you know youre from ohio when

you know how if you ask someone where they are from, they’ll tell you their country of origin like “Norway” or “India” or whatever but Americans are all “my parents are originally from ohio but i’ve lived in utah forever until i moved to houston- NY not TX haha” 

okay ashleigh you could’ve just said usa, but no you expect the whole world to know every state in your country when your 23 year old ass can’t point to china on a map. so now i’m on urban dictionary bc i thought SoCal is an artificial sweetener

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My favorite thing about that terrible quote about "rural white people have no culture" is it literally says white Americans don't have special wedding dresses when like... we have a style and color of wedding dress that is so culturally mandatory that they all look roughly the same and virtually every women has to wear it when she gets married and it's treated as so sacred that mothers sometimes pass it down to their daughters and you can never ever wear that dress except on your wedding day.

yeahh like the fact that the author of that quote is a white man who says he was born in a rural ohio town makes it really transparent that he was speaking from a “fish dont know water” angle

sometimes non-americans need to step off arguing with american teenagers about like, their experiences with homophobia and LGBT history….. america is a massive fucking country with wildly varying politics and history – why are grown adult non-americans preaching “queer history” to american teenagers as though they know best?

america has been at the forefront of LGBT media attention and history for decades, and believe it or not the runoff of american LGBT politics that impacted everyone else on a global level doesn’t actually mean you understand the political climate of america or the lived experiences of LGBT americans

there’s obviously lots of annoying american adults saying stupid shit to teenagers too but i just saw a discourse blog run by a 30 y/o in a european country yelling at american teenagers/20soemthings about “queer history” and it’s like you don’t even live in this fucking country!!!!

what the fuck do you know about whether a 14 y/old from rural ohio has been impacted by “queer” as a slur???? you don’t even live in the same country and have never experienced the political climate firsthand??? Say Your Piece by all means but don’t preach about american-centric history and politics as though You Were There And These Are The Facts when you don’t even live on american soil.

just because you were alive when it supposedly happened doesn’t mean you felt the impact of it at all. you weren’t “there”. you just knew about it.

Thanks To The Charger- Josh Dun

Request- Could you write one where josh and reader have a very soft and cute relationship rhen he proposes can their be slight sex scenes nothing too crazy but just crazy enough and also could you involve tyler in some way ty❤

This didn’t come out exactly how I wanted it to, but……….. hope you enjoy.

“Hey babe what do you say we go on a little date today.” Josh asked walking into your shared bedroom.

“Umm, yeah that sounds good with me, I just have to finish this email and I’ll get ready. Where were you thinking we go?”

“Don’t worry about that. Just dress casual but nice, you know your usual.” he said leaving the room.

Wow was he acting weird. 5 years of dating and you’ve only seen him get like this for our first date, which wasn’t much of a date. You got stuck in a train station in New York due to snow. you was headed to Columbus for my sister’s wedding and he was headed to his family’s house for the holidays. All trains were cancelled for that day but you decided to stick around the station, not knowing much about New York. He did the same. You started talking when he asked if you had a phone charger and when he plugged in the phone with my charger it was at 100%, so you knew he just wanted to talk to me. You had seen him looking at me earlier that day. You started talking about his band and your college and the rest is history. You moved in together 3 years ago in L.A. we both wanted to get away from our gloomy hometowns. You went on tour with him and Tyler most of the time. Going on tour with them was also your job being one of their photographers.

After getting ready for the day you made your way to the car with Josh close by. He seemed more relaxed than earlier but still nervous.

“Are you okay, you seem tense?” you asked.

“Yeah I’m fine.” you knew he was lying but you didn’t push it.

You arrived at a small beach that not many people knew about. You’ve always wanted to go there and take pictures but you never made it down there.

“I know you’ve wanted to come here to take some picture for a while so I thought why not today. I have your camera, a bathing suit, and a picnic in the trunk so we can spend all day here.” he said.

“Aw. this is so sweet. How did you plan this.” you asked when he came around to open your door.

“I’ve been planning a lot. Let’s get down there and have a fun day.” he said grabbing the stuff from the back of the car and leading you to the private place.

“I love you.” you said.

“I love you too. Now go take some amazing pictures.” he handed you your camera and you went off taking picture of anything and everything.

After about a half hour you made it back to where Josh was sitting on a blanket he set out.

“You hungry?” he asked.

You nodded and sat down and gave him a kiss. “Thanks Josh I’ve really wanted to get down here to get pictures.”

“Anything for my love.”

You both sat eating lunch and looking at the pictures that you already had taken. About 20 minutes after eating Josh stood and offered a hand to help you up. You took it and he pulled you into his side.

“Where are we going?” you asked as you started walking with him.

“Let’s get changed, it’s hot out and I wanna go in the water.” he was right it was about 90 degrees and sunny.

Once changed he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you.

“Hey Josh my eyes are up here, not down there.” he blushed and you chuckled.

“Right, sorry. You just look really good today. Not saying you don’t look great everyday but today, something is special.” he said almost hinting at something, but what?

After 5 years of dating he was still embarrassed when you caught him staring at you. It was adorable how much he adored you, but he said from the beginning he would give you the world and that he did. You always came first and you loved him for that.

The water felt refreshing on such a hot day. You and Josh hung out in the water for about a half hour when you decided you wanted to just go lay down in the sun.

He did whatever you wanted that day and it was raising some suspicions. What did he have planned?

You laid with Josh in the sun just talking until it was about 3. It was too hot to be out much longer at the beach so a 4 hour beach trip was fine.

“What do you say we pack up and head back to the car. We can go to that little boardwalk that is really quiet.” Josh suggested.

“Sounds great. I’m just going to take a few more pictures of the scenery then we can go.” you got up and took you camera. When your returned Josh had everything packed and was just waiting for you.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to make you wait.”

“Don’t worry about it. I would wait an eternity for you. You ready?” he asked putting his arm around you shoulder.

After a short car ride to the boardwalk Josh and you began your journey walking. It was a mile walk to the end. There was only one other car was there and it was really quiet and romantic.

“Today was really fun and relaxing.” you said breaking the silence. Josh was back to his awkward self ever since you started the drive here.

“Yeah it has been. I love spending time with you.” he said.

That made you smile. Even though you spent about 98% of your time together, it was always a different type of time while on a date. He always found a way to make you feel special.

You only had a little more ways until the end of the boardwalk when you saw 2 people at the end.

“Maybe we should turn back, I don’t want to ruin those peoples peace.” you said stopping in your tracks. Josh kept pulling you along. “Don’t worry, we won’t be bugging them.” he said with a smile on his lips.

They were just looking over out into the ocean and as you got closer the man turned around and picked something up. You were still a little too far to see, but you could hear that it was a ukelele. The girl turned around and you could see she was filming on a phone. You looked up at Josh who was just smiling like fool as he kept walking with you under his arm that was over your shoulder.

Once only being about 20 feet from the people you realized it was Jenna and Tyler. Tyler was strumming the familiar cord to the song can’t help falling in love.

“Josh what’s going on?” you asked as you stood in front of Tyler who was singing. Josh let go of you and you turned to see him down on one knee opening a little velvet box. Tyler’s voice seemed to fade as all your attention went to Josh. Now it was your turn to be smiling like a fool.

“Y/N, my love, my world, my life. I love you so, so much and I’m not sure why I waited so long to do this and I’m really nervous but I’m gonna do my best I can.” he paused before continuing. “The day I met you in the train station back in New York I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you, I wanted to know you, I wanted to talk to you so badly but all I could do was ask for a dumb charger.” you chuckled thinking back. “It was probably one of the worst moves ever made especially because you caught me lying. I was so glad I got to spent all of that day with you and then the trip to Ohio with you. From the moment I first heard you laugh was when I knew I wanted to be the one to make you laugh for the rest of your life. Your smile brought me so much hope and you saved me from my demons that I was fighting at the time.  Everyday I get to spend with you reminds me of why I love you so much. I love you and want to spend my life with you. Y/N will you marry me?” at this point you were about to cry.

“Yes Josh. Oh my god yes.” you said and he stood engulfing you in a hug. You could hear Tyler and Jenna cheering in the back but your world still seemed to be so focused on Josh that you could barely hear them.

When you pulled away from the hug Josh slipped on the ring. You admired it for a moment before hugging him again and he kissed you.

“Josh it’s so beautiful. Oh my god. I’m so shocked.” you said and Jenna and Tyler approached you.

“So,were you surprised Y/N?” Tyler asked.

“Surprised? She should be more than that. Josh waited 5 years to just propose. I haven’t even known you that long Tyler and we’ve been married for 2 years.” Jenna added. You all laughed at that.

“Well I’m shocked, I didn’t think this was going to happen today, let alone you guys. When did you get here?” you asked Tyler and Jenna.

“Josh asked me to come out to sing the song, he knows it’s your favorite and Josh asked Jenna to help with picking the ring. We’ve been here for the past week and you didn’t know anything.” Tyler said.

After what felt like 2 minute was really 3 hours of enjoying eachothers company, catching up. After watching the sun go down you and Josh said your goodbyes and headed home.

“So did you like my surprises?” Josh asked.

“Like? Try love. This was perfect. I love you Josh. You’re really the best.” you said putting your hand on his leg as he drove.

Once pulling in the driveway you turned and kissed Josh. The kiss grew from a sweet one to one full of passion.

“Let’s go inside.” you said pulling away for air. He nodded and got out and lead you inside.

Once the front door was shut Josh had you up against the wall kissing you again. You pushed him off and took him to the couch. He had a smirk on his face as you pushed him down and straddled his lap.

“Y/N, we should stop before this goes any farther.” Josh said as you made your way down to his neck and grinding down on him with your hips.

“Josh, I know we’ve talked about it and I know you wanted to wait until marriage. Don’t you think we’re close enough to that now?”

“You’re right.” he said lifting you and carrying you to the bedroom as he kissed you some more. “I love you Y/N and I’m ready for this.” he placed you down on the bed and took off his shirt and you did the same.

You two had make out and only ever made it as far as you giving him a blowjob and him fingering you. He wasn’t sure he wanted to make it official until marriage and you totally respected that.

“Josh are you sure, I don’t want to pressure you into something you’ll regret.”

“How could I regret it if it’s with the love of my life. I’m sure Y/N.” he said as he worked off your shorts. He started to suck on your neck and you let out a moan when he reached your spot.

He made his way down to your bra and took it off taking one of your breast in his hand massaging it as he kissed you more. Your hips were moving upward towards him in need of some sort of friction.

“Josh, I can’t wait anymore.” you said.

With that he pulled down his short and they were followed by his boxers. You took off your panties and laid on the bed.

“Fuck you’re so hot baby.” he said as he got back on the bed hovering over you.

He lined himself up with your entrance and pushed in until your face of pleasure turned to pain.

“Are you okay? We can stop.”

“No, it’s just I haven’t done this in a really long time. Just go slow.” he did as you asked, moving slowly until you told him you were okay.

“Do you want me to go faster?”


With that he started meeting his hips with yours.  

“Fuck, you feel so good.” Josh said growing closer to his high.

“Josh, god you’re so big.” you were barely able to speak from his fast, hard movements.

“Y/N, I’m gonna cum. Where do you want me to?”

“It’s okay I’m on the pill. I want to feel you inside me.” with that he thrusted a few more times triggering your orgasm. As your walls clenched around him you felt him spill inside of you.

“Y/N that was amazing.” he said trying to catch his breathe as he laid next to you.

“You’re telling me. God I just fucked Joshua Dun.” you said. You honestly never thought the day would come because it had been 5 years.

He pulled you close and you laid your head in his bare chest.

“You know soon I’ll be able to call you Y/N Dun. God I’m so happy you said yes.”

“I love the sound of that. Of course I said yes. I’ve known you were the one since you asked me for the charger. It was such a bad move on your part, but I loved it.”

He got embarrassed and you hugged him tight. “Don’t judge the charger move, without it were would we be?” he said defending himself and you giggled. “I love you so much Y/N.”

“I love you too Josh.” with that you fell asleep in his arms.

Ruined surprise - Zach Werenski

Requested by anon: Hey can I have a zach werenski imagine he where you’re doing long distance and you visit once a month to see a game?

A/N: Not sure if I like it, I hope you do.

Word count: 1188

Warnings: the usual fuck here and there.

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You walk past the doors, trying to stretch your legs from the flight. The plane ride from Detroit to Columbus is short, but you have been sandwiched between two large men and you were hardly able to move during the entire duration of it. You pull your suitcase around while looking for your boyfriend, finding him at the very end of the room, leaning against the wall.

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27. “Please shut up. I can’t stand how appealing your voice is.”

Working at the Riverdale Register for the summer wouldn’t have been so bad for one Betty Cooper. However, since her parents own said paper where they, read her mother, can watch her like a hawk, the situation was less than ideal.

The perpetual funk that she’s been in since the beginning of the summer only worsened when she caught her boyfriend of two months sucking faces with Ginger Lopez behind Pop’s yesterday night.

Needless to say, she’s now newly single, and her ex-boyfriend was in dire need of some serious dry cleaning in order remove the stains of strawberry milkshake from his shirt.

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Pairing: Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Request: “Request idea Sebastian Smythe x reader where both have to attend an after school class to learn English (Seb. Speaks French, reader Spanish) and they grow fond of each other &’ Sebastian calls her a cute name in French but reader doesn’t realize what it is until they confront Sebastian about it &’ it leads to them confessing their feelings for each other, thanks &’ have a lovely day :)”

Word count: 1.073

A/N: I am finally back, guys! I’ve been in different trips and I’ve been dealing with a great and vexing writer’s block. I am sorry for not posting anything for about two weeks and my requests are piled up. I will try to post in these days, I promise.
Anyways, I hope that you like this imagine and sorry if I took so long to write and post it. Oh, I wrote the translation of the words in cursive, I didn’t know how to insert them in the story.
I love you all and thank you for the support.

- G. x

Moving into a new country is very difficult, mostly if you don’t know anyone, if you don’t know the language and you have a hard time on fitting groups in or making some friends.

You transferred in Lima as your parents found a better job in that small city of Ohio. It has been few years since you started studying at the William McKinley High School and you excelled in most subjects, but your professors decided that you were still having problems when it came to communication, since Spanish was your mother tongue.

You hated that school because you’ve been bullied for being a complete foreigner, but the day would always get better because you have your obligatory English lessons after school.

It was absurd, but you’ve always looked forward on attending that class. Maybe because you wanted to perfectionate your English, but maybe it’s even better to say that your crush, Sebastian Smythe, attended it too.

Sebastian studied at Dalton Academy, a private and all-boys school in Ohio. He was a pain in the ass and annoying at first, but you both grew fond of each other after few weeks of your obligatory classes. You didn’t know how to approach him during the first weeks, since he spoke only in French, but then you both started talking when he started to learn some words.

“Class dismissed.” Your English teacher has said as the deafening bell rang. “See you tomorrow, students. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye.” You greeted her together with the other students as you gathered your things on the table.

“Mon Trésor,” You quickly looked up from where the voice came from and a wide smile was quickly seen in your face. “let’s grab a hot cup of coffee and talk about life?”

“About life?” You raised your eyebrow as you tossed your English notebook nonchalantly in your bag.

“Oui! Yes!” He happily responded and you shrugged your shoulders.
“Your treat?” You smirked and he let out a loud laugh. You knew each other for almost a year now and you’ve been treating each other as best friends.

“Como siempre. Like always.” He copied your accent exaggeratedly, quickly rolling his eyes after and you gave him a slap on his shoulder.

“You better speak in English or I am kicking your ass.” You winked as you got up from your chair and you started walking out of the room. “And I don’t speak Spanish in that way, Loco! Crazy!

“Shut up.” He messed your hair up and he ran away from you, as he already knew that you were literally kicking his ass for his actions.

“Smythe, I hate you!” You belted out for him to hear your sincere thoughts.
“No, you don’t.” He turned around just to wink and to flash you a smirk. “We both know that.” He turned around once again and he walked normally.

“Estupido. Stupid.” You playfully insulted him as you shook your head while biting your bottom lip, you didn’t want him to notice that you were smiling.

“Thank you, mon Trésor.” He winked at you when he saw that you reached him and you just rolled your eyes, hiding the happiness you were feeling during that moment.

You then walked silently and, in no time, you reached your favourite café. Sebastian ordered the usual orders: cappuccino and croissants with Nutella filling.

“Thank you, Seb.” You sweetly thanked him as he sat on his usual chair, beside you.

“No problem, mon Trésor.” He smiled at you as he started eating his croissant.

“Seb?” You curiously called him by his name as you put your cup full of hot cappuccino on its white porcelain saucer. “May I ask what mon Trésor means?”

“Huh?” He corrugated his forehead as he put his croissant on the plate. “Why?” You kind of noticed that he became a little bit nervous because of your question.

“You’ve been calling me in that way since we’ve became friends.” You debated. “I am curious to know its meaning.”

“It doesn’t mean anything.” He lied through his teeth, stuffing a big piece of croissant to avoid the question, losing a little bit his class and gracefulness.

“Oh, shut up Sebastian.” You rolled your eyes. “What does it mean? Por favor! Please!

“Oh, c’mon!” He said flashing you a smile, trying to distract you. “It’s nothing, it’s just a nickname.”

“I still demand its meaning!” You say as you cross your arms, acting stubbornly.

“It means My Treasure, okay?” He blurted out quickly as he started to run out of patience, praying inside him that you didn’t understand it.

“Aw, that’s sweet.” You smiled at him as you melted for his sweetness. You were really happy to know the meaning of his nickname for you and, in some ways, your heart skipped some beats of it. “But why did you choose that nickname?”

“I don’t know, (Y/N)!” He huffed as he stuffed other big pieces of croissant in his mouth.

“Ow, c’mon!” You insisted and you noticed that he started to get annoyed and disturbed. You knew that you’ve reached his limit of patience, but Sebastian was your best friend and he’s never gotten angry because of your vexatious actions.

“I love you and you are important to me, okay?” His voice tone was a little bit higher, but he quickly calmed down when he realized that he just confessed what he felt towards you. Your eyes opened widely and you couldn’t believe of his revelations. “OMG!” His eyes grew wide as he dealt with his heart missing some beats of it.

“Seb?” You bit your lower lip, flattered because of his sincerity. You wondered how could Sebastian like someone like you. “I love you too.” Your heart jumped for happiness as you finally let your feelings out, even though it took away a huge piece of your courage. You never told anyone that you liked him, so you felt relieved right after it.

“What?” He raised his eyebrows as he slowly chewed his sweet pastry. “You? You love me too?”

“Oui, Sebastian! Yes, Sebastian!” You nodded slowly. He flashed you a wide smile as he realized that his feelings were requited and he quickly stood up, waiting for you to hug him with his arms opened widely.

It was just the start of your love story with Sebastian and you finally found a valid reason to thank your parents for choosing Ohio as your new home.

Zach Werenski- We’re matching now

Request:  Love your stories! If your requests are open can you do a Zach Werenski one where the reader gets hit in the face at her soccer game and he tries to say something nice about the bruise/cut but she’s just not having it “You look beautiful.” “ I look like a post-apocalyptic stripper.” ?

Author’s note: The amount of research I did for this…I forgot how far apart Jesse Owens was from Nationwide. Idk I always thought it was a lot closer mentally but nah. No one is going to jog that. I just always think the arena is closer to OSU than it actually is. Driving wise it’s great and super close. Walking? Nah. Also the cross campus sprint from Lane to ANY class was like no joke. But heyyyyyy the horse shoe was right there????


Up next: Alex Wennberg

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Zach Werenski #1 - Skate Date

Anon asked: Hey! Could you write a zach werenski imagine where you guys go on a skate date and you play hockey too?

This is officially my first answered request.  Anon I hope I did your prompt justice! I kind of flip flopped the prompt so that the date came last, I hope that is okay. I also took the liberty of picking OSU because of its closeness to the Nationwide Arena and because Zach went to the University of Michigan. Cute couple rivals? Maybe… 

Being from the north, hockey had always been a huge part of your life. You were four years old the first time a stick touched your hands and you never looked back. For girls though, you understood the serious lack of ability to pursue the sport as a career but when The Ohio State University offered you a full ride to play for their team you readily accepted. You were unfamiliar with Ohio seeing as how you weren’t originally from there but it quickly became home.

A certain tradition existed with your team you soon found out, when after a particularly grueling practice the captain called everyone into a huddle. As a way to get to know the team better and still keep it hockey related, the university had a program set up with the local NHL team; the Columbus Blue Jackets. They sent both the male and female hockey teams tickets to a game and potentially provided the opportunity to meet a select few players. This was all part of their plan to get good press and persuade the local student population to attend their games.

You of course were beyond excited to attend. As a student your budget is pretty limited and while you loved hockey, you couldn’t find it in you to spend your small savings on a ticket. This small stroke of luck, as you fondly remembered it was how you were introduced to your boyfriend; Zach Werenski, a defenseman for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

The game against the Wild had been too close for any of you to relax properly but in the end the Blue Jackets squeaked out a 1-0 win. While the other fans filed out you and your team sat firmly in your seats as instructed and waited for security to find you and escort you to a more private location. No information on who you’d be meeting was revealed and on the walk down you listened to your team discuss who they hoped it’d be. You tuned out of the conversation because if asked you didn’t know if you’d be able to stop yourself from revealing your horrible crush on a certain defenseman. Only your roommate knew of your infatuation and that was because you two practically lived in each other’s pockets with how small the dorms are.

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Okay y’all i might get heat for this buuuut i gotta say whats on my mind or I’m gonna die tbh. I’ll probably lose followers but I’m honestly annoyed.
Firstly, I’m as stoked as everyone else for Gay Heathers like that’s some Good Shit right there. And the essay that the girl playing female JD wrote about it is super well written and thorough and definitely a lot more gramatically correct than this bc I wrote this in literally 15 minutes lmao. But I also gotta say some things!! So this is basically a response “essay”, if you can even call it that lol.

Also, I wanna make clear that even though I like JD I am in NO WAY trying to defend/excuse his actions, I’m just trying to explain then. Alright.

The very first thing that got me was “JD is about as likeable as Trump in the 2016 election.” ….whoa there. That’s honestly one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard?? It literally just compared a mentally ill abuse victim who killed a bully and two rapists to a racist, sexist, greedy, 10000 other awful things monster. That comparison honestly…I have no words for it.
JD IS likeable, and he’s supposed to be. That’s part of his character. He’s charismatic and smart and strong and sensitive etc, and even though that doesn’t make him a good person (but honestly his morality is a whole other discussion) it’s just true. He’s likeable. He’s sympathetic. He’s supposed to be. Also, “Hardly anyone roots for him”? Have you seen the fandom/audience? I can guarantee you there are tons of people who root for him.
“Whiny, petulant, narcissistic.” Calling a mentally ill trauma victim “whiny” seriously rubs me the wrong way. Plus, making him a girl doesn’t change his personality. If you think he’s whiny as a boy, you can’t say he isn’t whiny as a girl.
And again, what do you mean when you say he doesn’t get trust from the protagonist? Veronica trusts him completely at first. That’s what led her to go along with his terrible plans.
You say the audience is confused as to why he does what he does, and I really don’t mean to be offensive, but if you actually wonder why he is the way he is, you probably haven’t paid much attention to him. At what is likely a very young age, saw his mother die violently. He had a neglectful father, and no sense of love or stability growing up whatsoever. He literally sings a song about it.
And the reason he chooses Westerburg is also quite obvious - he blames Westerburg because he things they “brainwashed” Veronica into leaving him. In his deranged, almost manic state, he somehow thinks that if all the people who “brainwashed” her are gone, she’ll love him again.
Making JD a female won’t change his/her motives. She’s still the same person with the same personality and the same experiences. (Also, just a note, he doesn’t just move all over the midwest. He mentioned las vegas, boston, who knows where else.)
And, saying he doesn’t have a specific “label” isn’t true; His label is freak. Instead of homo. It’s just freak. Pretty straightforward. He already faces “unending despair” for being an outcast/different from everyone else. Kurt and Ram literally attacked him because they thought he was a freak/gay. (“Hey sweetheart! What’d your boyfriend say when you told him you were moving to Sherwood Ohio?”) I can guarantee that JD hasn’t been intimate with anyone before Veronica, straight or not. And on a slightly unrelated note, I don’t even really think JD is straight; I’m strongly sure he’s panromantic/demisexual.
Also you said, “Veronica acts as her gateway to being gay.” This point I’m about to make could be argued, but I’ll just say for now, Veronica was also his gateway to actual love/intimacy. He literally felt no love whatsoever since his mom died, and having Veronica tell him she believed in/loved him changed everything for him and made him “snap”. He went from feeling absolutely nothing to absolutely everything.
JD also says, “I was a frozen lake; but then you melted me awake.” Implying that he felt he had nothing/wasn’t truly himself before he met her, which again, could be argued, but is still similar to female JD being hern “true self” with Veronica.
This is one of the things that gets me the most, and maybe I’m misunderstanding, it’s actually gonna be hard for me to word this right so bare with me lol. It seems like you said, ‘It doesn’t make sense for JD to blow up westerburg if she’s not gay, because westerburg took Veronica, the first girl she could ever be free with her sexuality with’ and that they took the one thing she loved and she felt drastic measures were necessary. The exact same thing is true with male JD. Veronica was his lifeline, the only thing he ever loved or cared about, and when he thought Westerburg took her away he was furious. It had nothing to do with his sexuality, only the fact that she was everything to him, and they took her away. This is the same reason he killed Heather, Kurt, and Ram. They threatened Veronica, and Veronica was everything to him. Pretty much everything you said about JD’s feelings for Veronica can be applied to male JD as well.
Heeeeeres what really got me, oh boy. You said male JD hurts people “because he likes to and it makes him feel good” not because he feels like he has to. This, my dear friends, could not be farther from the truth. He absolutely feels like he has to. Does he feel bad about it? No. Is there a chance he gets some pleasure from it? Possibly. But he does it because he feels it’s a necessity. One of his most important lines is that he wants to “make the world a decent place for people who are decent.” He feels the need to kill people, because he thinks that killing “bad” people will make the world a happier place for the “good” people. He does it because he feels like he has to. Has. To.
Also, as for Seventeen…Even if they were both girls, it wouldn’t change what Seventeen is about. It’s not about sexuality or forbidden love, and it wouldn’t be about that even if it was sung by two girls. It’s about JD being batshit crazy and Veronica begging him to calm the fuck down and have a normal life with her. Even if they were both girls, thats STILL what the song would be about.
Also, you mentioned how female JD gives “Our love is god” new life, and since it would take too long to write it out here, I’m just gonna helpfully link you to a big analysis of what ‘Our love is God’ actually means. Click here!
Also, as for the “Dead gay son” thing, people truthfully take that way too seriously. It’s not supposed to be symbolic or deep. They live in a small midwestern town in the 80s. Being gay is obviously a terrible thing there. JD thought it would be a funny prank to make them seem gay. It’s comedic. It’s Not That Deep.
Also, you mentioned dead girl walking - JD basically felt the same as a male that you say he does as a female. He’d never felt love or tenderness before, so when Veronica showed him that, it changed him (for better or worse???? Who knows folks.)

please don’t hate for this, like I get that lots of people will disagree but I just had to say this because it was seriously bugging me. so there ya have it folks.

Ohio Gothic

-It’s your cousin’s wedding. You’re twelve. You greet your grandmother and she wraps your wrist in her wrinkled claws. “You’re next.” Her smile is too wide as she looks through you. “I know a lot of nice doctors.” She releases your wrist and you hurry over to your mother.
It’s your grandmother’s funeral. You’re twenty-five. Viewing is only for the family. Your sister can’t look. You step behind the velvet curtain separating her lifeless form from the rest of the room alone. When you peer into the casket it seems like her lips move. You lean over the coffin and place your face closer to hers. “You’re next.”
Your cousins don’t understand why you don’t want any of your grandmother’s jewelry.

-Your best friend invites you to tailgate the OSU/Michigan Game. “We’re going all out this year,” she tells you. “This game is really important.” You dress in scarlet and gray. Your friend is painting your face for the game. When she streaks some paint down your nose, some drips onto your lips. Without thinking, your tongue darts out. The paint is salty and warm. “We’re going to kill them this year,” your friend states vehemently as she continues to cover your face with red.

-When you first moved to Ohio, everyone told you it was a test market. What are they testing? Who are they?

-Everyone from your high school goes to Ohio State, Ohio University, or Miami of Ohio. You don’t apply to any of those schools. It’s November of your senior year of high school when the calls start. “Have you considered Ohio State University?” You politely decline. The calls continue for two weeks, then stop abruptly. The phone rings at 3 am one night in December. After 5 back to back calls, you pick up, coughing to dislodge the sleepy crackle in your voice. On the other end of the line you can hear them panting. “… Have you considered Ohio State University?” The voice breathes into the phone.

givehimahellyeah  asked:

i hope this question isn't annoying but i was wondering any tips for meeting Ed cuz like idk it's one thing to try your best and not get anything but it's reallyyy frustrating not meeting him cuz of being completely lost on where to even start from ya know? so thanks in advance :)

I think the best way to meet Ed is to enter contests. I’m just going to assume you’re from the US here (forgive me if I’m wrong), and when Ed is touring in the US, he usually does some type of promotion with a meet and greet in every city where he has a show. The most common promotions are going to be radio competitions, where you either enter online or listen for a cue to call in or a keyword to text. Sometimes they’ll have contests on twitter or facebook as well. If you follow the radio stations in your area on social media, you will see announcements about contests like this. It is also a good idea to sign up for their “insider” or “fan” mailing lists on their websites and subscribe to text alerts, because they’ll send out messages about how to enter promo contests. 

Ed’s website always has his live tour dates listed on it, so figure out when he’s going to be in a city near you and start looking for promo from radio stations in that area a couple of weeks before he gets there. You can even call, tweet, or email the stations around that time and ask if they’re doing promo with Ed. Be friendly. They’ll usually tell you what’s going on. :)

Remember that when it comes to finding information about pretty much anything, the internet is your friend. Google is an essential tool! Let’s say you live two hours from Chindimple, Ohio. Ed’s coming to Chindimple, so you want to meet him there, but you don’t know any of the radio stations there because you don’t live in the broadcast area. Just google “radio stations in Chindimple Ohio” for a list. You find:

  • TATS 96
  • 101.7 The Scruff
  • PLAD 100
  • SHEER 93
  • and 88 GINGE.

But 88 GINGE only plays sports and oldies, so you rule that one out.

Now you type “TATS 96 Chindimple” into the search bar and find their website. On the front page, they’ve got an announcement about a call-in contest to meet Ed. It says to listen at three different times every day that week and be caller 96. So you set your phone alarm to tell you what station to listen to at those times. You can listen directly from their website or on the iHeartRadio app. Add the call-in number to your phone’s contact list. You are all set! But subscribe to their mailing list and texting alerts too, just in case they choose winners another way as well. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter. They might randomly post, “The first five people to comment here will be qualified for a drawing to win a meet and greet with Ed Sheeran!” You never know. 

Now type “101.7 The Scruff Chindimple” into google. Find their website. Same deal, front page announcement, this time a keyword texting contest. Set your phone alarm to listen to that station three times a day and add the texting number to your contacts. Oh look, you can also enter online once a day. Set an alarm to remind you to do that too. Like their facebook, follow them on twitter. 

Now google PLAD 100 and find their website. Looks like they don’t have an Ed announcement on the front page. Click the contests link. There he is! You know the drill. Set alarms, follow their social media.

Now find SHEER 93’s website. You’re getting good at this. But the website is very basic and has only a front page that lists all the songs they’ve played in the last hour, a link to listen online, and a Contact Us page. They do play Ed’s music, though. They don’t have a twitter, but you find them on Facebook and follow them. There is a Facebook contest for tickets to Ed’s show but no mention of a meet and greet. Click the Contact Us page and find the email address of the promotions director. Her name is Jen, which is an excellent name. Email Jen and say that SHEER 93 is your favorite radio station in all of Chindimple. Ask if they’re doing a meet and greet promotion with Ed Sheeran when he comes to town in two weeks. The next morning, you have an email from Jen telling you what times to listen to the station to call in and win. (She also says to make sure you’re keeping an eye on their Facebook page because something might be happening around 5:16 that afternoon, but shhhh don’t tell anyone.) Set your alarm. 

So you’ve covered all the Chindimple radio stations! You must be finished, right? But no. There is still another way to use your friend google. Type in “meet Ed Sheeran Chindimple Ohio” and do a search. Your first several returns are from the last time Ed was in Chindimple, so change your settings to return only items that have been posted in the last week. Ta-da! The Chindimple Times is giving away one backstage pass to Ed’s upcoming show for a big fan who can describe in 200 words or less how much Ed’s music means to them. Easy peasy. 

Oh, and look! If you eat at the local Chindimple Chipotle between noon and three on Saturday, you can enter to win an Ed Sheeran meet and greet from 88 GINGE, even though they’re not real sure who the young whippersnapper is except that their granddaughter has his poster on her wall (insert a tired joke about redheads). Time to talk your parents into a weekend roadtrip! Google museums in Chindimple. Surely there’s something else you can do while you’re there. 

In addition to the local competitions, the Ellen show is having a contest that you can enter online. They’ll pick one fan to meet Ed at every one of his shows on the tour. Enter and choose Chindimple from the dropdown list. Hey look, Beats is also doing a similar competition. So is Ryan Seacrest. Enter them all. You also find three other radio stations in Ohio that are sending fans to meet Ed in Chindimple. Go to their websites and figure out how to enter.

So. Now your phone has alarms set for seventeen times a day for the next two weeks in order to enter contests. You’ll be at school for most of these. Time to delegate! Ask your friends in other time zones to help you. Ask your grandma to tune in from the nursing home. Ask your parents to listen on their lunch breaks. Act like you are going to win, like there’s not even a question about it. If you say “I probably won’t win” then it’s true; you probably won’t. But if you say, “I am going to win,” then you have an excellent chance! I mean, look how hard you are trying. Surely that counts for something!

You got this. I believe in you.

And when you do get backstage at Ed’s concert in Chindimple, Ohio, tell the boy I said hi. :)

ETA: Ed’s website has started listing some of the radio stations doing competitions for each show! That helps you out a lot. Just go to the “live dates” section and click the info button next to the show you’re going to! (But don’t forget to do your own googling as well. You may be able to find some contests that aren’t listed.) 

The King of Hell’s Heart Part 2

Part One

It had been 4 weeks since had see Crowley, or rather since he had you kidnapped. You were never going to let him live that one down. The only contact you’ve had with him has been through texts. Texting was the best way to keep in contact with him since you were with your brothers 24/7.

You and your brothers were on a case in Iowa where a small pack of werewolves had been going after the elderly of the surrounding communities. The boys just left to pick up some extra stuff from the local hardware store and you knew it was the perfect time to call your boyfriend and actually get to hear his voice. “Ello love,” you heard coming through the other side of the phone. “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“A girl can’t just call her boyfriend,” you smiled into the phone?

“Maybe in a normal relationship, but I don’t think that’s how it works in this one,” he chuckled.

“True enough,” you admitted. “We are just about to wrap up this case and I thought I’d give you a call while the boys were gone.” You two talked for a while longer and then the motel door swung open hitting the wall. “Crap,” you muttered to Crowley quietly. “Yah…ugh…Ray, I’ll call you back later to let you know how the case went.” You hung up quickly and got up from the bed you had been laying on.

“Ray,” Dean asked?

“Yah, Ray, I guy I met a couple months ago when I worked that solo wolf case in Ohio. He heard about the case we were on and was just asking some questions about it.”

Your brothers shrugged and easily accepted your answer. “You ready to go,” Sam said picking up his gun and tucking it into the back of his jeans. “Yup,” you replied and you all headed out to Baby.

20 minutes later you were on the outskirts of the small town looking at a long forgotten home in the woods. “How many did you say were in there Sammy,” Dean asked?

“There were two different bit marks on the body. 2 sets of teeth, 2 werewolves.”

“Should be easy enough then, huh,” Dean said slyly.

“Really, Dean, ‘Should be easy enough?’ That sounds like what they say in movies right before the crap hits the fan,” you punched him on the shoulder for his comment. “Let’s go,” you started walking. “Dean, you get the back, me and Sam will take the front.” Dean broke off from you and Sam and you two positioned yourself at the front door, ready to go in guns blazing. “1…2…” you brother mouthed. On three you kicked the door open. You and your brother were greeted instantly by the Alpha of this pack of two which meant Dean had the girl you figured the Alpha was with. You and Sam jumped into action, firing shots at the quick dog, blocking his advances towards you both. You heard Dean come in the back and fight happening in the back, “Looks like he’s got the girl,” you thought. Out of the blue you felt yourself hit the wall as the wolf-man sent you flying back trying to get a fairer fight just up against Sam. You weren’t worried Sam could handle the guy. Just as that thought crossed your mind another man came out of the door that must have led to the basement, a man that you and your brothers hadn’t accounted for. He was about to jump on Sam and Sam couldn’t take both the wolves. You needed to get him away from Sam, who was just about to finish the Alpha off.

You fired a shot at the other werewolf and it grazed his shoulder, your gun must have gotten messed up when you hit the wall. You had no time to fire another shot off because the other wolf started after you. You needed to get him out of the house so you turned and ran out into the woods, him right on your heels. “At least plan worked,” you thought running between trees and jumping over fallen branches. You felt him gaining on you but you didn’t have time to process the knife the threw enter your side. You fell forward rolling over branches, and other of natures sharp beauties, and into a small clearing. You could just make out the sound of your name being called from the place you had just ran from. The man, who had stopped at the edge of the clearing to watch you lay there in pain, started walking towards you. He didn’t know you still had your gun, and even though it wasn’t working right you had learned long ago how to fire a good shot no matter what condition the gun was in. You only had one chance as this so you waited until he was close enough to you. Right as he was about to pounce on you you took the shot, not your best but it put him down for good.

Your name got a little louder but you knew you were in bad shape. You yelled out to Crowley in your mind, saying that you were sorry for dying but that you’d probably just end up seeing him in Hell, and most importantly, that you love him. Your eyes grew heavy and you could no longer feel the blade in your side; darkness overcame you.

You woke up slowly to the wallpaper that was in the motel you and your brothers had stayed in during the case. “Ugh,” you groaned, your voice a little louder than a whisper, “this must be Hell if this wallpaper is in my afterlife.”

“Nice try little sis, but you can’t die that easy.” You turned your head to see Sam sitting by your side and Dean standing behind him, arms crossed and a displeased look on his face. “We’re glad your ok Y/N,” Dean said.

“Really? Because that look on your face and your tough man stance says otherwise.”

“That would be my doing, love, not yours,” your eyes got wide with surprise. You turned your head over the other way. “Crowley?! What are you doing here?”

“I heard you calling for me. When I got there your brothers were bent over you trying to figure out what to do. Needless to say they didn’t take my presence well but I told them I only wanted to help you; and after it became clear you were going to bleed out they let me help. I pulled a few witchy I-owe- you’s and got you all cleaned up.” You tried to process all he said, tried to figure out what all your brothers knew or, more importantly, what they didn’t know. Had Crowley told them about your relationship. Dean’s voice broke the uncomfortable silence. “You could’ve told us you know.”

You let out a laugh. “Right because you took to my human high school boyfriend so well,” you said sarcastically. “I’m sure my demon, King of Hell, boyfriend would gain both of your approvals.”

“Y/N,” Sam began but Dean stopped him. “No, Sammy, Y/N’s right. We would have lost it if she had told us but, Y/N, after seeing what he did for you…we may not like him but it’s obvious he cares for you.” Sam nodded in agreement. 

“Really,” Crowley said and took a seat next you on the bed. “You guys are really ok with this?”

“Yeah. But if you hurt her we will hunt you down and burn your bones.”

“Fair enough Squirrel. Fair enough.”

The Dizziness of Freedom

For @teilo, as part @todaydreambelieversfic 2016 Gift Exchange. With deep and abiding (and endless, seriously) thanks to @boroniaserrulata for all of her help tidying up all of my grammatical oversights and for highlighting the parts that didn’t make logical narrative sense, and to @quirkyquantumqueen, also for her help narrative clarity. They’ve made this story better, and I hope I’ve done their work justice here.
Prompt: Badboy and jealous/possessive: either Kurt or Blaine can be the badboy, jealous/possessive one. Would like to see this set when they are out of college.
Featuring Kurt with some type of attitude, the armour of a badboy, and a streak of not being remotely embarrassed to pursue what he wants. And man, he wants Blaine…
The usual warnings for my shit apply - there are themes of depression, anxiety, and recovery. Finn’s passing has a half a sentence mention, as does Burt’s health scare. There’s a passing reference to Blaine’s first Sadie Hawkins dance and the events thereof. There’s also reference to the events of the 601 flashback, re. Blaine’s initial break up. The boy who breaks his heart isn’t Kurt though. Also, medication and therapy, but in passing and not in focus. I have crammed a lot into my words!
To some extent, this is a meet-cute, and, what’s more, it’s on the AO3 here! (There’s also 7.1k of it, so buckle in.)

Blaine Anderson doesn’t quite know how he would define celebrity if he were asked (and he’s been asked). He does know that he doesn’t like to think of himself as whatever that is. However, due to a windfall television role when he left college, he does have a small level of fame, a loyal following on Twitter, and his own tag on TMZ, the last of which he would delete if he could. Blaine is 27 years old, almost twelve months out of the relationship documented by the TMZ tag, and one thing is absolutely positive: he really isn’t looking for anything the night he meets Kurt Hummel.

It’s been a long, exhausting year for Blaine. The previous May, he’d been happily in love with the man he was sure he was going to spend his forever with. He’d been planning a wedding, choosing flowers and cakes, arranging the seating and colour schemes, and although he’d been quietly aware that his fiancé hadn’t been quite as invested, he’d put it down to the pressure of long work days and too little free time. Weddings are stressful. It made sense that he had let Blaine shoulder the planning. It had been fun, Blaine had found, being able to share small details with his fans on Twitter and Instagram, their excitement the mirror for his own that he’d been lacking a little.

Through June and into July came the persistent rumours about his fiancé that he had ignored and refused to Google, and which became harder to gloss over when his mentions blew up with photographic evidence, and by August he’d moved back to his childhood home, where there was less attention and less pressure to keep smiling when his heart was breaking.

He spent most of August ghosting through his own life. He’d been spending whole days asleep, too tired and emotionally destroyed to even think about waking up for longer than it took to pee, and that went on until Labor Day, when his mom took it upon herself to contact everyone in his phone book who could possibly help. Between them, they’d agreed that perhaps a therapist may be able to help, certainly a doctor, and – when the tears abated and he realised that his tightest jeans were almost a size too big – had agreed that none of those things could hurt him more than he already hurt.

It’s been a long, painful road to recovery. He’s had to adapt to being not in the place he thought he would be. Instead of the husband and the stage career, he’s living in his brother’s apartment in Los Angeles and he’s piecing back together the scattered fragments of his heart whilst he works on a second degree part time, this time in music therapy, all the while maintaining his profile with small screen roles when he can get them. In his spare time, he runs a blog that’s gained a lot of traction, where he talks about his experiences with co-dependency, falling in love with the wrong people, and how he’s learned to live with anxiety and depression.

It’s the blog, not his acting, that has him on the path that will bring him to Kurt.

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xxmandarxx  asked:

Renee... please shut the fuck up and stop answering these people's questions about Dean. Once again, you're not giving a shit about privacy. I swear, if someone asked for your home address so they can send you and Dean something, you'd probably fork that over in a heartbeat.... but I don't see why. People can easily Google that shit to begin with because of you already. 😒

Of course DA’s not Vegan. I don’t know much about his eating habits but I am sure being an Ohio boy he’s a meat and potatoes kind of guy when the mood calls for it. 

So based on that tweet was she saying she was cutting out meat from her diet or did she mean to imply his? 

White Roses Pt.2

-Dean x reader-

Read White Roses Pt.1 - HERE -

As requested by @shittalkingmuffins

I hope you like it:)

Based on: 4x01 Lazarus Rising

Summary: After first convincing Bobby that he is back, Dean travels to Pontiac, Illinois to confront Sam about your location…if he even knows…

Word count: 702

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