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Omgg, could i please have a really NSFW thingy with dom!Norway and his female s/o? *____*

1P! Norway X Reader: (Lukas)

this isn’t a lot, but I hope it’s ok for you lad!

“Lukas?” you ask as he drags you into his bedroom, he shuts the door behind him, locking it, he then turns to you.
“Undress yourself.” He said, you looked at him, then he cocked a brow. You started the strip yourself of your clothes. You stood there in front of him, he hummed as his eyes examined your naked body.
He slowly walked over to you and gently pushed you back onto the bed.
“You will do everything I say when I say, yes?” He said, you blushed and nodded. He leaned in and kissed down along your neck. He then got up and took of his top, and unzipped his pants. He gave you an uncharacteristic smirk as he slowly pulled down his pants along with his boxers. You watched as he started to stroke his erect member, he then motioned for you to come closer, you got on all fours and crawled over to him. He petted your head.
“Now, Y/N, suck it.” He said bluntly, you looked at him and then proceeded to lower your head to his member. You licked the tip of his member tasting the pre-cum. He let out a low moan as you took half of his member into your mouth, his hand intertwined with your hair as he forced your head down lower. You moan onto his member sending a shiver up his back as you continued.
“Good Y/N…” He purred as you watched you go up and down on hid member. After a while his breathing got heavier and he was close to his release, a few more seconds he came into your mouth, he pulled himself out of your mouth, he placed two finger under your chin keeping it shut.
“Swallow it.” He demands, you do as he obeyed and swallowed the salty liquid. He smiles in satisfaction.
“Now, time for some more fun.” He says pulling out a box from under the bed, he opens it and you see a stash of sex toys.

Listen. Harry James Potter was an accident. 

You cannot convince me otherwise. Lily and James were 19 when they got pregnant. There’s no way that was on purpose. 

Please picture it. 

Lily tells James they’re pregnant. James panics, leaves, finds the other Marauders and demands a lads night, you know, no reason, just some drunken shenanigans for no reason at all with friends! Remus notices something seems a bit off and keeps an eye on his friend, but no one says anything. It’s only several hours later, when James is drunkenly crying and wailing on the floor, “He’s going to be so small! How can I protect him? SO SMALL!” that they realize what’s going on. They ask him if he is going to be alright. He sobs, tears and snot running down his face, and nods furiously. “This is the happiest I have ever been!” The others look at each other, shake their heads, and pull him to his feet. Sirius marches him back home to Lily, who has been waiting, scared, alone, and more than a little pissed off at her boyfriend for the better part of the night. She softens when she sees James drunkenly leaning on Sirius, Sirius shrugging in apology, because James is a mess but at least he’s home now. James falls to his knees in front of her and says, “I’m so sorry I ran off. I got scared. I’m still scared. But I’m happy too.” Lily can’t help but smile. “It’s alright, James, we’ll figure–” But James loudly shushes her and points at her stomach. “Wait. I’m talking to my son.” Lily glares at him and reminds him that it could be a daughter. Sirius adds, “Could be twins! Or quintuplets!” Lily glares more and tries not to laugh while James murmurs into her belly, “’M gonna ask your mum to marry me, but keep it secret ‘cause I have to buy a ring first. And a broom. Not for the wedding. For you. Do you like quidditch? You probably don’t know what that is yet. Don’t worry. I’ll teach you. I’ll teach you everything.”


Go put on your clothes, gotta look good while we decompose.