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Sweetheart (Steve Rogers x reader)

Rewriting this, I hope I have good memory recall for this. Still on edge from deleting the first draft of this. fuckkkkkk

Description: Steve breaks down in front of you about Bucky. It’s angsty and sad honestly.

“Goodnight everyone!” You waves at the group as you walked away. You had a smile on your face, unlike everyone else. Everyone was exhausted from the last mission, besides you. All you earned back from them were some grumbled goodnights and halfhearted waves. You stopped before leaving, “has anyone seen Steve?” The only person that responded this time was Sam with a barely audible “I don’t know.” You raised your brow, a concerned look creeping up on your face.

Steve had been acting different lately, the stress from his missions catching up to him. Not only that, but ever since Bucky returned, it had been taking a toll on him. He hadn’t been saying much about it, he was usually an open book. A total sweetheart. And you loved him. You and Steve had been together for over a year, every moment with him filled with pure bliss. All you knew was that you wanted to be with him; always.

You decided to check around the tower to try and find your loving boyfriend. Your first stop was the training room. It was dark, nobody was in there. You checked if he had been there recently, but there was no sight of spilled punching bags on the floor. Your suspicions that he was there recently were negative. Concern started to creep up your stomach. You thought of his next favorite place.. the kitchen. The marble felt cool underneath your bare feet as you walked across the open floor plan. As you reached the huge cooking space, memories of all the times you two were in the kitchen trying to make food crept up to the front of your mind. The corner of your mouth pulled up a bit as you thought about it. You flicked on the switch, but to no avail. He wasn’t there. The sick feeling now filled your stomach and crept up to your throat. You thought that he couldn’t have just left, he never leaves without telling you because he knows you get worried. Maybe he was in his room.

The hallways were empty and you cursed yourself for not wearing something warmer. All you were wearing was an old t-shirt and some cotton shorts. The least you could have done was put on some socks, but oh well.

You reached his door, and turned he knob. He wasn’t in there either. But, you stood in the middle of his room, taking it all in. Goosebumps started to surface on your arms and you saw a blanket on his bed. You took it, knowing he wouldn’t mind. You threw it over your shoulders and snuggled your nose into the fabric. You took a deep breath; it smelled just like him. His scent was comforting and familiar, something you hoped you never had to live without.

You slowly turned around in his room. You smirked at his bed, remembering all those nights you made love on it. Your eyes lingered there for few moments, then it shifted around the room. Your gaze finally landed on his photo wall. You walked across the room to it, feeling the carpet in between your toes. You smiled at all the photos, lightly tracing your fingers across them. Most of them were of you and him. Your eyes lit up at one photo from when you took a trip to the beach together. Steve had captured your reaction of the moment he poured sand on your head. The picture showed your shocked face and his side profile smiling at you. That was one of your favorite memories. You looked on at the rest of them and your fingertips stopped on a certain picture. The edges were worn and the picture was fading. Your smile faded as you pulled the push pin out of it and held it in your hands. It was a picture of Steve and Bucky from their army days.. before Steve lost him.

You knew you had to find him, or at least find out where he was. You wanted to be here for him, you always would.

You placed the picture back on the wall and left his room, the blanket still draped across your shoulders, and closed the door softly behind you. You began to walk to the elevator, but stopped in your tracks. You felt your pockets for your phone and realized you had left it in your room. You needed it to call Steve, to make sure he was okay. You entered the lonely elevator and pressed the button for your floor. When the doors opened, you found your hallway, listening to the sound of your feet as the padded against the hard wood.

As you began to walk to your room, you heard soft crying. You became worried, and as you got closer to your room, it grew more audible. Then you realized, it was coming from your room.

You turned the knob and slowly opened the door. It creaked, making your presence known. You saw a familiar figure sitting on the edge of your bed, his back facing you.

“Steve?” You squinted your eyes in the darkness. The concern and worry in your voice made him turn his upper body to you and he quickly wiped away any stray tears that might have been on his face, hoping you wouldn’t see. Oh, but you saw. You always knew when something was wrong, when something was bothering him.

The moonlight castes a shadow across his face, but you could still make out his disheveled, blonde hair and his full lips. You approached him, and let the blanket fall to the ground. You knelt down in front of him, so that you were looking up at him.

“Oh baby..” Your voice trailed off as you cupped his tear stained face, his cheeks flushed pink from crying. Your eyebrows were stitched together with worry and his placed one of his hands over yours.

“Sweetheart, talk to me. I was getting so worried about you.” He gave you a small smile, appreciating your concern and kissed your head.

“I’m sorry I worried you. I went to be by myself and realized I needed you, but I didn’t want to bother you. So, I decided to come to your room. It’s comforting just being here.”

He broke eye contact with you and looked at the floor. “Hey, look at me,” you spoke softly and turned his face towards you, “you could never bother me. I’ll be here in a heartbeat whenever you need me. I was looking everywhere for you.” You broke out a small smile and chuckled.

He laughed a little, but then tears started welling up in his eyes again.

“What’s wrong baby? Talk to me.” Your voice began to break at the sight of the one person you truly loved on the brink of tears.

“It’s Bucky. I thought he was dead.. he fell off a cliff. I went on thinking I would never see him again.” Tears began streaming down his face, making his blue-green eyes seem brighter. “And there he is, still alive, but not the Bucky I used to know. They tortured him F/N. They hurt him in ways unimaginable. And when he saw me.. he didn’t know who I was.” At this moment, he began to sob. You pulled yourself up on the edge of the bed, so that he could lean on your shoulder. He sat there, buried in your shoulder, his arms around your waist. You rubbed his back soothingly, shushing his pain.

After a good twenty minutes of that, he pulled away. “Thank you darling. Thank you for being here for me.” He looked down at the spot where he cried and saw how soaked your shirt was. “And sorry about your shirt.”

You laughed a little and his face graced a small smile. “Well it’s good that you have plenty of shirts for me to steal to replace this one.” You winked and kissed him on the cheek. “Hey, I’m always gonna be here. No matter what. Because I love you. God, I love you so much. And we’re going to get through this together. You and me. We’re gonna find a way to get him back, not just get him back to you. But we’re gonna get the real Bucky back to you.” You looked at him, with hope, but also with hurt. You hated seeing him so upset.

He cupped your face and whispered, “maybe we will. I hope we do. As long as you’re here, it’ll be easier than facing it alone.” His voice was raspy from crying, and his eyelashes were sticking together.

He put on a small smile and pulled you face to his, kissing you softly. You kissed back, the feeling of his lips on yours leaving you filled with butterflies even after over a year of being together. He pulled away and you put your foreheads together. You gazed into each other’s eyes, and somehow it filled the silence.

“Thank you.” He spoke with love and affection and you knew he really meant it.

“Sweetheart, I’d do anything for you.” You smiled and pulled his lips to yours. You kissed each other, pouring all your love for each other into every moment. Steve deepened the kiss, and it felt like your world was spinning into pure bliss.

Then it was his turn to pull away. He left and warm feeling on your lips that tingled when the cool air hit you. “Can we just stay here? I don’t want to leave you.” He spoke shyly.

“Of course you can.” You knew that the Winter Soldier, haunted him in his sleep ever since Steve saw him.

You got up to go to your dresser, his hands falling from your waist. You always kept a pair of his pajamas in your room in case he ever wanted to sleep over. You pulled out a pair of his soft, plaid sleeping pants out of the drawer. You knew these were his favorite. The pants went flying across the room to him as you threw it. You also took out the shirt that he always wore with it. Before tossing the shirt to him, you contemplated whether you should actually give it to him.

You turned to him and he had already stripped off his shirt and put on his pajama pants. His arm was outstretched for you throw the shirt to him. Instead, you teasingly pulled off your shorts and your tear soaked shirt, giggling. He gave you a look, the one he always gave you when you were being mischievous. He began to laugh as you tried being seductive, something you weren’t very good at. But, it was something you and him always laughed about together.

Before he got any ideas, you put on his t-shirt, which hung to the middle of your thigh. It was huge on you. You were glad you got him to laugh, you could tell it was taking his mind off of Bucky.

“So I’m just supposed to be cold tonight then?” He was smiling fully as you walked towards him; sporting his shirt.

“Well, you’ll have me to keep you warm. I think you’ll be fine.” You both were bubbly despite what just happened. It took the edge of, and Steve was grateful for it.

You stood in front of him and he held your hands gently as you rubbed your thumbs across the backs of his hands.

You crawled into your bed together, pull the comforter over your bodies, the fabric feeling soft against your skin. Steve put his arm around you as you snuggled up to his bare chest with your leg wrapped around him.

“We’re going to find him. That much I can promise you sweetheart.” you whispered these words into the air, thinking nobody could hear you. But Steve did, and he placed a loving kiss on your head one last time before your eyes fluttered closed and sleep took both of you into its embrace.

A Harry Styles Christmas Carol






if I could pad soft-shoe into your life
you know I would
I would slip past the guards of your
and tuck myself into your heart for safekeeping
I’d cuddle your brainwaves with my petals
and give to you the songs you’ve always wanted to write
but never could
I would land in your sky, light on my feet
fertile with all the possibilities
of our time
so if ever in the night you feel a flutter unknown
don’t shrink back from the shadows: it’s only me, dear

it’s only me

The other Dimension

Thanks for reading btw. I would like to apologise at first - English isn’t my first language, and sometimes i do find it hard. So please bear with me. Thanks a lot.

Words: 529

“Come on focus Y/N! What is wrong with you today, you always fight back!” You stumbled backwards, and fell onto the floor. You looked surprised at your parabatai Isabelle. “I’m sorry, it’s just the mission with Clary, you know.” Isabelle looked questioning at you, and reached her hand out for you. You took it, and quickly stood up. “Well, the mission is not very hard. Just some information from the other dimension, that’s it!” You shrugged your shoulder, and shook your head. “Isabelle, you know me and Alec have a fling.”

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The Perks Of Dating Liam Dunbar:

1. Falling asleep in his arms:

“Y/n, come here,” Liam whispered as he opened his arms wide enough for you to shuffle closer to him. And once you did, you laid you head on his chest with the sound of his pulse invading your ears- calming you down. 

2. Movie night dates: 

What are you looking at? Is there something on my face?” You questioned as you felt Liam’s piercing blue eyes on you.

A soft chuckle escaped past his lips before he pressed his lips on your forehead, “You know I love you right?”

With a faint blush creeping across your cheeks, you nodded as you grasped a handful of DVD’s. “Of course I do Liam, you shouldn’t even need to ask.”

“Well, I intend on reminding you every single day that i do,” He paused as he met your gaze squarely, before wrapping his arms around your shoulders. “Now, what are we going to watch?”

3. This little pup trying to act tough just to impress you:

I can take them,” Liam muttered suddenly causing a loud cough to erupt from Stiles, who looked at him strangely before he continued. “I’ll just knock them out and hide the bodies.”

Stiles swiftly turned to you with a sour expression, “Oh my God Y/n, please make him stop.” 

4. Liam getting jealous as he catches you staring at Brett (Jealous liam is the best Liam):

Capturing your bottom lip with your teeth, you raised a brow once you eyed a certain lacrosse player from across the pitch. “Who’s he?” You asked.

A low growl escaped from Liam as he turned to face both you and Mason with his baby blue orbs glaring at you. “You think he’s hot, don’t you?” 

But before you could answer, Mason interrupted causing Liam’s expression to become even more annoyed. “Hell yes, and I’m not even going to deny it.”

5. Liam apologising after an argument (Puppy face Liam is also the best Liam): 

Y/n, can I-I talk to you please?” 

You turned around to be met by Liam, and by the look on his face you couldn’t help but nod before grasping his wrist and pulling him into an empty classroom.

Crossing your arms over your chest, you asked, “What do you want Liam?” 

He began to step forward, slowly closing the gap between the both of you, And you knew he was close enough once you felt his warm breath fanning your cheeks.

“Are you still mad at me, Y/n?” 

You let out a sigh before the corner of your lips lifted into a soft smile, “No,” You began as you wrapped your arms around his neck, “I forgive you.” 

6. Liam stealing glances at you from afar:

A giggle from beside you caused you to angle your body to face your best friend Hayden, who held her hand to her lips as she suppressed another laugh. 

What?” You asked, raising a brow at her.

“Can you not tell?” 

Your brows furrowed in confusion, “What do you mean Hayden?” 

She grasped both of your shoulders before turning your whole body to face the pitch. “Look Y/n, Dunbar has been eyeing you for like an hour now.”

With your gaze falling on him, you met his gaze squarely before a smirk invaded his lips. 

7. Liam’s kisses:

The air seemed to leave your lungs once Liam captured your lips in a heated, scorching kiss.With your eyes immediately falling shut at the warm touch of his hand which wrapped itself around your waist before pulling you closer, until your body molded with his. His fingers then crawled its way to your cheek, leaving a hot trail whilst angling your face to deepen the kiss.

Wow, this is intense.” 

You instantly pulled away from Liam at the sound of a familiar voice. “Mase-” You began, sighing.

“I-I’ll just leave you guys to it,” Mason said as he held up in surrender before closing the door.

Liam chuckled before hauling your body closer to his, “Now, where were we?” 


So I hope you enjoyed this! I remember this was requested by an Anon i do hope it was what you wanted hun- i decided to add my own twist to it. 

If you do want more do let me know and it could be on other characters aswell!! Or if you want a full imagine on any of the perks do let me know!!

This was soooo much fun to do!

And finally that exams are over, i have more time to write!

- Liam Dunbar



Yves x



Originally posted by slut4kylo

“Come on!” You hiss scrambling out of the closet. “Training started 10 minutes ago!”

“Relax.” Ben Solo scoffs hopping out on one foot trying to pull on his boot and pants at the same time resulting in him completely wiping out

“Dork.” You grin strapping your light saber holster around your waist.

Ben smirks and looks up at you through a mop of black curls drenched in sweat. He jumps to his feet. “You love me.”

You roll your eyes and turn and start to walk towards the atrium. “Master Luke is going to kill us.” You mumble.

“No he won’t. We are his best Padawans.” Ben laughs running to catch up with you. He slings an arm around your shoulder, his hand creeping down “You know we could just…”

“Ben!” You bark slapping his hand off your boob.

“What?” Ben says innocently. You glance up at him your eyes meeting his. For a second you were completely and utterly captured by him. He was beautiful. A glowing sun in the middle of a dark galaxy. He was your star and every day you felt yourself falling even more in love with him.

You didn’t realize you were grinning like a fool until he grinned back at you making your world grow a little brighter. Ok a lot brighter.

“What are you thinking about?” He asks stopping and turning you towards him. You don’t answer. Instead you reach up and kiss him. You close you eyes and pull him closer relishing in the feeling of him pressed against you.

You pull away though his head still lingers down by yours. He grins even more, his arm snaking down to your butt. “Because I know exactly what I’m thinking about. Your thighs wrapped around my-”

“OK!” You giggle before turning and darting towards the atrium. You hear him laugh and sprint after you.

He manages to catch up with you just as you both burst through the door. You screeching in laughter and him sprouting out innuendos.

“Ben and y/n, so glad you could finally join us.” The voice of Master Luke rings out around the room. You both pause dead in your tracks. Everyone’s eyes are now on you. You can only imagine what they are thinking. Both of your’s and Ben’s clothes are wrinkled. You guys are both out of breath and with sinking realization your realize you accidently strapped on Ben’s lightsaber hollister.

“You guys seem a little sweaty. You haven’t even started practice.” One of the older Padawans calls smirking. “And since when did you both switch lightsabers?”

You growl. He is really asking to get his ass kicked. You eyes dart back to Master Luke’s.

“Well it was a little dark in the closet after we-” Ben starts the grin evident on his face. You clap a hand over his mouth. The little fucker is not even embarrassed!

“Sorry about the tardiness.” You hiss.

“Well if you two are done- just find a spot on the floor!” Master Luke says quickly. You can practically see the knowing smirk on his face.

“I bet he can’t wait to tell my father.” Ben snorts before switching to Luke’s voice “Oh Han! Ben’s definitely getting-”

“UGHHH!” You cut him off. Ben Solo never knows when to shut his trap.

“Before I go anywhere I gotta tell Oscar so he doesn’t worry.” Monty typed on his phone leaving a text before putting it in his pocket. “There.”

“Yeahs sure take yer time heh..oh. That was fast, wells.. uh here is my car yep. Please come this way.” { oh god please don’t think I’m trying to kidnap you} Atlas held the door open for Monty. 

“Thanks, huh.. hope this isn’t weird but you are kinda jumpy.” Monty got into the car and buckled up. 

{Oh god oh god oh god.. keep it together.} “Oh uh heh really y-yeah I .. am kinda nervous.” {You sound like a creep, chiiiiiiill out. } 

“Eh, yeah. Do you know your way around town? I could help if you want, I know where a nice place for lunch is.” 

“Oh? W-well uh how abouts you drive. Since I’d probably gets lost.”

“Oh okay. Sure.” 

Monty and Atlas change places in the car, Monty sitting behind the wheel fitting perfectly in the small vehicle. “Wow this car is awesome.” Monty double checked to make sure he was buckled, the mirror was alright, and started it. Feeling a little nervous as it had been a while since he drove, he took them to a small diner at the edge of town. 

“Hey this place is kinda nifty.”

“Yeah I come here sometimes with a friend of mine.” Monty and Atlas are seated at a booth. “So what did you want to talk to me about?” 

Can you sleep anymore?
Knowing she’s creeping around every corner
Your bones ache with paranoia
The insomnia seems to keep you warm
—  zoë perez, excerpt from “Sleep”

(Radiohead is my favorite band in the world, and inspired by my own annoyance at that I wrote this piece for the sixth issue of The Pitchfork Review, which you can find in bookstores, online, and at Urban Outfitters near you! It’s full of incredible full-on music articles and interviews and other little pieces like this, I highly recommend checking it out. Here are some of the ones from the print + the ones that got cut from the print version for length reasons.)

ALL I NEED - Multiple people are worried you might kill them.

ELECTIONEERING - Your 95’ Corolla has a faded “IMPEACH BUSH” bumper sticker on it.

2 + 2 + 5 - Your 02’ Civic has a pristine “INVESTIGATE 9/11” sticker on it.

CREEP - You wouldn’t trade your job as a radio emcee for anything in the world!

FAKE PLASTIC TREES - Someone made fun of you when you chose “Creep.”

KNIVES OUT - Everyone is sick of you talking about your ex.

FERAL - Everyone is sick of you talking about Whiplash.

FITTER HAPPIER - Your OKCupid profile is littered with Office Space quotes.

KID A - You’re very comfortable with being patronizing to anyone younger than you.

LURGEE - You get defensive any time someone talks shit on Dawson’s Creek.

HOUSE OF CARDS - You’ve been “in love” 5 times this year alone.

PLANET TELEX - You love impassioned conversations about how “kids nowadays just don’t know real music.”

IDIOTEQUE - Sorry I couldn’t make it to your DJ set, I had a thing.

A WOLF AT THE DOOR - Half of your tweets are complaints that people aren’t tweeting about an obscure third-world crisis.

LOTUS FLOWER - “Dude, you’ve gotta check out this autotune remix video on YouTube. You’re gonna flip.”

THE AMAZING SOUNDS OF ORGY - You always show off your Stanley Donwood tattoo within 30 minutes of a first date.

PYRAMID SONG - Your family is worried about you. How come you never call anymore.

THERE THERE - You cry during underdog sports movies. A lot.

VIVA LA VIDA - Keep working on your open mic set.

(if i missed your favorite, tweet it at me. it might be in the published version but i really had fun doing this so i’ll keep doing them until i die)

People think that power is the solution. That if you stay strong and fight your issues head on that they will go away. Again and again we try and end up paralyzed in failure. No one has realised that you don’t get rid of your insecurities, you accept them, turning the bad into the good. You have to live life knowing what disturbs your thinking and creeps into every moment and accept it as a reminder. A reminder that faults are in us all, a reminder to set goals, and a reminder that you can’t have everything.
—  noahsmeller

It’s 12am again and you know what that means: your existence will creep into my mind once again.
But this time it is much stronger.  I can’t just pretend you aren’t there or that I do not care.  I am having to restrain myself from grabbing my cellphone and typing in your number and calling you.  It is taking all of my strength not to text you and tell you how I truly feel.   So I’ll just say it here.

I miss you, more than you can possibly imagine.  I miss the feeling of your arm around me when I can’t sleep.  I miss the sound of your voice.  I miss you so goddamn much.

However, maybe I don't particularly miss you, just what we had.  
And I honestly have no idea which one terrifies me more.

—  a.s. // thoughts in the back of my mind #2

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