you know you were thinkin' it

guys so i was doin a space camp class today trying to explain astrophysics to these ass children and their parents and this one lil kid goes up to me and he was like

“rey can i ask you a question?”
“yeah!” i said, expecting to explain the distortion of time to this literal six year old
“are you a girl or a boy? because u know so much about space i think youre an alien. are you an alien or a girl or a boy?”

cue adults laughing nervously (im androgynous looking so they were probs thinkin the same thing)

“im stardust. and so are you. we’re all stardust,” i explain. “iron can only be made in the cores of dying stars and humans require supplements of iron to live. you guys are made of stars.”

and ive never seen this little kid’s eyes get so fucking wide and he looked down at his hands and he was like


10/10 best answer ive given to the are you a girl or a boy question

Best Friends and Barely There Clothing

Helloooo lovies! So this is my first imagine on this blog, and I do hope you enjoy it! I will be posting lots of imagines and blurbs etc. regarding Harry, and most will contain smut! But I will of course have writings that are just pure fluff as well! Enjoy this one!

Warnings: Smut & Language

Word Count: 3k

“Don’ tell me you haven’t thought about it.”

“Having a baby with you?” You asked breathlessly, your eyes falling closed as Harry began to move your hips over his bulge, causing you to let out a quiet whimper as the fabric of his jeans rubbed through the thin lace material covering your clit.

“No love,” he let out a throaty laugh, his eyes moving down to where you two were currently grinding against one another, “Don’ know why I was thinkin’ of havin’ a baby, really… was mainly just thinking about sinking my cock inside of ya, pet.”

Your eyes snapped open as the words left his mouth as you pressed your clit down against him to gain even more friction as his words literally caused you to throb at the thought, “Harry…” you whimpered quietly, your fingers now gripping onto his tshirt tightly.

“Do you wan’ tha’?” His accent was thicker than you had ever heard before as you stared into his darkening eyes, and all you could do was nod your head and let out a breathy sigh of agreement along with it. Somewhere among your exchange of words, Harry’s hand had slipped into your panties and his finger was slowly moving around your clit, but not quite applying the pressure you were currently craving; he was going to make you beg for it.

OR the one where Harry really can’t stop thinking about the act of making babies with his best friend, and he’s tired of her slinking around his house wearing barely anything.

“Would ya ever have a baby with me?” The words slipped past his lips casually, his eyes trained on you as he brought the wine glass that was in his hands to a rest on the coffee table in front of you two.

“Excuse me?” You all but choked as the words registered, the wine that was gracefully slipping down your throat coming to an abrupt stop and getting stuck in your vocal pipes, causing you to cough for a few seconds as you worked it out. Your sea green eyes flicked up to his emerald ones, squinting as he watched you with amusement, a small smirk playing on his lips as he captured his bottom one between his thumb and forefinger.

Harry was your best friend. Harry had been your best friend for almost 6 years now, and you had been by his side almost every step of his career, cheering him on and encouraging him to take leaps he was too afraid of. But you were only best friends… why would a baby together ever cross his mind? You two may have shared one or two (or ten or twenty) drunken kisses on nights when you stumbled into one another’s flat, coats being haphazardly thrown to the floor and lips meeting in a sloppy goodnight as you both fell onto whomevers bed you had chosen for the night before passing out, but that was it.

“What? Not weird to think about having a baby with ya best friend, is it?” His smirk was only getting wider as you let out an exasperated breath, your eyes narrowing to slits as you decided to place your wine glass on the table next to his.

“S'just….” he continued, refusing to break eye contact, “What if m'not married by the time I’m 30. Ya know more than anyone I wanna have kids… so if m'not married and you’re not… would ya have a baby with me?”

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More Than One Night

Originally posted by fiftyshadesofbangtan7

pairing: yoongi x reader x jungkook

words: 23,707

genre: angst, smut, college au, fuck boy au

warnings: dirty talk, lots of sex, oral sex 

a/n: this is not how i usually write. so it’s jumbled, and it’s super long i’m sorry. basically ..think about it as a huge imagines

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some AUs to consider

“We ended up paired together as contestants on ‘Soul Mates’ the game show and we kind of hate each other but we both really want the $100,000”

“My friends convinced you and I to go on a double date but we just want to be friends and it turns out so do the other two… but now I’m falling for one of them and you’re falling for the other”

“We were best friends when we were three but you moved away and I forgot about you”

“Hello please let me in I left you a message at two in the morning and I was very drunk and please let me delete that”

“That field trip totally sucked and now the whole school bus is stuck in many miles of completely unmoving traffic. So… hi”

“I got mugged but you saved me with a can of pepper spray and some pretty impressive sweeping kicks… except you saved me with a CAN OF PEPPER SPRAY and my face feels like it’s on fire”

“It was really hot and I got heat stroke on the Tube and passed out in the station, thank god you’re a doctor”

“We’re stand partners in the orchestra and we’re constantly arguing or talking during rehearsal and the director hates us”

Landscape practice

Where the hell can you get tutorials for sunsets and sunrises????

I did search up a ref tho and tried to recreate it minus a few things, eh, I tried :/

Kinda like how it came out tho <3

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SHAVING HARRY!!!!! Walking into the bathroom one morning to find him in only a towel around his hips, droplets of water all over his body and his short hair tousled and damp, one hand supporting himself as he tilts his head to the side and drags the sharp blade bottom to top with his other hand ----- all this because you once complained about having scratches after him devouring your sweet cunt cause FUCK. ME. UP plz continue


“Got tired of the stubble?” you say, leaning against the doorway of the washroom. Harry catches your gaze in the mirror, pushing wet strands of hair out of his eyes as he runs the blade of the razor against the curve of his jaw.

“Not exactly,” he muses. He smirks, the shaving cream around his mouth shifting with the action. You bite your bottom lip, eyeing him sultrily and taking in his appearance. He’s wearing nothing but a towel, his hair still damp from his shower and water droplets clinging to his skin. There’s something about seeing him this way–so casual and mundane–that makes your chest tighten and your knickers wet.

“What’s the occasion?” you press, wanting to keep him talking because he just looks so goddamn hot. You don’t know what’s gotten into you.

“Was just thinkin’ about,” Harry pauses when he trails the razor along his upper lip, effectively bringing the shaving cream along with it, “The other night, when I ate yeh–”

You tense up immediately, remembering exactly what he’s talking about. He’d made you cum three times with his tongue alone. You’d been shaking when he finally slipped inside of you, and when he’d crammed you full of his load, he’d eaten it out of you until you were sobbing and pushing him away. It had been a lovely night, if you were being honest. 

“–an’ yeh complained the next morning ‘bout your thighs burning,” Harry continues on, oblivious to the minor flashback that had rocketed through your head.

“Mm,” you hum, snapping out of your thoughts and focussing on him. He’s bent down, rinsing his face in the sink before reaching for a small towel at the edge of the counter. When he stands back up, toweling off his skin, there’s a playful, sexy glimmer in his eyes.

“Didn’t wanna hurt yeh anymore,” Harry tells you simply, turning around so that he can face you. He walks over to where you’re standing, lifting his chin so that you can feel along his neck and jawline. You humour him, nodding and puckering your lips.

“Very smooth,” you tell him, before chuckling quietly. Harry hums in agreement, pressing a pert kiss to your lips. It seems like that’s all he intends to do, so you take it upon yourself to deepen the kiss, gliding your tongue along his bottom lip and coaxing his mouth open.

“You’re sweet,” you mumble against him, hands cradling his clean-shaven jaw. You can feel a muscle twitch beneath your fingertips, and somehow, the discovery makes you want him even more than before. 

“Wanna judge my technique?” Harry questions hotly against your mouth. His hands slide down your back until he’s giving your ass a firm squeeze, making you whimper. “Wanna see if it’s soft enough fo’ yeh?”

You nod frantically, and then he’s carrying you to your shared bed and dropping you down onto the mattress, grinning as you squeal.

And, yeah, you think as he litters kisses along your inner thighs, it’s definitely soft enough for you.

i looooove when someone says something that makes you realize how little they honestly care about you like it just opens your eyes and ur like wow…. i mean NOTHING to you! here i am thinkin you might still care a little in there somewhere but you truly do not! and then you can just shrug and move on and know whole heartedly that whatever you were hanging on to is not there and u feel hurt but also so cleansed. i love it


1x04 | 1x05

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Got an update on charming midorkiya or were you busy eating flowers? (A blog i never knew i needed thank bless u)

….You could say I was busy eating flowers…..

The Love Club

You don’t really remember when you realized that you loved him, but you supposed it had been a gradual recognition. Not to say you were necessarily in denial, but you had never dropped the big ‘L’ word on anyone before so it took a bit of time to realize what the warmth in your tummy meant every time you saw his face or heard his name.

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Better Than a Book (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

741. “Do you want to stay over tonight?”// 125. “I need you to forgive me.”// 511. “Don’t give me that face, it’s so cute I might not be able to hold back.”

Warnings: Slightly nsfw, cursing

A/N: I’m so glad you guys liked my last fic! I had a lot of fun writing it and decided to write another. Once again, I will literally write anything you want me to, so don’t be afraid to request. I wrote one for Jared cause I got a soft spot for MemeBoy. Hope you enjoy!


You were laying in your bed reading the new book you got from the library. Your friend, Alana, recommended it to you after you finished all the novels on your shelf. You had been meaning to read it all week, but school and friends got in the way. It’s currently Sunday night and you just want to enjoy the rain pattering down on your window while you curl up in your blanket on your bean bag with your book and green tea.

The moment you opened the book, your phone buzzed with a text lighting up the screen. You reached over to your desk and looked at the message.


What are you doing?


Trying to read


That’s hella boring, you should come over and hang out with me instead


I’ve been trying to get started on this book for the past week now


But (Y/N) I’m bored


Poor you :p. Okay, but seriously, I’m trying to read


Jesus christ and you call ME the nerd

You didn’t respond to his last text, but you did laugh. You felt bad for saying no, but you really wanted to get started on the book. You delved into the book and read for the rest of the night.

You were grabbing your books from your locker when Jared walked up to you.

“You missed a pretty good meme making session.”

“Oh, darn. Isn’t that just a shame?”

“That’s what you get for reading books all day.”

“Believe it or not, books actually make you smarter. You know, they expand your imagination, creativity, and your vocabulary. If you actually gave it a chance, I think you would like the books I have.”

“First of all, if I cared about my vocabulary, I would’ve done all those assignments for Miss Price back in first grade. Second of all, why would I wanna spend time reading when I can make memes and be just as depressed?”

You playfully rolled your eyes as you walked into class with him.


The last bell of the day rang and all of the students began piling out the doors. You grabbed your bag and started to head for the doors. Jared bumped into you with a smile on his face.

“Hey, wanna stay over tonight?”

You bit your lip. It’s not that you didn’t want to hang out, you were just so close to finishing your book. After you didn’t say anything for some time, Jared rolled his eyes.

“I can’t believe it. I’m being replaced by a book.”

“Please, I don’t think anything in my life could replace you.”

“God, ever since you started reading that book, you’ve become more gay by the second. I want my friend (Y/N) back.”

“Well, if you’re just going to be mean, then I’m definitely staying home to finish the book.”

“Oh my god fine. I’ll be nice. Don’t make me beg, (Y/N).”

“Jared Kleinman begging? I’d like to see that.”

Jared spit in front of your shoes after that comment and you stopped in your tracks and just stared at him. He shoved his hands in his pockets and smirked as he headed for his car.

“Wow, very mature. You’re disgusting.”

He opened the passenger side door.

“So, you coming?”

You smiled and got in. He closed the door for you and grinned. He started the car and drove you both to his house. You walked in and he followed, closing the door behind him.

“My parents are still at work, so we’ll be alone for a little while.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time.”

“Probably won’t be the last either.”

Your parents and Jared’s had been friends for a long time before the two of you were even thought of, so you staying over at his house wasn’t anything new. However, your father started becoming weary when you two began maturing and hit puberty. He is convinced that you and Jared are pretty much fucking every time you are alone at his house no matter how many times you tell him you aren’t. You got so fed up with his constant checking up on you via texts that you only tell your mom when you’re over at Jared’s.

You followed Jared into his room and sat down on his bed. You grabbed your homework out of your bag and spread it out on his bed.

“So not only are you replacing me with a book, but you’re gonna deliberately ignore me through homework, now?”

“Oh my god, Jared. Why are you so needy?”

“Because you’re my friend and you’re way more fun when you aren’t being responsible.”

“And you wonder why you’re almost failing every class.”

“Who said I was wondering?”

You rolled your eyes at him as he went over to his Playstation 4 and booted up a game. You never said this out loud, but you enjoyed Jared’s company. Even though you’re working on homework and he’s yelling at his game from his beanbag chair on the ground, you can’t help but smile at how homey this feels.

You looked at the back of his head and grinned. Before you could stop yourself you closed your book, set it aside, and started running your fingers through his hair. He frowned for a second and his hands stopped moving. He leaned against the wood frame of his bed and started leaning into your hands. Jared was actually enjoying the feeling of your nails raking through his short hair.

You noticed his character on the screen began running around again. You snapped back into reality and realized what you were doing. You quickly removed your hands from his hair and shoved them into your lap.

“Why’d you stop?”

“I… it was kinda awkward, right? I didn’t mean to. I don’t even know what I was thinkin-”

“You didn’t hear me complain, did you?”

“You want me to keep doing it?”

Jared awkwardly cleared his throat and swallowed.

“If you want.”

You moved closer to his head and continued stroking his hair. Was it weird for you to enjoy doing this while watching him play his game? You laughed at some of the things he said while playing. You removed your hands when he tried to pop the muscles in his neck. You placed your hands on his shoulders and began rubbing at the tense muscles. You felt him stiffen under your hands and you heard him sigh. He leaned his head on his bed. His face was now upside down looking up at you.

“(Y/N), you are treading on dangerous territory.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“If you feel like you can’t forgive me.”

“Forgive you for what?”

He smirked before grabbing your face and crashing his lips on yours. Yes, this was a cliche spiderman kiss, but you didn’t care. You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t thought about what it would be like if you and Jared had started dating. You can’t imagine it’d be any different than what it already was. You sitting on his bed doing homework while he played his games.

Just then, Jared cupped your face and pulled away with a big grin on his face. You bit your lip and smiled out of excitement.

“Fuck, don’t give me that face. It’s so cute, I might not be able to hold back.”

“Who says I want you to hold back?”

Jared turned off his game and crawled onto the bed. He shoved the text book out of the way and kneeled in front of you. He kissed you fervently and gently pushed you back against his pillows. You let him rest his hips between your legs. You once again ran your fingers through his hair as he kissed your neck. You gently tugged when he found your sweet spot. He moaned into your neck and grinded against you. You could feel how much he was enjoying this through his shorts. You gasped and wrapped your legs around his hips to pull him closer. He rested his forehead against yours, breathing hard. You giggled and pulled his glasses from his face and sat them on his table. He smiled.

“I guess your dad was right about this eventually happening.”

You stared at him for a long time before opening your mouth.

“You finally get the balls to make out with me and you’re thinking about my dad?”

“Well, what can I say? He’s got those pretty blue eyes that just get me going.”

“Jared, you’re ruining this.”

“My bad. Let me make it up to you.”

He kissed you again and grinded his hips into yours. You moaned with every thrust of his hips. His hands started roaming your body and slipped under your shirt. He looked at you, worried that you were going to reject him. You put your hand on his wrist and guided it up to your bra. He hesitated. Jesus, he was a nervous mess, but of course this is Jared, so he has the bright idea to say something.

“I can’t believe you were planning on ditching me today to finish your book.”

“Jared, I swear to god-”

You both stopped dead in your tracks when you heard the front door open. He quickly got off of you and turned his game on. He sat in the bean bag once again. You hurriedly grabbed your textbook and opened it, pretending to read it.

His bedroom door swung open and his mom walked in. You were sure that your red faces would be a dead giveaway, but you hoped for the best.

“Hey, (Y/N), how have you been?”

“I’ve been really great, Mrs. Kleinman.”

“That’s nice. Jared, sweetie, why are you trying to play with your glasses off?”

He stopped playing and snapped his fingers.

“And here I was, confused as to why I couldn’t see.”

He stood up and retrieved his glasses. He put them on and put on a fake smile.

“Ah, all better. Thanks, mom.”

He closed the door and let out the breath he was holding in.

“Smooth, Kleinman.”

“Shut up, if it wasn’t for me, she would’ve noticed that you’ve turned into a literal tomato.”

“As if you’re any better.”


Meanwhile, Jared’s mom tapped her husband on the shoulder.

“You owe me twenty.”


“They were totally making out while we were gone.”

“Damn, they couldn’t wait until one more year?”

He handed her the money and returned his attention back to the newspaper in his hands.

hopeless fountain kingdom

** check SUN, MOON, VENUS and RISING

ARIES // strangers

“She doesn’t let me have control anymore
I must’ve crossed a line, I must’ve lost my mind”

TAURUS // now or never

“I’m turnin’ off the light right now
I’m callin’ it a night now
Wishin’ you were ‘round with me
But you’re in a different town than me
We’ve been through it all
But you could never spit it out for me
Tryna talk to a wall
But you could never tear it down for me, yeah”

GEMINI // heaven in hiding

“And when you start to look at me, a physical fatality
And you surrender to the heat, you’ll know
I can put on a show, I can put on a show
Don’t you see what you’re finding?”

CANCER // hopeless

“Cause you know the truth hurts
But secrets kill
Can’t help thinkin’ that I love it still
Still here, there must be something real
'Cause you know the good die young
But so did this
And so it must be better than I think it is
Gimme those eyes, it’s easy to forgive”

LEO // 100 letters

“But I don’t let him touch me anymore
I said “I’m not something to butter up
And taste when you get bored
'Cause I have spent too many nights on dirty bathroom floors
To find some peace and quiet right behind a wooden door”

VIRGO // walls could talk

“Been about three days and I’m comin’ back
I’m about four minutes from a heart attack
And I think you make me a maniac”

LIBRA // bad at love

“Got a boy back home in Michigan
And it tastes like Jack when I’m kissing him
So I told him that I never really liked his friends
Now he’s gone and he’s calling me a bitch again”

SCORPIO // devil in me

“I won’t take anyone down if I crawl tonight
But I still let everyone down when I change in size
And I went tumbling down tryna reach your high
But I scream too loud if I speak my mind”

SAGITTARIUS // angel on fire

“'Cause nobody seems to ask about me anymore
And nobody seems to care 'bout anything I think
And nobody seems to recognize me in the crowd
In the background screaming, “Everybody, look at me”

CAPRICORN // don’t play

“Everybody thirsty, drinks on me
When I’m out, clothes on lay away
Tryna take back what you say to me
I don’t give a damn what you say to me
There ain’t no time for games with me”

AQUARIUS // alone

“And I can never say sorry
'Cause I won’t take the blame
I know I always go missing
And you’re lying awake
But if you ask why I’m distant
Oh, I’m runnin’ away

You know that everywhere I go
I got a million different people tryna’ kick it
But I’m still alone in my mind”

PISCES // sorry

“'Cause I can change my mind each day
I didn’t mean to try you on
But I still know your birthday
And your mother’s favorite song”

Well Hello There

In which Harry comes home after a long time away to fine the missus with a little surprise.


He’d been gone for a while, filming movies and doing promo, and he’d come back to find you waiting eagerly at the door, clad in a flimsy, thin t-shirt, with no bra on. He loved your body, yes, but your tits wouldn’t be the first thing to catch his attention, a wide smile taking over his face as he locked eyes with you. Then be was there, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into him—jerking back when he felt something harder than a pebbled nipple poking into his chest.
“Wha’?” With a slight frown, his finger tugged the collar of your shirt open, and his eyes trailed down to your chest and–oh. His gaze flicked excitedly from the small metal bars in your nipples to your face, his free hand going to adjust his already-fattening cock in his pants. A knowing smile pulled at your lips, but you fluttered your lashes and played it coy.
“Well? Do you like them?” Harry swallowed harshly, his throat bobbing beautifully, and fish-mouthing for a moment.
“Do I–do I bloody like them? ’Ve already been thinkin’ about gettin’ yeh tits in m'mouth for weeks, and now this. Can’t wait t'taste, pet.” His hands were already rucking your shirt up, his eyes locked onto the pretty swells of your chest, his tongue licking over his lip in anticipation. Harry somehow managed to get you against the wall, his large hands trailing tenderly over your sides and up to cup your breasts, squeezing them lightly and reveling in the way your soft flesh dimpled beneath his fingers. The cool wall dug into your back as Harry dragged his fingertips over you, always so close to your nipples, but far enough away to make you beg.
“Harry, please.” And then his mouth was on you, his lips suckling wonderfully on your pert nipple, the cool metal of your piercing rolling against his tongue. You were already putty in his hands, your legs straddling one of his thighs and grinding down against the fabric of his jeans. No pants was a smart idea on your part, only the thin layer of your panties separating your dripping core from his thigh. A wet pop sounded as his mouth fell from your nipple, and before you could whine your disdain, he was licking a broad, hot stripe over your breast, a hot moan rumbling in his chest. You pressed down on him harder, grinding your hips rhythmically. By now Harry’s hand that was occupied with groping your other breast slid down your body to slide your panties to the side, his fingers dipping into you. A groan came from you as your head dropped back against the wall, letting his fingers fuck into you slowly. With a hazy mind and stumbling fingers, you fumbled to unbutton his jeans, hastily shoving them, and his underwear, down. His cock sprang free, the tip tapping softly against his lower abdomen. He was flushed and already had precum beading at his head, making your mouth water. Harry hissed at the feeling of the cool air, his teeth gritting.
“Yeh get them fo’ me? Hm? Wanted me to have some new toys?” You nodded as harry shifted, his cock nudging at your entrance. His hips thrusted shallowly, the head of him edging in and out of you.
“Please, please, don’t tease,” you gasped, eyes screwing shut. Harry smirked and did as you asked, sliding into your easily and not stopping until he was seated to the hilt inside of you. Relieved moans came from both of you, and you clenched deliciously around him, making harry moan loudly.
“Been so long, but yeh can always take me, huh? Don’ even need to adjust, yeh just love m'cock that much.” A whine was your response, and Harry began to roll his hips, his cock brushing every nerve inside of you. His mouth returned to your nipples, tongue dancing around your piercings. “S'hot, angel, look so gorgeous fo’ me.” At this point, his thrusts were strong and deep, your back molding to the wall as you grappled at his shirt, you mouth going to suck on his neck. Harry’s filthy words turned to broken moans of pleasure, his hips moving faster as he raced to his orgasm.
“Yeh gonna cum? Hm? Need yeh to cum, baby, gotta feel yeh.” His hand slipped down to your clit, rubbing fast circles as you writhed against him.
“Oh, god, Harry! I’m so close, please!” Harry smiled against your sweat-slicked chest, hungrily lapping at your breasts with his tongue.
“Cum, angel. C'mon, be good fo’ me.” With one more thrust, Harry threw you over the edge. You were overwhelmed, from the full feeling of his cock moving inside of you to the warmth of his mouth closed around your nipple, and you saw white as you came, your orgasm tearing through you. The feeling of your walls clenching around him milked Harry on, and with a few more rolls of his hips, Harry came, shouting out his release. He slowly lowered you to the ground as you both came down from your highs, his breath puffing against the slick skin of your chest. As he dragged a large hand over your cheek, Harry let out a hoarse chuckle, dropping a kiss to your cheek.
“Yeh gonna fuckin’ kill me, gettin’ yeh bloody nipples pierced and surprisin’ me like that.”

She’s Fighting

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: You and Sam meet up after a little over a year apart. Something about him is different, but you can’t seem to place it. All you can think about is how much he’s grown, how much fun the two of you had as kids together, and how curious you are about what he actually does for a living - oh, and how badly you want to jump his bones.

Word Count: ~3,900

Warnings: canon divergence, Sam using his powers, Crowley being a dick, demon blood stuff (mildly graphic), cursing, angst, smut (oral - female receiving, fingering, unprotected sex)

A/N: This is written for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog Trop Challenge. My trope was “friends when kids, now there’s an attraction.” I started writing this a few weeks ago and then my computer crashed and I lost it because I’m an idiot and didn’t save it anywhere. This is not at all what the first version was like, but hey, it’s something.

*Flashbacks are in italics

Originally posted by spn-mostly

“Sam Winchester?” You stepped up to the bar and sank down on the stool beside the large man.

He spun on his barstool, sipping from his beer as his eyebrows raised in surprise.

“[Y/N]?” He set his bottle down and opened his arms.

Willingly, you sprung forward and flung yourself into his arms, wrapping yours around his middle and nuzzling your face into his chest.

“Sammy…” You sighed, eyes falling closed as you took in the feeling of your best friends arms wrapped around you.

“Been too long, sweetheart.” He breathed against your hair.

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i will never stop rolling my eyes at fandom’s blatant mistreatment and dismissal of princess allura

like yall know good and well had allura been some pastey-skinned prince and went through all the same shit and reacted exactly the same way to literally everything he would be The Ultimate Fandom Fave and he and keith would be the most popular pairing on this hellsite lmfao like i dunno what the majority of you all thought you were getting into when you started watching but maybe you should take a step back & do some introspective thinkin or just fuckin watch something that suits your ’“‘aesthetic’”’ and let actual vld stans just stan vld

Waiting (Part One) (Stony Soulmate AU)

Welcome to the story! Be prepared for just crazy amounts of fluff. Just everywhere. Barely a plot, lovelies. Just Tony and Steve helplessly in love.


Enjoy :)

“D’ya think we’re soulmates, Buck?” Seventeen year old Steve asked idly, his small feet hanging off the edge of Bucky’s bed, kicking at the air.

“Why ya ask?” Bucky stopped halfway to putting his shirt on, looking over at his best friend in surprise. “What brought this up?”

“Jus’ thinkin’.” Steve shrugged. “My parents are soulmates  y’know? Mom always says it’s because her and dad were best friends. Aren’t we best friends?”

“Course we are.” Bucky frowned. “That don’t mean we’re soulmates.”

“You don’t wanna be my soulmate?” Steve asked, and his voice got quiet.

“Damn.” Bucky swore and flopped onto the bed next to him, nearly bouncing Steve’s ninety pound frame onto the floor. “Don’t do that, Stevie. It’s not that I don’t wanna be your soulmate. I’m jus’ not.”

“How do you know?” Steve challenged, dark blue eyes sparking. “They say you don’t know till you kiss someone.”

“What, Stevie, you wanna kiss me?” Bucky teased, but was taken aback when Steve flushed a deep red and looked away.

“Forget it.”

“Hey, hey come on.” Bucky reached for his friend and turned him onto his side easily. He had at least fifty pounds on the blond and even though he never used his strength to make Steve feel bad, he definitely used it to force the stubborn kid to listen.

“You know I don’t care about… about all that.” Bucky said with a short shrug, and Steve turned even redder. “You wanna kiss and see if we’re soulmates, let’s kiss.”

“Forget it.” Steve mumbled again and tried to move off the bed. “I’m gonna go.”

“You’re not gonna go.” Bucky argued and grabbed at his arm. “Come on, Stevie.” He toppled the smaller kid onto his chest and cupped his jaw. “Come on now.”

With a quick roll, Bucky pinned Steve to the bed and leaned over him. “Gonna kiss you real nice, alright? Let’s see bout this whole soulmate thing.”

Steve was trembling a little, even as his hands came up to grab at Bucky’s biceps. Bucky hated how weak the grip was, hated how hard this last winter had been on his friend.

“You alright?” He asked again, and Steve nodded quickly. “Alright, Stevie, come here.” Bucky dropped his head and gave him a gentle kiss, licking at his bottom lip until Steve opened wide beneath him with a desperate little pant. “Easy.” Bucky murmured and kissed him again. “How’s that?”

“Um.” Steve’s eyes opened slowly and Bucky smiled down at him, brushing some hair off his forehead. “I can see why the dames let you kiss them.” Steve finally said and Bucky raised an eyebrow.


“And…. nothing.” Steve touched his chest, over his heart where a soulmate mark was supposed to appear. “Nothing.”

“So not soulmates then.” Bucky actually looked a little disappointed. “That was my best kiss, Stevie, if that wasn’t enough to make us soulmates then–”

“–then I guess we’re just best friends.” Steve finished and shoved at Bucky’s shoulder playfully. “So get off.”

“Fine.” Bucky laughed and rolled off, reaching for his boots. “I got to get to work then.”

“Thanks Buck.” Steve was sitting up again, still looking a little sad.

“Stevie.” Bucky wrapped his arm around his thin shoulders. “Stevie one day you’re going to find your soulmate. He’s gonna be wonderful and sweet and at least half as handsome as me and–”

He?” Steve asked shakily. “Why would you say–”

“Hey I told you. I don’t care about all that.” Bucky emphasized. “Everybody else might but I don’t. So yeah, this soulmate of yours is gonna be great for you. He’ll find you, you just gotta wait. And if he’s not perfect to you, Stevie I’m gonna rip his candy ass apart. But he will be. He will be your whole heart, your entire reason for breathing, because that’s what soulmates are. Our heart. You’ll find him. Maybe just gotta wait a little.”

“Love you, Buck.” Steve mumbled and Bucky squeezed him.

“I’m with you always, Steve. Soulmates or not. Besides, this was your first kiss. I gotta make sure the next punk to kiss ya is just as good.”

“That’s a weird thing to say.” Steve rested his head on Bucky’s shoulder.

“Weirder than kissing my best friend to check a soulmate bond?” Bucky teased and Steve just blushed again. “I got to go.” Bucky jumped up, grabbing his work things. “Stick around all ya want, Stevie, I’ll be home tonight.”

“Thanks, Bucky.”

Steve glanced up long enough to catch one of those heart stopping winks from those light blue eyes and then Bucky was gone.

Steve flopped back on the bed and placed his hand over his lips. He hadn’t felt anything when Bucky kissed him. His very first kiss, and nothing. Barely even a spark and certainly not the flare that was supposed to accompany his soulmark.

But if it wasn’t Bucky, then who? Who else out there would love him?

He blinked back the tears at the thought of being this lonely forever, and took a deep breath, wincing when his chest hurt.

Whoever his soulmate was, Steve had a hard time believing he would run into them here in Brooklyn.

No, his soulmate might be out there, but they he was waiting somewhere far away.

Steve just didn’t know how to find him. And he didnt know how long he would have to wait.

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Two Left Feet

Requested by: @seemeinacrownandsuspenders
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x 40s!Bucky
Word Count: 1.4K
Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I’ve always wanted to write a 40s!Bucky fic, I hope it’s okay!

~~Steve’s POV~~

“C’mon, Buck,” Steve nervously glances at the clock, knowing that you’d be showing up any moment, “She needs someone to teach her how to dance. I’d do it myself, but I’d just stand on her feet and mess it up,”

“Pal,” Bucky whines for the fifth time, “I jus’ don’t wanna, okay?”

“We’ve known her since school,” Steve tries to reason, “Just do her this one lil’ favour. You love dancing!”

“I don’t wanna help her good at dancin’ so that she can impress another fella,” Bucky confessed, “She’s always refused to let me take her dancing, so why should I help her?”

Steve sighs, and readies himself for another argument about Bucky’s crush on you. But a soft knock at the door stops him, “Because she’s here and I already told her that you’d help,” Steve quickly whispers.

Bucky groans, making Steve give him a satisfied smirk. Steve knew that Bucky could never say no to you in person.

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Is safeword use (not just safewords being present in the fic) a legit kink/thing for anyone or is that just me?