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I really, really appreciated Jared’s thoughtful answer to this question (SDCC 2017) (for @semirahrose, who I know feels the same)

Saturn Signs

Saturn is a teacher, your Saturn Sign symbolizes what you have to learn in life, the challenges you must face. Your Saturn Sign describes your ambitions, material status and work.

Aries: independent, persevering, strategic, resourceful, egocentric, stubborn, unsympathetic
Lesson: To take charge of your own destiny, stand up for what you believe in, learn to love yourself

Taurus: materialistic, wise, realistic, methodical, concentrated, stubborn, judgmental
Lesson: To see the value in what is intangible rather than material, learn not to fear going without, materials don’t make the man

Gemini: learned, witty, practical, versatile, observant, self-doubting, pessimistic
Lesson: To trust yourself and your intuition, understand yourself and how you think, to find balance between reason and intuition

Cancer: protective, ambitious, subtle, level-headed, inhibited, cold, self-serving
Lesson: To let yourself feel, trust your emotions, understand how and why you feel the way you do

Leo: commanding, dignified, warm, controlled, inhibited, defensive, egotistical
Lesson: To find balance between leading and dictating, to have confidence without ego, don’t fear failure

Virgo: precise, realistic, attentive, conscientious, stern, critical, anxious
Lesson: To find the balance between self-denial and -indulgence, to discipline yourself without denying

Libra: loyal, impartial, tactful, dignified, idealistic, indecisive, insincere
Lesson: To discover and maintain your personal identity, draw the line between others and the self, to bring order to the world around you

Scorpio: purposeful, disciplined, persevering, determined, ruthless, rigid, insensitive
Lesson: How to effectively use your power, to be powerful without being controlling, how to use your energy

Sagittarius: loyal, devoted, energetic, concentrated, self-righteous, prideful, hypocritical
Lesson: To build up your moral or religious values and use them to empower both yourself and others, do not allow the dogma of others to hold you back

Capricorn: hardworking, disciplined, ambitious, independent, repressed, cold, unprincipled
Lesson: To know your role in the world, understand time as a tool rather than your enemy

Aquarius: observant, open-minded, humanitarian, genuine expression, individualistic, cold, insincere connections
Lesson: To find balance between freedom and structure, don’t restrict yourself with your attempts to bring order

Pisces: wise, self-sacrificing, humanitarian, imaginative, timid, withdrawn, undisciplined
Lesson: To use your experiences to help others, to serve as a teacher, overcome your suffering in order to better yourself

Official Graveyard Shift Lyrics

Well Mrs. Pharmacist / I insist / fix me up with something quick
I’ve been a bad little boy and I think i’m getting sick
Sick to the bone / slave to the flesh
Better put on my Sunday’s best      
I’ve been bad little boy… little boy

I’ve got a dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty little secret
And I’m not not not sure that I wanna keep it
So we feed ourselves lies to submit to the shadows
Cause we just wanna dance under our pretty perfect halos

Everyone’s got a secret
Whats yours? whats yours?
Don’t be shy, i’ll never repeat it  

Oh Mrs. Pharmacist / if I resist / lock me up and bind my wrists
You’ve been a bad little girl…. little girl.    
Close your eyes and listen close
I know just how much you love it
If you speak you lose your turn
So shut your mouth before I fuck it

Everyone’s got a secret
Tell me all about yours

Love. Hate.
Oh how we play the game
Cold soul
No sense of self control
Love. Hate.
Unsure to pass or play
Cold soul / now  we’re out of control

Roses are red, and my heart is black
We creep about the floor to indulge like Rats
Enraptured, we walk to nurse our obsession
Cause the roles that we play are paved with cruel intentions

Well  Mrs. Pharmacist… If you insist

I’ve got a dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty little secret
And I’m not not not sure that I wanna keep it
So we feed ourselves lies to submit to the shadows
And I just wanna shake you by your little perfect fucking halo

Everyone’s got a secret
Whats yours? whats yours?
Don’t be shy, i’ll never repeat it.

Queen For Queen
If you wanna soar with vultures, you’ll have to swallow bone
The saint charade is over / plastic royalty exposed
You wanna play the victim, to preach upon your throne                                  
No semblance of virtue as your relevance erodes

We go queen for queen  and move just like this

When you fall down
Will you back out
As you crawl through life with no crown?
Though you preach love, you package lies
Just a pawn in a kings disguise

I never said I’m perfect, there’s a guilt behind these eyes
So check me If it helps you fall asleep at night

Your skeletons are building / your closet’s getting tight
Are you the prey or spider in the web of all your lies?

When you fall down
Will you back out
As you crawl through life with no crown?
Though you preach love, you package lies
Just a pawn in a kings disguise

Don’t stop breathing in the chemicals
You don’t know humble… though you play the role
Pockets of evergreen are your amphetamine
Please stop feeding what you can’t control

You’ll bend, you’ll break, (you’ll) trip over your “fame”
Be careful, or you’ll run your mouth off your face

Necessary Evil (Feat. Jonathan Davis)
Strip off the weight of morality, and check it at the door
I’ll show you the worst in me
…what i’ve become
Blow out the candles I need not a wish
For I am everything
Now crawl to my boots and lick
Kneel before me

Imma have my cake and fucking eat you too.

It’s my party and i’ll die when I want to, die when I want to, die when I want to
The monster you’ve made is wearing the crown
I’ll be the king and you be clown
I’ll take the blame (and) parade it around.
You’ve made me the villain you can’t live without.

Reciting violence like poetry
No you can’t sit with us
Too fashionably plain  
Now say my name
Forget everything you think you knew of who I used to be
I look much better as… as the enemy

Imma have my fucking cake and eat yours too.

I want you low
I won’t let you die
(I’ll) keep you alive
Just to remind you of what you are not

It’s my party and i’ll die when I want to
you wanna see me fail, but I won’t die for you.

You’re mine motherfucker

Let me begin with envy’s a sin
You’ll have to find new words to invent
Cause I’ve heard your broken record, and i’m not impressed

I love when you talk, I just use it to drive me
I won’t let your judgement define me
I’m not broken, so don’t fix me
I want you to hate me

Tell me what you’ve lost
Hang me on your cross
If you’re so wise, then why are you so Soft?
Do you leave your “throne” as you cast your stones?              
I’m above living under your microscope

I’m insane, I’m “insane in the membrane”
I wanna fuck your face with a switchblade
I’m not broken, so don’t fix me
I’ll leave you behind me

Internet killed the video star

Cry baby cry baby, did I just hear you whimper?
Cry baby cry…
Suck my middle fucking finger

Cry baby / Cry baby
What have you done lately?
Cry baby / Cry baby  
What have you done?

Tell me what you’ve lost.
Demonize my flaws
Do they call you when dumb needs a mascot?
Do you leave your “throne” as you cast your stones?              
I’m above living under your microscope

You dilate / god of your existence
Begging me to listen while you “pray”
Swallow in vain / sliver spoon religion
Closer from a distance

You’re mine motherfucker

They try to bend / they try to break me by design
But I am the nightmare that will haunt you in the light

If it’s war that you want… then I’m ready to play
And the world’s gonna know my name

Through everywhere that I go
Every failure I’ve owned
Every crack in my bones
I’m Untouchable
Like a sleeping grenade
Built to blow you away
Pull the pin… I explode
I’m Untouchable.

Born of the ground I dug myself out from the dirt
With every scar I will avow to shake the earth

Unless it’s blood that you want.. then get the fuck out my way
Cause the world’s gonna scream my name

I will never be silenced
I will eclipse the pain

You can’t let it go      
(It’s) the price that we pay
But I own the grave from which I came
You reap what you sow
We don’t bleed the same  
Cause I own the rights to my own fate
And i’ll sleep a king on my deathbed

Through everywhere that I go
Every failure i’ve owned
Every crack in my bones
I’m Untouchable
Like a sleeping grenade
Built to blow you away
Pull the pin… I Explode
I’m Untouchable.

Every mile from home
Every failure I’ve owned
Every crack in my bones
I’m Untouchable
Like a sleeping grenade
Built to blow you away
Pull the pin… I Explode
I’m Untouchable.

Not My Type: Dead As Fuck 2
She’s got no soul / heart black as coal
She’s from Hollywood Forever / dug her out of a hole
And here we go again / spinnin me in her web
She said “there’s just no rest for the queen of the dead”

Another trick to treat with candy apple dreams
Gonna rot her teeth cause i’m so sweet
One lick to rule them all
They crumble as they crawl

She loves me cause I like to give head like a zombie
(I) eat eat eat till her insides are on me
She loves me cause I give head like a zombie
(I) eat eat eat and nobody’s gonna stop me
And in the glow of the pale moonlight
She goes for a spin on my haunted hayride
Tried out the living but I don’t believe the hype  
Cause if she’s got a pulse, then she’s not my type.

She’s got a temper in stock / made of hemlock
Uses absinthe as a lip gloss
Death hawk / fresh New Rock’s                              
She’ll use your corpse as a catwalk

She’ll use your corpse as a catwalk
Plays truth or dare in the mirror
Uses absinthe as a lip gloss
Undead, but won’t shed a tear

She’s my graveyard baby
She’s my……

She loves me cause I like to give head like a zombie
(I) eat eat eat till her insides are on me
She loves me cause I give head like a zombie
(I) eat eat eat and nobody’s gonna stop me
And in the glow of the pale moonlight
She goes for a spin on my haunted hayride
Tried out the living but I don’t believe the hype  
Cause if she’s got a pulse, then she’s not my type.

D- E - A - D  
If she’s got a pulse, then she’s not my type.

The Ladder
Tragedy / a poisonous lover
You infiltrate to destroy
Vanity / a cancer unforgiving
A charlatan with poise  

Fool me once / enough is enough
Was I more than a step on your way up?
Hollowed out /  I’ve no semblance of love
Now you’re just somebody that I used to fuck.

Lest we learn / the tables turn / so i’m betting out / I’m betting out.
You can be the prey in your masquerade, but i’m getting out / i’m getting out
There’s nothing left to repair

Ravenous / self righteous and lurid
But how much more till you break?
Scavenger / so fucking undeserving
You slither in just to take what you can take

Counterfeit / I’m calling your bluff
Was I more than just a step on your way up?
Now you’ll burn and you’re flesh out of luck
Now you’re just somebody that I used to fuck

Lest we learn / the tables turn / so i’m betting out / I’m betting out.
You can be the prey in your masquerade, but i’m getting out / i’m getting out
Against insight I fed your source of revenue
But now, it means nothing to me to mean anything to you

Open grave /  I was too blind to see
That “love”, spelled to you, is “F A M E”

You fuck your way up the ladder
Going down on your way to the top
Do your arms ever tire?
Or do they heal while you climb with your mouth?  

Delete Everything
Sever the yearning / you can keep the fucking ring
Delete Everything
You can keep the fucking ring

Nothing left to repair.

Voices in my head again
Trapped in a war inside my own skin
They’re pulling me under.

I’ve swallowed myself but the fever remains
I’m numb to the pleasure but still feel the pain      
If I showed you my soul, would you cover your eyes?
If I told you the truth, would you dare me to lie?  

I keep it all inside because I know that man is every thing but kind

Voices in my head again
Beating me in a war I can’t win  
I can hear them now
Trapped in a game inside my own skin
And I don’t know myself anymore
They’re pulling me under

As I walk through this valley of shadows and death
I curse not the “wicked”, I praise not the “blessed”
If I told you the truth, you’d beg me to change
If fear were a currency, you’d own the bank

I don’t want to live so calloused and frozen / ugly and hopeless
I don’t want to live forever, I just want to live right now
You can’t take me from me

I keep it all inside because I know that man is everything but kind

LOUD (Fuck It)
You gotta be loud / You gotta be rude / so the world can hear you
You gotta be crass / You gotta be cold / it’s everything we know
Turn it up turn it up now

Another day, a double shot of hate
Drink it up like gasoline
Underpaid, you graduate, to build somebody else’s dream

With a noose as a tie… do you fantasize of a much different life?  
The fix for who they want you to be / directly streamed to your TV

And when they turn their backs on you…

You gotta be loud / You gotta be rude / so the world can hear you
You gotta be crass / You gotta be cold / it’s everything we know
Turn it up turn it up now
Loud / Rude / When nobody hears you
You gotta stand up / You gotta commit
Say “Fuck It”, make the best of it

A broken home you’re trying to mend
You’ve got one day left to pay the rent
We’re not sure, but we believe in the lie… that it’ll all be fine, when we die

It’s so easy to grant the mirror power to control what you want to erase                      
Don’t become another victim / “Put a smile on that face”

You gotta be loud / You gotta be rude / so the world can hear you
You gotta be crass / You gotta be cold / it’s everything we know
Turn it up turn it up now
Loud / Rude / When nobody hears you
You gotta stand up / You gotta commit
Say “Fuck It”, make the best of it

The money’s in the treatment, baby, not in the cure
So they fuel your pain with fear and shame and then hand you a brochure
The money’s in the treatment, baby, not in the cure
So they build you up to watch you fall and then beg for an encore

What are you waiting for?

Burn it down / brick by brick / Made in 2006
Lost and found / losing grip /  I needed this
Question me not, for I gave up everything
Forget me not, cause I’ve not forgotten what this means

Strip me down, tear me apart, you’ll find one theme left
No sign of stopping till my veins rust
Strip me down, tear me apart, you’ll find one thing left
I fucking know where I came from

..And nothing can replace those lessons learned
as I stood with my brothers on the side of the road
No longer haunted by the skeletons
No longer haunted by the past

For so long, it’s all i’ve known
I’m crossing over the undertow
For so long, no one was listening
Determined to make their deaf ears ring

Miles repeat / my worst enemy… is me.
But then four soon became six… to shatter the canvas
Handed nothing / loss pulling the strings
Outlived the dead trends / united by distance

I’ve been to hell and back, with no promise of return
So I made friends with fire, to keep from getting burned
No money, no sleep. dedication
10 years on the road this is sacred
And when i’m facing a wall, I do not quit
…Cause if you mean it, you will make it.

Pulled apart in a world so demanding
I’m still here, still standing
I’ve sweat blood from Stockholm to Scranton
Still here, still standing.

You can always rinse the surface, but the stain will remain

For so long, it’s all i’ve known
I’m crossing over the undertow
For so long no one was listening
I did my time

You live / you learn / you defy the terms, but this house will be my home
Beguiled / betrayed / it’s the price we pay, as trust will be our tomb

If you mean it, you’ll make it.

I’ve watched the whole world drowning in chemicals
Dissociative / but it takes it’s toll
Can I surpass time, or would I start to rust?
Depreciating / collecting dust

And I fear myself as I fall away  
In a cold deluded sense of fate
When the nightmares come, and the doubt sets in
Will the fever break, or will I burn from within?  

It’s too late to feel, I’ve lost my breath
With the hands of time around my neck
Am I more than the pen that wrote the past?
Or am I just the sand enslaved by the Hourglass?

Will I live again, or will I fade to black?    
Dehumanizing / when the heart attacks      
Will I expire before my dreams unfold?
But if the futures so bright, the path should glow

As the walls melt
and the light fades
I’m letting quicksand take me

If you look beyond the blindfold
You’ll find the hole in my soul
One fear, one mind, no hope, no time
If you look beyond the blindfold
You’ll find the hole in my soul

I’m on the edge of my seat
Holding out for a sign
Trying to rewrite the storyline

It’s too late to feel, I’ve lost my breath
With the hands of time around my neck
Am I more than the pen that wrote the past
Or am I just the sand encased in the Hourglass?

Fear is not my fate

Eternally Yours
Blow the bridge to the past / wipe the fingerprints
Melt your heart encased in wax / steal it with a kiss
Our fate engraved / scar enslaved / as we mutually destruct
Repose, my love, i’ve sinned enough for the both of us

In the name of love…..

I’m ready to bury all of my bones
I’m ready to lie but say I won’t
So tell me your secrets / and join me in pieces
To rot in this garden made of stones
Eternally yours

I feed like you taught me and selflessly swallow
We coalesce in darkness, so selfishly hollow
Examine the wreckage / writhing in tempo
Invisible anguish casting a shadow  

and in the name of love…

I’m ready to bury all of my bones
I’m ready to lie but say I won’t
So tell me your secrets / and join me in pieces
To rot in this garden made of stones
Eternally yours

As we rest in pieces, though I know not your name
I would suffer forever to absolve all your pain

And in the name of love

I’m ready to bury all of my bones
I’m ready to lie but say I won’t
So tell me your secrets / and join me in pieces
To rot in this garden made of stones
Eternally yours

I’m ready to bleed to make amends
And sleep in this dirt we call our bed
So tell me your secrets / and join me in pieces
To fall and rewrite the bitter end
Eternally yours

I’m more than willing to rot in hell with you.

say you won’t let go | 01

 part 01 | part 02 [final] 

Summary: You’ve been eighteen years old for ten years when Jungkook first moves in.
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst; Roommate/Soulmate AU (In which you stop aging when you turn 18 until you meet your soulmate)
Word Count: 12,038
Author’s Note: I was going to wait and upload the whole thing in one giant oneshot but for the stake of everyone’s sanity, it’ll be split into two parts. props to @minsvga for always being down to beta! 


The morning comes like clockwork, obviously, but sometimes you wish it didn’t. Sometimes, the morning is like an unexpected gust of wind, blowing away the present and the comfort and leaving you alone with nothing but your thoughts and the disappointing feeling akin to the sensation of something missing from your life. Which, considering everything the world and the fates and the bonds that connect individuals together and all the shit like that, is not too far off from a relevant problem in your life.

The days seem to blend together, time slipping between your fingers but leaving you with no opportunity or way to stop it or prolong it. You certainly feel different, older somehow and probably wiser, and you’re sure it shows in your eyes, in the curl of your lips, in the longing touch of your smile.

But you crawl out of bed in the morning, feet landing like a gentle sigh on the carpet, following the hall down to your bathroom until you’re situated in front of the sink and taking a long glance at your reflection. You don’t know why you insist to yourself to always look at the mirror, because it’s not like anything would have changed overnight, nothing ever really does. You take in your expression, the skin of your face and the darkness of your eyes, a harsh contrast to the youth of your face, the curve of your nose and the sharpness of your jawline—you: fresh, and young and not a day over eighteen-years-old, just as you have been for ten years.

This has been the way of human life since its creation, a science with no explanation and a connection that cannot be seen or heard or even felt. It’s a different kind of connection, moreso the type of link that brings two people together, two people whoever has a hand in predetermination believe would be the best fit for each other. A soulmate, an individual meant to compliment you in every aspect, someone gifted to you from unidentifiable figures; figures you would not even believe existed if not for the world they created and built, a world you now inhabited.

In theory, the unspoken rules of the whole soulmate business seemed easy: a case in which the aging process stops at the eighteen until one’s soulmate came along, done so in order for the pair of them to gain the ability to grow old together, experience life together, be there for each other during the true ups and downs of college and jobs and family. Every single person you’ve ever stumbled upon each has their own story, their own tales of their relationship. You’ve met people in a relationship that never grew, friends who realized they were each other’s everything, individuals who went through years upon years upon years of life with a soulmate fresh out of the gate—always a variety, never a wrong answer or a right one. Yet, they all seem happy, no matter where the path of life seems to take them.

But now that you’ve been eighteen for a solid ten years, you’re ready to call major bullshit on every single individual who dared to look you in the eye and tell you that they don’t care about the unwinding of fate.

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You mentioned you started at a very young age with a role in a major motion picture. What has been your favorite role to date? 

You know you get asked that a lot. It is a hard question to answer because it is like trying to choose your favorite child if you are a parent or your favorite pet, whatever. Playing Jerome in ‘Gotham’ is an interesting opportunity because it is a character that is extremely close to my heart. I grew up reading comics and specifically Batman comics. That is my favorite villain in any sort of medium, written, film or otherwise.

downthetummblrhole  asked:

I love your blog! If you want to delete I get it though. Will you still be on Twitter and such? Or maybe you could password protect your blog for a little while? I'm sorry people are being asshats.

I’m very active on twitter and actually post more art on it than I do tumblr now. Password protected won’t be good for “business” so I can’t do that. But it’s okay i’m just gonna suck it up and ignore hate. I’m glad you like my little blog, tho ♥

Basic Interception Meanings

If you don’t know what interceptions are or how to find out if you have one, please read this post: Interceptions FAQ.

*These are arranged according to the position of the axes in the houses of your natal chart, so pay attention to the order of your interception. If you have Aries & Libra intercepted, for example, and Libra is in the 4th while Aries is in the 10th, read the “Libra-Aries” interpretation before “Aries-Libra” (because the sign earlier in the houses is the foundation of the issue). Both interpretations may still apply.

Aries-Libra intercepted: you weren’t allowed to be fully independent, so now you can’t cooperate or share. You weren’t taught how to be raw in expression, so now you don’t know how to be harmonious in expression.
Libra-Aries intercepted: you weren’t allowed to stand with others, so now you can’t stand on your own. You weren’t taught how to assert justice for the sake of others, so now you don’t know how to assert justice for the sake of yourself.

Taurus-Scorpio intercepted: you weren’t allowed to resist change, so now you can’t create it or find fulfillment in it. You weren’t taught how to protect or treasure what you value, so now you don’t know how to purify or purge it.
Scorpio-Taurus intercepted: You weren’t allowed to transform yourself, so now you can’t remain invincibly secure within yourself. You weren’t taught how to let go of (and share) what you value, so now you don’t know how to hold onto it.

Gemini-Sagittarius intercepted: you weren’t allowed to openly share your thoughts, so now you can’t openly share your truths. You weren’t taught how to seek definition, so now you don’t know how to find deeper meaning.
Sagittarius-Gemini intercepted: you weren’t allowed to focus on the bigger picture, so now you can’t focus on the details. You weren’t taught how to develop a vision, so now you don’t know how to be satisfied with / interested in the view.

Cancer-Capricorn intercepted: you weren’t allowed to be emotionally open or active, so now you can’t be open/active with ambitions. You weren’t taught about personal productivity, so you don’t know about professional productivity.
Capricorn-Cancer intercepted: you weren’t allowed to express your goals & desires, so now you can’t express your fears & needs. You weren’t taught about self-discipline, so now you don’t know about self-nurturance.

Leo-Aquarius intercepted: you weren’t allowed to be the center of the show, so now you can’t be a member of the audience. You weren’t taught your singular value, so now you don’t know your value in context to the collective.
Aquarius-Leo intercepted: you weren’t allowed to find yourself in a community, so now you can’t find yourself alone. You weren’t taught how to fill your role in humanity/family, so now you don’t know what your role is in your own life.

Virgo-Pisces intercepted: you weren’t allowed to improve your physical reality, so now you can’t improve your spiritual reality. You weren’t taught how to extend a helping hand, so now you don’t know how to offer the healing touch.
Pisces-Virgo intercepted: you weren’t allowed to escape to your inner world, so now you can’t invest in the outer world. You weren’t taught how to ease or grow from pain, so now you don’t know how to prevent or persevere through it.

You compensate for suppression & blockage of (intercepted axis) with excessive expression of & concern with (duplicated axis).

Aries & Libra: identity and connection

Taurus & Scorpio: possession and purgation

Gemini & Sagittarius: exploration and expansion

Cancer & Capricorn: emotion and ambition

Leo & Aquarius: individuality and integration

Virgo & Pisces: service and sacrifice

Acting and the military are both service industries. They both are groups of people trying to accomplish a mission greater than themselves. You have a role and you have to know your role within that team. When you have someone in charge, a director or squad leader, who knows what they’re doing, your job feels important and necessary and valuable. When the person in charge doesn’t know what they’re doing it feels useless, wasteful and demoralizing. They are both opposite in that in one you’re pretending the stakes are life and death, and in the other they actually are. But they both kind of rise and fall by how well you work as a team.

impulsivekiddo  asked:

i rly like ur coraline au dude!! is it Neil or Preston in the role of Wybie? :0

nvm neil should be wybie :00 maybe the quartermaster should be the russian guy on the top appartment! And it can be squirrels instead of the mice!

aaaa yeah i was thinking about that too!! there’s just so many possibilities and i’m not sure who all i should set for permanent roles;;

ike qm and nikki could be the cat, bc qm has that shit w the squirrels, and nikki is basically a furry but she’s also max’s friend, and i was thinking all the campers would just be themselves but a better version of themselves (but like i already love them soooo)

No player characters died beyond Scanlan’s activation of death ward and the half second he was out before getting healed back to consciousness. He was then very swiftly getting boosted back into the triple digits. 

They successfully locked away a would-be god with only two of the trammels, one of which was the fragile one. 

Nearly everyone still had a decent amount of resources left - Scanlan and possibly Pike were running low on spell slots, but otherwise the group was still okay overall. 

They survived three Meteor Swarms. 

They did….really stinking well all things considered. That battle couldn’t have gone much better than it did. 

and i remember when i met him.

summary: a series of ups and downs in the relationship containing you and Tom.
word count: almost 2k
an: lana del ray is a blessing to this world

And I remember when I met him, it was so clear that
he was the only one for me.

Ellen laughed with Tom as you both sat together. You had been labeled as ‘on-screen sweethearts’ from the way you both looked at each other and how you acted around one another; cuddly and lovingly.

“I have a question for the both of you,” Ellen smiled as Tom reached for his mug on the log coffee table, you hummed in response, letting her go on as Tom moved back to sit his back comfortably against the love seat. Your hand was on top of his, which was on the top of your thigh. The interaction wasn’t unusual but it always erupted butterflies in your stomach.

“Are you two together or just very close friends?” Ellen asked. The question use to make your eyes bulge out of your head but now, you enjoyed the question.

“Uh,” you cleared your throat and smiled softly, looking down at your lap. “No, we’re not. We’re just really close friends.” You looked back up and smiled at the lady in front of you.

“Yeah,” Tom agreed and looked at you, a fond smile on his cheeks, “if we were together, you would know.” He spoke.

“Yeah, he has a big mouth. You would have known the second we started dating.” You teased, making Tom roll his eyes and chuckle.

“Shade! Shade!” Tom laughed before everyone’s giggles died down, “you aren’t wrong, though.” He noted.

“I know.” You agreed before the talk show went on.

We both knew it, right away.

“Y/N! Over here! Y/N!” A photographer shouted as you looked around the red carpet, arm wrapped tightly around Tom while your free hand held a black clutch. You smiled softly and looked up at Tom, a small blush finding its way to your cheeks, but it was expertly hidden by the layers of makeup on your face. You kept the smile on your face as you looked at the group of photographers before moving along. You could hear the sound of your and Tom’s name being yelled out as you walked down the carpet. You were supposed to do a small interview before going into the award show you were invited to, well, at least you were invited. Tom was your plus one.

You had been asked to go to the Tony’s with the cast you were a part of, Waitress. It was an amazing experience and you loved it, even if you were leaving soon to move to London for a few months.

“Y/N, Tom! Great! Hi!” The interviewer smiled, making a fake smile graze your face. “It’s so great to see you two together.” She huffed out, even with a large smile plastered on her face.

“I’m so excited to see you, I saw your performance on Waitress, the other night and I think it was absolutely breath taking.” She complimented.

“Thank you! That means a lot.” You thanked and leaned into Tom.

“Of course. Has Tom seen you act and sing?” She asked as Tom softly chuckled and squeezed your hip.

“Yeah,” Tom nodded, confirming that he had seen you perform one night. Multiple nights, actually. He had invited RDJ one night and came another night on his own, or the other way around; you weren’t too sure. “She did amazing; I loved watching my favorite girl so something she loves.” A small aw erupted from the interviewer as butterflies flew around your stomach and made your cheeks blush darker now, your heart beating faster.

“He had posted a picture of us the first night he came, I was still in my costume and I was on his back, kissing his cheek. Everyone went crazy.” You giggled as Tom chuckled.

“That they did.” Tom agreed as the interviewer awed again.

And as the years went on, things got more difficult -
we were faced with more challenges.
He was like this hybrid, this mix of a man who couldn’t contain himself.

“I can’t just give up the opportunity! I was offered my dream role, Tom.” You argued as Tom shook his head, hands on his thighs as he tried to make them feel less sweaty.

“I get that, but you just moved here!” He bit his lip, it was your turn to shake your head.

“I know but imagine me not doing this role. I will be devastated and I’ll be in New York. I’ll have my old apartment, we can face time and stuff.” You tried to reason but Tom bites his lip again in thought. He wasn’t too sure if he wanted you to go to New York so soon, he wasn’t too sure if he wanted you to leave in general. He liked that he held you every night and that you were always the first one up, making breakfast in one of his shirts and apologizing when you forgot his favorite coffee creamer. He loved the afternoons with you when you would offer to buy lunch but he would always end up buying it, making you pout. How you would drink tea and read a book while classical music played around the room. You would always do a crossword right after before taking a nap and getting up to go to the gym.

He especially loved the nights, when you would be just out of the shower, hair in a towel, face free of makeup. You would have bags under your eyes and he loved it. He loved them. He loved you. He would much rather look at you without makeup than with pounds of it. You would always cook once your hair was dry and ask how his day was; standing at the island with him as he sat in the bar stool. He loved it. He loved when you would change into one of his shirts and how you would beat him to bed, but you would always be singing something as you laid in the bed, lamps turned off and main light off. He would smile, change and go to sleep with you.

“I know it’s your dream role,” Tom paused and took a deep breath, “why can’t you just stay with me for a little while longer?” He questioned, your lips puckering as you thought.

You could stay with him, let him enjoy your company for a little while longer, but they needed you to get to New York as fast as possible so you could start rehearsal for your role as Zoe Murphy in Dear Evan Hansen. You wanted to stay for years but you only had so much time and you loved musical theater as much as you loved Tom, but your job would take your time from him for awhile and then you would get all the time in the world, in this case, a few months after your debut as Zoe, you would leave and travel back to London and you would hug and kiss Tom until your lips were swollen.

“I wish I could.” Y/N responded and frowned going to hug him.

I always got the sense that he became torn
Between being a good person and
Missing out on all of the opportunities that life could
Offer a man as magnificent as him.

“You should take the job!” You mused as you looked at Tom through your computer screen, your fairy lights twinkling in the background. Tom shrugged, not too sure if he should or not. He had been offered a job in a new movie and he didn’t know how it would go. He didn’t know if he could pull it off, but you were practically begging him to do it, to jump into it.

“Maybe.” He simply replied, making you frown.

“You should do it! It would be so much fun!” Y/N simply spoke and he shrugged again, looking up when his name was called.

“I – uh – I have to go. Mum’s calling me to help Harry with something.” Tom murmured making a deep frown plaster on your face, but you nodded and said your goodbye as he logged off. When he was off and the call was disconnected he debated on texting you and saying he didn’t want to take the job because once he started it, you would be back in London. Your two months were almost up and as soon as it was up you were moving back to your shared apartment. He couldn’t wait but he wished you could see the way he looked at you and the way he talked about you when you weren’t around.

Tom: I’m not taking the job. You need someone here when you get back.

Y/N: Don’t worry about me! You deserve to be a big movie star so go and be one! I’ll still be there when you come back.

And with that he bit his lip and locked his phone, going downstairs to his mum.

And in that way I understood him

“Take the job,” Tom repeated as you shook your head. You had been up all-night arguing. You didn’t want to fly back to the states for another job that you would leave soon. “Why not? You auditioned when you were in New York last time, right? Go and live your dream!” Tom enthused but you shook your head again, letting loose hairs to fall in front of your eyes.

“No point in leaving again.” You murmured. “I’ve lived all of my dreams already; I want to stay here now.” Tom frowned.

“Are you just staying because I’m here?” He asked. You bite your lip, nodding softly. The movements made Tom sigh and rest his hands in his hands.


“Because I do not want to leave you again.” You admitted. “I can work somewhere here. I don’t need to go back to New York. I can stay here.” Tom shook his head and looked at you.

“You have to go back.” He murmured.

“No! I’m staying.” Your voice rose and he bit his lip this time.

“You need to! You’re amazing.”

“I can be amazing here,” you responded.

“Just go!” He urged and you took a deep breath before leaving the room, shaking your head as you went to the shared bedroom.

And I loved him.
I loved him, I loved him, I loved him.
And I still love him.
I love him.

You smiled warmly as Tom held you, his large hands sprawled around your stomach as you guys sat in the park, somewhere in New York.

“It’s beautiful.” He hummed and you nodded, aging with him for the first time in months. “I wish we had more time like this,” Tom whispered and pressed his head onto your shoulder as you took another deep breath.

“We could.” You spoke out but Tom shook his head, disagreeing.

“We can’t.” He responded but you rolled your eyes.

“There’s a job opening for a play called ‘Heathers,’” you spoke and Tom slightly lifted himself up, “I got the job as Veronica.” You told him but the excitement you thought Tom would have, wasn’t there. Actually, he seemed upset.

“I’ll be in Canada, shooting.” He muttered and your eyes kind of widened before they shut and you nodded.

“Right, because I told you to.” She whispered and he nodded, his hands going to rest on your thighs before he rested his head on your shoulder.

“We’ll never be a perfect couple.” He whispered as you let out a breathy ‘yeah.’

aspoopytypeofchemistry  asked:

Chlonette AU where they make a pact to get married as kids

Alya took off her glasses and wiped away the tears that were collecting in the corners of her eyes. “Waitwaitwait. Oh my God. Okay. Please run me through this like one more time.”

Chloe was turned away from the rest of the class and had her hands covering her ears. “Nope! I’m not listening to this again! I’ve been subjected to enough public humiliation as it is!”

“Ditto!” Marinette grumbled, hiding her face in her folded arms resting on the desk. “This isn’t funny anymore just let it go.”

Nino scoffed. “Um. That’s offensive. I’ll have you know that I have taken my role as your future wedding officiant very seriously.”

“No!” Alya gaped with a wide smile. “They made you the officiant?”

“Yup,” Nino nodded. “Actually, I should probably go get registered soon.”

“No one’s getting registered! No one’s getting married! Fuck off, Nino,” Chloe shouted. 

“Oh shut up, you’re supposedly not even listening anymore,” Alya said. “This is possibly the most fascinating thing you’ve ever told me. I’m still half convinced you’re lying to me.”

“Listen, when we were in école together, Chloe and Marinette were inseparable.”

“Wait a minute,” Adrien perked up suddenly. “Chloe, that best girlfriend in the whole wide world you were always telling me about when we were kids….that was Marinette!?”

Marinette dug through her book bag, pulled out a pen, and held it out to Kim who was standing by her desk. “Here. Take it. Stab me with it. Do it.”

“We are not talking about that Adrien!!” Chloe screamed, standing up from her chair. “That was a part of my dark past how dare you bring it up!”

“Oh man, they did everything together,” Nino laughed. “Did arts and crafts projects together, went to the park together, got friendship bracelets together, it was super adorable.” 

“We were like eight!” Marinette wailed. “Oh my God, that was forever ago!”

“Just makes it even more adorable,” Nino shrugged. “But yeah they announced to the whole class one day that if they didn’t have any boyfriends by the time they graduated lycée, that they were going to date each other and then get married. I humbly accepted the responsibility of marrying them myself, Juleka was going to be in charge of makeup, Max was in charge of fundraising, and Nathanael was going to design the invitations.”

“I have preliminary sketches if you want them,” Nathanael said from the back of the classroom. “I was thinking a pink and yellow theme. Possibly a spring wedding.” 

“Oh my God, can I be Marinette’s maid of honor?” Alya gasped. 

“There’s no wedding!” Marinette shrieked. 

“I was going to be Chloe’s best man, so that works,” Adrien grinned. “Or wait. Does she get a maid of honor instead of a best man? How does that work again?”

“How about this?” Nino decided. “Alya is Marinette’s maid of honor. I’m Marinette’s best man. You’re Chloe’s best man. And Sabrina’s Chloe’s maid of honor. That way we’re all even.”

“Oh perfect!” Sabrina smiled, clapping her hands together. “I already started drafting a speech. I was hoping someone could take a look at it for me and tell me what they think.”

“Done!” Chloe announced, getting up from her seat. “Five thousand percent done! I’m burying myself in shame in the park! Don’t look for me!”

Why do guys feel the need to ask a stripper what her real name is? What good is that information to you? I’m probably never going to see you again, unless you frequently visit my club. We aren’t going to become BFFs. I’m not going to go out with you. So whyyyyyy do you care? Are you trying to ‘humanize’ me, well I’m already human bitch. Do I intimidate you? Good. Know your role. You are a sad little man who is trying to haggle dance prices, I’m a fucking goddess. All of these girls are goddesses. I would never talk to you outside of this place. You know it, I know it. The strip club is not a place to try to get a girlfriend. So stop trying.

¿Quién es 'Sombra'?

We’ll never know. But what we do know is how to play her.

So the first step to playing Sombra is to make sure you know who you are and what your role in the game is, but don’t fool yourself. We all know you play Sombra because you’re in love with her hand-motion when she goes invisible and the comments she makes during fights.

  • Before you can lock as Sombra you have to Decode 7 Hex Codes, translate them to ASCII,  use a XOR Cipher, Call a fictional mexican company, hack Blizzard’s E-Mail Server, Mix a song out of the stars of Dorado, find clues in a datamashed image, run a code through the Vigenere Cipher, get more ASCII skulls,  steal the declaration of independence, wait 1 day for a countdown only to wait another month for another countdown until basically nothing happens and then she gets revealed at Blizzcon anyway and it surely was a surprise for everyone.
  • Firstoff, go to the Hero-Gallery and get the Skycode Spray and Emote. Just do it. Use them on Dorado every single time for bonus dps and Sombra-points. Let the salt from the 6 month ARG fuel you 
  • If you do have the ‘I know who’se been naughty’ line from the winter event then spam it repeadetly in the spawn room. Tell Lucio you know about his secret stash of David Hasselhoff muisc, tell Mercy you know about her Scene Phase, tell Jesse that you know about ‘Joel Morricone’
  • Now let’s talk gameplay. You are a stealth hero. Genji might be a Ninja but you are the only one who’s able to actually BE invisible. Make use of it by using it right at the start, sprint ahead of your team, hack a health-pack, and die because it was a 1v6 and your entire team was miles behind you.
  • Hack every healthpack you can find no matter of its position. The Payload is already 2 checkpoints ahead of you and for some unknown reason you are still at the attacker’s spawn at the other side of the map? Better hack the first health-pack to make sure no one uses it!
  • Make sure to loudly scream HERE I AM! or BEEN HERE ALL ALONG or MISS ME? whenever yo uncloak so that everyone knows you’re here. The entire enemy team will stand in awe as they watch you turn visible and then they will kill you because you’ve been stupid enough to announce yourself.
  • Annoy your local cowboy by cancelling his ult and then laughing in his face.
  • Hack everyone, no matter if their abilities are actually worth hacking. Maybe you’ll actually get the 20 player hack achievement but probably not.
  • Your ult is extremely powerful in the right hands and with the right team! Sadly, the latter one is always impossible so you’re stuck shouting a really cool Ultimate Line and no one knows how to take advantage of it. In rare cases Sombras ult causes everyone to stop mid-game and they all have to solve an ARG and cannot leave until they completed it. 
  • Cry forever because her ult line isn’t  ¡Volvamos a La Medianoche!

Death wasn’t at all like Mike imagined it.

His life didn’t flash before his eyes. There was no white light. In the end it was just the few seconds he could see the oncoming car and then … nothing. No pain, no feeling, no anything.

Heaven was also not at all like Mike imagined it, and yet he couldn’t help the rueful smile. He opened his eyes to find himself standing in the middle of Harvey’s apartment. Of course. This wasn’t his heaven because of the slick lines or the sparkling city view. It was his heaven because this was the place he’d felt the happiest, the most at home.

He wandered around the space for a while. It was such a perfect facsimile that he felt like he was really there, standing in Harvey’s actual apartment. He didn’t feel much different than from when he was alive. Where were all the answers he was promised? If this was indeed his heaven why were there no pearly gates or choirs of angels or even just someone - anyone - to greet him?

Where were his parents? Grammy?

The sound of a key in the front door lifted his spirits. That must be them now. Grinning, he rushed to the entryway. But when the door opened it wasn’t his parents or Grammy. It was Harvey, and he looked … there was no other word for it, he looked wrecked.

Mike was confused. If this was his heaven and Harvey was here, shouldn’t he be happy to see Mike? But then he walked straight past Mike as if he wasn’t even there, as though he couldn’t see him at all.

“Harvey?” Mike asked tentatively as he trailed after him.

No reaction.

Harvey went straight to the wet bar, poured himself a scotch, and drowned it in one go before pouring another. He took the second drink over to the lounge, collapsing in the chair and drinking it, albeit slightly slower this time.

Mike sat down beside him. He said Harvey’s name again and again and again but there was still no reaction. Harvey was just staring off into space, looking utterly devastated. Something was wrong. Harvey was right there, close enough to touch, except when he tried, when he reached out his hand couldn’t connect, just moved right through him. Harvey couldn’t see him, couldn’t hear him.

Maybe he wasn’t in heaven. Maybe he was in hell.

Mike didn’t know how long they stayed like that; Harvey staring off into space with glassy eyes, Mike hovering uncertainly by his side with no idea what was happening. The impasse was broken by the sound of Harvey’s phone. It was the text alert tone, and when Harvey pulled it out from his pocket Mike tried to angle himself to see what it said, in case it gave him some clue as to what was happening. But Harvey was too quick, throwing the phone aside after reading the message, and then hunching over, his head in his hands.

Mike reached out to put his hand on Harvey’s back. Not that it made any difference.

In the silence that followed Mike started to mourn for the loss of his life. There were still so many things he wanted for his life. He’d never travelled overseas. He’d never made it to name partner. He never saw the Mets win the world series. He never went to Comic-Con. He’d never won a landmark case or set any precedents. He’d never gotten married.

So many things he wanted to do and never did. Too many. But the worst of it was Harvey. Mike was desperately in love with him, and he’d never gotten the chance to tell him.

So he did it now. Because what could it hurt? This wasn’t real, he was in some kind of hell or purgatory or something. The real Harvey would never get to hear these words, so why not say it to this fake one?

“I love you, Harvey,” Mike murmured.

Harvey’s head snapped up, looking around the room as if he’d heard something. Mike froze, hope flickering in his chest, but when Harvey’s eyes passed over Mike there was no recognition. Mike hated himself for hoping, he hated God or whoever was responsible for this torture, he hated the driver who killed him and took him away from the man he loved.

The sound of a door opening and closing stole both their attention. Donna walked slowly into the apartment. She didn’t look that great. Mike wanted to make a joke, smile and say jeez who died and get them both laughing, but even if he could, even if they could hear him, he knew it wouldn’t work. Because he was the one who died, and the afterlife was taunting him over it.

“Harvey,” Donna said gently, but Harvey stood, taking a few steps away, his back to her as he stood at the empty fireplace.

“I can’t. I can’t go there. I can’t see…”

Mike looked between them, confused. Donna didn’t shy away, she walked right up to him and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. There was nothing sexual or romantic in her touch, but Mike felt the jealousy flair nonetheless. How come this fake Donna could touch this fake Harvey and yet Mike, who was the only real thing here, couldn’t?

“I know how hard this is for you.”

“No, Donna, you don’t,” he snapped, whirling around and shaking off her hand. “You have no idea how this feels. How angry and scared and useless I feel. How this is the one thing I can’t fix and it’s killing me. How all I can think about is how I wished it was me and not - and not…”

Donna wrapped her arms around him, and Harvey let her. Mike stood and walked away, attempting to give them some privacy. The moment felt too intimate, and even though he had no idea what they were talking about he knew it wasn’t good, and Harvey wouldn’t want Mike seeing him like this.

“I know you’re scared,” Donna said. “I am too. But Harvey, he’s not gone. He needs you.”

“I can’t. I can’t see Mike like that.”

What? Mike turned, taking a few steps toward them. What were they talking about?

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My Fair Bitty

Summary: Whip cracker, Jack Zimmermann, has been working the Ren Faire circuit his entire life.  One day he meets silk aerialist Eric Bittle, and everything suddenly makes much more sense.  A little story about soul mates and love at first sight.  No drama, no angst… just finding The One, knowing it, and following your heart. A fic/art collaboration by @teluete and @wrathofthestag.

“Tell me again about you and papa,” Jack asked as he yawned, and stretched his legs in bed. His mother sat next to him, and brushed Jack’s hair off his forehead.

“Again? I’ve told you that story a million times.”

Jack looked up at his maman. Bits of glitter from that day’s performance still clung and shimmered on Alicia’s cheeks in the soft glow of Jack’s night-light.

“Then make it a million and one. Pleeease?” Jack pleaded.

Though only eight years old, Jack Zimmermann was already a romantic at heart. He loved hearing about the afternoon at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, all those years ago, when Bad Bob first saw Alicia Faye as she sang and cracked a whip on stage. She had the entire audience wrapped around her finger, and soon she had Bad Bob wrapped around her heart.

“I was starting my first season at Bristol, and your papa had been the main attraction and only whip act before I came along. He was all grumpy when he found out that someone else was doing a whip show.”

“Oh, papa,” Jack said as he shook his head, smiled, and gripped his stuffed rabbit.

“So he looked for me my first day there. He marched right up to the stage where I was performing, and had planned on confronting me after my set.”

Jack held his breath in suspense, even though he knew the story by heart.

“When I was done, I walked off stage and your papa was standing there with the biggest smile I had ever seen. He stood there and said, ‘Hello, my name is Robert Zimmermann. I crack the whip here, and I’ve just fallen head over heels in love with you.’”

Jack smiled and watched his mother intently, “And you said…”

Alicia laughed softly; she remembered how quickly her heart beat as she took in those big brown eyes and that happy, handsome face.

“I said, ‘Well I’m Alicia Faye, and we just met so you’ll forgive me if I’m not instantly impressed.’”

“But you were,” Jack said quickly.

“I was. By the time we finished our dinner–”

“A giant turkey leg!”

“Yes, sweetie, a turkey leg. By the time we finished our dinner, I knew your papa was it for me.”

“How did you know?”

“The world stopped,” she said with wistful, far away look in her eyes.

Jack grinned and yawned once again, sleepy-eyed and cozy.

Every day he saw his parents’ interactions. How they always smiled at one another, unable to keep their hands from touching each other. How many times had Jack entered a room to find them kissing, hugging, whispering secrets in their own special language – the language that two people in love made up just for one another.

Jack saw that, and wanted that one day. He wanted it so badly. For what greater gift was there than to cherish someone, and be cherished in return?

Soon Jack fell asleep as Alicia sang tenderly to him. In love with love, Jack dreamt of future hugs and kisses and possibilities.

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Chin Up

Fandom: Kingsman

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Overweight Reader

Warning: Body shaming, angst

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by @ponyboysam:  I really love your writing and you’re such a nice and lovely person. I hope you don’t mind me making a request for eggsy and plus size reader? Where he just comforts her and its all fluff. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of people I know pointing out my weight and it’s just dragging me down. You don’t have write it if you don’t want to. I hope you have a good day/night. xx

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