you like awesome female characters


female awesome meme || 2/10 lead female characters » claire beauchamp randall fraser

↳ “I was back to the place where’d it all begun. So much had happened, so much had changed. Last I was here I was Claire Randall, then Claire Beauchamp and Claire Fraser. The question was, who did I want to be?”


female awesome meme: relatable females [3/5]→ brooke davis 

i am who i am. no excuses.

  • real life: read between the lines
  • tumblr life: read the tags

Sunday All Stars - Glaiza de Castro


female awesome meme || 1/5 characters with the best growth » dorothy “dot” williams

“When I first came to work for you, MIss, I was afraid of everything, and you taught me so many things, and you made me brave, and…you made me happy.”