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Hello, it’s been a little while! I’ve been keeping up with Sota’s blog and it looks like there are only staff updates about TV Appearances. He is probably extremely busy with [Strobe Edge] promotions, so when he does update us, I will be right onto translating!

I present to you today, my recommendations of “Seishun Eiga”s which typically describes the High School Romance genre. Because many dramas / movies are based on manga in Japan, the Japanese theater greatly embraces Seishun Eigas. It’s almost a “stepping stone” for rising actors / actresses to be a part of these dramas / movies. 

First up!
Bokura ga Ita Zenpen & Kohen (2012): This 2 part movie (Zenpen- 1st part, Kohen- 2nd part) chronicles the 10-year love life of Yano Motoharu (Ikuta Toma) and Nanami Takahashi (Yoshitaka Yuriko). I know it sounds really draggy and boring making two movies about one pair, but this one does a fantastic job. Bokura ga Ita is one of the few movies that I felt developed the characters, their feelings, and the different events that shape the characters in a touching manner. Yano made my heart soooo happy I watched the movie 8 times.

Hanamizuki (2010): This one is a slightly older one and fair to say that it was the first batch of Seishun Eigas. Again, this chronicles the 10-year love life of a couple, Sae Hirasawa (Yui Aragaki) and Kouhei Kiuchi (Ikuta Toma). This movie completely tackles a different setting from Bokura ga Ita, so rest assured that these first two are not the same story.

Kimi ni Todoke (2010): Another one of the first gen Seishun Eigas. This one is about a handsome & popular boy, Shota Kazehaya (Haruma Miura), who falls in love with a girl, Sawako Kuronuma (Mikako Tabe), who is bullied by the class. Kazehaya brings Kuronuma out of her shell, and the rest is history. 

Kiyoku, Yawaku (2013): A fairly new one. This one is about two characters, Kanna Seto (Masami Nagasawa) and Roku Akazawa (Masaki Okada) who have lost a significant person in their life as they struggle to carry on with life and eventually love again. TBH, I watched it because of Masaki Okada, and thought it was a well-done movie.

High School Debut (2011): I was like ??? while watching this movie because it was sooooo manga-like silly & hilarious. Haruna Nagashima (Ito Ono) wants to find a boyfriend in high school because she had devoted her entire middle school life to softball. You Komiyama (Junpei Mizobata) is a popular upperclassman who ends up mentoring Nagashima, but instead, falls in love with her.

Sukitte ii na yo (2014): SUPER recent movie. The storyline is a little bit similar to Kimi ni Todoke, as a popular boy at school, Yamato Kurosawa (Sota Fukushi), brings a bullied girl, Mei Tachibana (Haruna Kawaguchi), out of her shell. Even though the underlying theme is the same, this one develops the female character greatly and chronicles her journey as she is coming out of her shell and really learns about loving another person. After watching “Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu”, I went straight to this movie to see Sota Fukushi. Didn’t disappoint me at all. <3

Some others I haven’t watched yet: Koizora, Halfway, Boku no Hatsu Koi o Kimi ni Sasagu, Tada kimi wo Aishiteru

Will be doing one for top dramas I’ve watched throughout my years of jdrama experience soon (this one shall be extremely hard….)!

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Okada Nana:


mobame: [x]

Kizaki Yuria:

Yurina’s graduation stage

I could join only at the end!!

From when I was transferred
I was really saved by her, always smiling and coming to me to talk.

She’s kind and more than anyone else she’s a good person
The road she decided…you’ll become stronger through experiencing various things.

I really like you ♡

Congratulations on your graduation.

Kato Rena:

Yuurin’s graduation stage is over!
Congratulations again!
Since when
did we become close….?
I think we became close during the MC shoot of the new Team 4!
Around…April 7th?
“This date is our anniversary of becoming good friends!” you said,
it’s nostalgic.
From then on we started talking, we started to entwine and hence our relationship became deeper!
I also get to know a lot more about Yuurin since then, about how you care about the people around you, how you would call out to others, I really thought that you’re a good kid.
If I didn’t enter Team 4, I don’t think that we’ll become close like how we are now.
I’m really glad that I’m in Team 4, and that I met Yuurin.
I’m also glad that we went out to eat!
It’s only with Yuurin that I can talk with for about 5 hours! lol
I will always support Yuurin!
It’s because I’m a Yuurin-oshi!
I will aaalways love you!
From now on good luck in facing your dreams!!!

Really, congratulations on your graduation!!

Kotani Riho:

Yurina-chan’s graduation stage
I couldn’t appear but
I sent a message!
I really think that
the reason I could get used to Team 4 so quickly
is thanks to Yurina-chan (´・ω・`)!
Yurina-chan is kind and bright
I was always helped by her!!!
Yurina-chan I love you~!
Congratulations on your graduation! Thanks for your hard work!
Also, good luck (´・ω・`)!

Kobayashi Marina:

Congratulations on your graduation.

It’s lonely to think that you won’t be next to me (anymore) to listen to my talks when we are changing clothes.

You’re kind, friendly, always playful, or telling us a funny story, we played around a lot… These are the sides of Yurina-chan that I love (´。・v・。`)

This is me expressing my love! lol

From now you’ll face a lot of difficult things, painful things, but I’d like you to work hard towards your goal!!

I want to support your courageous journey forward!

All the best~!!
Also, thank you.

Murayama Yuiri:


Komiyama Haruka:

Today is Yuurin-san’s graduation stage ∩(*´`∩)♡

Because Yuurin-san always tells Komi that she likes my hairstyle the most, today I wore high twintails (●´ω`●)♡♡

Although it still haven’t hit me that today’s the last time I’ll be sharing a stage with Yuurin-san, when I sang with feelings of gratitude (towards Yuurin), my tears welled up (๑>؂<๑)۶

I really want to tell Yuurin-san “Thank you” a lot of times, and though I’ve said it before, I don’t think it’s sufficient.

When Komi couldn’t dance, she would always stay back and teach me,
Whenever something unusual happened (to Komi) she would realised it and send me a long text through LINE,
She has given me plenty of guidance,
She came and talked a lot with this shy Komi,

It’s because Yuurin-san is around that Komi now enjoys being in Team4 (♡´ω`♡)

Since it’s Yuurin-san’s final stage, I definitely wanted the fans who loves Yuurin-san to come. And today a lot of Yuurin-san oshi came and that made me really happy ヽ(。>▽<。)ノ

There were plenty of people who brought along Yuurin-san’s goods,
and there were also people who wore her graduation T-shirt (´˘`)♡

Also, many people cried and I sincerely think that they had a wonderful period with Yuurin-san ❤*.(๓´͈ ˘ `͈๓).*❤

I really really really love Yuurin-san (。>ω<。)ノ♡

I’m really glad that Yuurin-san is my senpai (((o(♡´▽`♡)o)))

Omori Miyu:

Yuurin’s graduation stage!
I could appear 
at the last part and sang ‘Tooku ni itemo’

From our kenkyuusei days, 
Yuurin was the first kouhai I became close with.
When I’m down I would meet with Yuurin and talk with her,
and thanks to Yuurin’s smile
I could smile too.

She’s too kind, she’s always concerned with the people around her,
until she too would become worried…
She’s a very considerable person.
This Yuurin
is loved by everyone.
Including me.

I watched a bit of today’s stage from the side wing.
To think of her own path…
And to decide on it…
To put it into action,
Yuurin’s sights are set straight on this path.
I’m really glad.

Although we’re not going to stand on the same stage anymore..
We’ll still keep in contact and meet up.

I’m glad I met Yuurin.

Yuurin, thanks for your hard work.

Really, thank you very, very, much.

Maeda Mitsuki:

Today was Yurina-chan’s final stage performance.
I cried U~o~
I really like her.

But since Yurina-chan told me before that she likes my smile the most in the whole world, I tried very hard to send her off with a smile!
I’ve really done various things with Yurina-chan.
Though I’ll lose with Mogi-san….lol

Like positions during Pajama drive stage, and many others!
It’s because we did a lot of things together that we’re now close!!!!

The thought that she won’t appear on this stage anymore makes me feel extremely sad but I’ll work hard on her share!
I’ll support Yurina-chan!
And I’ll be happy if Yurina-chan could support us too (・v・)ノ
I absolutely won’t forget about Yurina-chan!

Mogi Shinobu:

We just had Yurina’s graduation stage!
I cried during Tanpopo no Kesshin( ; ; )
That’s why I didn’t cry at the end~ lol

Hmm, maybe I’m not that sad because from now on we’ll be friends? ( ˙³˙)( ˙³˙)( ˙³˙) [t/n: During the stage Mogi said that since they’re no longer work-related friends, she now wants to be real-life friends with Takashima]

I didn’t expect that we’ll become this close!
I could meet someone wonderful!!!

There’s nothing but feelings of gratitude!!!

Mukaichi Mion:

Yurina-chan’s final stage is over.

I’m really glad that I could stand on the stage together with her for the last time.
And that I could send her off.

I was really lonely when the song ended one by one
And when the actual feeling that we’re approaching the end slowly sinked in…
I couldn’t stop my tears (;_;)

My memories with Yurina-chan
is countless, there’s too many.

It’s thanks to Yurina-chan that I’m who I am today.

I feel really lonely 
that my beloved Yurina-chan is no longer around anymore…

But even though we’re walking on separate paths,
we can always meet again!

From now on as always
I want to be involved with Yurina-chan \( ˆoˆ )/

I’m happy that when I entered AKB,
I could meet Yurina-chan.

Thank you very much.
Also, all the best in facing your dreams!

I really love Yurina-chan!!!

Okawa Rio:

Takashima-san’s graduation stage
I could appear for a bit!
I sang 'Tooku ni itemo’ ♪

I was really moved by her final speech (;_;)
I really, really, love Takashima-san.
From now on too all the best!

Up until now I’m greatly indebted to her.
Thank you very much!

Sasaki Yukari:

Yurina, congratulations on your graduation.

When Yurina entered as a 13th gen kenkyuusei we straightaway got along and become close that we created Team Positive.
From the kenkyuusei days,
there was the selection examination,
there were painful experiences,
happy experiences,
you went through a lot things didn’t you.

I’m really glad that this time around we’re in the same team. There was a time when I was at a loss and you came to my side and cried together with me.

Yurina told me,
“When Yukari-chan smile, I’ll become happy too!” This gave me strength to work harder.

I really love Yurina’s smile.
Thank you for everything until now!

I really love you!!

Iwatate Saho:


Uchiyama Natsuki:

congratulations on your graduation!

You know,
I’ll absolutely support
Yurina-san’s new dream ヽ(〃v〃)ノ♡

Its because 
Yurina-san’s figure that is always working hard
is really cool (゚v゚)♥︎

That’s why I absolutely think that
wherever Yurina-san is,
you’ll always be shining.

I want Yurina-san’s dream to come true ♡
I’ll sincerely
support you ヽ(〃v〃)ノ

Also, Yurina-san’s relationship with her fans
is really wonderful, I was moved.

Everyone, your warm feelings to send off Yurina-san
was overflowing…(´ー`)♥︎

It’s my first time attending a graduation stage.
How do I say it,
Although it’s warm but
there’s also a painful atmosphere…

For the beloved fans 
who have always been supporting
to attend a graduation stage
By thinking that
I became really sad (ノ_・。)

When I think about Yurina-san
and about her fans’ feelings,
I ended up crying a lot (・ω・`)

During the send-off, 
the tears made my face looked funny
I was embarrassed (〃〃) lol

I wonder when will my graduation day arrive…
I don’t want to do something like graduate (ノ_・。)
It’s too lonely,
It’s too painful,
I can’t imagine… (´;ω;`)

The picture is with Yurina-san
that I took ♡
Today Yurina-san was shining very brightly (ノω`)

Yurina-chan called my hairstyle,
the one that I spent a lot of time on 
“Bob” (´ー`)

congratulations on your graduation (ノω`)

From now on too and always
Yurina-san’s smile will give me
strength and happiness!!

I really love you ヽ(〃v〃)ノ♡

Oshima Ryoka:


Suzuki Shihori:


I’m constantly laughing when I’m with Yurina-chan
It’s really fun~
I’d laugh until
my eyes can’t be seen anymore

And right now my eyes definitely can’t be seen 
because I cried too much~ (*Θ∀Θ) lol

Although your graduation has not sinked in yet,
for now, thanks for your hard work Yurina ////

Fukuoka Seina:

And then today is Takashima-san’s graduation stage.

Besides the kenkyuusei times, we’re hardly together now. However, even in that short period of time I’m greatly indebted towards her because I went to her for a slight consultation.

I really respect her figure that always has a smile on her face, even when she fails she would aggresively move forward, her figure when she would reflect back on her actions after she fails ♡
Even after she graduates she’ll always be a member I look up to (♡˙︶˙♡)

It’s lonely but I will always support Takashima-san chasing her dream!!

Congratulations on your graduation (^v^)

Aigasa Moe:

Yurina, congratulations on your graduation! I really love you! 

Shinozaki Ayana:

We had Yurina’s graduation stage!
Yurina, congratulations again!

Yurina’s smile gave me a lot of energy, and I really look up to her for being able to make a huge decision, I think she’s cool.

I really thought that the graduation performance was lovely.

And as Nakki said, 
would our graduation stage be as lovely as hers too.. I ended up thinking that lol

The atmosphere that Yurina was really loved, 
makes me feel slightly jealous, but she’s a really wonderful same gen member that I am proud of!!

let’s support Yuurin’s future ♪!!

All the best! Yurina!

Kojima Mako:

Yesterday at Yurina-chan’s graduation stage
I appeared as a surprise with Hikari and Nakki~

I didn’t expect Yurina-chan 
to be happy to that extent
And that made me really happy (´._.`)♡

After the Daisokaku, we’ve never appeared together for a stage and this really made me sad. Even during her graduation announcement I wanted to be there.

But I wrote it before
since she’s firmly facing her dreams
I want to be of help and support her back
straight towards her desired place.
I want to deliver this feelings of mine.

Also, during the send off at yesterday’s stage,
I was impressed by Yurina-chan’s fans,
how do I say it, they gave a refreshing facial expression.

They were really wonderful fans.
Although they could only appear for a short time, they painfully transmitted their feelings.
Yurina-chan is really loved ☻.

But definitely anyone would understand that ☆.
There’s no one whose character and personality is loved to this extent, whatever bad things would go away with that innocent smile of hers.

From now on too, I wish Yurina-chan,
in this life that only comes once,
sincerely enjoy what she wants to do with a smile on her face…☆彡

Yurina-chan! I really love you ( ⸝⸝⸝ ˆᴗˆ ⸝⸝⸝ )
Really, thank you very much for your hard work.

Yurina-chan, thank you!!!

Hashimoto Hikari:


Yumoto Ami:

Tonight would be Yurina-chan’s graduation stage (´・_・`)

Everyone really respects her, and I think she’s cool.

I wonder when will be a good time to return
the socks I borrowed from Yurina-chan~

Okada Ayaka:

Yesterday we had Yuurin’s graduation stage!
The 13th gen performed ‘RESET’ and ‘Te wo tsunaginagara’!

Eventhough I was cried a lot, I managed to send her off.

The photo is with Yuurin!
I took it on Christmas Day since I thought I couldn’t take one on her graduation day lol

Yuurin is like an older sister!
I have a lot of older sister around lol

Yuurin, good luck in studying psychology!

Umeta Ayano:

Yesterday I could appear for a bit at Yurina’s graduation stage ♡

13th gen performed RESET and Te wo tsunaginagara,
And 13th gen, Team 4, Mako, Hikari, Nakki
sang Tooku ni itemo♪

During Tooku ni itemo,
when we surrounded Yurina,
I was suddenly overwhelmed by loneliness (._.)

But her figure from behind looks really cool.

It’s quite recent that we started playing around, and she picked me for her final Andare appearance. At the end I could make a lot of memories ♡

We will absolutely play together again!!!!!

I will aaaaaalways love you ❤

Really, thank you (^^)!!

Kitahara Rie:

Congratulations on your graduation!!

Tsuchiyasu Mizuki:

I’m sorry that it’s been a while (;o;) [t/n: Her first post after Yuurin’s grad, took her 2 days]

I’m going to talk about Yurina-chan again!
In the end my beloved Yurina-chan has graduated…
I didn’t want this day to arrive at all
When the day finally arrived, even when we’re doing rehearsals
I intuitively thought that ‘Ah maybe I won’t cry today’. lol

Well that didn’t really happened as I planned… lol

During the enjin before the stage I cried, at the first song I cried,
During the self-introduction I cried, during Tanpopo I cried…
Although I cried a lot I wondered whether 
my feelings towards Yurina-chan was properly delivered~?

It’s been a while since I cried this much
Rather, I cried so much for Yurina-chan
because there’s really too many attached feelings towards her.

For me, Yurina-chan is really
the only senpai that I respect from the bottom of my heart
and she’s given me plenty of kindness.

Whatever that happened, Yurina-chan would always come next to me.
I really want to say thank you,
although I cannot thank her enough.

I don’t really write so much but I can’t stop writing 
It doesn’t mean that we’ll no longer meet,
because we promised to go out for a meal!!!!

Since Yurina-chan has graduated, I too will graduate from being a crybaby! lol

Anyway I really love Yurina-chan.