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I'd like to see the proof that that's where the headcanon arouse from since you're all about citing sources don't carry that claim as a thing unless you can back it up. Plenty of trans homestuck fans use the bulge/nook on all headcanon to buck gender norms and have trolls as a you are what you id as deal gender wise in their society which is fresh air compared to they're all just grey humans and every is fucking cis "humans" again.

fandom is a “you had to be there” type of thing how do you expect me to cite sources from 6 years ago? am i supposed to find a journalistic article about it? i dont know what youre expecting, you cant compare that to taking quotes out of the source text

again, i dont care if you use that headcanon. my intention wasnt “stop using this headcanon.” the point of that post was “stop saying its canon because its not and you dont have to use it if you dont want to.” go at it!!! just stop harassing people if they dont agree with it. you can headcanon whatever you want. you can reclaim it and use it to cope with your gender identity issues. it still doesn’t make it hussie’s intent and it still doesn’t make it canon.

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Hey so I noticed that there was a solangelo fanfic that was super similar to one of yours and I just kind of wanted to give you a heads up. It's by vlindervin7 and its called 'I think you're my best friend..'

Thank you for letting me know! I checked it out and it is a bit similar, yes, but I suppose all childhood au’s are going to be at least a little alike!

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May I request a scenario for oso coming to see his s/o while they're terribly I'll? I'm sorry if it's vague I'm not good at thinking

It’s okay!I hope this is good.

How was he suppose to feel? It’s sort of numbing when he isn’t by his s/o. He doesn’t eat or drink unless he knows for sure they are. He’s becoming familiar with all the medical staff and gossip in the clinic, he always laughs and tells them. Pretending its all okay is easy with them, because he is okay with them. ‘Osomatsu, don’t you hang out with your brothers? You’re focusing too much on me!’ they always nag at him to pay attention to his family, or friends. “Ah~ s/o are you worried about me? You shouldn’t be so kind, worry about yourself.” they give him an annoyed look huffing, ‘Come on Oso…You’re brothers always tell me when you’re being distant.’ He likes them talking to him like this, it reminds him when they were fine a few months ago. “hey s/o, Do you know when you’ll get better? I’ll get better if you get better.” They look at him smiling, 'It’ll be fine when you stop making me worry, promise!’ His s/o combs their fingers through his hair and rests it on his cheek. 'I pinky promise.’

Let me tell you a thiNG

So as you might know (because I keep talking about it) I have band camp tomorrow and well-
It’s going to be 93 degreeS OUTSIDE AND THEN ITS SUPPOSED TO RAIN ALL WEEK WHILE STILL BEING IN THE HIGH 80’s AND THE THING ABOHT BAND IS THAT IF IT STARTS RAINING, IT DOESNT MATTER. WOODWINDS PUT UP THEIR INSTRUMENTS AND WE GO BACK OUTSIDE. IN THE RAIN. SO WE CAN STILL PRACTICE. So that’s the highlight of my week. So I’m goING TO BE MARCHING IN RAIN. And I don’t know how well that’s going to work with the shirts I bought. Because they’re neon. And my sports bra is black. So.