you know you're a bottom


ordering online vs the actual delivery

i’m extremely humbled that each & every one of you that follows or has interacted with jinx or myself still hang around despite my perpetually non-existent activity. you’ve made this a lovely and positive journey for me to not only give jinx a platform to flourish ; but to quell my writers block. pretty soon i’ll be archiving this blog & giving the makeup artist a much needed makeover but when i’m all finished on that front, i’ll make a post to let you all know!

under the cut will be an insanely sappy message because - in reality - i’m a closet emo.

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  • *jikook getting married*
  • priest: you may now kiss the bride
  • jimin: who's the bride tho
  • jungkook: stop asking as if you know nothing. everyone knows you're a bottom i made sure to warn everyone so you wont get embarassed anymore

anonymous asked:

I know you're a power bottom but would you top for bunny kookie? That'd be a good show baby 💕

Hm it would be, wouldn’t it? 

I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to the idea if he wanted to join me for a show sometime~

anonymous asked:

headcanon: nakazawa actually announced a break that month just so he can record all of the deadly CDs that are coming out now. also, cream pie series thinks it's cheeky with the actual cream and strawberry pie on the cover lmao RIP in peace otometachi

Confirmed. You know what’s up, anon. (ゝ◡ ⚈ )

  • Kai: im taking this shirt
  • Lay: ok
  • Kai: that doesn't bother you?
  • Lay: it smells like me
  • Kai: and?
  • Sehun: dude it means you're the bottom
  • Kai: ...
  • Lay: ...
  • Sehun: ... Or you know, you could wash it
  • Kai: *sniffs shirt*
  • Kai: *sniffs Lay*
  • Kai: *puts on shirt*
  • Sehun: that answers a lot
  • Kai: quit giggling I just really like hyungs scent