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Yusuke was then banned from Le Blanc for some time

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I might get worked up for the smallest of things but I wanted to make something to celebrate this milestone! 


Firstly, I want to give a shout out to some awesome Bastille-related blogs I follow (in no particular order):

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Secondly, I will do a small drawing of Bastille to anyone following me (and who’s interested in having one lol). You just have to send me a message telling me you’re interested and the band member of your choice 
 So, I’m not sure which one you guys would prefer so giving the options

 a) I’ll make a hand drawn piece and send you the original by mail

or b) I’ll make a hand drawn piece, scan it, post it on my blog and tag you on the post.

((if you’re into the first option and you have to be comfortable to share your address with me so I can send it.)) 

((also I have no clue how much time it will takes as I have no idea if I’m gonna get one or twenty requests, I’ll probably update you guys on that)

When the war in Narnia ended, they honored the veterans. They honored those who fought for what they believed in. They were celebrated. They were war heroes. And for every single day, Lucy despised it. They honored those who had been better killers, or those who avoided the killing all together. People on the streets thanked them. Offered their gratitude. Said that without them no one would be alive. And Lucy met them. And she thanked them too. Because she knew they had fought for something she believed in. The fight wasn’t won by her brothers alone. Nor all the lieutenants. It was the citizens. The people of Narnia who had won. But in war no one wins. Everyone loses. The question is only about who lost more. Every day she met with widows. With kids that had lost both of their parents. With single fathers who had no idea how to raise their kids, and single mothers who knew as little as the single fathers. She met with grandmothers who were the sole survivors of their families. She felt the grief. and grieved with them. When the second Spring in Narnia rolled around she declared for anyone that would like to hear it.

“Today we honor those we have lost. Those who have family left that grieve every single day. We honor those who gave the highest price for all others freedom. We honor the fallen. We honor their family. For the memory of those lost will never be forgotten.”

Narnia celebrated that day ever since.

Why would you ever like/want to read age gap where a grown adult is with a teenager!?

Maybe because it’s the only way to write about someone inexperienced with someone experienced without being mocked or told you’re writing “Born Sexy Yesterday” (and then being mocked and condemned for that particular offense).

I feel like the second you write anyone over 20 as sexually inexperienced, people either start laughing at how pathetic it is or start wondering what’s wrong with the character. The older the characters get, the more intense it gets

If you’re single at 30, most people assume it’s because you have a few failed relationships under your belt (or are widowed). Being 30 and inexperienced (or never have dated/married) is almost a crime to some people.

They literally can not wrap their heads around it.

Hell, that whole “Born Sexy Yesterday” video pretty much embodies this! The entire video is basically screaming: “How dare you write about a grown woman who has no sexual experience!? The only way they’d be that ignorant is if they’re a teenager or a child!!!”

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*claps excitedly* you're getting in on this too? Then can I request Yuuri for either 2a or 3a? I am always thirsty for Yuuri~

snz meme



Cedric greatly ponders the opposing ideas between his inner heart and mind; and expresses them into a solemn ballad. Many thoughts of his past and present emotional experiences are conjured up transiently around him. The happier and gentle memories of Sofia interrupt his more sinister ones. He then seemingly slumps into his chair in defeat, as he thinks more of her.

Although Wormwood is absolutely persistent in making Cedric evil, and reminds him that even though Sofia is nice to him… the others never were. Harking back to how the others have only ridiculed Cedric. Which then spurns the sorcerer into an anxiety attack, where he realizes he truly must take over the kingdom… once and for all

okay so we had nice, kind daddy!dom seokjin but what about shy!dom Jungkook? 




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imagine Daisy gets hurt, right, and Robbie is yelling at her because he's freaking out, but Daisy just grins/winces/grimaces at him and says "It was a calculated risk - I just forgot that I'm really bad at math" 😅 thoughts?

Robbie understands that Daisy’s job can be risky and dangerous (they’re both superheroes, he gets it), but he absolutely hates it when she makes stupid, unnecessary risks. She’s tough, but she’s not invincible.

One time Daisy jumps in the way of a bullet that was aimed for Robbie. It hits her in her shoulder and she goes down hard. They have to bail on the mission as Robbie carries her back to the Quinjet. She’s so pale from blood loss, she looks on the verge of death. Robbie is able to stop the bleeding, but he is still upset. He paces around, cursing throughout the whole ride back to the base.

“It’s okay, Robbie.” Daisy winces but still manages to smile. “It was a calculated risk… I just forgot that I’m really bad at math.”

Robbie growls and throws his chain across the jet. “Dammit, Daisy, this isn’t funny!”

“Robbie, I’ll be fine.” She explains. “Once we get back to the Playground and they stitch me up, we can get back out there and nab those guys.”

“Daisy, this isn’t about the mission.You shouldn’t have risked yourself for me.” He says, running a hand through his hair. “I can heal, you could have been killed!”

“But I didn’t, so who cares?!”

“I care!”

They’re both silent, staring at each other for what seems like eternity. Robbie slowly sits down next to her. 

“I care about you, Daisy.” He lets out a bitter laugh. “Somehow, I’ve grown to care about you a lot. And seeing you like this, because of me, I …” Robbie hangs his head.

Daisy grimaces as she reaches out and places a hand on his knee. “I care about you, too.” She says. “And when I saw that gun pointed at you … I guess my instincts just took over.”

Robbie puts his hand over hers. He raises his head. "Please, don’t risk yourself for me ever again, because I … I can’t lose you.“

Daisy stares into his eyes. They are filled with as much gentle warmth as his touch. “You won’t.” She promises and seals it with a kiss.

when u got hired to model for the Superhero Summer Catalog but the heat’s already getting to him and rn he’s jealous he can’t fly without wings aka someone suggested billy and teddy in rompers and i got .carried away