you lied didn't you

In a relationship you can’t just do what you want, you always have to think about the other person and I think that’s what people don’t understand.
—  Unknown

Final Fantasy XV Week

Day 6: Reclaim Your Throne // Most Anticipated // Cor Leonis

Baby is sick and also homesick, maybe also misses his dad, and Cor just so happens to be there conveniently taking care of ouji. ( / 3 ; )


Today on “Badly Timed Party Banter”….

Olivia was sat behind her laptop at one of the local cafe’s, her fingers flying across the keyboard as she started intently at the screen. She only had 30 maybe 45 more seconds before this doctors office realized she was switching around appointments to accommodate her own. Sure, the red head knew she wouldn’t be caught (oh the beauty of public wifi) but the waitress that kept coming over was starting to look at her bit suspiciously. After a few more moments Liv shut her laptop victoriously and lifted up her cup of coffee to her lips, only to notice one of the fellow patrons staring at her. “…You know, I’ve heard if you take a picture it’ll last longer.”


Delena + their baby pictures


learning from Max how to make a decent selfie. hella far away from decent for now.


“Whatever happens, you w i l l come back.” - “Is that an order, Commander?” - “No. But as one of your advisors, I’d strongly r e c o m m e n d it.”
- merry christmas @spacegrounder and @bloodyhawke


hip hop?


Taylor and Courtney testing a theory on their gay queen bitch