you left me here waiting

i waited.
god, i waited
with bated breath for your face
at my door.
i imagined it night after night.
you would knock,
and then you’d say,
‘i love you. i’m sorry i’ve been gone so long.’
and i’d forgive you, just like always.
except this time you didn’t come back.
you just left me here
to wait.
—  j.e.b. ((i’ll always be here, waiting.))

Word count: 636

 You see him standing there, observing everything around him. He looks so handsome, yet so lonely. You shouldn’t be here, outside, and Four almost yelled at you for being so impulsive. But you needed to see him. And now, you gather all your stupid courage to throw a small rock at him. The rock hits his back and he turns around, his icy blue eyes landing on you. Immediately you run back to the woods as Eric follows you. When you’re finally far enough from anyone, you stop, waiting for him to come closer.

 “(Y/N)… What are you doing here?”

 “I’m running away from you. From Jeanine. From being tortured for being who I am.” You take a deep breath. The hole he left in your heart is impossible to be filled again. You want to kiss him. You desperately need to kiss him again.

 “Come with me. I’ll protect you, you know it. I love you.” Eric pulls you into a tight hug. “I miss you, (Y/N).”

 “I miss you too but you choose the wrong side of this war.” You dive your fingers on his hair. “You look very handsome.”

 “And you’re absolutely beautiful, even with these horrible clothes.”

 You laugh at him. Yes, you were forced to wear Amity clothes. Light brown pants and a red blouse. “Four almost freaked out when I refused to throw my Dauntless clothes away.”

 “Always being a pain in the ass.”

 “Don’t insult my friend. He’s doing your job.”

 “My job?”

 “Yes. Taking care of me.” You say and Eric’s eyes are filled with sadness..

 “I want to take care of you. Come with me. I won’t let Jeanine know that you’re Divergent. ”

 “God, Eric, I wish I could.” Your thoughts drift away with memories of those perfect days you spent with Eric back in Dauntless. Doing nothing on Sunday mornings, having dinner on the rooftop.

 “You still have me, just…”

 “Why don’t you come with me? You’re wrong and I’m right. I still love you but I can’t follow you.”

 You want to stay here forever and never let go of him, but you need to go back to your friends soon.

 “This is the last time we meet. I’m going with Four and the others. We’ll… Go as far as we can. I don’t know where but we’re going anyway. ”

 “(Y/N), please. Don’t leave me again.”

 “No. You left me. I’ll convince Four to wait for ten minutes, right here. It will be your last chance. Our last chance.” You smile, pecking his lips before walking away. “Just remember I love you.”

 “So, let me try to understand this situation. You told Eric where we are just because of this blind hope you have that he’ll choose you over Erudite.” Peter stands in front of you, a finger on your face. “Do you really think Eric will choose you over the power he has now?” You try not to let it show how anxious you are. If he doesn’t come, you’ll never see him again. Or worse, you’ll have to fight against him. Your heart is beating loudly on your chest.

 “Peter, I swear I’ll…” Footsteps echoing through the trees makes everyone gets up and prepare themselves for a fight. You know that if your friends die tonight, it would be your fault.

 “(Y/N), it’s him.” Tris is the first to see him in the darkness and gives you a small smile.

 “Eric?” You call, running to meet him and jumping on his arms. “Is that it? You’re… you’re coming with me?”

 “I can’t stay here knowing that you may be in some serious trouble out there.” Eric lifts you up, spinning you around.

 “God, I love you, Eric!”

 “I love you too. Now, let’s go. We have a new world to see.”

What Do You Say When Words Are Not Enough? (Part Four)

Read Part Three Here:

Part Four: It Must Have Been Love But It’s Over Now

Dun Dun Dun…the return of Bucky and he is going to stir up a lot of trouble!

The title of this chapter comes from this song and I feel like it sets up the whole tone for this chapter so please feel free to listen as you read, I’m not going to hint at who it applies to though!

Summary: Bucky broke your heart completely, and though you never thought you could love someone like that ever again, after Tony confesses he has carried feelings for you for a long time, could you find it in you to take another chance on love? Will Bucky let you? 

Warnings: Some choice words spoken between Bucky and y/n. This one is bumpy, so you might want to strap yourself in!

Words: c. 2,457

“Please y/n,” he pleaded dropping his bag on the floor and attempting to take a step towards you, “Please tell me it’s not too late.”

 You felt an uncontrollable rage as you looked passed Bucky at Steve.

“Did you bring him here?” you spat.

“Y/n please hear him out,” Steve was looking fully exhausted now, all traces of his anger from last night gone, and you shook your head at him in pure disbelief.

Bucky stood looking at you with a stupid pleading expression on his face and Steve beckoned for Sam to come away, which he reluctantly did but not before telling you to call him if you needed anything.

“You have two minutes,” you said in the best warning tone you could muster.

“I thought you deserved better,” his tone was still pleading, “I thought you deserved better than anything I could ever give you. I convinced myself that I was doing the right thing, that walking away from you was the best thing I could have done.”

“For who?” you demanded “It wasn’t for me Bucky. I loved you, I needed you!”

A look of anguish covered his face and he swallowed thickly “Loved?”

You cocked your head in question, and he looked defeated as he slumped down in a vacant armchair and sighing he covered his face with his hand.

“Past tense, you said you loved me. It’s too late already”

“Bucky,” you sighed moving to sit on the coffee table in front of him, “I waited for you for months. I cried myself to sleep for months. It wasn’t too late then, you could have come back and I would have fallen straight into your arms. But you never came. You never even called me, you left me completely by myself and just expected me to be still here waiting for you when you finally decided you wanted me again? It doesn’t work like that.”

“How long?”


“How long did you wait before you climbed into bed with him?” he asked tone icy.

You stood up and stormed across the room indignantly, this man really knew how to hurt you.

“You know what Bucky, fuck you!” you spat, and he looked like he was going to get up out of his chair when he spotted the tears in your eyes “You do not get to sit on the moral high ground on this one, you left me. You broke my heart. You did that. Not me, not Tony!”

With this Bucky did get up and moved to block your way out of the room and fought with you until he could hold your hands in his.

“I’m sorry y/n, please you have no idea how sorry I am. I’ve been such a classic fool but you have to believe I thought I was doing the right thing. I thought I was doing it for your good but I can see now that I was a coward. I was so afraid you would wake up one day and see me for exactly what I am, and that you would leave me, so I did it first.”

Your anger began to dissipate as you looked into his eyes, “You should have known I would never have left you. Bucky I loved you more than anything in the world. You should have known!”

“Y/n? Is everything alright?” you heard Tony’s voice before he appeared before you, and you quickly pulled your hands out of Bucky’s as he came into view and didn’t miss your action, his eyes flying between where your hands had been joined only moments before and you wiped viciously at the tears that were gathering on your face.

You didn’t miss the sheer look of panic on his face as he took in the close proximity of you and Bucky, and he looked a little like he had been winded.

“What… what is he doing here?” he asked eyeing Bucky up suspiciously.

“He was just leaving,” you answered staring Bucky down as he looked pleadingly at you.

“I’m not going anywhere,” he answered back defiantly.

“Well then I am leaving,” you replied trying to push past him and he caught your arm causing you to spin back towards him.

“Get your hands off her,” Tony warned, pulling you towards him, and Bucky squared up.

“This doesn’t involve you Stark!” he spat and Tony released you, chest puffing as he marched up to meet Bucky.

“This has everything to do with me Barnes.”

They eyed each other viciously waiting for the other to make the first move.

“You’re loving this aren’t you,” Bucky huffed “Watching her from the shadows for years and hoping she’d notice you, I bet you just couldn’t wait to make your move when I was gone.”

“I watched her waste away before my eyes for months because of you. I took no joy from that! You’re in this mess because you walked away from her.”  

“She loves me Stark, she could never lie to me and I can see it written all over her face,” Bucky warned “and I love her and I don’t care what you say I won’t let you get in the way of that!”

Tony deflated because that was precisely what he feared, he had been living in dread of the day that Bucky would return and re-ignite all the feelings you had been trying to bury for months.

He turned to face you, “I won’t y/n. I won’t stand in your way. All I want, all I’ve ever wanted is for you is to be happy,” and with one final look at Bucky, he walked away and out of the room.

You looked at Bucky’s bags on the floor, and back up at him.

“Pick them up and go. Wherever it was you were before you came here, go back there Bucky.”

He ran his hands through his hair, “Y/n please, you know you still have feelings for me. What we had that doesn’t just disappear and maybe, maybe you do have feelings for Stark but you know deep down you’re still in love with me. I promise you, I would never, ever do anything to hurt you ever again. Please just give me one chance. One last chance to be the man you’ve always deserved.”

The worst part was the sting of betrayal you felt for letting his words get to you, for letting yourself momentarily consider what he was saying until you remembered Tony’s brown eyes as he was walking away.

“Get your things together and go Bucky. I don’t have anything else to say to you.”

And you walked away leaving Bucky calling your name, and tears rolling down your cheeks as you set out to find Tony.

He wasn’t anywhere in his apartment and that meant he could only be one place, the basement.

Taking the elevator was taking too long, and with every floor you passed a sense of urgency and anxiety was building.

You found him tinkering with an Iron Man suit and even though he heard you, he didn’t turn to face you.

“Tony?” you tried voice quivering and sounding desperate.

“You should be with him y/n,” he replied over his shoulder with that false bravado he does when he is trying to pretend he’s not hurting.

“Why are you saying that?” you asked taking a step towards him, only for him to move further away from you.

“Don’t,” he tried to warn but it sounded more like pleading.

“We were real, and we were fantastic. We were really fantastic. But we both know who you belong with really.”

“Tony please?” you begged trying to take another step towards him, only for him to hold his hand up and shake his head.

“Maybe it was love, maybe it was. But it’s over now. This is me bowing out of the race, out of the competition. I meant it y/n I won’t stand in your way.”

“Tony please,” you begged “there is no competition! I’m standing right here with you. Will you please look at me?”

You were getting a migraine from the whiplash of the events of today, seeing Bucky again for the first time and now this.

“He was right y/n, you still have feelings for him,” you were about to argue and he looked at you soothingly “It’s not your fault sweetheart, you’ve been through so much these past few months. But I can’t compete with him, I won’t compete with him. I think we should cut our losses now, and you should just be with him.”

Tears rolled down your cheeks but you were too numb to even wipe them away.

“That’s what you really think?” you asked, your voice betraying just how hurt you were.

“That’s what I think,” he replied indifferently and returned to tinkering with his suit.

You stood rooted to the spot for a few moments hoping he would turn around again and tell you he was lying, tell you he loved you, but he kept his back turned to you and as you walked up the steps, with one final look over your shoulder you found him still tinkering with the suit.

You made it precisely into Nat’s arms before you crumpled into a thousand pieces, and she did her best to hold you together.

You cried until your voice went hoarse and when Nat had finally managed to coax what had happened from you, she looked like she was ready to kill someone.

“What are you going to do?” she asked you finally, stroking your hair.

“I’m going to talk to Bucky,” you told her rising from the bed.

“Y/n,” she said in a warning tone.

“Tony was right I do still have feelings for him, I have to do this Nat.”

“I think you’re making a huge mistake,” she warned “but you know I’ll stand by you no matter what you do.”

You knocked loudly on Steve’s door and when he opened it and took in your appearance his whole face softened.

“Y/n, are you alright?” he asked softly.

“Is he here? Is Bucky here?” you asked and a blood-shot eyed Bucky appeared behind Steve, a tell-tale sign that he had been crying.

“We need to talk,” you told him honestly “No shouting, no fighting. Just talking,” you told him and he nodded profusely.

As you sat beside each other on the sofa, he waited patiently for you to speak.

“You were right I do still have feelings for you, but Bucky they’re unresolved feelings. You were all I ever wanted and I loved you so much, and I knew I was losing you for days before you left. I kept hoping that maybe if I did more, if I was more attentive you would stay. I couldn’t understand what I had done wrong to make you leave.”

“You did nothing wrong,” he cried.

“And I can see that now. All of this time I’ve been blaming myself, I was never angry at you because I somehow still believed it was all my fault and I believed that right up until today. I couldn’t fall completely out of love with you because I didn’t blame you. And I’ve heard your reasons and I’m sure that at the time you really did believe it was for the best, and I think to a certain extent that you might have been right. I don’t think we were ever completely right for each other, and that would have split us up eventually, if not sooner then later.”

You took a second to look at him before continuing, “and I love him Bucky. I really love him!”

Bucky sighed deeply and collapsed against the back of the sofa.

“Does he make you happy?” he asked dejectedly.

“Yes,” you told him, feeling close to tears again, and he looked at you, really looked at you.

“All I ever wanted was for you to be happy, and if…if it’s not with me, I’m glad you found someone who can make you happy.”

“I did love you Bucky, I really did and I will always care for you.”

Bucky leaned forward and pulled you into a hug, “I’ll always love you, and I will always be there for you if you ever need me.”

“What will you do?” you asked him pulling away to look at him and he tucked a piece of your hair behind your ear.

“I have to fall out of love with you doll and I can’t do that here, I’ll go back to where I was staying, don’t worry about Steve I’ll talk to him, assure him that I won’t be doing another disappearing act. I’m sorry for how I treated you, and I’m sorry we didn’t work out, I’ll regret it for a long time, I hope some day you can find it in you to forgive me, and that we could even be friends.”

“Perhaps some day,” you told him rising from your seat and looking him over one last time, “Take care of yourself Bucky, I hope you find happiness and whatever it is you’re looking for, I really do.”

He rose too and pulled you in for one last hug, you revelled in the scent that used to be so familiar with you, before you patted him on the chest and resolutely walked away.

A quick sweep of the basement showed no sign of Tony and you were slightly panicked to find his suit in pieces on the floor from where he had smashed it to pieces.

The sound of footsteps on the stairs caused you to turn around only to find Bruce standing tentatively.

“I sent him upstairs,” he said gently “He’s not in a good way.”

You burst into Tony’s apartment calling out to him “Tony, I…”

When you spotted him he was seated on his sofa with a glass of red wine in his hand and Pepper sitting the other side of him.

You blinked a few times, mouth opening and closing, trying to process what exactly it was you were seeing. Was today battle of the exes day or something?

He looked at you waiting for your response and you clammed up.

“I should have knocked first,” was all you could muster, and Pepper smiled pleasantly at you and then her smile turned to confusion as she noted Tony’s expression.

“What was it you wanted?” he asked swirling the red wine around in his glass, and not looking at you.

“It can wait,” you told them wanting to get out of the room as quick as your legs could carry you, and you bolted punching the wall of the elevator as the door closed, and wincing at the impact.  

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Fading - Scott McCall

Characters: Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Reader.


Originally posted by stilinskiever

You were back in Beacon Hills. It’d only been two years but you’d cut ties with everyone. It was too painful to talk to anyone.

You walked into the restaurant, picking up your order. You’d told your mom you’d eat before you came by the house to see her. You paid and grabbed your bag turning around. You start to walk out when you see him. Your heart feels like it’s dropped to the floor. Your head hurts from all of the memories flooding back. You try to hurry out the door before he sees you.

“Y/N! Is that you?” You hear Stiles shout. You turned on your heel and gave him a small wave. “Come over here!”

You sighed and walked over, trying to avoid Scott’s gaze. Stiles stood up and hugged you. “How’ve you been?”

“Ahh..normal, I guess.” You shrug. “How’s school?” You asked him.

“I’m done! For now I’m working as a deputy…dad’s worried about me jumping right into higher government.” He rolls his eyes.

“That’s great! I’m sure he has a point, though.” You smile.

“Hey, Y/N.” Scott says quietly and you look over at him.

“Hey.” You tuck a strand of your hair behind your ear. You’re sure he can hear your heart pounding.

“Are you doing well?” He almost whispers and you nod.

“I am. Yeah. Are you?”

He shakes his head ever so slightly and looks at you, giving you the look. The look that would make you want to cry. He’d always given you that look when he was upset, or after a fight when he’d sneak into your bedroom. It was the look that made you open your arms wide for him to hold you.

It was all too much. “I should go. My mom’s waiting on me to come by..” You turn and start to walk away.

Scott grabs your arm. “Can we talk?”

“I really should go…my number’s the same.” You nod at him before leaving, your head spinning.

You barely make it to your car before he’s texted you. You get inside and unlock your phone.

Where can we talk?

You sigh and reply. I don’t really want to go anywhere. Can you just call me?

Yeah. I’ll call in about an hour.

He did. He called exactly an hour later.

“Hello?” You answered the phone, walking up to your old bedroom.

“Hey. I just..I really need to talk to you.”

You sat on your bed. We’re you crazy or did the pillow beside you smell like Scott. You exhaled loudly. “About what?”

“I’m still in love with you.” He blurted out.

“I..Scott…I just..” You sighed.

“I know I’m the one who screwed everything up, but I love you, Y/N. I’ll always love you.”

“Then why’d you do it? If you loved me then why’d you leave me?”

“I didn’t want to! I had to. If I hadn’t have left everyone would be dead. You have to understand that.”

“Except I don’t. I don’t understand because you could’ve taken me with you. We talked about getting married already, Scott. You left me without a hint of where you were going, you wouldn’t answer my calls. What was I supposed to do except feel abandoned?”

You heard him take a deep breath. “You left too! Don’t act like you were here waiting for me.”

“I left to get away from all the memories of you! I left because of you!” You felt tears sting at the corners of your eyes.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry I left. I was so scared I’d lose you, but I lost you anyway.”

“You don’t think I’m still in love with you? I’ve pushed away guys I could’ve had something with because all I could think about was your big dopey smile.” You felt a tear fall.

You heard something at your window and your heart fluttered. You hung up the phone and threw it on then bed before sliding your curtains open. There he was, that dopey smile spread on his face. You slid your window open and helped him in.

He held his arms open and you hugged him tightly. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I really am.”

“I missed you, Scotty.” You mumble into his chest.

“I’ve kept walking around town, hoping to run into you. When I saw you today…I thought I was losing my mind.” He kisses the top of your head. “You knew I was back…you had to…why didn’t you call?”

“I thought you didn’t want me anymore…and remembering how happy we were just makes the pain worse.“

“I should’ve brought you with me. You’re right.” He sighs and hugs you closer. “Do you forgive me?”

“Not completely but I think we could work on that.” You look up at him and he wipes your tears with his thumbs.

“Do-over?” He asks.

You nod. “Do-over.”

The Long And Winding Road (9.13-14)
The Beatles

January 9th, 1969 (Twickenham Film Studios, London): As everyone waits for John and George to arrive, Ringo, Mal, and director Michael-Lindsay Hogg listen as Paul tries to figure out the lyrics for the second verse of ‘The Long And Winding Road’. (Note: Mal’s reference to The Wizard of Oz reminds me of this interview he did in 1975 about him and Paul crying over John’s “I want a divorce” declarative.) 

PAUL: See I was thinking of having another – like the weather obstacle. 

MICHAEL: It’s beautiful. What’s it called?

PAUL: ‘The Long And Winding Road’. [tries playing; falters] The only trouble is I always think of the… The storm clouds and the rain / Break up over the winding road… [trails off]

PAUL: I suppose it should still be about this sort of winding road. I’ve just got that picture – just the winding road that leads to your door, it will never disappear, I’ve seen that road before, it’ll always lead me here, lead me to your door. [audio feedback] Oh no!

RINGO: [laughs] It’s a start.

MAL: What you’re talking is sort of like The Wizard of Oz. Did you ever see The Wizard of Oz?

PAUL: No no no, I didn’t, but I’ve—

MAL: ‘The Yellow Brick Road’?

PAUL: Yeah. I know. 

MAL: ‘The Long And Winding Road’. 

MICHAEL: It’s great. 

PAUL: You see, it’s also something… [starts playing again]

MAL: It’s got that feel about it, you know? [inaudible] —so [Dorothy] gets back to, back to the boys— [inaudible] —and she’s never going to see them again.

MICHAEL: Yeah, yeah, exactly. 

MAL: It’s a terrible feeling. 

MICHAEL: Heartbreaker, yeah. It’s great.

MAL: It made me cry.

PAUL: It could be like the thing that’s up ahead. The thing that’s up ahead / At the end of the road… 

MAL: Like, how about like the obstacles on the road, that you’re going over?

PAUL: No, but I think the obstacles – eh, you know. I have enough obstacles without putting them in the song. [laughs] 

MICHAEL: How’s it going to end? Is it going to end happily, or just – not sure yet? Is that the end?

PAUL: No, it should end something like this. But still they lead me back / To the long and winding road / You left me waiting here / A long long time ago / Don’t leave me standing here / Lead me to your door…

Hannigram AU: It

When Will was young, the only place he found much joy was with his friends: Beverly, Jimmy, Alana, Brian, Jack, and Margot. The seven of them weren’t well liked in school then, The Loser’s Club, but none of them cared.

His parents were not very strict, but they weren’t exactly warm and most of his best memories were of fishing in the pond with his younger sister, Abigail.

After Abigail was taken, Will remembers his mother left and his father barely spoke.  

Will’s explanation fell on deaf ears, no one believed him about the man in the clown suit, not even his friends. Until someone took Bella, and Jack was determined to find her.

They didn’t find her, but they stopped It.

Or so they’d thought.

Will felt the fear rise up in him, fighting not to show It just how scared he was.

The cold breath on his cheek made him close his eyes.

“You’ve grown up so well, my cunning boy,” the icy touch of long dead fingers made him sob, “But look where that has gotten you. Alone, all alone.”

Will opened his eyes, smiling even as tears blurred his vision.

“I’m not alone.”

The wide smile got in return was chilling.

“No, I suppose not. Though I have been here waiting, right where you left me.”

Will shivered as the monster he had pretended to forget leaned in and licked his cheek.

“They all float down here, Will, and you will too. I promise you that.”

Jumin X MC High School AU Part Two

Hello everyone, just dropping in to post a continuation of the High School AU that was mentioned a little while back. The first part can be found here. The next update should be a chapter of LHTL, as I will have a short break from school coming.

As always, my MC is referred to as MC. There are no MM spoilers in this particular fic.

Warning: This chapter does contain some heavy material, so if you are not comfortable with certain forms of abuse please be aware of that and decide to read accordingly.

“I know you’ve been avoiding me,” She hissed as soon as his father’s company car drove away, the fading purr of the engine like the slow ebb of a dirge. “Why won’t you love me?” She demanded, “I’m your mother now!”

Jumin elected to remain silent. Things didn’t usually end well when he chose to speak.

“Son, apologize to your mother. I know it’s hard for you to go through this again, but that’s no reason to be unpleasant and distant.” His father crossed his arms and sighed. “She just wants to be the best parent she can for you. Won’t you at least let her try?” He chided.

His newest wife raised her arms with a desolate expression, beckoning him. Her brows knit together and her lower lip trembled, eyes shining with tears; the epitome of maternal anguish

Jumin didn’t move.

“Jumin Han.” His father thundered, stern and cross, like the heavy slam of prison bars sliding closed.

The sheer weight of his father’s disapproval made his leaden limbs move, each step slower than the last, to stop in front of her. Without further warning her arms constricted around him and rocked him out of his father’s sight, murmuring matronly words of comfort while her hands wandered. His nails dug into his skin until four angry marks scored his palms, the sharp sting keeping him still. When she was good and ready, she let him go.

“Now see,” She asked in a shrill voice, the attempt at gentle coaxing making him flinch.“was that so hard?”

Fury unlike anything he’d ever felt climbed up his chest like the murderous rake of claws, overwhelming and scalding, making his lungs burn as each breath grew harder than the last. His vision swam and he bit the inside of his cheek to keep from shoving her off violently, damage to her fat-enlarged ass be damned. Instead he took a calculated step back, and with a stiff nod made his way to his room as quickly as could still be considered normal. But he wasn’t quick enough.

“Give him time,” She murmured from within his father’s apologetic arms, an unrepentant promise following her forlorn sigh. He felt her eyes slink across his form again before he was out of sight, humiliation turning his blood cold and flooding his insides with a searing numbness. “He’ll come around. It must be so hard for him…”

When he reached the door to his room he shoved it closed behind him, hands fumbling with the lock. Wasting no time, he shoved the chair he kept in his room for Jihyun under the door knob, blood smearing the fine suede an ominous purple, blooming across the expensive fabric like a bruise. Without a word he forced his hand under the sink and wrapped the darkest towel he had around it, meticulously bandaging the wounds until they were virtually invisible. Mind blank, he sank into the chair at his desk and started on his homework. He rewrote equation after equation in the hopes that it could erase the pungent smell of citrus burned into his nose and drown what must have been adrenaline—he was sure—that made his hands tremble until he went to bed long after the estate had fallen silent.

“I can’t believe your father went back to work so late. You’d think he’d married his job, not me.” She whined, crossing her arms under her chest and looking to him beseechingly. Jumin’s gaze remained on the wall behind her as he turned around, heading for the stairs. He didn’t get far. Hard, manicured nails dug into his shoulder with just enough pressure to pull him to a halt after a few steps, careful not to bruise. His eyes flickered to the floor as she started prowling a slow circle around him, counting the seconds in an attempt to remain calm. But that didn’t stop the goosebumps that rose along his arms, diffuse the saccharine scent of her suffocating perfume, mute the sharp clack of her heels in time with each digit, or divert the half-lidded stare making his skin crawl.

“I bet you’ll be just like him when you’re older; all men are the same.” She spat in disgust, sneering at him. “Work, work, work, once you’ve had your fun.” She tittered and the delighted smile was back. “Don’t even try to pretend you have to go over that stupid boy’s house to study today, I’m sure it can wait. Or I’ll tell your father you left me here all by my lonesome.” She sucked in a sudden breath and started to sob, shoulders curling as anguished wails filled the charged space. And in the next second her face was composed again, victorious and lascivious all at once as she leered at him intently, licking her lips. “Besides, I’m sure you won’t mind taking his place while he’s busy…” She took a step forward to press her body against his, taking a hold of his hands to place them on her body. “I’ve seen how you look at me, I know you want this; what man wouldn’t?”

Wrenching his hands from her grip, he ran to the stairs while she screeched and chased after him. He forced himself to think, to keep calm. Adrenaline would only tire him out and destroy his focus. The best way out was in the direction of Jihyun’s house; passing through his yard meant she would have to chase him on foot and she wouldn’t dare sully her new thousand dollar heels. Gritting his teeth, he pocketed the key Jihyun gave him and slammed the window open; there wasn’t a moment to lose. He cursed the rain as he climbed down the tree, fingers curving painfully into the slick bark to keep from losing his grip until he reached the bottom. He didn’t spare a glance behind him as he was steadily soaked through, only twisted the lock open and closed the gate as quietly as possible behind him. As familiar as his own home, he ran across the green expanse; ducking behind the foliage with the ease granted by memory, eyes darting about in case she sent a member of the estate staff after him.

“You little bastard!” He could hear her faint scream drowned by the rain. “Wait until your father hears about this!”

He forced the thought of his father’s retribution out of his head, his goal was live to fight another day, not live in fear of what was to come. He knew Jihyun was on vacation with his family–he could never abide being away from his mother for long–who else lived close by? Jaehee and Zen were out of the question; they were on the other side of the city. Seven and Yoosung were closer, but they were still several blocks away. It would take him at least a half an hour to get there. Who else? Who else? He wracked his brain as he kept running, until he was on the other side of the street. He couldn’t stay out in the rain, he’d exhaust himself and freeze eventually.

Wait. MC!

Equal parts patient and outspoken, the newest member of their little group was as kind as she was shrewd. When they walked her home a few weeks ago he remembered being surprised that her home was so close to his, though he hadn’t said anything at the time. He headed northwest to the familiar beige house across from him; all he could do now was hope she was home and that she’d believe him.

As he walked he tried to formulate an explanation, thinking desperately. Hello, MC. Pardon the intrusion but Jaehee insisted I stop by and–no, don’t lie, she’s not stupid. It would only make her more suspicious–anyone would be. But he couldn’t tell her what happened. Could he? Would she even believe him if he did? The prospect made his throat tighten, speech becoming impossible as the door opened minutes after he knocked.

“Yes?” She asked, bright but cautious as she opened the door a smidge.

Talk! Say something! All he could do was stare, his own words choking him.

Her eyes widened at what was probably the haggard sight of him; his hair sticking to his head, clothes sullied, mute and only able to stare. Surely she would turn him away, she didn’t even know him that well. She had no reason to help him, and even less reason to think he deserved it.

He watched with distant amazement–like his head was disconnected from his body—as her eyes softened and glistened with tears. Tears? But…why?

“Please come in,” She murmured, her warm hand reaching for his frozen one and pulling him inside before she closed the door behind him. Warmth suffused his form all at once, making him shiver. “Follow me,” She entreated, leading him to what looked like a living room with all the expected amenities. Among them was an enormous television, couches and tables, and an electric fireplace that blasted heated air across the expanse of the room. She sat him down on one of the couches and crouched, making sure to meet his eyes as she spoke slowly. “Do you think you could wait here a minute? I won’t be long, I promise.”

Something about the way she addressed him made a different kind of warmth flood his stomach, the tension that had his body taut as a bowstring ebbing with each word. The knot in his throat was still there, however; so all he could manage was a nod. He heard a sink running and the pad of her feet across the house before she returned with a gray blanket. She stood in front of him for a moment, pausing and looking pointedly at him as if waiting for his approval. When he didn’t shrink back or request it with an outstretched hand, she leaned over with gradual movements to wrap it around his shoulders, tucking him thoroughly within the soft folds. Her careful consideration was so foreign, but not… bad. Just unfamiliar. Much like when she took his hand earlier, it didn’t feel like an invasion so much as a guiding touch. She treated him as though he were fragile…but it was more than that; it wasn’t as if she was sure he would shatter, so much as she was working to keep the cracks from spider-webbing further.

She exited the room while he was lost in thought and returned with a steaming mug of tea, his favorite kind no less. But how did she…?

“Jihyun told me you liked Earl Grey, and my mom happens to like it too.” She supplied with a shrug when she saw his face furrow, understandably unsettled. Then she turned to beam at him, delighted. “I’m glad you have such a wonderful friend. He never stops talking about you; you two must be close.”

All Jumin could do was blink and nod mechanically, surprised she wasn’t bombarding him with questions and confused despite the way that look made the strangest numbing sensation flood his insides. Was he sick? He took a tentative sip of the steaming tea in the hopes that it might loosen his tongue and sooth his stomach, the temperature palatable.

For a long moment they simply sat in the silence, pensive and tranquil. It wasn’t like the long stretches of silence at home that were the calm before the storm, the precursor to a verbal explosion. There was no expectation, no silent insistence; they were both just existing in that moment. He’d never felt so…comfortable with another person, despite how irrational it was to feel that way. When her voice broke the silence, it only served to surprise him all the more.

“You don’t have to explain anything to me,” She said suddenly, voice quiet. When he looked over at her, her eyes were focused on the fingers twisting the wide array of rings adorning her hands. “You can stay here as long as you need to; it’s okay.”

He wasn’t sure any measure of words could do his gratitude justice.

“Thank you,” He finally managed, though his voice was a hoarse rasp that made him wince. She took it all in stride with a nod, getting up again only to return with pillows and blankets. She didn’t have to do that, he could always just call someone to pick him up. He didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable being in the house alone with him. “But—”

“Don’t worry,” She reassured him with a serene smile, her tone gentle yet firm. “I insist.”

It’s already been two years since then… He thought with ample awe, removed from his reminiscing as he saw her enter the school doors.

“Good morning MC, I’m glad to see you’re feeling better.” He met her with a smile, grateful that she had agreed to come in early to talk to him.

“Thank you, Jumin.” He was delighted to see her blush, equal parts shy and excited.

“Shall we?” He extended his arm, and she took it with a grin.

They made their way to the roof of the building, their conversation low and amiable as they ambled through the corridors. When they climbed the final staircase and opened the door, they approached the railing and shifted. He moved to wrap tentative arms around her waist and she laid her hands and head against his chest as they watched the remainder of the sunrise. The silence was content, snuggled in each other’s warmth, and it was a long time before she could bring herself to disturb it.

“So you like me, huh?” She said with no shortage of mischief, opening one of her eyes to look up at him.

He laughed, smitten with this silly and serious girl. He tucked a few stray strands of hair behind her ear, stroking her cheek. “I do indeed.”

“Well that’s good; because I like you too.” She nodded, satisfied.

He laughed again, unable to help it at how cute she was. But then, he wasn’t sure why he was surprised. If she was able to teach him how to smile, the ability to laugh was sure to follow.

He leaned his forehead against hers, the words he’d always wanted to say tumbling out of him. “You’re beautiful.” He murmured.

Her eyes widened and a dark blush stained her cheeks, bashful all of a sudden. He started to lean in close—inches away from her lips—waiting for her response. She watched with no shortage of awe as those once clouded eyes were now a heady, piercing silver; sharp and clear and sure. All she could manage was a slight nod, breathless. Then velvet lips were brushing against hers, soft and hesitant. Her hands curled into his shirt as responded to the light pressure, tilting her head to the side to deepen the kiss. When they parted they were both breathing heavily, smiling at each other as they drew close again, insatiable. But before they could continue, the shrill sound of the bell made them jump, lost as they were in each other.

Smiling ruefully, Jumin offered his hand and she entwined her fingers with his, burying her face into his shoulder woefully. “I just want to stay up here with you.” She mumbled, voice muffled by his uniform.

He smiled, indulgence softening his features. “Don’t worry, we can come up here for lunch if you want.”

She looked to him, eyes shining as she nodded and followed him to class. They had no way of knowing what was to come, that was true; but they were both comforted by the fact that they would never have to face it alone again.


“Ready for lunch, MC?” Zen asked as they left class, bright and talkative as usual.

“Oh, actually, Jumin and I will be having lunch on the roof together today. We’ll be at the table tomorrow though, don’t worry.” MC replied, offering an apologetic shrug for the sudden change of plans.

He took it in stride as he always did, not fully comprehending what she’d said. “Oh that’s fine, everyb—” When he did he froze, his face a visage of horror. ”Did you just say you’re going with the trustfund kid? Why? What’s going on?”

“Jumin!” MC greeted. “Ready to go?”

“Of course,” His neutral expression morphing into a smile at her enthusiasm, her demeanor infectious. He took her hand, kissing the top of it as they made their way to the roof.

“Hold up, who the hell said you could touch her like that, you rich jerk? Did she even agree to this?” He demanded, furious.

A little annoyed that Zen thought he would ever force MC into anything and feeling a bit sly, he turned around with a brow raised. “Well, she did.” He feigned surprise. “Unless…you’re saying she doesn’t have the right to make her own decisions?”

Jumin was met with a baleful red-eyed glower. “Don’t put words in my mouth, trustfund!”

He stared right back, serious. “Then don’t put them in mine either.”

Embarrassed and furious, Zen stormed off, grumbling about ‘stupid ass rich kids whose luck never seems to run out.’ When Jumin sighed, MC cupped his face.

“Don’t worry too much about Zen, he’ll cool down eventually.” She promised, squeezing his hand. “And don’t take what he said personally; we all tend to think the grass is greener on the other side.” She placed a light kiss on his cheek, the gossamer contact working to unravel his tense form.

“Do you still want to go up? It’s okay if you don’t.” She reassured.

He shook his head. “Of course, I don’t care who approves or disapproves; I just want to be with you.” He kissed the top of her head, playing with the loose strands of her hair as they started walking.

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I am waiting for you.

Remember the place where you left me? I’m still here waiting for you. I just can’t take a step forward. I want to be here, i want to wait you here. I am hoping for you to come back. I am hoping that you will remember your promise to me that you won’t leave me. I am still hoping that you’ll realize that, you can’t stand without me in your life. I know you didn’t ask me to wait but i keep on waiting. I will wait for you no matter what it takes. I will wait for you even if i don’t have any assurance that you will come back. I will wait for you even though i know that i am just waiting for nothing. Waiting is the most excruciating i will ever do. It’s something that i can do for the one i love. But waiting is not easy, it’s exhausting. It’s like waiting for the stars to appear during day time. But you need to keep on waiting even if things are impossible, there’s still hope. I will wait for you even if it takes time. Even if i don’t even know if you will come back. I am still here don’t ever forget that.

Happy New Year - PT2 & end

REQUEST ARE OPEN ( about Seth or Roman first )

Only a pt.2 of  Happy New Year.

More fluffy than something else.short ugh

PS : Sorry for mistakes.

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Move on, move on…

That’s what you tried to do since your ‘friendship’ with Seth is now over. Both of you never really put an end to this friendship but you know him, he’ll not come back.

It’s been six months, your life didn’t changed except that you focus more on how guys look at you. Before you weren’t interested in guys -Seth was in your mind- and you didn’t want to get in a relationship, you weren’t ready to get in this type of adventure.You’ve met Adrien, someone who works in the same office as you. A nice guy he’s as shy as you and as nerd as you, he’s just a guy version of you.

You invited him at your house not to watch a stupid romantic movie but to watch some old wrestling videotapes. You couldn’t even remember of your last dates, it was two years ago and the guy was just boring as hell. Adrien is tall guy, not as muscled as Seth -stop comparing this guy to Seth- ok.ok. But he’s cute, his little blue puppy eyes and knows how to talk to me and entertain me.

Adrien came at your house at 11 pm, he brought some presents : chocolates, flowers,a Edge’s shirt -your favorite wrestler- and a fragance.

«  I gather according to your presents: I am too thin, that the decoration at my home sucks and that I smell bad, you joked.

 — You’re totally right Mrs. (Y/L/N), he giggled.

 — Hope you’re joking Adrien or…

 — You’re so beautiful princesse, his french accent turned you on.

 — I prefer that ! Making yourself at home monsieur. »

You settled down on the sofa and looked to videotapes of the Attitude Era,by far your favorite period of  WWE. Adrien and you were watching these moments as you guys never saw these.

« Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass! Adrien and you said with one voice. 

— How Austin cannot be your fav' ! I mean he has everything : mic skills, charisma, amazing in the ring etc… he teased me a little about my passion for Edge.

— I like Austin of course but I prefer Ed… »

The doorbell rang, that should be pizzas that you had ordered earlier. You left opening and you winked several times to realize that Seth was in front of you. You felt your legs softening, your hands started to shake and you couldn’t say a word. You tried to speak but only sound could get out, you looked more stupid than something else.

« (Y/N) is everything okay ?! Arien yelled from the livingroom.

— I’m coming in few minutes, just wait.

— Are you sure ?

— Yeah,yeah… you got out and closed the door behind you. »

Seth didn’t say a word since you opened the door, he didn’t gave you a sign of life since six months. For you, your relationship with him was done, part of your past. He looked so angry, his eyes were darker. You crossed your arms, he did too. You sighed heavily.

«Why are you here ! I hissed.

— Glad to see you too (Y/N), he smirked.

— Listen Colby, I have no time for this bullshit right now.

— That’s not bullshit, I just want to have a conversation with you ! 6 months ago, you left me with no explication.

— You’ve waited six months to come here, you snapped, seriously you can tell me that she dumped you and that I was the plan B.

— You never were the plan B (Y/N) ! You never told me before that you loved me.»

He has a point. You suddendly became quiet, you looked at the horizon at just over his shoulder. You began to be cold and this situation didn’t warm yourself even if you were extremely close, a strange tension was between you. You felt

«So it’s gonna be my fault as always, you avoided his look now.

— No…

— I’m a normal girl ! I’m too normal to be with you. You cut him off.I weigh four or five kilos of excess.I still have tracks of my acne, I work in stupid company, I am not beautiful, I hate football… »

Then he put your lips. You were surprised a few seconds but you were taken in the kiss which was soft and pleasant not aggressive. One of his hand landed on your hip and the others on your nape of the neck, he pushed your body towards his which warmed you.

«  You’re normal, simple, that’s make you perfect.Your imperfections make you perfect. That’s why I like. I always made a mistake in my girls while you were just in front of me. I was stupid and I apologize for it.  He said agaisnt your lips »

You kissed him once again, his taste was so perfect. Gosh.

« Oh Seth.I missed you, you whispered. »

He hugged you tightly agaisnt him, the best in the world actually. You’ve waited for this for a very long time, he’s the man of your life. The sky was dark only shining stars were the lights in all this darkness. You stayed few minutes in his arms when you remembered about Adrien.

« Adrien, you said, I forgot him.

— And who’s Adrien ? He questionned.

— My date.

He gave you a dirty look.

— If we can call it like this. It’s more like a night between two good friends, you added.

— Nevermind, you’re mine now, he squeezed hardly agaisnt him. And I can hear him snoring from here. »

Yes, you were his.

« (Y/N), I love you too. »

Bthamzual Follower Dialogue

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Initiating conversation:

  • “Och? What is it that you need?”

Exiting conversation:

  • “Finally. You living are so noisy.”
  • “I’ll be thinking about this.”

Asked to wait:

  • “So you’re trying to leave your skeletons in the closet. Get it? Because… oh, just go.”

Spoken to whilst waiting:

  • “Look. You left me here so long, I turned into a skeleton.” - Initiating conversation.
  • “It’s about time. These bones are restless, you know!” - Asked to continue following.
  • “Fine. Leave me. It’s no skin off my nose.” - Conversation exited without being asked to follow.

Asked to move/interact:

  • “Back in my day, we had automotons for menial tasks like these.” - Command given.
  • “Sorry, I can’t. I don’t have tendons.” - Command denied.
  • “There! Simple.” - Command completed.

Asked to trade items:

  • “And where do you expect me to put these?”


  • “You cant leave your skeletons in the past forever. Come find me in Mournhold when you’re ready.”

After dismissal:

  • “Duakagr, duanchardch…”
  • “I’m going to miss travelling with you. Do you know how many necromancers have tried to boss me about lately? I’m not one of those skeletons…”


  • Now that’s a big boy.” 
  • Fetcher!
  • “You hit Bitsy!”
  • “Och! My ribs!”
  • “[screaming]”
  • “I will end you!”
  • “Bad! Bad enemy! No!”

Other Dialogue (Specific cities, locations, situations, etc.)

  • [approaching a Dwemer ruin] “This place has seen better days… Shall we look inside?”
  • [inside a Dwemer ruin] “… To be honest, it feels wrong. To see these ruins like this. They were so full of life, once.”
  • [inside a tomb] “Oh, look, more skeletons! I wonder if we can be fr– ahh, appears not.” 
  • [in mages guilds or the College of Winterhold.] “I don’t like many mages. They take we Dwemer so seriously. They should know… some of us are pretty humerus.” 
Love Hurts: Part 2

Cas x Reader

1100 Words

Summary: Set is Season 8, the Reader is in love with Cas, but he’s being brainwashed by Naomi. While looking for Lucifer’s crypt’s, Cas attempts to kill the Reader in order to take the Angel tablet

Read Chapter 1

Cas pushed away from you, walking to where Meg lounged on a couch, pulling up a chair and sitting down next to her. Never once looking back at you, acknowledging the fact that he was being too rough, too cold. While Cas might not be the most affectionate boyfriend, he had always been attentive and kind, until today. So kind in fact that Dean always pretended to gag behind his back, acting as if it was the most disgusting thing in the world.

“What is up with Cas? Why’s he over there with Meg and not with you?” The brother you had just been thinking about asked, as he came up behind your shoulder. Both of you watching Cas who was quietly talking with Meg.

You weren’t one of those girls that cried that often. Your upbringing and father had made sure of that. However, right now, looking at your boyfriend pretending like you didn’t even exist, the pressure started building behind your eyes, as they burned with unshed tears. “I don’t know. He was so cold, and unlike himself. I’m worried.”

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Tonight we role play
You my master and me your slave
I’m here in the room blindfolded
With no use of my arms or legs I have no idea where you are or what you’re doing you left me here waiting,anticipating
I have no sense of time but it feels like you’ve been gone for awhile
The windows are open and there’s a cool breeze blowing
My body is covered in goose bumps and I have the chills
I’m growing restless
Cold and restless
I hear the lock turn
I wonder why you locked the door did you think Id untie myself and leave or that someone would come in?
I hear some shuffling as you move around the room it’s kills me knowing you’re in here and not knowing where and what your doing
You touch my leg and then you kiss it
Your touch ignites flames in my body
You make your way up my body
Touching me and kissing me everywhere you touch
You kiss my shoulders
My neck
And then my lips
I want to touch you so bad
My body is no longer cold and the air is hot and heavy but I still have goosebumps just now for a different reason
You move away from me
I already miss your touch and the warmth from your body
I fell your hands once again this time your running something on me it smells sweet
I start to feel small tingles
Like feathers are being slowly ran across my body you spread my legs a little and you rub my pussy and I begin to feel the still unfamiliar tingles And then I feel you blow and immediately the tingles are replaced by warmth you move away from me once again
And once again I feel vulnerable
Your next to me
I can hear you breathing in my ear
You whisper
“I want to learn your limit,see how far you can go,how much you can take”
Your voice sends chills throughout my body
For a moment I feel scared
Still I want more
I reply “I have no limit”
…….there’s Silence
You tell me to sit up
I wonder how you expect me to do that with my arms tied up
I feel something pull around my neck
I don’t remember you putting that there
A belt maybe? I’m sure I would’ve felt the cold from the buckle
You pull harder pulling me towards you
Now I’m sitting up and again I feel the breathing
“Open your mouth”
I have no choice but to oblige if I want to avoid punishment
I open my mouth expecting to taste you
But instead cold,sweet?
Icecream?to creamy to be ice cream
I savor the taste…..
Whip cream
And then you
The taste of you and the way you fill my mouth Is the only familiar thing about this experience
I glad I’m able to touch you even if it’s only with my mouth
I wrap my mouth around your dick
I know how nasty you like it and even though I can’t see you I know you’re watching
I take all of you into my mouth
I feel you touching the back of my throat
You wrap your fist in my locs
Preventing me from pulling away from you
You push yourself deeper into my mouth
Tears swell up in my eyes as I try to fight back the urge to gag
You let go of my hair and you step away from me
Again I fell your hand in my hair
“Open your mouth”
I do as you say
You shove yourself into my mouth causing me to choke
I try to pull away
“Suck my dick”
Your ram yourself in and out of my mouth making me gag and choke I feel spit dripping down the front of my chest
Finally you step away from me giving me space to breath
A hard shove to my chest causes me to fall backwards
I’m a little uncomfortable because I’m laying on my arms tied behind me
You spread my legs
I feel your warm tongue slide into my pussy you tease me until you decide I’ve had enough to my relief you untie my hands but leave me blind folded you kiss me and I can taste myself on your lips finally I can touch you the way I want to
I wrap my legs around your torso pulling you in closer to me I wrap my hand in your hair as I reach down sliding you into me after teasing you a little myself feeling how wet you are excites me and makes me want you more I submit my body to you allowing you to take over as I hang on for the ride I can feel your heart beating against my chest my chest and the feeling of your breath tickles my ear I always know when your almost there you pin me down by my neck at this point completely unconcerned about my well being my moans turn to cries until you finally release me I remove my blindfold and take your moment of weakness to seek my revenge I lower myself between your legs sliding my tongue into your wetness faster then you can protest….

“Many times I’ve been alone, and many times I’ve cried
Any way you’ll never know, the many ways I’ve tried
And still they lead me back, to the long winding road
You left me standing here a long long time ago
Don’t leave me waiting here, lead me to your door”

Chelsea Bridge, Zuraika Arromen Redo, 2015.
A photo with a special meaning for me: I took it on my very last solitary photographic errand in London before moving back to Italy. I’m still missing that city every day.


I hope everything is a dream, I hope everything is a lie
Don’t tell me that you’re sorry, Don’t tell me to be well
I know, that you won’t ever return. Though i know,
I will still wait for you. 

Like a dream, I met you, like a dream, I loved.
Our love was like a dream, so happy.
Like a dream, you appeared before me, Like a dream,
You left me. Come back to me, I’ll be waiting for you here.

{Cuddling smut} requested Derek luh

Not the best so its really short sorryyy

I woke up next to Derek cuddling me i could feel his bulge in my ass which made me feel some type of way I started shuffling around went under the cover and started to tease him I felt him move while I was under the covers I heard something but ignored it “baby?” that was Derek voice “yes” I answered “please don’t tease me” his raspy morning voice was the sexiest thing I crawled up to him facing him “but you do it all the time daddy” at that moment I knew I got to him hooked on to my little fingers he looked at me his eyes looking darker that the last time i looked at him. he grabbed me by the waist so i was underneath him, he kissed my neck went down and licked and sucked my boobs and squeezing the other one, he went down to take off my thong leaving me naked i looked at him getting up “where are you going”  i was confused cause he got up and l left the room with no answer leaving me with my horny self all i could thank about was him touching me, feeling me which made me more horny i started touching myself making myself think that he was right there touching me “DEREK” i screamed i heard him running upstairs “what” i threw the covers off me “your baby is horny, you just left me here daddy” i looked at him all innocent waiting for him to answer but he didn’t he just came closer to me and started kissing me again while playing with my pussy working his magic on me he went down towards my legs looked up at me and said “let daddy make you feel good okay baby” looking at him made me melt under his touch he licked his fingers and started rubbing my clit and entering a finger inside of me “um derek don’t stop please it feels so good” i moaned out to him and he did as i said which felt so good his finger felt so good in me but i wanted the real thing i wanted him inside me “baby i want to be inside you lil mama, let me fuck you no let me make love to you.“

I stay here for you… In this tiny little spot. I don’t have to. You didn’t ask me to. It’s not that I even want to. Im always there for you, right where you left me while you went to have fun. Right where you left me when you slept with her for a while. Right where you left me when you tried out that one girl that one time. I’m right here where you left me. Come and go, come and go. It’s kind of your thing. I’ve been standing in the same spot for years now, unable to love anyone because heaven forbid you’ll be angry and leave, without coming back around - while I sit right here watching you live your life like you’re speeding through and I’m just…on pause. & I know that this is my fault. I know that. I know that you let me go quite a while ago and that I continue to simply stand here where you left me but I guess it’s because you say things when you come back like you’ve missed me or that it’s been a while and we should catch up, or even that you love me… Which is all true I’d like to believe but the truth is, you missed me when I was right there waiting for you and that the only reason it took a while was because you maybe liked her more than that one girl you tried that one time and I’ve just been here, waiting to hear how you’ve been. I’ve been here loving you. I’ve been standing here in one spot, for years. You could’ve had me. You probably still could if you grabbed my hand and looked at me like you do when you’re serious with those big eyes made of galaxies or something larger. & I’m still standing here where you left me because some part of me believes that maybe your heart hurts when you start to talk to someone else - but shit we know that’s not true considering her and that one girl that one time. Multiple girls those multiple times. I’m just waiting here in the same spot you left me… Waiting for you to come back around.

What if I get up one day, and you’ll pass by and see I’m not there… That’s a terrifying idea right? I’ve built a world on false hope and my idiot of a mind and romantic of a heart. I’m trying to get up. I’ll still love you… I just won’t be here anymore, not where you left me. I’ll be speeding too.

That last part sounded like a dream and that really fucking sucks.

—  Right Where You Left Me