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Me: I wanted to know what you think Bellamy wanted to say to Clarke at the beach in episode 6…

Bob: Oh yeah *laughs* You normally get those lines and you’re just like jesus how do I make this work! Basically I think that by saying that, he’s posing the reality… presenting the reality to her that maybe they are both gonna die so again, you know I think.. because I… you know I don’t wanna cause any trouble for the show cause I don’t know where it’s gonna go, how it’s gonna go. Storylines change all the time and I just want to keep it open… So hhhm… I just…. *giggles* Oh god. When I saw that line I was like: alright, yeah… So what was he gonna say after that? I don’t know I think it wouldn’t have been a very simple statement it would have actually have been a lot more elaborated than that. Its not easy to express your feelings about how much you care about someone and how much they’ve done for you and shaped you as a person and you know *mumbbles* She’s saved humanity like seventy times and you know; how can you possibly summarize how he feels in that moment and how much she means to him in one sentence?

Me: He’d need a whole monologue.

Bob: Yeah I guess but the shows not that long! *laughs* I’m just gonna be honest,
I’m trying to avoid the question. *laughs*

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Percy negotiates air travel with Zeus after BOO, because his family wants to go on vacation sometime and this'd make things a lot easier if he needs to save the gods again.

Just imagine…

  • Percy praying to Poseidon to give him strength to talk to Zeus about flying as he heads to the Empire State Building.
  • He went up to Olympus and went to find Zeus. Only to find out that the god wasn’t there, but taking a vacation. 
  • Then Percy getting pissed and demanding to see Zeus. 
  • Zeus arriving only to be mad at the demigod that summoned him from his vacation. 
  • He glares down at Percy, wanting to know what was so important that he had to be taken away from getting his tan.
  • “I want to be able to travel in the air again.” Percy demanded, which only caused Zeus to laugh. “You laugh now, but if Olympus is in trouble and you need me to be somewhere that’s not New York, then I won’t be there.”
  • That got some other gods to stop and look at the demigod that was standing up to Zeus. 
  • “That’s all I ask. Safe air travel so I can go on vacation with my family and to save Olympus again.” 
  • Percy was staring him down, as if he was daring him to say something different with other gods watching.
  • Zeus looked down at the demigod that saved Olympus twice already. “Fine. Safe air travel.”
  • “Thank you.” Percy replied before leaving.

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Iron falcon "I won't let you"

“I won’t let you,” Sam said decisively and Tony recoiled.

“Sam, this is not…” Tony started but Sam didn’t even let him finish his sentence.

“No! You say you want to break up because I don’t love you and you make me unhappy but that’s not true. I love you, and I won’t let you do this to us.”

“Sam, I can’t even remember the last time you laughed. I certainly haven’t made you laugh in a long while. And you’re always taking care of me, and I know what it does to people. You don’t see Pepper around anymore, do you?”

“I haven’t been laughing because of this whole mess with the Accords. God, Tony, when I am with you, it’s the only time I ever feel content and at home anymore and I won’t let you take that away just because you think you are too much for me.”

“But I am, Sam, and if I am not already, then it will happen soon enough,” Tony argued, even though it hurt him.

He really didn’t want to break up with Sam, but he loved him too much to see him this unhappy.

“It won’t. There can never be enough of you for me. I love you and taking care of you is just one part of that. And you are taking care of me too, so it’s not even one sided.”

Sam was right with the last part, but Tony wasn’t about to admit that. He was trying to break up with him, not encourage him.

“It doesn’t matter, Sam,” Tony said and Sam clenched his fist.

“Okay,” he said and Tony’s stomach dropped out.

He was trying to do the best for Sam but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt him.

“Then tell me you don’t love me anymore. Tell me you don’t want to be with me anymore and I’ll accept that. But that is the only reason I’ll accept it because the rest is just bullshit!”

“I don’t love you,” Tony immediately rushed out and Sam laughed in his face.

“Maybe try to be a bit more convincing,” he suggested, voice hard, but also not letting Tony get away with this.

Tony straightened up and looked Sam right in the eye before he opened his mouth. When he tried to speak though nothing came out. He had never been good at lying to the people he loved.

Sam waited another few seconds before he nodded.

“That’s what I thought. You love me, and you are doing this because you fear that you will get too much for me and I will break up with you later, but it’s not going to happen. I love you and I intent for this to last.”

“Yeah, right,” Tony scoffed in a last attempt to get Sam to back down. “What are you gonna do, marry me?”

“Yes,” Sam said without hesitation, which did something funny to Tony’s heart, but he wasn’t about to simply believe Sam.

“You say that but you don’t mean it.”

“Just like you don’t mean it when you say you want to break up with me,” Sam said but he wasn’t paying attention to Tony anymore, rummaging around in a drawer.

“What the hell are you doing?” Tony asked when Sam continued to not pay attention to him.

Tony would like to take it as proof that they were breaking up but after everything Sam said he was more confused than reassured that he got what he wanted.

“Looking for your ring,” Sam said absentmindedly and while Tony was still with shock Sam cried out triumphantly and came back out of the drawer with a small black box.

“What…what is that?” Tony asked, voice shaking.

“A ring,” Sam gave back and promptly got down on one knee. “I wanted to do this for quite some time but you never gave me a chance. Tony, do you want to marry me?” Sam asked and Tony immediately started crying.

Sam got up again, cupping Tony’s face in his hands, ring forgotten on the floor.

“I love you, and I won’t let you break up with me for stupid reasons, so you better get it in your head that I am here to stay and to take care of you and to be taken care of by you in return,” Sam told him while he peppered his face with kisses.

“I love you too,” Tony sobbed and grabbed Sam’s wrists to keep his hands where they are. “And yes, god, Sam, of course yes!”

“You had me worried for a second,” Sam said with a small smile and then met Tony for a real kiss.

“So, am I going to get a ring anytime soon or what?” Tony asked with a huge smile but Sam frowned at him.

“Not until you apologize for being an idiot,” Sam sternly said and Tony immediately apologized.

“I am so sorry, it won’t happen again, I just want you to be happy,” he told Sam who pulled him into a hug.

“I am happiest with you, even though I don’t laugh much. Don’t try to take it away from me if I make you happy too, okay?”

“Okay,” Tony agreed and then Sam finally bent down to get the ring he still owed Tony.

tbh the only reason I look forward to my birthday anymore is because I get to update this fantasy I have of a future scenario when I’m 72 and have been a famous rock star for many decades. I sit at an interview for a tv-show and they start talking about how much sex I have. because everyone knows I get laid a lot, I boast all the time, they’re like “hey hanna, how do you keep up your libido at 72! everyone wants to know your secrets, so do I”. and the tabloids have been going crazy about how much I seem to be getting laid, in like the past week only!! I laugh along with the audience for a bit, wink confidently at the camera and slowly turn my head back to the host “well, funny you would ask that, daniel radcliffe, the truth is that it just comes with age for me! you know, I didn’t actually lose my virginity until I was //insert new age here//”. and daniel goes “what! I’d never have guessed that you lost it that late??”, cue the audience sounding very disbelieving.

and every birthday (so far) I get to update it to my new age. so yeah it’s a lot of fun

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I would love a prompt about Robron cooking together

“Robert,” Aaron’s voice flitted through the kitchen, slightly panicked, “Robert, is it supposed to look like that?” 

Robert came walking quickly back in, drying his hands on his jeans. 

“I leave you alone for two minutes…” he said, checking on the frying pan in front of Aaron. “That looks fine, what’s the problem?”

“I don’t know, it just started.. sizzling, and I’ve never done this before, have I?” 

Robert laughed and pinched Aaron’s side. 

“You were the one who asked me how to make risotto! It’s fine, the onions have to look translucent before we add anything else… don’t you want to help me make it?” 

“Just thought it weren’t so bad when you made it a couple of weeks ago,” Aaron admitted, and Robert grinned. 

“I’m glad you like my cooking - I won’t leave again then,” Robert said gently, pressing a kiss to Aaron’s cheek. “Come on, let’s taste the wine while we keep an eye on it, yeah?” 

“Alright,” Aaron said gruffly, taking some glasses out of the cupboard, “it’s not my fault I was never any good at cooking, other than a bacon sarnie…” 

“I didn’t marry you for your cooking, Aaron,” Robert took a sip and smiled at his husband. “As long as you want to cook in our home, I’ll gladly do most of the work.” 

Aaron smiled at him, and took a sip, grimacing.

“Never been a fan of wine… It just feels right, you know? Cooking in our new home?” Aaron looked up at Robert, who was smiling from ear to ear.

“Yeah, it does.” 

#99 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “i just want one smoking (weed) with him that would be really funny and cute/fluffy or one that turns into a smut it’s up to u!”

Note: I will always pick cute and fluffy over smut. I hope this makes you all laugh and feel all gooey inside. I hope that however much you wanted to get high with Van McCann before is now timed by at least ten. Also, I know it’s short, but good things come in small packages? (Evidence: Larry. More evidence: Me.)

“Van McCann but Van McShouldn’t,“ you said. 

"If I were pansexual - Van McPan,” he suggested, and you for a moment imagined Van making out with a dude. In your daydream, the dude was Cole Sprouse. You smiled. If. You were still sceptical about that one.

It was early and you’d come out of the bedroom to find Van spaced out on the couch. You smoked some weed together and started a conversation about Van’s stupid name. "Van… Van… Do you know what we’re doing?“ you asked him. He slowly shook his head at you, smiling and waiting for the punchline. "Improving our… Vanacular.” You paused between words for dramatic effect.

“Holy shit, Y/N, that’s genius,” he praised. 

“Do you remember that time you saw that ‘van accessible’ sign and thought it was the funniest thing ever?” you asked. He handed over the joint, nodding.

“It was," 

"Yeah… Van McTrashCan,” you said.

“If I run for president, Yes We Van,”

“Oh, that one was Vantastic. God, I’m just your Number One Van,” you leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. He looked at you, and you looked at him, and you both exploded in laughter. Your favourite sound.

“Fucking Humpty Dumpty,” he said. You nodded.

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i know the whole last supper and prayer in the garden thing was pretty serious and stuff but i can’t help but laugh because jesus literally just got all of his buddies shitfaced, took them to the foot of a mountain, left them alone, and then got PISSED when he came back and found them all zonked out… jesus, my buddy, maybe give your apostles something OTHER than wine next time you want them to stay up late with you the night before you die


Summary: You love your two dwarves very much. 
Pairings: Thorin x Reader x Dwalin
Word Count: 674
Warnings: Cuteness? If thats a warning. Polygamous relationship. Absolutely no plot because I couldn’t think of one. Just cuteness.

A/n: I don’t write smut because I don’t know how to. I hope this is what you wanted @fandomnationwhore

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How ASTRO would react to their significant other  having a nightmare disorder

A/N: Thank you for requesting! This is my first reaction so I do hope this is what you wanted and that you do enjoy it 


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Out of all the boys he would worry the most. When you wake up in the middle of the night with tears on your face he would instantly know something was wrong. He would get out of bed and get you a glass of milk or water and try to help in anyway he can. When you tell him about your nightmare disorder he wouldn’t say anything at first then pull you into a tight hug.

“Everything will be alright, you can get through it”


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Myungjun would instantly frown when you told him. He wants to get rid of those horrible thoughts that caused the nightmares in the first place so he does what he knows best, makes you laugh. He will try to get your mind out of that state by telling lame dad jokes and bad puns.

“Those nightmares have nothing on my jokes!”


Originally posted by syairasaad

Jinwoo would be similar to MJ, but he wouldn’t use lame jokes. He would use shameless aegyo. When you told him how long you have been struggling with this nightmare disorder he would up his game just to make your mood bright again.

“Oh! They want to make my jagi sad huh? Well two can play this game!” *does aegyo*


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Moonbin would be protective. He feels the need to protect you at all costs. He would get up in the middle of the night at find you sitting on the couch staring at the tv that wasn’t on. He would grow worried. Once you told him that you have trouble sleeping due to a nightmare disorder, his eyes would widen and he would look angry. He would pull you into a massive hug.

“I will protect you from whatever is causing theses nightmares”


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Minhyuk would be similar to Moonbin, he would get protective over you. He would get frustrated at himself for not seeing this before. When you tell him about the disorder his anger vanishes into thin air and looks at you lovingly. He would pull you up from the couch and take you right into bed and hold you tight.

“I will be right by your side getting through those horrible nightmares.”


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Sanha wouldn’t know what to do when you told him of the nightmare disorder. He would stare at you confused until you told him that they are nightmares that portray you getting hurt in some way. He would do some research ways to help but rest assured he will be right by your side even if he isn’t exactly sure what to do

“We can get figure out a way to get through this together.” 

Im laughing i found a page in my journal dedicated to my brother’s quotes and some of them you guys would probably like so :

1- “I found Tumblr’s secret hide out; The Salt Flats.”

2-“ Meruem Manson”

3-“I’ve got about 18 things on my blog and I’m pretty sure it’s all moneycat. I’m a desperate millennial, you know.”

4-“I get scared when my friends want to go on my phone. Not because I have weird pictures or anything, but because of my Youtube history. I dont want then to see all that Naruto. ”

5-“Are you Columbine High School? Because I’d like to shoot kids in you.”

6-“Bazza Bee Bogan”

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Strawbana: "Oh, don't give me that."

“Oh, don’t give me that.”

“I swear, she kissed her.”

“Like… her cheek? Like you’d kiss a friend?”

“If Yang kisses her friends like that I don’t even want to know what she’d do to a girlfriend.”

Ruby shook her head. “I can’t believe it… Blake?”

“Sometimes you’re really cute.” He laughed and kissed her cheek. 

“What do you mean?”

“Come on, they weren’t even sutble about how much they like each other.” 

I’m really big into zoophilia, actually. Yeah, to be honest, when I’m in Beauty and the Beast, and the Beast turns back into a normal dude, I’m just kinda like…..“oh.” You know? Because I wanted that water buffalo-bear-wolf dick! I wanted that red rocket! (laughs) it’s really hard for me, actually, like, I had to really tone it down in Harry Potter during the polyjuice scene, where I turn into the half-cat, because I was just about splooshing in my fucking knickers, but you know, I had to keep that under control. They have about 20 outtakes of me just moaning incredibly loudly while everyone gets really uncomfortable. (laughs) It’s so embarrassing! I literally want to fuck the Narnia lion. I want that big musty lion dick. Mmmmmmmm……..
—  Emma Watson


OUAT 4x03

I love this moment. I didn’t realize it before but it’s really significant. I think it’s the beginning of the end of Regina doing her Evil Queen version of trying to manipulate people into helping her.

I mean, she’s still manipulative, every human being is to some extent I think.

But here, she tries to do with her son what she’s always done. Dangles something in front of him that he wants, then tries to get him to tell her what she wants to know to get what she wants.

And he sees right through her. Of course. He’s her son and he’s known her all his life.  And so he calls her on her bullshit. And you can tell she almost laughs it off and continues the charade, but then she glances at his face and sighs and you can tell she knows that she won’t get anything done from him this way. That with Henry, being honest and vulnerable is her best bet.

And so she is. And I just love how surprised she is when he wants to help her, without wanting anything in return. 

Because all of her life everyone who’s ever “helped” her has had some kind of hidden agenda. Even Tinker Bell wanted to help her so she could move up in fairy ranks.

And here Henry is and it’s just that easy. Honesty. And he agrees to help. Because he just wants her to be happy.

And then there’s Emma, who comes into this later (4x11) and without anyone’s prompting decides to help as well. And Regina looks even more surprised at this, if that’s even possible. 

I love how these three people, Regina, Emma and Henry are the ones who are part of Operation Mongoose, the operation meant to get Regina her happy ending.

Putting together the three people that care most about Regina’s happiness. Without any hidden agenda.

And then Emma goes above and beyond to secure what she believes is Regina’s happiness. 

You want to know the truth? The truth is I still love you, I still care about you, i still want you to want me but I know it will never happen because you like someone. Someone who has a beautiful eyes, someone who has a beautiful smile, someone who can make you laugh. Its okay im used to it. People don’t have to love you back.

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For the meme, "i’m staying.” And... Locus and Felix maybe?

I chewed on this one for a while, until I realized it would fit so well as part of a scene in an AU fic I’m poking. Short version? Felix is a Luck Demon that college student Locus/Sam accidentally summoned while working on a translation assignment. (Also, Doyle is Locus’ roomie)


He debated asking Felix more about what this “deal” would entail. On the one hand, good luck wasn’t a bad thing to have. On the other, it felt like cheating. Especially if it influenced his classes. He’d never know if he passed because he deserved it, or because of Felix’s … help.

“And there’s no way you can just leave, if I don’t actually want to deal? I can’t imagine hanging around here would be very interesting.”

Felix laughed. “Are you kidding? Just the ambient energy around this place is going to be a gourmet feast, come exam time. I’m staying.” He flashed another one of those sharp grins at Sam. “Hell, the tension here alone is enough to keep me happy for weeks.”

“What tension?” Sam didn’t think he was on bad terms with Donald, but the man did prefer to avoid conflict whenever possible.

“Are you kidding?” Felix laughed again, clutching his sides. “Your roommate there has, like, the biggest crush on you! I could taste it as soon as I walked in! Oh, this is awesome!” He doubled over and nearly hit his own head on the table at the stunned look on Sam’s face.

One day you will remember me. I know you don’t remember the things I told you because you don’t want them in your heart anymore. You’ve erased every presence of me in your mind and that’s okay. But one day, you’ll remember me when you least expect it. When she’ll refuse to kiss you because she thinks you’re mad at her, that’s when you’ll remember how I always did everything to make you laugh with my kisses. When she’ll laugh at the way you dance, you’ll remember how I used to dance in front of you to make you feel less embarrassed. One day, you’ll remember everything I did to make you happy because that’s only thing I truly wanted for you.