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Imagine being Lucifers soulmate

Word count: 2186

Request by: anon - Hi! I was wondering if I could request a Lucifer x reader where Chuck is like “yeah Lucifer has a soulmate duh” so Sam, Dean, Cas, Lucifer, and Chuck all go to find them (Sam and Dean ready for her to be all evil) but they’re super intelligent and sweet? Thank you!! 

A/N: Thanks for the request <3

No one’s POV

Sam, Dean, Cas and Chuck were all sat silently in the room thinking of ways in which they could make Lucifer less angry at everything which reduces the risk of him throwing one of his ‘tantrums’ and destroying his brothers and humanity.

“I guess we could find his soulmate,” Chuck spoke out loud breaking the silence causing both Sam and Dean’s heads to shoot up and stare in Chuck’s direction.

“That’s a possibility,” Castiel replied to his father before continuing to look down at the lore book in his hands.

Both Sam and Dean just continued to stare at them in shock. The Lucifer, the very fallen angel which wanted to destroy humanity, had a soulmate, a human soulmate. A long period of silence followed as they were both too frozen to say anything.

“Wait what? Lucifer has a soulmate,” Dean spoke breaking the silence asking the question both him and Sam wanted to ask.

“Yeah Lucifer has a soulmate, duh,” Chuck laughed as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, “I made every angel have a soulmate.”

“Could you take us and Lucifer to her?” Sam asked Chuck steadily and Dean looked at him as if he had just said the most stupid and crazy thing in the world.

“Of course I can,” Chuck replied looking over the small group of people within the room, “It’s just getting Lucifer out of his room and agreeing to the plan that’s going to be the hard part, I don’t think he even knows himself that he has a mate.”

Everyone’s heads drifted to Dean silently, as a group, picking him to be the one to speak to the angry archangel only a few rooms down from them.

“Well I’m not going in there alone with no defence against a moody archangel.” Dean spoke matter-of-factly.

“Who are you calling moody?” A smooth voice called out causing everyone’s heads to shoot over to where the sound came from.

There stood Lucifer leaned against the doorframe with a smug expression covering his face, it was the first time anyone had seen him come out of his designated room almost as if he could sense that the others were talking about him.

“Lucifer, come sit,” Chuck spoke causing Lucifer to pull a face which resembled disgust.

“I’m fine here,” he replied. Lucifer still wasn’t back to being 100% father and son with God (in fact he acted like a teenager) but they seemed to be better than they were when he first got out of the cage and being moody constantly was better to Chuck than his son not talking to him at all.

“Well, what do you all want, I could hear you all thinking my name from my room,” Lucifer spoke into the silent room taking notice of the shocked expressions on the Winchester’s face’s when looking at him.

“Father decided it would be best if took you to see your soulmate.” Castiel informed Lucifer.

Shock was evident on Lucifer’s face for a split moment in time before it returned expressionless to try and hide the emotions he was feeling; it was clear to everyone in the room that he didn’t know he had a soulmate.

“Well, let’s go do that then,” Lucifer spoke calmly yet inside he knew he was excited. After the fall and spending so long in the cage, he had begun to think that his father had not created him a soulmate and was pleasantly surprised to find out that he still had the ability to feel love like his brothers and sisters, “It’s slightly better than doing nothing in my room all day,” he added not wanting anyone in the room to acknowledge his happiness, he still had the reputation of ‘the devil’ to hold.

“That was easier than expected,” mumbled Chuck to both Dean and Sam with a chuckle before raising his hand and clicking sending them all to meet Lucifer’s soulmate.

Your POV

Sighing to yourself, you collapsed onto the sofa, your favourite book in your hand ready to read the night away. The day had been so busy and you hadn’t had a second to relax so you had decided to spend the rest of the night just relaxing, listening to your favourite band and reading. That was until you heard a knocking at the door.

Thinking it was just some hunters coming to you for information you decided to ignore the knocking at the door and continue reading, trying your hardest to relax. They could go to someone else for help, it’s been too long of a day.

The knocking continued so you sighed placing the book down and made your way to the persistent person knocking at your door so late at night.

Shock was evident on your face when you opened the door to 5 men staring at you, two looking slightly scared making you confused as to why they could be here. You slightly backed away from the door in case they were demons (which you doubted highly due to the friendship you had with Crowley, although they could be rouge demons) or any other monster which could have found out you were helping hunters.

Even though you were nervous, your eyes couldn’t help but drift over to the man with blonde hair you just wanted to wrap your hands in and gorgeous blue eyes that you could stare in for eternity, your eyes continued to roam over his body, as did his with yours. You quickly diverted your eyes away from him in case he noticed you checking him out.

“How can I help you lovely men?” you smiled slightly looking at them as a whole.

“We was wondering if we could speak with Y/N,” the guy in the trench coat asked.

“That would be me, please, come in,” you replied, a smile not leaving your face, you nervously watched as they all stepped onto and over the welcome mat which contained a hidden devils trap under it. Your worry slightly lifted when you saw that none of them had gotten stuck. We are demon free, I repeat, demon free you thought to yourself as the men followed you into the kitchen.

“Anybody want a cuppa?” you asked happy that you weren’t in danger, if you were they probably would have tried to attack you by now but you were still cautious just in case.

A chorus of ‘no thank you’s’ was your reply apart from the blonde headed man replying ‘please’ causing all of the other men to look at him as if he had grown another head.

“S-Sure thing,” you cursed yourself for stuttering when talking to him and you felt your cheeks begin to heat up.

You hummed a cheery tune as you quickly spun around and popped the kettle on before making a drink for the both of you. As you handed the mysteriously hot man his drink your fingers collided for a moment and everything felt right like nothing else mattered in that short moment of time but you and him, sparks of electricity running up your arm. Looking up into the man’s crystal blue eyes, you searched for any sign that he had felt the same as you but all you saw was his expressionless face. Quickly, you grabbed onto your drink before sitting down and inviting everybody else to do so.

“So, what is it you guy’s wanted,” you smiled taking a sip of your drink. You had always been a cheerful person, from a very young age up until now and you had always believed that there was too much negativity within the world that you couldn’t possibly contribute to that, so you tried to spread as much joy as possible. It was one of the reasons you started helping hunters with their boring lore work. Lucifer realised that and admired you for it.

“Well, I guess we should introduce ourselves first, shouldn’t we?” the tall long haired man said nudging the person next to him who continued to stare at you like you was some sort of myth or legend.

“Wha- oh yes. Introductions. I’m Dean, that’s…” he paused for a second whilst pointing in the blonde man’s direction, “…Nick?” he said as more of a question, “Chuck, Cas, and this is my little brother Sam.”

It was now your turn to have shock overcome your face. Did you hear them right? Sam and Dean Winchester was in your house, in front of you with the infamous Castiel you had heard so much about. What the heck would they want with you?

“Winchester brothers?” You asked out quietly, surprised that a voice even managed to come out of your mouth.

“Yeah… That’s us, how’d you know?” Sam asked slightly creeped out that you knew who they were.

“Oh come on, every hunter knows about you two,” you stated.

Silence overcame the room as the men processed what you had just said, the only person to show any form of emotion was Nick, a large, proud smirk across his face at the fact you were a hunter.

“Well then, since you know about the supernatural, we can properly introduce ourselves,” Chuck spoke motioning to him and Nick, “I’m God, but I prefer Chuck.”

“Pleasure to meet you Chuck!” You spoke happily sticking out your hand for him to shake, surprising yourself that you didn’t react massively to the fact he had just told you he was the God. He chuckled taking your hand in his, your infectious smile crawling its way onto his face. Everybody then looked in Nicks direction, you saw him nervously fiddling with his hands.

“I, uh, I’m,” he stuttered, a hand reaching to stroke the back of his neck to calm him down as he debated whether or not he should tell you the truth, “I’m Lucifer.”

You smiled and wrapped your arms around him, for some reason it just felt right and both you and Lucifer knew it. He sighed into the hug relaxing instantly when you didn’t freak out over who he was

“Well it’s a pleasure to meet you too Lucifer,” you said into the hug before pulling away from him seeing a smile on his face. The rest of the group seemed shocked at his display of emotion yet Lucifer decided to ignore them and keep smiling at you.

“So,” you spoke suddenly clapping your hands together and reluctantly turning away from Lucifer, “What brings the Winchesters, God and the angels to these neck of the woods.”

Lucifer’s metaphorical heart stopped for a moment when you acknowledged him as an angel, he didn’t think he could possibly fall in love with something as quickly as he was with you.

“You understand the concept of soulmates correct?” Castiel spoke up and you looked over in Lucifer’s direction knowing where the conversation seemed to be heading.

“I do,” you answered Castiel but not taking your eyes off of Lucifer and him not taking his eyes off of you.

“Well, we found out that you are the soulmate of-“

“Lucifer,” you spoke cutting Castiel off. It definitely was the only explanation for the strong attraction you were having for him, it felt as if you had known each other for all eternity.

“Yes, Lucifer is your mate,” Castiel confirmed.

You felt as Lucifer’s hand slid down into yours, fingers locking together causing a grin to appear on both your face and Lucifer’s.

“Okay let’s leave them to it then,” Chuck said shoving the rest of the boys out of the room and throwing a wink at you. Sam and Dean still continued to show shocked expressions at your kindness towards everyone as they were pushed by God out of the room to leave you and Lucifer some privacy to talk.

“Y/N,” Lucifer turned to you and placed a hand on your cheek the other still locked between your fingers, “I know we have only just met, but it feels as if I have been in love with you for eternity.”

“Me too Luci,” you confirmed slightly blushing and ducking your head at the way in which stared lustfully at you.

His hand drifted down to under your chin as he lifted your head to make you look at him. Your eyes locked with his ocean blue ones and it felt as if he was staring directly into your soul. Slowly, with his hand still on your chin, Lucifer leaned down hovering his lips over yours momentarily as your foreheads touched due to how close you were before locking his lips with yours. As cliché as it sounds, you felt butterflies erupt in your stomach when your hand reached up and gripped into his blonde hair. His gentle hand snaked its way around your waist and pulled you closer to his chest as he deepened the kiss. In this moment, wrapped in your soulmate’s arms, feeling the best you had in a while, you knew that you was truly in love as was Lucifer and that he was going to do everything in his power to protect you.


Request: “How about Draco x reader, where she loses her virginity to him? love your writing ♥”

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 2.2k


Originally posted by mistakeoftheconstellation

You couldn’t sleep tonight. It was just one of those nights, where the shadows of trees blowing in the breeze danced across the wall, their movement as restless as your being. You had pulled your wand out, practicing light charms. The beams of light bounced on the chilly Autumn air, the wind billowing your curtains as you had forgotten to close your window.

The white bunny of light that had been hopping around your room instantly faded at the sound of sobs. Frowning, you slipped out of the warmth of your bed, following the sound to your window. Poking your head out, below you could spot a flash of white-blonde hair under the moonlight, a face wet with tears and reddened eyes. He was pacing, as if contemplating coming up.

“Draco?” Your voice was quiet, heart already clenching at the sight of him. “What’s wrong? Come up.”

You took a seat on the sill, watching as he scaled the scaffolding under your window. Thank Merlin your mother had decided she wanted climbing Ivy on this side of the house, since a month ago the walls had been bare and there would be no direct way for Draco to come up. You helped pull him in as he reached your window.

There was a moment of silence as you both shared concerned looks, your hands immediately cupping his face and wiping his tears. Draco’s cheeks were freezing, but trailing your fingers down to his neck you found his body to be muggy. You collapsed into him, head pressed to his chest and listening to the unsteadiness of his heartbeat as he wrapped around you. You tilted your head up, pressing short kisses all over his face, covering him with affection. You did so until you too were in tears.

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Little Do You Know: 2

Pairing: TJ Hammond x fem!Reader 

Story Summary: Soulmate AU. On your 21st birthday, you begin to hear the innermost thoughts of your soulmate. What will happen when your soulmate just so happens to be a drug addict struggling to recover? Did I mention that he may or may not be incredibly gay? 

Warnings: Language, fluff, angst, mentions of suicide, mentions of drugs, i think that’s it.

A/N:`I hope you all enjoy this part, though it is a bit of a slow burn. I’m pretty happy with how these first two parts have turned out, so if you guys like this, maybe I’ll work on a third part. (:

I have to go.”

As you moved out of his hold, one of the tears you’d been harboring slipping out, falling down your cheek as you turned towards the exit again. “Wait, please.. Don’t.” He pleaded, following you, gripping your hand to keep you from leaving when you got too close to the door.

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anonymous asked:

Well, a creppy boy started talking to me on the Tumblr chat saying weird shit and asked me to be his valentine out of the blue, so.. Yeah can I request RFA+V+Saeran reacting to that? A creep talking to MC and saying creppy stuff lol. Love ur blog 💕

Is he still bothering you? If he is PM me and his ass is grass
Or if you’re just in need of a fake girlfriend/boyfriend/SO also say the word I’m there y’all don’t even know how good I look in drag

Forreal tho, if someone online is ever making you feel uncomfortable don’t be afraid to get assertive or reach out for help.


 RFA+V+Saeran react to a Creep creepin on MC


  • Yandere Yoosung: ACTIVATED i imagine a magical girl animation sequence whenever I say that
  • You had shown him the messages immediately because you two were playing games on an online server together when you got random, creepy PMs from GameFreak90
  • ‘hey there, I see you’re a high level. U must be pretty good with your hands
  • want 2 play a game together sometime? it doesn’t have to be online ;)
  • its almost valentines day you know. we can hang out. ‘
  • You were so uncomfortable, and it went from uncomfortable to freaked out when you asked GameFreak90 to stop messaging you and he kept going, starting to talk about all the things he’d like to do to you
  • Yoosung searched the guys name immediately and pulled up his profile
  • His hands never moved so fast
  • ‘Hey. Quit messaging MC28. She’s a good friend of mine and you’re freaking her out. -ShootingStar’
  • ‘fuck off’
  • Yoosung was not having it. He didn’t have Seven’s hacking skills, or Jumins money, or Jaehee’s wit or anything the others had
  • But what he did have was his games
  • He pulled up TeamSpeak for his LOLOL guild immediately
  • “Guys, I need backup for an emergency raid”
  • It was over in minutes
  • Yoosung’s guild had raided and completely emptied GameFreak90′s base
  • Yoosung got a string of messages immediately after
  • hey man what the fuck
  • dude give me my shit back
  • fine im sorry im sorry give me my shit please
  • dude please
  • Yoosung just turned his mic on and with one last request of his guild “Hey, can everyone here flag this guy for inappropriate behavior”
  • In about 10 mins Yoosung went to pull up GameFreak90′s profile
  • It had been deleted
  • Yoosung had the smuggest of smirks on his face
  • Until
  • “My hero” You giggled and kissed him on the cheek
  • He went from war hero Shooting Star to blushing, stuttering, Yoosung real quick


  • It was a slow day in the coffee shop so you were just sitting at a table playing on your phone and sipping coffee
  • Ding.
  • Huh? New message.
  • Ding ding ding
  • You had a bad feeling before even opening your Fumblr app 
  • When you did open the little social media site, you were met with a bunch of unwelcomed advances from some strange follower
  • Hey valentines is coming up and im lonely
  • r u lonely to?
  • how about u be my valentine and we can go out??
  • You grimaced and replied with a curt “I’m sorry but no thanks”
  • come on babe
  • dont b like that
  • we can have fun
  • Jaehee had noticed to look on your face and immediately popped to your side
  • “Mc is everything alright?
  • “Yeah..I’m just getting creepy messages from some guy on Fumblr.” You handed her the phone so she could read them and her nose crinkled in distaste almost instantly
  • “Well your first problem is you apologized.” 
  • “Huh?”
  • Jaehee started tapping away as she spoke “Don’t apologize for not being interested. When you apologize it makes you seem more …docile. Submissive. If these creeps think you have an ounce of shyness or even politeness in you they’ll try to exploit it.”
  • “o-oh.” You stammered, surprised by how irritated Jaehee suddenly seemed
  • “Secondly,” Her expression softened a bit with a final tap on the screen “You didn’t block him immediately” She looked to you with a smile on her face, pleased with herself for whatever she said to your Fumblr follower
  • She handed the phone back to you and a light blush fell across your cheeks. Jaehee never seemed to be the protector type but when it comes down to it
  • Baehee isn’t letting anyone bother you
  • ever


  • He’s gotten his fair share of creepy fan mail, but he understands it comes with the job
  • But when you get creepy mail from his followers
  • You two have all the fan mail sent to a P.O. Box so fans don’t have your home address
  • One time when you went to get the batch, the two of you found a handful of letters with your name on them
  • “My fans must see us together all the time” Zen said as he handed the letters to you, a cautious look on his face. He was worried it was going to be some fangirl writing a mean letter about how she deserves Zen instead of you
  • It was much creepier
  • It was a bunch of letters from some guy 
  • ‘My sister is a big fan of Zen so I have to watch TV shows with him on them all the time. One time there was a news story about him, but you were in the picture with him…’
  • The letters go on to say how once the writer saw you with Zen he started searching you more and claimed you two would be a perfect match. He started suggesting you break up with Zen (offering for him to date his sister) and for the two of you to get together.
  • You have to literally hold Zen back so he doesnt march to the return address and beat the shit out of sender
  • “Zen it’ll be such bad press do not do not do not”
  • 20 mins later
  • He’s not calm, but he’s not bum rushing the door so…calm enough
  • “Let’s think of a reasonable way to handle this” You slump into a chair, exhausted from being the only thing standing between Zen and a physical assault charge
  • After a few minutes of silence
  • ..”I have an idea.”
  • Zen pulled out a pad and started scribbling. “He said his sister is a fan of me? Well I’ll make her an offer she can’t refuse.”
  • Zen ended up writing a very heartfelt note to the sister of the sender, explaining the situation and how uncomfortable you were feeling because of the brother. And if the sincerity of the letter wasn’t enough to get her to make her brother stop, the VIP pass to Zen’s next show was a good bribe. 
  • He sent it out the next morning, and a few days later you guys checked the PO box to find a letter from her apologizing profusely for her brother’s behavior and how she’d handle it. And about 10 pages of ‘thank you’s and compliments for Zen of course. 


  • Elizabeth would only chase a laser pointer for so long, so you had a lot of free time whenever Jumin was at work
  • You were no stranger to social media sites as they were the best way to distract yourself for hours at a time until you had something entertaining to do
  • And you’ve gotten spam bots before, but never a human who was actually so forward enough to send you enough messages to make you a small novel
  • you look really nice in your profile picture
  • is that designer? man you got money to
  • you’re a rich bitch. wanna come see what its like on the other side of town?
  • You were appalled. 
  • “Leave me alone” was the best you could muster since you were in such a state of disgusted shock. 
  • The messages continued, and you ended up just blocking the guy. But even after that just looking at your phone made you a little nervous that you were going to see more messages from another douchebag
  • But nope
  • Same douchebag. Different site. 
  • why’d you block me? playing hard to get?
  • “How’d you find my profile?”
  • it’s not hard to figure it out since I saw your name on the other one ;*
  • You just blocked him again and put your phone down, resolving to entertain yourself with anything else that wasn’t social media.
  • Eventually Jumin came home, and the first thing he noticed was your phone sitting on the coffee table and a specific lack of…you.
  • He went into a panic for a moment before you stepped into the hall, freshly showered. 
  • “Oh, MC, there you are. I was worried for a second. You’re usually not far from your phone.” 
  • “Yeah..” You muttered. “Some guy just keeps bugging me”
  • What
  • What do you mean
  • What guy
  • How
  • You explain the situation to Jumin and his phone is to his ear almost immediately as he picks up yours with his free hand.
  • “Luciel? I’m cashing in on a favor….”
  • You knew immediately where this was going and you had a slight grin on your face, knowing the creep who kept messaging you wasn’t going to be bothering you or anyone else anytime soon


  • You don’t even waste time
  • The second you get the first creepy message
  • hey hot stuff
  • You hand your phone to Seven
  • He just looks down at the screen, and a devious smile spreads across his face
  • Sure he could mess with anyone he wanted, but this time he has an excuse to go all out and ruin this Creeps life.
  • Seven whips up a program in a matter of minutes, connects a USB from his computer to your phone, then texts the man back
  • Hey cutie…wanna see a picture? ;)’ and he attached a file 
  • It says the message was received and viewed, but no response was given.
  • “What’d you do?” You ask as Seven hands your phone back
  • With a big smirk on his face:
  • “Once he opens that file his phone is going to run through his chat logs and play back all his creepy messages  on a permanent loop on his screen. And if he has any wireless connection to his computer, say, cloud storage, it’s going to happen to his computer too. And every few minutes he’s going to get a picture of me dressed as a maid, because I have to deliver, you know?”
  • You give Seven a huge hug “Ugh, thank you. How will I every pay you back”
  • “You already did” He laughs
  • “Huh?”
  • “You’ll see” He winks and goes back to his computer.
  • You shrug and walk away, figuring you’d find out soon enough
  • And you did
  • The next time you opened your phone, your background was a nonstop slideshow of 707′s Greatest Crossdressing Pics
  • And all your app icons were selfies
  • And your gallery was filled with pictures of the red headed hacker


  • V was sitting on the couch and you were upstairs cleaning up and putzing around
  • Ding
  • V looked to see your phone light up on the table 
  • “MC, I think someone messaged you!” V yelled up the stairs
  • “Will you check it for me? It’s probably just a guest with a question about the party.” You called back 
  • “Sure.” And with that he opened your phone to find a rather crude picture  “What in the world”
  • my friend gave me ur number, thought you’d like this ;)
  • V was horrified that someone meant for you to open this 
  • ‘I dont’ He typed back.
  • awww come on. you can tell from the pic im a good looking guy and my friend says ur cute. why dont we hang out
  • No.” V glared at the number displayed at the top of the message board
  • playing hard to get? i like
  • V realized there was no reasoning with this idiot, and he thought it would be a waste of time trying to further communicate with a fool like his, so he bit down his better instinct and just sent a picture of himself glaring at the phone camera and typed “You’re talking to a man”
  • there was no reply for a moment
  • my friend said this was a girl
  • I can assure I am not a female. Your friend gave you the wrong number. Go away
  • There was no response but V was sure he could feel the embarrassment from the other side of the connection
  • With a satisfied huff he deleted the messages and number, figuring it best if you never have to worry about the situation
  • He also plans to find out which one of your friends would give your number to such a vulgar creep. 


  • You two were watching a video on your phone when you got a sudden chat request on Kiik, a messaging app
  • Saeran cast a quizzical look at you and you return it with a shrug, signalling you had no clue
  • When you open it up theres just a bunch of weird messages
  • hey babe
  • hey
  • wanna be my valentine
  • i dont want to be lonely and i bet you dont either
  • we can keep each other company ;)
  • You didn’t even have a chance to respond before Saeran took the phone from your hand
  • Fuck off” He was holding your phone so tight you thought he was gonna snap it in half
  • wow ur not very polite
  • “I said. Fuck. Off.” Saeran let out a breath that sounded like a growl
  • come on baby dont be like that
  • You could see a fire in your friend’s eyes and you knew things were about to get bad
  • Send one more message and I’ll end your miserable existence, Scum.” 
  • “Saeran let’s just ignore it” You tried to take your phone back but he wouldn’t let go, too hyper focused on the screen. Instead he looked at you and said “He shouldn’t be talking to you this way.”
  • Ding
  • Both your eyes shot back to the screen
  • so you’ll come see me ;)
  • Whoever was on the other line had nooo clue who they were taunting
  • Saeran got up slowly, so slow it was a little creepy, when you looked at him you could see the gears running in his head
  • He walked over to his computer and started typing away, looking to the phone every now and then.
  • After about 20 minutes he finally came back to sit with you and handed your phone back.
  • “You….You good, Saeran?” You asked, surprised at how calmed he seemed.
  • He looked to you with a smile on his face and a glint in his eye. “I’m very good.”
  • You were almost worried to ask but “What’d you do?”
  • “Not much. But he’ll leave you alone soon enough.”
  • You stopped asking questions, he wouldn’t tell you the details anyways.
  • ..
  • That night you were awoken to 
  • Dingdingdingdingding
  • You fumbled around in the dark and eventually opened your phone to see messages from the Kiik app
  • Iuwefjkgl
  • ahfuoieqhwf
  • please helpfehofejijeqiue
  • …..
  • I’m very sorry for what I said to you earlier. I will never contact you again. If I do my fingers will be broken.
  • You knew immediately. 
  • Saeran what’d you do???” You sent the text
  • All you got back was “:)” 
Cookies And Cream

Requested by: @magnoliastan-barnes
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.3K
Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I didn’t specifically include the quote, I hope that’s okay!

Y/E/C: Your Eye Colour

Bucky’s POV

Bucky was completely lost in his thoughts when he wandered into the kitchen, but his brain, and his steps, come to a stop when he notices you. You’re wearing a floral apron, and your hair is thrown up into a messy bun, surrounded by a tonne of ingredients and metal bowls. His breath faulters as he stares, unable to tear his eyes away. Even when you were deep in concentration and reading a recipe you were a ray of sunshine.

Bucky had been smitten with you from the moment you introduced yourself; the newest addition to the Avengers, and the last one to meet Bucky after he returned from Wakanda.

“Oh hey,” you call to him, your voice echoing off the large, open space walls. Bucky’s cheeks grow hot and he hopes you didn’t realise he’d been staring at you, probably with lovey dovey eyes,

“H-hey,” Bucky stammers. Without realising it, he’s tentatively walking towards you. He tries to casually take a seat at the island counter, but slips and almost falls off the stool, making him more embarrassed, “What’cha making?”

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Vocal Rest

A/N: Just so you know, this was such a good idea, but I kind of cringed writing this. Damn I love smut but its so damn hard to write. I applaud smut blogs!! aha! But I’m honestly so bad at smut, so I didn’t go full on detail, but I tried my best :) xox

Word Count: 832

Warnings: Slight smut, Swearing

Shawn hadn’t stopped following you all day. You were sure that he just wanted sympathy for being ill, but the doctor gave strict instructions, and he needed to follow them.

“Shawn, what do you want?” You sigh, as he places his head in your lap. Your hand makes its way into his curly mop, and he sighs deeply. “It’s hard work right? Not being able to talk all day” you joke, watching as he turned around to face you. His lips pout together and you lean down to kiss him, knowing he is feeling sorry for himself. You place you’re eyes back on the TV in front of you, continuing what you were doing before Shawn interrupted you.

About 10 minutes later, Shawn stops fidgeting and you decided that he’s maybe fallen asleep, until you feel his hand creep up your thigh. You ignore him, knowing he’s probably just bored, but his fingers keep on moving around, making your breath hitch slightly.

“Shawn, what do you think you’re doing?” You ask, placing your hand on top of his. He ignores you, partly because he can’t respond, but mainly because he wanted to piss you off. His fingers tangle with yours, until he moves them up your arm. “Shawn?” You repeat, watching as his fingers trace your skin. You pull yourself from under him and turn to face him, watching as his smug grin grows. “What?” You ask.

He pulls out his phone, typing presumably what you thought was what he wanted to say. He sends you a text that simply reads, ‘sex?’ And you feel a laugh escape your lips.

“No!” You yelp, secretly really wanting to agree. His smug suddenly disappears and he throws his head back, mumbling something inaudible. You lean forwards, placing your hands on his thighs, trying your best to wind him up. His head shoots back to face you, his eyes watching your lips intensely. “You are on vocal rest my darling” You whisper against his lips. You hover there for a few moments before kissing his rosy cheek. “And that means you must be silent.” You move your lips to his jaw, slowly nipping at his soft skin by his neck. His head falls down onto your shoulder and his hands find their way to your hips.

“Please” he whispers desperately, his hands now sliding under my shirt. You couldn’t say no. He was to easy to give in to. You pull away and look into his eyes, as they search desperately for an answer in yours.

“I suppose” You grin, watching his smile grow bigger than you could possibly imagine.

He pressed lips against yours desperately. You lean into him, forcing him to lie backwards, cupping his cheeks. His hands are fumbling around your body, searching desperately for your button at the top of your jeans.

Eventually, he manages to remove your jeans, so you decide to do the same. You move yourself so you can remove his skin-tight jeans, pulling them down painfully; If Shawn wasn’t allowed to speak, you were going to make this hell for him.

You slowly start to place your hand over his boxers, making his head roll backwards. You take this opportunity to kiss his jawline, still palming him slowly. He places his head on your shoulder and mumbles something incoherent. You stop suddenly, pulling away.

“What happened to not being allowed to talk?” You smirk, watching his red face crease into a frown. He looks as if you have just taken a puppy off him; his eyes wide and desperate. You carry on, being as slow as possible. Shawn was doing an alright job at keeping quite, just constant shaky breaths and sighing. You would be lying if you said that you weren’t absolutely loving this. Seeing Shawn struggling to keep himself held together was not only funny to watch, but was actually very, very hot.

You can tell that he wants to make some form of noise, but he knew that if he did, you would stop straight away. His plump bottom lip was being help painfully tight by his teeth, looking red and sore. You place your lips on his, stopping him before he actually started biting through them.

'You’re doing so well baby" You whisper against his mouth, knowing that sooner or later he would be thrown over the edge; whether it was the magic that your hand was working, the small talk you were making, or the built up fustration he had boiling up inside.

After a few more moments his head is thrown backwards, his mouth parted slightly. You knew any moment know that he was bound to make a noise whilst orgasming.

“Fuck I can’t do this anymore baby” He croaks, coming completely undone by your touch. You smile to yourself, finishing off.

You lean forwards and kiss his blotchy checks, making his eyes flutter close.

“I love you so much” He mumbles, relaxing against the sofa.

“Shhh, you’ve said enough for today” You respond, resting your head against his heaving chest.

No Regrets (Part 9)

So I woke up in a very creative mood today - lot’s of writing, lots of coffee. Hope you like it?

Summary: When the reader finally coughs up the courage to ask Bucky out, it turns out, he’s not that interested. Or is he?

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Word count: 3.7k

Warnings: some swearing, angst, thunder?

Catch up: No Regrets Masterlist

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It was like huge weight was lifted off your shoulders. The cat and mouse chase between you and Bucky has built up frustrations inside you, you didn’t know you were capable off. Over the course of past few weeks you found yourself feeling worthless and unwanted, rejected and used, then vulnerable and useless following the emotional rollercoaster, courtesy of James Bucky Barnes.

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Based on this image from @gladiocats
Gladio x Reader, drabble

Of all the places you’d traveled, Cape Caem was probably one of your favourites. It was calm and peaceful. And after the Empire attack on Insomnia and the death of Jared, that was definitely something that you needed.

You were wandering around the lighthouse, taking in the view along the horizon. From your perch, you spotted a patch of wild flowers growing down closer to the road. You wandered over, looking at them with awe.

There were so many colours–pinks, purples, yellows. They were so beautiful, you figured you’d pick a few and find a makeshift vase to brighten up the house. Once you’d picked a sizeable bouquet, you made your way back to the old cabin to keep them fresh.

As you were searching the kitchen for a vase or a pot, you heard a throat clearing behind you. You turned to see Gladio standing by the threshold, arms crossed, an amused smirk on his face.

“What are you doing?”

“What’s it look like?” you replied cheekily. “If I don’t find something for the flowers, they’ll wilt.”

He nodded and meandered over. “What kind of flowers are those?”

You shrugged. “A few pansies, some lilies, and look–” you grinned. “Even a gladiolus.”

He rolled his eyes as you winked at him. And then you got a great idea.

“Can I put it in your hair?”

He did a small double take. “What?”

You pouted, giving your best puppy-dog-eyes impression. “Please, babe? Don’t you love me?”

He rolled his eyes even harder this time and lowered his head so that it was easier for you to reach. You clapped excitedly and took the flower, gently placing the stem behind his ear so it sat right at his temple.

“You look beautiful,” you gave him a genuine smile, cradling his face in your hands. He surged forward and kissed you, and you felt his lips curve upwards against yours. He pulled away, leaving you breathless.

“I love you, you dork. You know that?”

You blushed, feeling the heat creep up your neck. “I love you too, big guy.” Your eyes briefly wandered around to the other rooms of the house. “I wonder where Prompto is. I wonder if I can steal his camera. This can’t go undocumented.”

Gladio playfully groaned, but then suddenly you were swept off your feet and hauled over his shoulder. You shrieked, and he swatted your ass as he easily carried you upstairs.

“You can find him later,” he said dismissively. “You’ve had your fun, and now it’s my turn.”

You giggled. “Fine. But you have to keep the flower in your hair.”

Without hesitation, he replied, “Deal.”

Nightmares Are Made Of

Xavier asks Logan to the school for a very important mission–that involves you as well. Things may start off rocky, but you hope to change that.

  • X-Men Wolverine / Logan Howlett x Reader
  • 1075 Words
  • Some cursing, nothing worse than the x-men movies
  • Part One

“My office. Now.”

The airy voice enters your mind, sending a small shiver down your spine as it always did when Xavier tries to get your attention. It was always unexpected, always at the wrong time. Now, you were tutoring a small boy, a mutant that went by the name of Garret. He could hardly use his powers, which was nothing more than singing in a high pitched voice, causing everyone in the same room as him to get a severe headache.

You tell the boy to wait in his room, that you shouldn’t be long. With a little sigh, you rise to your feet and take the journey to the office of the famous Professor X, the headmaster of the school for mutants.

Once you arrive at the door, you feel that something is wrong. There is a certain presence about the air that makes it thick and hard to breathe. You could always catch these sort of feelings, always so paranoid when you got them.

“Come in.” The airy voice enters your mind once more and you push open the door, only to find a large man with broad shoulders and a scowl plastered on his face. His eyebrow cocks up instantly high, giving the look of anger slash confusion.

“Oh…” You breathe, unsure of what to think of this animalistic man standing in front of you. He certainly was no child, therefore it was a little strange to see him in this office. Xavier only took in children, unless this was a special circumstance.

“Ah, Miss, Y/N. So nice of you to join us.” Xavier smiles from his desk. He gives you a small nod, your que to close the door so no little mutants could eavesdrop. “I would like you to meet our newest member, Logan. Or as he likes to be called, Wolverine.”

Wolverine hasn’t moved his eyes since you came through the door. His hands are positioned on his hips and his jaw is crooked as he takes you in.

“Wolverine?” This time, you cock your own eyebrow and look over at the man. You can’t deny his looks are very charming, almost winning you over just like that. But you knew better than to fall for any of the mutants around here, especially before you know their past. “What? Did they give you that name for your looks?”

Logan growls, holding his right fist in the air and what happens next takes you by a little surprise. Three long, sharp claws extend from his knuckles, ripping apart the skin and stopping after they were several inches longer than his own fingers. The sound it makes sends yet another chill down your spine. It sounds painful, and yet his face doesn’t twitch.

“Oh…” You aren’t sure how to respond, the shock was still settling in.

“Logan can also heal exceptionally fast with his healing factor, which has sort of put a hold on his aging process.” Xavier explains from behind his desk, the sound in his voice gave him away; he was enjoying this show.  “Although he has a bit of a memory problem, which is why he is here with us.”

“A memory problem? What a power.” You say in a snarky voice and cross your arms over your chest. “What good is that?”

“What’s your power, princess?” Logan narrows his eyes on you, his claws sinking back into his skin and appearing as if nothing were just there. “Annoying everyone around you?”

You open your mouth to speak, piecing together a comeback that was sure to make him curl back in fear, but Xavier, as usual, beats you to the punch.

“She can inflect her worst nightmares onto you.” He says ever so simply. You feel a small blush creeping up your cheeks, knowing that this sounds childish and that the man in front of you will laugh.

He raises his eyebrow again, a smirk growing on his lips. “Huh. Sounds scary.” He wiggles his fingers in the air before he sticks his thumbs in his belt loops. “Tell me, how does that work in combat?”

You look at your headmaster for conformation, which he gives you with a slight nod of his head. You turn your head back to Logan, staring at him with emotionless eyes until they turn black. You watch the way his features change from a man who was seemingly having too much fun to a man who was scared shitless.

Color drains from his skin, leaving him looking a bit paler than he was before. His eyes grow large and you can feel his heart speeding up in his chest, beating faster and faster until you were sure it would burst. Logan falls to his knees, begging for “them” to go away, begging for mercy, begging for someone to help him.

“That’s enough, Y/N.” Charles Xavier warns you before his heart really did break.

You shook off the nightmare, regaining yourself. The black fades from your eyes, leaving them the beautiful color you have. A small smile plays at the corner of your lips as you watch the man in front of you look around the room, trying to figure out what just happened.

“Now you see.” Xavier chuckles in delight. He has a fascination with your power, always trying to figure out how far it goes, how much pain and suffering you could possibly give others. It was not a power he exactly encouraged you to use often. “She can kill a man within seconds. I’m sure you felt only a fraction of what a normal human can feel.”

Wolverine growls and jumps up to his feet, hand still over his chest. “What was that?” He glares down at you, stepping even closer so he could have a better look at you.

“The things that haunt me in my sleep. In some cases, I can use your nightmares against you as well, scaring you to—well—death.”

“Logan, I want you and Y/N to get to know each other. I have a mission for you two.” Xavier smiles, acting like you hadn’t just tried to kill someone.

Logan’s eyes trail down your body as he stands over you, hesitating here and there to get a better look. “Does it involve her trying to kill me again?” The color returns to his cheeks and you watch as his pupils grow larger the longer he looks at you.

“Not yet.” Charles chuckles.

Sweetheart (Steve Rogers x reader)

Rewriting this, I hope I have good memory recall for this. Still on edge from deleting the first draft of this. fuckkkkkk

Description: Steve breaks down in front of you about Bucky. It’s angsty and sad honestly.

“Goodnight everyone!” You waves at the group as you walked away. You had a smile on your face, unlike everyone else. Everyone was exhausted from the last mission, besides you. All you earned back from them were some grumbled goodnights and halfhearted waves. You stopped before leaving, “has anyone seen Steve?” The only person that responded this time was Sam with a barely audible “I don’t know.” You raised your brow, a concerned look creeping up on your face.

Steve had been acting different lately, the stress from his missions catching up to him. Not only that, but ever since Bucky returned, it had been taking a toll on him. He hadn’t been saying much about it, he was usually an open book. A total sweetheart. And you loved him. You and Steve had been together for over a year, every moment with him filled with pure bliss. All you knew was that you wanted to be with him; always.

You decided to check around the tower to try and find your loving boyfriend. Your first stop was the training room. It was dark, nobody was in there. You checked if he had been there recently, but there was no sight of spilled punching bags on the floor. Your suspicions that he was there recently were negative. Concern started to creep up your stomach. You thought of his next favorite place.. the kitchen. The marble felt cool underneath your bare feet as you walked across the open floor plan. As you reached the huge cooking space, memories of all the times you two were in the kitchen trying to make food crept up to the front of your mind. The corner of your mouth pulled up a bit as you thought about it. You flicked on the switch, but to no avail. He wasn’t there. The sick feeling now filled your stomach and crept up to your throat. You thought that he couldn’t have just left, he never leaves without telling you because he knows you get worried. Maybe he was in his room.

The hallways were empty and you cursed yourself for not wearing something warmer. All you were wearing was an old t-shirt and some cotton shorts. The least you could have done was put on some socks, but oh well.

You reached his door, and turned he knob. He wasn’t in there either. But, you stood in the middle of his room, taking it all in. Goosebumps started to surface on your arms and you saw a blanket on his bed. You took it, knowing he wouldn’t mind. You threw it over your shoulders and snuggled your nose into the fabric. You took a deep breath; it smelled just like him. His scent was comforting and familiar, something you hoped you never had to live without.

You slowly turned around in his room. You smirked at his bed, remembering all those nights you made love on it. Your eyes lingered there for few moments, then it shifted around the room. Your gaze finally landed on his photo wall. You walked across the room to it, feeling the carpet in between your toes. You smiled at all the photos, lightly tracing your fingers across them. Most of them were of you and him. Your eyes lit up at one photo from when you took a trip to the beach together. Steve had captured your reaction of the moment he poured sand on your head. The picture showed your shocked face and his side profile smiling at you. That was one of your favorite memories. You looked on at the rest of them and your fingertips stopped on a certain picture. The edges were worn and the picture was fading. Your smile faded as you pulled the push pin out of it and held it in your hands. It was a picture of Steve and Bucky from their army days.. before Steve lost him.

You knew you had to find him, or at least find out where he was. You wanted to be here for him, you always would.

You placed the picture back on the wall and left his room, the blanket still draped across your shoulders, and closed the door softly behind you. You began to walk to the elevator, but stopped in your tracks. You felt your pockets for your phone and realized you had left it in your room. You needed it to call Steve, to make sure he was okay. You entered the lonely elevator and pressed the button for your floor. When the doors opened, you found your hallway, listening to the sound of your feet as the padded against the hard wood.

As you began to walk to your room, you heard soft crying. You became worried, and as you got closer to your room, it grew more audible. Then you realized, it was coming from your room.

You turned the knob and slowly opened the door. It creaked, making your presence known. You saw a familiar figure sitting on the edge of your bed, his back facing you.

“Steve?” You squinted your eyes in the darkness. The concern and worry in your voice made him turn his upper body to you and he quickly wiped away any stray tears that might have been on his face, hoping you wouldn’t see. Oh, but you saw. You always knew when something was wrong, when something was bothering him.

The moonlight casted a shadow across his face, but you could still make out his disheveled, blonde hair and his full lips. You approached him, and let the blanket fall to the ground. You knelt down in front of him, so that you were looking up at him.

“Oh baby..” Your voice trailed off as you cupped his tear stained face, his cheeks flushed pink from crying. Your eyebrows were stitched together with worry and his placed one of his hands over yours.

“Sweetheart, talk to me. I was getting so worried about you.” He gave you a small smile, appreciating your concern and kissed your head.

“I’m sorry I worried you. I went to be by myself and realized I needed you, but I didn’t want to bother you. So, I decided to come to your room. It’s comforting just being here.”

He broke eye contact with you and looked at the floor. “Hey, look at me,” you spoke softly and turned his face towards you, “you could never bother me. I’ll be here in a heartbeat whenever you need me. I was looking everywhere for you.” You broke out a small smile and chuckled.

He laughed a little, but then tears started welling up in his eyes again.

“What’s wrong baby? Talk to me.” Your voice began to break at the sight of the one person you truly loved on the brink of tears.

“It’s Bucky. I thought he was dead.. he fell off a cliff. I went on thinking I would never see him again.” Tears began streaming down his face, making his blue-green eyes seem brighter. “And there he is, still alive, but not the Bucky I used to know. They tortured him F/N. They hurt him in ways unimaginable. And when he saw me.. he didn’t know who I was.” At this moment, he began to sob. You pulled yourself up on the edge of the bed, so that he could lean on your shoulder. He sat there, buried in your shoulder, his arms around your waist. You rubbed his back soothingly, shushing his pain.

After a good twenty minutes of that, he pulled away. “Thank you darling. Thank you for being here for me.” He looked down at the spot where he cried and saw how soaked your shirt was. “And sorry about your shirt.”

You laughed a little and his face graced a small smile. “Well it’s good that you have plenty of shirts for me to steal to replace this one.” You winked and kissed him on the cheek. “Hey, I’m always gonna be here. No matter what. Because I love you. God, I love you so much. And we’re going to get through this together. You and me. We’re gonna find a way to get him back, not just get him back to you. But we’re gonna get the real Bucky back to you.” You looked at him, with hope, but also with hurt. You hated seeing him so upset.

He cupped your face and whispered, “maybe we will. I hope we do. As long as you’re here, it’ll be easier than facing it alone.” His voice was raspy from crying, and his eyelashes were sticking together.

He put on a small smile and pulled you face to his, kissing you softly. You kissed back, the feeling of his lips on yours leaving you filled with butterflies even after over a year of being together. He pulled away and you put your foreheads together. You gazed into each other’s eyes, and somehow it filled the silence.

“Thank you.” He spoke with love and affection and you knew he really meant it.

“Sweetheart, I’d do anything for you.” You smiled and pulled his lips to yours. You kissed each other, pouring all your love for each other into every moment. Steve deepened the kiss, and it felt like your world was spinning into pure bliss.

Then it was his turn to pull away. He left and warm feeling on your lips that tingled when the cool air hit you. “Can we just stay here? I don’t want to leave you.” He spoke shyly.

“Of course you can.” You knew that the Winter Soldier haunted him in his sleep ever since Steve saw him.

You got up to go to your dresser, his hands falling from your waist. You always kept a pair of his pajamas in your room in case he ever wanted to sleep over. You pulled out a pair of his soft, plaid sleeping pants out of the drawer. You knew these were his favorite. The pants went flying across the room to him as you threw it. You also took out the shirt that he always wore with it. Before tossing the shirt to him, you contemplated whether you should actually give it to him.

You turned to him and he had already stripped off his shirt and put on his pajama pants. His arm was outstretched for you throw the shirt to him. Instead, you teasingly pulled off your shorts and your tear soaked shirt, giggling. He gave you a look, the one he always gave you when you were being mischievous. He began to laugh as you tried being seductive, something you weren’t very good at. But, it was something you and him always laughed about together.

Before he got any ideas, you put on his t-shirt, which hung to the middle of your thigh. It was huge on you. You were glad you got him to laugh, you could tell it was taking his mind off of Bucky.

“So I’m just supposed to be cold tonight then?” He was smiling fully as you walked towards him; sporting his shirt.

“Well, you’ll have me to keep you warm. I think you’ll be fine.” You both were bubbly despite what just happened. It took the edge of, and Steve was grateful for it.

You stood in front of him and he held your hands gently as you rubbed your thumbs across the backs of his hands.

You crawled into your bed together, pull the comforter over your bodies, the fabric feeling soft against your skin. Steve put his arm around you as you snuggled up to his bare chest with your leg wrapped around him.

“We’re going to find him. That much I can promise you sweetheart.” you whispered these words into the air, thinking nobody could hear you. But Steve did, and he placed a loving kiss on your head one last time before your eyes fluttered closed and sleep took both of you into its embrace.

Victory- An Ivar Imagine

So the lovely @pokeasleepingsmaug wrote a stunning piece a little while ago about Ivar taking his lady love on the battlefield, and she encouraged me to write my own little bit as I absolutely love that prompt. So here is my attempt!

TW: mentions of blood, mentions of death, possible voyeurism.

The land runs red with blood.

He sits atop his chariot, surveying the carnage laid out before him. Bodies litter the field, carrion birds already gorging themselves on their prepared feast. He inhales deeply, letting the stench of decay and death fill his lungs. The cries of the dying echo in his ears. Such sweet, sweet music. The only sound he loves more is the sound of his name on your lips.

You. His fierce, fearless shieldmaiden. His goddess of war and destruction. Only you understand his lusts and desires, his hunger for blood and chaos. He scans the horizon for your form, and his heart gives a mighty thump within his chest when he finds you.

He watches you pick your way across the field, dragging your tainted sword behind you. Your braided hair has come undone, your shield is splintered and you are covered in blood. He thinks you have never looked more terrifying or more beautiful. A true wild woman, the incarnation of death herself.

He calls your name, a clear sound over the groans of the dying. Your eyes find his, and a hungry smile spreads across your face. Your teeth are stained red, and he longs to plunge his tongue into your mouth and lick them all clean.

You make your way to his chariot, and with each step he finds himself growing more eager for you. He wants to lay you down amongst the bodies and make you scream his name. He wants to soak up all the blood caked to your skin, wants to taste the sweet tang of victory on your tongue. He wants to feel so, so alive amidst all this death. His very bones cry out for it.

You must see it on his face, for you give him a wicked look and toss away your sword and shield. You fall to your knees on the ground, hands spread outwards as if you are begging. Begging for him, begging for what only he can give you. You open your crimson stained lips and only one word tumbles out.


It is all he needs to hear.

He crawls over the bodies, slithering like a serpent through the mud. The blood thrums rapidly in his veins. He watches you as he moves, watches your pupils devour the color of your eyes, watches the flush of desire creep up your neck. He knows you love him like this, all filthy and covered in gore, drunk on the rush of killing. He knows in this moment you want him to cover your body with his, to fall together in a sticky heap of blood and sweat and arousal. And he is desperate to grant you your wish.

He reaches your kneeling figure, one hand coming to rest on your neck, feeling the beat of your pulse beneath his fingers. Alive, whole, still his. He squeezes gently and shudders at the soft moan that slips from you. He stretches his other hand, one grimy finger to running reverently across your bottom lip. Your tongue darts out to lick the blood crusted along the tip, and everything that holds him together snaps.

It’s a war of tongues and teeth, of grasping hands and scratching nails. There is no time nor place for softness or loving touches; this moment is for ferocity and vitality, for feeling everything there is to feel in this earthly flesh. His every sense is heightened, every touch and every kiss threatens to burn him from the inside out. You are perfect beneath him, groping and gasping and whimpering until he can barely hold himself together.

He’s fast and ruthless, a perfect mimicry of how he moves in battle. You match him in every movement, a dance you have honed over the time you have shared together. He does not care if anyone hears or sees. In fact, he wants them to. He wants the dying men around him to see the ones who have struck them down, twisted together like vines on a branch. He wants them to hear your screams, for them to know that they are leaving this world while he is still enjoying it. Their enemy has conquered them, and now he receives his prize.

It does not take long. One last bruising kiss, one final dig of your nails into his shoulders and he’s roaring, shouting out his triumph across the desolate wasteland. Your cries mingle with his, and the whole earth seems to shake with the force of it.

He catches his breath, letting you cradle him against you as he laps lazily at the blood spattered across your neck. He has never felt more complete, never felt more perfectly balanced. It is all his favourite things at once: glory, death, sex and you. It is the sweetest victory he can imagine.

So when you give birth to his firstborn son nine months later, he knows exactly what to name him.

“Sigtrygg. Our trusted victory.”

Ivar having sex around blood and death is canon, let’s not kid ourselves otherwise ;)

Requested - John Shelby x Reader

Request: Anonymous - hello, can you do a John shelby imagine where he is trying to do some work, and he isn’t paying attention to you. So, you start winding him up, like teasing him, throwing things at him, making remarks about other men and stuff. Thanks x

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“John!” You whine, trying to get his attention. He doesn’t even look up from his work. You pout and huff, sitting on the edge of the desk. “John.” You groan, extending your long legs out on the desk in front of him.

A slight smirk creeps onto his face as he glances at you, lounging on the desk but he continues to ignore you. You narrow your eyes in a glare and then swing your legs over the edge, planting your feet on the floor. You stand, walking slowly around the desk to where he is sitting.

You place your hand on his shoulder, running it down his chest. He grabs your hand quickly, reading your mind and pulls it out to his side, leading you away. You roll your eyes and let out a childish whimper.

John doesn’t even turn his attention away from his work. “Come on, John.” You moan, stamping your feet slightly. He rolls his eyes and turns a little, trying to block you out.

You flash a wicked grin, seeing his resistance faltering. You pull back on his chair slightly, just making enough space for you to squeeze in between him and the desk before seating yourself comfortably in his lap.

He sighs, deciding to lean over your to carry on. You nuzzle your face into his neck, desperately trying to break his concentration. He doesn’t acknowledge you until you begin planting kisses all over his face and neck.

He wraps one arm around your shoulders, the other under your legs, lifting you up and carrying you across the room to a small sofa. You fold your arms like a toddler and pout again as he places you down.

“(Y/N), I really need to get this done.” He says, sounding tired and fed-up. He runs his hand down his face, then turns and strides back to his desk. You sit for a moment on the sofa, sighing loudly.

You notice the cushions on the couch, picking one up and weighing it in your hands. You throw the small cushion full pelt across the room. It hits John square in the face, bouncing off and landing on the desk.

He rolls his eyes, picking up the cushion. He looks at it for a second, as if he’s deciding whether he should throw it back at you. After a moment, he drops it on the floor next to the desk, moving his attention back to his work.

You groan audibly, throwing your hands up before crossing them over your chest. A thought comes into your mind and you allow a sly smirk to creep onto your lips.

“You know,” You say, standing and beginning to saunter towards the desk, “If you won’t give me any attention, I’m sure someone else will.” He glances up at you as you lean on the desk. He quickly looks away.

“Maybe…” You straighten up, putting a finger to your chin, pretending to think. “Michael might appreciate a visit.” You say, a cheeky tone to your voice. You notice John’s jaw twitch, you’re getting to him.

“I think I’ll go see him.” You nod to yourself, turning on your heel and heading for the door. You hear the chair scrape the floor as John pushes it out quickly. In an instant, he’s in front of you, blocking the door.

“Don’t you dare.” He snarls, placing his hands on your waist and starting to push you backwards. You flash him a grin, revelling in your victory.

“Got your attention now?” You ask, draping your arms over his shoulders and clasping your fingers at the back of his neck.

“Fine, you win.” He says, admitting defeat. You smile as he pushes you back to the sofa, kissing you passionately as you fall back onto it.

Ivar Imagine- The Real Winner

@pagan-raider gave me a prompt about getting into a drinking contest with the Ragnarssons. I used it as a little follow up to my axe throwing prompt because of course it had to be about Ivar in the end. If you haven’t read Raising the Stakes, you can find it on my Ao3. Please enjoy this silly little piece!


It is just another night in Kattegat, food and ale being passed around the table as you supped with the Ragnarssons. You ate with them most nights, having known the lads since you were just children. Your sister and Ubbe’s new wife Margrethe round out the ensemble, the group of you talking and laughing as you dine.

As usual, a rivalry springs up between Ivar and one of his brothers. Tonight, it is who can drink the most ale. You roll your eyes as Ivar suggests a drinking contest to settle the matter. The other sons agree eagerly.

“Why must you always try to be the best at everything?” You murmur to Ivar as Ubbe calls a slave to bring more alcohol. He gives you a glare, one hand coming to rest on your thigh under the table.

“You should have no complaints about me wanting to be the best,” he says, hand squeezing your flesh hard. You cannot help but shudder slightly and agree with him. Ever since your axe contest you have not spent one night in your own bed. And you definitely do not have any complaints about that.

The ale arrives, and you turn your attention to your cup. You might as well participate. You are quite tolerant of ale, you probably could win. And it will be rather funny to see the high and mighty Ragnarssons get into their cups.

Everyone raises their glasses, a loud “SKAL” echoing around the table. You all drink deeply, and the competition has begun.

It’s not surprising when your sister bows out first. She has always been easy to get drunk. She slams down her fourth cup of ale, standing from the table as she does so.

“What, finished already, Visna?” Sigurd laughs, leaning back in his chair. The Ragnarssons seem hardly affected, the only sign being all their cheeks are beginning to flush.

Visna hiccups, swaying slightly. “I am drunk,” she declares. “And I am feeling like there are better things to do than sit here and continue to drink with you lot.”

“Like what?” Hvitserk asks, grinning up at her. Visna grins back at him.

“Like this!” She cries, and promptly plops herself down in his lap. She takes his face in her hands and plants a huge, sloppy kiss right on his mouth.

Cheers and laughter echo around the table as Hvitserk enthusiastically kisses her back. You shake your head and smile to yourself. Your sister has been sweet on Hvitserk for a while now, and it is nice to see that the feeling is mutual.

“Well, I’m out, brothers,” Hvitserk grins, grabbing Visna’s rear as they rise from his chair. Your sister squeals and runs out the door laughing, her new lover hot on her heels.

Ivar hums, reaching over to refill your glass. “Two down,” he says with a tone of victory, and you give him a look. Cocky bastard. But you’d be lying if you said you didn’t love it.

The rest of you continue on. Your eyes begin to get glazed, your mind begins to get a slight haze. You are hyper aware of Ivar’s hand still on your thigh, warm through the thin material of your dress. You squirm slightly in your seat. The idea to give up like your sister and just drag Ivar away to his bed is so tempting. He looks positively delicious when he’s getting drunk, his golden skin flushed and his blue eyes wide and playful. But the idea of knocking the prince down a peg one more time is just too tasty. So you continue to drink.

Sigurd is the next to go, promptly being sick on the floor after trying to drink his cup of ale in one swig. Ubbe rolls him into a corner and leaves him to moan to himself. He barely gets him there before Margrethe gets sick as well, so her loving husband simply places her next to his brother, clearly not wanting to give up on winning on account of his wife.

You continue on, and the three of you just get more and more into your cups.

“Three of us left,” you slur after what is maybe your tenth cup, leaning over and nudging Ivar’s shoulder. “I’m going to win!”

Your lover gives you a drunken grin, and the hand on your thigh begins to inch upwards. “Is that so?” His velvety voice purrs, even more sinful when it’s bathed in alcohol. “Are you sure about that?”

You can feel heat begin to bloom under you skin. “I’m fairly sure,” you say, trying to sound confident. His hand continues upwards, and you find yourself wishing you could feel the callouses scrap against bare skin instead of your dress.

“Mmmm, perhaps you are right,” he gives you a smouldering look, leaning in to brush his lips against your ear. “I know I am this close to giving up and just having you right here on this table. The way you look right now, woman, is driving me crazy.”

You moan softly at his words, the ale in your system fuelling your rising want for him. “You started this, you would give in and lose just to have me sooner? You know I am yours after this is over.”

He growls, nipping at your earlobe. “I am not a patient man. When I want something I want it now.” The hand on your thigh is almost at its destination, and you can take it no longer.

You toss your cup away and climb into his lap, capturing his lips in a messy kiss. He responds immediately, groaning into your mouth as your hands tangle in his hair. You push yourself as close as you can get, revelling in the taste of ale on his breath and the careless way his own hands are groping your overheated body.

“So I guess this means I win,” Ubbe’s voice floats somewhere from around you. You ignore him, scratching your nails over Ivar’s scalp as you suck on his tongue. Ivar pulls one hand away from your waist and gives some sort of “go away I don’t give a shit about the contest anymore” gesture. You hear Ubbe’s booming laugh, then some shuffling and bumping as he collects his wife and brother from the corner. Finally, you here the door click closed, and you pull back from Ivar’s lips with a wet smack.

“Get in the bed,” you order, loving the glazed lust you see in his eyes. “I have to go outside for a moment.” You need to rid yourself of some of this ale before you let him have his way with you.

For once, Ivar does not balk at being ordered. He simply nods eagerly and squeezes your rear. You clamber off of him and quickly head outside to do your business, excitement buzzing under your skin the whole time.

When you are finished, you rush back inside and over to the bed. Ivar is shirtless and lying on his back, waiting for you. You climb in, reaching for him…..

And realize he is fast asleep.

“Are you kidding me, Ivar?” You whine, frustration mixing with your desire as you hear him give a loud snore. “This is just great.” You flop down beside him, trying to calm your raging hormones. Clearly you are not getting them soothed by his body tonight.

Ivar gives another snore and rolls over, trapping you beneath one heavy arm. He gives a happy, sleepy little sound and murmurs your name as he nuzzles sloppily at your neck. You cannot help but smile, your frustration melting away at the action. You decide to close your eyes and snuggle into his warmth, suddenly feeling quite tired yourself.

As you drift off, Ivar snoring lightly in your ear, you think to yourself that Ubbe may have won the drinking competition, but you feel like the real winner.

When morning comes and you wake to Ivar’s lips sucking busily on your neck as his hand creeps under your dress, you definitely know you are.

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Dinner with friends ~ Part three

Pairing ~ T.O.P x Jiyong x reader

Rated ~ Smut

Originally posted by taeyangspecs

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“Oppa, where are you?” you shouted in the phone over the music.

“We’re out the back, don’t tell me you’re still out there?” Seung hyun tisked at you.

“I couldn’t find the door you told me to go to” you shouted with a hint of irritation in your voice and you heard him chuckle.

“Ah your hopeless, what are you gonna do when I go to the army? Who’s going to look after you when I’m gone?” he laughed but you couldn’t, you had been trying ignore the thought of not being able to see him for two years but here he was bringing it up again.

“Don’t say that” you said quietly as if the tears threatening your eyes would spill if you said it loud enough.

“I’m sorry jagi, where are you exactly?” he sighed.

“I’m still on the second floor” you replied in a huff.

“Ok, you see the big guy by the door to your left?” he asked and you turned to find the man he mentioned.

“Wait, how do you know he is to my left?” you questioned.

“Because I’m watching you” he said in a creepy voice before laughing “Can you see me?”

You looked to the stage to find his head poking out from behind the curtain with a stupid look on his face.

“You’re such a creep you know that?” you said rolling your eyes.

“Yes, but I’m your creep” he said using his best aeygo voice. “Ok so go to that guy and tell him who you are and show him that ticket I gave you, he will bring you out”

“Ok, see you soon” you nodded before hanging up and heading over to the guy.

He looked at you questionably as you handed him the ticket and told him your name.

“Follow me” was all he said before walking through the door.

He took you through so many different hallways, turn after turn that you started to became disorientated as to where in the building you were and what direction you where even going. You had just passed a blackened room when someone reached out and grabbed your arm and you screamed causing the man to jump around in defence but started laughing as soon as he saw Seung hyun bent over grasping at his own stomach because he was laughing so hard.

“That wasn’t funny” you growled hitting him on the arm as he continued to laugh.

“It’s ok, I’ve got it from here” he said to the man as he wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes.

“Sometimes you are such a jerk” you said sternly folding your arms across your chest.

“Aww I’m sorry Jagi, don’t be mad” Seung hyun cooed sweetly as he reached out for you but you took a step backwards to escape his grasp.

“Fine, you have fun standing in these empty hallways all by yourself, I’m going” Seung hyun said with a smile as he walked away from you.

“Wait, don’t go” You called as you began to jog to catch up with how far his long legs had carried him away from you already but just as you got close he began to run, giggling wildly like a five year old child.

“Oppa stop being crazy” you called as he disappeared around a corner and you heard a door open and close. You slowed your running as you got around the corner, stopping when you noticed two doors, one on either side of the hallway. You looked back and forth between the two doors hoping for a sign, you noticed a strange light coming from underneath one of them. You hesitantly placed your hand on the door knob and turned it slowly, opening the door just enough to poke your head in and look around. The room was shrouded in a dark blue light, making it extremely hard to see anything. You opened the door wider and stepped inside.

“Oppa…… are you in here?” You called into the light but no response “I guess not….” you said to yourself.

You turned around ready to walk back out into the hallway when the door slammed closed exposing a man standing behind it but you couldn’t quite make out who it was. He grabbed you by the arms and drove your back against the door leaning in close so you could see him.

“I love it when you call me Oppa” Seung hyun said with a deep tone.

His whole demeanour had changed from the five year old that was scaring you and running through the hallways only minutes before to a man filled with desire that could make you melt within seconds, you loved how he could switch so easily between the two.

“Op…” you purred slowly, Seung hyun grunted as he pressed his body against your own towering over you so you had to look up at him, exposing your neck for his hand to caress. You were completely at his mercy, as always, your body stiff and breath hitched as you waited for him to kiss you. Seung hyun lent down slowly, his lips barely grazed yours as his dark eyes examined your own, just when you thought he would finally kiss you he pulled away and walked to the other side of the room.

“Who said you could wear that?” he called in a deep voice. You looked down at your outfit and you didn’t see what was wrong with it, a sort black skirt with a white blouse, what was the problem.

“Come here” he ordered and you stepped forward slowly, making sure to sway your hips with every step. “Stop” he commanded and you did as you were told. You were just able to make out a dark figure sitting in a chair against the wall when suddenly something light up his face, his attention glued on the light before him as he scrolled through his phone. “So what do you have to say for yourself?” He asked only peaking up at you for a second before looking back at his phone.

“For what?” you asked sweetly and he looked back up at you with both of his eyebrows raised.

“For that skirt. Did I say you could wear such a short skirt?” he scolded you and you laughed. “Oh, you think this is funny? Do you want to be punished?” he growled.

“Always” you winked at him, you knew he would never hurt you unless you asked him too but he would still never get that rough when you did ask.

“Hmmm ok then. Strip” he said in a slightly amused voice, you were shocked. All the things you guys had tried, he had never once asked you to strip and you kind of liked the idea. You could feel yourself getting excited by the thought of stripping while he watched you with those dark chocolate eyes.

“But there’s no music” you said softly, he watched you as he pressed his finger against his phone and a familiar keyboard sound flooded through the room, it took you a moment to realise that he had picked baby goodnight.

“Now strip, all of it off” he demanded.

You hesitated for a moment as you closed your eyes, trying to find your rhythm. You began to sway your hips from side to side as you raked your hands through your hair to your neck, bringing them down your shoulders and over your breast. You looked up at him as you dropped down, your hands running between your legs as they opened and back up your body as you rolled your hips. You did body rolls as you began to stand up right again, slowly undoing the buttons on your blouse as you did so. You turned your back to him as you pulled the blouse down your shoulders, once it was off you threw it at him as you did a spin for extra effect and came to a stop with your back to him again. You placed your hands on your thighs and moved them down towards your knees as you slowly dropped again, making sure to stick your ass out as much as possible. You ran your hands back up your thighs to the top of your skirt and slowly pulled it down as you rose to a standing position while rolling your hips again, letting the skirt drop to the floor. You raked your hands through your hair again as you turned to face him, stepping out of the skirt that laid at your feet.

Your eye’s had adjusted to the light now and you could see Seung hyun more clearly, he was starring at you licking his lips as a smirk appeared on them, you figured he must have been enjoying your show until you felt the warm breath of someone standing behind you. You knew exactly who it was, the only man Seung hyun had ever shared you with, Jiyong. The thought that he had been in the room the entire time watching you made your skin burn and you felt your panties instantly get wet, Jiyong had never been shy about the fact of how attractive he found you and he had shown you just how much on two occasions now. The truth was you had always found him attractive as well, the way he could make you feel just by staring at you was mind boggling and what he did to you last time was even more so, you wanted to show him just how much you appreciated it.

With out turning to look at him you went to the corner of the room to find the chair he was sitting in and brought it back, placing it in the centre of the room. You finally turned to look at him, he was wearing nothing but a pair of black leather pants, his hair was still wet and sticking to his forehead from dancing on stage and his stare was heavy as his eyes followed your every move. You placed your hands on his shoulders and guided him back to sit in the chair, you left your hands resting on his shoulders for support as you placed your legs either side of his and slowly rolled your hips forward. Jiyong licked his bottom lip and placed his hands on your thighs, squeezing them lightly as he pulled them down making you grind against him. He was hard already, you let out a moan as your slick panties glided perfectly over his leather pants, his hard cock pressing right on your clit.

“I thought I told you to take it all off?” Seung hyun growled and you whined as you’re hips came to a stop.

You got off Jiyong and turned your back to him, you bent forward sticking your ass right out as you slowly pulled your panties down your legs. Just as you stepped out of them a hand came to rest on your lower back, keeping you bent over, a cool shot of air hit you right on your core and you clenched around nothing.

“She’s so wet already Hyung” Jiyongs voice vibrated against your sensitive core making you clench on nothing again. “She’s so wet I could just” Jiyong purred as he placed a finger inside you and pulled it back out again. “hmmm or maybe” he said before placing two fingers in this time, going knuckle deep and leaving then there as you clenched on them.

“No…. I’m in control this time” you said as you stood up pulling Jiyongs fingers out of you. “Now be a good boy, take your pants off and sit back down” you demanded, a smirk formed on his lips as he took off his pants and kicked them to the side, sitting down again, his cock was so hard it was resting against his stomach.

You sat down on his lap, took off your bra and threw it at Seung hyun. You rolled your hips, grinding onto Jiyong’s cock earning a small ‘fuck’ to fall from his lips and quickly repeated the action, the head of his cock making a perfect ridge to rub against your clit. You weren’t sure who it was turning on more, you were so wet already it almost hurt, you needed to feel him inside you to satisfy the itch so to speak.

You lifted yourself up slightly and lined his cock up with your entrance before lowering yourself onto it with a long moan, he was so hard and his cock filled you up entirely, the stretch more satisfying then you remembered. You took a moment before you started to grind into him, rolling your hips in circles, teasing both of you. You placed your hands around his neck and lent back to give a bit of extra pressure as you rode him and he groaned as he grabbed the flesh of your ass and pulled you back and forth, making your movements rougher. You rolled your head back as you moaned his name, his hand snaked its way up your back and pulled you in closer so he could take your breast into his mouth. He bit down on your nipple and then swirled his tongue around it as he sucked on it, you couldn’t help but think what a good kisser he must be but you knew that was one thing Seung hyun would never allow.

“Do you like that Jagi?” Seung hyun called with a deep voice from across the room.

“Yes oppa” you moaned back.

“Then come show me just how much you like it"

With Seung hyuns words Jiyong lifted you up and walked over to where the older man was sitting, placing you on the ground and turned you around to face him. Seung hyun reached out and grabbed your hand, pulling you towards him but Jiyong was holding your hips so only the top half of your body was leaning over the other man. Jiyong used his foot to part your legs before he drove himself back into you, the shear force making you lunge forward slightly, coming face to face with Seung hyun. He brushed the hair out of your face as Jiyong pounded into you again and you let out a loud moan, Seung hyun groaned as he grabbed the back of your hair in his fist.

“Just fuck me already” you said to Jiyong as you looked in Seung hyuns eyes and they both chuckled.

Jiyong grasped at your hips as he pounded in and out of you, your moans in time with the wet slapping sound of his movements, you couldn’t believe how much of a turn on this was. Having Jiyong fuck you over Seung hyun while your faces were so close that your breaths became intertwined. The knots inside you were tightening with every thrust Jiyong made.

“Harder…” you moaned, you needed to come and you wanted to come hard.

Jiyong dug his fingers into your flesh as he did what he was told. Seung hyun pinched at your nipple with his free hand, it felt so good, you could feel your juices running down the inside of your thighs.

“Fuck…. I’m gonna come soon” Jiyong groaned and you clenched around him knowing he was feeling just as good as you were.

“Can….. can he come inside me oppa?” you asked looking Seung hyun in the eyes.

“Anything you want Jagi” he smiled at you as his hand snaked down your stomach to your clit rubbing it lightly.

“Harder…. fuck me harder” you screamed, you were so close.

Jiyong let out a throaty moan as he fucked you harder, you had to place your hands on Seung hyuns chest so you wouldn’t fall forward. Before you knew it you were screaming as you came around Jiyongs cock and on Seung hyuns hand, you came so hard that your legs began to shake and you clawed at Seung hyuns chest but they didn’t stop. Seung hyuns hand kept rubbing your clit and Jiyong kept pounding into you and you kept coming, just when you thought you were about to pass out you felt a hot liquid shot inside you and Jiyong began to slow his pace. He pulled out of you as he hissed but Seung hyun was quick to place his fingers inside of you, he pulled them back out and brought them up to your mouth.

“Suck” He demanded and you opened your mouth taking his fingers in all the way and sucked them dry. “Good girl”

You ran your hands down Seung hyuns chest to his pants and began palming him through them, he was already rock hard, he placed his hand over yours stopping you.

“It’s ok… we’ll finish this when we get home” he said with a smirk.

Confession (Wonho/Reader)

By: Admin Dreamer

Genre: Fluff, a little angsty?, bartender!Wonho

Warnings: None

You decided to drink your problems away after a embarrassingly bad confession, only to find out that your bartender for the night was your crush that you tried to forget about.

“That was terrible.” Your friend whispered as you left your last class of the day with her, your shoulders slightly hunched over in embarrassment and fully aware of the jocks who were laughing about what happened between you and Wonho earlier that day.

“Yeah, don’t remind me.”

“Hey, at least he was nice about it and you didn’t make a total fool of yourself.”

With a scoff, you looked at her incredulously, “Are you kidding, Celia? I totally made myself look like an idiot out there. I’m not the most good-looking person out there, what would he think of me after this?”

“Okay first off, you need to have more confidence in yourself. Secondly, Wonho is a nice guy even though he is part of the swim team. If anything I would rather you date him than anyone else, they’re all douchebags.”

“Thanks, friend.” You mused sarcastically, squinting in the sunlight.

“Hey, I’m going to be having a get-together tonight at the bar downtown, you want to come with?”

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There Ch. 3 (Bucky x reader)

Hello, loves! I hope your day went well, you’re all amazing people. So, here’s the next chapter of the “There”, I hope you like it! Let me know what you think. xoxo

Description:You lost your world. You lost the love of your life. All by yourself, with nobody to support you. Your daughter would have to grow up never knowing her father. But what happens when Bucky comes along? Will you let him in, or will you push him away like everyone else?

Warnings: None

Chapter 2


The next eight months went like that. Bucky would always come over to spend time with you and Victoria, no matter what time of day it was. Sometimes the three of you would take adventures out in the city, and other times the night was spent on the couch watching movies. Bucky usually would leave at the end of the night, but there were times when he would fall asleep on the couch while he was watching the movie, so you let him sleep. He had helped you get better, both mentally and physically. You looked much healthier now, thank to him, and the nights no longer frightened you. Sleep was welcoming, not torturous as it had once been. 

Of course you hadn’t forgotten about Pietro, he had been the love of your life, and the father of your child. He had loved you both tremendously, and you did too. It had almost been a year since he passed away. His death no longer haunted you every day. Instead, his memory and love you knew he had for you contributed to you getting better. He would always hold a special place in your heart, but you had to move on. The world was still spinning, and day by day you were getting better, so you had to keep going. You knew that Pietro would want you to be happy, and you knew that he wouldn’t want you moping around for the rest of your life. 

One day, you decided it was time. You visited his grave and talked to him, telling him all about Victoria, and how big she was getting. You spent hours there, and when you had told him everything, you said goodbye. It wasn’t just a goodbye though, it was your way of letting go. You said your final farewell. That was it. Because life must go on. But, as you spoke the one word, a tear rolled down your cheek, leaving a wet streak on your face. You looked down at his grave and smiled, whispering an “I’ll always love you” before walking away, forever.

“Vic, where’d you put mommy’s glasses?” You were sifting through your nightstand, looking for them. You had a light prescription, but regardless, things were still a little blurry. You didn’t hear your daughter answer, and that meant she was up to something. You looked towards the door, and saw a little figure speed past. “Victoria..” You followed her to her room, and marveled at the mess on the floor. “Baby, what have you done? Where’s my glasses?” She looked towards the bathroom and pointed at it. Her gaze shifted to the floor, looking completely guilty. You stepped into the bathroom and saw your glasses, broken in half, and in the toilet. 

“I accidentally broke them, Mommy. I got scared and tried to flush it…” Tears were starting to well up in Victoria’s eyes as she spoke meekly to you. You groaned, pinching the bridge of your nose, trying not to get upset with her. You sighed, and knelt in front of her, so that you were both at eye level. 

“Victoria, you shouldn’t have hid it from me. I wouldn’t have been upset if you told me it was an accident. But, I think you messed up the toilet and now Mommy has to pay to get it fixed. I’m not mad, but don’t do it again. Understood?” You were stern, but kind. You didn’t like to see her cry, nor did you ever yell at her. She shook her head furiously, and hugged you. 

“I’m sorry, Mommy.” Her voice was muffled against your shirt. 

“It’s okay, baby. Come on, we have to go get a new pair of glasses.” You got your bag, and the two of you headed out the door. As you were buckling her into her car seat, Bucky pulled up. 

“Hey F/N, where are you two off to?” He was leaning over the passenger seat, looking up at your through the window. 

“The optometrist, Vic kind of tried to flush my already broken glasses. I need to get a new pair, and I also have to call the plumber to make sure the toilet is messed up.” You sighed, chuckling. 

“I can take a look at it if you want. Free of charge.” He smiled, and gave you a wink.

“Could you, please? I’d really appreciate it, Bucky.” You gave him a sincere look and he nodded, turning off the engine. 

“I’ll be here when you get back, maybe we could go to dinner?” He got out, leaning against the driver’s side of the car. He paused, contemplating if he should say more. “Uhm, just the two of us?” He looked nervous, and he cleared his throat. You parted your lips, slightly startled. Did he just ask you on a date?

You thought that you would be completely shocked, and say no, but you weren’t. On the contrary, you felt butterflies in your stomach and a tight feeling in your chest. 

“Okay, yeah. I’ll see you soon.” You gave him a shy smile and got into your car before he saw the blush creeping up on your face. Little did you know, Bucky was smiling like a total fool. As you drove away, you felt something in your chest that you hadn’t left in a long time. You just couldn’t put your finger on it. 

“Mommy, are you going on a date with Uncle Bucky?” Your daughter said so innocently, smiling. 

“That’s nothing for you to worry about.” You raised your eyebrows at her through the rear view mirror. “I’ll drop you off at Uncle Steve’s tonight, okay?” She nodded, and a big grin took over Victoria’s face. She began giggling, and covered her mouth with her hands, trying to muffle her laughter. 

“Mommy’s going on a date with Uncle Bucky!”

I hoped you all enjoyed this chapter of “There”! I’m so excited to write the next chapter, hopefully I can write enough today and tomorrow, so that nobody has to go without either one of series’ this weekend. I’ll post one shots too, so if you have a request, hit up my inbox! I love you all, have a wonderful rest of the day. xoxo



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