you know you're a oncer when

You Know You’re A Oncer When

You think of Jamie Dornan as Graham the Huntsman instead of the guy from Fifty Shades.

You know Bae is not your significant other but the son of Rumplestiltskin

You know Little Red Riding Hood is a werewolf

You’re the only one among your friends who thinks Captain Hook is hot

You start saying Dearie instead of Dear

You hear the word swan and don’t think of the bird

You suddenly have a desire to visit the state of Maine

You giggle at the words tacos and coffee

You insist on having cinnamon with your hot cocoa


You know you’re a oncer when…

  • you ship Evil Queen with a spoon
  • you know that is not just a cup
  • you’re proud to be a bowl of soup

and yes also when you see a VW bug and thinks : “OMFG Emma take me to Storybrooke !!!!”