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Beauty and the Beast AU (1)

Summary: Y/N has always been in love with fairy-tales. They give her an escape from the dark and blood world she lives in. With the new Beauty and the Beast movie coming out soon she’s excited as could be. Her boyfriend Dean however has a few issues with it. 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, OFC, Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Language, heavy making out, fondling, almost smut, angst, a lot of fighting

Word Count: 5,433 (I’m not even sorry)

Part Two Part Three

A/N: This is my fist part to my Beauty and the Beast AU. Hug thank you to @love-kittykat21 for beta reading and helping me with this! Feedback is always welcomed and I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!

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“Hey,” a large hand gripped your shoulder, shaking you gently, “Y/N wake up.” Grimacing, you pulled yourself away from Dean’s body looking up at Sam. He had a big smile on his face,  the alarm clock illuminating his face. Looking at the harsh, glaring, green numbers you groaned. It was barely six in the morning and Sam was ready to get going. “Get up, I wanna tell you something.” His voice was soft and timid, attempting not to wake his brother up.

“Okay, just give me a second.” You whispered back to him, getting up as slowly as you could, Dean simply turned away, pulling the crisp white sheets along with him.

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  • Kai: Cinder, hey. It's me, Kai
  • Kai: Uh, this is like the 200th message I've left you without a response, so...
  • Kai: If you're trying to tell me something, I do not know what it is because you won't call me back.

“Hey, Draco?”


“Why did you do it?”

Harry keeps his gaze on the stars as he waits for Draco to answer. The sky is so clear tonight and the grass smells of late summer. Crickets are chirping in the distance and it is the only sound interrupting the long and heavy silence.

“Why did you do it?” Harry repeats. He hears Draco exhale loudly and shift beside him.

“I thought it was the right thing to do.”

Harry’s head whips around.


Draco snorts.

“I think the reasons are pretty obvious.”

Harry studies him, momentarily mesmerised by the way the gentle breeze caresses his blond locks.

“Tell me,” he insists. Draco sighs and closes his eyes.

“You really want me to say out loud that I didn’t think I was good enough?”

Harry bites his lip and turns his gaze back to the stars.

“You know that’s not true,” he murmurs. Draco sighs again.

“I really don’t want to talk about this anymore. I came back, didn’t I?”

“Yeah.” Harry frowns. “But you left. You left me without telling-”

“I just said I thought it was the right thing to do. I thought you were better off without me.”

“That’s rubbish.” Harry knows he can’t change Draco’s mind when he’s in this mood. They had talked about this a lot. Draco still felt guilty about his role in the war. If the roles were reversed, Harry would probably feel the same. Draco had gaped at him when Harry had said this to him one night.

“But you never would have done the things I did,” Draco had replied.

“I would have. If my parents were still alive or somebody would have threatened the Weasleys-”

“No,” Draco had interrupted him, “you would have still seen the bigger picture.”

Looking back, Harry thought he should have been more persistent. Maybe Draco would have seen that Harry understood. Yes, there were a few things even he couldn’t just ignore, no matter how much he liked Draco. But he had been willing to work through it. It had wounded him deeply when Draco had just left.

“What changed your mind then? Why did you come back?”

“I guess I just can’t stay away from you,” Draco says, his voice low.

There is a long pause after that, in which Harry isn’t sure what to say to comfort Draco. Without looking, he fumbles around in the grass until his fingers brush against Draco’s hand. He grabs it and squeezes it.

“Do you believe me when I say you’re forgiven?”

Draco doesn’t answer but Harry can hear the unspoken “No” loud and clear.

“Do you think you can forgive yourself?”

No answer.

“Do you think we can make it through this?”

No answer. Harry bites the inside of his cheek and tightens his grip around Draco’s hand.

“Do you think it’s better if we stopped… this?”

Harry’s heart is beating fast as the silence stretches between them.


Harry peeks sideways and sees Draco smiling at him. It’s a hesitant smile, almost a sad one. But it is a smile.  

Relief floods through him. He knows it isn’t as easy as that. He knows there’s is still much to do and talk about. But hopefully, this time, Draco will be there with him.

“Okay then,” he says and smiles back.

Giving a hand Pt. 11 [BTS Smut]

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COUNT → 9553

GENRE → Smut


SUMMARY: Your work is not a typical job, you give hand jobs for money, but instead of feeling ashamed you’re comfortable. Until a man offers you to work in his company, where you will use your abilities to please seven guys.

There are some moments in life where you just have to ask yourself, what are you doing? And this was one of them. You were sitting on a coffee shop with no one else than Sunny. Both of you drinking from a ridiculous new drink with the thematic of a unicorn that she picked, and tasted horrible.

Last night after you received the text from Jimin, and after Taehyung left, you received a text from Sunny asking to see you. You didn’t want to do it, and there wasn’t a real reason of why you should do it but there was a little voice in your head begging you to accept, just to hear what she had to say. So that’s why you did it. Let’s say you’re pretty impulsive.

“I hate you.” That’s the first thing she said to you when you entered the tiny coffee shop and sat in front of her.

“Feeling is mutual.” You agreed and she pushed the drink towards you.

“This is my peace offer.” She said and you stared at the pink drink with distrust.

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The girl (Toni Topaz x Fem!Reader)

Can you do a Toni Topaz imagine where reader is Fp’s daughter and she and Toni are dating and all the serpents and students of southside high know but jug doesn’t and shes scared to tell him because when she told her mom it didn’t end the way she wanted and she doesn’t want to lose him but hes supportive of them

A/n: This hits close to home so i’m just going to put my experience. Also I love each and everyone of you so if you ever feel like you cant talk to someone about you being LGBTQA+ or being curious, you can always come to me and ill try my hardest to be the biggest support system in your life.  

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“So, how was your first day at south side?” I asked my older twin brother as I tried making us something to eat.  “It’s a literal hell hole. It’s falling apart, the kids are doing drugs in the hallway, the teachers don’t care, and on top of that, I have to sit with some snakes so some cannibals don’t come after. Oh, and don’t even get me started on that giant oaf” He said placing his computer on the table. “ I honestly don’t know how you managed to survive at that school if you could even call it that.” He said causing me to laugh. “Well someone had to stay with Dad after mom left and took jellybean while you decided to move to the Northside,” I said realizing how harsh the words came out.  “Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that” “Yes you did. But I get why you would be mad too if you left me and I was left with a drunken dad.”  “Hey, let’s go get pops and you can tell me more about your day, cause I defiantly can’t cook today,” I said smiling at the oldest Jones. “Hey kids, what can I do you for?” Pops asked as we sat down in Jugs regular booth. “Let me get a hamburger, No tomatoes, no Onions and without cheese and an order or curly fries with a medium vanilla shake.” “Make that 2″ Jug said smiling at the old man that practically watched us grow up. Smiling at us he went back to the kitchen and I began asking jug more about his day. “Did you at least make some friends?” I asked, Knowing how much my brother liked to refer to himself as a ‘lone wolf’, whereas I was as social as they’d come. “I did actually. She was showing me around school today, Toni Topaz. You know her?” He asked instantly catching my attention. 

Did I know her? The 5′5, pink haired, Photo loving, doc marten wearing girl practically stole my heart the first time I laid my eyes on her. My girlfriend of almost a year. “Y/n/n? You okay?” Jug asked as he saw me space out. “Yes. Yes. I’m great. What about Toni?” I asked with maybe too much excitement.  “She’s a great girl. Loves crime movies. Oh, and she told me that I should see if I could open the red and gold again.” He said as our food was presented to us. “She’s amazing. You’ll love her.” I said already being happy that my brother liked her without actually knowing her

. ~Next morning~ “Are you going to school today?” Jug asked as I made my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Nodding, I closed the door, before getting started on everything I usually did before school.  After deciding to leave my face bare and leave my long black hair in its usual state, i made my way over to my dads closet before grabbing my favorite olive green shirt that made its way to my mid-thigh, pairing that with some black ripped jeans, white converse and the signature leather jacket with the bright, two-headed serpent on the back.  “Is that dad’s jacket?” Jug asked as I made my way into the living room where he was putting on his signature grey beanie. “No, I worked hard for this jacket. It is his shirt though” I said grabbing a banana and heading to the door. “Since when are you a serpent?” Jug asked locking the door behind him and catching up to me. “I don’t remember. a while now I guess.” I said getting in the driver’s seat of the old pick up. “why’d you join?” Jug asked as I pulled out of the sunny side trailers and made my way to school. “ Family. They had my back, I have theirs.” I simply said pulling into the student parking lot already filled with motorcycles and cars that looked like they would break at any second. 

 “Do we have any classes together?” I asked Jug as we made our way to the school. “I think we might have first. but that’s as much as I know.” Jug said as we spotted my friends, Fangs, Pea and Toni. “Oh great. the giant oaf.” Jughead mumbled causing me to laugh. “He’s not that bad. I said as we made our way over to them.” “Welcome back Jones” Fangs said as I made my way to my girlfriend.  Toni pulled me in for a kiss but I redirected it to a hug, surely leaving her confused. “Hey why don’t you guys get to class, we”ll catch up in a bit. I just need to talk to Toni real quick.” I said hoping the guys and jug would leave so I could explain to my girlfriend why she wasn’t being smothered in kisses. Thankfully they left without asking questions.  “So you want to tell me what that was about?” Toni asked crossing her arms over her chest. “I’m sorry. It’s just Jug. I haven’t told him about us and I want to wait for the right time.” I said trying to pull her closer to me only to be pushed back. “So you mean to tell me that for those 11 months we’ve been together you’ve never once mentioned it to your brother? really Y/N?” She said, the anger in her voice quickly replaced by sadness and then again by anger. “Ton, I want to tell him I just-” “You’re what?  embarrassed or ashamed?” Toni asked. “Neither. Look, Toni -” “No, you know what? Come talk to me when you stop hiding our relationship from you brother. I don’t want to be with someone that isn’t as proud of having me as their girlfriend as I am of them.” And with that, she left. Well fuck. 

 I spent my first three classes trying to talk, text and even write notes to Toni but all I got in return was silence. I was hoping that during lunch I could actually talk to her, so as soon as the bell rang signaling it was lunch time I practically ran to the lunchroom.  Knowing that Toni usually sat with pea and Fangs I made my way over to their usual table before noticing she wasn’t there yet so I sat down.  “I get that you’re hungry but the school food is hardly anything to run for.” Fangs said causing pea to chuckle and me to flip both of them off. “Have either of you seen Toni?” I asked facing them.  Before either of them could say anything I spotted her pink hair coming this way before she noticed me. “Toni Can w-” I started only to receive an eye roll before she decided to sit with other serpents. “What was that about?” Pea asked as I placed my head on the table before groaning. “ I fucked up and now she doesn’t want to talk to me. “ I said looking up at the boys in front of me. “What’d you do that made her so mad?” Fangs asked, generally concerned.  “I haven’t told Jug about Toni and I so she thinks I’m ashamed or something.”  “Are you?” Pea asked. “No. Never. I would scream it from the tallest building in the world that I’m in love Toni Topaz. I would travel to hell and back. Hell, I’d even transfer to Riverdale High If Toni asked me to.” I said looking over my shoulder to see Toni laughing at something James, On of our new members said. “You got to see it from her point of view. You’ve been together for almost a year but you haven’t even told you twin brother about your relationship. and on top of that when she goes to kiss you, you turn that into a hug. I’d be pretty hurt if I were Toni.” Fangs said trying to put everything into perspective.  “I can’t believe I’m actually going to listen to you idiots, but how do I fix this?”  “Gotta go to where your problem started. Tell your brother about Toni. “ Pea said. God, for two idiots they actually give good advice.  And so I was off, trying to find my raven-haired, anti-social twin brother in this hell hole.                                                             

 “There you are,” I said finding him inside the old abandoned room that was once the red and gold, typing away on his computer.  “What happened to you?” He asked noticing me trying to catch my breath. “Holy fuck I’m out of shape,” I said in between pants. “Is that what you came to tell me?” He asked laughing a bit. “No. I need to talk to you. It’s important so I’m going to need you to keep your comments and questions t yourself until after I’m done. “ I said coming to sit in the chair in front of him. “Okay, how do I start this? You know Toni? Okay well, I am completely head over heels in love with her and we’ve been together for almost a year.” I said looking up trying to read his face. “Almost a year and I didn’t know you had a girlfriend. I didn’t even know you were into girls. Why didn’t I know you were into girls?” I asked me. “Because you remind me of mom.” I said causing him to raise his eyebrow as I telling me to elaborate. “Do you remember that time mom and I got into a fight and anytime I would walk into a room she’d leave and you didn’t see us talking for at least two weeks? Well, I came out to mom during that time and since she grew up really religious she tried telling me that I was confused and that it was a phase so when I explained to her it wasn’t she began ignoring me since she grew up that way. And since you remind me of her I was scared that you’d start cutting me out of your life. “ I told him as he tried to register everything. “You know I’d never leave you. especially for a stupid reason. We’ve been together since the womb, we’re going to be together until we die, maybe even after that. But why are you telling me this now?” “Because Toni and I got into a bit of an altercation and she told me that she thinks I’m ashamed of being with her since I didn’t tell you about us. I don’t want her to ever feel like that so I figured, in order for me to fix things it was time I tell you about us. “ I told him. “So, what are you going to do now?” Jug asked me, as he started packing up his things. “Gotta go find my lady and prove to her that I love her.” I said causing him to smile. “Go get her.” he said as we walked out, and started walking to our last period of the day, English. 

“look, there she is.” Jug said nudging me as we spotted Toni talking to fangs and sweet pea in front of her locker. Pulling jug with me I made my way over to her. I noticed Fangs nudge her, causing her to look over at us. “Whats this?” She asked turning her attention to me. “ Forsythe Pendleton Jones III this is Toni Topaz, my girlfriend of 11 incredible months and the girl that stole my heart. Toni Topaz, this is  Forsythe Pendleton Jughead Jones III my twin brother.” I said looking at her hoping to get some kind f reaction out of her. “What are you doing?” she asked raising her eyebrows at me. “You told me that you felt that I was ashamed or embarrassed to be with you, and that has never been the case. I figured it was time the two most important people in my life officially met. Look, I’m sorry that I ever made you feel like i was ashamed to be with you because that has never nor will ever be the case. I am completely head over heels, madly in love with you and I want the whole world to know it. “ “God, you’re so cheesy. “ She said laughing. “Does this mean you accept my apology?” I asked only to be pulled into a soft yet tender kiss that always makes me weak in the knees. “you make me want to throw up.” Sweetpea said ruing the moment.  “You’re just mad because I actually have someone that loves me.” I said sticking my tongue out at him while wrapping my arms around my girlfriend. “what do you think about coming to dinner with Jug and I so my two favorite people could get to know each other?” “Where are we going?” Fangs asked putting his arm around Toni and I. “You’re going home. We’re going to stuff our faces in burgers and shakes.” Toni said, placing another kiss on my lips before we all made our way to English.

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Nyx- Chapter 4

Summary: Nyx was an ancient deity usually envisaged as the very substance of the night–a veil of dark mists drawn across the sky to obscure the light of Aither, the shining blue of the heavens. Her opposite number was Hemera (Day) who scattered the mists of night at dawn. she was doomed to walk the earth in search of her consort Erebus.

Warnings: My usual. Angst, Violence And Smut

Pairings: Bucky X Reader, Avengers x Reader

You had woken out of sorts, the previous evening’s altercation running circles in your mind. Sighing heavily, you move out of bed, the pretty peach train of your sleep attire swirling at your feet. Moving to the nightstand you pick up the pearl inlayed hairbrush that Loki had gifted you for Yule and pull it through the long, dark silky tresses that seem to flow like water as you move.

Plopping yourself onto the divan situated in front of the window overlooking the grounds, you snap your fingers, materializing a cup of coffee. Holding the steaming cup in your hands, taking delicate sips as the beverage cools, you let your mind work through your current situation.

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Kitten (Sherlock X Childhood Friend!Reader)

Summary: Sherlock is determined to forget about the one person in his life that he gave a nickname and actually thoroughly enjoyed the company of when he was a child: You. However, everyone in his life seems to want to bring you up lately. Mycroft and even Moriarty reference you, something Sherlock doesn’t take too well. He doesn’t want to remember you for a single reason. It’s his fault.

Key: (Y/N)-your name, (L/N)-your last name

Today’s Playlist: Somebody That I Used to Know (Gotye, but I listened to the Peter Hollens cover because yas :3) Stay (Alessia Cara and Zedd, but I listened to a nightcore version(linked) using the Sam Tsui cover) Where Were You (Maria Mena), Just One Yesterday (Fall Out Boy), I Know You’re Out There (Stephanie Mabey, nightcored), and Maps (Maroon 5, nightcored)

Cast: YOU! Sherlock Holmes, Jim Moriarty,  and Mycroft Holmes

Warnings: Uh…Nothing? Woah. Maybe some language in there?

Status: Complete, but I really wanna do a part 2 (Psst the playlist pretty much hints at the future plot if I turn this into a multi-part thing) I really want to. Like you would not believe.

“I will burn the heart out of you!”

“I have been reliably informed I don’t have one.”

“But we both know that’s quite not true.” He makes a little sound under his breath, one that almost sounds like a mew.


He looks up at the confused man devilishly, though both of them know exactly what his sound meant. “Well. I’d better be off.”

Sherlock sits in his chair, messing with his bow and violin as his brother rants on about things Sherlock couldn’t care less about. He continues to ignore his brother, up until he starts talking about something else.

“What was her name?” Mycroft muses.

“Hm?” Sherlock looks up from his instrument. Mycroft better not be talking about-

No, the smirk on his face gives it away. He is talking about her. “That girl, the one from primary school.”

Sherlock mutters quietly, “(Y/N).”

“What was that, brother mine?” Mycroft’s smile is devious now. He seems to take pleasure in making Sherlock remember her. “I couldn’t quite hear you.”

“(Y/N) (L/N), Mycroft.” Sherlock huffs.

“Ah, yes, (Y/N).”

“Don’t act like you didn’t know her name.” Sherlock hisses at his insolent older brother, “You adored her. The way she fawned over our smarts and deductions.”

“Perhaps.” Mycroft shrugs nonchalantly, showing familiarity, but not quite admitting it. “She followed you like a lost puppy-”



Sherlock sighs, “She followed me like a lost cat.”

“Oh, yes, she was more of a cat, wasn’t she?” Mycroft rolls his eyes. “Following you around, taking notes, asking you questions, gawking at your mediocre problem-solving.”

Sherlock wants to protest, but Mycroft continues.

“What was it you called her?”


“Oh no, you most definitely called her by a nickname.” Mycroft teases. “I remember it quite well.”

“Then I shouldn’t have to tell you.”

“I want to hear you say it, Sherlock.”

“Kitten. Her name was Kitten.”

Mycroft smiles victoriously before his expression becomes curious. “Whatever happened to her?”

Sherlock is silent as he stands, pasty white hands in a death grip around the neck of the instrument. He approaches the window and stares out at the street solemnly, lifting the violin to play. He begins to play a solemn tune that echoes down Baker Street, enveloping all who hear it, including Mycroft, though he does not show it, in an unending feeling of drained energy and a pained heart.

“I don’t know.”

But he does. Or at least, he thinks he does. When they were in middle school years, she just up and disappeared. He thinks it was because of him, because he never listened. Alas, it was not. She had disappeared for good reason.

Or to be more accurate, for bad reasons. Ones she could not control but controlled her.

“My parents are making me go, Sherlock.”

“Yes, yes.”

“They’re up to something. I might be in trouble. They might make me join the family business. You know, the one you’ve been trying to prove is a mob for years? The one I’m helping you prove is full of criminals? That one?”




“I’m leaving tomorrow.”

“Yes, and?”

“I’m not coming back.”


“Sherlock? I’m sorry.”


“I…I have to go.”


“Goodbye, Sherlock.”

*hours later*

“Kitten? Kitten? Ah, she’s gone again. I’ll leave a text, I suppose.”


You left again without telling me. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, then. We can continue work on the case with your parents’ criminal mob. I’ll see to it they won’t have you doing anything that puts you in danger illegal before the age of 15. That wouldn’t end well.

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Note: I really want to do a part 2, but I don’t know if I’ll have time for it with the other one shots I have scheduled. If you want a part 2, just request it! That will increase its priority and it will be done faster.

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The twenty eighth installment of The Live On Tour Series:

Y/N and Harry have fully reconciled.

They’re back to sending each other stupid jokes,back to sending each other silly videos doing God knows what,back to video calling each other whilst in different timezones.

They’re back to talking to each other like they used to.

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16 with Damian and Dick because u know I thrive off angst

I know it, and I hope this helps you thrive even more. : ) 

Dick was silent the entire ride back to the bunker. He had to be or he knew he’d end up saying the wrong thing. Even now, even furious, the last thing Dick wanted to do was hurt Damian. Any words that he might say right now would hurt because that’s how Dick was. When he was angry he was hurtful, his words digging until they found just the right place to stab.

People said that having kids makes them less selfish. Dick was still terribly selfish. He wanted his family safe, happy, and whole and he’d do anything to make that happen. What caring for a child had changed about him was his temper. He couldn’t have a short fuse around Damian, not if he wanted the boy to take any of his lessons seriously. Not if he wanted Damian to believe him when he said he cared, that he loved him, and that he’d never hurt him for making a mistake.

Even if that mistake had almost gotten Damian killed and had ruined months of work.

He was just shy of slamming the car door shut when he jumped out of the batmobile. He was beginning to understand why Bruce would pour himself into work when a night went bad. As a kid Dick had hated it when Bruce dismissed him and sat there, staring at the computer for hours, stony and silent. Dick had thought he was fuming, now he wondered if it was Bruce’s way of controlling his anger, and of keeping himself from yelling at Dick.

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lizzy92rc  asked:

"So why did I have to punch that guy?"

“So why did I have to punch that guy?”

Being 25 and still desperately single truly and honestly…. well it wasn’t so bad and their were….benefits… and… free time…… independence.. yeah it sucked. Most days Betty Cooper kept busy, she owned and operated Riverdales very own Coopers Veterinary Clinic and her twin niece and nephew kept her on her toes most days. Finding time for a relationships was definitely last on her to do list but still….

Today? Yeah being single sucked. Being maid of honor at one of her best friends weddings was an honor and she was of course all too happy to do it, but now that the rehearsals were over and the favors were finished.. she felt…. lonely. Watching the couple glide across the dance floor, Cheryl wrapped up in Toni’s arms, both wearing beautiful hand made wedding gowns was enough to make her cry and of course there was him, handsome as ever but grown, Matured,
No more beanie and no more leather jacket.

“Hey hot stuff.” The unfamiliar rumble of the older man at her side shook her out of her memories. Taking an uncomfortable step to the left Betty smiled cordially, making to walk away, unfortunately she was too slow and the man had her forearm gripped in his dirty hands.

“Let go of me.” She grit out, attempting to tug her arm free.

“Just dance with me gorgeous, I’ll show you a good time.” He moved closer and for a split second she could see his lips moving toward last hers, his teeth horribly mangled.

It ended as soon as it started, one second he was grabbing her the next he was laid out on the floor.

“She said let go.” The dark haired man spoke dangerously low, shaking his hand out and staring down at the old man. Jughead jones had just knocked out a complete stranger in order to defend her honor. Somethings never change.

People began gathering at the scene, betty tugged Jughead by the arm, his suit jacket smooth under her fingers as she led them into the hallway.

It was silent for a moment before Betty spoke

“Thankyou….for that” She whispered, avoiding his eyes and grabbing his hand to inspect it for injuries.

“Anytime.” He started “so tell me why I had to punch that guy? Where’s your husband?” Jughead cleared his throat, eyes ducking when her head shot up, an amused smile on her lips.

“My husband is nonexistent” she giggled “or maybe he’s somewhere in the world, all I know is he most definitely isn’t around to defend my honor.” Betty snorted, dropping Jugheads hand and stepping back “anyway, thanks again. It was good too see you. I better get back in there.”

She was halfway to the door when his voice stopped her

“I miss you. Everyday I miss you.” He whispered, eyes burning into the back of her head.

Betty swallowed, still staring at the door
“You left me remember? Without telling me where you were going, when you were going. It’s been five years Jughead.”

Suddenly he was by her side
“I had to go, I’m sorry but I couldn’t tell you, I was in so deep with the Serpents, I just… I had to get out.. if they found out you knew where I was you’d be in danger I couldn’t risk that, I’m so sorry. I came back two years ago I came back. But… you had just opened the clinic and you were doing so well I didn’t want… I didn’t want to ruin that for you but…” Jughead trailed off.

Betty’s eyes blazed into his
“But What Jughead?” She whispered

He didn’t hesitate this time, “But I love you. There’s never been anyone else and I know you still love me. I can feel it, I know you can too.” His hands held hers and placed them over his heart “it’s always been you. It will always be you, seeing you here today, I can’t lose you again. I can’t take that.” He plead, tears gathering around the corners of his tired blue eyes.

Taking a deep shuddering breathe, betty closed her eyes, the soft voice of Frank Sinatra poured out from inside the venue and into the hall.

“We can… let’s just dance for now Okay? Just for now..” She whispered, reaching for his hand.
It was a start and he would never say no to anything Betty Cooper ever asked him again.

Taking her hand in his he held her close to his body
“Okay. A dance. A dance is good.”

Forever Hold Your Peace Pt.2 // Ethan Dolan Imagine



REQUESTED: By multiple people! Here’s part two for you that requested it (:  //// Pt. 1 

WARNING: A little bit of fluff and a bit long

It’s been two years since Ethan’s wedding. You were now settled in London and had the most amazing job. 

The apartment you lived in was this small one bedroom city apartment. It was close to your job and was in your price range. You loved living here. The first few weeks you were here you made a lot of good friends and made four new close friends. You were happy and in-love with the way your life was now.

Grayson and James both helped you move in. They were in the only two from back home (apart from your parents of course) who knew where you lived. You made sure to tell the boys to not mention Ethan to you as you wanted to start a fresh new life. 

You were currently back home visiting your family and getting ready to attend James reading to his bride-to-be, Safia. The two got engaged last year on their one year anniversary. I remember James calling me with excitement in his voice as he told me how she said yes. He then asked me to be the best-man at his wedding. I gladly accepted and now here I am at the hotel room assigned to us getting ready to walk down the isle as a groomsmen. 

Standing in front of the mirror I smoothed out my strapless white jumpsuit before sliding on the navy blue suit jacket. My make-up was done naturally and my hair fell right below my waist in soft curls. 

Soon we were all asked to go stand in line. Ethan’s wife and Safia were great friends. Kaite was her maid-of-honor. This meant that you two would walk down the isle together. The two of you stood side by side as you waited for your cue. 

She was wearing a long pale gray dress with lace sleeves. Her hair was up in a bun with flower clips surrounding it. 

Despite not talking to two years you could feel the awkward tension from miles away. You tried not to pay much mind to her as she eyed you with judgment. In all honesty you didn’t understand why she looked so angry at you when she got the boy and you didn’t. 

Yes you were over Ethan and even have been on a few dates. You were still nervous that you ran the risk of bumping into him because you didn’t want to make his wife angry. Grayson was also in the bridal party as he and James hit it off when they helped you move in. 

He was standing behind you watching as Katie glared at you. The time came to walk down the isle. The curtain was pulled back and you two walked down the isle. 

Standing up straight you walked down the long isle keeping your face forward with a large smile on your face. Once you made it up to your spot you watched everyone else walk down and soon the wedding march began. 

Reaching over you squeezed James shoulder as the curtains opened up. You watched as your best friend was flooded with emotion as he watched his beautiful bride walk down the isle. You laughed as he tripped down the step to go down to grab her hand from her fathers. It was typical of him to trip over himself when he was excited. The ceremony was beautiful and the two of them showed what true love was. A love so pure you hoped that one day you found what they had. 

The reception was surprisingly held at the same place Ethan and Katie’s was held two years ago. Only this time you were happy to be here. Sitting up on the stage with everyone in the wedding court you were handed the microphone to make the typical speech every best-man did. 

Clearing your throat you nervously scanned the room not liking that multiple people were watching and hearing you closely. 

“Hi everyone. Well many of you guys know me but for those who don’t my name is Y/N. I was given the honor to be the best-man in my best friends wedding. I know what your probably thinking, what is a girl doing as his best man? Well let me tell you that not all the grooms best-man have to be men. Us women can carry that title like a boss,” you explained earning loud cheering from the guest making you smile. 

“Now enough of that. Lets get talking about this beautiful couple right here. Gosh I don’t know where to begin with you two because let me tell you. These two were all over the place when they met,” you smiled, “I remember the day James came over to my apartment with this goofy smile on his face. He told me he met this beautiful girl at his job. She was the new girl and he just had to be her friend. Fast-forward three months later he came home complaining about how stubborn and aggravated she made him. How she kept saying no every time he asked her out. I asked him how he was asking her out. He explained and gosh are boys stupid sometimes.” the crowd laughed and a lot of the women cheered while some yelled amen’s. 

“From the way he was asking her it sounded more like a statement. I lectured him for it and told him to take her some flowers and ask her in a kind sweet manner. Well later that day he came home and told me how it worked. These two right here for the past two years have showed me what true love really looks like. Their love is something far from what I’ve ever seen or experienced myself. I love getting phone calls in London from these two because you can just hear how in love they are. 

“When I would come here for a short visit I would see the way he looked at her and vise versa. The small glint in their eyes and how they observed one another when the other wasn’t looking. The love they share is what the young people call ‘goals’. I only hope that one day I will find the same love they share with one another. Gosh do I love you two, I wish you the best in your marriage. To the amazing new couple!” You cheered while lifting up your wine glass in the air. 

Sitting back down you handed the microphone to married couple and waited for them to finish their speeches. Once everyone was done talking you got up from your seat and walked over to the bar. Ordering yourself a beer you thanked the bartender and decided to go out for some fresh air in the balcony. 

Surprising enough Ethan was standing out on the balcony. This made you laugh a little finding it funny how you found yourself in the same situation almost two years later. 

“Well if it isn’t Ethan Dolan. Gosh does this right here feel familiar,” you joked while leaning on the railing and setting your beer down. 

“Y/N, funny finding you here.” He said while keeping his gaze down on the street below us. 

“It was getting stuffy in there and I needed some fresh air,” you explained while taking a sip out of your beer. 

“I’m surprised you even came here from London. Oh wait was I not supposed to know that?” He asked bitterly. 

Feeling a bit taken back you looked at him with furrowed eyebrows. 

“What are you talking about?” 

“I’m talking about how you left without saying goodbye to me or even telling em you were moving to London. I had to find out through Grayson when he left to go help you move in to your new apartment. I thought I was your best friend Y/N. It’s like you didn’t care about me all of a sudden. Why didn’t you trust me enough to tell me about that?” He asked with hurt laced into his voice. 

Feeling your face heat up you glared at him in anger. 

“Are you fucking kidding me Ethan? I didn’t tell you because I cared way to fucking much. It was your wedding day to the women you chose Ethan. Don’t come at me with your bullshit over me not trusting you. I trusted you with everything that was mine. Gosh Eth-” You were cut off. 

Feeling a pair of lips on yours you opened your eyes in shock and quickly pushed him off of you. 

“No, no, no. Gosh Ethan no you can’t do that!” You yelled while turning your back on him and put a hand over your mouth as tears filled your eyes. 

What took you two years to get rid of came flooding back in. All the memories, the feelings, and just everything you blocked out for so long. All your hard-work was taken away with just that simple kiss. 

“If you are worried about me cheating on my wife don’t worry about it,” he spoke making you gasp out and turn to face him. 

“Don’t worry about it? Are you crazy Ethan! Of course I’m going to worry gosh she’s your wife! Oh my, you cheated on your wife with me. Why would you put me in this position?” You asked him while running your hands through your hair in anger and guilt. 

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Sight of the Sun

//The One where Y/N relys on Gendry during her escape from Kings Landing//

She pushed her body more, her rugged breathing hitting the warm air of Kings Landing. She pushed through the people in the market, her head flying behind to see the guards still chasing after her. She was blindly by the tears that rapidly streamed down her face. Y/N couldn’t believe that her father was dead, the man that taught her everything, never treating her as a ward but as his own. She wished she was able to stop him, praying that she’d been strong enough to push through the crowds and felt fight that tyrant they called a king.

Y/N huffed loudly, she quickly skidded across the corner, her eyes flickering over the bustling market. She quickly ran into a blacksmiths housing, the man was sweating and continuously banged on the sword with a metal mallet. He looked up squinting his eyes at the girl whom stopped in front of him, his eyes scanning over hers before wiping the sweat the ran down for brow bone. “Good Evening M'lady-”

“Please Ser I need your help” she begged, he took the girl. Her golden and red dress tainted and slashed. Her face covered in blood, which he assumed was her own. Her hands were gripping the dress tightly, he could make out the fear that coursed through her. He nodded his head for her to follow, he quickly pushes the girl behind a shelf of swords that he’d made. Covering her whimpering body with a cloth.

She did not understand why she felt instantly drawn to him, he had this familiarity about him, something that made her feel at him. “Boy!” The familiar voice of the guard shouted, she squeezed her eyes tightly at the sound of armor clanging as they walked. “Were looking for a Lady, (hair color), her eyes dark as night and (hair type) reaching about a length of he points to his (hair length). He places his rag down his eyes scanning over the men, he instantly recognized them as being apart the Lannister army. The man nodded, his hand pointing to the opposite direction of which they’d came,

“She came in her asking for help, told ‘er to get gone and she ran over there” he spoke slowly, the guards nodded quickly leaving the blacksmith in his boiling shop. The guards soon disappeared from sight, the atmosphere returned to its normal setting as he slowly moved to the girl, yanking off the cloth quickly. He was taken back by her body falling unto his, her arms wrapping around his sweaty neck. Her sobs shaking her chest as she squeezed her eyes shut. “Hey they are gone now. I’m positive they won’t be around here again.”

“I’m Gendry” he states once she pulled away from his embrace.

She was placed in his clothes while curled up against a makeshift bed. She watched the fire and listened to the soft sound of the logs crackling. Her mind drifting from her father’s head falling unto the floor to her sister falling into the arms of the heartless soldiers. She felt pathetic not staying and fighting, she wondered if they made it or if suffered the same fate as father. “I met your father once”

She hummed in response, her eyes still focused on the dancing flames. “He was a good man, he didn’t deserve that death, at the hands of a insufferable little boy” she whispers out.

“King Joffrey… living like this- like me the worst thing you have to deal with is men trying to steal from you or- drunkards roaming about” he whispered “I could never imagine a life where my father was a Lord or the King”

“I’m a bastard” she speaks lowly “My mother, well Catelyn barely looked at me and Jon, she despised Jon a little more than I. I resemble a sibling that King Robert was suppose to marry- I never pay attention to the tales my father told me”

“I never met my mother but I know she sung to me and possessed yellow hair” he whispered, she felt a shift in the bed, his body was now leaning against the wall. His eyes watching hers and she watched the fire.

“I hate the heat” she suddenly spoke looking at him, her randomness taking him by surprise “I was raised in the North but Catelyn pushed so hard for me to come like she knew that all this would happen. She didn’t want me near her, Ned he was the glue that held The Bastards close to the family.”

“He’s always right here” he pants to his chest “No matter how meek things seem to get just hold on to those good memories, the good moments-” she interrupted his words by placing her lips to his. His hand raising to cuff her face bringing her closer to him.

“I’m sorry I-” she pulls away her hand resting on his chest while she tugs on her bottom lip.

“Why don’t you just sleep, you must be tired after the eventful day you’ve had” she nods slowly, her hands pulling the thin cloth over her body as she watched the back of her eyelids.

Gendry laid awake, its only been a few hours since Y/N’s snore filled the air. He could find himself drifting to sleep. His eyes snapped to the girl, her soft murmurs filled the air before she let out a piercing scream, her body instantly yanking up as she breathed heavily. Another left her lips as Gendry tried comforting her. “Hey! Hey! It’s alright no one is going to hurt you. I’m right here” she gripped unto his shirt.

Y/N was riding through the snow that captured the air. She’d been riding for months to get to the Wall the only place where she felt safe. The cold air nipping against her exposed her made her feel at home, returning the feeling of Winterfell. “Open the gate!” She heard a male voice shout, the slow churning irritated Y/N, she was impatient no longer the girl that coward at her own shadow. These last few years made her stronger, relying only on herself. But she craved her family missing and praying that’d she’d get to feel the warmth of Jon again.

“Who are you?” One of the men stated without any introduction she moved through the gate, her hand pushing past the thin man. She looked around the The Wall. Jon sat at the head of the table with his sisters and brother around him. Gendry posed behind him, they sat in silence the words not yet sinking in that Winter is Here. “Jon Snow!” He heard his name being called, the men turning their heads to the door as the woman began screaming out his name. “Get off of me you assholes!” Her muffled voice stated. His chair squeaking against the wooden floor as he moved toward the woman’s voice as his siblings followed.

“Did you fuck her before you joined the Night’s watch?” One of the men joked as they held her face to the ground, she struggled against their weights.

“No! I’m his sister!” She hissed loudly, her words instantly made the silent air even more quiet. Jon slowly marched toward the girl causing the men to quickly back off of her. He stopped in front of her, Y/N’s body slowly getting up, her limbs slightly numb from the exceeding force. Removing her cloak, she offered a slight grin to her younger brother. “You’re terribly ugly! I wouldn’t want to fuck you” she stated her face scrunched up. His arms wrapping around her.

“We thought you died! Where were you?”

“Everywhere” she simply answer, her eyes shifting to the siblings behind her. Her eyes lighting up at the sight of Arya and Sansa.

“Y/N” Sansa breathed out, her arms wrapping around her. “I’m glad to see you’re alive. ”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you… either of you” she whispers lowly

“We never blamed you, we were all just scared kids” she whispered, she licked her dry lips before giving a nod to her statement.

“Bran! You’re so old now! God I remember when you had dad’s luscious locks” she laughs, moving to Bran, wrapping her arms around him. She stared at the wheelchair he was in and decided to question him on it later.

“King of the North! I hear!” She turns back to Jon “Do they know that you use to be scared to fight your dear old sister”

Jon laughs at the memory, he wasn’t so much as scared but petrified that father actually made them use real swords. While Jon was apprehensive about swinging on his sister, Y/N well she giddily swung the sword about, her eyes holding this feigned innocent when she sliced his forearm. “You were insane” he simply spoke.

“I’m sorry to intrude but we have matters to discuss that need you attention Jon” a familiar let out, she didn’t want to turn around, she did her best suppressing her emotions. Never letting a tear shed when she thought about him or how he promised to protect but the next morning disappeared from the bedside. Leaving her broken and weak.

“Gendry I want you to meet my sister” Jon spoke, she turned around watching his expression fall, he watched her. She wasn’t the sad broken girl that he’d left on her bedside. She moved up the steps, watching him for a moment,

“I thought when I saw you again, I’d find the sun. Everything was dark and cold. I was broken and I thought maybe- just maybe you could fix it-”

“Y/N” was all he spoke

“You left, without a single goodbye, explanation. I guess this is some sign telling me I should kill you right now” he flinched at her harsh words. “It is a pleasure meeting you Gendry” she whispers before moving into the room.

Cameron’s Wedding (G.D) Part 4

Description: You’ve been best friends with Cameron since you could remember but haven’t seen each other since you both went off to college. Few years later, Cameron’s getting married. Going back to New Jersey brings back good memories but also reminds you why you left in the first place.

A/N: Here you go! ENJOY! 

The text in italic is a flashback

Sorry for the caps, wanted to make the writing dramatic

Warning: swearing, talks about abortion

You remembered like it was yesterday

“Hey what’s up, my lunch break is about to end“ Cameron said picking up the phone

“Charles just broke up with me“ you try to say between tears

“Oh my god Y/N, are you okay?“ she asked

The more you tried to talk, the harder it is was to comprehend

“I’m off work in a couple of hours, meet me at my house, Grayson should be home“ she said before hanging up

You drive to the Dolan’s house and Grayson opens the door

“Y/N what happened?“ he asked while letting you in

You hug him, crying into his chest. He hugs you back tightly, rubbing your back

You and Grayson sit on the living room’s couch

“Where is everyone?“ you asked

“My parents and Cam are at work and Ethan’s on a date“ he said

“Tell me Y/N, what happened?“ he asked

“He broke up with me because I told him I’m going to U-DUB (University of Washington) instead of Princeton with him.“ you said

“I’m just an idiot thinking he’d be okay with it and we would still be together“ you cried

“No he’s the idiot, he just lost the greatest thing he ever had“ he said

“You don’t need him, he was an asshole anyways, you’ll find someone better”

“Yeah right” you scoffed

Charles was a straight A student, captain of the football team, president of the student body, all around the perfect high school boyfriend

“I’m serious, you’re smart, loyal, compassionate, and beautiful” he said as he lifts your chin

With your emotions all over the place, you kissed Grayson.


4 days until the wedding

“How’s my dress, too tight?“ Cameron asked

“Cam, you look great, as long as you can breathe“ you laughed

“I’m so excited for you to meet the girls, I talked about you so much they practically know you“ Cameron said

“That’s great“ you tried sounding excited

The party bus arrives and you and Cameron head downstairs. Grayson gets your attention

“Hey, we need to talk“ he said

“Let’s go Y/N!“ Cameron yells from outside

“I gotta go, let’s talk later, okay?“ you asked

You enter the party bus, and you meet 6 girls from Cameron’s sorority, too much names to remember so you didn’t pay attention. Your mind was on Grayson and what he wanted to talk about.

You took a few shots on the party bus, while all the others were already drunk before heading to the hotel.

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Finally getting into the hotel room, everyone starts talking, dancing and of course, drinking some more. You take a few more shots just to feel a good buzz. You look towards the kitchen seeing Cameron dancing on the counter top while drinking a bottle of vodka. You never seen Cameron this way before. Few hours later, Cameron is totally wasted, you take her to the bathroom to throw up. Everyone’s leaves knowing the party is over now. You start cleaning up the place up and you hear a knock at the door and open it to the male strippers who were 2 hours late, you dismissed them telling them that the party was over.

“Y/N!“ you hear Cameron call for you from the bathroom

You rush to the bathroom

“Hey, I’m here, what’s going on?“ you asked

“Yeah, you’re here now but you weren’t here for me before“ she drunkly slurred

“Cam, what are you talking about?“ you asked


“I told you, I had to leave for orientation” you said softly

“BULLSHIT“ she said


Shocked. You couldn’t think of a better response

“You could of called me“



You stand there frozen trying to take in what just happened. She throws up once more then passes out on the floor, you carry her to the hotel bed, tucking her in. You get a text from Grayson:

“I need to see you right now”

“I can’t, I’m taking care of Cameron tonight.” you replied

You turn off your phone and lie down next to Cameron. Guess you weren’t the only one with a secret.


3 days until the wedding

The next morning you and Cameron went to eat pho, to take care of her hangover

“Ugh, remind me to never drink ever again“ she laughed

She doesn’t remember anything that happened last night. Thank god.

You and Cameron finish eating and head home. You get a text from Grayson:

“Where are you?“ he asked

“Heading home with Cameron“ you replied

You and Cameron get out of the Uber and Grayson comes outside

“Let’s go Y/N“ he said

“Where are you guys going?“ she asked

“I wanna show her the path me and E go to, the one with the cool view“ he said

You quickly run inside and change out of your dress from the night before and put on comfortable clothes, anxious for what’s to come.

Imagine Your OTP

Person B *in a panicked manner*: have you seen A?? I can’t find them anywhere

Person C: no i haven’t actually

Person B: c'mon help me look for them

*five minutes later A wanders up to them with a smile on their face*

Person B: A! Where have you been?

Person A: i saw a dog and i had to go pet it

Person B: so you left here without telling me, leaving me completely concerned, to go pet a dog?

Person A: ….i might have done that

Thor's in trouble

18.“Stop trying to kiss me while I’m trying to yell at you!”

A/n I’m sorry but I made the reader a total bitch in this… . Or am I sorry?

Originally posted by thorduna

Thor knew he you were going to be mad at him but he went anyways. He went back to Midgard help his friends while you were in Asgard with his mother planning your wedding. Since it was a last-minute decision to go to Midgard and thought it was going to be a quick trip Thor left without telling you.

Unfortunately for Thor, the “quick trip” that he thought would only last one day ended up lasting three weeks. When he arrived back in Asgard he was nervous about how you were going to react “Heimdall how mad is my beloved?” Thor asked his friend but he already knew the answer.

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The One With All The Speeches

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader

Summary: Two Words: Secret Wedding

A/N: just lot’s of corny corny fluff since you all really seem to dig alec fluff xx

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“Are we really doing this?”



“Yeah,” Alec’s voice is unfaltering, his eyes not leaving yours as he gives your hand a squeeze.

“You guys better be. I didn’t get ordained for nothing,” Magnus adjusts his jacket before rubbing his hands together, “Are we ready?”

“Just waiting for Jace,” Alec mumbles, nervously looking at the clock, “Do you think something happened?”

You shake your head, “No way. He would never miss this.”

“Not intentionally…”

“Sorry I’m late!” Jace huffs, out of breath as he runs down the aisle, “Wait,” he pauses, walking back and waiting at the end, “Y/N…”

He holds an arm out and you walk back down the aisle, stopping beside him. You suck in a sharp breath as you link your arm through his.

“Are you ready?”

“Yeah,” you whisper, your heart hammering against your chest.

“Cold feet?” Jace asks and you shake your head, pulling up your dress slightly to reveal fluffy socks on your feet, “Alec made me wear them… said he ‘didn’t want to take any chances’.”

“That’s cute,” Jace chuckles, “Cue the music!” he calls out to Isabelle who nods excitedly before plugging the aux chord into her phone.

You walk slowly down the aisle towards Alec, your eyes bound in a stare. Your mind flashes back to the first time you had seen Alec; you had felt the same way then too. It was when you were thirteen and had come in from Idris. Alec was assigned to help train you. Day after day you knocked him on his ass. You wondered why it was so easy to beat him when he was one of the best in the institute and then one day, you put up the poorest fight, one there was no way he could lose and yet he did. He fell to the floor with the slightest knock and for a moment you were offended; was it because you were a girl?

For days you didn’t talk to Alec and instead trained with Jace. It was one night when you were training alone that Alec stepped onto the mat. You sparred for almost an hour until you lay beside each other, trying to catch a breath.

You had hesitated before asking him ‘Alec, why do you always lose to me?’

His answer was simple: ‘I like seeing you smile when you win.’

After that you made him promise to fight properly and he said he would only do so if he could make you smile some other way. It began with him taking you to beautiful places you hadn’t seen before; dates, dinners, ice skating, movies, waterfalls – really, any place two thirteen year olds could go without parental supervision. Anything and everything to make you laugh. And then one day he kissed you and it was as though the air had left your lungs. You smiled all day and all night and then Alec got down on one knee and pulled out a lolly ring and asked you to be his girlfriend. When you talked about it now you both cringed and laughed, but you were thirteen and that’s what love was. And then and on exactly the same day, six years later, Alec had got down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring before asking you to marry him.

You reach the alter, stopping in front of Alec who sucks in a sharp breath, smiling from ear to ear.

“Take care of her,” Jace winks as he places your hand in Alec’s.

“Are we ready for vows?” Magnus asks.

Alec stares at you, his grin taking up most of his face.

“Alec,” you giggle and he shakes his head, “You just look so beautiful, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so beautiful,” he sighs.

You awkwardly shift your dress a little before placing a hand over his chest and pressing a kiss to his lips, “You don’t look so bad yourself.”

“Uh,” Magnus sticks a hand between the two of you, “Save it for after the ceremony,” he chuckles.

“Y/N. Vows?”

You laugh nervously beofre clearing your throat, “Okay, uh – When I met you, I was this gangly, awkward thirteen year old girl, who couldn’t fight and was afraid of the dark. I’m still kind of gangly and awkward but I’m not afraid – of the dark, of demons, of anything. Not when I have you by my side. We broke up exactly 3 times in the past six years. First, when we were fourteen and you ate my last chocolate bar. Second, when we were sixteen and you called Zayn Malik ‘nothing much’. And third, when we were seventeen and you and Jace left on some super dangerous, secret mission without telling me. I broke up with you because I was so scared of how I felt when you didn’t pick up my calls, when I couldn’t find you and didn’t hear from you for days. I thought ‘if I break up with him now, I’ll never have to feel this way again.’ But I did. Everyday. When I didn’t know where you were, when you weren’t next to me when I woke up,” you smile, “I can’t think of a more perfect way to spend my life than right by your side.”

Alec was already crying a little, blinking as he tilted his head up to look at the ceiling as though he were thanking this heavens for you.


“I had this whole speech planned out but now, as I look at you, I barely have the right words. I spent my whole life thinking that I always had to do the right thing. That I had to shoulder the responsibility of the Shadow World. You showed me I didn’t. You taught me love and compassion. And by loving you I learnt how to love myself. I do remember when we broke up because of that whole stupid Zayn thing and then you went on a date with Jace, do you remember that?”

“Stupid?” you narrow your eyes before nodding and Alec swallows hard.

“Well, what you don’t know is that after it, I broke his jaw and he broke  my nose and we promised neither of us would go out with you ever again. And that night and snuck into your room anyway. When Jace saw me come out the next morning he asked me why I broke our promise; we were parabatai after all. And I told him…”

“She is as much my parabatai as you are,” both Alec and Jace say in union, chuckling shortly afterwards.

“Without you, it feels like something is missing from me. I didn’t know that until I met you and it felt as though a void the size of the ocean had been filled and as scared as I was to feel the sudden waves clashing in my chest, it was all so worth it. Loving you completed me. You complete me. I promise to always, always hold your hand in the dark and in the light and all the place we may go together.”

With those last words, the room fell to silence and you were almost sure you could hear the sounds of both your hearts beating so loud you were almost afraid they would burst.

“I’d like to say something too, I mean, best man and all and since there’ll be no reception…”

“Go ahead,” you smile and you both turn to face Jace.

“You two are the biggest idiots I have ever met. I remember when we went off the radar and y/n gave me 73 missed calls and when I finally picked cup she screamed so loud that to this day my hearing is still impaired. It’s funny because I never saw you two lasting this long. I thought ‘sure, they’re thirteen and in love but this will end as tragic as Romeo and Juliet.’ Everyone kept waiting for something to go wrong but you two never faltered. Your love is kind of this symbolic love story we all whisper about to reassure each other that despite being Shadowhunters, despite risking our lives and facing death, there is still a place for love. You gave me the courage to love again.”

You wipe away at your eyes, pouting and Jace pulls you into a hug, “Don’t cry – you look ugly when you cry,” he teases.

“My turn,” Isabelle giggles.

“I never thought anyone would be good enough for my big brother. I still remember pulling your hair when we sparred y/n. At first it was me being protective, then me being jealous but then one day, you came into my room and said ‘Izzy, can you give me a makeover for my date with Alec?’ and then everything fell into place. You are like my sister. And as disgusting as it first was to hear you and Alec in the next room every night, nothing made me happier than knowing how happy you make Alec feel. So, in short, we’re all happy for you and we’re all thankful to the guy who invented ear plugs.”

“Clary?” Magnus asks as she’s the last person in the room.

“Sure,” she smirks, standing up, “Alec was the biggest asshole to me when I first came here and I wondered, how the hell he was dating this beautiful, kind girl…”

Alec rolls his eyes and Jace clears his throat, giving her a sideways look and she laughs.

“I figured, if someone like y/n see’s the good in him, he can’t be all that bad and I was right. I have no doubt you two will be incredibly happy for the rest of your lives. I know you’re having this secret wedding because you don’t want to hear about how you’re too young or not ready but I think that even if the entire world were to say that, all of us in this room know it’s not true. I may not have known you both for as long as everyone else, but you both made me believe in love,” he eyes land on Jace, “You taught me it wasn’t wrong to love. So thank you.”

“God, it’s embarrassing that I’m tearing up,” Magnus sighs, blinking tears away.

“Okay, do you take y/n y/l/n-“

“Yeah,” Alec interrupts him, “I mean I do,” he whispers.

“And do you y/n take Alexan-“

“I do,” you grin.

Why did I get ordained to say like three words,” Magnus grumbles, “I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride,” he says quickly, waving his hands in the air.

Alec leans in closer, slowly pulling you into him before kissing you and mumbling, “I love you,” against your lips.

“Bet the sex will be good tonight, huh?” Jace whispers and Alec grins before you slap his arm.

“It’s good every night, right babe?”

“Yes honey,” he laughs before his eyes widen, “Oh god, we’re already an old 50 year old married couple.”

You roll your eyes and he pulls you back, hugging you from behind and resting his chin on your shoulder, “I love you.”

“You said that,” you laugh.

“I’m going to say it every day for the rest of our lives.”

“Do you care to bet on that?”

“I was trying to be romantic,” he grumbles and you shrug, “I’m not here to be mushy, I’m here to make money.”

“Really?” he laughs and you nod as he sweeps you off your feet, carrying you in both arms.

“Now all we have to do is tell everyone…”

“Just walk into the institute like that, I’m sure everyone will get the message loud and clear,” Jace chuckles and Isabelle claps her hands together in excitement, “I would love to see mum and dads reaction.”

“They’ll kill us,” you sigh and Alec smirks, “Till death do us part, right?”

Dirty Laundry

Request: Can I ask for Sidney Crosby ? where you guys got married have one lovely boy and everything going good till Sid accidentally cheat and you want to divorce (during that you also found out you will have baby girl) then you guys make up please ? Ps. I dont know how can you be so good at writing but im appreciate it😍💗

A/N: Ok, this didn’t turn out exactly as requested. (Ish) I won’t say much because I don’t want to give it away. But I think It works. Also, I love you guys. 

Word Count: 1401

Warnings: Pregnancy, cheating, probably curse words? (I really don’t know anymore)

Up Next: Jamie Benn (There’s three. Two requested and one was a request from my best friend…that one might be pushed back.)

You’d been together since you were 20. Six years later he proposed. Three wonderful years of marriage and a beautiful son later, he did this.

You didn’t know how he could do something so horrible. Not after 9 years of being together.  9 Years of making the distance work. The fans. The puck bunnies. Not once did he ever stray. And now? It’s like he just threw everything away.

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