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I've seen some people say that lapis shouldn't be in a relationship because her character arc is her getting her freedom. And I guess people think peridot would weigh her down. I don't agree with this mindset and I wanted to hear your thoughts.

I strongly disagree with that argument too.

Ok, so let’s just look at something for a second - a quote from Peridot in Earthlings

“[Earth]’s not a shell, there’s so much life.  Living here, that’s what I’m doing!  I’m living here!  I’ve been learning new things about myself all the time!  Like how I can make metal do my bidding!  The point being Earth can set you free”

Do you see the key part of that quote there?

“Earth can set you free”!

That’s exactly what it’s already done for Lapis - it’s become her home now.  She’s got the freedom that was previously taken away from her time and time again.

And do you wanna know something?  Being in a relationship doesn’t take your freedom away or “weigh you down” or any of the rest of it.  Au contraire.  From my own experience of being married, there are things I’ve done and places I’ve visited that I never would’ve even considered without my husband!  If anything, sometimes relationships can enhance your freedom - and give you someone else to enjoy it all with :)  There’s no reason whatsoever why this logic can’t be applied to Lapis and Peridot - I mean, we’ve already seen how much happier they are when they’re together, for a start.

A New Chapter (Ch. 2): Saying Goodbye Pt. 1

Characters: Dean Winchester x Platonic!Reader, Sam Winchester x Platonic!Reader, Dean Winchester x Mia Walker (OC)

Length: 1645+ words

TW: Dean being a jerk! 

A/N: Feedback is encouraged, but not necessary. Let me know if you want to be tagged, or removed from the Tag List!

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“Hey, Sam, can I ask you something?” Y/N asked once they sat down for breakfast.

“Sure. What’s up?”

She put the piece of paper of her ideas on the table, directing it towards him. “I want to go to college, and move out of here, but I was wondering if you could help me? I’m not sure if everything I want to do is possible… Especially if I’ll be doing it alone.”

“Wait- Wh- Alon-” Sam furrowed his eyebrows, taking the piece of paper, and reading through it. “Get a job, apply for college, and get an apartment. That sounds reasonable, but…”

“I’m not doing this to avoid Dean,” she said quickly. “I just think I need to learn to live by myself, you know? I need to move on from all of this, and it sucks because I don’t want to leave you guys, but I think it’ll be for the best.”

“I understand,” Sam said. “It’s not healthy to keep you locked up in here forever. You’ll keep in touch, right?”

“Of course. I don’t think I can cut you guys out of my life forever.”

Sam got up, and pulled her to a strong hug. “God, I can’t believe I’m letting you go like this.”

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled against his chest. “I just don’t think I can stay here forever. I want to, but-”

“You don’t have to explain anything.” He rubbed her back comfortingly, blinking back the tears. “You’re gonna do so well out there.”

“Thank you, Sam.”

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Don’t speak//Rick Grimes

Request: Can you do a Rick Grimes imagine where he’s in love with the reader but hesitates to say anything because he thinks she is too young for him, and he feels like since he is the leader of the group he can’t focus on a relationship, until one day he just can’t hold it in any longer

Warnings: none

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Rick often watched y/n, not in a weird way but in a cute school boy crush way. He stood at the age of 43 while she was a little more than half that at 27. He often thought back on when they first met. It was way before safety was in sight for the group. They were on the road after losing the farm. That was a rough time for Rick to find someone that didn’t piss him off, he was on edge, but she somehow didn’t make him mad at all.

“H-hello?” A quiet voice sounded like yelling among the silence of the group.

They had been on the road for about eight months. Lori nearing her due date, Rick was stressed. The group didn’t want to take chances, Randall had been a hassle they didn’t want to deal with and repeating it wasn’t an option.

y/n had been running for a while, she saw their group enter this house and she followed. She hoped they were good people. Her gun was in her holster but hand stayed on it firmly. She wasn’t weak, but she did need help, she didn’t know how much longer she could go on alone.

“I’m alone” She spoke once again. 

Rick looked at everyone, their eyes were trained on him. It wasn’t a democracy, Rick had said it himself. He huffed and looked at the ground, he knew that’s why they didn’t speak. Everyone was too scared to speak up due to his big outburst.

“Jesus” Rick sighed.

They hadn’t faced this problem in so long but knew it’d come up. It would only be a matter of time before she came looking and they weren’t far from the entrance. He stood up, his colt python in hand but not raised. He walked out to the foyer and saw her.

It was so wrong but Rick thought she was gorgeous. He had been in a marriage for years but lately they lost their spark. But y/n, she made him feel something he had been missing for a while now. They kind of just looked at each other, hands on guns but never ready to fire.

“I’m y/n” She spoke hoping he’d trust her enough and take her in.

“Who are you?” He asked, the words that just left her lips weren’t enough.

“y/n, I’m alone and I just need some help”

“That’s asking a lot. I don’t know you”

“I don’t know you. I’m a 23 year old female and you’re a male. I think I’m at the bigger risk here”  She said raising her hands.


That was before Lori died, before Judith, before Alexandria, before Jessie and before Negan. He liked her then and through all that, he never found her leaving his mind. That’s love. He loved her and she had no clue, he thought. He also never thought that y/n had similar thoughts towards him.

y/n felt the same, but she doubted he’d ever like her. She was so young and clumsy. Rick was mature and a leader, he’d never go after her. From the moment they saw each other, neither felt a threat from the other. She had been with Rick from that moment, all his decisions unless he was out of line, y/n reigned him back in. She just wished that he’d see how bad she wanted him.

One night Rick was sitting on his porch, thinking about her of course. He really thought about telling her but doubts filled his mind. She was too young for him. He couldn’t with all the stress of leading. Negan was gone but there are other threats outside of him. Keeping Alexandria standing, walkers, supplies and more. He didn’t want to drag her into all of his mess. Maybe she didn’t want to be with someone older. Maybe she didn’t want the responsibility of kids. Maybe she couldn’t handle being with the leader, he was always so busy and preoccupied. 

“Rick” y/n shouted at him, she had said it twice before but Rick didn’t respond.

“Yeah” He answered snapping out of his thoughts and standing up.

“Just saying good night, I was passing by on my way home”

“Actually, I” Rick started to speak but stopped himself.

“Yeah?” She asked.

“Nothing, good night, y/n”

She turned on her heel to keep walking. She thought that just maybe Rick would’ve said something. That’d be her chance to say how she felt too, but he didn’t. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned to see Rick. He was out of breath. he had ran to catch up with her.

“y/n, I held it in long enough. I like you a whole lot, maybe even love. But I don’t want to burden you with my kids, or my leadership or maybe you don’t like our age difference or damn, maybe you don’t even like me at all but I can’t hold it in anymore” He spilled it all out into the open. 

“I-It’s okay” She spoke, a huge smile filled her face and Rick smiled looking at her like that “I like you too, from the beginning when I first saw you. I-I don’t know what to say”

“Then don’t speak” He whispered before crashing his lips to hers.

He held her close to him, finally getting to hold her like this. He didn’t ever want to let go. She pulled away looking up at him with wild eyes.

“Stay at my place tonight, we don’t have to do anything, just lay with me” He spoke.

“Yes, of course. Carl?” She asked.

“He should be asleep, and if not, I don’t think he hates you or anything”


They walked into his house. Regular steps in relationships didn’t apply in the apocalypse. He showed her to his room and tossed her a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. She just looked at him with a smile, glad they finally were together.

“What?” Rick asked, smile on his face.

“I’m just happy to be here, with you. Don’t know if I can sleep, I don’t wanna miss a second of this, you”

He unbuttoned his shirt. She saw an old gunshot wound on him, she winced at it. She walked to him and touched it.

“What happened?” She asked, looking at him.

“Long time, way before we met. I was shot, you know, cop stuff” He laughed.

She ran her hands around to his back and held him close. She pushed the shirt off his shoulders.

“I’ve gotta get dressed so we can lay down” He laughed at how she wouldn’t let go.

“Of course” 

She turned so her back was to his. She dressed into the clothes that he gave her and turned. he was in bed already. She crawled into bed and laid next to him, her head on his chest. She listened to his steady heartbeat and breath, tracing his faint ab lines.

“Goodnight, Rick” She whispered, closing her eyes.

“Goodnight, y/n” He responded, wrapping an arm around her.


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Just us

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Prompt 11: Eric Coulter

No games. No one else. Just you.”


Y/N- Your name

H/C- Hair color

E/C- Eye Color

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Sorry, that it’s been so long. But finals and projects have been killing me. I hope it’s okay!

She rubbed her face, before sending a glare towards the weak initiates. The two on the mat, were so weak they made her want to slam her head against the wall. She had no idea how Four handled them, and how weak they were and spineless they were.

“Off the mat and line up,” She shouted, going over to walk in front of them, keeping the glare to show how pissed off she was. “You guys can’t even handle fighting each other, it’s pathetic. I feel like I’m training children, not young adults who want to be dauntless soldiers.” She stopped in front of the beefiest boy, gesturing for him to head to the mat. She glanced back at the initiates deciding to take a page out of Eric’s book. She snapped her fingers at the small Candor boy.

Y/N moved back to her place, watching the two in the middle eye each other. “The first to get knocked out, wins.” She knew from the Candor boy was scared by the way he was trembling slightly. “FIGHT!”

She watched the scene unfold before her, shockingly amazed at the Candor boy. “You seem more on edge than usual,” She heard voice come from behind her, leaning against the wall next to her.

“They are going to fail. They don’t listen, they don’t want this. I feel like Eric should be in here to scare them shitless,” She commented seeing the Candor boy get knocked down. “How do you do it? The Dauntless born have more of a drive then this bunch.”

“Patience, and sticking them on each other helps. If they fail, they fail. As for Eric, becareful what you wish for,” His eyes darted toward the door where Eric was walking in.

Her eyes trained back towards the initiates on the mat. She smirked when she saw the Candor boy still fighting, against the beefy kid. The smirk disappeared once the beef kid knocked the Candor boy out. She watched the beefy kid smirk down at the Candor boy, while she grew more angry. She gave him that win. She walked towards the the cocky kid. “Who’s next?”

The kid smirked at her, while she raised an eyebrow at him. “Who do you want?” She watched as he pretended to look at the initiates before he chose her. She smirked, nodding bending down to take her boots off.

“Y/N, what are you doing,” Eric called, while she stepped on the mat already knowing the beefy kids weakness.

“Showing the weak what strong looks like.” She murmured keeping her eyes on the kid. “Same rules still apply. Four, you can all out.”


She darted towards the guy kicking out his legs. She let him get up, while still on the balls of her feet. “C’mon, you wanna get cocky after I gave you a win.” She sent her foot crashing to his face, when he ran at her. Y/N watched the blood gush from his nose with a sickly satisfaction. “Hurry up, decide. Decide if you want to get up and go out like a soldier, or cower like the coward you are!” He ran at her with a yell, while she ducked missing his sloppy punches. She grasped his arm, before she slammed her fist into his face. “We raise fighters,” She grabbed his hair bringing his face into her knee. “Fight like a goddamn soldier,” She slammed her knee into his face again, while the beefy kid gave up slumping. “Pathetic,” She left him kneeling, before she sent her foot flying into his face again, knocking him out. She glared at the initiates, “who’s next?”

Y/N wanted to scream when the dinner alarm rang. “Alright! You’re dismissed!” Eric’s voice called while Four came forward handing me my boots.

“I think next year, I’m going to the Dauntless born. They’re weak and they refuse to allow us to mold them,” She hissed, lacing her semi dirty boots. “What do you want Eric?”

He sent her a predatory like grin, before he glared at Four. “Beat it Stiff.”

Y/N rolled her eyes, before standing up. “Four, save me a seat. But please not by the initiates.” She asked, while he nodded raising an eyebrow at Eric. He moved away from us heading towards the door. “What do you want?”

He still had the sly smirk on his face. “You looked hot beating the initiate up,” He moved so he was close to her, she could smell the soap and the slight hint of smoke.

“What do you want Eric,” She recited seeing his new tattoo editions. “I’m hungry and I really don’t feel like standing here listening to you spout bullshit.”

“Max said we have to go on  a raid tonight,” Eric grinned like the sick bastard he was. Only he could get joy out of taking more from those who had nothing. “I mean I know you had nothing planned so I told Max that you’d be the other leader along side me.”

She sighed, running her fingers through her hair. She was irritated that he had just offered her up when she was busy tonight. “I actually was busy tonight, but since you need the best I guess I can cancel. Anything else?”

“You busy? Right,” He laughed while she turned towards the door. “What were you planning on actually going out tonight?”

“Is that so hard to believe?” She hissed back seeing his stupid smirk still on his face. “God, you’re such an ass and I have no idea how I consider you a friend.”

“Where you actually going to go out tonight,” She saw his face turn serious, leaning against the table. To her he actually seemed upset at the thought of her actually having a life.

“Yeah, Danny invited me to have a drink. So I thought why not,” She shrugged, thinking of the dark haired guy who always worked on her tattoos. “But I can go tonight.”

“Forget it,” He snarled, pushing past her towards the door. Her own anger sparked and she reached out grabbing his arm.

“What the hell is up with you,” She hissed, unfazed by his pissed off demeanor. “Seriously, why the hell are you upset that for once I have-”

She was cut off short by large hands grasping her face and pulling her into a searing kiss. She froze at first unable to move, but she relaxed into him gripping him closer getting lost in his harsh yet soft lips. Before he pulled away, “That’s why.” She watched him walk off, while she stayed silent still in shock that he had kissed her and she had kissed him back.

She sat beside Four lost in her thoughts. “What’s wrong with you?” She looked up seeing Four’s curious brown eyes. “You’re usually not this quiet.”

“I have to do something tonight, and I have to cancel with Danny. I would ask you to help, but I know you don’t like raids,” It wasn’t a total lie, but she wasn’t Candor so it shouldn’t matter.

Four gave her a look as if he didn’t believe her, but he dropped the subject. She looked up seeing Eric and Max, Eric met her eyes before rolling them. Typical ass. “Y/N!” She jumped when an arm was thrown across her shoulders and green eyes stared at her. “Are you still up for tonight?”

She glanced away from Eric smiling at the tattoo artist. “Sorry, but something urgent came up. I’m needed somewhere else.”

“Bummer,” Danny grinned, but the look in his eyes dimmed. “Maybe next time?”

“Yeah,” She smiled back, while sliding her chocolate cake over to Four. “I’m going to go get ready for tonight. “See you Danny.” Y/N left the table trailing her fingers over her lips, no matter what she did, she could still feel Eric’s lips.

She frowned to herself, she was acting like some teenage child, unlike the adult soldier she was. She sighed grabbing her clothes changing into something darker for tonight. She refused to let this get to her, there was an assignment that needed to be done and she was going to get it done, no matter how much she hated raiding the Factionless.

Y/N sighed waiting for the others getting prepared, while waiting for Eric to show. “Was it just me or was the chocolate cake extra good tonight,” Jake grinned tossing his arm over her shoulder. She grinned at him, before remembering that she had given her cake to Four. “C’mon Y/N, where’s my chocolate buddy at?”

“Enough, the train will be here in three minutes,” Eric yelled while she yawned into her shoulder. The lack of sugar made her tired. “Tired L/N? Maybe you shouldn’t go,” Eric sneered pushing past her shoulder harshly.

She rolled her eyes debating whether or not to shoot him in his leg. She shrugged Jake’s arm off, breaking into a run when she saw the train. She grabbed the door, hauling herself in sitting on one of the boxes. She watched Eric haul his ass in before shooting a death glare at her. Once everyone was in, Eric growled out what the plan was. They would all be paired into two, each of them searching the factionless for any contraband. She stood up, standing next to Eric. “Are you going to be pissy throughout this whole thing?”

“Shut the fuck up,” He glared at her, moving towards Zora. “You’re with me,” He growled out standing next to her, while she batted her eyelashes at him.

Y/N rolled her eyes again. Sick bastard. “Jake, you better not get me killed.” She looked over to her left seeing Jake’s twitchy self.

She crouched behind a crate shielding herself from the bullets. The Factionless had gotten their hands on guns and they were picking them off one by one. She frowned seeing Jake’s limp body, before looking to see if there was anyone around her. She grumbled when she noticed that she was alone, she was probably going to die here. She breathed in calming her mind, before she stood up aiming, shooting down a few Factionless. She ran ducking away from the flying bullets, she cried out when she felt pain on her right leg. Y/N dragged herself behind the wood boxes, trying to calm herself down. She knew that she wasn’t going to be able to make it out alive, but she wasn’t going to give up. She ripped her shirt tying it around her wound on her lower leg, before checking how many bullets she had left. Shit. She only had 10. Ten fucking bullets. She could heard the crunch of gravel behind her and from the sound of it, it was more than ten people. She tensed and aimed her rifle, before bright lights were shining on her. She let go of the rifle when she saw some of her friends.

“What the hell too you guys so long,” She hissed, standing up. “I was almost out of bullets.”

Y/N watched Four step forward grasping her before she lost her balance. “We lost Jake. I don’t know where the others went, but most followed Eric.”

“Why didn’t you,” The short blonde haired girl snapped. “Jake was probably killed because of you.”

“You dumb shit, he got wounded in the leg. Unlike you I stay with my partner.” She hissed lunging forward while Four held her back.

She smirked before Max sent her a death glare.  “Four, take her to the vehicle.” Four nodded and began hauling her weight towards the truck. “And Y/N, don’t punch and kick any of the staff.”

Y/N still had her eyes on the blonde girl. “At least we know she would never make it in leadership.” She made sure her voice was loud enough so that the ugly blonde heard her. Y/N smirked in triumph when the blonde shot a death glare at her. As if it would scare her. “Great now I have to be weak in front of the initiates.”

Four rolled his eyes hauling her up into the truck, ordering them to return back to the Dauntless HQ. “Are you going to be friendly or do they have to sedate you?”

She glared at him while he sent her a smirk. “What do you think?”

She opened her E/C eyes, damning Four internally for letting them sedate her. She glared at the harsh white lights, sitting up. She looked around the room seeing a few injured Dauntless laying in the other beds. She made a move to get up, only for her to curse at the pain radiating up her leg. She sighed grabbing the sweats that were beside her, she whimpered lowly while she struggled to put on the stupid sweats.

“What the hell are you doing,” She dropped the sweats cursing Eric internally when she realized she couldn’t reach the sweats. She heard his boots against the floor, not looking at him in her weakened state. “You need to be resting.”

“I need to go home,” She whispered looking down at the sweats. This is one place she dreaded with all of her heart. This is where she was brought when her parents died, she hated the clean smell and the bright lights. This place was death to her and she wanted out.

“You wouldn’t be here if you would’ve just-” Eric bent down grabbing her sweats, offering them up to her. “Are you alright?”

“Fine,” She hissed grabbing her sweats going back to struggling to put her pants on. Eric sighed grabbing her sweats back from her grasping her injured leg lightly before pulling her sweats up. “I didn’t need your help, I would’ve did it eventually.”

“Well I just did it for you, so how about a thank you,” Eric grinned grabbing her boots, helping her put her feet in. Once her feet were in he tried to help her up, but she shoved his arm away moving to get down. Falling forward, with a yelp she braced herself for the pain. She hit the floor with a thump, breathing fast trying to control the pain. “Are you ready for my help now or do you still wanna be stubborn? Your choice.”

“You’re such as ass,” She whimpered while she felt his arms grasp her up, holding her to his chest. “Just please get me out of here,” She breathed blinking away the tears. He nodded, hauling her into his arms carrying her. She clenched her teeth together, knowing how weak she was and the way he was carrying her made her seem even more helpless than she felt.

Eric set her down on her couch, before sitting on her coffee table raising an eyebrow at her. She held his gaze, while he leaned forward pushing her hair away from her face. “I’m sorry you got shot.”

She blinked a few times before she tried not to look shocked. He was never one to apologize. “Unexpected things happen when the Factionless are involved. It’s not your fault.” She yawned, blinking tiredly.

“You should get some rest,” Eric murmured moving to help her up.

She pushed his hands away, gesturing for him to sit down. “Just stay here with me.” He raised an eyebrow at her, before shrugging his shoulders sitting beside her. She leaned into him, feeling him tense slightly. “I’m hoping your done being an ass so we can talk..”

“Talk about what? I kissed you, you kissed back. Done,” He said, moving slightly so she was more comfortable. “I’m here with you so you know where I stand.”

“Say it… I want you to say it,” She glanced up at him, before laying back down on him.

“I want you,” His voice made her smile before she lifted herself onto his lap, wincing at her pain. “No games. No one else. Just you.” He placed his hand on her cheek.

“Just me, huh?” She couldn’t help but grin, while she set her hand on his. “Let’s try this then. No one else, just us.”

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A lot of people praise the Pain arc for the fights and Pain himself for his ideology and being an actual foil to Naruto. Are their any highlights and downsides of the Pain arc that you've addressed before? (Sorry for the barrage of questions, I just love hearing what you have to say!)

Pain arc started ok, had a good middle then pretty much went to hell with the Ame orphans flashback.

Like most things in Naruto, the flashback sounded good but the execution was dreadful.

Nagato’s backstory included dead parents, a dead puppy and a dead friend, he was behind the death of who knows how many people, including the man that had been his teacher (which could have been interesting if Kishimoto had used this as Nagato wanting revenge for Jiraiya abandoning him and his friends, but that was barely explored). You’d think that somebody like him would be hard to convert… then Naruto reads him some self insert badfic and he’s “ur right mate, i was so wrong let’s be besties also i’ll go die now”. Then he uses phoenix down on the people he killed, nobody dies and the emotional punch is gone.

Konan is… a female character in Naruto so I should have known better than to expect anything. Her life revolved around her male teammates from her first to her last panel. She easily forgave Naruto for killing the friend she had followed to hell and back, then went back to Rain to make things better for peopl… HA no not really she went to prepare a super trap for Tobidara that didn’t work because ha ha you think Kishi is gonna let a girl defeat an Uchihahaha, good joke. For some reason she didn’t destroy Nagato’s eyes knowing Tobidara rly rly wanted them for rly rly bad stuff but I guess lack of common sense is mandatory if you wanna apply to Akatsuki.

Ironically, since Yahiko died pretty early in his freedom fighter career, there wasn’t much left to ruin, unless you count his body spending the next 20 sth years as the walking dead doing the bidding of the traumatized friends he had tried so hard to protect.

As for Pain/Nagato’s ideology… it… yeah, it was kinda silly, I think Danzou was a much better foil for Naruto.

The invasion itself was a waste, way to have several villains your secondary characters can fight and… only using like three characters.

Still, there were some good things in the arc, the Pain vs Jiraiya fight, the aftermath of his death, Tsunade being a boss and saving the village, Hinata’s confession (though that had its own issues), 6tailed Naruto kicking Pain’s ass, the village finally aknowledging Naruto, Sakura and Hinata proving people that think they hate each other wronggggg.

I got two friends to watch Xena

1x01 Sins of the Past

*Xena grudgingly gives half a wheel of cheese to the kid whose parents she’d killed*
J: Aw.
me: He’s got half a wheel of cheese, don’t need no parents now
J: Eh, he’ll live.

*Xena saves the group of Gabrielle’s countrymen from slavecatchers*
J: Oh, it’s basically love at first sight.
me: Yeah, basically.

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How about Mikasa,Annie,Ymir,and Christa playin a game of DnD that gets gayer every encounter?

Mikasa glanced at her girlfriend, trying to fight a smile at the exasperated look on her face. “Babe, you look so done.”

“I am so done.” Annie threw her hands up in the air. “How do we progressively make this campaign gayer every damn time?”

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one of my coworkers excitedly told us he got his gf to apply to our job which makes me wanna scream cuz when hes working here he brags about how great a gf she is and how he's gonna marry her (like good for you! we don't care!). so I tried to gently tell him that management know this is his gf and won't hire her and he's like "uh but they liked her in the interview" yeah but!! they didnt call her back did they! cuz they know!! don't poop where you eat!!AHHHGH

Fire [Jasmine Cephas-Jones x Reader]

Summary: Reader meets Jasmine on the bathroom of a club and she’s as captivating as she can be.

Word count: 906

Warnings: none? small allusion to smut in the end but that’s it.

A/N: my first wlw fic, it was about time! i’ve always wanted to write for jasmine and i’m really happy this idea came so easily to me. this def has space for a part two, so if you guys like it please let me know!

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The beat was starting to give you headaches. You were always the one for clubbing, but tonight there was nothing, or no one, really appealing about it. As you made your way through the mass of people from one side of the dance floor to the bathroom on the other, avoiding people with drinks and holding tight to your purse. The bathroom was weirdly quiet, sound proof doors keeping most of the noise outside.

“I’m not saying you should go home with him, Sabrina.” You smiled at the girl who was talking to the other as you came in. They talked while the other was on the stall, leaving the girl with curly brown hair and powerful eyes outside, leaning against the door. “But if you want to go, just go! You, don’t you think she should go home with him?”

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Applications are now open for BB Untitled: Lust for Life!

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at playing Big Brother, but were too shy or nervous to apply to the actual show? Have you always wanted to know the feeling of being in power for a week by winning Head of Household? Well now here’s your chance! Applications for the second season of BB Untitled are now being accepted! Every season is themed based around a music artist, and you guessed it! This season is Lana Del Rey themed!! This season we’ll be celebrating the release of her new album “Lust for Life”!!

This series is a short term series, that will be lasting for a month. Starting on Friday August 18th, expect this season to be completely different from the first. Expect twists like no other! You don’t wanna miss them! So come play and make new friends! Who knows… maybe your worst enemy could become your next ally. So please apply! Because you never know when Big Brother will come knocking at your door with your key in hand. THE APPLICATION CAN BE FOUND BY CLICKING HERE. RETURNEES ARE ALLOWED TO APPLY!

P.S. Please message me on Skype or Tumblr if you have any questions.

Sickness and Drama

A/N: okay so pretty soon i’m actually going to reopen requests!! ((yay!!)) but I’ve also got a few Lin fics ((and maybe a Daveed one)) planned for the holidays. might want to get on that. also thanks to @myalexanderhamiltonjustyouwait for telling me to write this fic first <3

Word Count: 3800 ((somewhere around there))

TW: Cursing, cheating, unrequited love

Pairing: LMM x Reader ((trash yes I know))

There was two things you absolutely despised in life:

Sickness and drama.

All of which had found their way to Hamilton: An American Musical and were currently making your life a living hell.

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(  hi, hello!! my name is eena and i’m so excited to be part of this rp! i’m a sucker for anything period/fantasy [ am a total trash for the lord of the rings, game of thrones, reign, the tudors etc. ] so when i found this roleplay, i knew i just had to apply so i did! now, i bring you my child, arwen eleanor snowdon and if you wanna know more about her, you can read her story under the cut! )

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anonymous asked:

Sorry im new to the fandom ive only seen the first 2 episodes and fanvids but what episodes was it when betty says "I wanna be more" and Jughead says "I saw the way you looked at me?"

Hi nonnie! Welcome to the fandom <3

I know in episode three Jughead confronts one of the scouts about Dilton and says “I saw the way you looked at me” (the scene where he picks the cherry off that guy’s sundae). I’m guessing Betty said something along the lines of “I wanna be more” to Archie in the first few episodes (I don’t remember her ever saying it to Jughead…)

My guess is if you’re watching fanvids you watched an edit where the creator manipulated audio/footage to apply the quotes to bughead

Solangelo Daughter Bianca
  • First Day at School:
  • Nico: What did you do in school today?
  • Bianca: I had so much fun!!! But there was this boy who was really mean.
  • Will: Honey calm, down
  • Bianca: I did what you told me to do with mean boys
  • Will: Did you kick him? Daddy was joking
  • Bianca: I'm sorry he had hit me with a ball on purpose
  • Nico: I'm so proud of you
  • After School second grade:
  • Will: Hello my little sunshine!
  • Nico: Oh, Will we need to go to the store to get groceries
  • Bianca: Can you wear these?
  • Will: Wear what?
  • Bianca: these!
  • *hands her daddies crowns*
  • Bianca: I made them!
  • Nico: look at all this silver glitter... and ghost foamies?
  • Will: And gold glitter with Suns on them!
  • Bianca: Can you wear them?
  • Will: Hmmmm
  • Nico: Of course we will
  • *puts crown on Will's head*
  • Will: *blushes* Lets go grocery shopping little ghost princess
  • New Rome:
  • Reyna: Hello my special angel
  • Bianca: I missed you aunt Reyna!
  • Nico: We are visiting for a while
  • Reyna: Here's what we're going to...
  • Will: Reyna she's 11
  • Reyna: Shush solace
  • Bianca: auntie Reyna that's mean!
  • *hugs Will*
  • Reyna: I'm sorry...
  • Bianca: ok
  • Reyna: but we will give you battle training... Basic stuff. You have a kind heart. That's good thing.
  • Nico: Will, she needs to defend herself from monsters
  • Will: *grumbles*
  • Nico: *pecks Will*
  • Nico: let her go
  • Will: do you have a pack of band aids
  • Bianca: I have a pack of band aids
  • Will: Reyna....
  • Reyna: she'll go with me and Hazel
  • Nico: thank gods
  • Grandpa Hades:
  • Bianca: why can't we ever go to grandpas house?
  • Nico: Umm... Grandpas house is messy...
  • Bianca: ...
  • Bianca: You don't want me go to the underworld do you?
  • Nico: Never Bianca, ever
  • Hades: Son I promise you She's not getting in
  • Grandpa Apollo:
  • Will: Father what are you doing here
  • Apollo: I let myself in, you had a ray of sunshine coming in her window
  • Nico: What are you doing honey?
  • Bianca: we are doing poetry!
  • Apollo: this week is a limerick!
  • Bianca: oh I know those!
  • Apollo: I help her writers block, she'll be a poet one day
  • *squeezes cheek lightly*
  • At the beach:
  • Nico: here's some sunscreen
  • Bianca: me and aunt Annabeth will build a sandcastle!
  • Annabeth: ruler?
  • Bianca: check!
  • Annabeth: just don't apply to much pressure to the structure
  • Percy's son: uncle will can you teach me to surf?
  • Percy: NOT FUNNY!
  • Will: Well of course
  • Jason: mind if I help?
  • Piper: cmon Bianca!
  • Percy: I WANNA SURF TOO!
  • *Runs after them*
  • *Bianca runs back to Nico*
  • Bianca: cmon daddy!
  • Nico: *smiles* I love you Bianca
  • Will: *hugs Nico from behind*
  • Will: cmon death boy
  • Bianca: ????
  • Nico: How do we explain this to her

happy happy (late) Christmas, happy new year, happy January, happy all y’all!! I’m still in a semi-hiatus due to being home and all the family business but here’s still this ball of fluff! You may have to squint a lot to find a plot, but oh well…. <3 <3 Thank you @csjanuaryjoy for putting this together! :)

CSJJ Day 5: two little Ducklings…

January 27
Storybrooke, Maine.

According to Storybrooke’s humble, yet magically accurate weather advisory, the blizzard of the decade is supposedly hitting their little town in the next few days. So far winter has been oddly mild; the first snowfall of the year happening only a few days after the New Year. It’d even been beautiful; overnight the town was covered in fluffy white snow, hiding just about every inch of their little town behind the white blanket.

Winter in Storybrooke is certainly beautiful.

But, it is also worth dreading when your job is chasing after big bads despite the weather conditions. Last Emma heard, they are supposed to get at least three feet of snow over the weekend —at least.

She isn’t exactly looking forward to it —although, there is always the chance that it gets cold enough that even the usual offenders will choose against their petty crimes and drunken misbehaves in turn of warm shelter.

Because of the blizzard, so as long as there is no real emergency in Storybrooke, neither she, nor her father, are going to show their faces at the station for a few days. Emma can’t even pretend the idea of a couple of days of snuggles, movies and comfort food doesn’t appeal her.

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Pie Fixes Everything

Warnings: Swearing.
Characters: Uncle!Dean Winchester, Daddy!Sam Winchester(mentioned) Daughter Winchester Reader
Summary: (Read request at bottom)
Readers Age: High school
Word Count: 1290

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: Sorry it took so long to post this one! I got really into the fighting scene so I may have gone a lil overboard… Enjoy!

You haven’t had much luck with schools, always moving around you never bothered really learning anything. That is until your dad and uncle moved into the bunker, now you go to the nearest school.

You usually keep to yourself besides your small group of friends, you and your best friend were standing at your locker. “I’m just saying Captain America is so gonna beat Iron Man.” Your best friend, Leah argued.

You rolled your eyes, “No, obviously Iron Man is going to win, I mean who turns the Avengers against each other for one man?” You replied, Leah scoffed.

“I get why Cap was doing it, I mean I would protect Bucky at all costs too.” Leah winked, earning a chuckle from you.

You were about to respond when you were approached by the meanest girl in school, Jennifer. “Well who do we have here? Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb.” She snarked.

You rolled your eyes, “So Y/N, still living with your dad and uncle? Kind of weird that your uncle is living with you guys.” She thought she insulted you when really you just brushed it off.

“Yeah think what you want, but my family is more functional than yours, tell me, does your dad know your mom is banging the pool guy?” You replied quite proud of your comeback.

“You bitch! You’re probably just an accident anyway! Considering your mom isn’t around.” Jennifer spat.

“I’m sorry, did you try to insult me? With a family like yours! I wanna know, how many drugs has your brother tried?” Jennifer gasped rage filling her eyes, she grabbed your hair and yanked it towards her, you grabbed her arm applying pressure to the right spot causing her to let go.
You swung her arm around and pinned it against her back, you pushed her forward and slammed her into the lockers.

“You wanna do that again?” You taunted, “Let go of me!” She demanded, “Nope not until you promise to never speak to me or my friends again.” A crowd gathered around you. You made sure to speak loudly so everyone can hear you.

“Fine! Just let me go!” You pulled her away from the lockers and pushed her causing her to fumble. You turned around to your friend Leah who was very impressed, you felt a tap on your shoulder, you turned around and saw a fist flying towards you.

Your hunter extinct kicked in, you caught her fist with your hand, and threw a punch clocking her right in the jaw. She went down and didn’t bother getting up, but unfortunately for you the principal saw what you did.

“Y/N Winchester!” You heard someone call, you spun around and saw the principal, of course she went to Jennifer.

“My office now” The principal demanded, you both went to her office she told you both to wait outside until your parents come.

Jennifer had an ice pack, every time you looked at her you couldn’t help but smile. “Quit smiling you freak! Why don’t you go back to the graveyard and visit your mom.” Jennifer spat.

None of her insults really hurt you, but that one felt like a punch to the gut. You opened your mouth to reply but you heard a familiar voice, “Y/N Y/M/N WINCHESTER!” You looked down the hall and saw a very angry Dean walking towards you.

“What the hell were you thinking?” You didn’t look at him, “Mr. Winchester, could I talk to you in here for a moment?” Your principals voice was heard. Dean nodded and gave you one last look before going into her office.

“Jennifer!” You heard a man yell, you looked down the hall and saw Jennifer’s dad rushing down it in a panic, “Daddy!” She got up and ran to her dad. You rolled your eyes.

“Is this the girl that hit you?” He asked giving you the stink eye, “Yes daddy, she really hurt me.” Jennifer said in a baby voice. “Listen you little brat, if you ever tou-“ Dean walked out before he could finish, he eyed Jennifer’s dad.

“You got a problem?” Dean asked standing in between you and Jennifer’s dad, “Yeah this girl here beat up my daughter!” He yelled. Dean made himself look bigger than he already is and instantly Jennifer’s dad backed down.

“C'mon.” Dean said as he walked away, you got up and followed.

You two got to the Impala, you got into the front seat, “What did we tell you about getting into fights Y/N? You can’t be drawing attention to yourself!” Dean scolded. You looked down at your hands.

Dean looked over at you, “What made you fight her anyway?” Dean asked calmer now, you twiddled your fingers and shrugged.

“Y/N tell me.” Dean demanded his voice firm, you took a deep breath, “She was saying how it’s weird that I live with my uncle, and how I was just an accident and how my mom is dead…” Tears starting filling your eyes. Your mom died because of a demon, that’s how you met your dad, he saved you.

The thought of your mom breaks your heart and for someone to disrespect her like that fills you with rage, “Tell you what, why don’t we make a quick stop before we head home.” Dean replied giving you a small smile.

Within a few minutes you were pulling up to a diner, one that your family goes to often. You both got out and went in, “Uncle Dean what are we doing here?” You asked as you both sat down at a booth.

“Pie.” Dean said, “What?” You raised your eyebrow, “Pie can fix anything, just don’t tell your dad, y’know because he only eats rabbit food and what not.” Dean replied. You chuckled at how much of a dork he is when it comes to pie.

“Hey there, guys want the usual?” Your regular waitress asked, “Uh no two apple pies please.” Dean responded, the waitress nodded and walked away.

Dean smiled at you, “Why are you doing this? Shouldn’t you be mad?” You asked, Dean sighed.

“I know how much your mom meant to you, I know it’s a real touchy topic. I don’t know exactly what that girl said but I’m sure she deserved it. I just don’t want you to feel like you can’t stand up for yourself.” Dean stated.

“So you brought me to a diner, to get pie, to tell me I should stand up for myself?” You asked, Dean chuckled, “No kid I brought you here to make you feel better. Y'know for being Sam’s kid, a brainiac you sure aren’t that smart.” Dean joked.

You kicked him from underneath the table, “Ow!” He yelled, you started laughing and picked up your glass of water to get a drink, that is until Dean slapped it out of your hands causing it to go everywhere.

“DEAN!” You yelled, Dean couldn’t breathe because of how much he was laughing, the waitress started walking over with your pies and stopped halfway to your table.

“Looks like someone has a hole in their mouth.” The waitress commented as she grabbed a towel that was in her apron and wiped the table down. You gave Dean your classic ‘bitch-face’ which you’ve inherited from your dad. Dean only laughed more.

You and your uncle sat there eating your pies and talking, Dean promised not to tell Sam that you got into a fight as long as you promised not to tell him that Dean took you out for pie. It’s a win, win.

These are the small moments you cherish, just sitting down eating and talking. Spending time with your family, forgetting that monsters exists, you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Requested by Anonymous:
“Hey can I have a daughter/niece find I guess? Basically reader is Sam’s daughter but she got in a fight at school and her uncle dean comes to pick her up, when dean sees how upset the reader is he takes her out for pie and promises not to tell Sam. Sorry if this is confusing! Thanks.”

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving! b>

//Goodnight Sleepyhead - Austin Carlile//

Here’s some fluff for ya in honor of me being wide awake at 4am

Sound asleep you where in the pitch black of the Californian night. Austin’s kitty and your puppy were snoring so loudly that it gave off an ambient sound that kept your dreaming until your phone starts going off. Literally blowing up! Every 5 seconds *buzz buzz* *buzz buzz*. Your phone vibrated so much that it fell off your night stand and caused it to fall to the floor. Your body awoke groggily, you where rubbing your eyes as you reached for you phone that continued to buzz as it lied on the ground. You yawned wide and checked to see who sent you all of these messages. Who would have guessed; it was you Husband Austin Carlile. You unlocked your phone to see your name being sent over a thousand times. Some ending in hearts,some had more letters that how it was spelled. There was the occasional please answer every 10 seconds. You yawned again and checked the time at the top of your phone 4:39. It had gotten to the point to where you where fed up with the constant messages that you called him.

“Y/N?!?” Austin said ambitiously and a little horse Your tiredness was killing you as you yawned for another time “Yyyeah…I’m hear Austin…you where blowing up my phone what is so important?”

“Well I, I miss you for one thing Y/N,and I felt like its been awhile since I’ve gotten to hear your voice” he said as he cleared his throat, the excitement had cooled down

“Austin, we talked yesterday” you held in a yawn as you started to close your eyes and you rested the phone next to your ear

“Yeah but this whole being a ocean apart is killing me, London is amazing though. I’m going to take you here when I get the chance and it’s jut going to be you and me and all the tea in the world!” His voice rose with joy as he rambled on a little about his adventure at Big Ben and Buckingham Palace

“That sounds great Austin.” You said as you paused to let your eyes droop shut “I can’t wait, we’ll make it our second early honeymoon” you let out a big yawn away from the phone

“hey Y/N, what exact time is it there?” Austin asked

“As of now it is 4:50,exactly” you replied

“Babe, what’s wrong with you?” Austin chucked slightly “why would you intentionally let me bug you and draw attention away from your beauty sleep?” He questioned

“Because I love you. You called,you needed me so I answered. That’s part of my job as being you wife.” You rubbed your eyes and switch the position you where laying in

“Well I love you too Y/N, but it’s my job as your husband to make sure that you get your sleep. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Sound good?” He pauses waiting for you to reply

You start to think the best you can although it’s tough when your  half awake and ask “Yeah it sounds good but,Why else where you going to talk to me about by the way”you roll over again because you were uncomfortable

“What do ya mean?” He attempted to act as sincere as possible but you could tell when he was faking it

You sat up letting your back up against the headboard ” Austin,there’s no way in hell that your going to annoy the fuck out of me and all you have to talk about are the sites that you saw this morning. Because if you did I would have fell asleep along time ago, what exactly where you going to tell me ”

He laughed slightly and you could hear him scratching his beard through the phone"Well funny you should talk about the sites that I saw because I saw the cutest little girl babe, I swear she could have been our kid! And from seeing her got me thinking that I sorta, kinda wanna have a kid?“ He was cautious with his words

You sorta, kinda wanna have a kid?“ You applied a questioning to getting Austin to rethink what he just said

I really want a kid! I want a little girl! I want a boy! Let’s make a baby! I payed attention in biology I know how it happens!“ Austin began to yell proudly and boldly with reassurance

"Well let’s take this one step at a time now,settle down just a little and let’s think of one baby at a time.” You two laughed a little “I start shopping around I guess and get ‘prepared’ I guess you could say for this baby were about to make” you laid down on stomach and placed the phone next to your ear as you let your eyes droop down and start to lead you into a deep sleep even though Austin’s line rose with happiness.

“Hun can you fuckin’ believe we are going to make, actually make a human being!” He filled with joy as he waited for your response “Hun? Y/N? Hello??” He waited until he realized you where sound asleep. “Well I love you like always and I can’t wait for you to become a fantastic mother”

Barely audible you let out a light happy sigh saying “And you’ll be a fantastic father” you smiled

Austin chucked for the last time on the phone as he said softly “Goodnight sleepyhead" 

Guys the ending didn’t save so it would have been better, I hope you guys enjoyed it and I’m thinking about making a sequel to it but I’m not sure though.PLEASE FEEL FREE TO REQUEST A BAND IMAGINE!

Pietro Maximoff Imagine: Kisses
Words: 1.2K
Masterlist: x


Ugh go away” you groaned quietly as your self made alarm clock continued to beep, waking you from one of the most well deserved sleeps of your life. You and Nat had stayed up into the early hours of the morning trying desperately to find a way to use your power of electricity to transport things. After many unsuccessful tries you finally got one of the boxing gloves from the gym onto the floor in front of Natasha. So you could say you deserved this sleep. 

“I’m sorry y/n, I cannot let you sleep in” the alarm clocked buzzed, it was times like these you regretted making it. Tony had taught you many tricks of the trade, your talking alarm clock being one of the finished products of such.
“Fine” you moaned flipping off the covers before making your way over to the shower. “I hate mornings” your grumbled glancing at the now quiet alarm clock that read 7am. “Why did I have the stupid idea of early starts”.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The clock was just reaching quarter to eight as you finished applying your favourite pink lipstick that Natasha recommended when you first met, you had to admit you loved this colour on you, it went with your Pink running shirt and black skin tight pants that you lived in. You never really wore any clothes that were different from these types, different shirts and pants obviously, but all like this, it meant that whenever you wanted to train or run or fight; you were always ready.
Sauntering down the stairs, you well-fit trainers giving you almost a bounce in your step as you arrived into the kitchen to see Natasha fixing herself a coffee.

“Morning” you sighed opening the cupboard looking for your breakfast granola bar which you found and grabbed, placing next yo a bottle of water in the fridge.

“Morning I- Jesus is that it again? Do you not fancy nice fatty bacon? Or a strong coffee?” she asked laughing as you began to eat your granola bar slowly.

“No not really, you said it yourself - fatty. I don’t eat fatty things really, or anything unhealthy; it’s just the way I am” you chuckled before finishing the last of your granola bar and chucking the rubbish away.

“Yeah well i’ll give you credit, I couldn’t do it” she said before sipping her coffee, the smell hitting you as she drank.

“Wow you do like it strong” you coughed on the smell lightly making her chuckle into the mug. As Natasha placed the mug back down and began rooting through the cupboards for her own granola bars you felt a light breeze of wind pass through the kitchen, it was weird though you felt it especially on your face.

“I can never work out where the breeze is coming from, not that i’m complaining, Avengers towers, as mighty as it is, needs air-con in the summer.” you complained making Natasha chuckle once again.

As she turned around, she looked at you for a moment before continuing, “What happened to the lipstick it was pretty, why did you wipe it off?” she questioned before opening her granola bar and taking a small bite.

“Oh - I didn’t. Huh that’s weird, maybe it came off when I was eating” you shrugged, pulling the lipstick out of your zipper pocket on your pants and using the toaster as a mirror to re-apply it all.

After placing your lipstick back and zipping up your pocket you turned to Natasha and spoke. “I’m gonna go for a run, wanna join me?” you offered to which Natasha shook her head.

“You know I can’t keep up literally, you run as fast as Pietro, and that’s his thing! Oh but don’t tell him I said that” she snickered making you chuckle and nod.

“Whatever you say” you smiled before making your way down the stairs and out of the building stopping outside the front doors to take a few deep breaths before you started to run. It was amazing, the feel was amazing. You loved, running was your life. The feeling of your problems being unable to catch up; you loved it. Then you felt it again, the breeze flow past you and that feeling once again on your lips. It felt as if there was something on them, something rough yet gentle pressing against them for a nanosecond before leaving you. Whatever it was, it needed to stop because each time it was making your lips tingle.
You ran until your legs could take no more, it was no doubt a record, not only for the fastest your abilities had gone, but the longest you had ran like that also. You were panting, it was good your makeup was always sweat-proof, otherwise there would be a melting panda upon your face. It was all there, except your lipstick, you never stopped to fix it as there was constant breezes only hitting you, catching against your face and you knew just by touching your lip it had somehow taken a little bit of your lipstick off.

After re-applying it once again, you walked back into Avengers towers and straight into the gym. You sometimes wondered why you ever wore lipstick because for the past few weeks this has been happening, you always felt a slight breeze and  a tingle upon your lips, but you never thought anything of it ever.

Walking into the gym you laid eyes on a panting Pietro. “Worn yourself out their Sonic” you chuckle watching as you sped over to you stopping you in your tracks.

“I am perfectly fine” he replied trying to hide his panting breaths. Pietro never got tired like this from training, he gets tired like this from running past his supersonic speed. But you didn’t see him, he must have hid from you as you both run the same tracks. Thats when it hit you, furrowing your brows you looked at Pietro’s lips and noticed a few patches of rather pink looking spots, it looked like your lipstick. In fact you were certain. That was your lipstick, it was Pietro.

“It was you?” you questioned watching him smirk before blushing a little. “You were kissing me? That’s what the breeze was, your supersonic speed? That’s why you’re so tired, you had to run faster than fast. Wait you? Why were you kissing me?” you asked watching as he blushed a little more.

“You’re beautiful” he whispered placing a hand on your cheek before leaning against your lips again, that amazing feeling except it was longer this time, not just nanoseconds, you could actually feel his presence. It was amazing.
“Why didn’t you just kiss me normally?” you asked once again pulling away just a little, you could still feel his hot breath hitting your mouth.

“I’m crazy for you and I know the feeling isn’t mutual”

“It is” you spoke interrupting him completely but you couldn’t listen to him like that. “It is mutual, of course I’m crazy about you also you idiot, I never stop staring” you laugh kissing him once again, but this time it was much more passionate, his large hands placed themselves on your waist carefully as if you were glass.

“Freaking finally” Natasha laughed making you both pull apart.

“You knew about this?” you exclaimed watching as she smiled.

“Oh yeah, and you can thank me later for getting you laid” she laughed making you blush.

“She’s not wrong though” Pietro smirked making you turn even redder.

As embarrassing as it was, even you knew she wasn’t wrong.

I think the YGO fandom needs a lesson on the difference between CANON and ENDGAME.

Because this fandom thinks they are the same when it fact they aren’t.

Canon = a fact that is true in the series

  • Jou won Red Eyes Black Dragon from Rex
  • Yugi solved the millennium puzzle
  • Kaiba is the reincarnation of Priest Seto
  • Anzu wants to be a dancer

Endgame = a couple  that ends up & stays together to the end of a series

Yea, there aren’t really any examples here because.. it really hasn’t happened yet (unless you count married couples but in these cases, one of them always dies… fuck it, counting Rose and Taphoshipping)

So everyone in this fandom thinks no couple is canon because they didn’t end up together.

Not true.

Jou and Mai had feelings for each other, you can’t dispute that. They are canon, just not endgame.

Yugi and Anzu have obvious stated feelings for each other and may have ended up together (Kazuki Takahashi made a comment saying that if Anzu returned from America, she and Yugi might even get married). So they are canon and you can argue about whether or not they are endgame.

Seto and Kisara are canon, they had feelings for one another. I don’t know the rules for a character dying invalidates the couple as endgame but at the very least, they are canon because they did in fact love each other.

Yami and Anzu, you can argue is canon. She has had feelings for him and he… sorta has feelings for her. It’s not endgame because clearly they didn’t end up together but you can make the argument that the relationship is canon because of their feelings.

I can even pull out examples from the other series [THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD]

GX: Asuka and Manjoume (Valentineshipping) is one-sided canon because he has a huge crush on her and she doesn’t exactly… return in sobsobsob. Not endgame, but canon. Yubel and Judai (Soulshipping), love each other. Pretty sure they said it too. Canon, and sorta endgame since Yubel stays with him so…? The argument can be made.

5Ds: Yusei and Aki (Faithshipping). It’s definitely one-sided canon because Aki almost confessed her feelings to him. And you can argue really well that Yusei feels the same. STILL NOT ENDGAME. Jack and Carly (Scoopshipping). It’s canon. It’s so canon that it hurts. They admitted their love to each other and he was willing to sacrifice himself to be with her only for her to sacrifice herself to save him. Totally canon. IT’S JUST NOT ENDGAME CUZ THEY DIDN’T END UP TOGETHER I’m bitter cuz that’s my otp and all

Zexal: Kotori, Cathy, Anna, and Alit all have one-sided canon with Yuma as they all have crushes on him and yet he does not feel the same romantically. Droite admitted to loving Kaito, one-sided canon as he did not care about her feelings. Tetsuo, again - one-sided canon for Rio as it was never made clear on her feelings for him. Lots of one-sided canon in this series, nothing really reciprocated.

The things that are NOT canon:

  • Any couple that has a lot of hints but is never outright stated

Sucks, I know. But this applies to a lot of the fan favorite couples which I won’t mention because you all know what they are and I don’t wanna cause drama. I say this because while you can make the argument about their feelings and how their actions make their feelings obvious… it’s never stated outright. It's hinted but that’s not enough to be canon, sorry guys.

And there we go fandom. My short lesson upon the difference between endgame and canon. Just remember: just because there are no couples that end up together does not mean there are no canon couples.

You are gonna be fine, Princess.

I don’t know what the fuck happened in this last few days but I need a moment.

I still have not recovered from The Arrow and now I have to deal also with The 100.
CW you need to calm the fuck down.

I have given myself this three lines of stupid bubbling but now I’m gonna do something with this post that is worth the time to read it.

Get a snack, guys, this never ends quickly, I’m a talker.


This finale has dealt with something that I hold dear because…it’s my life.
I’m a law student and this episode’s core was, in fact, justice.

I’m not a quote person but I liked that in this episode everyone had a line or more that I think can sum up His/Hers role in this first half of the season.

Shall we begin?

I’m gonna be hold fashioned and divide between men and women to make this look a bit more organized, forgive me, my mind needs patterns and this comes easy.

Let’s start with the men.

Kane: “This could be the most merciful outcome for the boy.”

This is the first quote that really tells us something. I personally love the turn that this character has taken in his behavior. In this moment Kane represents a quite reason. He is aware they are not playing for the win, they are playing for the lesser bad. They are gonna loose, the only question is: how much?
He is doing everything he can to find a better way, to redeem himself from his mistakes on the Ark. He is the very symbol of what the Earth means: a second chance.

I loved how they suggested that he had meetings with Lexa, that he talked and got to know her as a great leader, as a Visionary. This is amazing and gives me hopes for the rest of the season to be great on Kane and Lexa.

“Gotta let her try.”
This other moment: human sometime needs to fail…again.
You know there is nothing you can do but you just have to try. Even when it seems stupid or pathetic, even when it’s too dangerous and not worth it. We need it to move on, to accept the defeat. Sometime you need to fail twice the same battle.

This is what Marcus is thinking, this is the reason he lets Clarke go. He is done, he sees the outcome already set and can’t for all he has dear in the world imagine Clarke’s next action.

He doesn’t see through her, nobody does, that’s not what I’m saying. Marcus just gives her a moment where he relates to her as a human being, in terms of humanity. I loved it.

This was Marcus role and this is how he lives justice. The necessary price to pay for order and peace. His justice is often resignation. A quite one, too.

Jaha: “We send a 100 of them to the Ground.”

This was powerful. He is stating something: there is a thing as the greater good and a ruler has to see it and fight for it.
Doesn’t mean that what he does will be forgotten, consequences stays.

They can’t just pretend that the Ground washed away who they were on the Ark, faking innocence gets to nothing.
Jaha is fighting against his regret in this season. He choose his people over his son, that’s what he feels guilty of. He is darker, and so is his vision.

So I liked it.

“She is a fighter, we need fighters.”

This is just a moment that made me think: Raven was hard to control in this episode, but some forces, even when they are too strong to be completely submitted are still precious even when reckless and Jaha saw that. Sometime a good ruler needs a rebel.

Sometime chaos is the answer.

Last, when Kane, Jaha and Abby were talking when he said “At least we’ll have control…”

That’s it. This is Jaha’s justice: Control. Stability.

The choice that brings to the best outcome is the one he goes for and he pays the price. Always. His justice can also be martyrdom.

Murphy: “You wanna start blaming people, Clarke? He was out there looking for you.”
This quote really says it all. Clarke is projecting her guilt on Murphy and well, he’s not taking her shit. We saw Murphy trying to stop Finn, and we know that this time he really has nothing to be blamed for.

Murphy has no idea of justice, except the concept of law, rules and punishment that the Ark applied to him. But it’s not a vision, just how he sees authority. He doesn’t look for justice in this episode, just for a place to be.

Also he was nice to Finn in a bad moment and that counts for something. Saying to someone who is giving up on himself that you are not giving up on him, counts for something. And John knows it.

Murphy was not looking for justice, he just wants a place where he can fit, a place to call his. Justice has never helped him so…he only wants shelter.

Lincoln: “if death has no price, life has no worth.”

I died a little when he said this.
So clear, so true, so painful.

He is good, he believes in making the right choice and he is willing to pay for it because he knows the one thing that makes him the best man among his people (for me): the right choice is not always (never) the good one.
He is trying to explain them this. He is trying to explain them that the Grounders are not indifferent to death, that they know how much value life has…they know it better than anyone!

How much is worth the life of 18 innocent people? And they are not innocent because they have no ‘sins’, but because they were murdered without a reason! This is not a world where a sentence like “there is no reason enough to kill” makes sense, in this world death is a way but its value is clear in the mind of the Grounders.

Blood must have blood.

The only safety is in fairness.

Lincoln’s justice is a need.

“Finn killed 18 innocent people, the commander is asking to take only one. Take the deal!”
There’s not really anything else to say.

One last thing about Lincoln that is not necessarily about the theme of justice but more about this man. And I underline: Man.

“We’ve all got a monster inside of us, Clarke. And we are all responsible for what it does when we let it out.”

The way he is aware of what it means to take responsibility for your actions.
This is what the show has shown us is the turning point for any character. For Kane, Jaha, Bellamy…and they are all coming around. But Lincoln started already aware of it: in the middle of this kids he is a man.
Doing something and taking the consequences. This is justice at his core.

I just really love him.

Finn: “May we meet again.”

Yeah, I know, what does this have to do with Finn in this episode and with justice, you are probably thinking. See this is the point.

Finn is not looking for justice, like Murphy. He is looking for redemption.
From his people?

“I’m in love with you. Everything that’s happened, everything I’ve done…all that matters is that you are okay. That you forgive me.”

Don’t get me wrong: I’m sure he feels horrible for what he did, but what the flashbacks showed me is this, men, Finn acts for love. That’s how he lives. He doesn’t care about right and wrong if it doesn’t involve the people he loves. In his last hours his mind is full of love: Raven, who is the one that gave sense to his life in the past and Clarke that gives sense to his life in the end.

This is Finn. He is the Lover, if we want to speak as the Tarots. He is the lover.

Love is not just, guys. It’s selfish and dangerous and it’s the strongest push to live the human race has ever experienced since evolution brought us here.

So yeah, in the end? This boy loved her so much, I can’t fault him. He just loved her so much.
There are other things to say about him, because yeah…he wasn’t Spacewalker but at the same time, yes, he was and always will be. This post though is about the whole episode impact on me and to Finn I’ll give is own post in the near future. Because I’ll miss him, and this is everything that counts about a character to me.

Bellamy: “you’re gonna be fine, you just need to rest.”

Bellamy in this episode was the Keeper.
He took care of everybody. Of Finn, always trying to protect him, always ready ‘to hit strong’ to save him. He took care of Clarke, when Finn brought her to him bleeding and unconscious –and here we have the quote- and finally he took care of Raven, he tried to keep the pieces together, he held her and crumbled to the ground with her…she was just to broken.

The reason I chose this quote is because I think it is foreshadowing at his purest and this means it has two faces, two meanings.
All the episode Bellamy has waited for Clarke to fall in pieces, being there just in case, but when the moment comes…he can’t be there. He knows it when she leaves to try her last chance to save Finn, that choked “Clarke, I…” Is the moment he knows.

Everyone around him was talking of just, right, war, peace and all he wanted was to hold the pieces together.

Bellamy is the fighter, he is the leader that inspires and he does what it’s best for his people. The problem with Bellamy? He wants to save them all…and he can’t. He wants to go against the Grounders not because he thinks they will win but because the option is to loose Finn and that is not an option. Until it is.
Finn turns himself in and it’s over.

At that point he can’t do a thing anymore. So he lets Clarke go and stays with Raven.

I loved this quote because he said that to Clarke in the dropship but at the end, after what she has done, I can see it coming back, this sentence, I can see the circle closing.

He needed forgiveness in S1 and Clarke gave it to him. Now she will be in need…what will Bellamy do? And most importantly: will Clarke accept him?

I’m done with the boys. Let’s talk of the Ladies.

Abby: “it was another time and another chancellor”

I fist bumped the air at this, I’ll admit it.
Abby is the other face of Kane search in this episode. They are both trying another way, but she wants no compromise or better…she knows she is gonna have to go with a compromise and she can’t decide to just do it. She doesn’t want to let down the kids again.

Abby is strong but she is not a leader at her core: she is a healer and trying to fix everything is her way to go. She is not so sure of the decisions she is making and she is afraid of the new rules she doesn’t know that this world lives by.

She sees justice like a mother does: she wants to save the kids, she wants to be the adult but the point is: what she is willing to pay is not what the Grounders want.

For how crazy may it look like after everything she has been through her justice is still naïve. It’s pure.

Indra: “Courage and Justice are not the same thing”

I loved this in a TV show-lover fashion. We always see that story where the hero does something stupid and brave and his enemy out of respect backs off and the day is saved.

In this show it doesn’t happen and it’s amazing.
Abby is brave, Clarke is brave…but Finn is still going to die. And he dies.
This was powerful to me.

“Only the boy can die for what the boy has done”
Indra is just like Lincoln in this. Consequences are the measure of who you are. You have to take them or you are just a coward.

Indra is merciless, brutal, physical and violent and yet…she is the one who shows the essence of Justice: only the guilty are supposed to pay for what they have done. It’s not about retribution it’s about balance.

She is a bitch, but a fair one.

Lexa: “you bleed for nothing”

Words cannot describe how much I love this character. She is wonderful and complex and heartbreaking.

Just let me have this latinist moment and gush on the beauty of her name: Lexa, from Lex-Legis, the Latin for Law. Can you see the beauty? Can you see how fitting? Perfect.

She is what Clarke is not yet. She is strong enough to take the burden of her decision, to bear blood and glory at the same time. She is a queen where Clarke is still just the princess.
She understands the pain of the girl in front of her and she’s so gentle in handling her, so patience in front of her and so merciful when Clarke dares calling her savage…Not your best moment, Griffin.

She is the embodiment of ruling, she is the law itself but she is also extremely human and sees the strength behind Clarke challenge. Lexa knew Finn was Clarke’s at his core and so when it’s Clarke who takes his life she allowed it.

“It’s done.”

Justice has come, how she can oversee.

One last thing: law is supposed to be fair. Honest.
Honesty can be cruel and when Lexa tells Clarke - that is trying to explain her that Finn did it for her- “and so he will die for you” she is cruelly honest.

As I said, heartbreaking.

Raven: “I owe him my life”

I only have this quote for Raven.
What did she mean?

Not that Finn took her place, in my opinion, because they would have floated her, but that doing so, Finn gave her a life to live as she wanted. Doing the job she loved, getting to be in the space.

He was the temptation that almost cost her everything but also the one boy that to see her happy just once, when it seemed to be no solution, found a way.

So Raven is not looking for Justice. She just wants him, because she doesn’t know how to live without Finn. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s not even about love at the end…it’s survival.
This relationship is so twisted and bone deep I just can’t help but think it’s beautiful.

The moment when Raven wants to use Murphy to trade Finn’s freedom I wanted to grab her and shake sense into her head.
But it’s also a moment I love because, hear me out: the moment Finn saw what that situation was doing to the people he loves (Clarke’s knocked out and Raven acting like this, cruel and desperate) is the moment he decides to turn himself in.
Why is so great for me? Because I see a symmetry: the love for Clarke made him loose himself, but the love for Raven, remembering also how he used to love her, made him go back to the boy who wanted to have peace so desperately that he was the first to reach to Lincoln.
The Finn I wanted back was all in that moment and I see symmetry in the quote too, in his last words to Raven “may we meet again”.

Raven doesn’t want Justice, she wants family and that will always be Finn.

Clarke: “I love you too”

Here I am, and in doing this I have to start with something: I don’t ship Clarke/Finn. I never have and never will.
I know you are all screaming and gripping your hair like “why did you have to do that?! You managed to go all the way with no ship-shit!”
Well, my friend, I’m saying this because I want you to understand how much it means that I, a Bellarke in the blood, am saying this.

Clarke is in love with Finn Collins and she will be in love with this boy for a long time after he died.

This Clarke doesn’t give a damn about Justice, she is not acting as a leader, she is using being a leader to save the boy she loves and her moral forced to renounce to in S1.

This is it, this is Clarke in the episode. Of course she is strong, she is brave, she is clever and she is resolute in her actions but she wouldn’t have done half of this for anybody else in the world, except his closest friends and mother, and she wouldn’t have suffered this much for anybody else (except Abby and Bellamy: because the first is her family, the stronger bond she has who has roots in her blood, for her whole life, and the second is her compass, the one person she relies on to give her direction, to not be alone, to make her feel strong, her anchor so much that the only persons she really cared to not loose where him and the boy she loves, Finn. It’s Finn who gives us a measure of how much she cares for Bellamy…crazy, right?). Lastly she wouldn’t have felt like this for anybody in the universe, period. She loves Finn and the way it hurts when you love is unique.

The moment she accepts she is gonna loose him she can tell him what she never has.
That time Finn first confessed to love her, she said that he broke her heart, and as I always said, that means she loved him. She never said she had stopped. If only you could stop loving the one who breaks your heart…if only! It’s not so easy.

In the tent, he said again he loved her but she felt that that love –and so herself as a reflex- was the reason he was going to die. She felt that love had killed him and that’s way she said nothing, except “don’t leave”.

But we saw Finn’s face: not enough, Clarke.

At the end, when she finally confessed he said: “thank you, Princess”.

I thought about it and I think we can read this two ways: thank you for sparing him the pain of the excruciating agony he was doomed to and thank you for saying it. He died loved by the girl he loved.

This is enough.

Love is not just, as I said.

Now! Let’s just conclude this crazy ride: the key word for me was Justice and for how crazy you can think I am, I think that the right view of it is the one of the Grounders.

I think that the adults are just understanding that they lost any possibility to call the terms on the future when they sent the 100 to the Ground and this is amazing.

What I’m excited to see?

I want to see how she is a visionary and I would like to see how she interacts with Kane.

I want to see Abby and Kane, being awesome and making me squeal like an idiot.

I want Murphy and a new chance for him.
I want Lincoln and Octavia growing into a love that will held them together and whole.

I want Raven and her pain (please give me back Wick for this).

I want the 47 (I refuse to believe they took away Harper like this, she was adorable!)
I want Jasper and Monty and I want Miller.

I want Cage and Dante and please kill the crazy doctor lady (whose name I don’t know because she is evil).

And then, since I’m only human, I want Bellarke. I know guys, but if there is someone that can help Clarke right now it’s just him, Bellamy: he knows what she feels because he felt it when he lost his mother and Octavia. Abby knows too, of course, but Clarke doesn’t trust her like she used to.

Clarke gave Bellamy forgiveness and I think that the only way she is gonna ever accept to be forgiven is if he is the one doing it.

This story, ship aside, it’s always gonna be Clarke and Bellamy. The others made them the rulers. Now they have to rule.

I fucking love this show, I’m a mess right know and I need to know it’s gonna be renewed.
I’m gonna cry know, over a lot of video on YouTube….may we meet again, my friends, and let me now if I said anything that makes sense!