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Hi Tammy! I love your work. I was wondering if you have watched Ash Hardell's series on asexuality? (ABCs of LGBT) Also, I love the way that you portray crafting in your books. How much research do you do into things like sewing and blacksmithing?

I haven’t watched the series, no. Where does it air? 

As much research as I possibly can. There’s always somebody in the audience that knows more than you do, and you don’t want to make an idjit of yourself. I observed glassmakers, and I had a friend who had done glassmaking, so I was able to talk to him. My father introduced me to the intricacies of gunpowder (boom dust!), including how it smelled. My friend the glassmaker also helped me with bonsai, and I went to several bonsai stores and talked with the proprietors. 

With knitting, sewing, and weaving, I had my mother and a program that did spinning thread and raw yarn. I also observed the weavers and spinners at Renaissance Fairs and I have a good friend who’s a champion knitter. 

I work that way. I get videos, I get books, I talk to people. For Renaissance crafts, I discovered that the Society for Creative Anachronism not only provides a lot of living examples of crafts at their gatherings, but their publishers produce chapbooks (small paper-bound books) about individual Renaissance arts and crafts. Falconry, shoemaking, hats of particular periods and so on. You can buy them online.

Order your Resistance Hat


Say no to racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, and all other forms of hatefulness.

For $20, you get a hat, and I’ll donate the proceeds (all $ minus cost of shipping) to the following charities: ACLU, Planned Parenthood, CAIR, Trans Lifeline, SPJ Legal Defense, and Immigrant Defense Project. I will split the total money earned between them evenly, once a month.

As for the hats themselves, you can choose an approximate color (I’m using yarn I already have to keep costs down, so the actual shade may vary) or let me surprise you.

Your order will be for an adult sized, basic knit or crochet, beanie-style hat. I’m not able to honor any customization requests, except for the one mentioned below.

**If you have any fiber-related needs (wool allergy, or if you’re vegan and want non-animal fibers, for example) please let me know in the comments section on your order.**        

Dream Pillow to remember Prophetic Dreams

Hello lovelies! Been awhile, I wanted to give you guys this recipe/spell I created for a friend to enhance her dream memory! I know a lot of people struggle with remembering dreams, and that’s ok! I am here to try and help!

You will need some fabric and a sewing kit for starters!


-Sandalwood Powder: Visionary Properties

-Peppermint: Psychic awareness and Intuition

-Hawthorne Berries: Protection of witches

-Blood Salt: To protect yourself, and have the ability to defend yourself from any negativity that may try and harm you in these dreams.

-Purple, purple, purple!: Add some purple yarn, tissue paper, or fabric on the inside to help with opening your third eye (Purple is most commonly associated with your third eye, I’ve learned:)

-Amethyst: Once again, to help with your third eye and visionary properties beyond our realm/spirit work. (If you are hoping for channeling, I would substitute amethyst with a piece of fluorite…but that’s just me:)

-Sigil(s): I created a personal sigil for this friend, stemming from, “I will remember my dreams”. I find it stronger to make your own personal sigil when making these pillows for your self.

-Sage: I always add sage for positivity, cleansing, and protection.

The pillow doesn’t have to be huge, the ones we make are relatively small, maybe 2x2 in (After sewn). I start off by folding the fabric in half, and I sew along two sides only, while the fabric is inside out (The pattern that you want on the outside needs to be on the inside so you can create a clean seam). Once both sides are done, I turn it back so the pattern or color is on the outside (I recommend purple) and start stuffing! I go in this order,

Tissue paper, sigil (folded up), Sandalwood powder, peppermint, Hawthorne berry, blood salt, Amethyst, and sage.

If you don’t have some of these items, feel free to substitute them with items you have that you personally feel would work best for you. Our correspondences may be different, and one thing that may work for me, may not work for you. Mix it up!

As I sew the pillow shut, I say the following

“May _________ see what they need to see

May _________ know what they need to know

May _________ fight what they need to fight

May this help ___________’s senses grow”

If this is for you, replace the spaces with I, and the last with my.

Then to finish off, I recommend smudging these pillows with Cedar or sage. Personally, I use this sage spray a friend of mine got me, and it does wonders!

I charge these pillows by simply sleeping with them the very first night I create them. I put them under my pillow right away and then that’s that! Its good to smudge them beforehand, or after if you have any negative dreams.

As far as the sigil goes, I do not charge the sigil in the pillow. I draw the sigil first, and put the original in a bowl with some quartz points and selenite, then I draw a second one and put that in the pillow right away. I leave the original sigil in the bowl overnight, and then add it to my collection the next day:)

I hope you all enjoyed this, please reblog to share with others, and follow/like if you wanna see more! :)

Lots of unconditional love,


Guess who has warm hands while helping run this cookie booth? Me! Because I have these awesome gauntlets/fingerless gloves from @jwab and they are super warm and snugly and soft. I am so stupidly lucky to have her as a friend and now my fingers won’t freeze while I write crusaders tonight!


AN- For Anon…I hope you like it:)

(let me know if you want me to rewrite it, and I will do so gladly)

((im on mobile so i apologize for any mistakes))


“Not now, Y/N.”


“Y/N, I’m trying to work.”


Tim sighed, running a hand through his hair and stepping away from the board covered in god knows what. “Tim, you promised!” you whined from your spot on his bed.

“I know, and I will teach you, but I’m so close to solving this,” he said not looking away from the board. He picked up a tack and pinned it between yarn that crossed all over and stepped back again, putting his hand on his chin and furrowing his eyebrows.

“Tim, you break my heart. Every time I try to love you, you deny me,” you said dramatically and fell back on the bed. You spread your arms and closed your eyes.

“Y/N, you’re doing it again,” he said as he traced the string with his finger to a blurry picture that was circled with a question mark.

“What? Im not doing anything!” you exclaimed, stifling a giggle. “You’re guilt tripping me.”

“Im not doing anything except laying here…maybe thats just your sub conscience telling you to pay attention to me.”

“You always have my attention.”

“Nice save, Timmy,” you said with a giggle. You sat up with a groan, “I’m bored, call me when your done.”

“You’re leaving?” Tim asked finally turning to you. You got up and dusted off your pants, “That depends, are any of your brothers here?”

His eyebrows furrowed together, “Uhh, Damian I think.”

“Then nope. I’ll just hang with him until your done.” You started towards the door and you heard him huff. “Fine, Im done.”

You grinned and turned to him, “Why don’t you like it when Damian has my attention? Unlike you, he actually appreciates it.”

Tim grumbled in response and you laughed. “Well, what are you waiting for? Lets go!”

You turned and dashed out the room, but not before catching the smile graving his face delicately. You burst through the doors leading to the manor’s backyard and squealed in excitement.

“Come on, slow poke. I have places to be, people to see!”

“You say that, but you just spent nine hours lazing around in my room,” Tim retorted as he stepped out into the dimming day, closing the doors behind him. “I prefer to hunt at night, if you know what I mean,” you responded with a wink.

He rolled his eyes, “So what exactly do you want to learn?”

“I wanna learn how to be like you! Well…how to fight like you,” you restated sheepishly. He quirked an eyebrow, and you bit your lip to keep from smiling. “What?” you asked after a few seconds, “Is it wrong that I think you’re cool?”

“No, its just unusual,” Tim said with a shrug. You narrowed your eyes, “Im not a mean person, Tim.”

“Whatever you say Y/N. Now, lets start with the basics.”

Three hours later you dropped onto the grass covered in a thin layer of sweat and breathing heavily. “I change my mind,” you said breathlessly, “I don’t want to be like you.”

“I told you its quite a challenge,” Tim said calmly as if he didn’t just spend three hours training non-stop. You breathed and turned your head to face him, “How do you do it?”

“I don’t even know…just motivated I guess?”

You scoffed, “And what so motivational, that it makes you fight crime 7 nights a week?”

“You are,” Tim said, “I try to make the city a safer place for you to live, I guess.”

Your breathing stopped as you stared at him for a few seconds. “Just roll with it,” Tim said casually, but a blush was hidden on his face.

“You cant just say that and expect me to go along with it.”

“You have before…”

Your eyes narrowed and you laughed, “Tim, you are the most awkward little tater tot I have ever been friends with…You know that?”

He ducked his head and you smiled, putting a hand on his lower back.  "Its not a bad thing. Its cute…if girls are into that,“ you giggled, shifting into a sitting position.

"Are you into that?” he asked timidly, afraid of your answer.

“Mmmm no, not really. Im more into teenaged vigilantes who are super nerdy but can still kick major butt,” you said, feigning a fawning expression, “Its soooo attractive.”

He chuckled and pushed you with his shoulder. “Whoa whoa whoa,” you said, putting your hands up, “watch where you point those guns.”

“You’re such a dork,” he laughed, eyes shining brightly. “Aww, you love it.”

“I never said I didn’t,” he said, turning his head towards you with a smile. You rolled your eyes with a laugh and pulled his arm over you shoulders.

“Just kiss her already!”

You looked back and saw Dick leaning out one of the windows with a wide grin. You spotted Damian peeking from the corner and you laughed. Tim groaned and moved his arm away from you, putting his face in his hands.

“Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss,” Dick chanted loudly.

“Dick-” Tim began shouting, but you cut him off by kissing his cheek. “Booo!” Dick shouted, one hand cupped around his mouth and the other giving you a thumbs down.

“Isn’t that necessarily a kiss?” you asked Tim who was blushing madly.

“Kiss on the lips! Kiss on the lips! Kiss on the lips!” Dick chanted again.

“Sorry Dickie, shows over!” you shouted to him.

“Nothing happened! I want a refund! Give me my money back!”

You shook your head with a small laugh and watched as he disappeared before you turned back around. “Your brother is amazing,” you said. “Ilikeyou,” Tim rushed, face beet red.


“I,” he took a deep breath, “I like you.”

“Well, duh. If you didn’t we wouldn’t be friends.” He shook his head, “No, I mean…I’m interested in you.”

You froze, “You’re interested in me?”

He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, leaving his hand there. “I’m never interested in anything…but with you its different. Im interested in anything that you do. Im inter- I like you…more than a friend.”

You were stunned silent. Of course you liked him back, you liked him for a while now, but you had convinced yourself that you would never have him so you just kind of..ignored the feeling. You ignored the flutter in your heart whenever he was close, or the empty feeling when he wasn’t around you.

“I get it if you don’t like me back. I dont-”

You kissed him, on the lips this time. The first few seconds he didnt move, but when he realized that you were kissing him, he kissed you back.

“Whooo! Finally!”

You broke apart with a laugh. “Your brother is amazing.”

“Sometimes,” Tim said before pulling you back into a kiss.

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Is it normal for pronouns to change? Mine change a lot when I feel really masculine or feminine which can be confusing for the people around me. Do you know of an easy way to signify that I want certain pronouns without always having to tell them?

Yarn bracelets maybe? Or some other small, colored thing you could use… Pick a color for each pronoun set and let your friends know the color coding.

Stay lovely~

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ADHD anon here. Thank you for such a comprehensive answer! I'm going to see if I can find a cheap tangle, some putty, and a prickly stress ball just to try, and I think I'll get some nice yarn and make myself a weighted plushie too (I crochet plushies for a living so tossing in something to give it weight won't be that difficult). Again, thank you so much! Searching through a lot of spread-out information is really difficult for me so your master posts have helped a lot!!

No worries, anon! If you have any more questions or need help in the way of finding things, please let me know. I’d also love to hear how the toys go for you!

And if you ever want to show us your crochet plushie store, I suspect my followers (and myself!) will check out your creations.

(If you’re Aussie, I happened across plastic pellets for weighting plush toys this week in Riot Art and Craft stores, on sale at $3 AUD for a 500 gram bag!)

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I don't think those are quite the balls being referred to... Out of curiosity, and since I'm about to work on some stuff for kids, two questions for any of the knitters/crocheters: What are your top 6 yuck but practical yarns? And top 6 luxury yarns?

Okay look I get wanting cheap yarn for certain projects and you know what I use some inexpensive stuff but please understand this:


I actually don’t have a problem with synthetic or polyester yarns, but that crap will cut up your hands and hurt your very soul.

A couple much better cheap yarns are bernat brand. Softee, satin, blanket are all good for kids crafts or beginners. Even their super value is actually a lot better that red heart super saver.

Patons cotton is inexpensive and good for this sort of stuff too.

A little more expensive but bang for the buck is the James Brett line of yarns.

For practical items that i want to last forever Cascade 220.


Noro silk garden sock

Malabrigo Sock

Malabrigo Rasta

Manos del Uruguay Alegria

Lorna Laces Sock

anything with alpaca

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Hey Connor? Just wanted to say that I'm so thankful for buying your game. You as a character helped me become a better person and be more compassionate to others, and even make new friends! You, Haytham, Desmond, and Edward (though i know they aren't here today)help me, and still do, get through my depression and anxiety. Also Connor come clean about the *whispers* candy under your bed!

Oh, wow! Thank you! I’m so glad to hear about how much the games have helped you!
As for the candy under the bed, NEVER!
— Connor

A Shot of Honesty

Summary: It’s a bit of an impulsive decision - sneaking out to watch the year end from the square, Prompto by his side. It turns out to be a good one, though.

“Man, it’s cold out here.  Noct, you keepin’ up?”

Noctis nodded, chin rubbing against the soft yarn of the scarf.  The back of the square was packed, the noise almost deafening.  How do people even enjoy this?

A warm hand closed around his own, Prompto’s touch familiar and, in this moment, very welcome.  “I know what you’re thinking.  It gets better, dude.  I promise.  Just follow me.”

Crowded public spaces had never really been Noct’s thing, but the last thing he wanted was to make Prompto feel like his ideas weren’t good.  Because it was a good idea – ditching Ignis and Gladio, going downtown to watch the fireworks, dressing in Prompto’s clothes to make him less easily recognized.  It was just…a little stressful.  Yeah, that was definitely it.  I would’ve rather it been just the two of us…but…I’ll make it work, I guess.

read the rest on ao3

Little Blue Crush

Originally posted by claracivry

Kurt Wagner x Reader

Little Blue Crush

Author: Morgan

Warnings: Language

It started with nails. It was time for a new color, and the only one that you wanted was navy blue. You didn’t know why. It just felt…right. Jean could only offer a smug smirk and shake her head. Even if you didn’t know what was happening, she did.

After that, it was a scarf. While you were weaving the soft blue yarn, it didn’t seem like there was anything out of the ordinary. But a snickering Jubilee saw you working across the room and an unknowing Kurt glanced up from the book he was reading, tea gripped by his spaded tail. She thought he must be blind not to know what was going on.

Next, it was a painting. Royal blue covered in navy patterns. And you didn’t know what it was until you were finished. Angelic marks stood out on the canvas, swirling in beautiful ways. Just like…Kurt. Oh my God. You had a crush on Kurt.

“Oh man. You’ve got it bad.” Peter zipped behind you, arms crossed as he looked over your painting.


“Mmhmm. You’re crushing on Kurty boy.”

“What? Am not.”

“Your blue scarf and blue nails say otherwise.”

“Shut up.”

“I’m gonna tell him.”

“No don’t!” you pleaded. “Please? Just let me tell him, when the time is right.”

“You’re boring.”

“Never said I wasn’t.”

“Uuuuuggghhh fine.” Peter sped away. A plot was already beginning to form in his mind. He knew just how to set the two of you up.


You showed up at the mall later that night. According to Jubilee, the group was meeting in the food court. But when you showed up, no one was there.

“Great.” you sat at the group’s usual table.


“Oh. H-hallo.” Kurt greeted nervously. “Are zhe ozhers here?”

“I don’t think there are any others, blue.”

“Vhat do you-?”

“I think we’ve been set up.”

“But vhy would zhey do zhat?”

“Because…Because I really like you, Kurt.”

“Vell zhat’s a relief. Because I really like you too.” he smiled, taking a small step closer. His grin made your heart soar. Butterflies swarmed in your stomach. You felt the heat rise to your cheeks.


“Okay…how do ve…vhat do Americans do for zheir dates?”

“Usually, you go see a movie. Sometimes you get milkshakes or go roller skating. But a movie is good.”

“Okay.” Kurt nodded, taking your hand in his uncertainly. His tail swayed behind him happily as you walked over to the ticket booth with him. Your thumb gently rubbed the back of his large three-fingered hand. He couldn’t help but smile, his tail wrapping lovingly around your waist. You stood on your toes to peck his cheek. You had the feeling this was the beginning of an amazing night.

Crochet Blog

Hello my lovelies!

Some of you are explicitly here because I post my crochet work or reblog really pretty yarn.  Yay!  I wanted to let y’all know that I have a crochet blog: @kodisqueercrochet!  If you want to see my yarn bending adventures without me grousing about autism, anxiety, and general random life crap, go there!  If you want to keep up to date with my yarn bending and my general life, follow both!  
Also, if you have a thing for paganism and witchcraft, I also have @wildwitchyqueer

If you did not notice, I am hella queer.  

Y’know what I wanna know? Where did Ford get all of the kit to outfit his Bill shrine? Like, probably some of it he dug up around Gravity Falls, and the stuff on the walls looks like he might’ve attempted to recreate it from old ruins (or, knowing Ford, what he thought a suitably ancient temple dedicated to a super coolio muse-god should look like), but what about the rest of it?

Were there obsessive trips to surrounding flea markets and antique shows? And once he tapped that out, he’d show up all over town with orders like “Yes, trophy store, I need you to recreate this isosceles sculpture to these exact specifications,” 
“…You mean you want a triangle?”
The local craft store is always low on gold yarn, because gigantic rugs emblazoned with eyeballs do not weave themselves (of course he bought a loom; he is a man enamored, he’s going to make sure it’s all top notch). Probably there were weird letters to the grant committee, explaining why it was COMPLETELY NECESSARY that he buy smelting tools, because that jerk at the bowling alley isn’t returning his calls, and also he’s pretty sure he needs more prisms? For research? It’s taking longer than he thought to get that stained glass in the attic done. 

And I mean. Poor Fiddleford.

This is the face of a man who’s had his food budget filched to cover the cost of a “rare, one of a kind - we can’t possibly pass this opportunity up!” triangular knick knack. 

I will admit, tumblr’s continual love of OCs and self-inserts and general acceptance of Mary Sues and ignoring canon does amuse me to some level. 

Back in the day on Livejournal, Anti-Mary Sue communities and fanfiction critique/snark communities were super-rampant. It wasn’t uncommon for someone to have their story ripped to shreds, very publically, by much older fans who were (most of the time) incredibly bitter because their 50 chapter epic yarns were ignored in exchange for a 5-page crack-fic involving the daughter of Legolas finding out that Hot Topic was a thing and wanting to dye Gimli’s beard blue.

If your fic had an OC that had any sort of story importance, you were chewed out and insulted. If you had somewhat wonky grammar even as someone with dyslexia or ESL, you were chewed out and insulted. If you didn’t follow the original writer’s twitter account to know when she posted new canon information, or read the 500+ page prologue that was written in iambic pentamiter about how the canon world came to exist and got obscure canon facts wrong, you were chewed out. And if you wrote pretty much anything that wasn’t just the right amount of wordiness without going into purple prose and wasn’t just in character enough where it could be a canon suppliment, you were chewed out. 

On the one hand, I’m still a massive canon wonk nowadays. I will admit, I really will prefer fics and comics that at least try to incorporate canon details on a massive scale and keep everyone IC. But on the other hand, I feel like pushing back a lot of these things is good for fandom in general too. Headcanon and self-insert are not dirty words.

And it’s fun just seeing someone taking the baseline information of the series and just expanding on it, or going completely off the walls on AUs. Giving people freckles and siblings and feelings about Starbucks coffee types and LGBTQ+ identification. Make them nereids, make them lawyers, make them secretly assassins fighting against each other, rock groups getting ready for the Battle of the Bands, baristas who mispell names out of bloodyminded pettiness, wizards at Hogwarts who feel awkward about being the only Hufflepuff in a group of Gryffindors and Slytherins.

Fanworks are a lot about twisting the original story, trying to make your own story from what you see and making a representation of what you love. The OC weekend is fantastic, see what you’d look like in your favorite universe and hang out with your coolguy favorites. It’s not something I would have seen in the past, as with a lot of fannish views that are either pretty common on tumblr or growing in popularity, but it’s really amazing.


This one-of-a-kind set of freshly created stitch markers, needs to find a home!

**PRICE: $25, shipping included!**

Message me for more details - but make it quick! The first one to claim it gets it. 😘😘😘

Please share with anyone you know who might like these, or just because you want to help a lady out. Thank you so much!

🍂 I’m so ready for autumn! 🍂 It’s been super hot this week and although it’s been nice, I really look forward to the autumn rain and cuddling up under a blanket with a good book. I also finally found out what house I belong to at Hogwarts! I got sorted into Hufflepuff at the Pottermore site, but always felt a bit out of place.. I took it upon myself to do some more research and found out that Ravenclaw is way more “me”. I’m finally home! It may seem silly to some of you that I care what house I’m in in a fictional universe, but that’s what Harry Potter does to you 😄 (And I know this is a very Gryffindor photo, but I didn’t have a blue yarn to do Ravenclaw and I really wanted to knit something, so I went with the Gryffindor scarf instead 🙈) What house are you in? ✨

(Int)NaKniCroMo Update!

Hey everyone! So a pretty good number of people have shown interests in me starting a project that would be a month long knit/crochet fest all about pumping out projects and what not.

The name so far is NaKniCroMo however I’m not sure how this would potentially have copyright issues with the NaNoWriMo name. I am very much open to other names! Preferably both knitting and crochet related.

Currently I’m considering October for the time frame just because I feel like novel writers and yarn benders overlap quite a bit.

I’m also looking into setting up an actual forum for this event too! So that’s pretty exciting.

If you are interested please reply or reblog with comments or even shoot me an ask! I’m still in the early stages of creating this and if it’s going to become a thing I want to know that people want it to exist!!

Thank you!!