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Soul Eater AU Kacchako for @technoskittles​!! Merry Christmas!! 

Your options for the secret santa were all so good it was really hard to decide, but here’s the result! hope you like it!! :)

Also i don’t know if this is legal, but this has a PART 2, YEAH GURL IMMA SPOIL YOU SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA 


@ethadahlen ‘s gorgeous Cerise Lavellan and my Valyre Lavellan (Dalish siblings~) in fancy dresses for the Winter Palace ball 💗👑💗 

Cerise would easily bring everyone to their knees with charm, even though Solas is the only one for her~ And Valyre… well… she has armor over her dress for REASONS.


yeah yeah git outta here


what a cute little mermaid!!!

btw this is completely @oricalcon’s fault.

whoa hey ok guys let’s talk: “Oh I don’t like the song i’m a terrible fan”  “I don’t deserve to be their fan!” There is no rule that says you have to like every single thing your faves release!! it’s ok not to like a song! you are no less of a fan! You are doing great! Everyone has different tastes! don’t bring yourself down for it! fuck anyone that says otherwise. It’s ok you’re amazing you are great no one should judge you for that it’s ok not to like a song. 

Winter Warmth

A/N: Heya there everyone! This is my @fander-secret-santa gift for @thebeautyofthomas! They asked for a LAMP/CALM fic so I went with the Sides celebrating their first Christmas together… but not everything goes as planned. I hope you enjoy it!

General Fic Taglist: @availe, @anxious-patton, @ssides, @celiawhatsherlastname, @introverts-assemble, @pattonspuns (Let me know if you’d like to be removed or added!)

Word Count: 3,347
Ships: LAMP/CALM (Already established)
Warnings: Nothing too particular I can think of except maybe some dark thoughts and talk of sickness/hypothermia.

Patton stared at his reflection in the mirror noting the black bags under his eyes and the fact his eyes themselves looked like they were dead. He shook his head; his bangs falling down ever so slightly behind his glasses but at the same time he regretted doing this action as his head began to spin too. The dizziness wore off slowly as Patton braced himself against the sink below the mirror.

It’s been such a long time coming… it’s our first Christmas together as boyfriends… as a single couple… as a family. I won’t be sick today!

He opened a drawer of the vanity cabinet, pulling out some skin tone colored foundation. It was at this point he was grateful for the times Thomas had participated in makeup videos. Patton applied the makeup under his eyes; the black disappearing. The others didn’t need to know that he hadn’t slept for more than 45 minutes at a time the past three nights, right? Right.

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Can I have 💍for kirideku please

💍: draw a character reacting to being proposed to

Sorry it took me so long for this one, anon orz 

actually i didn’t know what to do since i’m bad with this kind of theme and in the end i left it in my inbox but then i was like, no i have to do this one and so you get this


we now know FOB’s hogwarts houses and i feel like today is very important for that

based off this, which inspired this