you look at will like.

Holding in her Arms

Sometimes when I look at a picture I see a story behind the image.  This was definitely true of this story and I’m sure had absolutely nothing to do with the time I spent looking at the picture!  

I hope you like it

And here’s the picture as a little reminder…

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(Em did you really expect me to go through your whole birthday without making a big happy birthday post saying how much I appreciate you?)

Okay. So y'all know @staganddragon right? WELL TODAY (December 12th) IS HER BIRTHDAY!!! (So go send her a bunch of nice and happy birthday messages!)

There are so many reasons why I love and adore Em so much, and what better time to share these things than on her birthday!

FIRST OFF: Emily is so talented? Her writing? INCREDIBLE! Her art? AMAZING! Headcannons? HOLY HECK! Her music? OUT OF THIS WORLD! (I mean come on, her voice is ANGELIC) She does so many amazing things and she will continue to inspire me every day. If you haven’t seen her writing/art/music before I highly suggest you go check it all out!

SECOND: Emily is so nice and supportive??? If someone compliments her she always turns back around and compliments them back??? She always shares kindness and happiness with everyone??? And I can’t even explain how supportive she is with people, she just always encourages others and is just overall amazing?? AND LETS NOT FORGET THE FACT THAT WHEN PEOPLE ENCOURAGED HER TO GET A KO-FI SHE ASKED FOR PEOPLE TO DONATE TO HER FAVORITE CHARITY INSTEAD??? LIKE WOW????

THIRD: Em is a perfect angel??? I dunno if you’ve seen Emily, but SHE IS A BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING! WOW! GORGEOUS! AMAZING!!! AN ANGEL!!!!! A STUNNING HUMAN BOTH INSIDE AND OUT!!!

There are so many other reasons as to why Em is amazing, I feel like I could be here all day writing things! I could talk about how she is never hateful towards anyone, and how she always is making friends with new people. I could even talk about how supportive she is of my cosplay, or any of my other things that I make, she just continues to encourage me to do more things!!! Just! Thank you for being you!

Emily, you are such a fantastic friend, honestly I’m so glad I reblogged that one post from you that started us talking to one another. I feel so grateful and happy that you exist and that you are a part of my life. You are such a joy to talk to and you always make me smile so big. You’re always making screech over the posts you create and you always inspire me so much. I’m so lucky to have a friend like you and I hope with all of my heart and soul that your birthday is AMAZING! And I hope you enjoy your first official day of being an adult!!!!

Happy 18th Birthday Emily! 

(Draco also wishes you have a fantastic birthday too!)

(P.S. I know we both said we aren’t overly sappy with friends, but I felt like you deserved a post saying how amazing you are!)

The Mystic Messenger gang celebrating Hanukkah to support Jewish MC~!


Some wlw for the Carry On Countdown


I used to imagine things, quietly, to myself.  I wouldn’t tell anyone, I would rarely even write them down.  I was afraid if I did, if I made them manifest, I would spot all the cracks, and then even my imagination wouldn’t be enough.

           I told myself it was enough.

           Nothing creepy, no dark fantasies, in fact most of them were about as dark as a marshmallow, but they were things that could never happen.

           Forehead kisses.  Slow dances.  Palm kisses. Laying for hours entangled.  Neck kisses.

           A lot of kisses, come to think of it.

           They could never happen, so imagination had to be enough.

           Then they happened.



           Her fingers sift through my hair.

           “I’ve been thinking.”

           “What about?”

           “We should probably tell Penelope.”

           Trixie sits up on the bed.  “Why does she have to know?”

           “She’s your roommate.”  I reach up and brush the skin of her jaw with my fingers.  “She probably ought to know.”

           “She’d tell on us.”

           “Penelope?  She’s the one who sneaks into the boys’ house all the time.”  Trixie takes my hand in hers.  “Did you hear she figured out how to get into Simon Snow’s room?”

           “Wouldn’t surprise me,” she says, rolling her eyes.

           “Besides, what would she even tell on us for, being gay?”

           “I just don’t think she needs to know.”

           “She’ll figure it out eventually,” I run my thumb over the back of her hand, “might as well get it out of the way.”

           Trixie flops back down to the bed next to me. My cheek tingles as her pixie dust settles on my skin.  It’s warm and makes me a little bit fuzzy (or maybe that’s just her).  “Alright,” she concedes, “if you think we ought to.”

           “If you really don’t want to, we don’t have to.”

           “No, you’re probably right, it’s just…” she smirks, “I liked the idea of having something over her for a change, you know? Like, something we’re in on that she isn’t.”

           I kiss the end of her nose (one of my imaginings).  “If we’re lucky, it’ll mean we get the room to ourselves more.”

           She smiles that smile I can’t get enough of. “I like the sound of that.”

When Penelope gets back to the room, we stand from the bed.

           “Penelope,” Trixie starts, “Keris and I need to talk to you about something.”

           “No, we can’t fit another bed in here,” Penelope says.

           “That’s not it,” I tell her.

           “Then what?”

           Trixie glances at me.  I give her a reassuring smile.

           “Keris and I…” Trixie looks back at Penelope, “we’re dating.”

           “No shit.”

           I want to laugh because she must be joking, but her expression hasn’t changed.  “Wait, did you know?”

           “Did I know that you’ve been giggling and whispering and getting lovey-dovey pixie dust into every crevice of the room for the past three years?”  She raises an eyebrow.  “Yeah. I knew.”

           Trixie starts.  “Wait, three years?  What are you talking about?”

           “Penny,” I venture, my brow drawn, “we’ve only been dating for like a week.”

           Her eyes jump back and forth between the two of us like she keeps expecting one of us to go psych! and we’ll all laugh about it, but it’s so quiet I can hear Trixie’s dust hit the ground.

           “You…” Penelope finally says, “have got to be joking.” She actually sinks to her bed like she can’t take the news standing up.  “You mean the last few years of touching and cuddling and kissing… that was all platonic?

           “Well, not really,” Trixie corrects her.  “I’ve had a crush on Keris for years, and it turns out she liked me, too.”  She takes my hand and I’m blushing like I always do.  “We just only figured it out a week ago.”

           “And what do you mean ‘kissing’?” I add.  “We never kissed before we started dating.”

           Penelope stares at me.  “You mean all the casual pecks on the cheek didn’t count?”

           I blush deeper.  “We didn’t even know we liked each other.”

           “Nicks and Slicks, so you’ve just been pining after each other all this time?”

           “Pretty much,” Trixie nods.

           Penelope looks like she’s in shock.  “You oblivious idiots,” she says so quietly I think she might not have meant to say it at all.  Then again, she’s not the type to internalize her thoughts.

           “Anyway,” I say, not really sure how to conclude this situation, “we figured you should know.”

           I must sound dejected because Penelope looks up at me and there’s a little compassion in her eyes, something I don’t know if I’ve ever seen on her face before (it’s not that she’s mean, it’s just that she’s not always… nice).  “I am happy for you,” she tells us, “really I am, but… Crowley, if you were that sappy before, what are you going to be like now?

           Trixie grins, and I love her.  “So much worse, Penny.”  It’s a bit vindictive, the way she says it, but I’m grinning too and I love her.  “So much worse.”

“Let’s change things up. I’ll finish the song and you eat-”

“No fucking way, you’ll ruin it, get your greasy hands away from-”

“Good idea. I’ll rap! Come, Jihoon, eat some chicken and let us do this!”

“Shut up Soonyoung and let me fucking finish!”

Or: How the volume bump appeared in SVT’s Change Up MV at 0:49 (

I don’t know why I murdered myself and drew three people when I can barely draw one.


I was tagged by @changkihyunn to post 7 selfies from 2017 thanks for tagging me ♡♡♡♡ ( I cut my hair in the middle of 2017 just saying lol )

I tag: @galaxyeggstyle @chencake@ktyonie @eggkyun @1ovmx @minhyuksfatgf @youbetterrunawaybaby @wooonho

Can we … take a little bit moment….. To talk about the fact that first, nobu being the first guest to kaji-kun’s show, Kaji100. And now nobu have his own show , OkamotoTravel, Kaji-kun is going to be the first guest to that show.

Can we just… appreciate their (bromance) sweet relationship they shared here?


hi tumblr

anonymous asked:

forgive me for going through your blog and mass liking/rbing it's just that you have a lot of funny posts so i hope it doesn't bother you!!

kpop tag

I was tagged by the lovely @porkchanyeolo, (I need to speak to you more <3)🌸

1. ultimate bias

EGGSO-… I mean Kyungsoo my little squishy.

2. ultimate bias wrecker?

Jongin or dibidibidis Minho, they are both the definition of a perfect man (besides ksoo of course)

3. favourite kpop song?

I’m going to shock you all…it’s not an EXO song (*gasps*)

My favourite kpop song is actually Everybody by SHINee , just everything about it was perfect, the song never fails to get my hype, the choreo was on another level, the stage outfits were amazing, they outdid themselves that comeback

4. first kpop song?

Overdose by EXO which is a pretty good one to start with

5. favourite kpop album/single?

EXO- For Life (maybe I’m just in a Christmas mood)

6. favourite kpop ship?

I don’t ship romantically but for friendships then I like Chansoo’s  Tom and Jerry like dynamic, they are hilarious together

7. hard or soft stan?

SOFT. Ask anyone in the group chat how much I talk about ksoo’s tummy, how I want to wrap him in blankets and cook with him. I’m the softest stan you will ever meet.

8. favourite kpop company?

SM- makes questionable management decisions but in terms of concepts, music etc is on another level.

9. backstory of how you got into kpop?

Overdose for some reason was a suggested video on YouTube and my friend had been telling me to listen to kpop for ages so I decided to watch the MV. As soon as I heard ksoo’s “so bad no one can stop her” I was like yep I like this. The second song I listened to was Wolf so I noped out of there fast. Then 2015 came and I listened to Call Me Baby came out and I loved it, went back to Wolf and for some reason liked it the second time.

Then went through SHINee, CNBlue, Suju, Infinite and was hooked.

I’m tagging @chogiwamy, @shimmie-shimmie-kokobop, @baozibunns, @rome-ong, @bbtoben, @donotrustducks, @buffalexo, @lustrehan, @yeoleow, @joshuaslilprincess and @eol-eum-gong-ju to do this tag if you want to :)