you know you're in color guard when

sadbarofsoap  asked:

Is you school's color guard good? I'm moving to Sellwood in the fall and you're in the marching band so you'd know and I was curious cause I'm thinking of joining when I move

Why would you want to move to Sellwood, of all places…? Yeah though, it’s not half bad!

the best relationship advice i can give you is to have a low bullshit tolerance especially when you first start getting to know someone. being able to catch an off-color comment in the talking phase is probably gonna be the difference between getting wrapped up in a bad situation that you can’t bring yourself to get out of because you’re attached and just never having to deal with it. keep your guard up always

You know you're a band kind when
  • Me: Yeah..I was in color guard in high school
  • Hot Nerd: Oh god...marching band. I remember being a part of it in high school.
  • Me: Is it all right if I guess what you played?
  • Hot Nerd: Sure
  • Me: From your appearance you had to be part of the bass section
  • Hot Nerd: *surprised* yes I was
  • Me: Trumpet? Trombone?
  • Hot Nerd: Close but no...
  • Me: You're right, too tall...French Horn?
  • Hot Nerd: Yes! How?
  • Me: You just...look like a French Horn player