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A lame club, for lame people

I’m thinking of making a blog or an instagram page or a website, maybe all three. 

I have an idea, it’s not very original, but it’s something. 

I want to create a place, a company, a brand,  anything, to showcase what being a person is all about. What different people do regular, their problems, their likes, their dislikes, hobbies, anything. A place where there is no filters, no taboo subjects. Where people can connect and talk, something that will never forgets its audience. I want this something big, but not in a way where I’ll stop listening to the people who support me. 

I feel like that’s the problem with big named companies. They don’t care anymore, they only care when the money is there. I don’t want that, and I hope that I never will. That’s why I want to do this, because I want to have a place/company/anything that listens to their audience and cares about them.

I’m not sure what they’ll be, but the biggest things start out as small ideas. We’ll write articles about life, social media, literature, and whatnot. Maybe we can make videos, create art, anything really. Anything we can do, we’ll do.

But before that, I want a team. A team of people who can work together and accept each other for their differences. Because I’m a youngster, I’m going for high school age members, but I’m also open to anyone. Male, Female, none, both, lgbtq, religious, atheist, anything. I want you for you.

I believe that as long as you’re not hurting someone. You can have opinions, as long as you’re not violent or disrespectful. Of course, there are rules. You can’t bash anyone for what they label themselves, but you can bash them for who they are as an individual (there’s a difference). I want people who are true to themselves, but aren’t afraid to grow and learn. 

I’m still setting up everything, but I want the opinions of people I want to work with in the future. That’s why I’m asking for members before I begin. 

So, please message me if you’re interested. Tell me about yourself, what you want this ‘thing’ to be, what your dreams are, tell me about you.

I’ll be taking six people, I’ll accept more when we figure out what this ‘thing’ is. 

Have a nice day!! Sorry, I’m super lame.

@ people who complain about killing stalking or any other story plot featuring abuse

Chill. It’s not real.
If it’s triggering then just… don’t read it???

Hi, guys! 

So, I was going to wait until I reached a milestone of followers to make this post, but I couldn’t wait lol

Anyway, I really want to thank everyone who has read my stories, commented, liked it, etc. because you have no idea how much it means to me.

I made this blog out of a whim to post my stories (away from my other blog) and I can’t believe how good of a decision it was to do it. 

This fandom is fucking awesome. Every single one of you are so supportive of others and nice and TALENTED. I can’t believe I’m surrounded by such a talented group of people whether it be by writing or fan art – you guys are fucking great. 

I started writing fanfiction when I was a sophomore in high school and that was seven years ago. I hit a slump and was deep in writer’s block, then just these past few months, I gained the inspiration to write again (except it wasn’t for Robert Downey Jr., lmao)

Honestly, this post is to simply thank you guys for following me, for reading my stuff, etc. 

To share the love for a certain actor with a group of the most talented, supportive, and nicest people makes me so happy that I joined this fandom. The feeling of banding together and freaking out whenever there’s a new JDM pic or if he tweets or even his scenes from the stuff that he’s done, it will never get old. 

ALSO YALL CHEER EACH OTHER ON WHEN HE MEETS FANS AT THE CONS AND IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY (especially since I’ve seen a few people from other fandoms get angry at fans meeting their fave actors)

Ugh guys so seriously, thank you. Not only for reading my stuff, but for also welcoming me into this wonderful fandom. 

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I don’t like to talk much about my personal life here you know?…

But I’ll try and make an exception today, because I feel like I really messed up last night…

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I think I just saw in my dash that someone else wrote the same post (THAT I BELIEVE) you wrote before?

Oh seriously? Well, I guess these are things that happen? It does not bother me honestly.

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Thousands of miles between us

C455 4JYN.  The number plate is irresistible; he can’t credit no-one has bought it yet.  It’s perfect.

He would never have dreamed of buying Felicity a personalised car number plate  for her birthday; and now he can’t possibly not do it.  It isn’t so very expensive; he’s seen champagne costing more.  Champagne of a high quality, true; but – for a friend – for a dear, dear friend like Felicity…

It’s not as if it says “D13GO 4 F3L1C1TY” or anything (and he wonders idly if there’s any country with number plates long enough to fit all that in).  This, he can play as a joke; can say, hand on heart, that he’s just another humble Rebelcaptain shipper.  Such a funny term; as if he could wrap their poor doomed characters up and mail them to safety somehow.

He buys it and arranges for it to be delivered. 

She calls him on her birthday; though where he is, stuck on location in the middle of nowhere in Western Australia, it’s 1am, so technically the day after.  Since he’s still jetlagged and unable to sleep, sitting up reading in bed, he picks up the phone when it rings, and sees that it’s her; answers, and hears her laughing as she starts to speak.  She sounds drunk, just a little.  He remembers happier days in happier locations, and being drunk with her.  There’s a faint ripple of music behind her voice; it sounds like a solo guitar, playing something lyrical and sparkling.

“Diego!  Thank you for my number plate, you goof, that’s so sweet, now I can drive Jyn’s own car!”

“Well, not just hers…”

“Oh, whose else’s is it, then?”

“Ah, come on, it says it right there!”

“Huh? – what, have you gone and written something silly on the back?”

Oh.  “Come on…  Felicity, just read it.  Read the number.”

“See four fifty-five Jyn.”

“Ahh.  Oh.  Oh…”  She doesn’t get it; she didn’t read the 4 as an A, or the 5s as S’s.  His joke, and the covert flirting it was meant to signal, both fall flat, and his happiness with them.  He sits in the lamplight, staring at the cotton sheet lying over his knees, feeling bereft.   The line to England crackles.

He musters a smile.  It’s still her birthday, there in London.  “Never mind.  Are you having a good time? – are you at a party?  I hear music.”

There’s a pause, and then the sweet, happy sound of her laughter.  “I’m at home, silly, I just got in, that’s the record player, the – thingummy, I mean, the hifi wifi doodah.  Oh, Diego, you’re such an angel!”

“I am?  Uh, well, that’s nice to know…”

“You’re actually going to let me get away with it, aren’t you?  With taking the mickey like this?”

“Are you?  Taking – taking the mickey?”  But she doesn’t answer.  She’s laughing again, and it’s the most beautiful sound he knows.  The corners of her mouth will be all creases and dimples right now, her nose will be crinkling, her teeth showing and her eyes full of light, out there thousands of miles away from him.

“I’d like to hug you right now,” she says merrily.  “Dear darling Diego, I do love you, you know…”

What he does know, he thinks, is that this has to be the alcohol talking.  He makes himself smile as warmly as he can (thousands of miles away from her, now, when he’d most like to wrap his arms around her and never let go). 

He’s about to speak when “Cass-for-Jyn,”  Felicity says, with a triumphant giggle.  “I love it.  It’s bonkers of course, but I love it.  I ship them so much, you know.”  Her voice is so warm, across half the world; so full of love, so alive. 

For a second he can’t breathe.  His smile, his heart, almost hurt with happiness.  “I know!  They’re just so right for each other!”

“Yes, yes, they are.  They’re perfect together.”  Felicity is laughing again.  “You are such a daft darling to buy me such a weird present, and let me tease you and – and everything – and I’m having such a lovely day and far too much prosecco at lunch – no, I tell a lie, it wasn’t, it was quite a classy champagne, look at me, so la-di-dah these days! – but I wish you’d been here with your sneaky bottle of mescal.  I wish you’d been here, Diego…”

“I wish I was there, too,” he tells her truthfully. 

“Anyway, got to go, heavens, it must be 2am or something where you are and I’m keeping you awake!”

“It’s okay, I was awake already and it’s – it’s always good to hear your voice.”

“Bye, then, and thank you for my lovely silly pressie!”

“Bye-bye, Felicity, enjoy the rest of your birthday…”

“Love you, bye-ee!”  And she hangs up.

He sits looking at the phone, and at the light and shadow around him.  Leans over to set the phone, and the paperback, on the nightstand, and put the lamp out.  Lies down in the dark, in the cool, quiet bed.

Says aloud in the darkness; because he’s never said it, and he wants to hear the words: “And I love you, Felicity…”

Thousands of miles away.

For t |-| ose who are wondering w |-| ere Captain Mindfang |-| as gone, s |-| e |-| as been temporarily replaced by |-| er younger self. We are working on the issue but for now, |-| ave concrete proof of t |-|is not being a joke wit |-| a picture of  |-| er ‘’ |-| ideaway’’ - Quartermaster 7

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Introducing the worst maid of all time, Rei would be absolutely terrible serving anyone in the maid like fashion???
huh her outfit sure looks familiar tho