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Hi! - A little about me: I'm a cis gender male, demisexual panromantic. What's a good way to explain to someone that I'm not "basically a straight person"? Because when I try to explain to them my romantic/sexual life choices they seem to ignore everything I say and just focus on me either not "looking gay enough" there for I must be straight or they just flat out laugh at me & tell me that being "panromantic" is not enough and that most men have "crushes" on men aka "bromances" - what do!? T_T

I´m sorry to hear you´re having to hear those awful things!

Idk why I thought of this but bare with me! Take an egg and next time someone says that to  you CRUSH the egg and say “That´s how I feel about your gross heteronormativity” and leave 

Now fun aside I´d distance myself from those people, they´re not good for you. There are other people out there who are more understanding and sweeter, surround yourself with them.

- Paula

i went to the psychiatrist today, looking to get a professional diagnosis for bpd. when i told her that i think i have bpd she said “oh good! its really hard to diagnose people with things when they have no idea what they might have.” she also said that if i think i have bpd, then i probably have bpd. its that simple. she even told me to do my own research and come to my own conclusions and then bring back what ive put together. so everyone that has said that my self diagnosis was stupid or wrong, eat my entire ass.

things that the vld characters need

shiro: hugs. someone give him so many hugs

pidge: a goddamn place to plug in their poor video game gosh darn it

keith: a good nap

hunk: some decent materials to make some bomb cookies

lance: this boi deserves some love and i am willing to give it to him

coran: some figure skates (watch out yoi developers coran is comin for ur brand)

allura: hair ties

(feel free to add more characters!!)

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So, I'm going to start working on my own AMV/PMV, and I wanted your opinion. What things do you believe are crucial for a good PMV/AMV? You seem pretty good at making these amazing SIMVs, and I would like to know what you look for when making your own videos.

man ok well obvi we’re not experts bc we have a long way to go still, but some things we try to keep in mind/usually follow are -

1. environment palettes - just like a map, we usually make several palettes to fit our pmvs. it helps give the video a strong united theme throughout and you can really play with color theory and how it affects the mood (best example is our leopardstar mv where the colors change from red + gold to purple + gold)

2. timing + storyboard - are you telling an interesting story?? i think a lot of problems ppl have w/ PMVs is that they choose slow songs because they don’t want to draw as many frames/drawings, and while it can be great, often times it comes off boring and slow (and people tend to click away). try and think of neat ways to break up your composition in your storyboard and always be sure to include environment shots - these are real characters in a real setting, not just cats on a black BG

3. originality - if someone has already used the song for something warriors related, we usually won’t do it. a lot of our storyboards/ideas have been left to collect dust bc someone put out a map with the same song (even if it’s different characters). try and broaden your music taste + character range (minor characters!!!) and do stuff that no one else has 

4. the hot stuff - does your storyboard/idea make you super excited??? are there parts where you’re like “oooOHHHHHHH!!!!!” ???? if you find it super hot, chances are that most other people will like it too. don’t be afraid to revise your storyboards/ideas a lot, our original ideas + compositions usually contrast wildly with what our final product is.

5. editing - i can’t say too much on this because I’m not the editor, but editing is crucial in making an interesting pmv. always try to have something moving, even if it’s just a slow tween of clouds going by or a slow zoom. your mv needs to be visually interesting as well as tell a good story. try not to get too caught up in adding camera effects + tweens though, it is easy to go overboard and do too much so make sure that it flows with the song + mood. 

one thing I really love about Eliot is that like, he’s not looking for redemption. not because he doesn’t regret the things he’s done or want to change but just because, as far as he’s concerned, there is no redemption for someone like him. 

As far as Eliot’s concerned, he’s damned, and there’s nothing he can do to change that, whatever he does, whoever he saves, he’s still going to hell, and, everything he does is in spite of that.

Like, I think, it’s easy to miss how, completely selfless Eliot’s actions are. He’s not doing this to try to atone, he’s not doing this looking for redemption, all the people he helps, all the lives he saves, there’s no ulterior motives just Eliot doing good for the sake of doing good.

and idk I just, always really apreciate that the show never like, justifies who Eliot used to be, or the things that he’s done. You’re always supposed to understand that Eliot’s done terrible things and you’re not supposed to excuse those things. The focus is never on making you feel bad for Eliot because of the things he’s done, it’s on who he is and what he does now, in spite of, and because of who he was. 

Eliot’s past is a part of him, and he’s not trying to undo that or make up for it, he’s just trying to live with it.

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Do you have any tips for colouring skin and how to shade it without overdoing it?

There’s one tutorial about colouring in my FAQ that might be helpful for you. And this is very, very basic:

Skin colour depends on many things like the source and type of the light that hits the skin surface, the colours of surroundings that reflect the light etc. The skin isn’t the same everywhere, there are veins under it that shows as different hues. It’s good to use references to see how everything looks like. Also idk what you mean by overdoing? because it all depends on the light. Experiment and observe. There are no strict rules.

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My mom told me to gather up some laundry (my room is a mess and I'm wearing my only clean underwear rn) and I just looked at my floor and felt like crying. I managed to gather it up and then just laid on my bed for a while because I couldnt get myself to go all the way to the basement to put it in the washer. I think it was b/c executive dysfunction but idk and idk how to explain it beyond "I want to do the thing but cant do the thing right now" and I ended up crying b/c I had to do laundry?

This does sound like executive dysfunction. A good way to explain it when you’re feeling like this specifically is “I’m really overwhelmed and I can’t do the next step.” Most people understand that when they don’t understand wanting to do something and not being able to make it happen.


@taestory this is for u /)u(\

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Iwaizumi's, Oikawa's, and/or Tendou's (you can choose whichever or do all if you want) S/O collapses (for whatever reason) and how they react scenario... (idk how to do asks... sorry.)

Well, I enjoyed these. A concerned BF is always good, even if for them it doesn’t feel like it at the time. I actually had to look up a few things that caused collapse and fainting, so I’m unsure of the specifics for some of these. If things seem wrong please let me know and I can be aware!

Panic was his first response. Iwaizumi’s heart seemed to stop when he had turned to see them on the ground, unmoving. His own body froze, he forgot how to breath, and he thought his own legs were going to give out. Giving a hoarse call to them, he was quickly moving, dropping to his knees beside them with hands unsure of what to do next.

“Hey, come on,” he finally spoke - or yelled - as he reached to pull them up against his chest, shaking them gently. His heart was suddenly pounding against his ribs, thoughts running one thousand miles a minute, “come on, [First Name]. Shit!”

He saw their eyes flutter, allowing him to breath as they started taking in the world again. They turned to him, brows furrowed before their hand rose to their forehead, “It hurts…” was all they were able to croak.

Cursing again, Iwaizumi secured his arm around them, hoisting them up as he stood. They had probably hit their head on their way down and he wasn’t about to leave them unattended in case they had a concussion. “Just one step at a time,” he guided easily as they made their way down the street.

Luckily, there was no concussion, but they had been dehydrated. Obviously, Iwaizumi was going to have to keep a sharper eye on them.

Oikawa hadn’t seen it coming, but when he saw them go down, he reacted immediately. His hands reached out, taking hold of their waist and securing them against him. Their head lulled back and terror filled the pit of his stomach, his hands instantly began trembling in their hold.

“[First Name],” he called out despite the act feeling hopeless the moment it escaped him. He swallowed thickly as thoughts bombarded his mind. But he didn’t have time to think, not right now, he needed to move, to act.

Without another second wasted, he lifted them against his chest, grip tight and adrenaline racing. He wasn’t sure where his feet were carrying him until he found himself moving through the hospital doors, demanding for help. Oikawa answered any questions given: no, he didn’t know what was wrong. No, this hadn’t happened before. They were fine just before.

It was an hour later that they came to, mind groggy as they stared at the white walls around them. Before they could even attempt to ask questions, Oikawa was answering them.

“We’re at the hospital,” he spoke slowly, “you’re parents are on the way. You had a syncope episode, the doctor said you’ll be fine.”

While they could or could not experience this again, Oikawa knew he wouldn’t be able to drop very far from red-alert.

Thankfully, Tendou’s hands already had a hold of them when they was going down, his grasp instantly tightened, his smile disappearing in an instant. He had witnessed the way their skin paled and how their eyes had rolled back into their head. It was the most terrifying image he had ever witnessed. And for the slightest moment, he thought he was about to do the same thing.

His mouth opened to call out to them but no sound escaped. His throat was closed up and he could feel the stinging prick of tears attack his eyes. What was he supposed to do? Did he call for help? Did he take them somewhere? He held them securely against his chest, cradling them as he sunk to the ground, hand reaching for his cell phone. He was in the middle of dialing emergency services when he felt them stir in his arms, his wide eyes dropping to them.

“Hey, you okay?” he questioned, voice softer than he had ever heard it before.

Their brows pinched before the looked up at him, confusion clear on their expression. “That was weird,” they finally spoke, earning them a not-so-amused snort from Tendou in response. He was about to demand what had happened, but they were speaking before he could, “I just… blacked out. I think my legs were locked.”

He scoffed, leaning forward to brush his lips against theirs, grateful that nothing severe had happened in the midst of that terrible moment. “Not more of that then.”

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What do you think of "Who´s it gonna be?" by Boys generally Asian? :D

uhh not to be a spoilsport but i really dont like them lmao, for me,, its just really annoying ?? sndakfjda look i dont have anybody making a kpop parody or whatever theyre doing, making fun of kpop fans nd kboos and the kpop culture that surrounds all of this i have nothing against that tbh bdisak i think its a good thing evn to make some people realize what theyre doing lmao but the disrespect (idk i dont think is disrespect i just cant find the right word rn hah) towards the idols is what kinda bothers me idk, the mv got like 5 million views in 3 days ? see there are trainees that work thier asses off for YEARS to debut and then flop with 78k views on the mv and disband after 2 songsbc its not making enough money for the company and all of this u know nd there we have these 5 yt fame guys that jokingly start a “kpop group” nd they suddenly have a huge fan base nd shit ? alright. i also feel like they were making fun of idols leaving the group which reminded me of tao kris nd luhan but i dont want to get into that jnsfkjnfdsda its rlly not that deep ik that myself its just bothering me

i honestly have nothing against people that think BgA is funny and enjoy watching their videos ( i like nigahiga myself, he usually makes good videos im just not here for BgA lmao) but i just think,,, its really ,,unfunny and annoying ?? 

did this little comic thing instead of precal hw because episode 15 killed me

//let me know if you guys wanna see more stuff like this :D (also this looks way better on my blog pls view there)

entp today (theme: jokes)
  • basically this is how my bantering went today in music class
  • entp: do you know why when i look into a mirror, i laugh?
  • isfj: no why
  • entp: because i can appreciate a good joke
  • isfj: poor thing
  • enfp: yeah i feel sorry for the mirror *gets swatted by entp* what? it's true
  • entp: you little-
  • esfj: im quite good at telling jokes
  • istp: you're a joke
  • entp: it takes one to know one
  • esfj: *snorts*
  • estp: *spews some bullshit*
  • entj: you're so full of shit
  • entp: i have a strong suspicion he is a cow
  • *everybody stares at entp*
  • entp: all he gives out is bullshit
  • *continues staring*
  • isfj: wait. so there were no pianos in Bach's time?
  • istp: yes. in the barouque-
  • entp: do you know why bach didn't get a piano?
  • entp: because he's ba-roke (broke)
  • enfp: save me

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My parents were (mainly emotionally) abusive as long as I can remember but in the last 2-3 years we mostly get along and I really like spending time with them and they're rarely mean anymore and it's very confusing for me like I don't understand how they're even the same people? And sometimes I don't even feel like my childhood was me?

emotional abuse

yeah, my mom’s the same. it’s good they dont abuse you anymore, but it is highly invalidating. idk a good thing to do is look at any trauma symptoms you have and be like “i wouldnt have these if it wasnt for abuse”

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Since youre basically furry god, do you know any good anatomy tips or guides for drawing furries? Im just JUST getting into art because i want to draw my fursona, so im looking for tips (like how do necks work?? And connect to body????). And ALSO, would you recommend getting a good grasp of human anatomy before jumping right into furries? Since humans are boring and theres no snout so whats the point? thank you for listening to my questions and if you have an answer a+, thanks either way though

Idk what gave you impression I’m furry god but
don’t do what I did, I started drawing with absolutely no construct foundation on anatomy so everything I draw is based off of “I think this looks right” instead of it being actually right which isn’t a very good thing!
Anatomy will help you draw better poses and exaggerations in certain parts. It will also help you understand to draw digitigrade legs and body types as well!

Use refs refs refs; it is so important and the fastest way for anyone to get better at drawing

Watching art streams on helps too! Study your favorite artists’ styles as well! But don’t completely eye to eye it, but study it so you understand why the artist did what they did!

can everyone stop acting like “strong female characters who are badass and can still be feminine!!!!” is somehow revolutionary…. i wanna see strong tomboy female characters, strong butch female characters, female characters saving the day with hairy armpits and dirty sneakers and ugly cargo shorts. of course feminine strong female characters are great bc theyre still strong female characters, but praising their femininity in particular is so odd when female characters have only ever been feminine, theyre expected to be and not accepted otherwise

being angry is exhausting

Steven Universe Ask

Idk if this is like a trending thing on tumblr rn but I’ve seen a lot of ask posts lately so I figured I’d make one as well c: 

Steven - Would you concider yourself a good friend? How has your way of treating friends and other people changed over time? 

Garnet - What do you look for in a partner? Are you in a relationship right now? What is really important to you in a relationship? 

Pearl - Name five things you love about yourself and your personality and five things you hate 

Amethyst - How is the relationship of you and your body? Do you have self-esteem issues? How do you cope with that?

Bismuth - What are your morals? What do you concider right or wrong? What is something you could never do because it would hurt your moral views? 

Connie - What are/were you like as a student? In which subjects do/did you have difficulties? Which do/did you love? 

Peridot - What fandoms are you into? Do you own any merchandise? Do you draw fanart sometimes or do you even write fanfiction? 

Lapis - How do you feel about your past and your past-self? Do you easily let go of bad memories or is moving on hard for you? 

Jasper - Are you hard on yourself? Do you push yourself to get better and better? How much do you care about your health? 

Ruby - What do you usually get angry about? How do you express anger? 

Sapphire - Do you tend to overthink and overanalyze things and see problems everywhere? How do you cope with stress? 

Rose - Name your favorite animals and plants. Do you have any pets or plants?

Greg - What music do you like? Any favorite genre, bands or singers? Name your current favorite song