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or…lena doesn’t stop believing in the one person who believed in her

(or…the terrible thing i wrote to get rid of writer’s block and it’s long and sad but has a happy ending)

Supergirl dies on a Wednesday.

Sometimes, when she’s alone in her office in the wee hours of the morning, still in yesterday’s clothing and unsure when she’d last eaten, she thinks about that, the utter normalcy of losing National City’s hero on a Wednesday. Somehow, the death on such a boring day of the week provides a sort of stark contrast that Lena has trouble wrapping her head around. After all, surely the hero and pride of National City would fall in a blaze of glory on a Friday night, a Sunday afternoon, even a Monday morning during rush hour.

But a Wednesday? Some time between mid-morning and noon? When nothing was happening except for the drudge of the week, the tireless churning of society?

She doesn’t understand it—has tried to come to terms with it with very little success. In her weakest moments, when she’s staring down the end of a bottle of whiskey or wine (before Jess or Maggie or even James Olsen pry the bottle from her fingertips and help her get home), she thinks the very banality of Supergirl’s death is evidence of its unnecessary nature, its needless, pointless, meaningless, asinine

Supergirl dies on a Wednesday.

By Friday, the President herself comes to National City to mourn the fallen hero. She talks about the few short conversations she’s had with Supergirl, how everyone should be inspired and follow Supergirl’s wonderful example. A true hero, an exemplary citizen.

(Lena doesn’t go to the ceremony. She and Alex spend that afternoon in Kara’s apartment, sitting on Kara’s couch, Alex stoically staring at the television screen with silent tears running down her cheeks and Lena gripping her hand so tightly she thinks she’ll break fingers.  

After that, Lena doesn’t see much of Alex at all.)

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Sooo… is this gonna be a double standard thing or nah?

Because while a good majority of people here on Tumblr, are making posts NOT to spread these alleged nude photos of Paige, let us go back to when another superstar had nudes leaked and Tumblr lost its SHIT.

When Seth’s nude photos were leaked (not to mention some photos of just his torso that were also supposedly him), fans (mainly female) spread those like wildfire and many even complained that he had a small package.

Look, if you’re gonna be a crusader in this whole, “These photos are private and if they wanna take photos of themselves, let them!” then at least be consistent about it.

If, god forbid, any other male wrestler ever has nude photos leaked in the future, I REALLY don’t wanna see them whored out here on Tumblr just because “OMG WE’RE FINALLY SEEING THEM NAKED.” and “Oh… they’re not as big as I thought they were…”

Now, being honest here… since I myself am a fan of people like Dean, Roman and others, sure I’d be curious to see those photos, but its still not right to spread them around and make comments about them, especially when you guys are now trying to protect Paige at all costs.

Fucking double standards, I swear to god… -_-

People here on Tumblr can spread Seth’s photos around and blame him for having those leaked because, “HE CHEATED ON HIS FIANCEE!” Yet when a female wrestler down on her luck has that happen, you coddle her beyond words.

Just acknowledge you people wanna see wrestler’s dicks, alright? And that’s all you care about, so you can see if they’re as big as you pictured them in all your fanfics. Hell, I’ll even admit I’ve thought this countless times before, but damn… when you go ahead and do the total opposite with Paige, I don’t know…

Is this all of a sudden turning into a feminist thing now or what?

Look, all I’m saying is this: choose a fucking side, people. You can’t have it both ways. 😒

Either decide to be against having every nude/sex related photos spread all over the Internet from now on, or continue to be part of the problem.

DA:I Codex Entry blog with Codex Topic Directory?

So I’ve been wanting to make a blog with every DAI codex available and organized in a way that makes it easy for writers/lore nerds to navigate quickly.

I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while. It would be slow going because I would have to actually play through the game from the beginning once again and be very meticulous about searching, but I think it would be useful for fic writers, rpers and lore nerds.

The wiki isn’t reliable and doesn’t have every codex entry available so it’d be nice. I would have to come up with a directory that is well organized according to codex topics, play the game again, come up with user friendly tags, search every nook and cranny of southern Thedas, etc.

I think a clean directory sorted by topic would be nice for people who just need quick information if they are writing lore, rp or fanfic. Specific tags and a tag list would also be used. Then you could just go to the elfy shit you need, or the dwarven shit you need, or a specific character, or specific history and on and on.

It’d be a HUGE undertaking, but if people are patient while I gather info it would be worth it. Also, I could have asks/submissions open if people need more info about something or can’t find a particular codex they need.

Would anyone be interested in this blog?

Timeless Fanfic writers you need to read

Okay people, as a VERY active fanfic reader (meaning I check for new fics/updates multiple times a day and try to comment if and when I can); I have been thinking about doing an update on favorite fics, and fic authors bc you know reasons… So, here it goes :)


MISSYriver (just every Timeless thing their little heart can come up with- almost everything they have up right now are all from officerparkers Timeless challenge I believe)

OnceUponAWhim (if you aren’t reading ‘Timing’ then you are seriously missing out; everything else they write is fantastic too!)

rachelbee (another lovely person who makes me squeal when they post)

CindyRyan (I’m a sucker for the dark stuff and she’s got that down)

aredburn (’When you’re in the darkness, only the blind can see,’ hands down one of my favorite fics; Baby Charlie kills me)

qqueenofhades (she’s one of the biggest garcy fans; writes mostly smut, but does so amazingly. My personal favorite is ‘i know you [i walked with you once upon a dream]’.)

extasisswings (another garcy writer; my favorite of theirs is ‘ex gratia’)

Justbeyourself205 (mostly garcy but some lyatt too)

miera- (gosh I loved, ‘Time Will Tell You To Stay By My Side’)

LivingInSmilesIsBetter (if you’re a fan of whump and fluff then go on over there)

vaqhma (author of ‘Adrift’)

Jamieleigh01 (author of ’Dance with the devil’)

deadlyrainbows (I seriously love Lucy knowing/learning self-defense)

TheVelvetDusk (I loved ‘Constellations’)

elenam1996 (again, I love the dark stuff. Author of ‘Lost’)

neeeeeallll (’Stuck in the Middle with you’ makes me squeal, cry and laugh all at the same time)

fortheloveofbuttercups (’What We Are’ this was one of the first Timeless fics I ever read)

irismay42 (’Unmade’ was one of my all time favorite weekly challenge fics for the “someone from Wyatt’s past” fic)

gaelicspirit (I’ve read ‘Breaking point’ several times)

bearbone (’Behind the Scenes of 1x11′ was the scene filler we all needed desperately)

Though I’m partial to the dark stuff, kidfics, and corny fluff, there are SO many more great fics; but I figure this will be my list for now.

I didn’t even include some of my faves from Wattpad so let me know if you want me to do one. Most of all I want to thank this amazing fandom for being what it is and continuing to write such amazing fics!

Truth Or Naked - S.M

The party had just begun, the  music was getting louder, everyone was getting roudy. Parker had ditched me for her boy toy James was aggressively pushing him against a wall, with her lips soon connecting to his. Me, being the alcoholic I am, I was in the kitchen doing shots with a group of people. I was sitting on the counter, leaning my elbow on the girl next to me, Jasmine, her laugh high pitched and annoying everyone but making them all laugh at it as well. I was looking around the room sipping on my straw, when I locked eyes with my boy toy. His chocolate guys turning darker, more sinister in the light made my body shiver. I winked at him across the room, he smiled instantly and shoved his way through the room to me.

“hello stranger” I said holding out my arms, he laughed.

“hello beautiful” he said wrapping his arms around me, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in, wrapping my legs around his torso as well. I kissed his cheeks and moved to his lips. My fingers played with his curls and his hand went to the back of my neck, tilting my head up to his better. My mouth opened and before his tongue could even brush against my lip, a cough was heard behind us. I groaned as I rolled my head, and looked at who was disrupting my moment.

“look this isn’t a whore pad, so go somewhere else” Courtney said.

“then you better leave” I say voice edging on monotone. The room filled with silence as everyone just took in what I had just said.

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Darling, Time Does Not Change a Thing

Rating: T (This is subject to change on what I end up including in the final piece, but I will leave updates if that changes, so you guys get a heads up)

Pairing: SasuSaku

Summary: You would think, after defeating a god that nothing would seem that odd. However, they suddenly find themselves in the future after a terrifying fall through the sky. They know they need to make it home as soon as they can, but many things could happen while they are in the future. Especially when they know they won’t even remember it.

A/N: Well, i’m definitely trying something different with this fic. So, I used to write really long fanfics all the time, but never posted them. This is kind of an attempt at getting back into writing larger amounts at a time. I have many ideas for where this could end, but if you read I Don’t Want to Forget, you have some idea. That fanfic is connected to this one, and they are assumed to be in the same AU. Also, I’m trying to fit this into the canon universe best I can. I hope you guys enjoy this fic, and if you wanna see more let me know!!! I’m not gonna know if you guys wanna see more if you don’t tell me lol

The air felt stale, murky, reeking of something that felt out of the place in the lush forest on the outskirts of the Land of Fire. Sakura was aware of the change just as much as Sasuke could see the menacing chakra in the very air around them. Shifting purple and blue hues littered the area, coating the landscape in a strange tint. The auras distorted their view of the forest around them. The two shinobi were on their guard, not knowing what possible things could come out of the forest around them. Their investigation turned into a more complex mission than what it first seemed.

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AU #1: Hear Me Masterlist

Hear Me is a soulmate AU based in the X-Men trilogy universe. It’s set post Apocolypse and Warren’s wings are half in half metal and feathers after the plane crash (damage/regrowth/etc). 

The notion is that in a time of great need in your life, your soulmate will somehow enter your life and help you through it, thus bonding you both together. 

“In a time of great need, your world will coalesce and peace will reign.”

So why aren’t you with your soulmate right now as he screams in pain, his body tearing apart from the inside out?


















(I don’t know when this will stop, but that’s how many I have written (Will keep updating)) 

Fluffy Berena Drabble to cheer us up on a day like today...

So with the news that Jemma is leaving us I just couldn’t get this little fic out of my head. I hope you like it, I hope it cheers you up a little. Fluff with fluff coming up!

Right here with you

I lay in bed as the rain softly beat down on the glass windows. In life before my sabbatical, I would never laze around in bed for hours in the morning. Once I was awake, I was up and going about my daily routine. Occupying every minute with something or other. Now, I had learned the value of slowing down., of allowing myself to spend a Sunday morning in bed listening to the rain outside.

I rolled over onto my stomach and picked up my phone from the bedside table. I considered calling Bernie, texting her just to say hello but the time read 6am. I didn’t want to risk waking her up at 5am if she had been on a late shift last night so I put down my phone and flopped down on my back with my book, The Nightingale. I couldn’t help the smile on my lips, this really was a perfect morning. Despite the yearning in my heart for a certain blonde to be in the bed beside me.

A firm knock sounded at my front door and I frowned. Was it bad if I ignored it? It couldn’t be anything important this early on a Sunday morning. The persistent knock came again and again and I reconsidered my original thoughts. It was 6am on a Sunday morning, there would be no businesses doing to door to door visits, if anything it would be more likely to be a neighbour in trouble. I put my book to one side and slipped out of the bed. I wrapped my dressing gown around myself, forgoing clothes for the time being and ran down the stairs to answer the door.

I froze at what I saw.

“What..?” I was speechless.

Bernie Wolfe stood on my door step, a large army satchel on her back and completely soaked through. Water dripped off the end of her nose as she smiled sheepishly. “Surprise…” she said timidly.

“Bernie..?” I really couldn’t get over my absolute shock at finding her there.

“I know this wasn’t planned,” she said, holding up her hands. “I left Holby. It’s temporary, maybe, I’m not sure yet…” I didn’t think I could be anymore shocked than I already was but that news floored me. “And I could think of no other place where I’d rather be than right here.” She looked at me with such hope in her eyes. “With you… if there’s room.”

“With… me?” My breath caught in my throat, my eyes filled with tears. There was always room for her. Words failed me and I nodded to show her how I felt.

Bernie smiled even though the rain water was still dripping off the end of her nose. I watched a shiver run through her body. “I’m cold…” she said after a moment and it kicked me into gear.

“Oh god!” I pulled Bernie into the house and closed the door. “I’m sorry,” I ran to get her a towel. “I just…” I laughed nervously.

“It’s ok,” Bernie said, taking off her bag and drying her face. “I left on Friday and now I’m here, it was all rather fast… I didn’t want to give myself chance to back out.”

“Why would you back out?” I asked.

Bernie shrugged. “I didn’t know if you would want me here,” she said as she began to dry her hair. She looked down at herself. “I’m dripping all over your carpet.”

“I don’t care,” I said but Bernie had already grabbed her bag and was rummaging around inside for dry clothes. I stopped her and brought her eyes to mine. “Why would you think I wouldn’t want you here?”

Bernie looked at me shyly and shook her head. “This is your sabbatical. You came here to heal and I just… I’m interrupting…”

I didn’t let her finish what she was saying. Instead I grabbed her by the shirt and pulled her toward me, our lips crashing together clumsily. The rain water that soaked her clothes soaked through my dressing gown as Bernie circled her arms around my waist and kissed me back. I smiled against her lips when I heard the tiny moan escape her mouth.

“I’ve missed you,” I whispered when Bernie moved her lips down my neck, teasing and nipping as she went.

“God I’ve missed you too,” Bernie said, her hands slipping underneath my dressing gown. She groaned again when her cold hands touched my naked skin.

“Let’s get you out of these wet clothes, solider,” I grinned at her as I pulled her into the living room.

Just a little bit of nothing really but I needed to know that Bernie and Serena could have a little time together. Hope you liked this little drabble.

Stay strong you awesome nerds xxx

I would like to thank @leaalda for making these amazing banners.

This is an effort to spread the word about all fan fiction writers in our little fandom. If you would like to be featured or nominate a writer, please contact me. Please reblog this post if you can and check out some of @allskynostars work!

1. First things first, if someone wanted to read your stories where can they find them.

The can find them on my tumblr;  or on AO3;

2. Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Jenna, I am 23 (24 in a couple of weeks!). I have 3 brothers.. It’s been a struggle haha. I was born in London, my parents and I moved to New Zealand when I was 6 months old. And just two months ago I moved back to London with my boyfriend. I’ve written a few fics, and have just finished my first multi chapter Ever Since New York. I am currently unemployed, but looking for Pharmacy work as that’s what I did at home and would like to continue.

3. What do you never leave home without? 

My phone! And keys.

4. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Night owl, 100000%. I suck at mornings.

5. If you could live in any fictional world which one would you choose and why?

Maaan, probably Middle Earth. Like I would kill to be an elf and shack up with Legolas. Or Thranduil, keep it in the family yunno. Or the Harry Potter universe because magic? Yes.

6. Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met.

I’ve ‘met’ a whole heap, like I’ve paid at cons and things to meet Aidan Turner, Dean O'Gorman, Andrew Scott, Karen Gillan. I went to the Age of Ultron prem when I was in London last time and got photos/signatures with Mark Ruffalo (ultimate fav), Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Aaron Taylor Johnson. I got Robert Downey Jrs autograph but no photo. But just by chance without planning too I met Jenna Coleman. We were visiting my family in Wales and just so happened to drive past during filming. Didn’t quite get to meet Peter Capaldi though. And then I was in London last time, me and my best friend walked into Jamie Campbell Bower in the street. The story Is actually so cool but I feel like this answer is long enough hahah.

7. What are some of your favorite movies/TV?

Movies: Eternal Sunshine, Only Lovers Left Alive, Big Daddy (my go to movie when I’m sad, I love Adam Sandler). I always struggle to answer this because after I think of one I should have mentioned! Shutter Island. 

TV Shows: There are far too many but right now Riverdale, obviously. And I just smashed through Brooklyn 99. The OC, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, SOA, Friends, Being Human, the list goes on…

8. What are some of your favorite bands/musicians?

SO my first favourite and was Panic! At The Disco. Then My Chemical Romance took over my life. Now I’m into The 1975, Arctic Monkeys, Bastille, Hozier, Tom Odell, James Bay, Ed Sheeran. Thanks to my Dad I love Alanis Morrissette and Radiohead. Thanks to my Mum I have a soft spot for Robbie Williams. My music taste is diverse so I listen to a lot of rap. I’ll defend Kanye West to my dying breath, I really like Post Malone at the moment too. It chops and changes so so much. Also I’ve seen One Direction 4 times so judge as you will, ahaha.

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Character Statistics: Naruto, Densetsu no Sannin









A/N: The Sannin! I made the Sannin because I do have a fanfic revolving around a team of contemporaries and I needed to make sure they were consistently less (but not too much so) than the Legendary Three. The series is called (In)Difference, but this is independent of that.

So… please let me know if anything looks off to you or if you think there are some data points that ought to be adjusted.

I’m not entirely sure when in the timeline they became chuunin and jounin ranked respective to the shinobi world wars (because… time is weird in the Naruto world) so… I am open to alternatives and if the logic is sound then I’ll edit the data.

Please enjoy! :D

edit: tweaked Orochimaru’s Jounin Speed

Solangelo Through the Ages Pt. 2

I never expect to get that many notes on my last post, so thank you guys so much! As requested, here is part two.

Age 25

Will wiped his sweaty palms on the pants of his suit. “What if he says no? Then I’m just gonna look stupid and be-”

“Shut up!” cried Lou Ellen and Cecil in unison.

“You’ve been together for 10 years,” Lou Ellen reminded him. “If he didn’t want to be with you, he would have left by now.”

“Yeah,” Cecil chimed in, patting his friend on the back, “you’ll do great man. Just don’t doubt yourself.”

Will took a deep breath. “Yeah, I guess you guys are right. Thanks for all your help.” He took a step back and his friends studied him.

“He’s all grown up,” Lou Ellen muttered. The three of them laughed, and Lou Ellen seized Will and hugged him tightly.

“I love you guys,” he said.

“We love you too,” she replied.

Cecil smiled before looking at his watch. “Oh man, you’re going to be late!”

“What? What time is it?”

“7:45! Go!”

Will’s eyes widened and his hands began to tremble again as he grabbed his jacket and started to run out the door.

“Wait!” cried Lou Ellen as she grabbed a small black box off the table. “The ring!” Will turned around, and she tossed it. He caught it and set off again, shouting, “Thank you!”

As the door slammed shut, Cecil laughed. “What would he do without us?”

“I have no idea,” came the reply.


When their dinner arrived, Nico ate but Will hardly touched his food.

“What’s wrong, Sunshine? You never skip meals.”

Will figured it was as good of a time as any. He grabbed Nico’s hand and stood up, Nico standing with him, Nico’s eyebrows were scrunched together and he stared at the blonde. Will bent down on one knee and reached into his pocket, and Nico’s hands flew to his mouth as Will produced a black box from which he took the ring, a silver band encrusted with blue sapphire.

“Nico di Angelo,” Will began, just as he had ten years ago, “As of today we have been together for ten years, and it has been the best ten years of my life. I have loved you since we were twelve, and you have been my best friend since we met. Every single day I fall in love with you a little more, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Nico, my angel, will you marry me?”

He looked up at Nico, who had tears in his eyes. Nico immediately nodded, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to get out words, and pulled his fiance up to him. He wrapped his arms around Will’s neck and gently kissed him. The tables around them cheered, and the two pulled away smiling. After everything had settled down, something occurred to Nico. “So… Do I get the ring or are you saving it for someone else?”

Will laughed, but he felt the heat rise to his cheeks and slid the ring onto Nico’s finger. He hoped that it wasn’t noticeable, but Nico proved him wrong. “All these years and I can still make you blush. How cute.”

“Shut up, di Angelo,” Will said, and the two of them laughed, and they were happy.

Age 30

“Nico, honey, will you get the door?” Will called from the kitchen.

“Sure.” Nico threw the blanket back on the couch and ran to the door, not wanting to appear rude to whomever was there. But when Nico opened the door, there was no one there. Nico was about to close the door when he looked down. Sitting in front of him was a baby wrapped in a pink blanket. He didn’t know what else to do, so he picked up the child and took it inside.

“Will, I think you are going to want to see this,” Nico murmured as he approached the kitchen. Will wiped his hands off on a towel and walked over to Nico.

“Oh… my…gods… “ was all Will could manage. He pulled the blanket out of the baby’s face. The girl appeared to be about nine months, but it was hard to tell for sure. She had glowing pale skin and jet black hair that oddly resembled Nico, and the most dazzling blue eyes that Nico had only seen on one other person in his life: Will.

“It can’t be…” Will trailed off.

“She looks just like…” Nico began.

“Us,” they said together.

“But how?” Nico wondered aloud.

“A gift from the heavens,” Will whispered. Then something in the back of Nico’s mind clicked he wasn’t sure how he knew, but he was certain.

“Bianca,” he whispered, and the baby girl’s eyes fluttered over to him and she smiled.    

Age 47

“Hey dad!” Bianca called from downstairs.

“Yes honey?” Nico called back.

“Other dad!”

“What’s up?” Will said, walking inside.

“Oh! There you are,” she said, greeting her father at the door. “Did you put my guitar in the van?”

“Just did,” he responded.

“Great. Thank you!”

“No problem,” Will said, kissing the top of his daughter’s head before she ran back upstairs for more boxes. Will followed, but decided to take a break with his husband.
“Can you believe she’s going to college?” Will asked.

“It feels like yesterday she took her first steps,” Nico replied.

“As soon as you guys come back to the present, I could use a little help getting my last few boxes. I’m leaving in a few minutes,” said Bianca from the doorway. Nico and Will looked at each other and followed Bianca to her room.

Even though the two had been going in and out of it all day, they were still surprised to see how empty it looked without her books or posters or even her guitar. It suddenly became very real to Nico that she would be leaving. They carried down the rest of her things in one trip and waited in the living room for her friend, Zoe, to arrive to help her.

“Be careful, B. And don’t do anything stupid. And call us all the time-”

“She’ll do fine, Nico. She’ll do great actually,” Will reassured him and smiled at Bianca, who smiled back.

“We are so proud of you,” Will continued. “Don’t change for anyone, okay?”

“Okay, Dad.” She took a deep breath before pulling both of her fathers into a hug. “I love you both.”

“We love you,” said Nico. They jumped at the sound of the doorbell, signaling Bianca’s time to leave, and they walked outside together. Bianca took one last look at the house and headed to the van.

“Call us if you need anything!” shouted Nico.

“I will! See you at Thanksgiving!”

As she shut the door, they waved. When the van was out of sight, Will took Nico’s hand.

“You don’t have to worry about her, you know. She’s a pretty fantastic kid,” Will said.

“I know.” They waited a long time before returning to the house.

I hope you guys enjoyed! Please leave me any requests you have. 

Alla Prima- Chapter 3

A shorty, but a goody!

Prologue   Ch. 1  Ch. 2

FanFiction Master List!

The flames licked at her, curling around her legs. She felt no pain, though; a surprising softness engulfed her. She welcomed it, spreading her arms wide. The flames grew, nuzzling up her body, filling her with a warmth that had nothing to do with the fire around her.

The flames…moaned? It was the only way she could describe the noise, a low sound coming from deep within the blaze. It sounded almost human, that low roar.

And within that white-hot center emerged a white-hot face. Strong features, sharp bones.Two blue flames stared at her, into her.

And with the sudden realization that only happens in dream, Claire became aware that this wasn’t a fire that surrounded her. It was a man’s long red hair that curled around her. A man’s electric blue eyes that shocked her. A man’s large hands that warmed her…

Not a man. Her man. Her artist.

He smiled at her, a mischievous half-grin. It was infectious; she smiled back, unsure of what they were smiling about, but knowing that she wanted to be a part of it.

Her stomach began to rise toward her throat, a jittery feeling that spread throughout. Sweat was beading on her skin. She was hot, burning, as if in a real fire now…

Claire woke with a start, and found that she was, indeed, hot and sweaty. Not the pleasant warmth, but a sickly heat. She ran to the toilet and thoroughly emptied her stomach.

Jamie’s brain was becoming too big for his skull. At least that’s what it felt like. He peeked an eye open, staring through the curtains. Overcast. Rainy. He rolled over, trying not to vomit in the process, and fell back asleep.

Claire watched the chasing raindrops from her window. Her thoughts flew back to that dream; wanting to remember, wanting to forget. Her mind was being consumed by thoughts of him, waking and dreaming. She could not escape him.

Did she even want to?

The rain began to soften, mere tears from the sky. Claire debated. Should she go to the park? Would he be there?

Did that matter?

It didn’t. Although she wished to see him, her time at the park was her favorite part of the day. When she was surrounded by green. It gave her a peace and focus she hadn’t been able to find anywhere else. And she had many tests to grade.

She sat at a picnic table today, papers strewn about it, held down with a couple rocks.

Well, Josh, you obviously have no idea what a chloroplast is. And you’ve known about this test how long? IT IS ON YOUR SYLLABUS.

Claire taught freshman Biology at the local university. It was a required course, not matter if you were Pre-Med or Computer Science. And some answers she received… She shook her head.

Gargantuan apparatus? Did he mean Golgi apparatus? Jesus H. Roosevelt…

The test fluttered before flying off into the wind.

“Christ!” Claire went after the papers, grabbing futilely with open hands. The test floated through the air, skidded the ground, and ascended again. And if she wasn’t so damn frustrated, she might have likened it to a large butterfly. As it were, she didn’t have the patience for poetry at the moment.

Perhaps by coincidence or fate, the papers landed on a pair of laced brown boots. As if in slow motion, she watched as blue stained fingertips reach down and grab her pages. She knew who those blue fingertips belonged to in her heart and soul. And brain. Only artists and cosmetologists had fingers stained in such a way.

Her gazed travelled slowly up his body, to his grinning face. The same grin he wore in her dream last night…


This close, he could see things about her that he had never noticed before. She had a handful of freckles scattered over her nose and cheeks. Or how her canines were a bit long, giving her a vampirish smile.

“Thank you.” She was English. Also something he never noticed. A sharp, clear accent. A church bell at noon.

“No trouble, lass,” he smiled, trying to calm his racing heart. He was a good actor. He could manage a conversation without making a fool out of himself. At least, he hoped so.

“I could have been in big trouble had I lost this,” she chuckled, a much lower sound than he would have expected.

“Aye. I’m sure,” he squinted at the paper. “Josh would no appreciate ye losing his test.”

“Well, he probably failed anyway, so…” She spoke candidly, before clapping a hand over her mouth. “I should not be speaking about a student like that…”

“Dinna fash. Yer secret’s safe wi’ me.” He put a finger over his mouth is a ‘shh’ gesture. She laughed, showing off her wolfy grin.

“I’m Claire, by the way.” Claire. The click of a tongue, a swallowed ‘r.’ He had met a few Claires before, but none of their names sounded so musical.

“Jamie.” Don’t say it. Don’t say it. “Have I seen ye here before?” Damnit, Fraser.

“Oh, probably,” she answered with a flip of her hand. “I’m here almost everyday. I love nature.”

And I love ye.

No. NO.

“Oh, aye. I’m here often as well.” He looked down. This conversation had taken a dive bomb straight to the concrete.

“You’re an artist, aren’t you?” He was surprised to hear her speak. Surprised she was still in front of him, eyebrow cocked.

“Huh? Oh, aye. Yes. I am.” Did she like artists?

“I thought so. I’ve seen you too. You have a sketchbook with you all the time.”

“Ye never know when inspiration may hit.” He didn’t feel the need to tell her that inspiration always hit when he saw her.

“Of course. Well, I’ve got to finish my work. Perhaps I’ll see you around?”

“Aye. Perhaps.”

Age gap - Request

(What an original title…)

Requested by anon:  Hey, I was wondering if you would write a Dean/Reader fic, where the Reader is like 10 years younger than Dean? Like she’s mid-20 and he mid-30? And people who meet them don’t think they’re together, especially women who flirt with her boyfriend right in front of her eyes and sometimes even insult her?

Summary: A woman tries to flirt with Dean in front of (Y/N) and doesn’t really believe they are dating, which makes (Y/N) feel really upset about the whole thing. So Dean tries to comfort her and… Fluff. (I suck with summaries, pardon me.)

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 2,248

Warnings: Dean implying dirty things… at the very end…

A/N: First fic of 2017! I loved doing this, age-gapped realtionships are my very fave and oh Lord this request made me so happy…. THANK YOU! I really liked it, and I hope you do too.


Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Maybe it was her matureness, or maybe that he was a man-child; maybe it was the many things they had in common, or the ones they differed. Maybe it was a prank made by some naughty cherub that made them fall in love; or even so Chuck’s way of saying “thank you”, but either way they had fallen in love and nothing could interfere between them – not even the age gap.

Yes, there were sixty year old men married to twenty year old girls, as well as forty year old women dating nineteen year olds, but Dean and (Y/N) – as well as everyone around them – felt like the mild ten years gap was massive. She was still in her twenties, and she was vibrant and so full of life it was unbelievably attractive for the already thirty year old Dean, who’s age and life had led him to mature enough to turn into a dad every time (Y/N) did something reckless like the things he used to do.

But they were so happy together…

Of course, there was also that social pressure than got to their nerves. For starters: Her parents. Not only did her dad got all grumpy when he met Dean but also Sam had taken a while to get used to the idea because he too saw her like a child. Less to say, everyone around them couldn’t get in their minds that they were actually dating, and actually in love – not just a sugar daddy with his princess.

“Hey handsome,” a MILF greeted as she sat on the bar stool next to Dean, “how about you drop your daughter at a friend’s house and take me to my place?”

“She’s not my daughter.” Dean replied with a sarcastic smile as (Y/N) gave her a death glare from the opposite side of Dean.

“Niece, granddaughter… Whatever.” The woman rolled her eyes.

“Girlfriend, actually.” Dean snapped and the woman let out a dry laugh.

“Right, you dating this… Kid?” She couldn’t believe it, “Honey, if you didn’t want to say yes you just had to be honest, not lie.”

“She really is my girlfriend, and I would really appreciate it if you went to stalk someone else and let us enjoy our evening.” Dean spoke in the most calm way possible, but (Y/N) – who knew him very well – could tell how pissed off he really was.

“You’re rejecting this” she gestured for Dean to notice her curves, “for a gold digger?”

“Basically, I’m rejecting an old-ass woman who doesn’t know what being taken means.” Dean chuckled cruelly, reaching for (Y/N)’s hand and squeezing it tightly.

“At least I’m a woman.” The stranger barked, “I’m sure behind all that makeup she still has zits.”

“It’s better than being all wrinkly.” (Y/N) beamed, making Dean choke.

The woman gasped loudly, she was offended. “How dare you?”

(Y/N) shrugged her shoulders and the woman left. Both (Y/N) and Dean were used to older women – MILFs – flirting with Dean, as well as them not buying it when he explained (Y/N) was his girlfriend. Why was it so hard to understand? It wasn’t as if ten years was that much. And yes, Dean had a few wrinkles and (Y/N) still had her baby face, but apart from that there wasn’t much difference.

“That was fun.” (Y/N) breathed out sarcastically as she and Dean got in the car.

“It wasn’t that bad.” Dean locked eyes with her, begging for his girlfriend to agree.

“We’ve been through worse.” She granted and Dean smiled, “I just wished they weren’t so cynical and avoided flirting with you right in front of me.”

“To be fair, they think you’re my daughter.” Dean clicked his tongue and sat up straight; putting the key in its place and making Baby come to life with a twist of it.

“To be fair, a decent woman wouldn’t flirt like that with a man in front of his daughter.” (Y/N) insisted.

“To be fair, none of them was decent.” Dean chuckled. He wasn’t as affected by everyone else’s behaviour because he was never insulted. Whether it was because boys the age of (Y/N) were utterly scared of his authoritarian pose or because older men respected when a guy dated someone younger – because they were mature enough to do so – and the ones who didn’t usually got kicked in the ass before they could even approach her.

“To be fair, it’s awfully annoying.” (Y/N) continued.

“To be fair, I love you.” Dean stated, knowing that those three words would calm (Y/N) down.

It was her safe zone, something to grip onto when times get tough. Whenever someone insulted her out of jealousy, or tried to play with her mind claiming that Dean couldn’t really be in love with a kid, or just messing in their relationship, Dean only needed to remind her what was keeping them together – what made them get together in the first place – and that would be the end of it.

He was protective of her, and most times the one to scold her after a hunt in which she did something stupid or dangerous. He would take care of her when she was sick, or dealing with any kind of hormonal issue, as well as cure her when hunts got a little too violent. Dean was the kind of man who works better as a human shield than he does as a boyfriend, but honestly, she couldn’t complain.

She was young, and so dumb in so many things… The lack of experience sometimes got to Dean’s nerves, but she was also open minded and not only would she absorb every last bit of information like a sponge absorbs water, but she would also find different ways of doing things – like the time she hula-hooped her way across a farm full of ghosts – she was a revolutionary, just like any other young woman. Of course, she spent much time on social media and doing “Millennial stuff” but truth was it made Dean feel alive again.

They were so uneven their relationship became equal. They completed each other, and made the other’s life find its balance. It was like with magnets – opposites are attracted to each other. And, when Sam understood that, every resistance he had settled fell down.

(Y/N) had been hunting with them for a while; since she was seventeen, to be specific. Of course, Sam couldn’t help to see her like the teenager they rescued from a fire caused by a wicked witch. Dean had seen her like so for many years until her matureness caught his attention.

Of course, she had the body of a younger woman, but her brain was something different. She was smart, comprehensive, merciful, empathetic and so authentic, it was impossible for Dean not to fall for her. She could be serious in serious times and childish in childish times; her control over herself was something Dean couldn’t even dream of when he was her age.

“Babe, are you okay?” Dean asked. They were parked right in front of the bunker. (Y/N) hadn’t said a single word on their way back home.

“Yup, why?” She lifted an eyebrow, trying to look normal but Dean knew her a lot more than she knew herself.

Her breath was different, and her eyes had that thing that makes Dean’s heart ache. The curve of her lips were trembling lightly and Dean could see her jaw clenched, figuring her teeth were pressed against it other tightly. Her eyes looked sad, no matter how much she tried to look tired, and her back was arched to the front rather than the usual straight position she tried to keep.

“Is it because of that woman?” (Y/N) didn’t have to say anything, the mere mention of that person made her face fall. “Babe, we’ve been through this many times- I love you, and only you, no matter what others say… Let-”

“Let them judge.” (Y/N) finished the sentence, “I know.”

“Then why are you down?” He leaned closer to her, instantly holding her hands in his warm ones.

She breathed in deeply, biting her lower lip as she tried to formulate the correct sentence. “I just…” She sighed, “It really hurts me to see them flirting with you. As in: they are your age, they have quite the same knowledge of life and the experience and… I feel like you could share so many things with them you can’t share with me… Like life during the 80s or something.” She looked down shyly, “Maybe you’d enjoy them better than me. Sometimes I do feel like your daughter, because you scold me and get pissed at me for being so ruthless and- and I don’t know.”

Dean listened carefully to ever single syllable she pronounced. “Babe…”

“No, don’t babe me. You know I’m right.” She looked up at him. His eyes were glossy and his lips were lightly parted; on the other hand, she had tears threatening to spill and her cheeks were blushed. “I thought it wouldn’t be… hard. It would’ve been worse if we had started dating when we met, but even so… I’m still too young, and too dumb and so immature…”

“You’re the smartest girl I know.” Dean stated softly.

“What will happen in the future, Dean?” (Y/N) inquired sadly, “What if we stick together and I start craving a family? What if you feel too old to have kids by then? Or what will happen when I grow up and make my own decisions rather than asking you for advice? What will happen when I grow up? Our whole relationship will change.” (Y/N) cleared her throat, “Right now I have issues everyone my age has, and they feel like the biggest thing in the world… And you help me, because you know they’re not that bad… But when I grow up, when I’m more mature, I won’t need you to give me advice, and…”

“I’m not dating you only because I like being your personal counsellor, (Y/N).” Dean smiled warmly, “You’re too mature… At least most of the times, and even when you grow up-” He let out a shy chuckle, “well, I’m not getting any younger.”

“But, Dean…” He placed a finger over her lips.

“Let me finish.” He begged, “When it comes to you, none of it matters.”

“But…” Dean lifted and eyebrow and that was enough for her to stay quiet.

“Having a family, with kids and all… I can be sixty years old and still want it as long as it’s with you. I know you may not see it know, but you make me so happy… You’re that missing piece I had searched for, and no matter what anyone says, I’m not giving up on you anytime soon.”

Dean shifted even closer to (Y/N). His breath and hers crashed against each other as his calloused palm cupped her cheeks and his apple green eyes locked with her (Y/E/C) ones. “I’m so in love with you… And not like a puppy love but rather a serious love… A real kind of love.”


“Dean.” He mimicked, “The only one who should be worried is me – Dean. Maybe you’ll grow up and realize you don’t love me anymore, or that I’m not the type of man you want to spend the rest of her life with… And that’s fine as long as I get to enjoy every damn second I have with you by my side.”

“I will never – never ever – stop loving you.” She whispered.

“Then why are we worrying about?” He smiled cheekily at her and it was so contagious her lips ended up curving as well. “I love you, kiddo.”

“I won’t love you anymore if you keep calling me kiddo, old man.” She joked.

“What about baby?”  Dean wiggled his eyebrows, making her giggle.

“Do I get a bottle?” She inquired, following his joke.

“Only if it contains beer.” Dean left a shy peck on her forehead, “But seriously, (Y/N/N)…”

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to be sorry.” Dean muttered, “I do get very jealous whenever anyone lays eyes on your flawless ass,” (Y/N) laugh, “and I sure as Hell hate it when other women don’t respect you… But you’re mine, and I’m yours and, I don’t know about you, but that’s more than enough for me.”

(Y/N) nodded. “Let them judge.”

“Let them judge.” Dean repeated the mantra before leaving a soft kiss on her lips.

No matter how many prejudices people had – which were many – (Y/N) and Dean would overcome them. After all, they were all they needed, and as long as they loved each other things would be just fine.


“Okay but do you really feel like… Like my daughter?” Dean furrowed his eyebrows.

“Only when you act like a dad with me.” She replied nonchalantly.

“I won’t act like a dad, then.” Dean breathed out, “Although…”

“Although what?”

“You can call me daddy anytime you want, sweetheart.” Dean winked at her.

“You’re gross.” She furrowed her nose.

“Are you kink-shaming me?” Dean pretended to be offended.

“Only because of the context.” (Y/N) laughed.

“Who’s the gross one then, huh?” Dean wrapped his arms around her.

“You are.” She breathed out. Dean left a warm kiss on her shoulder.

“You can be gross with me…” He whispered seductively.

“Gross.” Dean laughed.

“You love me.”

“That I do.” Dean smiled proudly, leaving yet another kiss on her lips.

“And I love you.”

*Requests are ALWAYS open.*

anonymous asked:

Hey Kristina! Just curious, do you have any fave oneshots that you'd recommend?? I'm in the mood for some haha

Hey! That’s a coincidence, because today I was rereading some one-shots, so I’ll try to list the ones I did:

And they were right in front of you the whole time by Ihavecoldhands

The Traffic Jam Conversation by dear_ida

Summer by DickAnderton

when your heart is bleeding, i’m coming to get you by @bechnaesun

I’m Yours by verlore_poplap

Draw The Line (Need To Know That You’re Mine) by thesoulsailor

it ain’t about the money by milominderbinder

Help a brother out by @diamondjacket

Would You Mind Closing The Bedroom Door? by @littlespooneven

True or False by @westiris

Love me harder by  tech_ftw

match made in heaven by  LydiaIsabelle

Yeah yeah I read a lot today but sue me, I miss them… ♥ Also these works are awesome, kudos to the authors!

#15 - What went wrong?

Read: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 , Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8,  Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14 

If you’re interested, you might wanna listen to this song before or while you read this part. Just something I wanna throw in and hope it makes reading this part worthwhile :) Let me know what you think.

Also, any text that are in italics are in the past and the rest are in the present form. 

Friday, 17 June 2017

After leaving you Jay headed home but he couldn’t get any sleep at all. Instead he sat on the balcony and scrolled through his phone’s photo album. They were mostly random videos and photos of him and you. 

Jay: Aw c’mon baby, come out and let me see. Pleasssse.

You: I can’t believe you picked this dress for me. It looks so bad on me! 

Jay: Let me see and I’ll be the judge of that.

Jay had went shopping by himself to pick a dress for you since you’re always complaining there isn’t any dresses that are ideal for winter time. He bought the dress home and was sure that you’d like it. Just as you opened the bathroom door, Jay took out his camera phone to record you. 

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Now or Never (Part 2/Epilogue)

Prompt - Steve has always liked you as more than a friend but was always afraid. When the chance for him to save you from unwanted attention and claim you as his, he doesn’t take it. Tony swoops in to save the day making Steve pout. 

*You don’t have to have read Part 1 to understand what’s happening*

Pairing - Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N - Hey guys! This was requested by anon a couple of times and I finally got off my butt to write it! I hope you guys like it :) You don’t have to have read Part 1 to know what’s going on. I need some more ideas for more fanfics so send them over! Hope you like it :)

Part 1

Originally posted by oursisthefvry


“Alright, I’m going to call it a night. See you guys in the morning.” Tony said.

“Sure! Good night.” You replied to his retreating back as Steve grunted his response. 

“I think I’m going to go to bed too…” Your voice faded out when you looked around and saw Steve walking sulkingly to the kitchen. He’s been acting strange ever since you and the boys went to the bar that night. After getting hit on by the weirdest and drunkest person there, Tony came to you rescue. 

When you returned to the table at the bar, Steve’s mood turned for the worst. He barely talked and he scowled every time Tony would make you laugh.  

Feeling concerned, you followed him to the kitchen to see him leaning against the counter, staring out the window. He was leaning on his elbows against the counter and looked distressed. Walking up next to him, you leaned your back against the counter and looked at the opposite wall.

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don’t wanna let you go

pairing: riley matthews & lucas friar 
word count: 2,240
prompt: “day two: hand-holding - we know these kiddos are always holding hands, time to write about it even more” 
written for: rucas fanfic week 2017 
summary: riley matthews loves holding lucas friar’s hand and she fears the day when she might have to let them go. [part of the band au
notes: hello friends!!!! here’s day two of rucas fic week. i was inspired to revisit the girl meets world/band au with this one, so that’s the world that this fic takes place in. i hope you enjoy this little feelings trip, early knowledge of this world isn’t necessarily needed, but please feel free to check out the tag for more info! enjoy! 


Riley’s mouth dropped slightly as she stared at the headline that was repeated over and over again as she scrolled down her timeline. She had only been awake for about fifteen minutes, but she had snapped to pretty quickly once she saw the headlines that were circling around the web this morning. Not to mention that her notifications were blowing up.

Apparently it was far from unnoticeable that she was the girl holding Lucas Friar’s hand.

She was scared to look at what people were saying, people hadn’t exactly been nice to her when they found out her and the band were still friends following her breakup with Charlie. So, she figured that news that she was dating another member of Mad Dogs was certainly not going to go over well with their fans.

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How Long? (Main chapter)

Hello! Welcome to my random new BTS series! This is the first and main chapter of seven different chapters for each member. I don’t know exactly what order I will be going in yet but I hope you enjoy it.


(master list will be created soon) 

*Also I would love to hear feedback*

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

It had been six months now that you were living your dream. A whole half of a year since you packed up everything you owned and took off halfway across the whole world.

Brushing hair isn’t a carrier.

People never took you seriously, they thought you were throwing away your life. You never saw yourself sitting in a class room for four years studying something you just didn’t care about. Stylist, you loved that title, you worked so hard to confidently hold that title. To you it wasn’t just simply washing or brushing hair. 

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*I Would Walk A Thousand Miles* Newt x reader

◘ Drdanwrites asked:

I want one where Newt and Reader haven’t seen each other in ages and they miss each other terribly and though they are a part they dream of being together and that makes them feel better about being a part. I know this may sound stupid, but I miss my hubby so much. I need some Newt comfort. xxx

❤ I’m so sorry you’re having a rough time. I hope my story can help cheer you up in even the slightest amount! I love you, girl ❤ @drdanwrites

When Newt was asked to write his book, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, you were elated. This was Newt’s dream and you were more than happy to support him. The first few days without him weren’t too difficult and the weeks following as well. It wasn’t until they started turning in to months that things began to feel awful.

The apartment was always quiet. No background sounds of Newt shuffling about or him chasing the pesky niffler as he once again broke in to our jewelry box and stole your favorite pair of earrings. No… all you heard were the sounds of the wind outside and the creaking of the floorboards in the apartment above you.

At night the bed was lonely and you often grabbed a hold of Newt’s pillow, taking in his scent and hoping beyond hope it wouldn’t fade. You missed him terribly and nothing you did made you feel one hundred percent better. 

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