you literally had some of the best lines on tv

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not to sound rude but "i don't label myself" sounds exactly like something het screenwriters write for tv shows and movies because hollywood decided the word bisexual is taboo and harry really thinks he was groundbreaking. don't get me wrong, i love him to the bits but as someone who came out in homophobic family and had to endure a lot, i can just laugh how you all giving him cookies and everything for literal nothing.

?????? but harry isnt a character on a tv show. he’s a real person. like? him saying ‘i dont label myself’ wasnt some script writer adding a line to pander to the audience. that was him explaining how he identifies as best he could when the question was sprung on him without any prior notice. like how does harry ‘think he’s groundbreaking’?? an interviewer asked him a question and he answered it. not wanting to label your sexuality is perfectly fine and if thats the way harry identifies then it’s so unfair to compare it to screenwriters being afraid of the word bisexual. he’s a real, complex, and still young person. sexuality is complicated and difficult and harry experiences it in the same way the rest of us do. he might still be figuring himself out and this no labels approach is what feels most comfortable for him right now. he didnt have to share that with us, he didnt owe it to us yet he did anyway and thats something worth celebrating. like, give the boy a break honestly