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I just honestly wanted to take a moment to tell all of you guys how much I appreciate you. I don’t say it nearly as much as I should and I’m sorry I’m such a flop in that aspect but, really and truly, you guys mean so much to me. When I’m feeling down or upset I come on here and read your guys’s messages and comments and it makes my entire day. So many of you are so sweet and kind. Even to those of you who have never even said a word to me and just lurk, thank you to those of you as well because you’re just as amazing. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve such wonderful followers <3 I hope you all have a great day/night, wherever you are in the world.

I’ll also admit that one of the reasons I’ve not been on tumblr as much lately is that all of the drama is getting to me. I love you all dearly but my anxiety has been worse lately and I can’t handle it. I applaud all the good and important discussions being had but I likely won’t contribute to a lot of it until I’m in a better frame of mind

Funny how antis think that fans would suddenly and magically change their minds just because of their hate post…

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I'm trying to get the echo net but it needs that last treasure cracker, how do I get it?

People say it has something to do with how many extractor cycles you go through, so just get as many cheap extractors going at once and collect until it’s unlocked? I hope that’s actually how it’s done xD

Get me a book as a gift. Your favorite book. Highlight the lines that makes you feel something. Make note on the passages that make you laugh. Mark down the things that make you cry. I want to see exactly the kind of person you are, let me read what makes you, you.


Dies Irae.

I can finally show you my piece for the @supernaturalartbook

I am honored that I could take part in such an amazing project, thank you so much, all you precious honeybees who made it happen!


Jared talking about Sam in S13, after he stepped up to more of a leadership role at the end of S12. I just really like this perspective on what I think has been a trait of later-seasons Sam, a tendency to defer and step back and let Dean lead from the front (SDCC 2017)