you left me here waiting

I am waiting for you.

Remember the place where you left me? I’m still here waiting for you. I just can’t take a step forward. I want to be here, i want to wait you here. I am hoping for you to come back. I am hoping that you will remember your promise to me that you won’t leave me. I am still hoping that you’ll realize that, you can’t stand without me in your life. I know you didn’t ask me to wait but i keep on waiting. I will wait for you no matter what it takes. I will wait for you even if i don’t have any assurance that you will come back. I will wait for you even though i know that i am just waiting for nothing. Waiting is the most excruciating i will ever do. It’s something that i can do for the one i love. But waiting is not easy, it’s exhausting. It’s like waiting for the stars to appear during day time. But you need to keep on waiting even if things are impossible, there’s still hope. I will wait for you even if it takes time. Even if i don’t even know if you will come back. I am still here don’t ever forget that.

“Many times I’ve been alone, and many times I’ve cried
Any way you’ll never know, the many ways I’ve tried
And still they lead me back, to the long winding road
You left me standing here a long long time ago
Don’t leave me waiting here, lead me to your door”

Chelsea Bridge, Zuraika Arromen Redo, 2015.
A photo with a special meaning for me: I took it on my very last solitary photographic errand in London before moving back to Italy. I’m still missing that city every day.

“Are you here to pick up your car?” Chris asked from where she was sitting outside the garage. “Because thank god, I was starting to think I’d be here all day. They left me to wait here so I could let you in to get it. Or… maybe not? Well if that’s not you and you’re looking to get repairs done on your car, I’m sorry but I think we’re closed up for the rest of the week. Sorry about that… it’s a long story. I might be able to do some quick fixes here and there but I don’t have a lot in the way of tools on me.”

You don’t miss you more than I do
Where is the fire in your eyes, darling?
The one that
sparked a flame in my heart
Did you
This memory is slipping away
help me remember the warmth that you used to be
I awake laying next to a body
I don’t recognize
But you awake inside of one
I know you feel all the weight in everything I can’t bear to say
Apologies fall uselessly from my lips (I
can’t fix you)
There is no trace of you left
I am left here
with a flame burning inside of me
waiting for the one inside of you
to come back

And it wouldn’t matter if it was a week from now,
Or even two years,
I’d still be here,
On this little island,
Just where you left me.

Waiting for you to realise,
That I never could leave.
Waiting for you to realise,
That I loved you,
And I can’t leave,
Because you have my heart,
And I don’t know how to survive without it.

—  Message in a Bottle

I will wait for you.

I’ll wait for you no matter what it takes. I’ll wait for you even if you ask me not to do it. I don’t care how long it will take or if you’ll come back or not. All i want is to wait for you cause that’s what my heart wants. Don’t ask me to stop waiting because i won’t do that. It’s the only thing that i am holding right now, the only thing that’s left in me. It’s hard to wait but i won’t get tired waiting especially if it’s the love of my life. I’ll be here where you left me waiting for you. I won’t go anywhere, i won’t lost my way to you. I’ll always be here for you if ever you decided to come back. You told me that i can find someone, but no, that won’t happen because my heart will always be yours. You’re the only one that i want and i love you, i don’t need to find someone because i already found you that’s why i will wait for your come back. Don’t worry about me, i’ll be fine and i’ll also fix myself and my soul so that if you decided to come back we’re already whole. Always remember that I’ll wait no matter how long it will take you. I want you to take your time and don’t be in hurry. I’m not going anywhere, i’ll stay here. Just please come back, don’t forget that there’s someone here waiting for you. I’ll be patiently waiting here for you, baby. I won’t ever leave you and i will never give up on you.

How can you live
Wihout me?
You used to tell me
That I am your life.
How can you survive?

How can you laugh
Without me?
You used to tell me
I am your hapiness.
How can you smile?

How can you move on
Without me?
You used to tell me
That falling in love
Feels impossible
If it’s not with me.

Now you are in love
And happy
But I’m stucked here,
On the same place you left me
Still waiting for you to come back.

And it sucks.

—  s.c// “X” ( sandarafreedompark )

I tried not to get hurt. I tried to cling on to every last breath I kept swinging in my lungs. If ever you’re gonna come back, I’ll be just right here- waiting under the city lights where you left me.