you little vulcan shit


This whole exchange brings up a few questions. 

How often does McCoy contact Spock and ask him to check on Jim.
‘Jim’s burst into sickbay, started barking like a dog and demanded to go out for walkies. You best check on him, Spock.’ 
And Spock falls for it *every* time. 

Spock’s face at the end is like ‘You don’t have to bother Captain, I’m going to sickbay and beating that little shit right now!’
But, you know, he was more Vulcan about it. 

deleted scene from v: the final frontier
  • kirk: *grasps spock's shoulders with obvious intentions*
  • spock: "please captain. not in front of the klingons"
  • kirk: ...
  • spock: ...
  • kirk: ...
  • spock: "but i better see you at 0100 in my quarters tonight because it may not be pon farr but if i don't have you soon i'll surely die