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Speaking from experience, I can tell you that Jack Zimmermann, who grew up chubby and awkward and strange-looking, will now sometimes catch a glimpse of his reflection and not recognize himself. And in those little jarring moments he’ll see his dad, not how he is now, but how he looked when Jack was still growing up.

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Maybe Le Equius or Nepeta cuddle with whoever

i had to shrink the photo a lil bit ri p,, but i think?? this is what you meant :0

I posted a chat post about Licht having a playground crush on Hyde and expressing it in the worst way. I liked the idea that wrote a little AU on it.

“Now, what did I say about fighting with your friends?” Mahiru lightly lectured the middle schoolers and the two boys mumbled a half-hearted reply. Licht had his arms crossed and his lips were set in a stubborn line. Beside him, Hyde had an equally defiant expression. Mahiru had to sigh at the two. Never in his life had he known two children that fought as much as Licht and Hyde did.

“He’s not my friend.” Licht said and threw Hyde a scowl. A fire sparked between them and Mahiru quickly intervened before they could fight again. Even though Mahiru was only a volunteer, he was often called upon whenever the two fought because he was the only person that could deal with them. He placed a hand on both of their shoulders and spoke softly to them.

“You two are classmates at least. If you two have a disagreement, you should use your words to work it out. You’ll never solve anything if you’re too busy fighting with each other. Now, tell me what this is all about and we’ll find a solution together.” Of course, that was easier said than done because the two immediately started screaming over each other.

“He stole my crayons!” Licht cried. “I was using them and he took it from my hand without asking!”

“They belong to the class!” Hyde was quick to shoot back. “And you just hogged them all.”

“This is about crayons?” Mahiru groaned but he tried to keep his voice calm. “Licht, you need to learn how to share. Those crayons are for everyone to use. Hyde, you cannot take things without asking. Even if he said no, there are a lot of crayons in the bin and you could’ve found another colour.”

Mahiru heard the door open behind him and he turned to see a man enter the small classroom. He recognized Kuro easily because he picked up his brother whenever he got in trouble— which was very often. Hyde grinned widely when he saw his older brother and ran into his waiting arms. He stuck his tongue at Licht from the safety of Kuro’s arms. “I get to go home first. I win.”

“Can’t deal.” Kuro sighed when Licht tried to kick Hyde and Mahiru had to hold him back. He turned to Mahiru and bowed slightly to him. He forced Hyde to lower his head as well. “Sorry about my brother, Mahiru. I’ll have Wrath talk to him when we get home.”

“Maybe you should talk to him. Hyde loves you and respects you so you may get through to him.” Mahiru suggested and Kuro didn’t look convinced.

“If this little troublemaker loved me, he wouldn’t get into fights so I can stay home for once.” Kuro pointed out and playfully ruffled Hyde’s hair. The small boy puffed his cheeks at his brother’s teasing and tried to mess up Kuro’s hair in revenge. Mahiru had to smile at their banter because it was blatantly clear that they loved each other.

“You complain about having to pick me up but you love seeing Shirota-sensei! You should be thanking me—” Kuro quickly covered his brother’s mouth and tried to salvage the situation.

“The things kids say these days!” Kuro laughed shakily with a blush. Mahiru nodded in agreement and giggled. Seeing his smile, Kuro’s heart jumped a little and he did the only thing one could do in that situation. He ran. Still covering Hyde’s mouth, he turned away and said over his shoulder. “Well, we need to get going before Hugh starts to wonder where we are. Bye, Mahiru.”

He waved bye to the pair before he turned back to Licht who was sulking. He knelt in front of him so they were eye levelled with him. “I’m sure your mother will be here soon. Do you want to do something while we wait for her? We can finish colouring that picture you were making for her. Hyde’s not here to steal your crayons so you’ll be able to get it done.”

Licht nodded and ran to his desk to take out his drawing. His parents were often busy because they were famous performers. They loved their son but their jobs didn’t allow them to be with him as much as they wanted. Mahiru would often stay behind to watch over Licht. He sat next to Licht as best as he could in the small chair and looked at his drawing. “That’s a handsome angel. Your mom will love this picture of you.”

“It is me.” Licht beamed, happy that Mahiru quickly recognized what he drew. He tapped a doodle in the corner of his picture. “And I’m protecting Mr. Kitty from this demon.”

“… That looks an awful lot like Hyde.” He frowned but Licht innocently nodded. Mahiru knew that boys often fought with each other when they were young but he couldn’t let them continue. “Licht, why can’t you try to be friends with Hyde?”

“Because his face is stupid and it makes me feel weird.” Licht told him but Mahiru noticed the small blush he had on his face. “He’s just dumb in general. Remember the time I fell and hurt my knee? He hugged me instead of getting you. Somehow, he made my stomach feel weird like there were butterflies. He made me eat butterflies! I don’t know how but he did.”

“He didn’t feed you butterflies.” Mahiru couldn’t help but laugh. It was obvious that Licht was experiencing his first crush but he was too young to understand his feelings. He also concluded that Licht was one of those kids that picked on their crushes without knowing better. But Mahiru knew that it would be best to curb that behaviour. “I think Hyde was trying to comfort you.”

“He was?” Licht looked up at him but then shook his head. “But he’s a demon.”

“Do you want to know how to purify a demon?” Mahiru whispered, as if he was about to divulge a secret, and Licht listened intently. “All a demon need is friendship and kindness. How about you try to get along with Hyde from now on? I’m sure you’ll become close friends. Of course, that will mean no more fighting. An angel and a reformed demon will make a great team, don’t you think?”

“… It is my duty as an angel to purify demons.” Licht said tentatively and Mahiru smiled knowingly. “But I don’t know if Hyde likes me.”

“He does.” Mahiru said reassuringly. “How about we start out with small steps? When you get home, you should write him a letter telling him how you feel. It doesn’t have to be long but you should be honest. If you feel shy about giving it to him in person, you can leave it in his cubby.”

“A note…” Licht mumbled and then smiled. “I’ll tell him exactly how I feel!”

“Sensei!” Hyde ran to Mahiru with a piece of paper clutched in his hand. He held it out to him and said, “I found this in my cubby today! I don’t know who put it there.”

“I think I have an idea.” Mahiru tried to contain his smile as he took the note from Hyde. He was glad that Licht took his advice and wrote Hyde a note. Hopefully, this would mean that they would stop fighting. But when he read the note, his hopes were dashed.

I want you to get out of my school.

Licht, no! This was pretty short but I had a lot of fun writing this. I was going to make Lily the school teacher but he’s Hyde’s brother and would be bias to him. And having Mahiru would let me insert some KuroMahi :P

Fun Fact: Most reptiles can’t osmoregulate excess salt, unless they’re specifically adapted to possess a salt gland that allows them to excrete salt from their body.
Sea snakes, for example, possess a salt gland under their tongue that allows them to expel excess salt from their bloodstream via the mouth. Many other marine or coastal reptiles have similar salt glands.

Most terrestrial or inland reptiles, like Mr. C-word the hognose snake pictured above, do not possess a salt gland and excess salt will cause renal failure and death.

Too much salt kills reptiles. Please avoid exposing your reptiles to high levels of salt.

  • Seungkwan: [about Jihoon] So he told me, "How fucking dare you? You're such an evil bitch. How spiteful and jealous are you? How fucking dare you, Seungkwan. You crossed a major line with me. That shit is not okay, you dumb, evil little fucking troll. You have no idea how much I hate you. You're disgusting."
  • Seungkwan: All I did was wake him up.
  • ARCHIE: [about Veronica] So she told me, "How fucking dare you? You're such an evil bitch. How spiteful and jealous are you? How fucking dare you, Archie. You crossed a major line with me. That shit is not okay, you dumb, evil little fucking troll. You have no idea how much I hate you. You're digusting."
  • ARCHIE: All I did was wake her up.

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Okay, so I went to the movies today with my grandparents (big mistake) to see Kong Skull Island. So like the last 30 mins in my grandma turns around and sees two kids kissing. To us they looked like 14 and 13 (the girl and boy respectively), so she tells my grandpa that they're rude and their young and shouldn't be like that. And I was wondering if you could give me a Jikook headcanon based on that prompt. Sorry for the long ask. Btw I love your blog.

The lights were dim, encasing the theater in a blanket of darkness, the only source of light being the giant flickering movie screen on the far wall of the room. Watcher’s faces were illuminated occasionally by the bright colors, revealing their faces and…activities. It was a bit over an hour into the movie, the climax recently passed indicating that the end of the film was nearing.

And that’s when he noticed it.

“Jimin,” he whispered urgently.

“What?” He still wasn’t looking at him

“Jimin!” Jungkook tries nudging his shoulder.

“I’m trying to watch the movie, what is it??” He finally turns his head over to the other man who was trying desperately to get his attention.

Jungkook nods his head discreetly in the direction of the seats behind them. “Would you look at that?”

Jimin honestly has no idea what the other is talking about until he turns his attention to the who exactly were in those seats. Two young kids—no older than 14—had their lips tightly locked together rather obscenely in the darkness of the theater. Jimin raises an eyebrow at the scene but doesn’t say anything more.

“Can you believe it?” Jungkook says in disbelief.

“Hm,” Jimin responds, absentmindedly.

“They are so young! Too young to be doing that—and in public.”

“Yes Jungkookie you’re right.”

“I wonder if their parents know where they are and what they are up to. Kids these days.” Jungkook shakes his head, shoving in a mouthful of popcorn.

“A huh.”

“I mean, how rude is that? There are children in this theater—hell, they are children—”


The younger stops in the middle of his rant and looks at the older who has quite an amused look on his face.

“While I love your passionate concern for those kids, can we please focus on the kid we have here on our hands? We did come to this movie for her after all.”

Jungkook’s shoulders relax from their tense position at the calming face of his husband, wrinkles from old age at the corners of his smiling eyes. His eyes flicker over to their granddaughter who was completely invested in the final minutes of the movie, oblivious to the scene next to her.

He weaves their fingers together and nods his head lightly, turning back to the giant screen to finish watching the movie.

“And besides, you can’t say that wasn’t us when we were their age.” Jimin murmurs under his breath.

Jungkook splutters.

  • Seungkwan, about Woozi: So he told me, "How fucking dare you? You're such an evil bitch. How spiteful and jealous are you? How fucking dare you, Seungkwan. You crossed a major line with me. That shit is not okay, you dumb, evil little fucking troll. You have no idea how much I hate you. You're disgusting."
  • Seungkwan: All I did was wake him up.

These days I was watching “Trolls” clips and pictures, when suddenly I noticed something strange, a bit unsual about a character. What? About who? Well, I’ll show you right now, and I hope I caught it right. 

I started to look closely to the Trolls’ teeth, almost involuntarily. Yeah, pretty strange and odd you might think, but let me explain. XD Their teeth, just like their ears (Branch is an exception) or fluffy bodies, were rounded: no canines or fangs whatsoever, just round, inoffensive teeth. 

Harper, for example: cool character, heterochromia, of course, but normal and rounded teeth.

And what about Cooper? I see rounded and crooked teeth. Nothing too strange here.

Guy Diamond? Rounded teeth, like the others.

Biggie? Rounded teeth, again.

In conclusion, all the members of the Snack Pack (I left out some of them, but they all have rounded teeth, you can check ther images), and even Poppy, had rounded teeth.

And ok, all this cute and colorful Trolls are perfectly normal. 

But… am I crazy or wrong if I actually say that Branch has canines? XD Watching the movie again and again, I noticed this little particular about him: his teeth seemed sharper, in my opinion, like little “fangs” or more accurately, canines.

I really don’t know if I’m right, maybe it’s just an optical illusion and the perspective/framing fooled me, but think about it: Branch has pointy and moving ears, very sensitive to sounds or danger and, according to these pictures I took, he seems to have little canines. I can’t say that he “evolved” and became like this because of his hard and tough life (or maybe he needed to lacerate food, like fibrous meat or plants with his teeth? Idk, that doesn’t sound right to me. :/), living as a survivalist in the wild woods, because that would be scientifically wrong (I mean, a human wouldn’t change his/her body and grow teeth, claws or bigger ears in that kind of situation, that would take generations and generations of evolution). But Dreamworks, really… the more I look at Branch, the more he doesn’t seem a Rainbow Troll (as they confirmed in the movie and on the toys’ boxes) to me. XD

I think Branch could have been a little more “interesting” (no hate with this words, I love that little, hysterical and crazy-prepared dork the way he is) if he was a different type/species of Troll. So, what do you think? 


The Company is surprised by how fiercely protective you are of them when any of them are in danger, since you are a generally gentle, sweet, and easy-going person.

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  The nasty trolls continued to rotate the dwarves over the campfire, exchanging evil grins of anticipation.  They had tied up the rest in sacks, but left you out.

   “Don’t bother restraining the female,” the troll with the deep voice told the other.  “She’s no threat to us.”

    And so, you had remained sitting in the dirt, realizing that you would not be able to fight off the trolls by yourself even with your skills.  The trolls had confiscated your weapons as with the others.  You did manage to keep a dagger concealed in your cloak.  But if you fought back now, you’d just get tied up with the others.  Your best bet would be to wait for the right moment to strike.  However, you realized this wasn’t exactly an option the moment they started to cook your friends.  

    “I’m warning you, trolls,” you snapped suddenly, glaring at them.  “If you don’t let them go, you’ll have more to worry about than turning to stone!”

    Thorin, who remained silent for the most part, looked over at you incredulously, raising his eyebrows.  Bilbo struggled in the sack beside you, but looked just as shocked.

    “Oi, what’s gotten into ______?”  Dwalin called, surprised.  

    “I don’t know, but I like it,” Kili replied, grinning despite the dire situation.

    One of the trolls laughed, pointing at you mockingly. The one with the annoying, squeaky voice looked offended.  “Hey, what makes a human maiden like you think she can speak to us like that?”

   You clenched your jaw, inching your hand towards your hidden dagger as you stared him down.  “I mean it.  If you hurt any of them,” your voice lowered into a growl, “I’ll be the one roasting you over the fire.”

    “Shut up!”  The one with the deeper voice stopped laughing and lowered his face to get a better look at you.  You had to refrain from vomiting when his rotten breath blew on your face.  “One more word from you, and you’ll be first on our menu.”

    You opened your mouth to spit back a witty reply when you heard Thorin growl your name.  You glanced over to see him shaking his head with a warning look.  He didn’t want you to put yourself at risk for them.  But there was no way you’d just sit back and let this go on.  So, you simply ignored him, breaking eye contact and turning your attention back to the ugly troll face in front of you.

    “Look, I hate to break it to you, but you can’t eat those dwarves,” you said simply, your hand firmly grasping the dagger in your cloak.  This was it. If you could get the troll just a little bit closer, you could slash him across the face.  That would give you just enough time to free a few of the dwarves and get your weapons.

   “And why not?”  The other troll squeaked at you.

    There was a shuffle in the dirt behind you, and then you felt something press against your side.

    “Because you’re making a terrible mistake!”  Bilbo interjected, standing beside you awkwardly with his arms and legs bound in the sack.  “With the seasoning, I mean.”  You looked at him in confusion, wondering what the hobbit could possibly be up to. His eyes met yours briefly before darting away.  You followed his gaze to the line of trees in the background, noticing a flash of gray move in the darkness.

    Ah, that’s what’s up.

   Help was on the way.  

    You exchanged subtle nods with Bilbo, silently agreeing to continue distracting the trolls.  Silently, your hand released the dagger from its grip as you continued the verbal banter.


   Gandalf had shown up at the right time, and it worked out so that the trolls turned to stone at the first light of dawn.  You set to work on setting the dwarves free.

               “That really was something back there, _______,” Fili told you, clapping a hand on your shoulder affectionately.  “I didn’t know you had it in you.”

    Balin approached you with a gentle smile on his face. You and the dwarves hadn’t been on this journey for very long, but you had grown to care about them so much already. Balin had become somewhat of a grandfatherly figure towards you.

    “We appreciate you looking after us, child,” he told you.  

    “Just be sure to have more caution in the future,” Thorin interjected.  “It wouldn’t have done us any good to have you eaten by the trolls.”


    “Don’t mind him!”  Bofur told you, dismissing Thorin’s solemn warnings with the wave of his hand.  “He was just worried about you.  We all were.”

   “Me?  But you guys were the ones getting cooked!”

  • Harry: [about Niall] So he told me, "How fucking dare you? You're such an evil bitch. How spiteful and jealous are you? How fucking dare you, Harry. You crossed a major line with me. That shit is not okay, you dumb, evil little fucking troll. You have no idea how much I hate you. You're disgusting."
  • Harry: All I did was wake him up.