you know you want this yarn

Help me find an artist!

I’m looking for someone to commission to draw my stuffed animal that I’ve had since i was a baby so that i can get it tattooed this summer. Its a green rabbit with yarn fur and i will provide pictures when i decide on someone. If you or someone you know would be interested please let me know and send me some work to look at! I want a design where you can tell the fur is yarn but otherwise it doesn’t have to be super realistic. Obvi i will work with you closely on this and you have to be ok with me getting it tattooed and possibly tweaking it once i take it to the shop. If you don’t have anything to send but want to sketch it so i can see your style I’ll send you some pics but that doesn’t guarantee I’ll go with what you send and I’m sorry for that. You just have to send me some previous work and i will let you know if i plan to go with your design and we will discuss price before you draw it. I WILL PAY YOU


My dear newbie yarn benders,

I love you. You’re wonderful and fabulous and energized about seeing a cool project on the inter-webs and have finally said “yes! I think I could do that! This is the one that will get me into knitting/crochet” With all the excitement and joy in the world you go to the craft store, grab the coolest looking yarn (in the best color, duh) and the cheapest needles/hook you can find (If if needles are too intimidating, you opt for the knitting loom. It comes in a 3 pack! score!). You follow the instructions as best you can with dreams of your project turning out exactly like the professionally taken photograph. Oh my naive, beautiful newbie yarn bender, you are on a craft high. Head so far in the clouds that you don’t realize what has happened until it’s done. We’ve all been here at some point, no matter how skilled a person is. 

My lovelies. Please learn from the mistakes that have already happened. Take the time to learn about gauge and value the materials needed. I am most definitely NOT saying buy the most expensive stuff. I am saying that skien of yarn that is one dollar more will likely make you enjoy the finished product bounties more than the value of one dollar. 

Take the top picture. This was most definitely made on a knitting loom. Im personally not a huge advocate of these. They’re great for learning how knitting works. Not great for endless feats of creativity. You’re limited by the size of the loom which limits you to the size of the yarn as well as the size of the object you make. For something that will not ladder (the long horizontal bits between the “V” stitches) you need yarn thick enough to touch the stitch next to it when wrapped around the loom. In the case of the photo, yarn far too thin was used. 

The next picture looks like it could be arm knitting. Which was a fad I loved. Can we bring this back instead of those pony tail hats? The larger the needle, in this case your arm, the larger yarn you need. The original appears to have multiple yarns being used. Perhaps our newbie knitter didn’t realize that’s an option? Lesson here: Larger needles, larger yarn. Smaller needles, smaller yarn. 

The last picture. This crocheted hippo went through the stretcher! oh no! This is a case of right yarn, wrong size hook. When your needle/hook is larger than your yarn and you put it under tension (in this case, stuffing it) the created fabric will stretch (more-so demonstrated in the first picture). Amigurumi is also hard as shit. The people who do it very well are incredible talented. We should all bow before their prowess. Please don’t try an amigurumi (small figurine knitting/crochet) as your first or even 5th project!

General rule of thumb: if you don’t want holes in your work look for yarn and needle/hook approx same size in diameter.

Alas, you have returned for the craft store. Heading the advice you’ve gotten complimentary yarn and needle/hook. TIME TO START THE CRAFT JUICE!



“but whyyyy?” you whine

Because we must first test the yarn.

“But tests are boooooring” says the yarn. 

I agree, talking yarn. Tests are boring and terrible and holy crap tell you if you’re doing something right or wrong. This is useful information to know before creating something beautiful with your HANDS

Also my dear newbie yarn bender, practice makes a better yarn bender. Resist the urge to pump out something fast. Pinterst lied to you. It’s not going to take 1 hour. It will take at least 3 hours and two trips to the craft store. Accept this now. Knitting/crochet is slow ASF. Accept this now. Or find a different hobby. 

So loop on some stitches and knit or crochet your joyous heart out. Then measure it once you get around 5 inches. Count the stitches horizontally and vertically. Then refer to the chart above and make sure everything agrees. Got 12 stitches per 4 inches and using DK (3) yarn? Time to change needles sizes or get your gorgeous self some bulky yarn. Or get yourself some bulky yarn anyhow. Treat yo’self. 

i love you newbie yarn benders! Go forth and create and learn

<3 Stitch


How to find your working energy’s color

Whether you need to cast a circle, mingle your energy with your wand, or charge an object, it can sometimes be hard to visualize it. The easiest way to work with your energy is to see it! So here’s a very simple exercise to find your energy and to work with it! I promise when you see the color of your energy, spells become a LOT easier! 

Get comfy, close your eyes, and take a slow, deep breath in. Hold it for 3 counts and then slowly exhale. Do this 3 times (or as many as you need to relax) before letting your breathing fall into its natural rhythm.

Imagine you’re in darkness. It’s comfortable, warm, safe. As you float there you see a line*. Go to it. This is your thread of energy, follow the thread, touch it, if you want. You will be lead to where it came from, your main energy pool**. This is YOUR personal energy. Get to know it, bask in it a little. When you’re read, slowly open your eyes. You are now ready to cast magic! 

Anytime you feel you can’t cast, or it’s hard, just use this exercise to find your energy again, we all lose sight/feel sometimes! 

*The line will be different for everyone. Some see it as yarn, some as a neon light, some as mist, etc. The color is also different for everyone, as is the thickness and brightness. Occasionally your color will change! Not all the time, maybe never, but sometimes it can! Mine was purple for the longest time, and now it’s blue!

**The shape of the energy pool is different for everyone. Mine is a massive pillar. A friend of mine’s is a sphere, and still another’s is a puddle on the ‘ground’. So don’t worry if yours ‘looks right’. 

Blessed Be! 

The Scarf, cont’d.

(Part 1)

More from the fiber witch!Dex ‘verse, since it got so much interest. Honestly, this could have been even longer, but this part hit 4k and got to a nice endpoint (and I’ve been working on it all week), so I’m cutting off here… for now. I even went so far as to download pictures off my real camera for the first time in months just to illustrate this.

But y’all. There’s kissing. I mean, it’s me, so it’s still entirely T, but kissing. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

“Are you sure about this?” Nursey asked.

Dex looked up from the weird new binding off he was trying to do on the pair of fingerless gloves currently on his needles. “Yes? I invited you to come, and I meant it.”

“…’kay,” Nursey said, but in a tone that had Dex rolling his eyes and setting the whole mess of glove and needles to the side so he could roll forward on his knees and really look at Nursey where he was sitting on the floor in front of Dex’s bed.

“Do you not want to go?”

Nursey kept playing with the ridiculous kid’s potholder loom Dex had bought him at a craft store when he accidentally unwound one ball of yarn too many going through Dex’s stash. “No, I do.”


“But you don’t really talk about your hometown that much, and I’m, like, worried? I guess? Because I know it’s a small town, and I know you don’t really think about it, but I’m gonna kinda… stick out. And I didn’t know if you were starting to regret asking me.”

Dex blinked. “Oh. No, that’s not going to be a problem. I swear to you, they have seen black people in Maine before. But, um, there is probably something I should talk to you about.” He settled back on the bed nervously. “Can you… can you come sit up here so I can see you when I tell you this?”

Nursey put the loom down and moved to sit cross-legged on the bed facing Dex. Dex could see him letting his whole “chill” thing take over and knew he must be freaking Nursey out, so he just took a breath and plunged into it.

“So, yes, my town is different. But not like you think. It’s not that I don’t talk about it because I’m ashamed or anything. It’s just… hard to explain.” The string he always carried in his pocket had made its way into his hand, and he wove his fingers through it nervously. “We’re witches.”

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roswell’s bizarre ufo crash highlights:
  • spin the yarn, tommy bahama
  • “that’s a dumbass question, of course you are, you’re fucking shane”
  • “don’t try to paint me as a–” “i’ll paint you however i want” “you– what?” “i’ll paint the hell out of you, however i want”
  • “you’d paint me in your free time?” “yeah” chill out lads
  • shane’s terrible game of thrones pun
  • you know that’s a weather balloon you idiot
  • that was some funky funky metal
  • “the martians are here!”
  • there weren’t people in ancient rome saying “flying saucer!”
  • “eh we’ve all done it” “no”
  • (sniffs) yeah i’ll take a bite of that
  • shane laughing at said tinfoil hat
  • “heh, i just don’t want you to have any satisfaction”
  • “no it’s not ufos you stupid piece of shit”
  • clearly he’s got a good eye for detecting what’s not bullshit
  • “the ship had no wings, jimmy, i don’t know how it flew” “jimmy i think that ship was bedevilled” 
  • ryan putting the tinfoil hat on shane
  • “leave my house, town dunce”

this was yet another gem i’m living!!! 

Textile Majors

Theres a special magic in hand made fabric items. Handmade items in general, yes, but specifically fabric items.

There are two aspects to this. One is the level of relationship between the artist and the recipient. The knitted beanie purchased off Etsy is going to be nowhere near as powerful as the Fair Isle sweater your grandmother made specifically for you.

The other is the level of involvement of the artist. The more involved the artist is in the creation, the more powerful it is. That quilt made from store bought fabric, pieced together and quilted with protection symbols, it will keep you safe. The gloves whose yarn came from sheep you raised, whose dye came from berries picked from plants you tended and nourished, sheared and cleaned and dyed and spun and knitted by your hands, those will save your life.

Textile art majors come to the school knowing the basics of their craft. They can knit a sweater, or sew a dress, or started with those little bracelet looms and now are never found without some sort of weaving project. They come, because they want more. The history of the art, the depth and fullness of it. They come because they want to be fashion designers, or because they want to be conservators at museums. They come, with their portable sewing machines and card tables to stand them on, with their knitting needles and crochet hooks, their looms and embroidery hoops and infinite boxes of fabric, fiber, yarn, threads and notions, pins and sewing needles, measuring tapes and rulers. Their bags are full of pattern books and their rooms are cluttered with their projects.

They’ll go on, those that succeed, to be the top of their fields, whatever they choose to do. They’ll credit their blessings on their time at Elsewhere, the lessons they learned and the influences they found.

Items made at Elsewhere have a special power. While all handmade items absorb some of the emotion and intentions the artist has while creating it, items made at Elsewhere take those feelings and make them magical. This can be a blessing, or a curse. There is a tradition of burning projects that frustrate too much. Every Freshman is shocked and appalled when, at the new moon, all the older textile majors gather together to burn any project that is causing them problems or resulting in negative feelings. They learn, after their first or second frustrating project causes them such discomfort after they make it that they can’t actually use the thing.

The professors prioritize quality over quantity for a reason. New projects are always assigned at the start of the waxing moon, and due before the new moon. They have a special form for projects that have to be redone because they were burned. They will provide the materials and time to make up the projects, but only three times. Some will offer deals for a fourth.

Gifts are a mixed blessing.

That one sophmore that knits six pairs of socks every weekend? She’s avoiding calls from her parents and they’re full of her anxiety. The one person that wore them ended up running like the hunt was after them until they collapsed sobbing in the quad. Now, we accept her gifts, and put them away. They’re be useful for trade with the Folk.

The boy from the equatorial country who weaves those lovely blankets? Only use them in the depths of winter, or you’ll roast. Take the blanket with you if you have to go out in the deep snowy areas for ANY reason. They’ll keep you warm and dry. It may look as light as your sheets, but he started making them in his first winter here, when he thought he’d freeze to death for sure. Now he jokes that they’re a brilliant ice breaker.

The person that ignored the proverbial ‘boyfriend curse,’ made xir boyfriend a sweater, then begged him to wear it. Nobody knows exactly what happened to him, but xe is so much happier now, since he disappeared.

There are legacy students here, whose tools came down from their parents and grandparents, you’ll know them by their iron needles and hooks, and the runes carved in their old looking looms and hoops. The items they make are often high quality, even as freshmen, and they know the ways of trading. We’ve all learned to look for them when having an issue with a project, they have a way of getting to the heart of it and guiding us through. Trades with them will be dear, but what you get will be worth it.

The senior project is a group affair. Every senior contributes something they’ve made. The fabric is made by students talented with the loom, the lace by the best crocheter in the class. Every piece is made by students, from the earliest bud of cotton or flax, the hand raised lambs, goats, rabbits or alpacas, to the final glass bead. Each year the product is different, but the ritual is the same. At the final full moon before graduation, the product is displayed on the quad, surrounded with flowers and hand made accessories. Nobody knows what happens to it after that. It disappears before dawn, and the artists go out in the world to make their fortunes. Only once has the project met the light of the morning sun, and that class never saw any success.


anonymous asked:

Could you do a hc of the different characters going in a road trip with MC? Things like where they'll go and how they get along during it and stuff. Thanks ^-^

Oh sure! I guess I’m kinda basing this a bit on a US road trip since that’s what I know. Thanks for the request~


  • He’s planned everything down to the last detail 
  • Will not let you drive, he wants you to just relax and enjoy the trip 
  • The kind of person that stops off at EVERY tourist spot to take pictures together 
  • ‘World’s Largest Ball of Yarn’ type of guy 
  • He has all the spots mapped out so he can be sure you guys see everything together 
  • Religiously checking weather reports to make sure there is no rain to ruin his plans 
  • When you fall asleep in the car he is quiet when he pulls over for gas
  • Gets your favorite foods from the convenience store so when you wake up you have something yummy waiting for you 
  • Pretty slow driver 
    • “I’m not slow I’m cautious!”
  • You both are living off of energy drinks 


  • Well…Jumin can’t drive
  • It would be a disaster 
  • So you’re the one behind the wheel
  • He’s not the greatest at reading maps but…he does alright 
  • A few times you guys got turned around 
    • “Jumin…there’s nothing but farms and we ended up on a dirt road where are we….”
    • “Ah, so it was supposed to be a left back there,” he nods to himself while looking at the map
    • “……..”
  • Curious when you pull over to a tourist attraction 
    • “What’s this? How odd. People actually enjoy this?” 
    • “It’s part of the experience of a road trip, Jumin!” 
  • He actually ends up really enjoying the random weird things you find at the exits and takes a lot of blurry photos of you both 
  • Disgusted by convenience store food 
    • “As soon as we arrive, I’m taking you out for a nice meal.”
  • Makes you pull over all of the time so Elly can get a break and stretch her legs 
  • Elly is in the back like 


  • He’s so excited!
  • You guys pack pretty light 
  • Since you’ll be going on his bike 
  • You have a few essentials in a backpack and you pack a few things in the saddlebags 
  • He’s super good at navigating 
  • Constantly stopping because he is worried you’re tired and need a break
  • You’ll grab a few things from the convenience store and pull over onto the side of the road when he finds a nice spot
  • Sitting and eating together in the grass while the radio on his bike plays some music 
  • You both laugh at your helmet hair every time you stop 
  • If you come across somewhere beautiful he is stopping instantly 
  • Takes your hand and you guys walk in the field or through the trees while the sun sets 
  • Loves to take selfies and post them so his fans can see your journey 
  • BIG on souvenirs 
  • Keychains, magnets, shot glasses–anything to commemorate where you guys have gone together! 
  • He’s very sentimental in that way 


  • She actually gets a little car sick if she is not the one driving 
  • It surprised you both, the first time you took over to drive 
  • She doesn’t tire easily though so she was fine with being the driver 
  • LOVES to sing along to the radio 
  • You both just sing in the car together the whole trip 
  • Coffee life
  • Every time you stop you are grabbing some coffee from the convenience store 
  • Also Jaehee is an expert on the best gas station foods, since thats what she lived off of when working for Jumin 
  • Doesn’t like to make too many pit stops because she has a schedule she wants to stick to 
  • Definitely an over-packer
  • The car is weighed down by the numerous suit cases and bags in the back because she packs for every emergency 


  • You’re not allowed to drive his baby car
  • He ends up scaring you sometimes with how fast he takes some turns 
  • Stopping every 15 minutes to pee 
    • “Saeyoung, you JUST went.”
    • “I can’t help it!”
    • *opens up another PHD Pepper*
  • Like Yoosung, he’s got to stop and see all of the weird attractions you come across 
  • Taking video and pictures of everything 
  • You try to navigate but sometimes he doesn’t listen 
    • “No, this is a shortcut! You’ll see” 
    • “Through a corn field….?” 
    • “Hey, do you think they’d be mad if we took some?”
  • He doesn’t get ‘lost,’ he’s just ‘exploring the area’
  • Chip bags and snack wrappers all over the car
    • “I’m sorry baby, as soon as we stop I’ll clean you up!” 
  • Waits for you to fall asleep and then puts All Star on full blast to wake you up  

skye07  asked:

Ohhh!!! you wrote the knitting Tony story!!!! I've been hunting that story for a long time!!! (was on a reading spree on your Tony tag, I'm having a swell of a time) So HOW ABOUT!! Someone finding or just ended up in Tony's stash room (it might be a floor if we are being honest, I would with his resources). I am salivating just imaginging the AMOUNT of yarn Tony must have collected, of all colours and types. Just, please. I would love you even more if you decide this prompt worthy~~

You mean that story I sent to bloody-bee-tea about Tony knitting? I’m surprised I haven’t written more Tony knitting, tbh. Hope you like it! Look out for under the cut!

This work can also be found on my Ao3 here.

Natasha had been investigating her new home when she stumbled into it. The room was gigantic, cube shelves covering the walls. Every single shelf had balls of yarn in it, starting with red in one corner and spreading in a circular rainbow of yarns, except for the few columns of shelves that were filled with needles, hooks, counters of some sort?

Natasha felt nervous for a reason she couldn’t explain. Perhaps because this room felt deeply personal? That the person who had set it up had taken time to organize it just right?

She stayed just long enough to tuck a gun under some soft yarn before she left. Each room needed at least one weapon hidden in it.

“Why would you ever need this in my stash?” Tony complained, shoving the gun into her hands. “You can use literally anything in there as a weapon. The straight needles can be used to stab people and the circular needles can be used as garrotes. My double-pointed needles can be used in close combat. And if your attacker is allergic to wool, he’s gonna be in for a bad time.”

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Dream Pillow to remember Prophetic Dreams

Hello lovelies! Been awhile, I wanted to give you guys this recipe/spell I created for a friend to enhance her dream memory! I know a lot of people struggle with remembering dreams, and that’s ok! I am here to try and help!

You will need some fabric and a sewing kit for starters!


-Sandalwood Powder: Visionary Properties

-Peppermint: Psychic awareness and Intuition

-Hawthorne Berries: Protection of witches

-Blood Salt: To protect yourself, and have the ability to defend yourself from any negativity that may try and harm you in these dreams.

-Purple, purple, purple!: Add some purple yarn, tissue paper, or fabric on the inside to help with opening your third eye (Purple is most commonly associated with your third eye, I’ve learned:)

-Amethyst: Once again, to help with your third eye and visionary properties beyond our realm/spirit work. (If you are hoping for channeling, I would substitute amethyst with a piece of fluorite…but that’s just me:)

-Sigil(s): I created a personal sigil for this friend, stemming from, “I will remember my dreams”. I find it stronger to make your own personal sigil when making these pillows for your self.

-Sage: I always add sage for positivity, cleansing, and protection.

The pillow doesn’t have to be huge, the ones we make are relatively small, maybe 2x2 in (After sewn). I start off by folding the fabric in half, and I sew along two sides only, while the fabric is inside out (The pattern that you want on the outside needs to be on the inside so you can create a clean seam). Once both sides are done, I turn it back so the pattern or color is on the outside (I recommend purple) and start stuffing! I go in this order,

Tissue paper, sigil (folded up), Sandalwood powder, peppermint, Hawthorne berry, blood salt, Amethyst, and sage.

If you don’t have some of these items, feel free to substitute them with items you have that you personally feel would work best for you. Our correspondences may be different, and one thing that may work for me, may not work for you. Mix it up!

As I sew the pillow shut, I say the following

“May _________ see what they need to see

May _________ know what they need to know

May _________ fight what they need to fight

May this help ___________’s senses grow”

If this is for you, replace the spaces with I, and the last with my.

Then to finish off, I recommend smudging these pillows with Cedar or sage. Personally, I use this sage spray a friend of mine got me, and it does wonders!

I charge these pillows by simply sleeping with them the very first night I create them. I put them under my pillow right away and then that’s that! Its good to smudge them beforehand, or after if you have any negative dreams.

As far as the sigil goes, I do not charge the sigil in the pillow. I draw the sigil first, and put the original in a bowl with some quartz points and selenite, then I draw a second one and put that in the pillow right away. I leave the original sigil in the bowl overnight, and then add it to my collection the next day:)

I hope you all enjoyed this, please reblog to share with others, and follow/like if you wanna see more! :)

Lots of unconditional love,


transsam  asked:

I was just skimming through your knitting tag out of curiosity bc I've always wanted to learn, and now I have the irresistible urge to pick up knitting. Problem: I have absolutely no clue anything about knitting. Like. Not even the slightest. WHAT DO. I WANT TO JOIN THE KNITTING CLUB. WHERE AND HOW DO I START.

Hey! Welcome to the club! Settle in because knitting is a Thing I Like To Explain and it can get Intense.

So to start ANY knitting, you’re going to need to know three things:

  1. How to cast on;
  2. How to knit a knit stitch; and
  3. How to cast off/bind off (they mean the same thing).

The best way to learn how to do this, IMO, is to knit a scarf. Scarves are easy because you don’t need any fancy techniques, you can make them out of any material, it teaches you the above three basic things, you have to practice the same stitch over and over again because scarves are long, and at the end of it you have a scarf. (If you don’t have the patience for a scarf, you can do a potholder.)

There are three kinds of needles: straight (them’s your classic needles), circular (basically two needles but held together with a plastic cord), and double pointed (they’re pointed on each end instead of having a point and a little bulby thing). Fuck the latter two, we don’t care about them. You’re going to learn on straight needles.

Go out and get yourself decently cheap yarn. This is not the time to get, like, some alpaca cashmere blend. You also want to get yourself a set of needles. I first learned how to knit a scarf using size 10 straight needles and Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn. I like that pairing of yarn and size because it means the scarf gets done quicker and everything is bigger (therefore easier to see). I would get a couple of balls of the same color in case of accidents or if you just want a long scarf. You might also want a needle with a huge eye (they’re usually sold as tapestry or darning needles), a pair of scissors, and maybe a crochet hook for emergencies.

I don’t know if you prefer reading or watching your tutorials. I tend to favor a mix. So:

I am linking you to tutorials for English style knitting. There’s such a thing as Continental style knitting but I don’t know how the fuck it works and therefore I cannot explain it.

So. Get your needles. Cast on like 12 stitches, or however many stitches across as you think good for a thing that goes around your neck. Practice the knit stitch, going back and forth, until you reach the end of the ball (here’s how to add a new ball of yarn and/or a new color if you want to be really daring and try stripes). Doing only knit stitches is called garter stitch. Once it’s long enough for you, bind off.

It will look wonky! It may meander, or be wider in some parts and thinner in others! This is unimportant. It’s a scarf. If you get a hole while knitting, you probably dropped a stitch (here’s how to fix it) or accidentally added a stitch with yarn-over (in which case you will probably need to frog).  

You’ll notice I’m not explaining purling. You can move on to purling after you’ve made a scarf. You will do this by making another scarf, this time all purls instead of all knits. This is also garter stitch! Here’s how to purl: reading tutorial and video tutorial.

After this, every single pattern is going to be a mix of knit and purl stitches. A fancy thing like lace or cabling might need some special technique, but the base is always knitting and purling and anyway you can google the fancy stuff.

And before I end, some common knitting phrases:

  • A row is one line of stitches. So if you start with the first stitch in the row and go to the end, that’s one row.
  • When a pattern says something like K1, that means “knit one stitch.” K3P3 means “knit three stitches, then purl three stitches.”
  • Knitting one row and then purling a row is called stockinette stitch
  • Going knit-purl, knit-purl is called 1x1 rib. K2P2 is 2x2 rib, etc.
  • M1 means “make one stitch.” You’re not there yet, but it basically means adding a stitch, so if you started with 10 stitches cast on, now you have 11.
  • YO means yarn-over. It’s a way of making a new stitch that adds a hole.

I hope this helps. If any of this is confusing, feel free to PM me.

ndrv3 boys with their crush making friendship bracelets - yes, it’s the boys’ crush, they’re not the s/o yet. sorry for the confusion!

This is such a cute request! I hope you like this!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • This was the first time anyone had asked him to participate in such a thing, and even better, you were the one asking!
  • He’s quick to ensure you that he’d love to participate
  • As you show him how to make the bracelets, he focuses on you completely
  • Has to ask you to repeat a few instructions because he was looking at your face and not your hands
  • Aside from that, he has no problem actually making the bracelet, but…
  • He might “accidentally” miss a few steps so that he gets to spend more time with you
  • When it’s finally finished, he can’t help looking really pleased
  • He thanks you repeatedly, and asks to take a picture with you while wearing the bracelets
  • Makes the picture his phone background

Rantarou Amami

  • When you ask him to make matching friendship bracelets, he agrees immediately
  • Insists that you get started this very minute!
  • Once the materials are gathered, he proposes his own idea: that he should make your bracelet, and you should make his!
  • You agree, letting him know that it’s probably more meaningful that way!
  • He has the sweetest, most content smile the whole time
  • Tries super hard to make a bracelet you’ll like, and it turns out perfect! He’s actually really good at stuff like this.
  • He absolutely treasures the bracelet you give him
  • He also spends at least a week after positioning his wrist so the bracelet is conspicuous enough that others will ask him about it

Kokichi Ouma

  • “You want to make matching bracelets with me? Really?!”
  • 0 to 100 real quick
  • Not only does he agree, he demands to make friendship bracelets with you right now
  • You’re used to his antics by now, so of course you don’t mind
  • Ouma probably takes complete control
  • Even if he doesn’t know exactly how to make a bracelet, he’s going to make one, damn it! No, he doesn’t need an explanation!

  • Okay, maybe he’ll let you explain a few things. Just because he doesn’t want you to feel left out. Or so he says.
  • He gets super into it, though!
  • Asks what your favorite color is, and makes sure the bracelets are filled with both of your favorite colors!
  • He also adds charms that remind him of you!
  • When you’re both finished, he’s completely delighted.
  • If he’s ever in an argument with anyone regarding you, he’ll bring up the bracelet. No matter what the argument is about. “Yeah, well, look at this! This proves I’m their best friend, so there!”
  • You’ve given him too much power

Shuuichi Saihara

  • “Eh? Friendship bracelets? With me?”
  • He’s super flattered that you asked him of all people
  • He considers you a good friend, but it’s really nice to know the feeling is mutual!
  • One of the feelings anyway
  • He patiently listens to your explanation before getting started
  • He focuses so intently on this small task! He’s even biting his lip in concentration… He’s taking it so seriously!!
  • There’s one small part he can’t seem to get, though
  • So you take his hand and guide him through the motions
  • He was not prepared for this
  • Cue blush
  • He’s flustered for the rest of the time you work on the bracelets, and can’t look you in the eye for very long
  • When you’re done, he thanks you about five times and promises to wear it at least twice before leaving
  • He’ll be thinking about the feeling of your hand on his for a while after….

Kaito Momota

  • He actually comes to you to ask if you’ll make a friendship bracelet with him
  • He says it’s because he wants to spend more time with you (and he’s definitely not lying)
  • How could you say no!
  • Momota doesn’t actually know how to make bracelets, but he figures it can’t be that hard.
  • Wait, why can’t he use yarn to make a bracelet?
  • Where did he even get yarn
  • “Okay, let’s get back on track..”
  • The bracelet he made may not be the nicest to look at…. But it comes from the heart and that’s what matters!
  • And look! He even found some star-shaped beads to add to yours!
  • That means he has to make the obligatory “because you’re out of this world!” remark
  • What a dork
  • But you had such a great time with him that you don’t mind at all!


  • Kiibo asks if you’ll make friendship bracelets with him! Yay!
  • …Because he wants to learn more about human customs! Oh…
  • When he notices your disappointment, he quickly admits that it’s also because he feels very close and safe with you, and was hoping you felt the same way…
  • You agree to make bracelets with him!
  • He’s super pumped up about it!!
  • Insists that you use the same beads/charms so as to match perfectly, although he lets you pick almost all of them
  • He does fine in making his own bracelet, until he breaks the entire string and has to start over from scratch
  • He actually apologizes for taking up your time, but he’s ridiculously happy when you tell him you’re enjoying yourself!
  • When they’re finished, he proudly tells you he’s never taking his off!

Gonta Gokuhara

  • “Friendship bracelets? What are those?”
  • When you explain the concept to him, he’s over the moon about it!
  • Probably says something that completely gives away his feelings, like “I’m more than happy to do anything that makes me closer to you!”
  • The word ‘subtlety’ is not in Gonta’s dictionary
  • While actually making the bracelets, he makes a few mistakes
  • The beads are so tiny! His hands are so big! It’s not the best combination!
  • But he doesn’t mind that at all
  • The end result is not the most graceful-looking bracelet, but it’s very cute and you’re pleased!
  • That means Gonta is super pleased!
  • Every time he sees you wearing the bracelet, he breaks out in a big grin!

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He’s a bit taken aback, but at the same time he’s really pleased
  • Maybe this means he actually has a chance with you? Since you seem to actually care for him
  • He’s never done anything like this before, though
  • It doesn’t take too long for him to finish his own bracelet since his wrist is so tiny
  • He spends the rest of your time together watching you put yours together!
  • He offers advice, too! He wants it to look perfect, since you’ll be the one wearing it
  • When you’re both finished, he immediately wants you to try it on
  • He’s so happy to see you wearing it that he almost forgets to put on his own
  • From then on, one of the first things he does whenever he sees you is to check your wrist for the bracelet
  • You’re always wearing it, and it makes him feel super warm inside
  • You’ve made him happier than you’ll ever know!

anonymous asked:

Hello!! RFAs reaction to MC who casts spells? Like lights candles and casts spells like a little witch. MC started because she found spells online and tried them out, but they actually seemed to work! Whether or not they really do is up to you haha

A/N: guys idk if you know this but i’m actually really into witchcraft- like magick, crystals, spirituality, spells, sO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS and i just im soRRY IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS REQUEST but i toned it down a little to spare y'all ~Admin 404


           -He was the one to bring the idea up in the first place, actually!

           -“MC!!! I can’t remember anything! I’ve studied this same page for the past hour or so and I can’t remember ANY of it. Uhg, why can’t there be any kind of magic to help me with this? You know, kind of like Harry Potter? Or the magic spells in LOLOL!!”

           -Now you weren’t witch-savvy but you were determined to find something that could help him!! Or at least make him feel as if he’s being helped! He needed to pass this upcoming test and seeing him suffer made you feel terrible!

           -So, thanks to the internet, you found a sort of “Study star” spell for him! You explain it to him and he is so!!! ready!!! to try!!

           -You light up an orange candle, as he focuses on the light. You had him draw a seven point star, had him dab a smudge of sage oil in the center of the star and on his forehead between his eyes. You also had him repeat the chant a few times.

           -You had him keep the paper in his hand the whole time he studied, and when he was done, he blew out the candle

           -Neither of you knew if it did anything but he did have to admit that he was excited to try it anyway!!

           -He came home the next day from his test extremely hyper, loud, and just all around excited puppy yoosung


           -He was yelling in excitement, jumping on the other half of the couch as you bounced up and down on the other half due to him. You agreed to do it every time he need to study, so he could get and keep his grades up!


           -He was disappointed about not getting the part he wanted in a play

           -And the moment he walked into your guy’s home, you were practically hit in the face with his negative aura

           -“Oh no, nonono, step back outside”

           -You pushed him out of the front door and he stood there completely confused. Too confused to even ask what was going on, or attempt to re-enter the home

           -He watched as you mixed salt and garlic and sprinkled it along the doorsteps, the windowsills, any entry point to the house

           -“MC what in the world are you doing can I please come inside now?? What are your sprinkling everywhere??”

           -You explained that you protected the house from negative influences, and that now he was able to enter the house

           -“I don’t want your negative energy up in here Zen, so I’m protecting our home. Now, come on inside and tell me what’s wrong, love”

           -HE DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE INTO THIS KIND OF STUFF???? MC can you give me more protection things? Self-care? BeauTY SPELLS????

           -You just sigh every time he asks but you do secretly draw him an herbal protection bath at least once a month and he just thinks you buy the MOST amazing bath salts because they smell and make him feel a m a z i n g


           -You’ve noticed her stress lately, it’s not like she hides it well

           -And you wanted to help!! But you just COULDN’T think of a spell to help

           -You thought of maybe combining two of them, but suddenly you had an idea!

           -You ran up to her with a bag full of different colour yarn, and told her the meaning of each colour. She was thrown off and wasn’t sure why you were telling her, but she played along

           -“You have to pick one according to how you feel, as in what kind of problems you’re having! Did you pick one? Oh good! Okay, the next thing you need to do is hold it taut. Got it?”

           -She followed your directions silently. She knew you believed in things like spells and magic and she wanted to respect you although she didn’t believe in it herself. Besides, she knows you’re just trying to help, and she can’t complain about that!

           -“Okay now, concentrate on all of your problems you’re having. Really visualize them as you tie knots into yarn. Yes, just like that! You’re tying up the problems and they can’t get away!”

           -She held it out to you when she was done visualizing, “Alright now what? Do we do something about visualizing the same problems and untie the knots, as if we’re letting go of- MC where are you going?”

           -You snatched the yarn from her while she talked, holding it far out in front of you as if it was evil, and you ran outside. She watched as you tried to quickly dig a hole in the dirt and throw the yarn in it, figuratively burying her problems

           -She shook her head and couldn’t help but smile. She didn’t feel any problems go away, but she did get happier knowing you wanted to help her bad enough that you’d run outside and try to dig a hole with one hand


           -He came home one day to find you rubbing some sort of liquid across your wrist, heart, and forehead. And only those places. He was thoroughly confused. You weren’t new to spell casting but he’s never SEEN you do it

           -It smelt like a mix of lemon juice, mint, basil, and a few more that he couldn’t place off the top of his head

           -He asked what you were doing and you just smiled at him, shrugging before you answered

           -“I made a spell! I boiled basil, bay leaves, coriander, lemon juice,-” He watched you list several things off but just tilted his head to the side out of confusion

           -“You…casted… a spell? Like as in magic? And witches?”

           -“Yeah! I casted it because…well.. I just wanted to strengthen our relationship and make sure our love is there and strong at all times…”

           -You looked down at your feet, pouting a little bit, hoping you didn’t freak him out, but he kissed your forehead instead

           -“Oh, MC, you didn’t need a spell for that. The love I have for you is immense, there’s no need to worry”

           -Which wOW you couldn’t tell if that was just him being honest with you or if your spell DID work. You’d have to try another one to see if it worked.

           -“But um, MC? What can I used to wash this mixture off because I really dislike the taste. I probably should have kissed your cheek instead.”


           -Can’t tell me nerd boy hasn’t tried to recreate spells from Harry Potter or the show Charmed

           - i also believe that he’s tried a few protection spells for saeran growing up

           -But lately you’ve noticed he’s had a string of nightmares and you felt terrible! Watching him wake up completely freaked out broke your heart

           -You weren’t sure how to really bring up the idea of performing a spell, so you just blurted it out

           -He just nodded and smiled towards you before saying, “Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Last time they got really bad I tired one and it seemed to help. Maybe with you doing it with me, it’ll work even better!!!!”

           - im sorry last time you whAT

           -You threw your shock out of the window when he pulled out the items you needed- salt, rosemary, rose petals, glass bowl, valerian, and polish moonstone


           -Helped him find a place by the bed to put the bowl where he wouldn’t accidently knock it over

           -Overall you had no real part in this?? He did it all himself??? You weren’t NEW to witchcraft or anything but??? You’re just disappointed that you had nO IDEA HE WAS INTO IT


           -He travels often for his photography

           -But this most recent trip, there was a little hiccup and made the trip a little dangerous

           -And you DID. NOT. LIKE. IT.

           -So you were determined to make sure he was safe every time he left the house

           -You were new to the whole magick aspect, and decided to find something on the internet and see if it would help at all

           -(Or at least help ease your mind about him leaving)

           -You decided to make a “Safe Travel” charm for him!!!

           -Crying a little on the inside as you tore a bit of your red flannel shirt (MC it’s not like it fits anymore, it’ll be okay), placed some dirt, large pieces of rock salt, and one of your favourite silver rings into it. The moment you were done sewing it into a little bag, you rushed to give it to him

           -He was surprised at the gift, but his heart immediately MELTED when you told him what it was, what it’s made of, and why you made it. HONESTLY DIDN’T WANT TO LEAVE ON TRIPS AFTER THAT, how could he worry his MC that much??

           -He swore to be 500% careful when he left the house, and NEVER do anything to make you worry. Neither of you knew if the charm actually worked the way it was supposed to, but it did remind him that he needed to take your feelings into account when he takes trips


           -He’s seen you participate in spells and rituals before

           -He’s even read up about the magick! Mainly because he was interested in the black magick aspect before meeting you

           -Now that he’s met you, and you participate in the white magick, he figures what could it hurt.

           -He’s been pretty down lately, and you felt horrible about it! The both of you knew nothing really caused it, but you still wanted to try to help

           -He was walking into the room to ask you a question about this new movie he saw, but noticed you were sitting at the altar you set up

           -You were sitting in front of 3 yellow candles, he could smell cedar, and he watched you sprinkle some herbs around the candles

           -He kept hearing you mutter to yourself, and he decided not to disturb you. But once you were done, he definitely questioned just what you were doing

           -“You were testing a happiness spell? What for? Are you not happy, MC? Is everything alright?” He actually got REALLY worried like oh nO MY MC IS SAD???

           -“No, no! I wanted to see if it worked because… I mean, if it does work I was gonna suggest you try it. You’ve been down lately and I just want to help but I guess I should have just asked if you wanted help and I’m sor-”

           -He cut you off before you could apologize by hugging you. He muttered a thank you before he kissed the side of your head. He agreed to try the spell with you, as well! that was easy, thought i’d have to fight more

Spell Request: For Anon

I was asked by an Anon who was having problems with bullies telling them lies over and over plus just sending them overall bad energy. Now, while I am perfectly okay with Cursing, I think the best course of action for this isn’t a full blown curse. Instead I have decided to give you, Anon, a few spells to help you out without a fully blown curse (don’t worry there is a hex involved so there will be some sting!)

So the spells that I have gathered up and recommend for this situation: To Stop Slander, Misfortune Hex, and then Binding Spell. Between each spell I recommend that you take at least a five to ten minute break to clear your mind and energy. You don’t want any of these to backfire and land on you instead of your target(s).

**If you cast circles before you do spells make sure you do so before any of these. Personally I don’t cast a circle when doing spells, but I know a lot of others do. So if you do, make sure your circle is strong and protected!**


To Stop Slander/Gossip

What you Will Need:

  • Cauldron or Fire Safe Bowl
  • A Pen or Pencil (If pen use red or black ink and if pencil make sure it is super sharp!)
  • Paper
  • A Black Marker
  • Lighter

What to Do:

  1. On the piece of paper (if there is multiple rumors use a different piece of paper for each one) write out the rumors and who said them on the paper. Be as specific as possible. If for some reason you do not know who said it that is okay, but make sure you have the rumor written down as closely to the original saying.
  2. Be thinking of these lies going away, never to return as you draw an X with a dark marker across the paper(s) Try aiming for the center so that anything written down is marked through. Toss the paper(s) into the fire safe bowl.
  3. Light them up! (Please use fire safety. Don’t burn yourself or your house on fire. Please.)
  4. As the flames eat away at the pieces of paper say the following chant until all that remains is ash: 

Rumors and slander, with this X I cross you out.

I toss their words into the flame,

All these lies no longer hold.

All bad things done and said,

Leave my life and be gone.

These rumors have no hold on me,

So be gone.

So mote it be!

5. Toss out the ash into the trash once fully done burning.


A Misfortune Hex

What you will Need:

  • A Lemon
  • At least one nail (you can add more if you wish and its up to you if you want to dose them in War Water before hand)
  • A Photo of the person (or people) who you wish to hex
  • A Black Candle

What to Do:

  1. Prepare your ingredients. Cut your lemon in half, gather up your nails, get the photo, and light the black candle.
  2. Place the photo of your target(s)  on one of the halves of the lemon.
  3. Use the nail to pierce through the photo and lemon connecting the two. Focus all your pain and anger while you do this. You can use the nails to connect the other half of the lemon (the one not touching the photo) to the other half if you really want to add a sting to the hex, but it isn’t necessary.
  4. Pass the Lemon over the flame of the black candle and say the following:

Misfortunes, misfortunes, come to my aid.

I send thee to [insert person’s name].

With a lemon, to make their life sour,

A nail (With Nails if more than one), to leave a wretched impact on them,,

And with a flame, to cause destruction.

Make them feel remorse and pain.

So mote it be!

5. After you have sent the hex on their way you can dispose of the lemon by tossing it into the trash. However, if you want to keep it to remove the hex one day you can store it in a jar filled with War Water until the day you wish to remove it.


The Binding Spell

I know a lot of you will recognize this spell, it is truly the easiest way to bind someone and it truly does work! (I have tested it out myself)

What you will Need:

A photo of the person you want to bind

A long strand of white ribbon/yarn/rope

What to Do:

  1. Take the photo and focus on what you want the binding to do. (To keep them from harming you.)
  2. Slowly start wrapping the white ribbon around the photo of the target and chant this as you go:

I bind you (Person’s Name) from doing harm, harm against other people, and harm against yourself.

      3.Once you can no longer see the face of the person you can stop wrapping the photo. If you want to make the bind permanent you will have to burn the image and ribbon together.

To second chances

What if Killian had found out the truth before finding David in that cell…Based on a scene I wrote once in another fandom and suddenly seemed super appropriate to captain charming.   

(Because darn it I wanted this drama wrapped up in one episode) 

The click of the cuff around his wrist was far more insulting than anything else and Killian watched in annoyance until David’s truck vanished from sight.  But there were only so many places to go in this town.  Lifting the chain from around his neck with his hook he found a small silver key, hidden amongst the charms,  very convenient thing to have around, living in close proximity to Charmings.  Taking the key in his teeth he made quick work of the handcuffs and sprinted to Granny’s pushing open the door and calling inside.  

“Drinks on me for a week for the first person to give me a ride-” he gestured in the general direction David’s truck had taken.  

“Sure, why not,” August spoke up from behind him. Killian turned around to see the puppet had pulled up on his infernal contraption.    “But you’ll have to wear the pink helmet.”

“I’m not wearing the bloody pink helmet.”  

“My ‘ship’ my rules,”  August drawled,  then seeming to remember something he dug into a satchel.  “When you catch up with David, would you give these to him?  Honestly there’s nothing else in there but I thought he’d like to have them anyway.”   

Killian glanced down briefly and suddenly his blood turned to ice.  That face-  He must have hesitated for a moment because August looked back at him.

“Thought you were in a hurry, Cap?”  

Killian snapped the pink helmet onto his head and hopped on the demon bike without a second thought.  “We need to find Dave’s truck, now.”

They sped off in the direction that David had taken and it was no more than a couple minutes before they spotted it outside the hospital.   Killian dismounted quickly and near threw the helmet back at the puppet.  

“Need a hand?”  he vaguely heard August ask but the doors were already closing behind him.  He grabbed the first nurse he could find, demanding to know where David had gone and eventually he found someone who pointed him towards a stairwell.  

Of course.

He could hear the sounds of raised voices coming from a room at the end of the hall,  King George mocking David with his father’s final moments.  What he thought to be his father’s final moments.  The nurses were gone, the hallways empty,  apparently the title of prince had its perks, even in this land.

Suddenly the sounds from the end of the hall grew louder. The obvious escalation of a fight,  the clashing of metal against metal, the thud of someone hitting a wall.  Killian skidded to a stop outside the room, momentarily stunned by the sight of David Nolan with his blade against King George’s throat.  He barreled into the room, shoving Charming aside and then turning to push George out of the room before slamming the door behind him.


“That bastard admitted he killed my father,” suddenly David was charging him and Killian felt the all too familiar bite of metal against his throat.  “You take this from me and I will never never forgive you.”  

“Aye,  he admitted it,  and he told you how your father resisted temptation-”

“And it didn’t WORK! He still died.” The knife fell slack and David looked up at Killian with desperation in his eyes.  “I thought he didn’t fight for us, but he did.  He fought with everything he had.  He did the right thing.  It wasn’t enough.  What if-  What if Gideon comes back stronger and kills Emma?”  A lump formed in Killian’s throat as David’s panic echoed something inside Killian, simmering just below the surface.  “What if I can’t be with Snow ever again?  What if being Prince Charming isn’t enough, and I start losing, and it keeps going and I lose everything that matters to me?”  

Killian tried to swallow the lump in his throat but it was useless.  Seeing David,  always so strong and sure, now terrified beyond his ability to endure quietly.  David needed control… and Killian knew he could give that to him.   

“Alright, David.  You can fight your father’s murderer,  kill him if you must,  if you think that will make you feel stronger.  But there’s something you need to know first.”  David was eying the door like a predatory creature,  just waiting for Hook to move out of his way.

“King George thought that he killed your father.  He didn’t.” David’s eyes flicked from the door back to Killian and he continued.    “He ordered him killed, true enough,  but before his guards could carry out their orders…” Killian swallowed hard,  a dark whisper in the back of his mind berating him as a fool.  Because this was it.  The ring in his pocket, his hopes of one day being accepted into their family…. It was over if he finished this one sentence.  “Before they could carry out their orders,  I ambushed them. Killed the guards first,  they were armed. Your father was a witness.”

Killian watched as shock, disbelief and horror crossed David’s face in quick succession followed quickly by the worst yet,  betrayal.  Finally anger.  

“I killed your father.” Killian continued,  his voice tight but determined to tell the whole story.  “Because he saw my face when I stole the King’s Gold, when I murdered the King’s men.  He begged me for mercy,  said that all he wanted in the world was to get home to his son.  I’m sorry, mate-”  he realized too late how mocking the term must sound right now and David’s eyes flicked up.  

“Do not call me that,” David growled. “All these days searching,  you telling me I was too exhausted. That I should give up, that I needed sleep.”

“I didn’t know-”

“Why should I believe a word you say?” David cried, advancing slowly.

“I’m telling you the truth.  These last few days… I did not know he was your father.”

“You’re a liar, pirate.”  

“Then why would I tell you the truth of your father’s final moments?”

“You think I won’t do it,” David’s eyes narrowed, “you bastard, you think I won’t do it?”  David’s stance shifted ever so slightly.  David was preparing for a fight,  but Killian didn’t move.    

“I’m willing to take that chance.”

He laughed, “and you’ll what, just stand there and let me do it?” His laugh was all wrong, it was all anger and pain.

“More or less.”

David finally exploded into movement his knife flashing out again, barely grazing Killian’s shoulder as he slipped out of its reach.  He swung again and again Killian eluded his strikes,  keeping just out of reach of the wild, desperate swings.

Distracting Killian with the raised blade, David kicked out viciously, finally landing a blow that made Hook’s leg crumple beneath him. David raised the blade and brought it down,  Killian’s attempt to block it just a moment too late. A deep gash turned the metal crimson.  With a clash of metal on metal.  Killian knocked the blade from David’s hand and it skirted across the floor.  

David grabbed his wounded arm and squeezed, and Hook’s face contorted in pain.

“Why won’t you fight me?” David yelled in frustration.

“I will not hurt you any more than I already-”  His words were cut off by a fist landing hard on Killian’s jaw, knocking him back.  Killian wiped his lip, shock his head,  and pushed himself back up to his knees.  

“Fight me-” David cried,

“No,” came the quiet reply.

Another blow,  more copper in Killian’s mouth which he spat onto the floor of the cell before looking back up into David’s infuriated eyes.  



The next blow was even harder, and Killian hit the ground,  spots of light dancing in his vision.  He shook his head, trying to clear it,  he was surprised to see that David seemed to have paused his assault abruptly.  When his vision cleared Killian saw that David was not even looking at him at all,  was instead looking at something that must have fallen from his pocket when he hit the ground.  David knelt and picked up the black box, staring at it in growing horror.


“Get out.”


Please-”  his voice was pleading now,  hands clenched.  “Get.  Out.”  Killian heaved himself to his feet and limped from the room, the door clicking shut behind him.  

King George was long gone by now, a problem for another day. Killian leaned against the wall, momentarily too exhausted to take another step.  He quickly catalogued his injuries.  He couldn’t put weight on his right leg without a bolt of agony making him see stars and blood still poured from the gash on his arm.  His vision was going dark in spots and he shook his head to clear it,  eyeing the door with uncertainty.  

David was still inside the cell, nothing more than a turned knob between himself and the man who had murdered his father.  There was blood on his knife,  on his hands,  his knuckles were split from the damage he’d done to Hook’s jaw. His hands shook,  with rage?  With horror?  Perhaps both.  

His mind was a whirlwind,  trying desperately to integrate what he’d learned with the man he’d come to know so well.  Memories invaded his mind unbidden.  Helping Emma into the pirate’s arms when she’d escaped the ice cave, the terror on Killian’s face when Emma faced Gideon.  Emma clinging to her mother as Hook lay still in the mud. The small despondent smile on her face when she’d thought they had left him in the underworld,  when she told him that they had passed the test.  That he was her true love.

True love.  

He had tried to destroy his daughter’s true love.  A cold terror washed over him and he fell to his knees, futilely trying to wipe Hook’s blood from his hands.

Eventually the door swung open again and he didn’t look up as someone entered the room. He could tell from the uneven gait that it was Hook, still limping.  

“Can I call someone, David?  I…”  Killian knelt next to him,  one hand extended as though to touch him but hesitating.   “I know you don’t want to see me but I can’t leave you alone… Emma?  Can I call Emma?”

David shook his head and Killian pressed on. “I won’t tell her about this.   It was your due.  I’ll be gone before she arrives, if that is what you-” Suddenly David threw himself forward and Killian would have been ashamed to admit that he flinched back at first,  expecting another blow.  But the strike never came.  Instead David’s head dropped onto Killian’s shoulder and a shuddering sob escaped his lips. Killian shifted so their weight was not as supported by his wounded leg before clasping his arm around the man hesitantly.

“I’m so sorry,  Hook. I’m so-”  Of all the things Killian had expected to hear,   this had not even occurred to him.  

Killian shook his head, “Bloody hell, mate,  today of all days you apologize to me.”

“Dammit, Jones, right now I… I hate you so much. But-”  His words were a sharp contrast to the tight grip his fingers dug into Killian’s arm and tears continue to slip down his cheeks.  “But you’ve done the most difficult thing that I know.  You have changed and I shouldn’t have-  I shouldn’t have-”

Hook wasn’t sure how long they stayed like that, David’s arm clasping his tightly,  his head buried in Hook’s shoulder.  But eventually Hook’s leg gave out from under them abruptly and he sank to the floor with a hiss of pain.  David looked up and was horrified to see that Killian was ashy and pale and the gash down his arm was still bleeding sluggishly.  

“Dammit,” David repeated,  “I will not watch Emma mourn for you again.  Get the hell up and let’s get you some help.”

Killian nodded and David helped him to his feet,  but no sooner had he taken his first step onto his injured leg, pain lanced up his spine and the world began to spin.  He heard David calling his name distantly,  like he was very far away and the next thing he knew he was opening his eyes in a brightly lit hospital room.  Emma sat with folded arms in a chair next to his bed and he attempted a smile.  

“Hey beautiful.”

“Don’t you ‘hey beautiful’ me.”  

Killian’s heart sank. “David told you then?” Of course David had told her. She’d a right to know.  

“Yeah, David told me, and you’re lucky I don’t lock you in the basement for it.  What the hell were you thinking?”

“I’m sorry love,  there is nothing I can say to justify what I did to David’s father.”

“David’s fa-  Killian, I’m talking about this,” she indicated the hospital bed with an exasperated gesture.  


“Your whole ridiculous punching bag act.”

“I couldn’t fight your father, Emma.  He deserved bet-”

“YOU deserve better.” Emma grumbled in frustration and Killian’s jaw dropped in shock, a mistake he realized instantly,  a sharp bolt of pain reminding him of David’s blow.  He reached up to rub at it gently, eyes still on Emma.  “Killian I’m not going to pretend that what you did to my grandfather wasn’t despicable.  I’m not going to pretend it was somehow okay. It wasn’t.  But you have worked so hard to change yourself, to be there for me, for all of us.  And you risk all of that in some kind of archaic… honor fight or whatever the hell that was. He could have killed you-”

“I know.”

“I suppose you think you were giving him something by giving him the chance to kill you?  It was all adrenaline and anger and sure, he’s going pissed for a while but if he’d killed you it would have eaten him alive. You know that.”   Killian dropped his eyes and she moved closer, leaning in to press a kiss to his cheek; he looked up in surprise. “Not to mention I’d have to go back to the underworld and take up ambrosia gardening.

“You still-”  Emma raised her eyebrows and waited for him to continue. “I feared once you found out you would no longer wish for us to … to be together.”

“Killian, I’ve known about your history for a long time.  I’ve known that you’ve killed and darkened your heart.  And does it hurt that the man you were caused my father pain? Yeah.  Of course it hurts.   But it doesn’t change anything.  I love you.  I love the man you’ve become,  and how hard you’ve fought to become him.”



“Could you please heal my jaw,  because I would very much like to kiss you right now.”

Emma smiled, raising her hand to his cheek.  He felt a warm comforting touch for a moment and the pain faded away.  He leaned towards her but she stopped him with a finger on his lips.  He gave her a quizzical look.

“Killian, can I ask you something first?”


She reached into her pocket and pulled out the black box that David must have picked up before they left the cell.  His stomach clenched in sudden nerves and he looked up, searching her face for signs of discomfort,  but all he saw was her smile.  

“Would you marry me?”

His jaw dropped for the second time in as many minutes and he shook his head, a look of amused exasperation on his face.  His hand came up to cup her face, gently brushing a strand of hair behind her ear.  “It would be my honor.”  

He drew her in to kiss her gently,  a relief beyond anything he’d felt before making him near giddy.  “At least let me do this part,” he asked,  taking the box from her.  She nodded,  smiling as he opened the box with his hook and pulled out the ring, slipping it onto her finger.

“It fits perfectly, how did you manage that?”

“An engagement present from Regina,” Killian admitted,  “it will always fit you perfectly.”

“You told Regina first?”

“Well I certainly wasn’t going to ask your mother to keep a secret.”   Emma laughed.  “I had meant to ask your father for his blessing.  I had hoped-”

“Who do you think showed me this?” she indicated the ring box and he raised his eyebrows.  “He waited with you until I got here and he gave me this before he left.  Told me it was probably the only thing that kept him from killing you.  He said it reminded him that you were not that man anymore.”  

“Should I go speak to him?”

“Not tonight.  Tomorrow.”

Killian nodded and Emma leaned forward, her forehead pressing against his gently.  “Let’s go home?”

When he knocked on the door of the loft the next morning the door was opened almost immediately despite the early hour.  However it wasn’t David on the other side of the door.

“Killian-” Snow said, opening the door wider. He hesitated a moment but she reached for him,  a gentle pressure on his arm beckoning him into the loft.  He followed her to the couch and sat, his fingers tapping nervously against one knee.

“I presume that David has shared the tale with you?”

“He left me a recording last night before he woke me. How are you feeling?  Are you alright?”

“Emma patched me up. And David … is he…”

“He’ll be all right too.  He’ll be glad to see you.”  Killian scoffed lightly and Snow moved to sit next to him on the couch.  “Killian do you think me a fool?”

Killian looked up abruptly, shaking his head in surprise.  “Of course not-”

“Do you suppose that we didn’t know who you were?  That I, who helped drag you from under a pile of corpses;  who sat in Belle’s room in the hospital for hours, trying to keep her calm when she remembered nothing of who she was…  Did you suppose I didn’t know that your past was one of true darkness?”

Her face softened and she took his face in both hands, the gesture so maternal that he simply shook his head, unable to speak around the lump in his throat.  

“You are a part of this family now, Killian, and all we want from you is what you’ve been doing for a long time now.  Protect her when you can,  make her happy.  And for heaven’s sake, let yourself be happy.”  Killian nodded, still not trusting his voice.  “I’m going to wake David now, all right?”

“Thank you,” he stammered, “I mean… for everything.”  

Snow nodded and disappeared into the bedroom.  There was silence in the loft for several long minutes and the steps that returned to him were heavier.  

David held a note in his hand when he emerged from the room.

I’m so sorry, David.  I wish I could have held you last night when you got home,  you shouldn’t have had to be alone. I know how much it hurts and I want so badly to take it away.  Emma will forgive you. I’m certain she already has.  

Killian’s here now. Be kind, David.  Be the man I know you are.  

David paused when he entered the room,  Killian was sitting on the couch, his eyes downcast.  The last time David had seen him was before Emma had arrived at the hospital.  He’d passed out cold in the cell and David had been forced to run for help, knowing that it would take far too long to drag Killian up all those steps back to the main part of the hospital.  Nurses had come down from above and loaded him onto a gurney and he had been so pale,  just like last time.

Finally Killian spoke. “I know you don’t want to hear it again, mate, but I am truly sorry.”

“I don’t know what came over me,” David admitted.  “I was so angry. And when I saw that box and realized what I’d done-  It was like waking up from a nightmare.”

“I know.”

“She ask you?” David asked, moving to the breakfast bar and opening the fridge to pull out orange juice.  Killian followed,  leaning against the bar while David poured his juice.  

“Aye.  I wanted to ask your blessing first,  but-”

“But Emma.”

“Aye,  but Emma.”

“You’re marrying my daughter,  no more rum before noon.” David poured a second glass and offered it to Killian.  “To second chances.”  David raised the glass in a toast, and Killian followed his gesture.

“To second chances.”  

Dedicated to @killian-whump , for *cough* obvious reasons.  And the captain charming crew: @xhookswenchx@lynyrdwrites , @spartanguard , @nfbagelperson

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[Preview] Physical Education Pt. 2 (Seungcheol Smut)

It has been over a week since your last encounter with Seungcheol- well, not exactly.

You still see him every weekday because you just really couldn’t avoid him no matter what you do. He was a goddamn teacher, and you needed to pass in his class- though you didn’t care at all if you got kicked out, the only reason you’re actually tolerating school is because you don’t want to be left with nothing when you graduate. You weren’t that stupid to not attend class because of a highly unexpected occurrence. But ever since that day, you felt feelings you never realized you had. You really couldn’t call the incident in the shower room as the last encounter, but although the fog in the aforementioned place was thick, the memory was as clear as day.

Everything from the droplets of water that slid down his refined face, to the lingering feeling of his fingers that gripped your thighs so tightly, was engraved in your mind forever. But you had often wondered, when you pass him by in the bustling halls of the campus, does his eyes drift towards you like how yours would as you’d often watch his back disappear in the crowd. Every second spent taking glances would only trigger snippets of what had happened that night, you wonder if he’s been thinking about you like how you would often think of him.

The memory alone leaving your body warm and tingly, but the bitterness was still evident as you recall how he had easily said that it was all a ‘mistake’. You felt humiliated, what woman wouldn’t feel the same way? Everything was so exhausting, you went through great lengths to convince Joshua that indeed nothing had happened that night, he wasn’t buying it at first, noticing how unbelievably antsy you’d be whenever Seungcheol was within two meters from where you are, deciding it was wiser to not pry into something that didn’t have anything to do with him, but of course, that didn’t mean he was done with his assumptions (which are obviously not false).

We all have secrets that we, no matter what, absolutely cannot tell anyone.

His sweet voice echoed in your head as you didn’t fail to distinguish how enigmatic his voice seemed.

These days, were so different. You didn’t know when it all had started but it’s like everything had just shifted. Joshua was being more mysterious and discreet, you sometimes had to remind him that you two were best friends and in which he would apologize for his behavior. The thing about you two is that you two don’t really initiate to talk about things first, always waiting out on who would be the first one to speak. Just like fifth grade, when your class had a pet hamster named Maxi, because you were so fond of the adorable little thing, you were positive it died because of feeding it too much. You were terrified and couldn’t dare to tell anyone that you had basically killed little Maxi, but you just really couldn’t help it, she was so cute whenever she would be chewing on something (or whenever she just sits there), her cheeks would always look so stuffed it was very entertaining to watch. But the following day, when everyone had found out about her death, you weren’t the only one with clammy hands and a nervous heart. But so did Joshua, you at that time, thought he was just shaken since he loved Maxi a lot, so you felt guilty when the furry hamster died, Joshua might get upset with you too, but still no one in the class ever found out how Maxi died.

But when the two of you had started freshman year, bad times they were. Being adolescents that would secretly steal some alcohol from their parents, you would often be at his house, locked in his room, because your parents were totally okay with the fact that you were at the Hong’s, thinking you two were such bad-asses but in reality, it was just plain stupid. Feeling the effects of the alcohol, you two just got stupidly drunk and decided to blurt out secrets from the past, and in which you found out he had accidentally fed Maxi a small rock. He didn’t go into details why, but he wanted to tell you but he didn’t know how. And then you had realized, you two were just the same, always too scared to make the first move when it came to these things.

And so here you were, mind lost in thoughts as you sat impatiently at your desk, you just wanted this class to be over and done with. Physical Education, who would’ve thought you somehow came to hate this subject- well not exactly the subject itself, but the person who handles it. How could he possibly still have the stomach to face you as if nothing had happened, the thought never failed to make your blood boil. How could someone be so insensitive? But no matter how ill you would think and speak of him. It doesn’t calm your palpitating heart and the swarm of butterflies that would invade your stomach whenever he would flash a smile, that you clearly knew wasn’t for you.

He was driving you crazy, in many more ways than one. Your yarn of feelings just tangling with each other, one moment you’d hate his guts and the next you so longed for his touch. By just having his hands on you once, you selfishly wanted more. One moment he’ll be all stern, but then he’ll crack a joke that’ll make the class burst into fits of laughter, he was all-in-all, a very confusing person. Your thoughts would then drift back to only one question you wanted to know, a question that had to be answered or else you’d just lose it.


Out of everyone he could possibly play, why you?


“Come on, look at me baby girl.”

The pet name made you shudder as your mind traveled back to memory lane. Your eyes slowly fluttered shut as you tuned out all the students drifting in the classroom, re-living the moment. His eyes held so much compassion, you wanted to think there was something behind his words, his fingers that tucked your hair back, still lingered. The way his fingers filled the gap in yours, what did it all mean?

You clamp your thighs tightly as you suddenly remembered the way he disappeared between your legs, devouring you like his last meal. The sound of the tap as it let out tiny droplets, the way you could shamelessly hear the way his tongue danced around your wet folds, you could hear everythingso clearly. When he tangled his lips with yours, it was so erotic how you could taste yourself on his tongue, how anyone could’ve waltzed right in, how anyone could have heard as your voices bounced between the tiled walls, the elation you felt in that moment was grand, and you only wished to live in the moment yet again-

“Y/N.” You flinched at the sudden call of your name, eyes snapping open as you were taken out of your train of thoughts, only to be met with the eyes of the person who was responsible. You so badly, tried to tame your wild butterflies fluttering about, because he had never really heard him say your name without ‘Miss’. Even during your shower room encounter, he never really called you by your name. He stood in front of your desk, and you only then noticed that everyone has been seated and class was about to start, how long have you been spacing out?

“S-Sir.” You answered nervously, keeping eye contact, you didn’t know what it was that flashed through his eyes when you called him so. His haw clenched, but he immediately masks this and lets out a sound of disapproval, not questioning you any further.

“So what do you all want to hear first? The good news or bad news?” His loud voice boomed over the class, there were many overlapping answers that you could hardly understand what everyone was saying, but noticing that it wasn’t going anywhere, he decided to start off with the good news.

“I know all of you are probably dying to get this class over with, I know very well myself since I, used to be a student, but here I am now, a teacher.” He paced at the front, taking everyone’s attention.

“It’s a Friday night tonight, and I am very aware of what goes down with you youngsters.” The class whistled and roared in agreement, and there it was- his lovely smile as he silenced the class.

“Everyone is probably loaded with homework already, so I will gladly let you use the time in my class freely, however you want.” Everyone roared in delight, even you managed to get a smile on your face, chatter filled the air until someone from the back had spoken, “What’s the bad news then?” This made you ears perk up.

Seungcheol’s smile slightly falters, and this had you dying of curiosity. He cleared his throat and seemed a bit hesitant, but as you patiently wait for him to speak up, he takes a glance at you in which you notice wholeheartedly.

“It’s very unfortunate to say,” Silence loomed over the class as the tension in the air suddenly became thick, “That this will be my last day of teaching in this class.”


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So if you’re like me and you never ever EVER buy skeins of yarn bc you know just how impossibly knotted it gets and how impossibly difficult it is to find a yarn swift (bc who tf uses yarn swifts, lbr), today I found the answer:

A swivel office chair.

I was literally on the verge of cancelling my Darn Good Yarn subscription bc they send skeins, not balls (like when I tried winding last month’s skein it literally took 5 hours, I had to break the yarn 7 times and I just keep staring at it and not wanting to use it bc it’s so messed up) and now I’m overjoyed because it will never happen again!!!! YAYYY!!

Also, tangent, if you’ve seen Darn Good Yarn’s subscription, the yarn pictured was this month’s thing (my photos do it NO justice). It’s waste silk, super soft, they sent me 2 patterns for baby booties, and like 20 butterfly magnets. I think it’s great and highly recommend it.

piesandfalcs  asked:

Hi Tammy! I love your work. I was wondering if you have watched Ash Hardell's series on asexuality? (ABCs of LGBT) Also, I love the way that you portray crafting in your books. How much research do you do into things like sewing and blacksmithing?

I haven’t watched the series, no. Where does it air? 

As much research as I possibly can. There’s always somebody in the audience that knows more than you do, and you don’t want to make an idjit of yourself. I observed glassmakers, and I had a friend who had done glassmaking, so I was able to talk to him. My father introduced me to the intricacies of gunpowder (boom dust!), including how it smelled. My friend the glassmaker also helped me with bonsai, and I went to several bonsai stores and talked with the proprietors. 

With knitting, sewing, and weaving, I had my mother and a program that did spinning thread and raw yarn. I also observed the weavers and spinners at Renaissance Fairs and I have a good friend who’s a champion knitter. 

I work that way. I get videos, I get books, I talk to people. For Renaissance crafts, I discovered that the Society for Creative Anachronism not only provides a lot of living examples of crafts at their gatherings, but their publishers produce chapbooks (small paper-bound books) about individual Renaissance arts and crafts. Falconry, shoemaking, hats of particular periods and so on. You can buy them online.

Whether We Wake or Sleep part 7

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Word Count: approx 11K+   Rating: Teen & Up  (Will be Mature or Explicit in later chapters)

Summary: A canon-divergence set after Killian and Emma return to Rumpelstiltskin’s castle, an expanded epic Captain Swan adventure. Killian and Emma must work to break a new curse, one with an unsettling timeline, and align themselves with friends and foes alike. 

Notes: My everlasting and undying love to my instrumental wife @caprelloidea​ for the read through and the expert beta. And my love to Mandy @thesschesthair​ for my beautiful banner that always makes me smile. 


Maleficent’s answering smile was every bit the reptilian creature that lurked beneath the bubblegum and lollipop exterior before them. She paused for a moment, twirling the bottle idly in her hand.

“My sleeping curse requires a very rare and difficult to procure ingredient. One that is out of my reach now. But if you want more of this potion, then you two will need to fetch it for me.”

Killian slouched, indolent, his eyes already rolling. Emma could tell though, by the set of his jaw, the faint white of his knuckles as he gripped his belt, that he was far more on edge than he appeared, deliberately not looking at her again.

“I’m sure it will be just as simple as popping down to the village market. We’ll make a day of it,” the false cheer and wide blue eyes had unease stirring in her stomach. The arrogant pirate captain of old making an appearance never boded well, brought out when things were particularly dire, when he had few other options at his disposal, but rarely was it because of her decision. It was clear he didn’t want her to take this path and it seemed wrong to have him doubt her, to not have his full support.

“Not quite,” Maleficent was all teeth.

“What fearsome hell creature are we to slay then?” Killian asked. “Or is this an errand of the rob and run variety?”

“Nothing quite so dire,” Maleficent eyed the pair of them. “Have you heard of the Forest Mother?”

Emma and Killian both said “No” in unison but where Emma’s was an answer to the question, Killian’s was a firm declaration of intent. Maleficent’s eyes danced at him.

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