.”
“Ok, mr. Bossy.”
“Yea yeah.”
You chuckled and hung up the phone, blushing like crazy. Your movie star, magazine heart throb best friend Chris Evans just asked you out on a date. You couldn’t help but squeal and dance around in your tank top and booty-short underwear. You looked at the time and gasped.
“4:25! I’ll never have enough time to get ready!”
You scrambled off your bed, your feet getting tangled in your blanket and tripped. Laughing at yourself, you went to your closet and picked out a (fave color), sleeveless sundress. Picking up a pair of black flats, you headed yo the bathroom and took a needed shower.
-timeskip to 4:51-
You smiled and got out, feeling fresh and clean. Drying your hair in a towel, you put on your sundress and brushed your teeth. Excitement built itself into your bones as you started humming and dancing a bit as you blow dried your hair. You went to your vanity in the corner of the bedroom, picking out grey eyeshadow and black eyeliner. You checked the time.
“5:22? How’d it go by so fast?”
You shrugged and put on concealer and foundation, putting a little blush on your cheeks after. As you finished doing your makeup, your phone beeped.
CE: hey, can we actually go a little earlier?
Me: sure, what time?
CE: I’m actually standing at your bedroom door.
CE: rotflmao xD I let myself in. You really gotta start lockin the front door. What if I was a creepy stalker? O_O ~Im watching you like a movie~ [·_·]
Me: oh my fucking god. I can see you staring at me through my door xD
Chris made a funny face at you as he texted back.
CE: \(0_0)/ that’s the point!! Btw, you look gorgeous.
You blushed and looked at him.
“Chris, get in here you weirdo.”
He waltzed in and you laughed as he struck a funky pose. He laughed with you and grabbed two pins, putting your hair up. He kissed your head then said excitedly, grabbing your hand.
“Come on! I made reservations for this really nice restaurant.”
I smiled and let him drag me to his car. He got in and said.
“Then after dinner, I got a surprise for you!”
“Oh really?”
“Hell yeah!”
You laughed and he pulled into a beautiful building. The entrance had two statues guarding it and you two walked in.
The waiter said. Chris nodded and you two sat down in a booth. You ordered an ice tea and Chris got an rootbeer. He looked at you and you asked.
“So hows the new CA comin along?”
He replied, rubbing his face.
“I miss my beard.”
I giggled and put my hands on his cheeks, squishing his face.
“I like it when it starts to grow back.”
He replied with a smile, grabbing my hands.
“Thanks you, ma'am. Now stop squishing my face like I’m a fat man.”
You giggled and your drinks came. The waiter asked you.
“What would you like, pretty lady?”
I said.
“Medium rare steak with sauteed onions on top?”
“Alright. And your two sides?”
“Shrimp and mac an cheese.”
Chris grinned and replied.
“I’ll have the same.”
The waiter left and you immediately leaned in.
“Dude, he was totally checkin you out.”
Chris got an horrified look on his face and you giggled, leaning back.
“Oh god…”
“He gave you googly eyes.”
“Googly eyes?”
“Googly eyes.”
Chris facepalmed and you laughed. The food came and you two ate, talking about his movie and what animal was better.
After dinner, you two left and he took you too a carnival. He played a couple games, saying.
“This is so cliché.”
And won you a couple stuffed animald. You put them in a bag and he grabbdd your hand, dragging you to a boating ride.
“Come on!”
“I’m comin, I’m comin!”
You two got on the boat and started peddling around, him steering.
“Did you have fun?”
You smiled and nodded, his hand squeezing yours.
“Yes. Thank you so much.”
He smiled and replied.
Suddenly, he leaned in and his lips touched yours. You blushed and lifted a hand to his cheek as he deepened the kiss. You two pulled back and he rested his forehead against yours.
“How was that?”
“I’m not feeding your ego.”
You two laughed.

anonymous asked:

With that Laslow doujin that you're working on (looks gorgeous btw ❤️), are you going to be selling it on your online store too?

Thank you!! I’ll be selling the full version online eventually + a preorder package! The version I have now is a teaser haha so it’s not as nice…as it will be~

anonymous asked:

Just been checking out your #me section and omg, you're gorgeous. You look really good with a bit of facial hair btw. A much appreciated confirmation that I do in fact like men. xo

Awww that’s so very kind of you. And I’m hit or miss with my facial hair.

dayslostson  asked:

BEST FRIEND!!!! Ok enough of that. Let's professional here shall we? In 5...4...3....2..1 it's dayslostson here with another one of our nominees Miss Dumbeatrees is it? I don't believe we've met before. So Miss Kylie you were recently awarded during BBCan5 and this season your peers nominated you for Most Woke. How does that feel?? Anything you'd like to say to your supporters?? Btw you are looking gorgeous in your ensemble. Who are you wearing? Any plus ones? A certain cosplayer possibly???

hi, mr. dayslostson!! no, i don’t think we’ve ever met before. i would definitely remember meeting someone as iconic as you. i feel so honored to be a nominee for Most Woke. considering all the other amazing bloggers in the category, i doubt that i’ll be taking home the win tonight, but i would like to say thank you to all of my supporters. i wouldn’t be here without you guys. my plus one is of course the one and only @davonneday. i think she’s off somewhere trying to get an autograph from @lickeyrogerswong right now. i’m currently wearing a customized bacon gown that i stole from @spunkyspy that originally comes from their That Bitch collection. i have to go find my seat, but i’ll see your legendary self later and we can turn up at the afterparty, okay?

anonymous asked:

LMAO 😂 someone called YOU ugly? Bitch where? 🤔YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL 🌷 btw you look gorgeous w/o the beard too! 😍

People can have opinions im never mad :)

BUTTT out of all the things to say to another person and you choose hate? Gtfo tbqh lolz

fenominus  asked:

Hey, can I ask how you do your coloring? I've been trying to create that sort of Colored Line or No Line Just Colored Shapes look that you have going on(which is gorgeous btw) but it seems like the kind of thing that takes a lot of planning. Where do you start? Are there any tricks that make it easier? I LOVE your work. It's so unique and gorgeous.

Oh boy.

This is hard to do without pictures.  But I don’t have time to do a visual walk through so words will have to do.


THANK YOU!  I’m glad you like my stuff!


Here’s what I do to get the no lines look.

I pencil and ink by hand.  Pencils are done in red.  Inks are done with two technical pens.  One thicker than the other for more general shapes. And the thinner one doing only the details.  No spot blacks.

I scan at 600 dpi full color.

In photoshop, I go take the picture and go into CHANNELS (should be off to the side beside LAYERS.  I select each channel on it’s own and delete them.  Until only CYAN is left.  This pulls out the red pencil.

I then convert the entire picture to grayscale.  I go to FILTER< BLUR< GAUSSIAN BLUR and then take it to 1.5.  I then go into IMAGE< ADJUSTMENTS< LEVELS and move the middle bar around until I’m satisfied that the lines are full and thick enough.  I then go into IMAGE< ADJUSTMENTS< THRESHOLD.

Now I have solid line art.

At this point I save just the line art as it’s own file.  Just in case.

Then I readjust the image size to 400 dpi and convert it back to CMYK or RGB.  Depends on what the files future use is.  CMYK, I intend to print it at some point.  RGB, it’s fan art and I will never mass produce it.  It will live solely on the internet.

Then I IMAGE< ADJUSTMENT< THRESHOLD again.  Because resizing everything blurs the lines again.

Now.  Here’s the key to my success.

I create two new layers on top of this one.  One is filled with my background color.  Usually white to begin with.  I go back to the layer with my line art and select only the black.  I then go to the top layer and fill the selection with black.  This is my LINE layer.  Now, right above the line layer there will be four little buttons.  The first looks like a chess board.  While in the line layer, press the checkerboard button.  A padlock will appear next to your line layer’s name. 

THIS MEANS THE PIXELS ON THIS LAYER ARE LOCKED.  Anything you do to that layer will only occur on the pixels on that layer (which is the linework.)  Try painting over a great big swath of that layer.  You’ll see only the linework is affected.

Now I am free to color on any layer I create below the line layer.

Once I am satisfied with the colors I go back into the line layer.  I take the colors next to the black of the linework and with my pencil tool, fill in the lines next to their corresponding color.

In some cases you will want a line to still be there (wrinkles, noses, stuff).  I tend to go with a color just a bit darker than whatever is surrounding it so it remains distinctive.

This is all very time consuming.

And calming.

I love it.

When you’ve colored in all the black lines, it should look like there’s no line work at all and the piece consists solely of colored shapes.

And you’re done.

Again, I never really feel totally comfortable explaining this stuff, because sometimes an written explanation falls short of a visual one.  One day I should do a tutorial or something.

But I hope that helps.

Good luck!


hello hi yeah this was wild but i hope this explains??? some things??? ??

but yeah, no one, i repeat, no one gets out of their mama with the ability of drawing faces…or drawing anything, really.

it’s all about practice. the more you draw the better you will get i promise you.

draw draw draw draw you wont be disappointed. i’m drawing for around 3 years and this is how far i came.

if you have any more questions you can reach me in here or at my fanart blog


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