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series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as violence, torture, death, light smut

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The pounding in your head was unbearable, but it was nothing in comparison to the burning sensation embedded deep inside your nostrils. Your aching body was heavy, almost too heavy to move; it took all your strength to eventually sit up on the bed, your eyes immediately scanning your surroundings in confusion, what had happened? By the looks of things you were in a cheap motel, the garish yellow patterned walls adding more fuel to the fire beneath your temples.

Glancing down you recognised Taehyung’s still body, his face weighed down heavy with sleep as his light snores echoed throughout the sparsely furnished room. Everything was a blur, one moment you were talking to Taehyung in your bedroom and the next, everything was black. Rubbing your eyes to try and adapt to the sunshine beaming through the windows your gaze eventually settled upon a brown glass bottle next to a white rag on the bedside table. Chloroform. The smell became overpowering as memories of a large palm pressing a damp rag over your open mouth played in your mind, that bastard.

“Good morning sunshine.” Sung chuckled before tossing you a box of painkillers, her face emotionless and unreadable, “Sleep well?”

“What’s going on?” You croaked, too proud to swallow one of the painkillers she had offered, instead choosing to hurl them towards her physique with force, “Where’s Jimin?” You barked, just where had Taehyung taken you? However if Sung was around surely your brother would be close by.

At least you hoped.

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D.A.R.E to be honest.

“What harm would it do, if a man told a good strong lie for the sake of the good and for the Christian church…a lie out of necessity, a useful lie, a helpful lie, such lies would not be against God, he would accept them.” - Martin Luthor

Well, founder-of-Protestantism, I’ll tell you what harm there is, all with this thing called D.A.R.E.

You may not have grown up with Drug Abuse Resistance Education ( D.A.R.E. ) programs in your school, but I did. DARE was a mix of just-say-no pablum, extreme scare stories about drugs and out-and-out lies about drugs and addiction. Just once will make you an addict. You’ll have flashbacks forever. Pot is a gateway drug. That sort of thing. 

I remember a mustachioed cop ranting at us at an assembly, pacing up and down, huffing and puffing and growling down at us with a look of utter contempt in his eyes as he regaled us with a story about two kids who were huffing paint and wound up in comas. “We call them Gumby and Poker.” he said with a sort of sadistic glee, getting Pokey’s name wrong in the process of telling what was probably an abject lie. It was one of the earliest times I recognized that an adult could be, and probably was, full of shit.

See, the thing is, D.A.R.E. had good intentions. PCP, heroin, huffing and others are all are life-endangering drugs. However, because they lied, for the cause, vilifying even the lightest drugs in an effort to keep us far, far away from all of them. And when kids found out that they’d lied, exaggerated, and tried to scare them, they threw the whole kit-and-caboodle in the waste basket.

To this day, D.A.R.E. is considered to have no provable efficacy and in some cases has shown to INCREASE the likelihood of drug use.

This is why if you are using bad data to support a good cause, you’re doing harm, not good. 


Hey, i really adore your writing skill.. I have an idea about spencer, maybe he is in relationship with the reader, but he always hurt her, maybe about his secret about drugs and cheating with maeve. The reader and spencer are in love each actually, and I hope for happy ending, i dont mind if you make this to be a multi shots story.. i’m sorry about this weird request and my grammar, because english isnt my language.. I know you will make it to be a good story, i love u :)

A/N: Thank you soo much I love you too! And don’t worry it’s better than I could do in any other language! It’s kind of sad and I hope you don’t hate me for it. I feel like this is what would happen with Spencer if this was the situation ya know? I think I got what you wanted but if not I hope you enjoy it anyway!xx

You loved Spencer. Loved him more than anyone you’d ever met, but he had hurt you more than anyone ever had before.

You’d been together on and off for 4 years and Spencer lied to you about his drug addiction. You’d worked through it together and had been able to help him get clean and stay clean. Many times Spencer had almost relapsed you’d been there.

When Emily died and he almost fell back into addiction. You sat with him at 3am while he cried and helped him get rid of the last vial of Dilaudid he’d stashed. He was vulnerable and weak. In that moment of weakness you vowed that nothing he could ever do would drive you away from him. There would never be a moment you wouldn’t be there to hold him whenever he would need you.

And then he began to be distant. Mysterious phone calls and letters; you knew there was someone else. His eyes looked the same as they used to, when they looked at you.


“Spencer I’m leaving” you stood at the door with as many clothes as you could fit in your bags.

“Why?” he looked hurt but he wasn’t upset.

“Because I’m not whoever she is Spencer, I see the way you act when you’ve spoken to her, it’s the way we used to look at each other. I promised I would always be there when you need and I will keep my promise. But I can’t be second best.” 

You left that day and didn’t hear from him for weeks. Every night you laid awake waiting for his call but it never came.


The phone rang at 4:15am. You let it ring once, if this was Spencer you knew he’d call again. The phone rung once more and you grabbed your shoes. You didn’t answer it you just went to his house.

You arrived to find his door open. He was lying on his couch surrounded by needles, drugs and 3 whiskey bottles. Watching his movements you saw him shaking, he wasn’t doing well.

“What happened Spence?” You didn’t move from the doorway, just stood watching him.

“She died. The only woman I loved died” your heart shattered. Tears trickled down your cheeks the taste of salt invaded your breath as you inhaled you tears. Would he be like this if it’d of been you. “I haven’t used yet Y/N but I thought I might and I knew you’d be there if I needed you.” He finally looked at you. His eyes widened as he saw your face. “Y/N?” you reached over to the bottles on the table and grabbed the one that was half full. You drunk all of it and pushed him out of the way so you could sit next to him. Grabbing his arms you pulled him into a warm embrace, his hair brushing against your neck.

“Why were you crying Y/N?” his breath warm along your back.

“Please don’t Spence. I can’t talk to you right now without it hurting. Just hug me and talk.”

He told you everything that had happened. At some points he stopped when he felt your tears fall onto his shoulder.

“I will always be here Spence” you grabbed another bottle of whiskey off of the counter and drunk as much as you could, you didn’t want to remember this feeling, it hurt too much.

He hurt you so much but you couldn’t live without him.


5 lies D.A.R.E. told you about drugs

It’s a fond school memory: the D.A.R.E. program that taught us all to “just say no” to drugs. We were lectured about the dangers of drugs and counseled on how to deal with risky situations. 

But just how effective was the program at keeping kids away from drugs? Not very, and it might have a lot to do with the way D.A.R.E. consistently misrepresented the dangers of drug use.

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     “My girlfriend’s mad at me. She lied to me about men, so I lied to her about drugs.”
     “You think she’s cheating on you?”
     “No, but she looks at other guys.”
     “That’s it?”
     “Yeah, but eye to eye, you know? You know what’s up, right?”
     “Or maybe you’re imagining and exaggerating things.”
     “I could be exaggerating.”
     “Because you’re jealous.”
     “I am jealous.”
     “And possessive.”
     “I am possessive. I told her, ‘You’re mine, yo. You’re my woman. Rrrrrrrrr!’”

     Boston, MA

Bill Cosby vs. Charlie Sheen

Bill Cosby spent the past twenty years telling Black America we ain’t shit, basically. He was America’s Dad for half the 80s and the entire industry held him up as a role model.  White America particularly loved Bill Cosby because he kept telling us all the things they secretly thought but couldn’t say:  Pull your pants up, don’t put apostrophes in your children’s names, etc.  All the while, he was assaulting women.  Charlie Sheen ain’t ever been shit. If anything, we expect him to continue to not be shit.  White America is disappointed with Bill Cosby in a way that they could never be disappointed with (or surprised by) Charlie Sheen.

If your cousin with straight As and a scholarship to Harvard got arrested for selling heroin you’d be a lot more disappointed than if your crackhead cousin who steals TVs was doing the same thing.

That’s why the public/entertainment industry is more upset with Bill Cosby assaulting 50 women over the course of three decades than they are with Charlie Sheen having sex while not disclosing his HIV status the past four years.

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