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Short list of reasons why “Marvel’s Iron Fist” is much better show than they tell you

No particular spoilers to the events of the show - I’m assuming that if you’re reading this, you know at least the outline of the storyline and the characters.

1. Stranger in a strange land. Danny doesn’t fit anywhere - he left the “real” world at 10, he went through 15 years of serious abuse with little to no support structure, and then he comes back to the “real” world with virtually no knowledge of the practical aspects of life. So, taking that into consideration, I’d say he’s handling himself pretty damn well.

2. Danny’s not the brightest lightbulb in the box. It’s a novelty, really, to have a character who is a mix of a kicked puppy, cinnamon roll and violence, all wrapped in one, intellectually underwhelming person. Danny lacks Jessica’s street smarts, Matt’s planning and subtlety and Luke’s cynical, practical approach. We have to deal with having a deeply flawed, sometimes incredibly stupid character who doesn’t have all the answers and makes idiotic mistakes. After guys like Steve Rogers or Tony Stark it’s actually refreshing.

3. Danny is a millennial. He’s stumbling through adulthood with a very relatable lack of grace and huge amount of second-hand embarrassment. If you’re twenty-something, watch him fumble for 13 episodes and tell me you didn’t once feel like telling him “I feel you, bro.”.

4. Female characters are awesome. Marvel-Netflix shows deliver incredible, strong female characters that evolve in front of us - and “Iron Fist” doesn’t break the tradition. I enjoyed them immensely and I’ll never get bored of strong women who don’t wait for other people to save them.

5. It makes “Daredevil” season 2 have more sense. That’s actually also a flaw of the show - you’ll understand the main storyline better if you’ve seen the fumbled mess that was Daredevil’s second season. Finally the lore gets some context and becomes more understandable.

6. It’s not boring, it’s well-written. Don’t let the reviewers fool you - sure, it takes some time to establish the characters and their corner of the Netflix/Marvel world but you really shouldn’t judge this show based on first two or three episodes. There is a difference between stellar but slower narrative and a bland, boring show. It’s like the difference between a 3k word long porn fanfic and 300k words of a long and well-planned story. If you prefer them short and intense - leave “Iron Fist” alone.


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a sanguine heart replied to your post: So I’m rewatching the Leverage season …

Eliot heals - those two words make me wanna cry.

Me tooooo, but they’re my favorite thing, as well. I was thinking about how Eliot changed and it didn’t really seem like he did, much. He’s still angry, he still thinks the same, he’s still fighty. His character doesn’t change. But what does, is his emotional state.

It’s so under stated, too. Like, you have to look for it, in little lines he says and does. 

Like, this is season 1, episode 7:

This is in s3, e16:

Despite all the yelling and threats of violence and “Damn it, Hardison!”, Eliot still looks at Hardison this way:

Or when he thought Hardison was about to die?

The way he puts up with happy pill Parker hugs with a smile:

How bout the fact that he prefers Parker and Hardison to crutches when he’s been shot twice saving them (and the world):

But like, who Eliot was before?

“You have no idea who I was before all this started. That guy — kid — he had God in his heart, and he had a flag on his shoulder… Clean hands. And I ain’t seen him in the mirror in over 10 years. And believe me, I get up every morning looking for him. So you can trust me when I tell you, you pull that trigger, and two men die — the guy you kill… and the guy you used to be.”

“Want to know why I know these things?…Because I can’t forget. So there’s nothing you can do, no punishment you can hand out that’s worse than what I live with every day. So to answer your question, no, I never counted. I don’t need to.” 

“I did things that I didn’t want to do because they counted on me — bad things for good reasons. And you know what I learned? Bad choices are bad choices. Doesn’t matter why you made them. And they tear you apart from the inside out. And you don’t even notice.”

“You think you know what I’ve done? The worst thing I ever did in my entire life I did for Damien Moreau. And I … I’ll never be clean of that.”

And now?

Sophie: Look, you told me that it’s about control, about knowing that you’re never gonna be the victim. And that’s what keeps you going, right?

Eliot: You think I’m upset ‘cause I got to let this guy kick my ass? I learned a long time ago, you can’t control the violence. I can take the punishment. That’s what I do. What I need to control is not out there. (touches his chest) It’s here. Always.

He says this to Nate in s5 e04:

“I met Toby. We were reconning this restaurant in Belgium. And I should have closed him out. I should have been in and out in under 90 seconds. But I ended up talking to him for three hours. He showed me that I could use my knife to create instead of destroy. I stuck around for a couple of months. He taught me everything there was about the art of food, and I… He’s one of the guys that kept me from falling all the way down. So now, I’m asking the other guy to understand why I’m gonna help him.


Nate says to Eliot in the series finale, “You know, Eliot. I’d say call if you need anything, but you never…never need anything.”

And Eliot says, “Yeah, I did.” Looks at Hardison and Parker, then back to Nate, says, “And thanks to you…I don’t have to search anymore.”

Then Sophie says to Eliot, re: Parker and Hardison “Promise me you’ll keep them safe.”

"Til my dying day.”

I JUST. Okay, Eliot has come so, so far emotionally speaking. He found a family. Nate showed him a family, primarily in Parker and Hardison. And he would do anything to protect them. Anything to keep them safe. And anything to keep them near him.

In the season 1 finale, he says, “As annoying as you people are, I quit this crew when *I* quit this crew. Nobody makes me leave.”

In The Big Bang Job (3.15) when he says the worst thing he did, he did for Damien Moreau, Parker asks what he did. He says:

“Don’t ask me that, Parker. Because if you ask me, I’m gonna tell you. So please don’t ask me.”

Because he will, he really will tell her if she really wants to know, but he knows that she’ll never look at him the same way again, probably none of them would. And he couldn’t handle that, because they mean too much to him.

So yeah, Eliot’s character growth isn’t a change in his character, he’s already smart and strong and already understands the world around him. He doesn’t overcome substance abuse, like Nate, or learn to function in the world, because he knows that already, too.

What Eliot needs in the beginning of the show is a family. He needs to move on from his old life, stop being a retrieval expert, stop being a goon for hire. He needed purpose and direction and family. He needed to heal and be a man proud of who he is and proud of the people he stands beside.

From 5x09, The Rundown Job

[Eliot walks in, Riley sees him]

Riley: A lot of guys, this is the last thing they ever see.

Eliot: I already told you I ain’t in the game anymore. But I can’t let this go down, so I’m gonna need to see that file.

Riley: Why’d you quit, anyway?

Eliot: Started running with some different people… Like a hacker. And a thief.


Then, later, when the job they’re about to pull is too big and too overwhelming:

Eliot: You scared?

Hardison: You’re damn right.

Eliot: I’m not. I got the best thief and the smartest guy I know chasing this guy. Hey, listen to me. You’re smartest man I’ve ever known, Hardison. I need that brain to get me to him.

So yeah. YEAH. Eliot Heals. That’s my choice in character growth. And now you, too, can be overburdened with an abundance of Eliot feels, just like me.

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As I mentioned earlier, this is possibly my favorite scene from Lois McMaster Bujold’s The Vor Game… but it’s huge, and total spoilers for the book, so under a cut it goes:

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ok this might be a dumb question but are all the main characters in voltron guys? im just a lil hesitant to watch another show that has like one female character

I don’t wanna spoil you but no, they’re not all guys 

plus the female characters are awesome!! like when you meet allura for the first time who seems like the only female character it does seem like she’s gonna be a reduced to a love interest/damsel in distress but no dude!!

she’s super cool and has so many badass scenes of her own, plus she saves the main characters herself like 20 times

So Kill La Kill just finished and holy crap was it amazing, fun, awesome, silly and had a metric ton of naked people running around at the end.

This series was straight up fun. Like… big stupid grin on your face fun because of how off-the-wall mad it was.

I have come out the other side of this show a happier man than when I went in. In no particular order, here’s a couple of major thoughts I have.

  • Kiryuin Satsuki is one of my new favourite characters: It’s become apparent to me that if you throw me a badass, strong, driven and awesome female character like Satsuki, I will latch onto her like a drowning man to a lifebelt. Satsuki is just amazing and it was lovely to see her being normal with short hair in normal clothes at the end as seen in the gif above.
  • Ira Gamagori is also amazing: While he may not have got the girl (though my headcanon is that Mako is bi and will come around to him) Gamagori legitimately saved the world with his sense of duty, strength and total inability to fall down while people are relying on him. I loved how much fun the animators were clearly having with his wildly fluctuating size and he got some of the best moments in the series. His entrance in the first episode is what got me to pay attention to Kill La Kill and he remained a constant source of fun and joy throughout.
  • The Elite Four in general: Off the back of Gamagori’s towering magnificence, the Elite Four had great chemistry and banter that made them as much to root for as the primary heroes of the piece.
  • Holy cow those are some fight scenes: Trigger as studio have an excellent and unique style of animation and you can tell that they love nothing better than having a big elaborate fight scene to show off how cool their style is. Well… maybe they enjoy transformation sequences a little more but both are awesome.
  • Dat soundtrack: Between Blumenkrantz and DON’T LOSE YOUR WAAAAAY, Kill La Kill had an absolutely phenomenal soundtrack. This alone is a good reason to check out the show.
  • A battleship that turns into a gigantic rocket knife: Because YES.
  • NUDISTO BEEEEAAAACH: Definite winners of best secret underground resistance.

So yeah…

Kill La Kill is enormous fun. If you haven’t watched it yet, I would advise you to. If you have… watch it again. Or at least the final episode because that deserves to watched twice.

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reasons to watch legend of the seeker? it looks pretty awesome but I don't know much about it :))


  • The scenery is GORGEOUS and I think it has my favorite aesthetic of any fantasy show I’ve ever watched. Like, usually I get bored during fight scenes, but this show has such beautiful fight scenes they keep me engaged. That is no small feat! And everything is just so pretty.
  • Hokey fantastical adventures and shenanigans abound!!! It was made by the Xena people — it is more serious than Xena, but still has the ability to let loose and be totally ridiculous at times. If you like stories about heroes just travelin’ around fighting the good fight, this is a good one for you.
  • KAHLAN AMNELL. A glorious, complex, compassionate-yet-sometimes-very-scary heroine played with such grace by the wonderful Bridget Regan.
  • And then in season two, we also get CARA MASON, who is an absolute surly and enthralling and morally complicated delight. The power of the snark is strong in her. And if you like complicated friendships between female characters, Cara and Kahlan have an AWESOME relationship.
  • Also, there are some dudes: a zany ol’ wizard by the name of Zedd and our hero, Richard, who is basically an adorable human puppy dog.
  • Richard/Kahlan is an EXCELLENT sappy otp. Like, sappy otps can often bug me if they’re not done right, but Richard/Kahlan is done so right. Their love is spectacular, their sweetness boundless, and their kissing exquisite. Bridget Regan said in an interview once that she and Craig Horner (Richard) used to watch sappy Richard/Kahlan YouTube videos in order to get in the mood to film their romantic scenes, and if that is not the cutest and most meta thing you’ve ever heard, then I don’t know what is.
  • Also, it’s just a really fun world to inhabit. I haven’t read the books this show is based on — I tried the first one and just could not click with the writing style at all — but just in terms of how the show presents the world-building, it’s really interesting and engaging.
  • Also, Craig Parker a.k.a. Lord Narcisse from Reign is there as the series’ big bad, rockin’ some Snape hair, being relentlessly sinister, and that is pretty fun. (Although his look on Reign is WORLDS BETTER and LESS SNAPEY, in my humble opinion.)
  • It is pretty similar to other shows I have gotten really into like Merlin and BBC Robin Hood and even Game of Thrones, but I find the characterization decisions and the writing a LOT more long term satisfying than on those other shows. You never really feel like the show has stabbed you in the back and made a horribly obtuse decision for no discernible reason. (At least, as far as I remember.) It doesn’t lose sight of its characters’ truths in order to just do something shocking and horrible.
  • Damn it. Now I want to watch it again. Like, at this very moment.

if you haven’t watched in the flesh yet than you know you wanna

like seriously

  • zombies
  • awesomely written characters
  • hella rad female characters
  • canon gay couple
  • lemme rephrase: canon gay zombie couple
  • cute actors
  • frumpy sweaters 4 everyone
  • it’s only 9 episodes so far, you’ll be caught up super fast
  • it’s perfection

these cuties tho for real

i mean just

do yourself a favour

and watch this show

you will not regret it

go watch it

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Is Pretty Little Liars a great show?

It’s a horrible, horrible show.

But it’s so much fun to watch. It is by far and above my favorite guilty pleasure show. The entire thing is indulgent and ridiculous, with plot points that are picked up and dropped willy nilly, and characters that only appear when they are necessary to the current intrigue. People are killed off in this small town all the time and with very, very little real consequences. The music is extremely dramatic and consists of a lot of “dun dun dun” moments and there’s a lot of hyped up tension filled “scary” scenes that end up not amounting to any real danger. It’s awesome. I love it. It’s the kind of show you can watch while knowing that there are no real consequences. You don’t care that much about these characters or their struggles and, even if you did, you know that the main four won’t die, so who cares? It’s so much fun.

Plus!!! It’s a hugely female cast and, if there was going to be one redeeming thing about it, it would be the emphasis that is put on meaningful female friendships. The four main girls are interesting and different, and don’t conform to our idea of what a high school girl should be. They aren’t petty, but they are mean, and that’s an awesome distinction. If you like female relationships and characters (which trust me, you should), then this is definitely the show for you.