you live and you burn

You were meant to be here. The universe worked for billions of years to create you. Whole stars lived and died for you to exist. They sacrificed themselves so that you could rise from their ashes. Their dust is in your bones, their light in your thoughts. You see beauty where they could only shine. You feel warmth where they could only burn. What a miracle you are, you living, breathing thing. You have a place in this universe. You were meant to see, to feel, to know, to love. You were meant to be here. 

Kou: It’s really muggy outside today.

Ruki: If I go outside and all the mugs are on the front lawn, I’m kicking you out of this family.

Kou: *sips coffee from a bowl*

The easist way to demonize your enemies is to name your group something everyone wants, then no matter how bad your group is people will be accused of being bigots if they oppose you.

Black Lives Matter - That’s true, but you’re burning down cities.

AntiFa- Fascism IS cancer but you’re using violence and intimidation to achive your political goal which is fascism.

Feminism - Yes men and woman ARE equal but no, we’re not in a rape culture and no, not all men are rapist. Just stop.

like yeah, some days are good and i’m smiling at the little things and things don’t hurt and on those days, i know i’m gonna survive this. and yeah, it hurt so bad when you left, but it’s been a while now and most days aren’t rain clouds and glass shards anymore. i don’t cry every day or scream your name in my sleep. and i laugh. i laugh a lot. but then i stop laughing. and there’s still a knot in my stomach that only you can untie. there is not a day that goes by where you don’t cross my mind every five minutes. it’s like you live inside of me and i can’t get you out without burning myself to the ground.


F.E.A.R. won’t steal what burns in you

This is what I think of every time I see rumors of P3DAN

I mean, Mass Destruction 

anonymous asked:

Does NY survive all the shit going on?

New York’s eyes flickered at the buzz and clang of the opposite cell’s door opening and closing, the cuss and spit of the newest occupant and the slap of the officer’s shoes as they walked away. 

He could tell, from the murky mind of the man who was returning to his office and his old reruns, that it was because he thought New York was still asleep.

That was understandable. He was lying flat on the bed. And the movement of his eyes wasn’t noticeable unless you knew what to look for. They’d barely opened; it was more of a shift behind the lids before stilling again, like a lizard on hot stone unwilling to move just yet. 

The officer hadn’t stopped, he didn’t know the movement, didn’t recognise it. You could be born in New York without understanding it. Family didn’t always breed loyalty. The ones who did know him were smart enough to stay away, instead of peering in like it was feeding time at the zoo.

‘Hey, cousin.’

Speaking of being smart enough to stay away…

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Taylor Swift // Time

Picture to Burn: So watch me strike a match on all my wasted time 

Teardrops on My Guitar: He’s the time taken up, but there’s never enough

Fifteen: I’ve found time can heal most anything

You’re Not Sorry: All this time i was wasting, hoping you would come around 

I’ve been givin’ out chances every time and all you do is let me down 

Back to December: ‘Cause the last time you saw me is still burned in the back of your mind

I’d go back in time to change it, but I can’t

Forever and Always: Once upon a time, I believe it was a Tuesday when I caught your eye 

Change: You know it’s all the same, another time and place, repeating history and you’re gettin’ sick of it

Innocent: I guess you really did it this time, you left yourself in your war path

Time turns flame to embers, you’ll have new Septembers 

Haunted: You and I walk a fragile line I have known it all this time

Long Live: I said remember this moment, in the back of my mind, he time we stood with our shaking hands, the crowds and stands went wild 

I’ve had the time of my life with you

The Last Time: This is the last time I’m asking you this, put my name at the top of your list, this is the last time I’m asking you why, you break my heart in the blink of an eye

This is the last time I’m asking you, last time I’m asking you, last time I’m asking you this 

WANEGBT: This time, I’m telling you, I’m telling you, we are never ever ever getting back together

IKYWT: Once upon a time, a few mistakes ago

All Too Well: Time won’t fly it’s like I’m paralyzed by it

Stay Stay Stay: Stay, stay, stay, I’ve been loving you for quite some time time time 

Sad, Beautiful, Tragic: And time is takin’ its sweet time erasing you

Distance, timing, breakdown, fighting

Everything Has Changed: And all I feel in my stomach is butterflies, the beautiful kind, makin’ up for lost time 

Come back and tell me why i’m feelin like I’ve missed you all this time 

Sweeter than Fiction: I’ll be there time and again, cause I loved you when…when you hit the ground, hit the ground, hit the ground oh oh 

Bad Blood: It’s so sad to think about the good times, you and I.

Style:I watch us go ‘round and 'round each time 

When we go crashing down we come back every time 

I said “I’ve been there too a few times”

This Love: Through losing grip, on sinking ships, you showed up just in time

I Know Places: Loose lips sink ships all the damn time 

New Romantics: We’re all here, the lights and boys are blidning, we hang back, it’s all in the timing


Like the Sun

She is like the sun;
far away
so hard to be reached
to be touched,
but when you do
you feel yourself on fire
burning down
turning into ashes and dusts,
carried by the wind to
abandoned houses
and empty streets.

She is like the sun
your world is
brighter with her,
alive because of her.
You cannot leave,
cannot stay away
but also cannot stay close.

Be with her and she’ll burn you,
stay away and you’ll live in darkness forever.

It’s only been a month and a half, though it feels longer. Way longer. But I’m still falling asleep in the same bed we used to spend every sweaty night in. 

I’m still walking our halls and humming our songs and laughing with our friends–

and honestly, it is better without you here–

but I still miss you the way I did the first night I clutched a cold pillow to my chest and realized it would never be you in my arms again.

—  Hostage /.w.m.w.