you koreaboo

im korean and i dont insert random “aish”’s and “yah”’s into my otherwise english posts u know why? bc it doesnt make sense and it serves no purpose other than using korean for the sake of using korean. so tell me why u non koreans think u can do it?

when you non korean ppl do this ur using korean just for the sake of using korean, and hence accessoring my language. ur using korean slang that u, as a non korean person, would never really use irl, to try and closer yourself to korean culture and at the end of the day it makes you a koreaboo. ur using my language to accessorize ur posts to seem More Korean when ur not korean at all.

most of u have seemed to grasp the concept that using hangul as a non korean person is appropriation so tell me why i still see so much of korean slang thrown around? do you think that just bc now its in an english translation its suddenly an english word? does changing 오빠 to oppa now suddenly make it an english word? its just as embarassing and racist as using straightup hangul

if you’re going to consume so much korean media then you have an obligation to respect korean culture and korean people as more than just figments of ur dream idol. pretending you’re korean for listening to kpop is not respectful, its not cute, it fetishizes korean people and works against us being treated as complex human beings

This has gotten to a sickening point. Do I really need to remind you fake ass koreaboos that you can’t stan KOREAN PEOPLE, KOREAN GROUPS, AND KOREAN MUSIC and in the very same breathe degrade and insult their KOREAN recognition, KOREAN culture, and KOREAN pride?

Like some of you guys are here shitting on the ideals and importance of the very country your faves call HOME just so you can elevate their “Western importance” For the last time, Western recognition isn’t SHIT KPOP GROUPS DON’T NEED IT so ifans get your head out of your ass and respect their heritage or go back to stanning your Western groups this is getting ridiculous

My list of things that need to be left in 2016

Asking idols to speak in English. Doesn’t matter Whether they can or they can’t.

Asking for your bias when they are not the ones broadcasting and/or are clearly not present.

Spamming comments asking for them to do/say something for you. They are not a performing monkey. Once or twice ok, but stop copying and pasting the same thing 400 times.

Asking people who have left idol groups why they left or to talk about the group/members.

Fan wars.

“Any army here? XD”

Bringing up other idols/groups on broadcasts/videos/posts not relevant to them.

Asking “who is this?/who are you?” When it’s been answered already mUlTipLe times and is in the tiTLe/DescriptiOn OF THE VIDEO/BROADCAST.

Referring to any idol sibling as “sibling of -insert name of more famous sibling-” instead of their own name.

Boy groups Vs Girl groups

Sexy Vs Cute

Saying inappropriate or sexual things DIRECTLY to idols.

Stanning strictly because of looks then Unstanning when they change up.

Private messaging idols, especially with nude photos.

Spreading leaked videos or photos.

“OMG THEY LOOK LIKE -insert Bangtan member-”

Trying to force people to believe your group is superior

KHipHop rappers VS Idol rappers

Annoying Sungoh of 24K cause you think he looks like V

Annoying Haewon of L.A.U because you saw his photo being used in a smutty Jin imagine.


Tagging THIS as BTS members. It’s B:ETA and J:ETA from ALPHABAT.

Trying to make them conform to your standards and way of thinking.

Perving on underage idols. Particularly if you are over 18.

Criticizing their bodies. Too fat, too skinny, no abs etc.

Attacking any girl within a 50 mile radius of oppa. Hate all you want to your friends and on your personal media but do not go to these girls (or guys cause I’ve seen that too) accounts and rage against them. You have no fucking right ok?

HanJoo and shoving ships into idols faces even after they’ve expressed their dislike for it. Again, keep it private.

Assuming Idol’s sexuality and/or asking them about it.

Seriously telling other fans to stay away from your bias as If you own them.

Koreaboos and random Korean that you learned from google.

“I only care about ‘x’ member.”

Putting down and/or disrespecting older or lesser known groups.

Calling members who leave groups traitors and treating them like they’ve done something wrong

Not letting idols be human

Not giving them the basic respect and courtesy every human deserves

“ X group copied X group.”


Ent VS Ent

Yes I like K-POP but...

I do not wish to be Korean.
I do not wish to change my race because of an infatuation with a musical genre.
I do not wish to marry a Korean, but if I like someone I like someone.
I will not tolerate you pointing out every South-East/South/ East Asian and saying I’m interested in them solely because of their race.
I am aware that there’s more to Korean Culture (major duh)
I am not a Koreaboo.

You should know we don’t appreciate you asking “Do you even understand that?” With a look of disgust on your face. How can you be so close minded and limit yourself to just one language of music.

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Koreaboos are so gross. My bf is 75% Chinese 25% Korean and they come over and try to talk to him in their butchered Korean and when he goes no I'm Chinese I speak Mandarin they go off about how he's way too handsome to be Chinese? And when he says he has a gf they see that I'm white and they start going on (to HIM) about how nice it is to see 'Koreans' actually dating white girls and start fetishising our future kids. And one even said to a friend 'look how pretty "this one" is and he's "a mix"

I think one of the most flooring attributes of really bad Koreaboos is the downright willingness to dehumanize someone to their fucking face. Boy I hope you and your boyfriend literally just start being rude to them because it seems like that’s the only way to ward them off (so I’ve heard)… Like I’m truly speechless that they would say that to ya’lls faces??????

Also…I’m not even going to start on the outright and blatant racism that he’s ‘too handsome to be Chinese’…….bruh….I’m….

-Admin Kim 

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Ah, I always see you laughing at Koreaboos (I think that's what you called them) and such here but it makes me feel bad because I'm trying to learn Korean so I can understand it better when it comes to BTS interacting with international fans. I don't use it out of context or to show off or call people noona/oppa, it's just for me. But I feel self conscious all the same

learning korean and being a kboo arent the same thing lol

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Koreaboos-- ughh--- So while I was at school today we got a new student and he's a mixed Korean half white half Korean and legit I could hear koreaboos saying "omg he's like Vernon" and "I wanna date Asians so bad" And I'm just not here for it. One of them even said "his eyes are so small to be half white" and he looked back at them with a confused face. ONCE AGAIN delusional koreaboos/kpop fans giving us a bad name 😧

The stories ya’ll tell me about the boos you encounter in everyday life…never cease to really floor me. This story sounds almost as awful as the one person that told us about the Korean guy that was in their class and he had to switch out/drop the class because the boos made him so uncomfortable (bc they were stalking him!!!)!! Like I’m speechless? I’ve met some bad ones, but never as bad as folks like these.

-Admin Kim 

BTS inside jokes/jokes/little known facts newbies won't understand at first

- Jeongguk’s stage name was meant to be Seagull in English.
- JiMin was going to be Baby G or Kid.
- TaeHyung had to pick between Six, Lex, and V.
- Zico and Rap Monster were in the same rap group.
- Rap Monster was also in a rap group named DNH.(DaeNamHyup) Leader Marval J, DJ Snatch, Illipse, Iron, Kidoh, i11evn, Kyum2, Rap Monster, Samsoon/SamSun, and Supreme Boi.
- Kidoh (TOPP DOGG), Iron, i11evn, and Supreme Boi, along with Rap Monster, Suga, and J-Hope were the ORIGINAL Bulletproof Boy Scouts. Soon, i11evn realized the idol life wasn’t for him, Iron and Kidoh moved on to other things, and Supreme Boi is still helping out BTS.
- Rap Monster’s underground name is Runch Randa.
- J-Hope’s predebut dance crew is Neuron.
- Sexy Porn Star.
- “I’m 18, I know all there is to know.”
- Every time Rap Monster says “I’m innocent” It’s a lie Song explanation
- Here is a playlist to all Pre Debut, Mixtapes, Covers, and Featured songs) 
- The “You have no Jams” Joke isn’t funny. Jam is short for the Korean Word 재미(Jaemi) which means FUN, the whole saying would be “너 재미없어(Neo Jaemi Eobseo)”, so in other words, J-Hope says “Jimin, you are very no fun.” and RM says “Jimin you have no Jams” meaning “You are not funny.” So everytime you say “Jimin has no jams.” you are saying “Jimin you are not funny.”
- Koreaboo and Allkpop make up stories about BTS and try and start fan wars between ARMYs and other fandoms such as EXO-Ls and Starlights.
- Do NOT pressure Suga into releasing his mixtape, just wait dude.
- Jin has a pink flip phone. It’s serious. Its adorable. Do not diss it.
- J-Hope doesn’t like Snakeu
- V acts a little weird at times, but he does NOT like being called Alien or 4D. So don’t do it.
- I still don’t think they actually know what Turn Up means.
- American Hustle Life pisses everyone off.
- Beach? Bitch? I’m sure the company still doesn’t know V said Bitch.
- Actually, I don’t speak English.
- Jeongguk is not an international fuckboy, and he does love Jimin, just sometimes love hurts.
- for some reason, ARMYs don’t really like other ARMYs.. Nor do other fandoms.. no one likes ARMYs.. I’m sorry.
- Kumamon is the shizz. Do NOT hate, Suga will write diss raps at you.
- Rap Monster can speak a lot of languages. Even if they are a little incorrect, at least he is trying for the Inter fans.
- Try not to mention BTS on ANYTHING that is not BTS related, other fandoms will tear you a new one.
- J-Hope is secretly in Sistar, and Twice… and EXID..
- Under the Sea~~ Under the Sea!~~
- American fans are always the TURN UP fans.
- Did I mention that Jin is the visuals of the group?
- Jimin is lovely with or WITHOUT his abs.
- They some times tell stories that have no plot to them, or anything to do with whats going on.
- When in doubt, Traffic dance it out.
- Jin raps like Jay Z
- Dirty water on my faceu
- When in doubt, push push dance it out.
- Swag
- If you can order Ice Cream in a different language, you can totally survive in that country.
- Jeongguk sang a trot version of N.O
- the boys also did an Opera version of N.O
- J-Hope can high note
- V missed the red carpet because he had to use the toilet
- V also broke a toilet on set
- V doesn’t air out the bathroom after using the toilet
- If the door is unlocked, V will shower with you
- Suga LOVES bath bombs
- Dance Monster
- Try not to read into theories of the MVs
- Sensei… Suga-wa Suga-wa
- J-Horse is kind of a rude nickname.. but it’s a secret life
- Jin is the Pink Princess
- PinkMon “Cause I like Pink”
- oh my heartu
- Sailor Mon
- HipHop is Dead
- V and J-Hope kiss
- Lady Bug V
- Jin LOVES Mario
- Sensei.. please read this alone.
- Teacher…. I don’t like you.
- Suga loves Basketball
- Last Christmas I gave you my heart!
- Yes it’s a condom. A fan sent it
- Suga has better legs than SNSD
- Suga is Grandpa
- Jin is Mom
- Rap Monster is Dad
- J-Hope is Older Brother
- V, Jeongguk, and Jimin are the kids
- They have random age switches
- Chim Chim when you cannot pronounce JiMin
- Ohhhh Tony~~
- Something keeps dangling
- Infires
- No.. It’s Inspires
- Converse are your best friend
- Hobi Hobi
- Suga Suga
- Min Suga genius jjang jjang man bong bong
- I’m your Hope, I’m your Angel.
- Lamb Skewers are good.. apparently
- Oh Shit
- Holy Shit
- “1+1 = Gwiyomi” “Shut up”
- Jin is the only member who can put Suga in his place
- Don’t use the computer in the studio.. It’s got a virus.. or 3
- RM’s got some Jasmine smelling shit.
- It’s okay, You can trust me
- Lie in English, tell the truth in Korean
- Homosapiens
- Photosynthesis
- You smart, you loyal, you grateful. I appreciate that.
- Next single is ‘sleepin' 
- I don’t give a shit, I don’t give a fuck
- beware of April 1st.
- ARMY hate is real.
- You are an Adorable Representative M.C for Youth!
- Dog named Pink Mon
- *insert weird noises RM makes on Skits*
- Jin and Hobi laughing fits
- Eco Eco Driver
- Pardon?

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stop saying oppa if you're not korean u fucking koreaboo

Lmfao you didn’t listen to a damn word I said. I’m learning the language sweetheart, that doesn’t make me a Koreaboo. Learn the definition of a actual koreaboo, I’m no where near that. You guys Throw koreaboo around as if anyone who uses one word in Korean is a fucking koreaboo. This is why is pisses me off, no one can learn about a culture or learn a language without being called a koreaboo. Did you know there’s people in Korea that AREN’T Korean but are learning the language and still use a couple of their words? Does that mean theyre fucking koreaboo too?? This is what a Koreaboo is “someone obsessed with kpop and a small aspect of korea to the extant of it becoming downright creepy. ” I actually know quite a good amount about koreas culture. Just because I use the word oppa doesn’t make me fucking koreaboo, you don’t know me well enough to call me a koreaboo. Learn the fucking meaning of something and get to know the person before you throw that stupid word around.

Also fun fact, did you know “oppa” means Grandpa on German? Oh I guess you didn’t, did you know a couple of my family members are German, nope you didn’t know that either. I’m not German, but we all call my cousins grandparents “omma” and “oppa” (grandma and grandpa). What the fun does that make us? Germanboos? My God.

I hate how there’s this double standard in all kpop Fandoms where it’s either like “why are you not trying to learn korean do you not care enough” or “eww you’re trying to learn korean are you a koreaboo??” It’s really tiring tbh

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Don't you find it awkward when kpop fans call you 언니? As a korean I always cringe when I see international fans call non Koreans 언니. I just think that it's really koreaboo-ish behavior. 하지마요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

i don’t ask them to it’s something they do themselves :) i think it’s cute, i’m not going to be rude and tell them OMG YOU ARE A KOREABOO BECAUSE YOU ARE EXPLORING SOMEONE ELSES CULTURE! you do you boo and be yourself :) if you want to call someone that go ahead 

heck i’ve seen other countries try to become western but i’m not over here going YOU ARE AN AMERICANBOO (idk i just made that up). I don’t like the whole koreaboo thing because it makes people feel bad about exploring and wanting to become apart of someone else’s culture. 

but as it being your culture I can see how that may bother you and some people don’t like it. i’m sorry on the behave of all the people on this account who do it.


Originally posted by jjks

Disclaimer: This post will be pretty long so don't go being butthurt in the comments if you haven't actually read the entire post.  _Min Cgm (person that wrote this)

“So after recent events I’ve decided to address the whole Koreaboo issue as I know I have a few on my friends list. This isn’t meant to be throwing shade or calling anyone out, it’s just me explaining why what you are doing is wrong and how you can still like what you like without being a Koreaboo.

First off, what’s a Koreaboo? A Koreaboo is someone who is so obsessed with Korea and Koreans to the point of denouncing their own country and having a fetish for all things Korean, they basically want to be Korean. Common traits of a Koreaboo include but not limited to; wanting to date only Koreans, not taking interest in Korean culture only caring about the entertainment side, speaks in Romanization, etc.

So why is this wrong?……

Well first off it’s absolutely disrespectful to your own country to completely denounce it because you think of another country to be paradise. It is also very wrong to make a race of people a fetish, we are just the same as everyone else, we are not a trophy, we are not your prize for liking Kpop we are human beings. A common Koreaboo is also extremely disrespectful to Korean culture and the history of the culture because they can’t be bothered to do any research. That is a big no no, if you like a country you do your research on it, you don’t just go off what you see in Kdrama’s and music videos.

My thoughts on Koreaboo’s and what other Korean’s think of them….

I find Koreaboo’s extremely disgusting and repulsive. Honestly if you show any Koreaboo behavior to me I will be turned off as will all other Koreans you speak to. You can’t treat us as a fetish to fuel your own fantasies. All Korean men and women, young and old find most Koreaboo’s very disrespectful as you don’t respect our culture and it’s history, heck most of you don’t even know that we’re technically still at war with North Korea, yep that’s right, Korea don’t sound so perfect now does it?.  Honestly if you come to Korea and starting going around calling people oppa and unnie, shouting saranghaeyo, etc, Koreans will never take you seriously.

The reason I posted this status was because today I was racially abused by a Koreaboo after I told them what they were doing was wrong.

I seen them comment “Dang. I want to be Korean” on a Kpop video. To which I messaged them saying you don’t want to be Korean you just want to be the hot idols you see on your computer screens not what an actual Korean is. To which I was greeted by multiple racist remarks such as “Shut up slant eyes”, “Go finish cooking your dog”, “Your mother should of died in Hiroshima”, among others. Now I wish I could say this is the first time a Koreaboo has reacted this way to me telling them off for their behavior but it’s not.

Now so far in this status I have been fairly laid back and kind in addressing my point, but this is where I cut the bullshit.

You do not want to be a Korean. What you want to be is one of those hot Koreans you see in Kpop or on a drama. Reality is, most Koreans look nothing like that, there are a lot of fat Koreans, there are a lot of hairy, smelly, and ugly Koreans, just like any other race or Country.  

Ok, so you want to be Korean so bad huh? Go on then, spend 1000’s of hours learning the Korean language, go ahead and take all the racist comments from foreigners while you’re at it, you can take all of this slant eye’s comment, all the dog and cat eating comments, you can take all the they look the same comments, the ting tong, ling ling comments, TAKE EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. Go ahead and go through our super tough education system where a 0.01% fail is basically the end of your life. Oh you don’t want to take all that…..? Why not? I thought you wanted to be a Korean? Oh yeah that’s right, you just wanted all the good side of being a Korean and not the bad points right? Ah I see, well you can FUCK OFF! Stop treating Koreans like they’re some sort of special model of a human, Korea is far from perfect so stop acting like it is.  

Honestly anyone who says they WANT TO BE KOREAN is absolutely disgusting and disrespectful, because at the end of the day all you know about Korea is our technology and entertainment, you couldn’t give a shit about all the rest.

Fuck off with your fetish, fuck off with you fantasies about the country and fuck off with the rest of your Koreaboo behavior.

So how can you like Korea and not be a Koreaboo?

Well that is easy. You can like Kpop all you want, you can watch as many drama’s as you want, you can make plans to visit the country if you really want. But do yourselves a favor, research the history of the country, learn about the culture differences so as when you do go to Korea you don’t come off as disrespectful or even worse, as a racist. Want to speak Korean? Learn the language properly, spend time learning how to read and write Korean Hangul, don’t take some Romanized sentences from drama’s such as oppa, chingu, unnie, hyung, daebak etc, and think that is enough Korean to get you through life in Korea because it’s far from that.

To sum up, respect the country and the culture, don’t make everything Korean a fetish, don’t forget about your own country, don’t try to act Korean and finally if you really are interested in Korea, don’t take any shortcuts, put the effort into learning about the country.    

I’m prepared for all the hate you have so bring it on.”

I’m not into this whole bashing story but this person has a point.

If you’re writing a fic, why on earth does it sound like a good idea to use korean word that could have just been written in english? I don’t wanna see that “Annyeong/annyeonghasaeyo” “juseyo/jebal” “ne” “Mian/mianhae”  “saranghae” “ani/Aniyo” “Jinjja/jeongmal” “ppalli” “wae” “mwo” etc. it makes me want to claw my eyes out, it’s even worse when you romanize the words incorrectly :))) 

Do yourself a favour and don’t be a koreaboo will you?