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“My name is Walter C. Dornez, butler to the Hellsing family and former master vampire hunter. I highly recommend pissing yourself, followed by a course of praying to your impotent God.”

Any Other Way-Jonah Marais

Request: Do you think you could maybe write a fluffy Jonah imagine, of you guys having your first fight but y'all just end up cuddling and laughing instead

♥ ♥ ♥

“Whoa, what are you doing?” you hesitantly ask Jonah from the other side of the kitchen as he pours sugar into a measuring cup. Since this was the first free day you’d had together since the boys got to London, you figured that you and Jonah would put it to use. 

Los Angeles, although you loved it, wasn’t exactly the best place to celebrate your favorite season and since London was known for its nippy weather, you and Jonah decided to celebrate fall by baking some sugar cookies. 

“I thought we needed a cup of sugar?” he asks, his face riddled with confusion as he slowly sets the ingredients aside. “No, one half cup of sugar.” you correct him and he chuckles softly before re-checking the directions. 

You couldn’t blame him for his mistakes. The boys had been so worn out the past couple of days and you could tell that Jonah imparticular was still suffering from jet-lag; and the constant walking around the city didn’t help. However, you were going to give him a little bit of crap.

“Yeah, yeah. You were right.” he groans playfully, emptying half of the measuring cup before adding the correct amount of sugar to the bowl. “I always am.” you tease before reaching around him to grab the dough. 

The dough was firm and you poked it a bit before separating it out, Jonah helping you as you rolled each piece into perfect little spheres. “So we just roll them up and then sprinkle the sugar on top?” Jonah asks in disbelief and you shrug before grabbing at the cooking instructions. 

“Well we roll them in the flour first and then the sugar.” you inform him and he nods. “No bake cookies are weird.” he comments and you giggle at the randomness of his words. “Yes but we’re in a hotel, its not like we can go full on Betty Crocker.” you joke and he mumbles something under his breath in response. 

“What was that Marais?” you squint and he sighs before speaking up. “You sure are acting like Betty Crocker. ‘Don’t do that Jonah, do this’.” he mocks playfully but his words still get a rise out of you. 

“Sorry that I wanted to spend a day with my boyfriend doing normal couple things.” you shoot back and his expression changes. “Sorry that I wasn’t expecting you to go into mom mode on the one day we get to relax.” he retorts, leaning back on the counter and crossing his arms. 

You don’t know what to say in response so instead your hands reach for the bowl of flour and before you can even think about what you’re doing, the ingredients leave your fingers and make contact with Jonah’s black sweater. 

“Jonah, I’m sorry. I was just angry and-” you start but before you can finish apologizing, there’s a handful of flour in your face. Wiping your eyes, you see that Jonah is practically bent over in laughter and you throw your second handful to shut him up. 

“Oh my god, this stuff tastes disgusting!” he exclaims as spits the flour from his mouth before chasing after you, bowl in hand. Ten minutes and a million laughs later, you and Jonah are covered from head to toe in flour and even chunks of cookie dough and Jonah is on top of you with the rest of the bowl in his hands. 

“Jonah don’t, please, I’m sorry!” you laugh as you beg him for mercy. He holds the bowl above your head and just when you think he’s going to dump it on you he sets it aside and helps you up. 

“Look at us (Y/N). We look like a bunch of children.” he says, pointing at the hotel mirror with a smirk. As you study your reflection your mood changes and you turn to Jonah lovingly. 

“You’re such a mess, but you’re my mess and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” you say before burying yourself in his arms. His grip around you tightens and he kisses you on the forehead softly. “I love you too. Now let’s go get cleaned up.”

♥ ♥ ♥

Author’s Note: This is just a short little Jonah imagine that has been in my inbox for a while. Its not near my best, I know, but I am slowly starting to write a bit more and I hope to get more out soon!!. Enjoy!! :-)

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Hi!! Mi birthday is March 31st! I would love a dribble in the wilderness universe... Maybe dome cute pregnant werewolf sutt?? Thanks!

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Wishing you the happiest of birthdays @jobanana7! To help you celebrate in style, the lovely and generous @chele20035 has written this perfect little drabble, just for you! Enjoy

Another Piece of Their Happily Ever After… a Wilderness Drabble

rated M

“Oh,” Katniss moans. “Your fingers have to be magic.”

“You say that every time,” Annie chuckles. “You just want me to keep massaging.”

Katniss sighs, “You never should have told me that you were a therapist.”

Her stomach ripples at the sound of their voices. Katniss scratches where what could only be an elbow, or maybe a foot is poking out while Annie offers, “You were the one who was asking the questions for your new book. I can’t help it if my wolf won’t let me lie to my Alpha.”

Katniss looks up at her friend. “I’m not your alpha.”

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I look fine.

Don’t tell me I look great because I know it’s a lie.
Not in general but just for you.
I wear my hair the way I want now. The way you don’t like.
I’m not even sure you ever liked the way I looked. Not completely.

I remember when you said a little piece of metal “ruined how perfect I was.”
and when you picked out my outfit and it was more your clothes than mine.
and how your type was always going to be dry and empty and smiling.

Well I have a new type now too. It’s the type that won’t expect me to gut myself like the core of a cantaloupe and throw the seeds in storage. It’s the type that holds my hand and means it. It’s the type that fucks me even when he’s tired. Or she’s tired, because that’s an option for me now.

And I should be allowed to like girls. They’re beautiful and strong and hand-sculpted every part of myself that I adore. I should be allowed to want to kiss them on top a mountain or hold them so close that their breasts play my ribcage like a xylophone. I should not feel shame for acknowledging imperfections in my gayness. You ruined my second coming out just like I ruined my first.

Three years is eons when you’re in your twenties. I counted the exact percentage of my life you took over to make myself feel better and it was still too much. Thirteen percent of my pathetic suburban existence has been dedicated to compromising on every last detail 
and splitting every last penny

and pretending to be bad at things to make you feel better
and eating your undercooked pasta
and quenching my thirst with droplets of your backwash
and laughing at your eight weird legs
and giving you a thousand fish kisses
and holding your hand even when I was afraid

and building you up
lego block by lego block
until you were so tall that you couldn’t see me anymore.
Until your lego parts looked like precious metals.

But don’t let me take all the credit.

You were busy building too.
A skyscraper of expectation. And I waited there  on the one-thousandth-one-hundred-and-forty-fourth floor all alone. Waited for you to take the elevator up to meet me. But you never fucking showed.

I guess you just got mad at me for living there. But what was I supposed to do? I signed a contract. Our love was a business deal and you violated the terms of the agreement when you sent that embarrassingly long settlement and expected me to sign it.

I know you lie to yourself about what that was
but you cc’ed the CEO and he knew what was up.
So I bailed 
before you could finish your halfhearted severance and now 
here we are.

Well, here I am. I have no idea where you are. I hope you’re happy.

Because you said your worst was rooted in me. That I was a garden of misfortune, sprouting suffocating vines and poisonous fruit.

Well, the rainy season came and carried it all away.
Let’s see if you can eat without my crops.

Dear fictional characters,

Please stop raising our standards.

— From fangirls & fanboys everywhere

Spoiler warnings for Pixar’s Finding Dory. DO NOT READ if you haven’t seen it yet!

Let’s talk about the little piece of perfection that was Finding Dory. I need to get a few things off my chest because I am currently in love with the way the movie handled mental and physical disabilities.

Disclaimer: There are a few things that I’m not pleased with, namely Gerald’s treatment at the hands (fins?) of his peers, and the suspense surrounding Hank’s troubled past without any resolution. I can briefly address those at the end of the post, though.

Okay, before we start on what happened in Finding Dory, let’s talk about what we know about her as of the end of Finding Nemo:

  1. She suffers from short-term memory loss, which means she can’t remember much of what happened five minutes ago, much less years ago.
  2. She doesn’t know where her family is.
  3. We know as much about her backstory as she does – that is, almost nothing. Which is a great plot device, by the way, but that’s a different post.
  4. She is unfailingly cheerful and optimistic, despite her lack of knowledge of her past. I know for a fact that if I were in her situation it would be so easy to become discouraged, but she doesn’t (yet this isn’t unrealistic or poor characterization, because I can tell you from experience that people with special needs are some of the most contagiously happy people I have ever met).
  5. “Just keep swimming.”
  6. Being around Marlin helps her remember. There are plenty of theories and scientific explanations for this, I’m sure, but it’s not the point I want to focus on for this post. But after having spent time with Marlin and feeling at home with him, she is able to remember a vital piece of information (don’t even try to deny it; it may take us a year to remember our own address, but it only took an hour and forty-one minutes to memorize P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney) without which Nemo would never have been found.

Okay, now let’s look at what we learned from Finding Dory:

  1. Dory is easily tied with Dumbo and Mike Wasowski for the “cutest kids in Disney” award.
  2. Her parents were amazing at their jobs (and this is what I want to spend the majority of this post talking about). Seriously, I need to talk about how well they handled their daughter’s disability.
    Dory’s parents never made her feel inferior or different because of her memory problems. They supported her and loved her and did the absolute best they could, and they couldn’t have done a better job.
    They paid attention to and nurtured the things that were likely to stick with Dory – like her love for sea shells. They could have kept a collection of sea shells in a special place for her to play with when she wanted – which is probably what I would have done, tbh – but no. They used her love of sea shells to create a way for her to safely practice independence, as well as a safety net for if she ever wandered off. “Just follow the sea shells.”
    And – this is important – they let her build the path. They didn’t just pick up she shells and place them, they encouraged her to find them and move them, and if a shell was too big to move they helped her problem-solve through it (side-note: scientifically, something is more likely to stick with kids if they have a hand in its instillment - it’s why crafts are prioritized so much in preschools).
    They were cheerful and sweet, and they didn’t treat Dory like she was less of a person because of her memory loss, but they weren’t naive or blind to the problems. They worried about whether or not she would make it without them (and that is and huge worry when raising a special needs child). They exchanged worried looks whenever Dory backslid, or when she forgot. But they were never disappointed in her, they never made her feel like it was her fault, and they never gave up on her. They always believed that she could do whatever she put her mind to, and they did whatever they could to push that.
    Now think for a second about how Marlin handled Nemo’s disability. Where Dory’s parents encouraged independence, Marlin coddled Nemo. He fretted constantly, and he refused to let Nemo out of his sight. It led to Nemo feeling smothered and, at one point, admitting that he hated his dad. It led to Nemo swimming out over the drop-off and being kidnapped by a SCUBA-diving dentist.
    Now before you get riled up, let me stress this: that wasn’t Marlin’s fault. Marlin was reacting to a horrible traumatic event that left him widowed and his son “crippled”. He was doing the absolute best he could with the circumstances. However, think of the differences between Nemo’s and Dory’s experiences with their parents. I love that Pixar has created not one, but two full-length movies dealing so heavily with disability, and with peoples’ reactions to that.
    Dory grew up apologizing for her disability. From the time she was swept away from her parents to the time she saw Nemo, she was constantly saying, “I’m so sorry.” I’ve read tons of reviews and reactions to Finding Dory, but no one has mentioned this and it broke my heart – because it is so common for people – special needs or not – to apologize for perceived flaws, and are taught by experience that flaws are things to be ashamed of. And when she finally remembered how she got separated from her parents, she blamed herself. And even though her getting swept away by an undertow had less to do with memory loss and more to do with the fact that she was a baby, Dory has grown up apologizing for herself. Thinking that other peoples’ reactions were her fault, even with Marlin after they got close. So it completely makes sense that she would have internalized what happened then as her fault.
    But her parents shut that down as soon as they reunite. They don’t let her apologize, because what happened wasn’t her fault. And even though she doesn’t remember the interactions she’s had with other people, the repetitiveness of said interactions have conditioned her to apologize for what happens around her, even when it has nothing to do with her memory problems (like when she, Nemo, and Marlin were running from the giant squid, and Nemo got hurt during the chase).
    Imagine feeling like that, your whole life, having apologized for everything your whole life and then, the people who mean the most to you, the people you’ve been afraid of finding again because it was my fault, I lost them, will they want me back? – and imagine those people scooping you into a hug, telling you not to apologize, that it wasn’t your fault, that they’ve been waiting for you because they believed in you, knew that you would find them, that you would remember.

I just think that this was handled so well, and I had my doubts because Disney sequels don’t have the greatest track records, but I was not disappointed at all.

Re: Gerald.

Unfortunately, the bullying that Gerald the Sea Lion is subjected to is normal and a realistic portrayal of how many people with disabilities are treated. I don’t approve of it, and I do wish that he had gotten some kind of respite (actually, it’s kind of my headcanon that when the other two got back to the rock, Gerald and the otters had monopolized the rock, forcing the bullies to find somewhere else to sunbathe; and that does give me joy xD), but like I said, it was realistic. I could go into a whole new post about the problems there and how reflective of society it is, but I honestly don’t have that much more depth in me tonight.

Re: Hank.

I really am disappointed that we never learned why he has issues with the ocean. Not only would it be in-character for him, but Pixar kind of set themselves up for it in Finding Nemo, with Gill (who they handled perfectly – they didn’t spend tons of time on Gill’s story, so they didn’t take away from Nemo or Marlin’s arc); the audience wasn’t left with a gaping “Wait, why’s he all scarred up?” moment at the end, like we were with Hank.

zlaying  asked:

can you make an imagine of luke being jealous of you and calum and he tries to get your attention and like he thinks you don't like him and you like calum and ahh basically a jealous/fluffy imagine? :)))

a/n: okay I felt bad that I hadn’t posted anything at all and then I got so carried away with this that it’s still only half done but I figured I’d split it into two so I could give you guys something now. There is a little smut in it, I mean it’s like pretty tame but. Also it’s my first ever attempt at writing anything smutty so be kind lol :-) 
word count: 3600
masterlist | request

Luke could pinpoint the very moment he realised he liked you; when he tripped on nothing stepping to shake your hand the first time you met and his cheeks went so red he could feel them burning because of course his first impression would be so lame and you were so pretty. You just smiled sweetly and took his hand, steadying him and introducing yourself. He wasn’t sure he believed in love at first sight, but the romantic in him liked to believe in clichés, and he liked to think that one might be real every time he looked at you. 

He could also pinpoint the moment he realised his love might be a little one sided, a little more unrequited than he initially hoped. In fact, he could pin point various moments since he’d met you when that little pang of envy had hit him right in the chest. Every time he walked into Calum’s room and you were there, tucked under the blankets watching a movie, or napping; every time he spotted you across the room laughing at something Calum had said; every time you needed a hug and it was Calum’s arms that comforted you.

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@BJA: Hey world. Today is a really special day. Today, and on his birthday, @shut-up-mila and I adopted this little guy named Lennon Ziggy Armstrong. My heart couldn’t be more filled than it already is. Never in my life did I think I’d need one more person to love, but this kid came into our hearts and pretty much floored me the second we laid eyes on him. Yes, he has Down syndrome, and we’re here to let you all know that every little piece of him is perfect. I’d like you all to meet our son. And I hope and know he’ll light up your world just as much as he lights up ours. #ziggy #lennon

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Hey y'all, I don't write fanfiction but I do try my best to support by liking and re blogging, my birthday is Nov. 23rd if anyone feels up to it, I'd really appreciate a story with a sassy southern belle Katniss rating E or M, thanks for all of this!

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Happiest of birthdays to you!!! To help celebrate your special day, the inimitable @hutchhitched has created this perfect little piece of Everlark perfection, just for you! Enjoy!

High Society

Author’s note: Happy birthday! Writing this felt like a gift to me, so thank you for a glorious prompt. I hope Katniss is sassy enough to bring a smile to your face today. <3 Thanks to @xerxia31 for beta help.

“Katniss, can you please attempt to look something other than bored beyond tears? I do declare, your surliness is going to cost you a fine match if you’re not careful.”

“Aunt Effie, why do I have to be here? You know how much I despise dancing and these clothes. And these men,” Katniss sniffed. “They are the most boorish, boring—”

“Attitude,” Effie snapped. “Chin up; smile on. You are an Everdeen from the most glorious plantation in South Carolina, and your responsibility is to represent your kinfolk back home at the Seam with class and dignity.”

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Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1029

Request from anon:  “can you do one where Dean is insecure about himself because even though he had a nice body he’s not as ripped as Sam or most guys and he’s insecure about his bow legs etc”

Warning: Self image issues, insecurity, ect

*Italics are flashbacks*

This was interesting writing it about Dean rather than the reader. I know that men can have just as big boy image issues as women, and I know that it is rarely talked about. So, here is to the men that feel this way! You are loved! 

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Summer Nights in Mid-July

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Reader gender: Female

Summary: The reader is a hunter working in a coffee shop where she happens to run into Sam who’s working a case in town - he asks her out on a date.

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol and parental death, brief talk of a past relationship. Some innuendos here and there, hints of smut towards the end although nothing actually happens! (Yet)

A/N: To make up for the lack of fic tonight I did some work with a fic I’d written a while back. I made some edits and hopefully this sounds relatively okay! 

@yoursupernaturalsammygirl Sam fic for ya c;

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I hated the fact that you took my feelings for granted
and when you realized that I’m slowly slipping away
and that I might be leaving you,
that’s when you realized how much you’ve hurt me,
how much i’m shattered into a thousand pieces.

you asked me to fixed them.
but little did you know that if you try touching those pieces,
they will just cut you and hurt you. they won’t be whole again.
those little pieces won’t be back looking perfect like they were before.
they won’t stay a thousand pieces;
they will become a million fragment pieces –
pieces that won’t be able to find their way back to be whole again.