you know. pot

shoutout to people who spend tons of time on their phones because that’s all they can physically and mentally handle on most days.

don’t let anyone shame you for that. you’re doing the best you can.

Nickname Headcanons

Ever since phase one, 2D, Russel, and Murdoc have all had their own little nicknames they liked to call Noodle. They’re not used much now that she’s older, but they still make a reappearance every now and then.
Russel: babygirl, princess, baby
Murdoc: brat, kiddo, darling, sweetheart
2D: little one, Noodle-cup, honey, dolly

If You Don’t Think That Hogwarts Kids Smuggled In Some Kind Of Strong Ass Wizard Weed Then You Are Fucking Wrong

Like come on, you know there was one brave as fuck kid from Hufflepuff who grew that shit in his backyard and brought it back to school with him for a personal stash. Then planted it in the forbbiden forest or (stupidly) in the greenhouse, but he got caught cause some Slytherins found it and now he’s secretly rich af being the school pot dealer. 

Sincerly, My Tired Mind

[Image is a nine-panel comic. Two stick-figure girls are talking. The first says, “You’re always talking about how hard life is for you, but come on–it must be really nice to not have to go to work or school.” The other girl, shocked and slightly embarrassed by this, replies, “Um, actually, no–and that’s a really offensive and insensitive comment. And…it kind of makes me feel bad…” The first girl says, “Oh, you’re just being too sensitive! You know what they say–‘Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can’t hurt you!’” The fourth panel zooms out and we see that the girls are at a table with a book in front of the second girl. She says “Hmmmmmmm,” squinting at the first girl. She squints down at her book. “Mmmmmm…” She squints back at the first girl. “Mmmmmmm–” In the seventh panel, she picks up the book and THWAP! Nails the first girl right in the face. In the next panel, the second girl is yelling under the table, “What do you say to THAT, Susan?” From under the table, the first girl (aka Susan) replies with nothing more than a feeble, “Ow.”]

Shut up, Susan.



* there can only be one after all

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Oregon is rolling out another first in the recreational marijuana industry: Customers may now order pot from licensed retailers and have it delivered to their homes.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission had granted delivery permits to 117 retailers across Oregon, including 13 in Portland, last year but postponed their permission until last month. “We needed to make an adaptation to the cannabis tracking system to provide a document that would actually allow for the delivery of recreational marijuana to homes,” said OLCC spokesman Mark Pettinger.


Marijuana delivery service! That’s so common and good thing for any kind of business. I’m happy to know that weed industry realize this. Sometimes you just don’t have to go to the shop if you already know what exactly you wanna buy. If you know what kind of pot you want to smoke tonight you just order it and wait.
There should not be discrimination in business: marijuana is an object of trade, so why shouldn’t it be delivered to homes just like any other goods? Today is an ordinary practice.

Can someone tell me what a 4'8" 80lb girl looks like?

I’m talking with a POT who is a Splenda daddy who wants to pay per meet. He says he has dated a bunch of college girls without paying for them and right off the bat he says I might be too expensive for him. (Which he’s right) anyway he says he likes a girl who is 4'8" and 80lbs so he can pick her up and have his way with her yada yada. In my head little girls start turning up. There are virtually no girls my age who are 4'8" and 80lbs so this man might have a thing for middle schoolers. Correct me if i’m wrong.

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There’s just a lot of variables to consider, ya know?