you know you're a kissme when

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Hi... Did you watch U-KISS' lastest MV 'Don't Flirt' ? ô/ Can you make an EXO reaction to you (You're a KISSME :<) fangirling over this MV ? -If u take reaction request- Kamsahamnida. n_n Btw I really like ur theme. *^*

Yes I saw U-Kiss new MV and I have to say that I was shocked the first time I saw it so I guess some of the boys reaction is how I reacted the more I saw the MV.

Sehun:I don’t know what shocked me the most. You or the MV!

Kai:Please turn it off I’m to innocent to see all of this!

Tao: Girl why watch this when we can have a party of our own in the bedroom!

Kyungsoo: *hears you saying that the MV will kill you* Please girl, if something can kill you that’s my butcher knife that I hide under the couch!

Chanyeol: Did she just ask one of the guys to fuck her?Oh god…

Chen: Wtf is happening?

Baekhyun: *judging you so hard*

Lay: Does she expects me to do the same thing to her?

Kris: Is that what they call “seductive faces”?

Luhan: Baby my lips are ready when you are…

Suho: Why are you watching this? Is that  a threesome I saw in there?Why are saying you want one?

Xiumin: Wanna try somethig new?