you know you're a taylor swift fan when

Jimmy Butler on Singing for Taylor Swift
  • Seerat Sohi: You're also a Taylor Swift fan, right?
  • Jimmy Butler: I am a T-Swift fan. I'm going to see her in San Diego in August. I'm not going to say I'm gonna be in the back screaming but…I didn't say I wouldn't.
  • SS: Will it be the first time you're seeing her?
  • JB: In concert, yeah. She's a Knicks fan so whenever we play the Knicks I just go up to her and say, "Hey, you know, I listen to your music" and she's like, "Oh, well I watch you play basketball."
  • SS: Do you play a little harder when she's in the house?
  • JB: Nah, I just play no matter who is there. The hardest people to play in front of are my brothers and friends from childhood, because I can never take them seriously. I know when they're sitting in the stands; it's constant jokes. They're just waiting on me to shoot an air ball or dribble the ball off my foot so they can laugh. If it's another celebrity, I'm just out there doing what they do, putting on a show.

taylor when you and karlie come out as a couple you will need us you will need our support you know it drop your homophobic fans they don’t deserve you and karlie tbh