you know your a stoner chick when


L I T E R A L L Y  N O . 

This is not. NOT. not. How you go about hand poking a tattoo. There are so many beautiful rituals developed and passed down over centuries, creating breathtaking work, safely and with reverence.

For example:

Those are hand-poked tattoos. 

This, though…I can’t even begin to describe everything that is wrong here. 

Higgins ink is no. It is made to go on paper, not come in contact with the human bloodstream. Like…they didn’t even bother going for India ink? God help them.Besides, Non-toxic =/= sterile. All kinds of nasties could be in there. You can spend literally $3-$5 more and get decent sterile, real tattoo ink. Do you people even know anything about bloodborne pathogens at all?????

Also, quilting needles are non-hypoallergenic. They are cheap metal, and many many people are allergic to that, some very seriously. And y’all wanna stab that in someone’s skin without a second thought? Have fun visiting Johnny from the other side of the Quarantine door when his flesh begins to eat itself. Do any of you trust fund trashbabies have insurance? I sure hope so.

Fire and alcohol do not sterilize. Just stop. Sewing needles are plated metal and heating them will just release particulates to be deposited in your tattoo to cause infection and irritation later. 

I’m not even gonna touch the fact the chicks nails are mega filthy and she isn’t wearing gloves, and it certainly doesn’t look like any disinfectant preparation has been performed. 

Listen, edgy kids. I realize you’re not old enough to have your parents sign off for tattoos, or maybe you are and this makes you fit into whatever ~dgaf ~aesthetic ~existence you’ve substituted social media for actual living. But you look fucking stupid. And you should really know that. 

Google “blood poisoning.” It’s not cute. 

This is why I get so fucing mad when dumbass teenage stoners decide to completely bastardize and turn beautiful traditions into ~edgy ~so different ~hard af street trash, so they can play hardass until they’re old enough for their mummies and daddies to stop saying no. 

The truth is I never bought into your bullshit🙏🏻
When you would pay tribute to me
‘Cause I know that
All I wanted to do was get High by the beach
Get High Baby, Baby, Baby, Bye Bye 🙏🏻💨🙏🏻💨🙏🏻