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You aren’t here anymore.
I wish you were.
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 'Would you try some sweet magic?’


We all wear m a s k s. We all become what we pretend to be.

Lingfan Week - Masks

Ed’s Kink Discovery

Okay this is just a short drabble thing that I apparently had to get out of my system after seeing @marmalade-draws-bellies​‘s great Edling stuffing art. I’m not sure anyone would like it and didn’t want it directly attached if it wasn’t their thing so here this is. It shouldn’t have affected me like it did but I am way too thirsty.

The pair had been going at it for over an hour. Ed and Ling had always argued about their eating and constantly bragged about who could eat more. Ling liked to assert it was him, with his ability to clear out mass quantities of food. Ed countered with he hadn’t really pushed himself and already was a glutton. So they decided to put it to the test, ordering as much room service as possible and cramming meals into their mouths as quickly as possible. 

At the start they had decided to take off their shirts to show off to the other just how much they were putting away and the true amount of their expansion. What had started off as showing their trim figures and muscled hardened from combat, soon started to show just how much the pair could put away and directly where it was going. 

They ate and ate, empty plates stacking up higher and higher as they plowed their way through the food. Their bellies swelled out, gradually at first but then becoming tight and round as the food stuffs emptied into their hungry and waiting stomachs. They kept going, though it didn’t help matters that they kept pace with each other and their stomachs bloating out together, almost in sync to the other.  

As they got bigger, they became a strange chorus of slurping, grunting, and burping. They nearly alternated the sounds among the other as they ate their way through the grub. Sometimes, they were on autopilot, just eating and slurping their way though; other times, they were in a state of delirium, almost drunk on food as they slowly forced themselves to keep eating to push through the wall of uncomfortableness that they felt. 

Finally, the pair reached the end of the ordered entrees and with a few grunts, both Ed and Ling got to their feet. Their bellies jutted out from their usual trim frames, an odd juxtaposition against their muscular arms and chest. They waddled a bit closer to each other as they leaned back to make more room for their bloat, only serving to make their bloat even more pronounced. 

“See! I’m bigger! I can eat more than you!” Ed shouted. “No, it was me! How can you not seem my stack of empty plates!” Ling retorted. They both glared at each other and got closer to look the other in the eye. “What? Are you blind? Can’t you see my stack?” Ed asked incredulously. “Oh yeah? Well what about my stomach? Definitely bigger than yours!” Ling shouted back. The glaring continued until finally both Ed and Ling were standing right in front of the other, their bare bellies touching near their distended belly buttons. 

Ling’s hand went up first to test Ed’s bloated belly and rubbed the surface in a poor attempt to gauge the size and growth of gut. “Wow…It’s so big….” Ling thought to himself in amazement. He blushed as he realized that he liked to touch the taut, bloated surface. 

Ed wasn’t much better. After Ling’s probe of his belly, Ed did the same, putting his hand on the top of Ling’s swollen tummy. He could feel the taut flesh under his hand as he rubbed and the warmth of each other’s belly touching and rubbing against the other. He blushed as well, much harder than he would have liked. “Why the fuck is this so hot?” He questioned himself, not really sure he liked what he thought the answer might be. 

“I-I dunno… it looks like we’re pretty even. Your gut feels and looks about the same as mine…” Ed stammered as he tried not to look Ling in the eye or focus on the gut that was pressing into him. “Yeah…it kind of does,” Ling said softly, slightly lost in his own daze from the situation.

“Dammit, then I’m ordering more food. I definitely will come out on top!” Edward said, though not really backing away from Ling’s touch. “Oh yeah? Well better make that double since I’m not giving up either! E-even if your gut is quite impressive,” Ling said with a shade of embarrassment. “Yeah…you too.” Ed grunted. “We can compare again…after round 2. I know I’m going to have to end up giving you a belly rub just so you’ll stop moaning…if you want that is,” he continued. “That’s a deal! I’m sure I’ll end up rubbing your belly first when you give up!” he fired back. Each one didn’t really catch the other’s point that they didn’t deny that would be rubbing the other’s gut in the new future. Ed went to the hotel telephone and picked up the receiver again. “Room Service? Yes I’d like to get a double order of everything on the menu as soon as possible. We’ll be waiting.” He hung up the phone and went back to “examine” Ling’s belly one more time before the food arrived.