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  • Can I have an imagine where you are a guest star on teen wolf and meet Dylan?
  • (@elenapri02Hey, since you’ve added Dylan to your list could you do an imagine where you are an actress who just became famous and works with him like she always wanted to do? Thanks anyway love❤ 

Warnings: none

You were majorly excited. Today was your first day to start shooting a Teen Wolf episode. That wasn’t the main reason towards you excitement, though. You were a huge fan of Teen Wolf, and loved Dylan O’Brien. You were finally meeting him.

Arriving on set was surreal. You felt like such a fangirl. The set of Teen Wolf looked cooler than any other set you’d been on. The best part was that you were playing Dylan’s new love interest, meaning you would become a regular on the show.

“Y/N, glad you’re here,” a man walked up to you. It was one of the producers. “Let’s have you meet the cast, then we can go through everything and start filming.”

Butterflies swarmed in your belly. You were going to meet the cast, and that was exciting enough. Your body shook with nerves, and you tried to calm yourself down. You were an actor. A professional actor. You couldn’t act like some crazy fan. Though deep down, you were still a fangirl. 

“Everyone, meet Y/N.”

This new room had Dylan, Tyler, Holland, and Shelley sitting. There were all talking and eating some snacks. The four of them took you right in. They greeted you with smiles and kindness, but also with humor. 

“Look, it’s my new girlfriend,” Dylan joked, causing everyone to laugh. 

“And she’s a fan of you, just FYI,” the producer smirked, leaving the room for a moment.

“Oh?” Tyler looked at you, then Dylan.

You were blushing hard. “I’m a fan of the show…”

“Then aren’t you going to have fun with us,” Shelley said.

“Everyday is a party,” Holland chuckled.

You smiled wide, already enjoying yourself. This was going to be loads of fun, and hopefully you’d make some new friends.

“Okay, so I’m the new girl that crashes Beacon Hills and steals Stiles’ heart,” you chuckled, messing around.

“Oh, but of course. Stiles loves those new girls.”

You playfully smacked Dylan’s shoulder. You both laughed, as it was just you two at the moment. It was actual bonding time with him, which you cherished. Not only was Dylan your favourite actor, but now you were actually getting to know. He was so genuine and humble. It was nice.

“So, why Teen Wolf? Aside from it being a favourite show of yours.”

“Because I think it would be so much fun to be a character on the show. I don’t know, I think everyone would be fun to work with and I get to be some supernatural creature. What’s better than that?”

Dylan laughed. “Then you are going to have the time of your life. I’ve watched some of your other stuff, you’re pretty good.”

You felt your cheeks heat up. You tried to hide your cheesy grin. Hearing a compliment coming from a favorite meant a lot.

“You’re pretty cute, too, when you blush.”

“Don’t say that!” You squealed, turning an even brighter color.

“Hey, gotta get used to mushy stuff if we’re going t be dating.” Dylan winked at you before walking away to get into costume.

Being on this show was going to be a lot of fun.

I just… I wanted to believe, so badly. It’s so damn hard to do this, what we do. All alone, you know? There’s so much evil out there in the world, Dean, I feel like I could drown in it. And when I think about my destiny, when I think about how I could end up… And I needed to think that there was something else watching too, you know? Some higher power. Some greater good. And that maybe… maybe I could be saved.

Favorite character - Dean Winchester x Reader - Part 1 (French Mistake AU)

Title: Favorite character

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Hey could you please write a fanfic where the doorbell rings and as soon as the reader opens up there stands dean from an alternate universe telling her that shes his fave movie character and that he knows how the movie ends and wants to change it. Also he is in turn her fave character of her fave show. Hope the idea isn’t too unclear or to specific. <3

“Coming! I’m coming!” you shouted, letting out a huff. Sometimes people had the worst timing ever. Just when you were watching, alright rewatching, your favorite episode from Supernatural they had to the ring the doorbell. You most probably guessed it was your neighbor who had the kindness – note the sarcasm – to come knocking on your door pretty much every day asking for something different every time. You didn’t know what she did with it but never asked either, boring old-lad-y stuff you weren’t interested in for sure.

Sometimes you just wished this wasn’t your life. That by some crazy chance, maybe a miracle most likely, you would get swept away and find yourself in a different place. Preferably one where monsters existed, although it didn’t sound all that ideal, and hunters as well. Even more preferably two hunters in specific. Wishing to be a part of your favorite TV show, for real, when your life seemed to be so boring didn’t sound all that crazy right?

“Coming, gosh!” you groaned, almost running down the stairs; surprised how after untangling yourself from all those blankets you didn’t find yourself face-first with the floor.

Maybe you should have checked first, maybe at least asked for a name considering it was practically pitch black outside but blame Dean Winchester for leaving no room for any other thoughts but about him. So of course without checking in the least bit in case it was some serial killer on the loose (which strangely enough was the disturbing case these days) you merely swung open the door… and that certainly surprised you more than a serial killer polite enough to ring the doorbell.

“Holy shit.” you both breathed out at the sight in front of you and the third person looked between the two of you with a frown on his face.

“Uh we’re sorry to bother at this time, but we were a little lost and wondering if you-” he started speaking in a polite and collected voice as you only stared at the sight in front of you with wide eyes.

“Am I dreaming?” you cut him off and he blinked, frowning. He looked at the person next to him who couldn’t take his eyes off you.

“Best dream ever then.” the shorter one breathed out and you gave him a sheepish smile. You blinked, forcing your emotions down as you looked between the two of them, suddenly the sane part of your mind (the small one that hadn’t been taken over by the fangirl one) made fear rise inside your chest.

“Wh-who are you?” you took a small step back, closing the door a little bit and you noticed… Dean look at you with sadness.

“No” he breathed out a little disappointed and your eyes immediately locked with his.

“No, please don’t be scared.” the taller one… Sam(?) rushed to reassure you “We- we are no serial killers or something-” at the mere word you cringed and Dean was fast to glare at his brother.

“Not helping Sam. Just shut it.” he growled at his… brother as it seemed.

“I’m Dean, Dean Winchester.” he introduced himself, giving you a fost smile “And this is my brother Sam. We’re not-” he paused for a moment “-We are not going to hurt you, I swear. We just- we got lost that’s all.”

You took in a deep breath, silence falling for a moment as you looked between the two of them. Sure they looked exactly like Jensen and Jared but there was something, other than the clothes, in the way they moved and spoke that just seemed real. It wasn’t just Jensen and Jared acting but Dean and Sam… for real.

“Ho-how are you here?” you breathed out, blinking.

Of course you wished you could meet them, more than anything else but this- this was far from just your imagination or what you read on fanfiction. They were standing right in front of you, in flesh and bone, and that only meant that they’d been real all this time. And so were monsters and everything else that went along with that, from the Apocalypse to Chuck and Amara. And you- just a few moments ago you had wished you could meet them, be part of their lives. This could not be just a coincidence right?

“We- we don’t really know either.” Dean breathed out, being the one to do the talking instead of his brother… because he knew more than the younger Winchester did “We got lost as I said. We don’t know where we are… although I’m beginning to get a grasp of it.”

“I-” seemed to be the only word you could utter “You’re Sam and Dean” you looked between the two of them “Not… Jared and Jensen.” you whispered again and they shared a look, rolling their eyes.

“Great, this place again.” Dean grumbled “No, not those douches. We- we are more fun.” he gave you a soft charming grin, mostly to lighten the mood and you felt a chuckle leave your lips.

“I’m sorry.” you mumbled, running a hand through your hair “I’m sorry it’s just- you’re real. You! And… you.” you looked from Sam to Dean who you were sure had the same sparkle as you in his eyes.

“Most people don’t react to us this way.” he breathed out a chuckle and you shook your head.

“Sorry it’s just- I’d have a fangirling moment but I am too shocked. You’re… real. It’s… too much to take in.” you breathed out a nervous chuckle and Dean nodded his head.

“It’s alright we- understand. It’s a lot to take in, can we come in?” he asked and you nodded your head.

“Oh gosh yes yes of course. Sorry, I’m a little- stunned.” you laughed “Not every day you get to meet your favorite TV show character- characters.” you corrected yourself and they walked in as you opened the door even more.

“You tell me” Dean breathed out a chuckled and you gave him an awkward smile.

“(Y/n) by the way!” you said and Dean smiled.

“You already know our names.” he chuckled and you did the same, although more shyly.

“So uhm I’m guessing you are trying to find a way back home huh?” you asked and they nodded their heads.

“Yeah and for that we won’t bother you for long. We just- we need some instructions around town and we’ll be gone straight away.” Sam said as politely as he could and your eyes widened.

“No!” you rushed to say almost a little too fast “I mean no guys, it’s alright. I know you are no danger, to humans at least and last time I checked I am 100% human.” you chuckled “You could- you could crash here I mean… if you want to?”

‘Great! Great job (Y/n), not sounding creepy at all!’

“Really?” a smile spread on Dean’s face like you had never seen before and it almost made you blush.

“I’ve got a guest room and it has two beds. It should do right?” you shrugged “But I guess that is only up to you. I will give you instructions to the main town and from there you… do your thing.”

“Well, I mean the offer sounds too-” Dean started speaking with a smile only to be cut off by his brother.

“Good, but we can’t (Y/n). It is really kind of you, and thank you for that, but we don’t want to bother you. We could find a motel and just roll from there.” Sam shook his head with a soft smile that made yours vanish in disappointment.

“Yeah of course, as you wish. I am not going to pressure you.” you shrugged, your eyes falling on Dean who looked just asdisappointed but was glaring at his brother.

“Yeah but what a bad luck we have no money!” Dean exclaimed “So really no other choice. Either an old rusty warehouseor a beautiful house with an even more beautiful hostess! I don’t know about you Sammy but the second sounds a lot more appealing to me.” he grinned at him and Sam rolled his eyes.

He huffed “There is no need to bother (Y/n) though Dean and-”

“You are not bothering!” you rushed to say, an unspoken agreement going on between you and Dean “On the contrary, it has gotten a little dangerous lately and me living on my own doesn’t help. There have been people-”

“Going missing and then found dead in the most gruesome ways.” Dean completed your sentence and with a frown you nodded your head.

“Y-yeah that.” you sighed “It just gets a little scary in the neighborhood at night and yeah…”

“Don’t worry (Y/n) we are here now, no psycho on the loose is getting ya tonight.” he grinned and you nodded your head.

“I hope so.” you cleared your throat “Uhm I’m gonna get you something to drink and I’ll be right back.” you practically rushed to the kitchen because quiet honestly if you stared at Dean for longer from so close and have him gaze at you the way he did… you’d most probably blush all shades of red possible.

“(Y/n)” Sam whispered as his brother only stared at the way you went “Psycho on the loose and you fanboying. Sounds familiar.” he mumbled and Dean sighed, looking up at him.

“It’s her Sam.” he breathed out “(Y/n). Can you believe that? She’s there.” a boyish grin was on his face and Sam tried to not smile, but failed for some part.

“Yeah she is. Talking about you meeting your dream girl.” he shrugged as Dean breathed out a chuckle.

“Isn’t she even better from up close? Man I swear I could stare at her for hours. Did you see that smile?” he breathed out “She’s real, Sam. Real.

“And bound to die, Dean. Don’t forget that.” Sam tried to say as firmly as possible, seeing how excited his brother was getting over this and because he didn’t want him to get disappointed in the end.

He sighed, running a hand through his hair and clenching his jaw “Not if I stop it first.”

“Dean you know you can’t. If something changes in a universe then who knows what that might cause.” Sam clenched his jaw and Dean shook his head.

“Maybe she needs to die, go to heaven or another world as some say but-” he sighed “What if it is more literal?”

“As in?” Sam already knew what his brother wanted to say.

“Another universe”


@badwolf-nine​ you had requested for this long ago and although requests were not open at that time I kept this and wrote it now. Not that much and stuff but I could always do something if people want more to it!

Once More With The Winchesters- Part 1

Request by anon: “ Oneshot request (if you’re taking them): Sam and Dean investigate a town where people are randomly singing and dancing in spontaneous musical numbers, and discover…”

Fandoms: Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Word Count: 2500

Warnings: Slight language, brief gore (decapitation), and really nothing much

A/N: I know this was a one shot request, but I kinda went all out and loved it too much to cut somethings out. I also know that it wasn’t requested as a cross over, but come on, this is too good not to. If you haven’t watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you might not find this as entertaining as if you have, but I believe everyone can get a laugh at the brothers. Don’t know when the next chapter will be out (or how many chapters there will be), but tell me if you’d like to be tagged. Love you all XOXO

The music in here does not belong to me.

(not my gifs)

This had been an interesting case for Sam; people randomly combusting, no witnesses. It was almost like a horror story, but it got even worse. Sam was on his laptop, Dean in the shower, when he started to hear a deep voice humming a cheerful tone as it echoed through what used to be the dead silent motel room.

Sam was sure it must have been his brother, since it seemed to be coming from the bathroom, but Dean never sang anything but rock, and never in the shower.

With curiosity, and a little worry, Sam walked over and put his ear against the door to listen. That’s when he heard everything, his brother’s gravelly, non musical, voice singing.

“Every single night, the same arrangement,

I go out and hunt the hunt.

Still I always feel this strange estrangement,

Nothing here is real, nothing here is right.

I’ve been making shows of trading blows

Just hoping no one knows

That I’ve been go - ing through the motions,

Walking though the part,

Nothing seems to penetrate my - heart.

Sam stepped back with wide eyes. Was Dean… singing a showtune? And with Sam around? But he didn’t stop there.                

I was always brave and kind of righteous,

Now I find I’m wa - vering.”

As Dean hit the high note, almost breaking all glass cruelly, Sam decided that was enough weirdness for him to add to all the craziness for right now.

“Dean!” Sam banged at the bathroom door. “I can hear you!”

Dean’s singing stopped almost instantly, as did any movement inside the bathroom. Sam could only hear the water hitting his now frozen brother. Shaking his head, Sam walked back to his laptop.

In less than a minute, Dean came stumbling out of the shower, still dripping wet and a terrified expression embedded on his face. “Sam,” he said weakly.

“Who sings that, Dean?” Sam asked, his eyes on his laptop. It was open to some possession lore. “Don’t think I’ve ever heard that before.”

“Sam,” Dean repeated. “Was I singing…?”

Sam looked up curiously at his brother. “Yeah, dude; you were,” he said mockingly.

“I’ve never heard that song before either, Sam,” Dean pointed out. “I think I made it up.”

“Probably just some commercial or somethin’ else that got stuck in your head.” Sam clicked a few times on a link. “I don’t think you ‘made it’.”

“No, Sam.” Dean waited a little, as if wondering how to say something. “I wasn’t in control. I was singing, but I wasn’t in control.”

“Sure, dude,” Sam passed it by. “Just get dressed and in your fed suit, I think I have a possible witness.”

Dean cautiously walked back to the bathroom and Sam continued at the lore.

The brothers spent all day chasing down the witness, and she ended up having nothing of value- as usual. Not only that, but while Sam and Dean were chasing their tails, another person died. Sam now stared frustrated at an old book.

“Maybe Charlie could help us,” said Sam.

Dean placed a beer by his brother and took a slip of his own, sitting down across from Sam. “What would she do? We’ve got far more than her and we still can’t figure this crap out.”

They had narrowed it down to a few ideas- nothing even remotely solid- until Sam disproved every one of them. All but one.

“Dean!” Sam exclaimed, throwing himself back in the chair and running his hands through his hair. “What if it’s a witch? That would make-”

“It’s not a witch, Sammy. A witch can’t control an entire town-”

“But what if-”

“It’s not.” Dean drank some of his beer and Sam lowered his hands. “You’re just trying to find somethin’ to place blame. No, Sam, Sunnydale has something bigger going on.” Sam shook his head and went back to work. “Anyway, you need a break. Your stress is starting to radiate. Your turn to go get food, I pay.” Dean placed twenty bucks on Sam’s keyboard and walked off to the bed. Sam grabbed the money and just before he left, Dean add, “And don’t forget the pie!”

“I won’t, Dean,” Sam sighed, closing the door.

Sam drove around the Biggerson’s parking lot several times, but couldn’t find any parking spaces other than in from of a hydrant. He knew it was illegal, but Sam also knew he wouldn’t be long.

Sam pulled the Impala up and jumped out, hurrying into the restaurant but never taking his eyes off Dean’s car. His brother would kill him if anything happened to her.

Just as the waitress gave Sam his food, he saw a policeman standing over the Impala, writing a ticket. Sam rushed out the door, and into a light song.

“I’ve been having a bad bad day,

Come on, won’t you put that pad away?

I’m asking you please, no!

It isn’t right, it isn’t fair!

There was no parking anywhere!

I think that hydrant wasn’t there!

Why can’t you let it go?

I think I’ve paid more than my share.

Hey I’m not wearing-”

The officer slammed the ticket on Baby’s hood, then walked away, leaving Sam by himself and absolutely terrified. Was… Sam singing too now? He would have given it more thought, but he heard trashing and a gasp between the restaurant and an abandoned music shop.

He rushed to the alley to see a young, blond girl being pinned up to the wall, her feet off the ground, by a tall man. As Sam gently threw down the food and began to hurry forward, the man revealed sharp fangs and lowered himself to the girl’s neck.

A vampire.

Sam looked around the littered with trash to find something- anything- he could use to take off the head. In the spur of the moment, Sam grabbed a loose wire and rushed to the woman’s aid, his shoes slapping against the wet concrete.

Sam ran and wrapped the wire around the vampire’s head. Crossing it and pulling with all his force, he took the head off with a small stutter. The woman dropped to her feet as the vamp turned to dust.

Sam tried to gather himself so he could calm the girl. But when he looked over to her, she was already calm, just brushing off the dust from her outfit. She was very pretty, but couldn’t have been much out of college.

She must be in shock, Sam thought. “I’m sorry, Ms. That was a… a-”

“Vampire,” she interrupted, her voice high and perky. She shook her head and combed through her hair once. “How did you know to take the head?”

“I’m a hunter,” he said. “Like you…?”

The girl looked Sam up and down with a disbelieving look on her face. “Yeah, sure, buddy. I’ve never killed an animal in my life. Well… depends what you consider an animal… Werewolf count?” Sam gave her a half crooked look. “Doesn’t matter,” she said. She raised her eyebrows and voice. “Who are you?”

“I’m Sam Winchester, a hunter. And you are?”

“Name’s Buffy,” she said. “Vampire Slayer and late for curfew.” She slipped out of her heels and put on some normal running shoes, looking completely out of place with her tight, black dress. “I’ve got to go. You, try not to die.”

She started to jog off before Sam added, “You’re welcome.”

He assumed she didn’t hear him, but just before she turned the corner, she called back, “Didn’t need it.”


“A ticket?” Dean interrogated. “The hell for?” He was standing outside over his Impala.

“Parking in front of a hydrant,” Sam answered, dejected.

Dean read the amount marked on the yellow paper. “Well, why the hell did you do that?”

“Dean,” Sam said, raising his voice and shrugging. “There was no parking anywhere-” Sam caught his tongue, looking near frightened.

“Dude, it’s a ticket; it’s fine.” Dean started walking to the motel. “I called Cas, thought we could use it. He’s inside.”

Sam followed him. “Dean, you remember this morning… when you sang?”

Dean shut the door behind Sam as they entered. “Tryin’ to forget, thank you. Why?”

Castiel walked out of the bathroom and looked at the brothers. “Dean, you sang?” He looked around. “About what?”

“Nothin’,” Dean answered. “What’s your point?” he asked Sam.

“Well, um…” Sam stuttered to figure out how to word his next sentence. “When the officer was writing the ticket-”

“No way,” Dean interrupted, tilting his head. “You… you didn’t.”

Sam bit his lip. “I did…”

Dean started cracking up, unable to hold his laughter at the thought of his brother singing. “Oh, dude… And you deserved it too!”

“Dean…,” Sam began frightened, “doesn’t this strike you as even a little bit strange?”

“Yeah, I mean…” Dean tried to think of a word better than ‘strange’ to describe it.

“Cas,” Sam called, “you ever hear of anything like this?”

Cas shook his head. “No, but…” And just like Sam and Dean before him, Cas’ deep voice went into a pleasant melody.

Cas: I’ve got a theory, that it’s a demon! A dancing demon? No something isn’t right there.

Dean: I’ve got a theory, some kid is dreaming, and we’re all stuck inside his wacky broadway nightmare.

Sam: I’ve got a theory we should work this out.

Sam, Dean, Cas: It’s getting eerie what’s this cheery singing all about?

Dean: It could be angels, some evil angels! Which is ridiculous ‘cause angels they were persecuted. Heaven good and love

humans and angelic power and I’ll be over here.

Sam: I’ve got a theory, it could be clowns!

Dean: I’ve got a theory-

Sam: Clowns aren’t just fun like every child supposes. They got them rubber feets and swollen red noses, and what’s with

all the balloons!? What do they need all the color for anyway!? Clowns, Clowns, it must be Clowns!! Or maybe witches…

Sam: I’ve got a theory we should work this fast

Sam, Cas: Because it clearly could get serious before it’s passed.

Dean: I’ve got a theory, it doesn’t matter. What can’t we face if we’re together? What’s in this place that we can’t

weather. Apocalypse? Well we stopped that. The same old trips, why should we care?

Dean, Sam, Cas: What can’t we do if we get in it. We’ll work it through within a minute. We have

to try, we’ll pay the price. It’s do or die.

Dean: Hey I’ve died- *starts counting fingers*

Dean, Sam, Cas: What can’t we face if we’re together.

Sam: What can’t we face?

Dean, Cas: What’s in this place that we can’t weather?

Sam: If we’re together

Dean, Sam, Cas: There’s nothing we can’t face

Sam: Except for clowns…

Everyone paused, the brothers holding their breath as Cas adjusted his body awkwardly.

Dean finally stuttered, “What the…”

“Yeah,” Sam added shackley.

Cas chimed in, “Is that what happened to the both of you?”

“Yeah,” the brothers admitted in sync.

Sam added, “Right before I ran into that girl.”

Dean went over to the table, looking through the bag of food before deciding he wasn’t hungry. “What girl, Sammy?”

“I don’t know.” Sam sat down at the table, Cas and Dean grabbing seats around it too. “She was being attacked by a vamp, but didn’t seem scared or anything. Hell, she was more calm than I was.”

“So, another hunter?” Dean asked.

Sam took a swig of beer. “I think so. But see, she called herself a, uh… Vampire Slayer.”

“Like Blade,” Dean pointed out with a slight smile. Sam shot him a glare and Dean rolled his eyes before continuing. “So what? You think we got some wanna be hunter here?”

“I don’t think so.” Sam sat up. “See, we’ve seen fans before, but she wasn’t like that. She seemed every bit of a hunter as we are.”

Cas chimed in, “Do you know who she is?”

Sam pulled up his laptop and opened in, clicking a few times before handing it to his brother. A police file of a young, blode girl was open. “Buffy Summers,” Sam said. “Says she burned down her own school.”

“Yeah, sounds like something a hunter would do.” Dean shrugged. “Say where she lives?”

“Yep. ‘1630 Revello Drive’,” he read. “I thought we’d pay Ms. Summers a visit.”

Dean gave the laptop back and said, “So do you think she has something to do with these deaths and… singing, or are you just chasing after a high school crush?”

“Involved or not, we could use the extra help.”

Dean shrugged again and took the last bit of his beer before looking around, lifting up bags and under the table.”Where is the pie?”


Sam knocked on the door, a little golden sigh hung that read, “Summers.”

A young girl answer, her hair long and brown, her body thin and weak-like. “Hello?” she asked the brothers, raising her eyebrows. “May I… help you?” Her voice was high and light, just like Buffy’s.

Dean nudged Sam. “This her?”

Sam shook his head then turned back to the girl. “Does Buffy live here?”

“Depends who’s asking.”

“Dawn!” The brothers heard calling from inside. “Who is it?”

She turned around to answer. “Two guys. They’re looking for you.”

Buffy ran down the stairs and moved Dawn out of the way, groaning when she saw Sam. “I don’t want any,” she said. “So go.”

Buffy began to push the door shut but Dean put his foot in between, calling out for her. “Hey, look, lady, we just want to ask you a couple questions.”

Buffy sighed, lowering her shoulders and opening the door. Looking at the brothers, she said, “Come in.” She gestured them in and lead them to the right into a large, nicely decorated living room.

Dean nudged his brother and whispered, “Sam, you didn’t tell me she was hot.”

“Dude, you’re old enough to be her father.”

Dean dropped his smirk and slapped Sam. “Shut up.”

When they were all in the living room, the brothers looking around, Buffy threw her hands up and to her side. “So, what can I do for Rapunzel over here?”

Sam huffed, but Dean answered. “We were wondering if you were a hunter?”

“You too?” she questioned. “Like I told your husband over here-”

“He’s my brother!” Dean interrupted.

“Whatever, doesn’t matter. I’m not a hunter,” she huffed. “But who are you?”

“I’m Dean,” he pointed to Sam, “and you already meet my brother, Sammy. We’re hunters, and you’re a-”


Dean took a candy from the jar on Buffy’s coffee table. “How do you know about vampires and how to kill ‘em.”

“A vampire slayer,” she corrected herself. “It’s kinda all in the name. I slay vampires, and other things.”

“And about those other things,” Sam added, “have you encountered any…” He struggled to find words, but Dean didn’t share that problem.

“Have people just been bursting out into song?”

Buffy froze, just like the brothers had before.

“You have?” Dean asked, “Haven’t you?”

She bit her lip. “How’d you know?”

Dean walked over and patted Buffy’s shoulder. Raising his eyebrows, he added, “Because that’s what we’re hunting.”

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Sam:</b> So get this, a man who is famous in YouTube has apparently killed himself while he is making his pumpkin decoration for Halloween.<p/><b>Dean:</b> So?<p/><b>Sam:</b> The video is uploaded and it was seen in the video that there are stuttering, weird noises, and guess what? Black eyes.<p/><b>Dean:</b> Isn't it editing?<p/><b>Sam:</b> No, apparently he streamed it first before uploading it.<p/><b>Cas:</b> Then why the hell is a demon going to post it? To lure us?<p/><b>Sam:</b> I don't know but its worth to check it out.<p/><b>Cas:</b> Okay sure. But one question, what does the guy look like?<p/><b>Sam:</b> Uhh, green hair, blue eyes, he's real name is Sea...<p/><b>Dean:</b> [leaves the room]<p/><b>Sam:</b> What? Why are you leaving Dean?<p/><b>Dean:</b> ITS JACKSEPTICEYE YOU UNCULTURED SWINE LETS GO AND MOURN HIM AND KILL THIS FUCKING DEMON<p/></p><p/></p>
You want to know what I confessed in there? What my greatest sin was? It was how many times I let you down. I can’t do that again.
What happens when you’ve decided I can’t be trusted again? I mean, who are you gonna turn to next time instead of me? Another angel, another – another vampire? Do you have any idea what it feels like to watch your brother just –

Sam Winchester to Dean Winchester | 08x23 Sacrifice 

And my heart broke into million pieces…

Can’t help falling in love (part 1)

This was inspired by the amazing @theysaidshewasawriter who made probably one of my favourite imagines! xx

I’m gonna write one every dayyyyyy x

Top 5 Dylan O'brien moments

(You’ve known each other since you were 5 years old)

1. It was already the ‘joyous’ time where people do extravagant promposals, you already knew you wanted to go with each other more than anybody else. It was just the asking part that was the most awkward. You wanted it to be a big typical promposal but even though you two were so comfortable around each other, you don’t really know when too much was too much.

You were at Dylan’s house, as usual and you were watching Supernatural in his room. “So, this prom thing is coming up?” Dylan began. “Yeah, I know. It’s pretty huge.” you reply. You moved closer to his chest as he held you tighter against him. “So, I was thinking-” he started while playing with your hair. You really wanted him to ask you, since you never really do things like this, it was really exciting. “Should we order Chinese and not go to Prom or?” you immediately sat up and stared at him. “I’m just kidding! Do you wanna- wait! Just give me a sec. Just hold on!” Dylan got up from the bed and went into his bedside drawers. He rummaged through the drawers trying to find something until he finally stops and holds a velvet box in his hands.

He gets on one knee and holds the box up in the air. “Y/F/N, you are my best friend and I can’t imagine myself doing this with anyone else. Will you please do me this honour and go to prom with me?” you smiled and nodded repeatedly. You were still kneeling on his bed and you jumped on him, he fell back on the floor holding you close, he put his head in your hair as you hugged each other while you were giggling hysterically. Dylan gave you the velvet box and you opened it, it was the most beautiful ring, it was rose gold and it had both your initials engraved on it, you quickly put it on and wouldn’t stop glancing back at it. “Thanks Dyl, I love it.” you hesitantly pecked him on his cheek and you couldn’t help but notice a light blush covering them.

You were still laying on the floor until his mum entered the room, she looked down to see you and Dylan lying on the ground, “What are you guys doing on the floor?” you and Dylan looked back at each other and started laughing uncontrollably, “Well, she attacked me and yeah…”. You stood up from the floor and ran to his mum, you took out your finger with the ring on it and she covered her mouth in awe. “He finally proposed!” she shouted and you started jumping up and down and she took you in her arms. “Wait, did you say proposed or promposed?” you asked. “Um, well,” Dylan got up from the ground and faced his mum behind you making silent actions telling her to stop. “I meant to say promposed…?” you smiled at her and looked down to look at the ring.

“Well, I should probably leave you to it I guess.” she said turning around to the door. “Yeah, that’s probably a good idea…” Dylan replied shooing her off towards the door. His mum started walking to the door and she quickly ran back to you, “Trust me, he will propose one day.” you smiled to yourself and put a piece of hair behind your ear. “Please, just go, please!” Dylan pushed her out of the door and closed it, he then made his way to his bed again and sat down, you followed him to his bed as well .”What did she say to you?” you chuckled and replied. “That’s for me to know and for you to find out.”

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♥1k Thank You: My Love Letter to You All♥

Yesterday when I woke up I had hit 1k followers, and I literally gasped because I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been mulling over how I would celebrate/acknowledge this all day. I finally decided upon a (probably super lame) thank you post (ok so it is actually more of a narrative). So if you will forgive me one long text post (please don’t unfollow me for this dear lord that would just be the saddest irony of my tumblr existence), I just have some feelings about my tumblr journey that I need to express…

(If you actually “keep reading” this, bless your soul and I love you. Warning - It is long but I pretty much never post personal stuff on this site, so I figured it was time to open up to you all in case you care- which you may not. Hopefully some of you will because I mention a lot of you in it! IF YOU ARE ON MOBILE I AM SO SORRY BECAUSE THE READ MORE LINE PROBABLY WON’T SHOW UP AND THIS IS A HELLA LONG PLS DON’T HATE ME OMG)

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Your name: submit What is this?

“Y/N…” came Cas’s deep voice through the darkness gathering at the edges of your vision. You managed to catch his blue eyes in your view and held onto them like a lifeline.

“Cas…” you squeaked, coughing and spitting blood as the sound scraped your throat.  

“It’s going to be okay, Y/N,” Cas said, his eyebrows folding over those beautiful eyes. The tears building in the sea of blue told you otherwise. “I can’t–my grace–”  

You were going to die, you realized.  Right here, in the angel’s arms.

“Cas,” you had to say it. He had to know. “I–I love you.” you gasped.  

“I love you too, Y/N,” he replied, a sad smile barely touching his lips. “I’m so sorry, I–”

It was cold. Really cold. You knew there wasn’t much time left.

“When you…get your grace…back,” you whispered so quietly, but you knew Cas could hear you. “Come…visit…” You tried to finish, but the blood in your throat was too thick.  

The darkness covered nearly all your vision now. The last thing you remember was watching a single tear drop from Cas’s eye and slide down his cheek.    

I like to quote Supernatural to my friends who don't watch it
  • Friend: Did it hurt when you feel from heaven?
  • Me: It did actually
  • Friend: It's okay I'm sure it hurt satan too
  • Me: You people misunderstand me. You call me "Satan" and "Devil" but do you know my crime? I loved God too much. And for that he betrayed me -- punished me. Just as he's punished you. After all, how could God stand by while that man broke into your home and butchered your family in their beds? There are only two rational answers, -- either, he's sadistic...or he simply doesn't care.
  • Friend: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Friend: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Friend: what the fuck
Come Home

So I know that probably some people will be mad at me for doing this…starting another thing when I already have so many other things and I haven’t updated those things recently, but…I don’t care, this is for the people who are just happy to see me write anything in that case. Besides, you can’t be mad at me because this is an equal mix of seeing the solo picture of Quinn on Rachel’s wall, watching too much Buffy the Vampire Slayer (so yes, it has supernatural themes), and my Lucky being dead and me really missing him. So you can’t be mad.

Also, deviates from canon in that Quinn died in her car crash in Season 3. Everything else happened pretty much the same, but remember…supernaturalness ensues.

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Her: I bet you don’t even know the real me.Him: Of course I do, dumbass!
Her: No you don’t.
Him: Whatever.
Her: But seriously, how much do you know?
Him: Some stuff.
Her: Like what?
Him: Oh you know. Random stuff about you like how much you try to hide the young adult books in your room because you friends might make fun of you. Or how about that one time you ditch your friends in the bar just to go for a walk and watch the stars? Why do you hang out with them anyway? You never really like them. Aside from that, you also tried to hide the fact that you’re obsessed with Supernatural and Sherlock because people might think you’re such a nerd for watching those shows. Oh please know that you’re still adorable. You’re smart but you don’t show it to people that much. You’re kind but you’re also a sarcastic little prick to people. You’re generous but you know when to stop giving. That kind of stuff.
Her: I never really notice that you notice a lot about me.
Him: You’re too busy noticing how cute I am. That’s why.
Her: Shut up.
Him: You shut up.

the whole thing with the beliebers made me really, really dislike the supernatural fandom.

for one, i think mr padalecki’s comment was insensitive and offensive. and at best, just not fucking funny. apparently it was supposed to be a drag queen joke, in reference to the fact that it was a drag race mr bieber was arrested for, but it just came off as just another “bieber’s a gurl lmao” joke, which are transphobic and not that funny. now, i’m not saying that this makes him a bad person. he seems like a nice guy, don’t get me wrong. i’m just saying it was in ill taste, even if his intentions were something else. but you know, that’s fine. everyone makes mistakes and says dumb shit. it’s cool with me.

now, the beliebers took this a bit too much to heart, i think. they do that with most things. though i think they had a right to be offended, their plan of trying to get supernatural off the air by not watching it was, frankly, overkill.

but i honestly don’t think the supernatural fandom should have fired back. most beliebers are ten or eleven, they’re kind of known for doing shit like this. while it doesn’t make it okay, it’s indicative of their age. like, how many of you did dumb shit when you were twelve. a vast majority of those girls will turn sixteen, look back on their bieber phase, and shudder. 

the people in the supernatural fandom are fifteen, sixteen. nineteen. twenty five. much, much older than the beliebers, and while the former’s actions still aren’t okay, it’s again about their age and level of maturity. people in their late teens should not be reducing themselves down to that.

there were death threats sent from the supernatural side. there was anon hate. there were people going to iluvebieber blogs owned by ten year olds and sending them hate and spam and fuck knows what. and it wasn’t even just supernatural. all of tumblr was involved. i am part of the homestuck fandom and i am ashamed to say some of my fellow homestucks took part as well.

i don’t know how the beliebers fought. i am not one of them. but i honestly think it’s disgusting that women of sixteen, twenty, twenty five were acting this way towards ten, eleven, twelve year olds. girls half, or two thirds, of their age.

you know the best part? the show was in no danger. these are fucking ten year olds, how many of them watched supernatural anyway? the vast majority were probably in bed before it came on. there is no way the ratings would have been affected by the movement. at worst, they would have dipped a little. but not enough to get the show off the air.

i just think everyone should have been the better people and left well enough alone.