you know you're from ny when

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You mentioned you have other fic ideas... Anything you're willing to disclose for our imagination pleasure? Were you referring to the mini fics you mentioned in a previous post? I'd love to read absolutely anything you write, even your grocery lists (you have such a poignant voice... I can just imagine the descriptions of lettuce, cheese, etc.) Obviously Home and your life/health come first, but just letting you know that you'll have loyal fans waiting for your stories and art until you're 80.

Mornin’ cutie!

The mini fics in my other post were actually prompts for other people since I love me some hurt!stiles but never have the time to write them!

I have a few big ideas, but I’ll probably ending choosing between: 1) Stiles is at boarding school with Scott, but runs away to find his long-lost dad in NY a few states over. Along the way he (literally) runs into Derek (owner of a small 24 hour diner) when he tries to steal money from the cash register. 2) Stiles is living on the streets until one night where he accidentally gets hit by a car, driven by Laura and Derek. They become friends, but Stiles keeps his homelessness a secret.

Thank you! I hope I’ll be writing/drawing until I’m 80! :D