you legends

I main Mordekaiser, which is bad enough in and of itself, but what makes it worse? I take so much pleasure in watching the little signs of frustration and anger in the enemy team. The best one is when I TP bot lane to take the dragon, then take the ghost and triple kill the enemy jungle, ADC, and supp, kill both bot towers, then kill another wave of enemies. I laugh at their pain as I watch them walk towards me, confused as to how they could be crushed so hard. That, and I’m a black sheep.

Rate:10/10 (pirate girl and fish lady??yaaass)

Details: Mf is a very very caring person (even though she doesnt show that side of her to others)) and tries her best to let Nami know how much she loves and cares for her at any chance given. Nami cannot help but melt over the amount of affection and just smooch her girlfriend each time. They love spending lots of time at the shore of the beach on warm starry nights.

I think it could be fun if Sidon helped Link becoming better at catching fish :D


the part with the master sword in botw is a nice marriage of story and game mechanics and everything but I have a very specific interpretation of the scene

On screen romance between women with little to no build up or emotion that result in gratuitous sex scenes that are there for the (male) viewers’ enjoyment  

On screen romance between women that is actually romantic, fleshed out, not overly sexualised and portray the characters as three dimensional people who share a powerful bond and care deeply about each other