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You mentioned you started at a very young age with a role in a major motion picture. What has been your favorite role to date? 

You know you get asked that a lot. It is a hard question to answer because it is like trying to choose your favorite child if you are a parent or your favorite pet, whatever. Playing Jerome in ‘Gotham’ is an interesting opportunity because it is a character that is extremely close to my heart. I grew up reading comics and specifically Batman comics. That is my favorite villain in any sort of medium, written, film or otherwise.

“I AM MOANA” is so GOOD as a climactic moment, I’m still not over it–throughout the whole movie there’s this unavoidable theme of knowing who you are, knowing your role and your place in the world. The heroine’s struggle is working out who she is…

But then she reaches that point and says you know what? I am ME! And that’s enough! Am I The Chosen One? Am I a chieftian or a wayfinder or what? Doesn’t matter! Before anything else I am ME, and that’s fine!

Things that I dream about hearing during The Talk™ that will happen Later™:

  • Vex asking how long he’s felt that way about her and Percy confusedly answering “Well, since the dungeon.” and Vex going “What, in Whitestone?” and Percy, even more confused, going “No - Stillben…?”
~When You Both are Doms~

Jin: He isn’t gonna wanna fight for the position and he can deal with being a sub once and awhile. 

Yoongi: This is just gonna end in really rough sex while you both struggle to be on top.

Hoseok: This boy is gonna break down laughing at how cute you are when you act dominate. He is just gonna let you win. “Okay, Baby! You can be in charge.”

Namjoon: This is a hardcore challenge to him and he isn’t going to back down. Namjoon is going to fight for his role as dom and make sure you know your place as a sub.

Jimin: He is a sub by heart and he isn’t gonna fight you on it.

Taehyung: He doesn’t take the bdsm kink serious. He likes to fool around and goof off in bed. Sex isn’t suppose to be serious and he wants to play. So he is gonna make the fight into something fun.

Jungkook: Dom you is going to shock him and he isn’t gonna fight for his dom position. Instead he is going to be a good boy.

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How do you overcome a physical insecurity?

You aren’t supposed to be a certain way. You aren’t supposed to look a certain way. All of time has led to you being you and you looking this way you look. There are no mistakes in all of this and you are physically how you are to play your role perfectly in all of this and to push this whole thing forward. You’re doing your part for this if you know it or not and your role isn’t any less important than anyone else’s. The “perfect” people and the ones that look a certain way aren’t favored in this. All are necessary and all are here to push this forward. Try to sense that.

Drop the fight and be with yourself for a bit and try to sense your inherent perfection beyond this way you look. This is your body, your vehicle through all of this, it is not ultimately you, but it is yours and so needs your attention and respect and not your fight. Let it be how it is for a moment and just feel. Let the insecurities hang in you and just feel them. The feelings of insecurity are there, they are a remnant of what you were taught about how it all should be, but it all just is. Stop pushing away all those feelings and be with them for a change and welcome them in the same way you would happiness or joy, explore those feelings and try to sense that they come from a part of you that was taught that you should look a certain way and you simply don’t look that way or have those characteristics. Question those things you were taught. That is what those feelings would say if they could, they’d say: maybe your wrong, maybe everyone is wrong about all of this and your just here, you are simply flowing perfection in human skin. Look! Question! Feel! Pay attention.

I hope this helps and much Love.


  • (sequel to my previous post on this)
  • Jim: Bones, I think you should play the role of my mother.
  • Bones: I don't wanna be your mother.
  • Jim: That's perfect! You already know your lines.
  • Bones: ...
  • Jim: Okay fine, you can play the role of my brother.
  • Bones (fed up): I'm leaving.
  • Jim: Perfect! You're a natural.
  • Bones: Jim, I'm gonna kill you.
  • Jim: I appreciate your enthusiasm, but Kodos will not be in this production.

Tumblr is kind of nice in that it puts issues and life experiences of marginalized groups at the forefront, but it’s also kind of terrible in that it takes people who have an ill understanding of the actual mechanisms of privilege and prejudice and pit them in a contest of who has it “the worst,” not understanding that intersectionality doesn’t come with a life-satisfaction rating scale 

Surprised to see that many fans are of the vein that Kara was insensitive to the fact that Alex needs her, but I’m kind of like… of course she doesn’t know she needs her.

Alex doesn’t tell her. The closest she comes is when she brings up that she was supposed to help in finding her father. Hell, that’s a loss that, within the conversation, she blames Kara for. (Not exactly the best way to go about telling someone that you want them to stick around- telling them that they are the reason for the bad parts of your life.)

The only time that Alex conveys that Kara isn’t a burden, that she’s needed, is when she’s going to lose her to the Black Mercy. But Kara lost her planet again and then her aunt. I don’t think that that revelation, that Alex might be better off with her around, was gonna stick after all that. Of course, she reassured everyone that the only reason her perfect dream was of Krypton was because she’d been feeling down in her current life. That she would choose Earth, something that I don’t think anyone could reasonably ask her to do.

Someone on here said that they didn’t buy that Kara doesn’t think Alex is better off without her, that it was an excuse so she could fly off with Clark. But look at what Kara thought some of her last words were going to be:

“I want you to have a good life. I want you to find love and be happy. I want you to do all the things that being my sister kept you from doing.”

Kara really truly believes that she’s keeping Alex from having a good life. And Alex kinda sorta regularly reaffirms this belief.

I think the issue is that some people are reading Kara as selfish for not picking up on Alex’s needs, but Kara’s face-value nature, inability to tell when Alex is lying, and hero worship that views Alex as too strong to need anything, blinds her to Alex’s more closed-off nature. (Also, we all should know Kara has only one selfish bone in her body and that’s reserved for food hogging.)

Ultimately, I think that the search for Alex’s father is a cover for Alex, so she doesn’t have to admit that she needs Kara for emotional reasons and not practical ones. Alex is likely unaccustomed to asking for things, forced into a caretaker role, so it’s a lot easier to list off the things she’s sacrificed for Kara to guilt her into staying than to ask Kara to stay because she wants her to.

It feels kind of like a co-dependent relationship, where one person needs the other and the other needs to be needed. But Kara thinks she’s the only one who benefits, and Alex isn’t emotionally aware enough to know that she likes being needed. (Still workshopping this idea…)

In the end I don’t think either of them is the bad guy, but I also think Alex said some hurtful and not fully truthful things to avoid being fully vulnerable. For instance, as we saw in the flash backs, Alex didn’t become a DEO agent because of Kara, she became one because she was drowning in her current lifestyle. This is the path she chose. When Supergirl came on, her job entailed protecting her, but she likely performed the same job for her fellow agents. As Alex said before, “protecting you isn’t my actual job”. Also, having Kara help her find her father doesn’t feel quite accurate, because when Alex disappeared in season one to find him, she was fully prepared (and even seemed to want) to do it without Kara.

I don’t think Alex really intended to hurt Kara, but she certainly played dirty, implying that she blames her for her father’s disappearance, that she’s sacrificed everything good in her life for her, and bringing up that, conversely, Clark abandoned her. The last was something that Kara should probably know, and I’m so happy Alex said it, but I wish it wasn’t used to manipulate Kara into staying with Alex. (I don’t mean the word ‘manipulate’ in some villainous abusive way, but the way we all utilize from time to time. More like convincing someone of something by using what you know to your advantage. Not quite clean, but not innately bad.) I wish it was “He didn’t treat you right,” without the addendum, “but I did.” I don’t think the words were meant to be malicious at all, but I do think they hurt Kara.

And finally, if Kara knew that Alex would wanted her to stick around, she wouldn’t have even brought the idea up. This is evidenced by the simple fact that as soon as Alex conveyed that she didn’t want her to leave, she didn’t leave.

tl;dr Kara does think that Alex would be better off without her, but Alex can’t properly express when she needs things, so she won’t really tell Kara that she’s wrong. She, instead, pretty much guilted her into staying by saying that Kara owes her for everything that she has sacrificed. It did the trick for now, but I think their relationship has some major things to work out (and I have full faith that these things will be explored).

10 Questions To Answer Before You Interview

Some questions that you should be prepared to be asked, and some questions about interviews themselves.

1. Is this interview evaluative or informational?

Both are useful for expressing interest, but evaluative will be used to help flesh out your personal qualities when your application is read. Be prepared to sell yourself to the school.  Informational is really about the school and so they can sell the school to you, so come armed with all of the questions you could possibly have.

2. What are my best qualities?

Be ready to sell your best traits. Are you a great leader? Are you extremely curious? Are you goal oriented? Have a few different traits that you know you have solid examples of ready to go. You may not be asked this question specifically, but it might get asked indirectly.

3. What can I add to a school?

This pops up in a few different ways, but this is really about knowing your role in a community. Know what you add to a classroom. Know what clubs and activities appeal to you. Know what contributions you made to your high school to use as evidence that you could do that in college. They’re looking for all sorts to flesh out the school, so know exactly what you can add.

4. What do I want to learn?

I was asked point blank in an interview why I wanted to go to college. It was a refreshingly honest question and answering it helped me frame a lot of other answers in later interviews. So ask yourself this question, and know your reasons outside of “It’s what is expected of me,” and “To get a good job.”

5. Is this interview with an alumni or admission staff?

If you can interview with admissions staff try to do that. Alumni interviews are fine, but staff are much more up-to-date on the school. Also know how to frame your answers to who you’re interviewing with. A 40 year old dental assistant won’t know exactly what you’re talking about when you discuss your favorite club, so you’ll need to explain a little bit more. An admission intern who’s four years older than you or a staffer who reads a thousand applications a year will be more familiar with high school terminology.

6. What is something I’ve struggled with and overcome?

Remember the second half of this question when you’re deciding on your story of overcoming. This could be anything, big or small. Some pointers: Do not talk about something that is unresolved. Do not make your interviewer uncomfortable. If you have been through something very difficult that is still painful to talk about, you do not need to use it. 

I talk about my disability when I get this question (and literally every single person I’ve ever interviewed with has asked me a version of this question). It’s not a really painful thing for me to talk about, and it’s a really solid story of hard work and coming up with solutions to a problem.

My brother who does not have a shining example of overcoming something talks about having to play hockey right after our grandmother died. It’s just as good of a story because he hits all of the right points on it.

7. What do I like about this school?

Know the answer to this one. Know specifics. This answer is two fold, it shows off that you’ve done your research and it allows you to highlight a quality about yourself (for example, I talked about hall-councils for my WM interview because I never really found a place to talk about my event-planning experience elsewhere on an application).

8. What don’t I know about this school?

They are going to ask you if you have any questions. YOU NEED TO HAVE QUESTIONS. I like asking one real question (ex: what advice do you have for an incoming freshman, how difficult is it to finish the Gen-Eds, how common are double majors) and one “just sell me the school” question (ex: what is the best thing about your school? What’s something awesome about the school that I probably don’t know about?)

9. What do you want to major in/or why you haven’t chosen a major?

They are going to ask you this question point blank 99.9% of the time. If you know, explain why (beyond, “I love to read,” or “I want to be a doctor,”) with a really specific thing you love about the major.
If you don’t know don’t freak out, an answer about being broadly curious or not wanting to commit to something without checking out all your options is totally fine. Just make sure you drop what you think might be interesting while you’re explaining. You can absolutely make going in undeclared sound sexy and intentional.

10. Will I benefit from interviewing?

This is a “really need to know yourself” question. I had a friend who was told outright, “You’re a lot more interesting on paper than in person,” and was discouraged from interviewing (he got into his top choice university which was insanely competitive, so this was actually really good, if not slightly hard to hear, advice).

If you’re really shy, or have trouble talking to strangers, or are bad at thinking on your feet, be honest with yourself. Interviews are done by such a small part of the application pool that not interviewing will never hurt you.

I have another friend who only got into the schools where he interviewed (some of these schools being more selective than schools that rejected him) because he is so dynamic and charismatic that his interviews really helped clinch his application.

So know yourself deeply and honestly. I’m not saying that if you’re shy you can’t do well at interviews (I know many shy people who are great at them), but I am saying that if you know yourself to be bad at interviews don’t do this extremely optional part of the application.


I do get a lot of contemporary stuff; I just find it’s very difficult to find good female roles in contemporary pieces. I don’t know why that is. I find more interesting roles for women in period pieces. I do personally like watching period films, I think you can really get lost in the fantasy of them. You’re not judging it on a day to day, “I know this,” basis. You’re in your own role, and I like the fusion that that creates. But really, it’s about the characters, and I’ve found it’s just not as good for women in contemporary pieces.

writinfreak  asked:

My only question watching you root for assassin Quinn from Homeland and seeing all of your Lethal Weapon love is "do you know Clayne's role in Leverage as a rarely seen assassin type named Quinn?"

Yes I am aware of that. However, I never watched Leverage. :)

It’s a very good assassin name. ;)

  • Interviewer, in 15 years: so Eliza tell us about your new role.
  • Eliza Taylor: well, you know what my favorite role has been...Clarke Griffin...specifically getting to play Clarke alongside Alycia Debnam-Carey...who played Clarke's soulmate, Lexa. Clarke and Lexa are soulmates.
  • Interviewer: that's wonderful, but tell us--
  • Eliza Taylor: I know, man, I agree. Fuck The 1OO. Clexa is endgame.
  • Interviewer: that's not what I--
  • Eliza Taylor: anyway, have you heard of Elyza Lex?
Todays Motivation

I am very proud of you all!
You all are very strong for making it to today
Please eat if you haven’t, maintain hydration too.
If there is work to be done please finish it, you are very smart and I know you can do it.
You are a very important person, you may not know what your role is but you are destined for greatness.
Enjoy your weekend everyone.