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The Justice League trolling Bruce, because…he’s just so easy.

Bruce: …

Full credit for the innuendos goes to my onee-chan @kotoskahn, love ya, baaaybe


  • <p> <b>Jimin:</b> You like me.<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> No.<p/><b>Jimin:</b> You definitely like me.<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> What the hell are you talking about?<p/><b>Jimin:</b> That you liiiiike me, so much.<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> No, i don't.<p/><b>Jimin:</b> ......<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> Why do you think that i could like you?<p/><b>Jimin:</b> You hugging me since 2 hours, you know?<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> ..... only 5 minutes again....<p/></p>

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Prompt idea? Dex/Nursery, but one's the RA and one's the resident

Dex jolts out of his sleep when the on-call phone rings. Despite the fact that this is his second year as an RA, the on-call phone ringtone is something that he doubts he’ll ever get used to. He’s half-convinced the shrill, obscenely loud sound will haunt his nightmares forever.

“Hudson Hall on-call phone, this is Will,” he mumbles into the receiver.

“Um, so, here’s the thing,” he hears on the other side of the line. Dex immediately knows who it is and what the problem is, and he nearly hangs the damn phone up.

“Nurse, are you locked out again?” He asks.

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  • He’d only be soft for you
  • Like he’d just always want to make you happy so he’d embarrass himself or doing something cute if you were upset so that he could cheer you up
  • But if one of the other members saw him acting like this, they’d be sworn to secrecy- most likely by force.
  • You’d love it because he’d constantly be wanting to cuddle you or just have some form of contact
  • And the members would be so shocked because he’s like ‘ew wtf don’t touch me’ to them but ‘jagi cuddle me’ to you and it would baffle them.
  • He’d also write songs for you
  • Like you wouldn’t know that he was writing them
  • But when the they’d have their comeback and you’d ask to listen to it, he’d get all embarrassed and would refuse to show you the songs he wrote
  • Purely because he poured his emotions into lyrics and he’d just get so flustered
  • However, he wouldn’t realise that those lyrics would just completely melt your heart and make you fall in love with him even more
  • so he’d probably use them to his advantage eventually
  • and he’d be like ‘omg I’m such a good boyfriend~ buy me food’.
  • He’d absolutely LOVE to tease you
  • Day and night he’d be searching for ways to take the mickey out of you
  • He’d love the face you’d pull when you’d get annoyed or irritated and he’d just find it so cute and endearing
  • the way your face would scrunch up and you’d have a little pout and he’d just love everything about it
  • and he’d love everything about you

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literally one of my fav gifs ever

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So I actually planned for this to go up on Wednesday bc I was planning on fulfilling my promise of being active but no, my laptop decided to hate me and like die so I got it fixed and hey ho its up today (Saturday for me oml)

I hope you guys liiiiike :)

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Always Here, Forever Yours (Philip Hamilton x Reader)


Request Queue

Warnings- almost cheating and some light sexualness, not really smut but ya know


“can u do a one shot where yn just got in a fight w any character that she was dating and so her best friend philip ham took her out to get drinks and take her mind off of everything cause she was sad and she tried to kiss him and he tells her no and that that’s not what she wants cause she’s drunk and he doesn’t want to take advantage of her so he takes her home and just keeps her company and when she wakes up he’s on the couch and she thanks him and shit ty love u and ur brilliant writing 💗💗”

“Can you do something with Laurens or Philip trying to comfort/cheer up a girl when she’s having a depressive episode please? I could really use it <3″

“hi! i was wondering if you could write a philip imagine where he calms reader after the reader gets in a fight with her family?”

A/N- (It’s not her family but the two fics would have been way too similar otherwise)

Song- Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur

Words- 2,027

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What Hides In Plain Sight

A/N: So this is my first actually planned planned lol fic! I have no idea how long it’s going to be, or what the update schedule will be for now! 

Natsu Dragneel is just an ordinary 21 year old trying to get by on his craft’s business, keep his landlady off his ass, and grow his friendship with his new weird neighbor Lucy. Without revealing that he’s a witch. Or his cat can fly and talk. So maybe Natsu isn’t that normal. Things take a serious left turn for him when people from his past start showing up, and he and Lucy as well as some new -and old- friends travel across Fiore trying to find some answers. But the question is, will they be happy with what they find?

Wiccan!Natsu AU

Pairings: Nalu, Gruvia, Gajevy, Fairy Tail

Words: 2157

Rating: M

Part: Part One,  Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Part Twelve, Part Thirteen, Part Fourteen,Part Fifteen, Part Sixteen, Part Seventeen, Part Eighteen, Part Nineteen, Part Twenty, Part Twenty One, Part Twenty Two, Part Twenty Three

Natsu Dragneel did not freak out. He did, however, from time to time, perchance, become acutely aware of how much of a shit disturbing cat he had, and said cat’s ability to somehow break into the apartment across the hall from him. The one that a new tenant had just recently moved into, that Natsu had not yet met. He didn’t really care about what other people thought about him - he didn’t exactly socialize- but he figured that his cat tearing up all of their furniture or getting into their fridge would be a truly horrible way to meet someone.

So had Natsu decided the only available option would be to break into their flat.

“Happy!” Natsu hissed, dropping down to his hands and knees to look beneath the large cream sofa in the living room. His cheek was pressed firmly against the soft carpet as he craned his neck to look into the darkness that separated the furniture and the floor, glaring when all he saw was two pens and a handful of change. A slight rustle from the kitchen caught his attention and Natsu jerked his head up, cracking it on the low wooden coffee table behind him. Natsu let out a low groan, and tenderly rubbed the now sore spot by the crown of his head. The fridge door was open and blocking his view, but Natsu knew what Happy was searching for. “Happy, you can’t just break into someone’s apartment and take their food.” Natsu chastised as he walked around the sofa and short bookshelf that rested against it’s back. When he finally got to the kitchen Natsu crossed his arms and rolled his eyes at the cat’s sad face. Looking over the contents of the fridge Natsu let out a small chuckle and relaxed his stance. “Of course she’s not going to have raw fish laying around buddy,” Natsu sighed at Happy’s watery eyes, bending down to scoop up the feline. “I know you smelt it earlier, but maybe she ate it,”. The cat shot him an aghast look before leaping from his arms and running down the hall, dashing into the girl’s bedroom.

Well, Natsu had assumed it was a girl from the vanilla scent the already permeated the air in the apartment. Not to mention the ten pairs of boots and heels he had seen in the front entrance. Really, why did someone need that many different things to wear on their feet? This entire apartment confused him if Natsu was honest. The furniture looked brand new and high end, plush cream upholstery and dark wooden accents on the matching reading chair to the sofa. A lush dark carpet designated the living room space, which also boasted an average sized flat screen, or at least what Natsu though would count as ‘average’ for someone who could afford a flat screen. The off-white walls that were standard with the apartment flowed nicely with the look of the open floor space, while in Natsu’s they were smudged and stood out from his mixed-matched furniture. A small sandalwood table by the window had a tiny flower pot -freshly planted- and two chairs, though Natsu guessed that one was more for show than another person. Overall the room looked like it had been ripped from one of those home design magazines, the glass and white plastic cabinets and stone countertops of the standard kitchen included. 

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  • Ruby: Winter, why do you always stare at my uncle Qrow?
  • Winter: Because I hate him.
  • Ruby: But you always smile whenever he's not looking.
  • Winter: (looks away) I don't know what you're talking about, Ruby.
  • Ruby: (points to Winter's face) And you always blush like that when he talks.
  • Winter: (ducks head to hide said blush) Ruby, I don't-
  • Ruby: And Weiss told me you said he was super hot.
  • Winter: No I didn't!
  • Ruby: (suddenly realizing the truth) Aw Winter, do you liiiiike-
  • Winter: (summons ice birds to attack Ruby)
  • Ruby: (runs off screaming because demon birds)

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What about Yuri.p ,pitchit and Leo when they accidently blurt out that they have a crush on s/o while in conversation with someone/people and the person / people that hear it just smile real big and tease them about it ~sorry its so long -H

No worries, darling~ It’s just fine! I’m a little confused what with the constant mention of people, but I think I get the gist of it! Hopefully this is alright

-Yuri’s just chatting with Mila when it happens
-But I use the term “chatting” incredible lightly
-It’s more
-Her talking and asking things and he just
-Grunts confirmations while looking through his phone
-Like wow, thanks, you silver-tongued rascal
-And Mila totally knows, by now the conversation is a fucking mess, she’s just saying weird shit because it’s funny how it flies over his head
-”Yuri, you know a cow can’t digest it’s food until it makes sweet love with a squirrel?”
-what the fuck Mila
-But now she’s getting bored, and a bored Mila is a dangerous one
-ESPECIALLY when she notices you nearby
-So she grins slyly, and leans against the table, propping her chin on her hand
-”Hey Yuri.”
-”Don’t you think Y/N is super cute?”
-You totally hear, and you begin to blush, and hunch your shoulders, you can’t help but smile a little
-Mila continues, grinning, “In fact, I distinctly remember you telling me you have a crush on them, isn’t that right?” oh fuck here it comes
-”Mhm.” He replies. But now he’s coming back to earth,since whatever the fuck he’s looking at on his phone is boring af now, and his mind is rewinding what he’s missed
-Wait what did he just fucking agree to, hold up-
-Yuri’s head snaps up, his face looking as if he’s been shot, and he sees Mila smiling, and you smiling, and oH NO, FUCK FUCK FUC-
-You grin, “What? Is it true, Yuri? You liiiiike me~?” You flutter your eyelashes, and he’s blushing up a storm, help him
-He doesn’t hear the end of it for like a fucking week, he curses Mila out and swears vengeance, hE WILL NEVER LIVE THIS DOWN GODDAMMIT

-Did you know Yuuri’s a piece of SHIT
-He’s not but Phichit will never forget this
-He did this on purpose, he must have
-Phichit’s just chatting with him, they’re talking a ten minute break during practice
-and you’re loitering nearby, just checking your phone, checkin texts, kinda zoning in and out, that’s chill
-Phichit glances at you now and then, and when you catch his gaze, you smile and wave
-And he does the same, laughing slightly
-Yuuri looks from you to Phichit and decides to take one for the team
-D On ‘T
-”So, Y/N…” He starts, leaning his head back
-”Yeah, what’s up?” says the unsuspecting you. Phichit tilts his head, curious to hear the conversation
-”You ever think about dating anyone? Got your eye on anyone?”
-Okay now Phichit knows somethin is up because Yuuri couldn’t give two shits about this kind of stuff
-You blink owlishly, and you’re kinda speechless
-”Oh, well, um-”
-Phichit laughs nervously hahaha yuURI WHAT ARE YOU DOING–
-Yuuri’s just smiling nonchalantly, and looks at you expectantly
-”Well, I’m sure Y/N is too busy to think about that kind of stuff, right?” Phichit presses, hoping that you won’t answer
-Because if you do it might crush him
-But you laugh slightly, “Well, actually… I may have my eye on someone…”
-”Let’s maybe talk about something else,” Phichit says instantly, he can’t stand this, goddammit Yuuri-
-”What? Why?” Yuuri asks innocently
-”Because it’s not exaclty the best thing to hear my crush talking about someone else they like, Yuuri, GOD.” WOOP THERE IT FUCKIN GOES
-You grin and Phichit feels like dying
-”Aaaaw, you thought I liked someone else? And you felt bad? You’re so cute Phichit~ Don’t worry, I was thinking about you anyway.”
-hey can someone kill him he’d really appreciate it THANKS

-Leo, Guang-hong and you are actually having a video chat while it’s happening
-It’s kind of hilarious, because in skype if there are more than two people, it’s more of an audio call than video call
-So you two are joking around
-Guang-hong is fanboying about Viktor, and you two are teasing him for it but WHATEVER that’s what friends do after all
-You excuse yourself for a bit, you need to go check up on something
-So they’re just, “Okay, hurry back.”
-It’s a bit silent, before Leo starts nudging at Guang-hong again.
-”You’re practically in love with Viktor, you should just maaaarry him.”
-Guang-hong is taking it like the good-sport he is, and just starts laughing, “What are we, five?? Leo, pls.”
-Leo starts mimicking his friend’s voice
-”Ooooh Viktor, the way you land your quads is sooooo amazing! I’m star-stuck! Have my children Viktor!!”
-Leo’s fuckin losin his shit god these kids are like, three
-”Yeah, well, if you can tell me to marry Viktor, I can tell you to marry Y/N or something.” Guang-hong says with a smug satisfaction
-Leo laughs, “Dude, yeah right, like I’m ever going to tell Y/N I have a crush on them, let alone marry them. It’s more likely that you-”
-”Um, you what?”
-Leo freezes, and the whole chat goes silent
-Leo is freaking the fuck out inside
-Guang-hong finally breaks the silence by nearly losing his shit
-”O-Oh my god, um, I’m just gonna-”
-”Guang-hong, I swear to go d if you leave-” Leo starts before it’s too late
-And oh my god, the camera settings are back to work and right there, Leo sees your face
-He’s blushing up a storm, and has the most horrified look on his face while he sees you grinning like the Cheshire Cat
-”Aaaaw, you have a crush on lil ol me?” You say teasingly


Jeancome and find us. 

ASTRO: How they would confess to you

This is in a reaction style but oh whale :3 hope you liiiiike :) Requests are open;)


He wouldn’t know where to begin once he finally worked up the courage to approach you. He’d never usually be shy but when you’re gaze would meet his, his heart rate would pick up and his palms would become clammy. It would probably be the first time that you’d seen MJ so nervous and quiet. You’d say yes and he wouldn’t even register your reply but as it slowly starts to sink in, his eyes would widen and his jaw would drop to the floor. You’d have no idea what you let yourself in for.


I feel that cheese is JinJin’s forte. He’d write you a love letter and would really hype himself up because he’d be so nervous and excited to see your reaction. He’d probably never end up giving it to you though because he’d get so embarrassed and flustered. So he’d probably confess to you in person, his nerves obvious in every word and breath but once it was over and done with, he’d be really proud of himself, happy that he could work up the courage to ask the girl he likes out.


He’d plan everything to make it go as perfect as possible. No matter what happened, he knew that he had to tell you how he felt, regardless of the weather or mood. The smile that would break out onto his face when you said yes, would be of pure joy and beauty bc how can you not his smile beautiful I cri. He’d pull you into a hug and it would probably one of the cutest things ever.


He’d be a man, or at least would try to be. He’d tell everyone that he was going to ask you out, face to face and everyone would probably laugh at him because they think he’ll wimp out. So when he’d walk up to you, the rest of the group would stand to the side and watch, expecting him to get rejected or run away. When you’d say that you like him back, he’d giggle so much and act really really cute so without hesitating you’d kiss his cheek really quickly and he’d start blushing and I need to SToP.


He wouldn’t be afraid to let everyone know how he feels. He’d stand up on a table and grab a megaphone and he’d just like call your name out in front of anyone. You’d get so flustered and he’d just say that he liked you and he’d ask you out. I feel like everyone would give like a round of applause and they’d all start shouting ‘say yes’ and when you’d say yes the brightest smile would make its way onto his face and this sounds like it’s from a movie.


He’d be so lost with how he felt. He’d only know one thing for sure and it’s that he likes you. So he’d start preparing himself by talking to the group and asking them for advice (which would probably be really unhelpful but anyway). I feel like he’d write you something. He’d come up to you during the day and would ask you to meet him later and you’d say yes and he’d go away so excited and nervous and overwhelmed, he wouldn’t know what to do. He’d write you a song and sing it to you- I think he’d do that. That confession alone would probably make you head over heels for the smol bean.

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Hello! I'm glad your back! Can you do hayama himuro kise and aomine accidentally confessing to their teammates they’re crazy about a girl and she overhears it? Thanks you! ^-^/

Admin Hana is glad for your support ^.^ but for now, it will be the newbie Admin Chloe responding to your absolutely adorable request~!

Hayama: You walked towards your school’s gymnasium after you were sure the basketball team’s practice was over. You and Hayama had a project to do together and although it was late, you really wanted to get more done. You could already hear Hayama’s energetic shouting from outside the gymnasium as you reached the door.

“AND SHE’S SUPER PRETTY! HER SMILE IS THE CUTEST SMILE I’VE EVER SEEN! EVEN HER HANDS ARE NICE TO LOOK AT! THEY’RE SO SMALL AND DELICATE AND I JUST WANT TO HOLD THEM ALL THE TIME!” You pushed open the door and saw Hayama jumping up and down which wasn’t that odd. He continued to shout out compliments for this mystery girl while his other teammates continued to gather their things together.

“AND THAT’S WHY I THINK I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LIKE _____-CHAN!!!” You stopped in the middle of the doorway. Did you hear that right? Were all those compliments for you?

“If she were here right now,” you could hear the giggle in Mibuchi’s voice, “what would you say to her?”


You smiled. “I’d love that, Hayama-san.”

Hayama whirled around and realised what had just happened. The cogs turned in his head and to you it seemed that he hadn’t meant to confess his feelings at all, even to just his teammates. But in the end, he grinned happily and resumed jumping up and down, shouting gleefully, “I HAVE A DATE!”

“But we really need to get this assignment done…” you mumbled weakly, knowing that he wouldn’t be interested in anything homework related at least until after the date.

Himuro: You had written up what you thought to be a suitable training regime with the help of the coach and Himuro himself and had asked that he make sure no one left the locker room before you were able to go over it with the other members. When you reached the locker room, you had meant to get right to the point so you could home but they were in the middle of a conversation. You were too polite to interrupt.

“For the last time, Alex is not my girlfriend,” Himuro sighed and rubbed his temples.

“But she tried to kiss you!” exclaimed Okamura, still not convinced.

You stayed by the door, hoping they’d finish up soon.

“It’s just what Alex does,” Himuro tried to convince his teammate.

“Girls that aren’t your girlfriend don’t do things like that!” Okamura continued to complain, his voice cracking.

You crept a little closer, wondering how Himuro looked in this predicament. He just looked tired and had his forehead held in his hands as he slumped on the bench, suggesting this wasn’t the first time this conversation had happened.

“I swear to you,” Himuro looked up, desperate to end this argument, “I’ve never even liked Alex that way. I like _____-san! She’s caring and thoughtful and I would much rather have her kiss me than anyone else!”

He froze after he said that. A light tinge of pink showed up in his cheeks and he looked away.

“Me?” You squeaked from your hiding place. All eyes were on you now, including a slightly worried looking Himuro. He’d just accidently confessed in front of his teammates plus the very person he liked. But he didn’t have anything to worry about.

You walked fully into the locker room smiled at Himuro, leaning down to kiss him on the forehead. You wanted to be alone before you starting kissing his lips. “I’d love to be your girlfriend, Tatsuya-san.”

The happy moment was cut short by Okamura wailing behind them, “Now he does have a girlfriend!”

Kise: You liked background noise when you studied. While most people would just turn on some music, you, for some strange reason, preferred the sound of your school’s basketball team practicing. You would sit in the stands above the court and do your homework as shoes squeaked and balls bounced. The scolding of Kasamatsu to his teammates, mainly Kise, should’ve deterred you from your work but it never did. It was just background noise.

But this time, it did.

“Oi, Kise, what was that just now?” came Kasamatsu’s stern voice.

“Hm? What was what?” Kise replied innocently.

“Don’t give me that crap, you were whispering something to the ball before you took the shot!”

“N-no I wasn’t! You’re mistaken!”

Your eyes flickered upward to Kise flailing his arms around at Kasamatsu. If that didn’t scream ‘guilty’ you didn’t know what did. However, Kasamatsu seemed to relent which was a bit weird. So practice continued as normal until Kise got the ball again. Kasamatsu rushed forward just as Kise was taking the shot to try and hear what Kise was whispering to himself.

Kise fumbled the ball and missed. He pouted then turned to Kasamatsu, shouting, “Why’d you do that?! Now I can’t confess to _____cchi because I didn’t make all my shots!”


“Huh?” you whispered to yourself, all interest in studying completely gone.

Kise’s face turned red at what he’d just said to his teammates. The other members started to laugh but Kasamatsu was still in his state of anger. He started slapping Kise on the head and shouting, “WHAT KIND OF DUMB LOGIC IS THAT, YOU IDIOT?!”

“Waaaaah! I promised myself that if I made all my shots in practice for the whole month I’d confess my feelings to her!” Kise cried.


You stood up and leant across the railings, yelling out, “Hey, Kise-kun! What was it you were whispering to the ball?!”

All heads snapped up to look at you. Kise’s face went even redder as you cocked your head at him, waiting for an answer. Kise’s mumbled something then looked away. Kasamatsu sighed and shouted to you, “He said that he was saying ‘For _____cchi’s sake, please let me make this shot.’”

“Ahhh! Don’t say it so loud! It’s so uncool!” Kise started flailing his arms again.

“So… are you going to wait a whole month or can we negotiate your terms?” you asked.

“Y-yes! We can negotiate!” Kise responded, embarrassment gone and replaced with determination, “Why don’t we-”

Kasamatsu slapped him on the head again, “Do it in your own time!”

For the rest of the practice, you cheered Kise on so he made every shot.

Aomine: Momoi had declared herself your ‘wing-woman’ and took off towards the gym, dragging you along by your wrist. The basketball team was currently practicing but that didn’t mean Aomine was taking part. He’d just be on the stage as usual slacking off and reading a magazine. Or just sleeping.

“Trust me. I’ve got this,” Momoi said with a wink. She pulled you into the gym and led you quietly to the stage and had you sit below it. Thankfully Aomine was facing the other way. Momoi stomped up onto the stage and played off her visit to the gym to be just like any other visit – to yell at Aomine.

“Dai-chan! You’re hopeless!” she shouted, stomping a foot.

“Satsuki?” he sounded sleepy. So he’d been sleeping this time around and not reading. This worked better for Momoi’s plan. He grumbled and shifted around, likely getting comfortable to go back to sleep.

“Is this how you treat all the girls that talk to you? What about _____-chan?” Momoi continued to shout. She had the attention of other members of the team now. Their eyes looked at you then up at Aomine. They had a pretty good idea what was about to happen.

“I like talking to her more than you. At least _____ doesn’t shout at me.” Aomine yawned. Momoi was grinning. The plan was going to work brilliantly thanks to his tiredness.

“Do you like talking to _____-chan or do you just plain liiiiike her?” Straight to the point.

“God, Satsuki, I thought I told you this already! Yeah, I like, love, whatever _____, happy now?” He rolled over so he was now facing everyone in the gym. Momoi looked over him down at you.

“See, _____-chan? I told you he told me he liked you. And now we have the whole team as witnesses,” she said, still grinning.

“Wait, what?!” Aomine shot up, looking at everyone in the gym, realisation creeping in. He thought he was on the roof. And now everyone knew how he felt about you. Including yourself.

“I like, love, whatever you too, Aomine,” you said with a giggle from below.

imagine a pocket sized mino taking a bubble bath inside a teacup as you’re in your regular sized bath tub and he starts rapping about rubber ducks.

“My rubber ducky got that mhhmm~ It’s so swag you’re nose will bleed from the epicness that is my bath toy. Look at Ducky’s hip hop swagger and three dolla gold chains. You like? You liiiiike~”

“Did you just quote Suga and T.O.P?”



Greg gave Aku a big grin, surprised that he had taken his advice and made himself glowy. He jumped up excitedly;

❝ Whoa! I was right! You do look pretty all glowy! You look liiiiike…a big ol’ forest full of fireflies! Except there’s also fire. And green stuff. And horns.❞

Greg’s eyes sparkled as he looked at the other, completely unaware that he was currently speaking to a tyrant and a demon. Then again, he had been like this with the beast, too.

❝ Now you’ve got cool wizard magic AND cool wizard glowy-ness! ❞

He holds up a childishly painted pet rock.

❝ And that’s a rock fact! ❞

“A rock SOLID fact. HAAA HA HA HA! YES, behold the glory that is AKU!

He spun round once, still relishing his victory over the Samurai. The lanterns swayed from his horn-branches but held tight. (Way to stir up that demon, Greg!) Once he’d finished showing off, Aku looked upon the child with mild curiosity, his gaze falling just above the cherubic face. 

“Child… why do you wear that teapot on your head?”