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Cheddar teasing his brother 😂 ~I’m not touching you~
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Mattandmellos-littleshit | Stay Away from Trouble

Finding out that one perfect spot for business was only a bittersweet taste of success. Venturing those dangerous streets alone was setting yourself up to be easy prey. Devoured whole if a group grew conscious about Jawliet’s presence in drug dealing. Even on a battle against one did not guarantee success if proper measurements weren’t taken beforehand. Physically the male was just ordinary, yet mentally he was capable of avoiding sudden death. Danger wasn’t that easy to avoid. Forced to move once again the male found himself in the ghettos of Los Angeles. Discovering a whole new city, gangs and infrastructure. There wasn’t much time to settle down as money was becoming small in amounts.

Before heading to the main city to find out a spot, Jawliet went sightseeing. Discovering the buildings, areas that should be avoided and supermarkets. The male’s accent was already an oddity, and now in a city the man proved to be even more of an outcast. His gaze went to a highschool. The sight was difficult to admire as it reminded him of the messed up past he had, the opportunities he missed and… His thought process briefly came to an end with a familiar nosie being heard. Mocking tones, whimpers… A first was formed before he walked around a corner. Five guys against one. Jawliet did not think, lost in a scent of revenge and that caring side he had. Taking advantage of the surprise he held no mercy as his fist began to slam against them one at a time. A vision went to the blonde on the floor. His hand reached out to him as he spoke gently. “Are you alright?”